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Roman Catholic Chapel, Kingston, Jamaica

All confirmations in this Register were performed by Guillaume le Cun, who describes himself as the Apostolic prefect of Saint Domingue, refugee presently residing in Kingston due to the events of the war.

The page numbers were assigned at some point when this Register was bound with other Registers. All records are in French.

Dates are in Month/Day/Year format. First date given is date of confirmation.

[Please note: this page is very difficult to read due to bleed-through, ink-blots and darkening of the page. This transcription may contain spelling errors]

7/7/1805 confirmed:

Louis Aime Benjamin de Richemond

Pierre Augustin de Richemond

Louis Augustin Simon

Louis Felix Emile Simon

Louis Auguste Simon

Joseph Simon Michel

Louis Riviere(or Viviere)

Jean Gordon d'Epechon

Joseph Robert Galesque

Jean Rollignot

Georges Quentin Ste. Marie

Louis Delarue

Charles de la Martelliere

Henry Francois de la Martelliere

Simon Pierre

Andre Barbe

Louis Dieudonne de Gand

Louise Caroline du Bourg

Marie Louise Sabate

Marie Noel Raboteau

Marie Claire Sanite

Desiree Emelie de Gand

Louise Planton

Elizabeth Duval

Claudine Nagso

Therese la Martelliere

Therese Jourdan

Honore Athalie Elizabeth Ste. Marie

Lucienne Bourdet

Anne Marie Claire DeSamon, Dame de Gand

Euphrasie Nadan

Marie Celeste Augereau

Marie Antoinette Roux

Adelaide Deslandes

Marie Francoise Brondo

Josue Soinnetine Grebet

Marie Louise Ble

Jeanne Victoire Viales, Dame Michel

Madelaine Anne Catherine Matthieu

Francoise Emilie Matthieu

12/25/1805 confirmed

Genevie [sic] Marie LaMothe. GM Marie Elizabeth Berson. Father J. LaMothe. p. 550

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