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[This Index, particularly the first part, is disintegrating and crumbling. Missing parts of words are indicated here with -----. One side of some pages is missing; the bottom section of several pages has disintegrated.]



Daure Marie 2

Dacosta Erick 9

Dudney Henry 10

Duff Clara 13

Delande Beatrice 14

Davis Elijah 15

Delgado Lucean 15

Dickson Matilda 16

Destin Jean 16

Daiz Sarah 17

Davis Ida 17

Depass Mary 18

Dacosta Mary 18

Dun Alexander 20

Douglass Reginald 21

Ducasse Letitia 23

Denny Adela 27

Demetz Aubrey 32

Davidson Indiana 37

Drisdale Jane 37

Davis Ann 39

Davis Arthur 44

D---on Johnathan 46

D-------Joseph 46

Dennis Eugenie 49

Davis Edmond 50

Denton Alice 51

D----las Samuel 53

Douglass Samuel [page number torn]

Dickson Johanna [page number torn]

Drisdale Charles [page number torn]

Davidson Eustace [?] [page number torn]

Dallas Josias [page number torn]

Duncan James [page number torn]

Dumetz Alphonso [page number torn]

Duquesnay Vincent [page number torn]

Depass Sigismund [page number torn]

Dean Barbary [page number torn]

DeVillicy Mar--- [page number torn]

Derby Mary [page number torn]

Durant Edward [page number torn]

Doige Joseph [page number torn]

Dacosta Felicia [page number torn]

Dacosta Floret [page number torn]

Dixon Alexander [page number torn]

Dubuisson Marie [page number torn]

Dumetz Marie [page number torn]

Denis Joseph [page number torn]

Dakes Andrew [page number torn]

Davis Joseph [page number torn]

Dubeda Alfred [page number torn]

Dacosta Har--- [page number torn]

Dawson Angelina [page number torn]

Durant Caroline [page number torn]

Duaney Maria [page number torn]

Derbi---- [page number torn]

D---- ---derick 106

[The surnames and part of the given names in the left column of this page are all torn]

Dixon -gestina 152

Davis William 153

Denncan James 153

Daley Henrietta 156

Davis Maria 156

Delgado William 157

Dazevado Jane 158

Douglass Eliza 159

Desilver [Dasilva?] Frank 159

Dick Charles 161

Di--k-ing Joseph 161

D---ney Frederick 161

Denison Joseph 161

Dolores Adolfina 167

Defour Ernest 167

Dumont Rosalda 170

DaCosta William 175

Davis Samuel 176

Dickson Emma 177

Diguen Maria 178

Ducasse Joseph 181

Darling Edmond 182

Duperly Eugene 18? [last digit missing]

Dixon Joseph

DeAnza Gertrudes 186

Der---- Jane 188

Davis Liberta 190

Douglas Enos 1?? [last digits missing]

Duquesnay FLorence 197

Douglass Marian 199

Dacosta Marie 200

Dacosta Ida 200

Drummond Adelide 201

Dacosta Elma 204

Donalson [Donaldson?] Louise 206

Depass Marie 208

Deleon Leicester 208

Duckett Mary 214

Dawkins Ida 216

Dunbar Emilia 217

Davis Ursula 225

Dixon James 226

Decasseres Edwin 227

Delgado Esther 228

Davidson Estella 228

Duany Elvina 229

Davis Ada 231

Dolson Levius 233

Dixon Laurita 235

Dawkin Emily 235

Douglass James 237

Da--- [Davis?] Esther 235

Drisdale Ferdinand 240

Dennison Oscar 246

Delfosse Cecil 247

DeCha---es John 2?? [ last digits missing]

DeSouza Adolphus [page number torn]

Davis Theresa [page number torn]

Depass Elizabeth [page number torn]

Duncan Albert [page number torn]

Damson Margaret [page number torn]

Duff Imogene [page number torn]

Drouet James [page number torn]

Davis Gulilmus [page number torn]

Dumon Elonora [page number torn]

Davis Josiah [page number torn]

Dumont ---- [page number torn]

Dacosta Mariana [page number torn]

Dixon Elizabeth [page number torn]

Dolton Benjamin [page number torn]

Dacosta Irene [page number torn]

Dedie Modesta [?] [page number torn]

Dawson J--- [page number torn]

Dacosta ------- [page number torn]

Docks ---- [page number torn]

Dumetz ------- [page number torn]

Davis John [page number torn]

Delfosse Lillian [page number torn]

Davis Henry [page number torn]

Drummond ------ [page number torn]

Dixon Megsouesita 314

D--uilar [Daguilar?] George 316

[The surnames and part of the given names in the left column of this page are all torn]


Dobson David 37

Dawson Sarah 44

Darling Lodvica 46

DeSilva John 49 [Dasilva?]

Dumont Lodovica 51

Dewar Elizabeth 54

Dacosta Hubert 55

Davis Henrietta 59

Dacordova Isabella 62

Dubidat Ursela 67

Dubidat Adolph 67

Daly Evangeline 67

Dacosta Robert 68

Desdunes Rosetta 69

DeRoux Maria 71

Deleon Priscilla 71

Dacosta Ethel 72

DeHaney Charles 74

Dacosta Alice 75

Drisdale Horatio 80

Davis Elizabeth 80

Duquesnay Edward 89

Davis Eliza 94

Dioring Joseph 97

Davis Arabella 99

Dacosta Adella 104

Dowdney Edgar 108

Depass Lily 110

DeCastro Lilian 126

DeSilver [DaSilva?] Irene 130

Davis Charlotte 131

Depass Francis 131

Davidson Margaret 133

Dacosta Ferdinal 135

Daily Christiana 138

Dick Emelissa 143

Durkan [Durham?] Joseph 145

Duff Francis 147

Dunnand Charles 147

Debrio Eber 156

Dennison Esther 156

Dawson Elizabeth 158

Dixon David 159

Dumont Adella 163

Davis Dorothea 166

Dennis Julius 168

Dick Jane 16? [torn]

Dennison Peter 170

Dakin Elmira 174

Dykin James 175

Dakin Joseph 179

Dacosta Alexander 189

DeSouza David 190

Douglass Manasseh 195

Delfosse Vincent 196

DeSouza Manuel 199

Dacosta Mary 199

Dacosta Carola 200

Dixon John 200

Davidson Benjamin 203

Daily Elizabeth 203

DaSilva James 21? [torn]

Dacosta Mary 2?? [torn]

Ducat Charles 2?? [torn]

Davis Joseph [torn]

Dixon Amanda [torn]

Duff Amelia [torn]

Dunn Eugenia [torn]

Dacosta Henry [torn]

Davis Milliana [torn]

Davis Cecilia [torn]

Desouza George [torn]

Dinton Joseph [torn]

Dudley John [torn]

Dickson Emma [torn]

Davidson Irene [torn]

Davis Ethel [torn]

Dawson Ann [torn]

Delisser Theresa [torn]

Duckland Paul [torn]

David Joseph [torn]

Dacosta Evline [torn]

Dasilva Charles [torn]

Darrell Elizabeth 30? [torn]

Dreaken Stephen 30? [torn]

Davis / Davy Theophilus 31? [torn]

Dowell John 31? [torn]

Daily Mary 31? [torn]

Davis Sarah 32? [torn]

Duncan Hilda [torn]

Diffs Char--- [torn]

Drummond Margaret [torn]

D--ff Domingo 337

D---son Richard 338

D---val Joseph 339

D---idson Epsiber 341

D--costa [Dacosta?] Benjamin 357

D--costa [Dacosta?] David 360

D---dany Robert 361

D--sta [Dacosta?] Mary 362

D--ncan Alfred 367

D--dney Aline 374

Davis Elizabeth 381

Decordova Thomas 196

D---combe Josephine 89

D---mont Ellen 339

Decasseres Louisa 213

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