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"BOOK 5"

October 28, 1832 to December 26, 1836

A - C

b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[E] = written in English

[F] = written in French

Gp = godparents

illegit = illegitimate

[L]= written in Latin

legit = legitimate

[S] = written in Spanish

Sp = Sponsor

W = wife

___ indicates the word (or part of the word) was illegible, blotted, cut off, or hidden by tight binding.

Most of the baptisms were performed by Benito Fernandez. Beginning in December 1835 there were baptisms by P. A. Duquesnay. Entries by Edmond Murphy were made with a type of ink which had faded.


Abrahams, Jacques Henry, bap 12/26/1833, b Kingston 6/20/1833, legit son of Louis Henry Abrahams and Marie Susanne Abrahams. Cp= Joanes George Bagnold and Elizabeth Fourteau. [F] p. 16

Abrahams, Claire Louise, bap 7/20/1836, b 2/12/1836, child of Louis Henry Abrahams and Marie Susanne Abrahams. Gp= Henry Lamatelliere and Claire Louise. [F] p. 73

Acosta, Maria Natividad Geraldina, bap 10/10/1836, b 10/7/1836, dtr of Pedro Acosta and Maria Tomasa Sanchez. Gp= Juan Romero and Maria Elizabeth. [S] p. 78

Adlecrentz, Oscar Nicolas Adolfo Valentin, bap 1/4/1834, b Kingston 11/3/1832, legit son of J. Adolfo Adlecrentz, Colonel in the Army of the Republic of Colombia, and Maria Josefa Dias Granados his wife. Gp= Donald Stevenson resident in Cartagena de Indias who represented the French king in Cartagena, Adolphe Barrot resident in Kingston, and Dolores Granados. [S] p. 18

Aguilar, [not certain that the child was given this surname] Antoine Massulle, bap 11/23/1834, aged 2 months, illegit son of Elenor, and of Pauline Aguilar. Gp= Antoine Roux and Francoise Laroque. [F] p. 28.

Alberga, Pablo, bap 4/18/1834, b Kingston illegit son of Juliana Alberga and unknown father. Gp= [S] p. 20

Allos, Pedro Raimond, bap 11/29/1836, b 11/26/1835, son of Pedro Dominguez Allos and Francoise Relain. Gp= Ramond Soto and Marie Franc. Relain the child's maternal grandmother. [F] p. 83

Alvarenga, Alfred, bap 6/25/1836, aged 6 months, legit son of William Alvarenga and Eliza Alvarenga. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Mary Lazarus. [F] p. 71

Alvarenga, Francoise Adelaide, bap12/30/1833, b Kingston 8/24/1833, legit dtr of William Alvarenga and Elizabeth Alvarenga. Gp= Louis Madure and Marie Francoise Masse. [F] p. 17

Alvarenga, Henriette, bap12/30/1833, b Kingston 8/24/1833, legit dtr of William Alvarenga and Elizabeth Alvarenga. Gp= Antoine Charles and Henriette Spingues. [F] p. 17

Antonio, Juan, bap 2/5/1835, b 2/17/1835, illegit son of Maria. Gp= John White and Marie Catherine Macon. [F] p. 34

Antonio, Maria, bap 12/16/1836 aged 4 months, dtr of Maria Antonio Granado and unknown father. Gp= Simeon Leon and Josepha Rena. [F] p. 84

Arbeaud, Stephen Emile, bap 9/16/1836, aged 3 weeks, legit son of Pierre Arbeaud and Marie Arbeaud. Gp= Stephen Archambeau and Marie Archambeau. Buried in October. [F] p. 77

Arbeaud, Uranie Marie Antoinette, bap 1/22/1836, b Kingston 2/12/1835, legit dtr of Pierre Arbeaud and Marie Arbeaud. Gp= Antoine Chavanne and Marie D'archambeau. [F] p. 61

Archambau, Celina, bap 4/29/1833, b Kingston 10/17/1832, legit dtr of Emile Archambau and Eloise Archambau. Gp= John Baptiste Dufirf and Celina Archambau. [F] p. 12

Archambeau, Charles, bap 1/2/1836, b 11/10/1834, legit son of Emile Archambeau and Eloise Archambeau. Gp= Emanuel Archambeau and Emilie Archambeau, the child's brother and sister. [F] p. 57

Archdeacon, Anne, bap 5/5/1834, b Kingston 1817, illegit dtr of Jean Archdeacon and Marie Jeanne Gabaroche. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Anne Lucie Francoise Martin. [F] p. 21

Archdeacon, Henry, bap 4/10/1835, b 4/2/1835, illegit son of John Archdeacon and Sarah Verdon. Gp= Popotte Gabaroche. [F] p. 37

Archdeacon, William Augustus, bap 4/10/1835, b 3/8/1834, illegit son of John Archdeacon and Sarah Verdon. Gp= John Douglas and Popotte Gabarouche. [F] p. 37

Areano, Marie Aglae, bap 12/10/1832, b Kingston 8/19/1832, illegit dtr of Joseph Areano and Marie Seaune Ellis. Gp= John Douglass and Rose E. Tuimbau? [tight binding] [F]. p. 4

Augustin, Jean, bap 11/14/1832, b Kingston 10/24/1832, illegit son of John Augustin and Marie Delisse Dance. Gp= John Reid & Marie Mosse. [F] p. 2

Augustin Jean Baptiste, bap 5/24/1835, aged 8 months, illegit son of Jean Nicolas and Prudence. Gp= Jean Baptiste and Marie Louise Lavato. [F] p. 41

Augustin, William, bap 6/26/1836, b 2/12/1836, illegit son of Cheri Augustin and Marie Pillar. Gp= John Harvey and Marie Therese. [F] p. 71

Auvray, Jean Edouard, bap 4/8/1833, aged 17 years?, illegit son of John Auvray and Catherine Lambie. Gp= James Mazeret and Adeline Auvray. [F] p. 11

Auvray, Pierre Elizes, bap 4/8/1833, b Kingston 12/12/1832, legit son of John Auvray and Adeline Auvray. Gp= Pierre Albert and Jeanne Adelaide Bernard. [F] p. 11


Badly, Elizabeth Clera, bap 7/21/1833, b 4/28/1833 Kingston, illegit dtr of Francois Badly and Rose Rossere. Gp= Richard Brown and Genevieve Alin Lexisse?. [F] p. 13

Baldeblanque, Juan, bap 2/18/1836, b Kingston 12/27/1835, son of Miguel Baldeblanque and Maria Altagrada. Gp= Blas Gomez and Margarita Carree. [S] p. 62

Baradat, Amalia, bap 10/28/1833, b Kingston 10/4/1833, illegit dtr of Martin Baradat and Catharina Vira. Gp= Jose Antonio Echanagacia . [S] p. 15

Barned, William, bap 3/1/1836, legit son of J. Barned of the 84th Regiment and Catherine Weber wife of Barned. Gp= Mr. Fith [Fitz?] James. [F] p. 63

Barnet, James, bap 1/12/1834, b 12/31/1833, legit son of Henry Barnet and Marie Barnet. Gp= George Parker and Anne Marie Malona. [F] p. 18

Barnes, James Thomas, bap 1/27/1833, b in St. Elizabeth 5/25/1828, legit son of John Patrick and Anne Barnes (nee Ebanks). Gp= Antonio Sims and Joanna Legister. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [In Latin] p. 8

Barse, John, bap 9/29/1835, aged 4 months 21 days, illegit son of James Barse and Marie Jeanne Ellys [Ellis?]. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Marie Jeanne Chevallie [Chevalier?] [F] p. 50

Batty, Baptiste, 10/19/1835, aged 4 1/2 years, illegit son of Counsellor Batty and Ann Bailey. Gp= Etienne Benjamin and Agathe Caesar. [F] p. 52

Batty, Elizabeth Baptiste, 10/19/1835, illegit dtr of Counsellor Batty and Ann Bailey. Gp= Etienne Benjamin and Agathe Caesar. [F] p. 52

Belane, Marie Justine, bap 4/19/1836, aged 10 months, illegit dtr of Pierre Belane and Ann Hanlin. Gp= John Delande and Christiana Barton. [F] p. 65

Benigne, Frederick, bap 9/3/1836, aged 8 months, son of Frederick Benigne and Agathe. Gp= Soulange Savano and Liside Descloux. [F] p. 75

Benini, Peter William C., bap 5/13/1836, aged 3 months, illegit son of Henry Benini and Maria Sarah Fish. Sp= Peter Albert and Marie Marguerite Frullara. [E] p. 67

Benitte, Juan Melchore, bap 3/22/1836, b 3/12/1836, legit son of Jose Benitte and Amalia Furtado [Feurtado]. Gp= Melchore Perullo and Fanfan Bernard. [F] p. 64

Benjamin, Jean E., bap 6/25/1835, b 5/21/1835, legit son of Stephen Benjamin and Adelaide Benjamin. Gp= William McCrae and Zulme Ferres. [F] p. 44

Benjamin, Marie Rose, bap 2/7/1833, b 12/15/1832, legit dtr of Etienne Benjamin and Adelaide Bertier Benjamin. Gp Jean L. Desporte and Marie Rose Arigunaga. [F] p. 6

Benn [or Renn?], Elizabeth, bap 12/22/1832, b Kingston 9/8/1827, illegit dtr of Jean Benn and ___ [blank]. Gp= Dominique Chartier and Elizabeth Willis. [F] p. 5

Berga, Marie, bap 2/24/1834, b Kingston 11/1833, illegit dtr of Jacques Berga and Caroline Messa. Gp= Petronille Jacesnay. [F] p. 19

Berthoud, Charles, bap 6/17/1836, b Old Harbour 11/26/1835, illegit son of Pierre Berthoud and Marie Jolin. Gp= Louis Su__, and Marie Carter. [F] pp. 2-3.

Berthoud, Pierre Louis Francois, bap 11/15/1832, b Kingston 4/12/1832, illegit son of Pierre Berthoud and Marie Jolin. Gp= Charles Farquharson and Sainte Duiret. [F] p. 70

Bisco___, Catherine, bap 7/10/1836, b 6th Ma__, 1835, child of Captain Bisco___ and Sophia Dacosta. Gp= Mr. C. R. Nation and Cecilia Smith. [F] p. 72

Black, Elizabeth, bap 8/15/1836, b 10/30/1835, dtr of Elizabeth Black. Gp= Jose Maria Figueroa and Dolores Valentina Figueroa. [F] p. 75

Bledsnie, Francois, bap 4/24/1833, b 3/12/1822, illegit dtr of Francois Bledsnie and Marie Damon. Gp= Pierre Albert and Francoise Poupo__ Prieur. [F] p. 12

Blinkhorn, Marie, bap 6/30/1836, aged 2 1/2 years, illegit dtr of Mr. Blinkhorn and Marguerite Simm___. Gp M. T. Fluteaux and Louise Francoise Debuix wife of Fluteaux. [F] p. 71

Bonner, Charles, bap 4/6/1835, aged 6 months, illegit son of Charles Bonner and Lydia . Gp= Wellesley Burke and Emma Solomon. [F] p. 38

Bontemps, Marie Claire, bap 9/29/1835, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of V. L. Bontemp and Margaret James. Gp= John Auvray and Marie Claire Bontemp. [F] p. 50

Bouilly, Jean Francois, bap 10/31/1836, b 5/7/1836, legit son of Francois Bouilly and Marie Therese Bouilly. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Marie Justine Uter. [F] p. 80

Bouilly, Marie Benite, bap 3/5/1833, b Kingston 2/23/1833, legit dtr of Jean Baptiste Bouilly and Marie Francoise Lacourt wife of Bouilly. Gp= Benito Fernandez, curate, and Marie Charlotte Bouilly, wife of Desnoues. [F] p. 9

Bouilly, Marie Francoise, bap 12/19/1835, b 11/7/1835, legit dtr of J. B. Bouilly and Marie Francoise Bouilly. Gp= Francois Labiche and Marie Adelaide Touchemoulin. [F] p. 55

Boyer, Alexandre, bap 3/6/1836, aged 8 months, illegit son of Alexandre Boyer and Nancy Stewart. Gp= Robert Clermont and Zulme Ferres. [D] p. 63

Boyer?, Maria Andrea, bap 5/12/1835, b Kingston 2/4/1835, illegit dtr of Leandro Antonio Boyer and Maria Eugenia Martinez. Gp= Jose Labrador and Maria Celestina Granados. [S] pp. 40-41

Branday, Charles, bap 10/8/1835, aged 5 months, legit son of Eugene Branday and Marie Bernadine Boisseau Branday. Gp= John C. Branday and Victoire P. Branday. [F] p. 51

Branday, Louis Pierre, bap 1/10/1835, b 11/27/1834, legit son of Jean Christophe Branday and Jeanne Pauline Branday. Gp= Louis Desgouttes, Knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, the maternal grandfather, and Rosalie Pagot Branday the paternal grandmother. [F] p. 31

Bravo, Cecilia, bap 4/14/1836, aged 23 years, illegit dtr of Abraham Bravo and Maria Antonio. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Maria Francisco. [F] p. 65

Brett, Edward, bap 12/25/1836, son of Walter Brett and Henriette Delfosse. Gp= the Revd. G. A. Duquesnay. [F] p. 85

Brett, Marie Elizabeth, bap 6/2/1836 by Revd. Nazario Mora, b Kingston 3/24/1826, dtr of Walter Brett and Henriette Delfose [Delfosse?]. Gp= Revd. Benito Fernandez and Marie Letellier. [F] p. 68

Brett, Marie Rose, bap 6/2/1836 by Revd. Nazario Mora, b Kingston 10/24/1829, dtr of Walter Brett and Henriette Delfose [Delfosse?]. Gp= Revd. Artur Marie Guillaume Duquesnay and Marie Rose Jemecour. [F] p. 68

Brown, Marie Louise, bap 6/28/1835, aged 22 years, native of Kingston, dtr of James Brown and Fife Walters. Gp= Marie Louise La Tour. [F] p. 45

Buchanan, Jeanne, bap 10/30/1836, aged 12 months, dtr of James Buchanan and Susannah S__lay. Gp= Gustave Montagnac and Helen Barnes. [F] p. 79

Burger, Marie Amanda, bap 2/23/1833, b Kingston 10/24/1832, legit dtr of John Burger and Claire Burger. Gp= Pierre Ernand and Elizabeth Dutnele. [F] p. 7

Burger, Richard, bap 7/26/1835, b 1/18/1835, legit son of John Burger and Clara Burger. Gp= Richard Burger and Marie Helena Burger. [F] p. 46


Calanche, Joseph Thomas, bap 2/27/1836, b Kingston 11/2/1835, son of Thomas Calanche and Dieu Done. Gp= Michel Vergaza. [F] p. 62

Caliste, Pierre, bap 12/19/1835, b Kingston 10/14/1829, don of Richard. Gp= Pierre Albert and Hermigene Delorbe. [F] p. 56

Calorie, Joseph, bap 12/29/1833, b 9/20/1833, son of John Calorie and Celestine Calorie. Sp= Cornelius Benymes and Eliza Malthen. [E] p. 16

Camelia Felipa, bap 10/30/1834, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of Maria Martin. Gp= George Davis and Isabella Marcos. [F] p. 27

Carolie, Eulogio, bap 6/22/1835, b 3/11/1835, illegit dtr of Juan Carolie and Juana Carolie. Gp= Emanuel Journee and Madeline Peryagar. [F] p. 43

Carolie, Pedro Alcanterer, bap 12/14/1836, b 10/19/1836, son of Juan Carolie and Juana Granada. Gp= Andre Gomos and Fulme Ferres. [F] p. 83

Caroly, Eustache, bap 12/9/1833, b Kingston 9/20/1833, illegit son of Jean Caroly and Jeanne. Gp= Corneli Bermestres and Louise Parage. [F] p. 16

Casanova, Juan Feliciano, bap 2/4/1834, b Kingston 1/8/1834, illegit son of Antonio Casanova a native of Cataluna in Spain, and Trinidad Pina, native of Maracaibo. Gp= Juan Caseres and Maria Elizabeth Creyse. [S] pp. 18-19

Casanova, Phillip, bap 12/7/1834, b 8/31/1834, illegit son of Etienne Casanova and Mary Louise Demanie. Gp= Louis Tresmille and Eurasie Demanie. [F] p. 28

Castellana, Thomasa, bap 3/26/1835, b 12/21/1834, illegit dtr of Jean Joseph Castellana and Marie Lindo. Gp= Juana? Perez and Marie Madeline Berganace? [F] p. 36

Cauquetard, Elvina Augustus, bap 4/19/1833, b 12/18/1830, illegit dtr of Jean Baptiste Cauquetard and Marguerite Gardner, both natives of Kingston. Gp= Marguerite Lucinte?. [F] p. 12

Charle. Extract of baptisms in the parish of Notre Dame de l'Assomption du Port au Prince in St. Domingue. On 5/29/1797 was baptized Charle a free mulatto born 1/4/1796, illegit son of Hortence a free Negro as proved by her act of manumission dated 12/12/1796 registered with the records office of that city 1/30/1797. Gp= Pierre Charle Laulanie officer in the British Legion, and Jeanne Catherine Penant widow of the late Joseph Alexis Carlier former administrative officer, widow Carlier and Charles de Laulanie signed along with me, but the mother declared that she did not know how to write. Signed by Le Cun, curate. Delivered in Port au Prince 3/1/1798. The original was presented to Benito Fernandez to record in the register 12/12/1836. [F] p. 83

Charles, Christin, bap 4/29/1834, b Kingston 4/17/1834, illegit son of Jean Charles and Rossea. Gp= Chistin Bierres and Jeane Bernard. [S] p. 20

Charles, bap 11/6/1832, b Kingston 9/28/1832, illegit son of Marie Louise, a free Negro, and unknown father. Gp= Charles Nelson & Marie Genevieve. [F] p. 2

Charles, bap 4/13/1834, b Kingston 1830, illegit son of [blank]. Gp= Charles Mathon and Marie Jeane Bernard. [F] p. 20

Charles, an African, bap 4/18/1835, aged about 16 years. Gp= John Delande and Catheri_ Urbain. [F] pp. 37-38

Charles Antoine, bap 4/4/1836, aged about 11 years, illegit son of Hector and Elizabeth. Gp= Charles Antoine Aleinder and Louise Gozu. [F] pp. 64-65

Charles Thomas, bap 3/23/1833, Negro, free by the will of Mrs. Lhoste, his mistress. Gp= Charles Lhoste and Elizabeth Lhoste. [F], p. 10

Chavannes, Walter Louis, bap 4/11/1833, b 10/15/1832, illegit son of George Henry Chavannes and Louisa Sophia Castille. Gp= Louis Chavannes and Augustine Pavageau. [F] p. 11

Chavannes, William, bap 4/28/1835, b 12/10/1834, illegit son of George Henry Chavannes and Louisa Castille. Gp= Charles Hicks and Ma__ widow of Teychoire. [F] p. 39

Chaves, Mary Catherine Ines, bap 10/6/1834, b 1/21, illegit dtr of Jacob Chaves and Elizabeth Wilson. Gp= Jean Baptiste Chandru and Mary Francoise Laurence Leaudsnand. [F] p. 26

Cheshyre, John Julius, bap 1/27/1833, b St. Elizabeth 6/10/1825, legit son of Edward and Anne Sara Cheshyre. Gp= [faded] and Margaret James. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [In Latin] p. 7

Chevolleau, Isabelle, bap 1/2/1835, b 7/2/1834, illegit dtr of Arthur Arnold Chevolleau and Catherine Hodgson. Gp= William James Rutherford represented by Louis Jules Marchand, and Elizabeth Antoinette Chevolleau. [F] p. 30

Chevolleau, Louis Arthur, bap 1/13/1833, b 10/20/1832, illegit son of Arthur Arnold Chevolleau and Catherine Hutson [Hodgson]. Gp= Louis Malabre and Antoinette Chevolleau. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [F] p. 9

Chevolleau, Louis Arthur, bap 8/25/1834, b 12/22/1833, illegit son of Arthur Chevolleau and Elizabeth Adelaide Lamothe. Gp= Louis Desgouttes represented by Jean Branday and Charlotte Bown. [F] p. 25

Clarke, Remardabat, bap 10/25/1834, b 2/7/1831, legit dtr of John W. Clarke and Mrs. A. P. Clarke. Gp= William Corser and Maria Eugina Obidente. [F] p. 27

Clermont, Charles Robert, nap 6/21/1835, b 6/13/1835, legit son of Phillip Alex. Clermont and Marie Catherine Clermont. Gp= John C. R. Clermont the child's paternal uncle, and Louise Elizabeth Duvergne. [F] p. 43

Clermont, Henry Alexandre, bap 7/3/1833, b Kingston 12/15/1831, illegit son of Philip Alexandre Clermont and Elizabeth Malcolm. Gp= John Charles Robert Clermont and Louise Augustine Antoinette Mannon the child's grandmother. [F] p. 12

Coates, Marie Eleonore, bap 2/16/1836, b at Salt Pond in St. Catherine 8/2/1833, dtr of George Coates and Anne Thomas Hermes. Gp= Louis Vos and Charlotte Allen. [F] p. 62

Cogan, Henrietta, bap 12/23/1832, b Port Royal 4/24/1832, dtr of ? [faded] and Kelene Cogan. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [This entry is very faded and almost illegible. In Latin] p. 7

Columbus, bap 9/27/1835, aged 10 weeks, legit dtr of Henriqua and Maria. Gp= John Delande and Miss Lacour. [F] p. 50

Conolly, Catherine, bap 12/8/1835, b 11/22/1835, legit dtr of Henry Conolly and Mary Conolly. Gp= H. Conolly and Eleanor Fa__ [faded]. [F] p. 55

Constant, Marie Joseph, bap 2/22/1836, aged 18 months, son of Pierre Constant and Marie Francoise. Gp= Peter Eyneaud and Marie Josephine. [F] p. 62

Corre, Maria Angelina, bap 3/2/1833, b Kingston 1/2/1833, illegit dtr of James Corre and Juana Bandes Bies. Gp= Eduardo Prestan and Elisabeth Croston. [S] p. 8

Corser, Denis, bap 10/16/1835, b Kingston 10/9/1835, illegit son of James Corser and Jeane Bander. Gp= Gabriel Koevertuz and Marie Blee. [F] p. 52

Corser, Marcel, bap 2/10/1836, aged 6 months, son of Edmond Corser and Sevilla Civier. Gp= Gabriel Rowertz and Elizabeth Corser. [F] p. 61

Couchenet, Marie Francoise, bap 5/1836, b 5/19/1835, legit dtr of Edouard Simon Couchenet and Victoire Latour. Gp= John Vertu and Marie Francois Ferres. [F] p. 67

Couchi [Couchenet?], Marie, bap 8/6/1833, b Kingston 2/3/1833, legit dtr of Edouarde Simon Couchi and Victoire de la Tour Couchi. Gp= Jean Arigunaga and Marie Margueritte Frillon. [F] p. 13

Cruanas, Ana Maria Josefina, bap 11/12/1834, aged 7 weeks, illegit dtr of Jose Cruanas and Ana Carlota Guilly. Gp= Bernardo Ripol and Maria Antonia Peregrina. Child died 5/15/1835. [S] p. 27

Cuesta, Etienne Dominique, bap 10/10/1833, b Kingston 8/3/1833, illegit son of Lino Cuesta and Jeanne Madariaga. Gp= Evanisto Lea and Petrona Coba. [F] p. 15

Cunha, Christiana, bap 1/3/1836, b 12/31/1834, illegit dtr of Alprice Cunha and Sophia Bullin. Gp= Louis Gourgues and Marie Ferres. [F] pp. 57-58

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