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Roman Catholic Chapel, Kingston, Jamaica

All baptisms in this Register were performed by Guillaume le Cun, who describes himself as the Apostolic prefect of Saint Domingue, refugee presently residing in Kingston due to the events of the war.

The page numbers were assigned at some point when this Register was bound with other Registers. All records are in French.

Dates are in Month/Day/Year format. First date given is date of baptism.


abt. = about

dtr = daughter

GF = godfather

GM = godmother

illeg = illegitimate

Kgn = Kingston

leg. = legitimate

p. = page

res = inhabitant of

SD = Saint Domingue

wit. = witness

yrs. = years

de Jouette. 3/10/1806 Louis Paul Jules de Jouette, born in parish of St. Andrew 2/16/1800 leg. son of Louis Matthias chevalier de Jouette, res SD, and Jeanne Renee Francoise Gabrielle de Ponthieu, his wife. GF Louis Marbeau de Terrelonge. GM Pauline Elizabeth DePonthieu widow of Guiran. Wit: de Melet, Chr. de Melet, Marguerite Renoux, Marguerite Vaussanger, Vaussanger-Terrelonge, Daubagne, Dareste Lemieu de la Barre. p. 558

Lalane. 2/25/1805 Pierre Simon born 5/24/1804 illeg. son of Elizabeth Lalane, free mulatto according to the Act #571 registered in Kingston in 1798, from parish of Dame Marie SD. GF Pierre Bremand. GM Martine Achar (who could not sign). p. 515

Lamothe. 12/25/1805 Genevieve Marie b. 2/5/1792 in parish of Ste. Marthe, La Marmelade, north SD., leg. dtr of Jean Lamothe, hab of parish of Ste. Marthe, and Genevieve Victoire Damet his wife. GF Pierre Templette represented by Jean Louis Lajeune, both res SD. GM Marie Elizabeth Berson wife of Jean Baptiste Famhe the child's cousin, from SD. Wit J. L. Lajeune. p. 550

Lasserre. 1/24/1807 Antoinette Elfryda, born Kgn 5/8/1805, leg. dtr of Jean Lasserre employed in the service of the Royal Navy, and of Annette Pique his wife. GF Antoine Matharin Pavageau, res SD. GM Helene Pique widow of Jourdan, child's maternal aunt. The mother was not present. Wit: Augustine Pavageau. p. 596

Lavalliere. 4/25/1806 Jean Joseph born 9/20/1805 in Kgn, illeg. son of Charlotte Lavalliere. GF Jean Joseph Utter, res Kgn. GM Francoise Lavabiere, res Kgn. p. 563

Laville. 5/11/1806. Louise Antoinette Eliza b 4/30/1800 leg. dtr Nicolas Laville, res Plaisance area SD, and Athalie Demarq, his wife, married in Kgn 12/1804 and recognized the child. GF Paul Jean Francois Carles the child's maternal brother. GM Louise Antoinette D'Aussigne. Wit: L'Atrel D'Aussigne, Mary Delaterroniere, Moinie (former administrator in Cap Francois), Duhoux. p. 570

Leon 11/2/1806 Josephe Marguerite, born Kgn 9/21/1806, leg. dtr of Thomas Leon res Kgn, and Pauline Leon his wife. GF Carlos de Castro, wholesale merchant. GM Helene Durling res Kgn. Father and mother were not present due to illness. p. 592

Lindo 3/18/1805 Edouard born Kgn 9/22/1803 illeg. son of David Lindo wholesale merchant Kgn [who was present and signed] and Emilie Pamela of parish of St. Jeremie SD and res Kgn. GF Edouard Plunkett res SD represented by Charles MacLarty surgeon in Kingston. GM Catherine Victoire Regnier res of parish of St. Jeremie SD. p. 518

Lyderson. 2/5/1806 Elie Jean Baptiste born Kgn 12/13/1805 leg. son of Lyder Lyderson res Kgn, and Nicole Paschalite Lemire, his wife. GF Jean Baptiste Corberand, planter of the parish of St. George, Jamaica. GM Marie Therese Perrier wife of Joseph Morgan (father was not present at baptism). p. 556

Mainie. 3/16/1806 Marie Charlotte Josephine Marguerite born Kgn 1/19/1806, leg. dtr of Jean Baptiste Mainie, former Commodore of the Navy and the colonies at Cap Francois, and Marie Marguerite Archambau his wife. GF Charles Montant, maternal grand-uncle, former captain of a ship in the French Royal Navy, Knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, res in Bordeaux, represented by Joseph Archambau junior, the child's maternal uncle. GM Marguerite Aimee Archambau, wife of the late Jean Francois Frederic Chanceaulme, maternal aunt. Wit: Dominique Archambau knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, maternal grandfather; A. Chanceaulme; Nicolas Laville proprietor and planter of SD; D'hemuche des Rosnioles; Borniol Archambau; A. Mainie; Jos. d'Archambau. p. 559

Marchand. 3/9/1805 Louis Marchand born Mole St. Nicolas 5/18/1798 leg. son of Victor Marchand res of Gonaives and Marie Louise Elizabeth Rossignol Desdunes, his wife, res of L'Artibonite. GF Louis Desdunes maternal uncle. GM Marie Paule Rossignol Desdunes, maternal aunt. p. 516

Marchand. 3/9/1805 Pierre Marchand born 8/20/1803 in Kgn, leg. son of Victor Marchand res of Gonaives and Marie Louise Elizabeth Rossignol Desdunes, his wife, res of L'Artibonite. GF Pierre Rossignol Desdunes maternal granduncle, res L'Artibonite. GM Marie Paule Rossignol Desdunes, maternal aunt. p. 516

De la Martilliere. 1/12/1805 Henriette Anna Marthe, born Kgn 3/5/1804, leg. dtr of Charles de la Martilliere hab of north SD and Marie Genevieve de la Rue his wife. GF James Turton wholesale merchant. GM Marie Marthe Foulet Benech. Wit Louis de la Rue. p. 514

Maurice. 1/26/1806 Marie born Kgn 7/7/1805, illeg. dtr of Elizabeth Maurice of parish of Larcabaye [?] SD. GF Julien Begueneau master baker in Kgn. GM Marie Olive Celaire Bareres. Wit: Merrine Dulelote, Francis Alex. Beguenay, Juiliene Baingaye.

Mazerel. 5/1/1806 Emilie born in parish of St. George, Jamaica 6/30/1799 illeg. dtr of Marie Francoise DeLoube, from the parish of Dondon, north SD, and Jacques Mazerel, res SD. GF Paul Jean Francois Carles, res SD. GM Marie Francoise Emilie Pamela. p. 564

de Mondion. 9/9/1806 Pauline, born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, 6/26/1803, illeg. dtr of Sally How and Thomas Nicolas de Mondion (present). GF Louis Degouttes, planter in Jamaica. GM Jeanne Pauline deGournay, represented by Elizabeth Desmoitiers wife of Daron. Wit. D'archambau. p. 587

Montion. 8/17/1806 Edouard, illeg. mulatto son of Bonne Jean-Jacques Montion, griffone [mixture Negro and mulatto] from north SD. GF Jacques Biben. GM Marguerite D'artiguanave. GM and mother could not sign. p. 584

Murray. 12/6/1805 Francois Edmond b 12/20/1804 illeg. son of Fanny Murray. GF Luc Francois Prudent Bevier. GM Marguerite Antoinette Tripier (could not sign). Wit: Abr. Armaignac, Poignard. p. 548

O'Brien. 5/16/1806 Edouard O'Brien b in parish of St. Andrew, illeg. son of Anne Moore and John O'Brien. GFs Felix Byrne and Jasper Taaffe. GM Anne Anderson, wife of Gilbert. Wit: Gulsmith. (Father present but not mother). p. 572

Onffroy. 12/11/1806 Marie Marthe Aurore, born Kgn 7/5/1806, leg. dtr of Jean Henry Sophie Achille Onffroy res in Jamaica, and Jeanne Marie Marcelle leMercier Duquesnay his wife. GF Holland Onffroy, paternal uncle of child. GM Marie Francoise Clothilde leMercier Duquesnay wife of Baron Nois Fontaine res in Louisiana, represneted by Marie Francoise Canelle, widow of Dufosse. Wit: Desmortiere Daron, Duverger Duquesnay, Pauline DeGournay, Daron, Paul de Richemond. p. 592

Pennington. 1/10/1807 Eleonore, born Kgn 7/17/1806 illeg. dtr of Georges Pennington, wholesale merchant, and Flore Rossignol. GF Luke Mann, captain in the Navy. GM Anne Marie Chezan, res Kgn. p. 595

Perneleo. 10/1/1806 Marie Madelaine, born Kgn 6/28, illeg. dtr of Eugenie Perneleo [signed as Jan ney Perneleo], quadroon, creole of St. Thomas. GF Jean Rossignol. GM Clotilde Parkin, who could not sign. p. 591

Perrotin. 6/28/1805 Louis Henry born Kgn 10/7/1804 illeg. son of Louis Perrotin wholesale merchant res Kgn and Anne Catherine inhabitant of parish of les Verettes SD, res Kgn. GF Edward Evans wholesale merchant. GM Marie Josephine Berault, wife of Mr. Nau wholesale merchant. Wit: J. Danglade, Ramond Roux, Bertrand, Gillibert, B. Mazerel, Ponty Nau. p. 534

Piaud 5/5/1806 Jean Frederic born Kgn 4/1/1806, legit. son of Jean Pierre Piaud and Louise Plottier, his wife. GF Jacob Frederic Wilkens, wholesale merchant. GM Marie Anne Francoise Delafore, wife of Francois Perriere, res SD and Jamaica. Wit: C. L. Plottier, S. Prieur, Tiboiseaux, Catherine Delabiche, Lise Latour, Darofine DuBoury, Marie Antoinette Roux, J. B. Boiseau, Ramond Roux, R. Prieur, Lhoste, Juourell, Francois LaBiche. p. 566

De Poincy. 6/6/1805 Louis Guy Alexandre born Kgn 4/14/1802 illeg. son of Marguerite Bonne Michel and Pierre Louis Michel Morisseau de Poincy res of L'Artibonite SD, parish of St. Jeremie de la Petite Riviere. GF Louis Guy Touchemoulin. GM Marguerite Louise Rose Jumelle. p. 529

Prieur. 5/17/1806 Jean Baptiste born Kgn 2/26/1806 leg. son of Bernard Prieur res of north SD, and Marie Genevieve Sens his wife. GF Jean Baptiste Grandmaison, maternal uncle, res in Louisiana, represented by Francois Perriere maternal uncle. GM Gabrielle Genevieve Deladefore widow of Sense maternal grandmother. Wit: Sense Prieur, B. Prieur, C. Plottier, Bribeau, J. Piand, Plottier, Ramond Roux, Marie Antoinette Roux, Frs. Labiche, Lhoste. p. 573

Ridaut. 5/4/1806 Timothe born Kgn 12/8/1805, illeg. son of Suzanne Nicole Ridaut of the town of Cap Frnacois SD. GF Pierre Branday, wholesale merchant. GM Louise Adelaide Etienette Delinte, widow of William Collette. p. 565

Roux 2/3/1806 Martial born Kgn 11/27/1805 leg. son of Antoine Ramond Roux, res SD, and Helene J. Ogier his wife. GF Martial Petinard res SD. GM Marie Legriel wife of Jacob Frederic Wilckens, wholesale merchant. Wit: Patinaud, Marie Antoinette Roux, J. Piand, M. F. L'hoste, Plottier. p. 555

Rue 9/7/1806 Manuel Rue, born Kgn 8/27/1806, illeg. son of Suzanne Taylor and Jacques Rue (who was present and made declaration). GF Manuel Puig. GM Maria del Carmen. Mother could not sign. p. 586

Sanite. 1/24/1807 Charles Pierre, born Kgn 11/16/1799, illeg. son of Marie Louise Sanite, free mulatto, as shown by an Act of Manumission duly registered by the Secretary General of Jamaica 11/14/1803. GF Pierre Michel Marie Vendryes. GM Marie Antoinette Adam wife of Louis Vendryes. Mother could not sign. Wit: Dolly Vendryes, William Badger, James Cockburn. p. 600

Sanite. 1/24/1807 Louise Jeanne, born Kgn 6/18/1802, illeg. son of Marie Louise Sanite, free mulatto, as shown by an Act of Manumission duly registered by the Secretary General of Jamaica 11/14/1803. GF Louis Vendryes, former Naval Commissioner. GM Marie Jeanne Elizabeth Berguin widow of Pelard. Wit: Dolly Vendryes, William Badger, James Cockburn, Anne Degay p. 600

St. Macarie. 6/25/1805 Nicolas Charles b. Kgn 9/19/1804 illeg. son of Marie Louise St. Macarie from parish of St. Marc SD. GF Nicolas Marquis de Cocherel, res SD and former Colonel in British Service. GM Marie Charlotte Bonilly wife of Joseph Denoues. Wit: Celie Cocherel. p. 533

de Terrelonge. 3/10/1806 Louise Virginia Marbeau de Terrelonge born 9/12/1803 Kgn, leg. dtr of Louis Marbeau de Terrelonge, former res of SD, and Jeanne Adelaide de Vauhanyes his wife. GF Louis Matthias chevalier de Jouette. GM Claire Louise Dareste Lemeau DelaBarre. Wit: J. M. Terrelonge, de Ponthieu de Guiran, DeMallet, Marguerite Renoux, Marguerite d'Aussanges de Ponthieu de Jouette, Daubagna, A. Montagnac. p. 558

Vendryes. 1/24/1807 Catherine Elizabeth Constance, born in Philadelphia USA 5/13/1794, leg. dtr of Louis Vendryes, formerly Naval Commissioner in the service of the Very Christian Majesty [French], presently refugee in Jamaica, and of Marie Antoinette Adam, his wife. GF Jean Pierre Firmin Barthelemy Vendryes, wholesale merchant currently in France, the child's paternal uncle, represented by Pierre Michel Marie Vendryes, his nephew, by virtue of his ad hoc powers given to him in New York on 2/7/1806. GM Marie Constance Touzeau, wife of Marie Angustin, wholesale merchant. Wit: William Badger, James Cockburn, B. Pilard, Sophie Morin de Jumecourt, Dolly Vendryes. p. 596

Vendryes. 1/24/1807 Charles St. Omer, born in Kgn 2/9/1806, leg. son of Louis Vendryes, formerly Naval Commissioner in the service of the Very Christian Majesty [French], presently refugee in Jamaica, and of Marie Antoinette Adam, his wife. GF St. Omer Vendryes, child's paternal uncle, Collector of Properties, presently in France, represented ad hoc by Charles James Sims esquire, resident in Jamaica. GM Sophie Morin wife of Charles Hanis de Jumecourt. Witness: William Badger, James Cockburn, Dolly Vendryes, Marie Constance Angustin. p. 597

Villegrain. 12/20/1805 Bruno Theodore b 3/23/1805 leg. son of Guillaume Aime Villegrain, res Kgn, and Elizabeth Andre de Menard his wife. GF Bruno Theodore Angustin, res Kgn. GM Monique Madelaine de Menard, maternal aunt. p. 549

Virey 4/21/1806 Marie Madelaine, born Kgn 12/22/1805, illeg. dtr Marguerite Virey, of the town of Cap Francois SD. GF Paul Cresse, res. Kgn. GM Marie Madelaine Gautier. (GF and GM could not sign). p. 563

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