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Descendants of John Jacobs

1. John Jacobs was born Abt. 1818. He met Margaret Tyrrell. She was born Abt. 1818.


Child of John Jacobs and Margaret Tyrrell is:

2 i. Emanuel Henry Jacobs, born December 24, 1843.

More About Emanuel Henry Jacobs:

Baptism: January 07, 1844, St. Patricks Chapel, Roman Catholic, High Holborn Street, Kingston, by Edw. Murphy, A.M. (Source: B0109 Roman Catholic Baptisms 1842-45 High Holborn, p. 15.)

Godfather: Emile Lebiche

Godmother: Catherine Barton

Descendants of Charles James

1. Charles James was born Abt. 1819. He married Ellen Barnes. She was born Abt. 1819.


Child of Charles James and Ellen Barnes is:

2 i. Emma James, born September 22, 1844.

More About Emma James:

Baptism: April 16, 1845, St. Patricks Chapel, High Holborn St. by Edw. Murphy A.M. (Source: B0109 Roman Catholic Baptisms 1842-45 High Holborn, p. 25.)

Godfather: Emile Simon

Godmother: Rosa Mitchell

Descendants of Synford Jones

1. Synford Jones was born Abt. 1818. He met Susan Robertson. She was born Abt. 1818.


Child of Synford Jones and Susan Robertson is:

2 i. Samuel Jones, born January 19, 1843.

More About Samuel Jones:

Baptism: August 18, 1843, St. Patricks Chapel, Roman Catholic, High Holborn Street, Kingston, by Edw. Murphy, A.M. (Source: B0109 Roman Catholic Baptisms 1842-45 High Holborn, p. 11.)

Godfather: Peter Bell

Godmother: Angelica Jones

Descendants of Marie Joseph

1. Marie Joseph was born Bef. October 04, 1798.

More About Marie Joseph:

Baptism: October 04, 1798, the Spanish Chapel, (Roman Catholic) Kingston, by A. Quigly (Source: B0111 BMB Roman Catholic church, Kingston 1798-1803, p. 1.)

Godfather: the brother of Madame Chateu

Occupation: 1798, Slave child, "property of Chateu

Descendants of Gaspar Journe

1. Gaspar Journe He met Francoise Antoinette.

More About Gaspar Journe:

Native of: Nantes, France

Residence: Curacao

More About Francoise Antoinette:

Native of: Curacao


Child of Gaspar Journe and Francoise Antoinette is:

2 i. Emanuel Martus Journe, born Bef. 1798. He married Marie Magdelaine Bareau 1819 in the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Kingston (Source: B0105 Roman Catholic Marriages Kingston 1800-1819, p. 45.); born Bef. 1798.

More About Emanuel Martus Journe:

Native of: Curacao

Residence: 1819, Kingston

More About Marie Magdelaine Bareau:

Fact: Parents: Pierre Jacques Bareau and Rose Reinville his wife

Residence: Kingston

More About Emanuel Journe and Marie Bareau:

Fact: The Month of marriage is torn. The day was the 8th.

Witnesses: Louis Celeste LeCesne, David Garcia, Joseph Moris, John Guyon, Heloise Magrouyier, James Goffe, V. Metcalfe, J. B. Ferand, C. R. Nelson

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