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Baptisms performed by William Cotham

Date format: Month/Day/Year

These baptisms are taken from two fragile loose pages that do not appear to belong to any register that is currently in the Roman Catholic Archives.

Parents were unmarried unless "wife" is indicated.


Labiche, ___ [torn] [torn] 1/_7/1840 [torn] 6/1840 Granville Budge & Catherine Kildare
Bisente, William Elias Joseph Bisente & Louise Laserendine Lorence 3/14/1840 6/_4/1840 [torn] Gustave Morin & Marie Louise Alexander
Reid, Mary William Reid & Marie Toressy 2/13/1839 6/22/1840 Abraham Bravo & Mary Ann Lewis
Lynch, Terence Bernard James Lynch & his wife Margaret 10/18/1839 6/27/1840 Joseph Uter & Denade Butcher
Byndless, Walter William Byndless & Matilda Martin 2/13/1839 7/5/1840 Henry Roberts & Mary Frances Gaillard
Andres, Lewis Joseph Andres & Martina Pinero 6/21/1840 7/9/1840 John Romero & Ann Myers
Lewis, Charles John Lewis & Sarah Blesset 6/8/1840 7/12/1840 Joseph Uter & Catharine Drisdale
Lorot, Mary Frances Francois Lorot & Genevieve Lewis 7/17/1840 7/18/1840 James Harris & Mary Frances Gaillard
James, ___ Cecilia John James & [torn] 6/1/1840 7/1840 [torn] __ Uter & Mary Cecilia Uter
Anderson, Mary John Anderson & Mary Magdalene 1/1839 7/26/1840 James Roper & JosephineDeLahay
Hare, James James Hare & Lorence Lauzero 3/24/1836 7/28/1840 Alexander Edwards & Mary Smith
Jacobs, Elizabeth ___ ___ 7/31/1840 conditional Madame Merote witness
Gasket, Symphorosa Maria Lewis Gasket & Louisa Georgina 7/11/1840 8/3/1840 Nicholas Everts & Rosene
Lindo, Joseph Joseph Lindo & Susan Hasting 3/11/1839 8/9/1840 Joseph McMillan & Elizabeth Denis
Jones, George George Jones & Mary Adelaide Sheden 6/9/1840 8/11/1840 Lewis Gaillard & Leonora James
Walker, Jesse __ __ 8/30/1840 conditional Mr. Uter & Sanete La Valsiere
Theodore, Angelina Charles Theodore & Betsey Brown 1/7/1839 9/4/1840 [torn]

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