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Register I

Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths
St. Joseph's Church
King's Western [Weston]

Register commences from 1st November 1872.  Previous to that date the entries were registered in Trinity Church, Kingston.

N.B.  In this Register are recorded the Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths of Congregations of Catholic Church at Mr. Kuhler's Mount Fellowship, commencing from 14th April 1873.  Previous to that date the entries were registered in Trinity Church, Kingston.
A. Butler, S. J.


Ceremonies also performed at Scotts Hall, Temple Hall, Chapelton Gardens, Constant Spring, Golden Spring, Providence, Chesterfield, and houses on Junction road

Abbreviations used:
b = born
bap = baptism
dtr = daughter
M = Mother
m = married
P = Parents
Sp = Sponsor
(U) = Unmarried
Wit = witness

Ministers performing ceremonies
AB = A. Butler
AL = A. Lontiens
FH = F. Hathaway
JD = Joseph Dupont
JH = James Hayes
JM = Joseph Meyer
JR = John Ryan
ML = Manuel Loidi
TP = Thomas Porter
VS = V. Scheppach

DATE format: Month/day/year



Kelly, Christiana, b 7/15/1877, bap 1/12/1879.  P= Francis Kelly & Christiana Richards (U).  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Catherine Latibeaudiere. JD p. 77

Kelly, Elizabeth, b 4/21/1873, bap 1/12/1879.  P= Francis Kelly & Christiana Richards (U).  Sp= Thomas Hemsley & Charlotte Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 76

Kelly, Julia, b 3/2/1874, bap 1/12/1879. P= Francis Kelly & Christiana Richards (U).  Sp= Adolphus Terrelonge & Maria Edwards.  JD p. 76

Kelly, Nathan Nathaniel, b 4/4/1874, bap 8/3/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= ----  Kelly & Elizabeth Saunders (U).  Sp= Ezeniah Kelly & wife.  AB p. 28

Kennedy, Samuel, b 5/1/1878, bap 8/11/1878.  M= Helen Lea.  Sp= Peter Latibeaudiere.  [in Latin]. TP p. 71

Kilkelly, Anne Eliza, aged about 7 years 6 months, bap 1/17/1873 at house of Patrick Kilkelly, Junction Road. P= Patrick Kilkelly & Margaret his wife.  AB p. 5

Kilkelly, Emilia, aged about 20 years, wife of Hesseniah Kilkelly, bap 1/17/1873 at the house of Patrick Kilkelly, Junction Road.  AB p. 6

Kilkelly, Hesseniah French, at house of Patrick Kilkelly, Junction Road, bap 1/17/1873.  P= Patrick Kilkelly & Margaret his wife.  AB p. 5

Kilkelly, Magdalena, aged about 19 years, bap 1/17/1873.  P= Patrick Kilkelly & Margaret his wife.  AB p. 5

Kirven, Rosabella Constantia de Loria, b 1/13/1874, bap 10/3/1874.  P= Thomas Kirven & Marie Isabella Wilson (U).  Sp= John __aplesh Fajardo & Maria his wife.  AB p. 32

Knar, Elizabeth, b 1/30/1880, bap 11/14/1880.  P= Alfred Knar & Francis Elizabeth Ducort (U).  Sp= Mary Anne Small.  ML p. 96

Knight, Thomas Augustus, b 7/28/1874, bap 8/3/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= James Knight & Cecilia Duckworth (U).  Sp= Theodore Kuhler & Emilia Morrison.  AB p. 29


Lafitte, Charlotte Adelaide, b 9/22/1873, bap 12/25/1873.  P= Edward Lafitte & Elizabeth his wife.  Sp= Joseph Stephen Lateaubidere & Ellen Lateaubidere.  AB p. 17

Laing, Ann Jane, b 6/10/1878, bap 12/14/1879.  P= Peter Laing & Sarah Davis (U).  Sp= Joseph Smith & Emma Smith.  JD p. 90

Lamb, Frederick Emmanuel, b 6/12/1872, bap 11/7/1872.  P= James Lamb & Sarah Allen.  Sp= Alexander Terrelonge & Anne Sadler.  AB p. 1

Lamb, James, bap 11/7/1872, aged about 30 years.  P= John Lamb and wife Susannah.  Sp= Alexander Terrelonge & Anne Sadler. AB p. 1

Lasley, David Benjamin, b Sept. 1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= William Lasley & Mary Ann Lasley.  Sp= Joachim Romero & Letitia Romero.  JD p. 66
Lateaubidere [Latibeaudiere?], Bernard Gustave, b 3/12/1874, bap 4/12/1874.  P= Peter Lateaubidere & Virginia his wife.  Sp= Joseph Stephen Lateaubidere & Anne Louisa Lateaubidere.  AB p. 24

Lateaubidere [Latibeaudiere?], Eliza Magdelene, b 12/27/1873, bap 2/26/1874 at Alfred Black's house, Tom's River.  P= Henry Lateaubidere & Mary Anne his wife.  Sp= Alfred Black & his wife Isabella.  AB p. 22

Lateaubiere [Latibeaudiere?], Ada Rebecca, b 2/10/1872, bap 1/1 or 2/1873 in the house of William Sadler.  P= John Charles Lateaubiere & Margaret his wife.  Sp= Elizabeth Black & Daniel McMullall.  AB p. 4

Latibaudiere, Alexander Nathaniel, b 4/6/1880, bap 5/23/1880.  P= Peter Latibaudiere & Virginia Latibaudiere.  Sp= Edward Lindo & Charlotte Latibaudiere.  ML p. 94

Latibaudiere, Catherine Arona, b 5/5/1878,  bap 6/28/1878 at Providence. P= Henry & Mary Ann Latibaudiere (formerly Battiste).  Sp= James & Adele Coburg. JM p. 74

Latibaudiere, Jeane Caroline, b 8/4/1880, bap Nov 1880.  P= A. Latibaudiere & Peter Latibaudiere.  Sp= S. Latibaudiere & Jeane Caroline Latibaudiere.  ML p. 97

Latibaudiere, Veronica, b 4/1/1878, bap 6/3/1878.  P= Peter  Latibaudiere & his wife Virginia.  Sp= George & Mary Ximenes.  JM p. 73 (Note in Register: married to Henry Simons 2/28/1919 at Tom's River by me John Bolster S.J.)

Latibeaudiere, Henrietta Maria, b 1876, bap  8/14/1877.  P= Henry Latibeaudiere & Mary Latibeaudiere. Sp= Henry Arthur Latibeaudiere & Amelia Desouza.  JD p. 62

Latibeaudiere, Isidora Verona Caroline, b 2/8/1875, bap 4/10/1876.  P= Peter Latibeaudiere & Virginia Latibeaudiere.  Sp= Henry Latibeaudiere & Jane Caroline Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 50

Lawrence, Joseph Lewis, b 2/28/1877, bap 8/14/1877.  P= Francis Lawrence & Mary Mai___ .(U).  Sp= Richard Hill & Mary Carter.  JD p. 63

Lawrence, Robin Simeon, b 5/6/1878, bap 5/12/1879.  P= Francis Lawrence & Fanny Hill (U).  Sp= Adolphus Terrelonge & Emily Terrelonge.  JD p. 82

Levingston [Livingston?], Richard Emmanuel, b 12/25/1878 [sic], bap 6/3/1878.  P= Richard Levingston & Ellen Mason (U).  Sp= Alexander Morant & Caroline Watson.  JM p. 70

Lington, James, b Jan 1880, bap 7/2/1880.  P= illegit. child of Aken Li____ & Sarah Lington.  Sp= Estevan Latibaudiere.  ML p. 95

Liscombe, Silvanus Augustus, b 8/30/1873, bap 12/26/1873.  P= John Liscombe & Joanna Sylvan.  Sp= Julius Hoffman & Jane Elizabeth Hamilton.  AB p. 18

Lison, Amelia, b 7/15/1878, bap 1/12/1879.  P= Daniel Lison & Matilda Brown (U).  Sp= Francis Grant & Mary Ann Grant.  JD p. 77

Longstreet, William, b 1/1/1878, bap 2/10/1878.  P= William Longstreet & Rosannah Bailey (U).  Sp= James Thompson & Elizabeth Thompson.  JD p. 67

Love, Virginia Elizabeth, b 12/5/1872, bap 6/9/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  P= William Love &  Eliza Maze (U).  Sp= William Marchant & Mary his wife.  AB p. 8


Macalla, Adolphe, aged 12 years, bap 4/10/1876.  P= James Macalla & Louisa Macalla.  Sp= Peter Latibeaudiere & Virginia Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 50

MacKoulsky, Charles Antoin, b April 1877, bap 5/13/1877.  Sp= Maria Anne Small.  ML p. 58

MacMullage, Glaswell, b 3/16/1873, bap 5/22/1873 at Mr. McMullage's house, Kings Weston.  P= Daniel MacMullage & Anne Isabelle Edwards (U).  Sp= Thomas Hemsley & Jesse his wife.  AB p. 8

Mafarley, George, an African aged about 22 years, bap 6/9/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  Sponsor Mr. Kuhler. AB p. 8

Mahoney, Elvina Desilla, b 10/1/1873, bap 4/13/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Richard Arbine & Frances Mahoney (U).  Sp= Joseph Hoffman.  AB p. 24

Maillard, Adele, b 5/10/1878, bap 8/10/1879.  P= Charles Maillard & Sophia Maillard.  Sp= Robert Edward Delande & Christiana Black.  JD p. 85

Maillet, Henry, b April 1875, bap 3/14/1879.  P= David Maillet & Frances Wray (U).  Sp= Stephan & Charlotte Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 80

Mair, Frances Elizabeth, b March 1876, bap 12/12/1878.  P= Robert Mair & Ellena Mair.  Sp= Mr. & Mrs. Helmsley.  JD p. 75

Mair, Julian, b 5/16/1877, bap 8/15/1877, dtr of Thomas Mair & Isabella Spencer (U).  Sp= Justin Hoffman & Catherine Dimon.  JD p. 63

Mair, Robert, b Oct. 1874, bap 10/12/1878.  P= Robert Mair & Ellena Mair.  Sp= Mr. & Mrs. Helmsley.   JD p. 75

Mandro, Ellen Marina, b 1/29/1873, bap 2/14/1873 in the house of John Ellis, Scott's Hall.  P= Gongora Mandro & Adeline Bonner (U).  Sp= Isabella Bonner.  AB p. 6

March, Samuel, b 1875, bap 4/14/1878.  M= Sarah March.  Sp= Alexander Ximenes  & Ellen Ximenes.  FH p. 70

Marshall, Charles Edward of Mount Victory aged about 90 years, bap 3/30/1875.  Sp= Thomas Helmsley.  AB p. 37

Marchant, Mary, b 10/22/1872, bap 7/21/1873  at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  P= William Maxwell & Jane Williams (U).  Sp= William Marchant & wife.  AB p. 10

Marshal, Edward Emmanuel, b 1/19/1873, bap 4/8/1874 at the house of James Marshal.  P= James Marshal & Sarah Lamb (U).  Sp= William Sadler.  AB p. 23

Marshal, John, aged 4 years 5 months, bap 4/8/1874 at the house of James Marshal.  P= James Marshal & Sarah Lamb (U).  Sp= William Sadler.  AB p. 23

Marshall, Ann Elizabeth, b 6/24/1879, bap 9/18/1879.  P= John Nathaniel Marshall & Rosanna Montgomery (U).  Sp= Simon McDonald & Mary Ann Tuck.  JD p. 88

Marshall, Ellen Elizabeth Clementina, b 2/7/1877, bap 8/14/1877.  P= James Marshall & Sarah Lamb (U).  Sp= Charles Latibeaudiere & Marguerite Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 62

Marshall, James, bap 12/25/1874.  AB p. 33

Marshall, Rosannah, aged 36 years, bap 3/13/1876.  JD p. 50

Martin, William, aged 22 years, bap 10/27/1873 at Dr. Deslandes' house near Whitehall.  P= John Hamilton & his wife.  Sp= Dr. Delandes & his wife Elizabeth.  AB p. 15

Mason, Rupert Theophilus, b 4/11/1873,  bap 9/15/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  P=Richard Mason & Catherine Low.  Sp= William Marchant & Mary Marchant.  AB p. 13

Matthews, Ada Victoria, b 4/4/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= John Matthews & Catherine Parice [Paris?] (U).  Sp= Julien Bano & Elizabeth Pinnock.  JD p. 66

Matto, Pantaleon Presciliano de la Caridad, b 7/30/1878, bap 5/12/1879.  P= Agostino Matto & Rosa Matto.  Sp= Angel & Rosa Soares.  JD p. 84

Maxwell, Francis Isaac, b 8/27/1875, bap 2/15/1876.  P= Charles Maxwell & Josephine Parsley (U).  Sp= Christiana Johnson.  JH p. 49

Maxwell, Juliana Elizabeth, b 6/7/1875, bap 2/15/1876 at Kuhla [Kuhler?].  P= George Maxwell & Justina Taaff (U).  Sp= Mary Marchant.  JD p. 48

Mayo, Charles Semo, b March 21, bap 12/25/1873.  P= Charles Semo Mayo & Agnes Robinson (U).  Sp= Joseph Lateaubidere for Simon McDonald.  AB p. 17

Mays, Joseph, b April 1879, bap 3/14/1880.  P= William & Elene Mays.  Sp= Peter Latibaudiere & Virginia Latibaudiere.  ML p. 93

Maze, Jane, b 11/22/1872, bap 4/14/1873 in the RC church at Mr. Kuhler's Mount Fellowship.  P= Henry Maze & Letitia his wife.  Sp= Emilia Till & Henry Fynne.  AB p. 7

McAuskey, Alexandra Magdelena Laureta, b 4/16/1877, bap 7/8/1877.  P= John McAuskey & Angelina McAuskey.  Sp= Edward Bonito & Ellen Bonito.  JD p. 61

McBean, Charles Henry, b 7/2/1873, bap 2/16/1874 at Mr. Tellon's.  P= William McBean & Eliza Ryan (U).  Sp= Theodore Kuhler & Eliza Ryan.  AB p. 21

McCarthy, Francis Theophilus, b 2/19/1873, bap 12/26/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's.  P= John McCarthy & Evelena E__vans (U).  Sp= Henry Fynne & Gracey Collins.  AB p. 19

McCaulsky, Adolphus Alexander, b 10/6/1873, bap 4/15/1874.  P= Charles McCaulsky & Emily Henry (U).  Sp= William Terrelonge & Jessie Anne Terrelonge.  AB p. 26

McCaulsky, Malcolm Alexander Eugene, b 2/8/1873, bap 9/14/1873.  P= Charles McCaulsky & his wife Sarah.  Sp= Thomas Terrelonge & Angelina McCaulsky.  AB p. 12

McCaulsky, Malcolm, aged about 30 years, bap 9/14/1873.  Sp= William H. Terrelonge. AB p. 12

McCauskey, Jane Elizabeth, aged about 11 years, bap 1/2/1873.  P= Charles McCausky & Nancy Stewart (U).  Sp= Isabella Terrelonge & Benjamin Davis.  AB p. 4

McCausky, Alberta Maria, b 4/12/1879, bap 5/11/1879.  P= John McCausky & Angelina McCausky.  Sp= Maria Edwards.  JD p. 81

McClean, Charles Jasper, bap 12/19/1872 at Mrs. Forrester's house, River View.  P= Robert McClean & Charlotte his wife. Sp= Rowland Hill & Jane Plunkett.  AB p. 3

McCleod, Matilda, b 10/9/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= William McCleod [McLeod?] & Maria Anderson (U).  Sp= James Thompson & Elizabeth P___.  JD p. 67

McClusky, Cornelia Isabella, b 4/29/1872, bap 7/22/1873, twin sister of Ellen.  P= Malcolm McClusky & Ellen? his wife.  Sp= William Henry Terrelonge & his wife Isabella.  AB p. 11

McClusky, Ellen Strawberry, b 4/29/1872, bap 7/22/1873.  P= Malcolm McClusky & Ellen? his wife.  Sp= William Henry Terrelonge & his wife Isabella.  AB p. 11

McCulsky, Regina Ruthelina Anne, b 12/6/1873, bap 2/15/1874.  P= John Small McCulsky and his wife Angelina.  Sp= Alexander Ximenes & Jane Berrett (by proxy).  AB p. 20

McDonald, Peter, adult African aged about 30 years.  Sp= J. Haughman.  AB p. 10

McFarlane, Richard, African adult aged about 30 years, bap 7/21/1873  at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  Sp= H. Fynne AB p. 10

McHarty, Maria, b 8/2/1879,  bap 8/12/1879 at Fellowship Hill.  P= Joseph Finne & Maria McHarty (U).  Sp= Samuel Tyrell & Margaret Tyrell.  JD p. 87

McLean, David Augustus, b 2/17/1878, bap 3/16/1879.  P= Robert McLean & Virginia Pits (U).  Sp= Stephen Latibaudiere & Charlotte Latibaudiere .  JD p. 79

Mendoza, Maria Caridad aged 7 years, and Jose Dolor Antonio b 4/8/1873, children of Gua___ Mendoza & Maria Vega bap at Temple Hall 6/12/1878.  Ceremonies added 6/28/1878.  Sp= Augustin Verdezia & Isabel Rey.  JM p. 73

Mendoza, Pedro Maria, b 5/1/1878, bap 5/12/1878 at Temple Hall.  P= Pantaleon Mendoza & Maria Amelia Chakon (U).  Sp= Juan de Vega & Antonia Mendoza.  JM p. 73

Mez, Dacas [Dorcas?] Elizabeth, b 2/29/1874, bap 10/12/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Francis Mez & his wife Jane.  Sp= Elizabeth West.  AB p. 33

Mitchell, Phillip Alexander, b 6/9/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= Edward Mitchell & Rosannah Smith (U).  Sp= William Bano & Elizabeth Pinnock.  JD p. 66

Molian, Charles Henry, b 3/26/1875, bap 11/4/1875.  P= David Molian & Susan Walters (U).  Sp= Frederick Felix & Cecilia Carr.  JD p. 45

Monson, Alexander, b 1/7/1876, bap 2/15/176.  P= George Monson & Elizabeth Monson.  Sp= Joseph Wilson & Caroline Christie.  JH p. 49

Moodie, Helen Victoria, b 5/15/1874,  bap 5/24/1875 at Temple Hall.  P= Thomas Moodie & Christiana Delmore (U).  Sp= Ezekiah Relly and his wife Emilia.  AB p. 39

Moore, Charlotte, aged 58 years, bap 12/14/1879.  JD p. 90

Munroe, James, aged 70 years, bap 10/12/1878.  Sp= Mary Louise Small.  JD p. 75

Murray, Alexander Louis, b 4/21/1873, bap 10/9/1873.  P= Robert William Murray & Ceci__? his wife.  Sp= Peter H. Terrelonge & Isabella Laf___.  AB p. 15

Myers, James, b 3/18/1875, bap 10/10/1875.  P= James Myers & Ella Mell (U).  Sp= William Marchant & Olivia Marchant.  JD p. 45

Myers, Joseph Alexander, b 8/7/1874, bap 5/25/1875.  P= Charles Myers & Sophia Williamson. (U).  Sp= Edward Dacas & Catherine Lateaubidere.  AB p. 40

Myers, Rosannah, b 3/18/1875, bap 10/10/1875.  P= James Myers & Ella Mell (U).  Sp= William Marchant & Mary Olivia Marchant.  JD p. 45


Narty, William, aged 64 years, bap 12/16/1879.  JD p. 91

Narty, Justina, b 5/4/1875, bap 7/4/1875 at Kings Weston.  P= M. Narty & Felicia Henry (U).  Sp= Joseph Anderson & Caroline Watson.  JD p. 40

Naughty [Narty?], Edward, b 9/26/1873, bap 10/24/1873 at the Church at King's Weston.  P= Edward Naughty & Rosa Daly (U).  Sp= Isabella Small.  AB p. 15

Naughty [Narty?], Richard, b October, bap 4/21/1879.  P= Edward Naughty & Susan Green (U).  Godmother= __ McGibbon.  AL p. 79

Nelson, Robert William, b 3/29/1880, bap 6/28/1880.  P= A___ Nelson & Catherine Sozo? [ink blots] Sp= Charlotte Latibodiere & Esteban Latibaudiere.  ML p. 95

Nelson, Robert Zakaria, b March 1877, bap 5/12/1879.  P= William Nelson & Elizabeth Nelson.  Sp= Jessy Hemsley.  JD p. 82

Nelson, Thomas Emmanuel, about 15 years old, bap 8/2/1874.  P= John Nelson & his wife Jane?.  Sp= Thomas Terrelonge & Augustina McCa___.  AB p. 27

Notice, John, aged about 30 years, bap 7/21/1873, living at Temple Hall.  AB p. 11

Nugent, Edward, b 5/28/1877, bap 2/11/1878.  P= Thomas Nugent & Maria Anam (U).  Sp= Stephen Latibaudiere & Catherine Latibaudiere.  JD p. 68

Nugent, Septimus Augustus, b 12/25/1874, bap 4/11/1875.  P= Joseph Nugent & Elizabeth Davis (U).  Sp= Henry Lateaubidere & Anne Lateaubidere.  AB p. 38


Oakeley, Liticia, about 2 years old, bap 6/5/1874 at Golden Spring.  P= Patrick Oakeley & Emilia Marchant (U).  Sp= Indiana Leonora Fynne.  AB p. 26

O'Brien, Elizabeth, aged about 55 years, bap 6/18/1875.  P= Edward O'Brien & Phoebe O'Brien.  AB p. 41

O'Brien, Robert, adult African aged about 23 years, bap 4/13/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  Sp= Joseph Hoffman.  AB p. 25

Olen [or Allen or Alen?], Alexander, b 6/21/1879, bap 9/16/1879.  P= Richard Olen & Gracey Olen.  Sp= William Marchant & Mary Magdalene Marchant.  JD p. 88

Or, Robert William, b 6/8/1879, bap 8/10/1879.  P= Oliver Or & Ursulina Dak___.  Sp= Stephen Latibaudiere & Jane Caroline Latibaudiere.  JD p. 85


Page, Emily, aged about 4 years, bap 3/10/1874 at the house of William Baugard, Constant Spring.  P= Thomas Page & Justina Chambers (U).  Sp= Dorothy Smith.  AB p. 23

Paplo, Jane, aged 17 years, bap 7/10/1877.  P= Andrew Paplo & Maryann Paplo.  Sp= Benjamin Davis & Emma Smith.  JD p. 62

Parke, Margaret, aged about 25 years, bap 8/3/1874 at Mr. Erroll's house.  AB p. 29

Parke, Susan Elizabeth, aged 8 years, bap 4/13/1874 at Mr. Erroll's house Pleasant View.  P= William Wallace & Margaret Parke (U).  Sp= Jane Erroll.  AB p. 25

Passley, Charlotte Victoria, b 2/21/1874, bap 4/17/1875 at Temple Hall, Junction Road.  P= Edward Passley & Henrietta Lelande (U).  AB p. 38

Passley, Elvira Elizabeth, b 3/5/1879, bap 5/13/1879.  P= Samuel Passley & Eliz. Miller (U).  Sp= William & Mary Magdalen Marchant.  JD p. 84

Pastly, Juana Celestina, about a month old, bap 5/14/1877 in Mr. Kuhler's Chapel.  P= Edouard Pastly & Rebecca Francis (U). Sp= Juana Bann.  ML p. 58

Pence, Anne Elisa, b 4/29/1877, bap 5/19/1877 in Mr. Kuhler's Chapel.  P= Charles Pence & Christiana Marcynill?.  Sp= Joanna Braun.  ML p. 58

Perez, Luis Juan Bautista, b 10/19/1875, bap 2/12/1876 at Temple Hall.  P= Esteban Fernandez de Castro & Rafaela Fomaris.  Sp= Diego Fajardo & Manuela Raulejo.  JH p. 46

Pernoe, Alexander Emmanuel, b 5/17/1873, bap 9/5/1873 at Mrs. Norman's house near Castleton Gardens.  P= Charles Pernoe & Florence Norman (U).  AB p. 17

Pernoe, Caroline Elizabeth, b 11/17/1869, bap 9/5/1873 at Mrs. Norman's house near Castleton Gardens.  P= Charles Pernoe & Florence Norman (U).  AB p. 17

Pernoe, Theresa Emily, b 5/11/1871, bap 9/5/1873 at Mrs. Norman's house near Castleton Gardens.  P= Charles Pernoe & Florence Norman (U).  AB p. 17

Philips, Emanuel Benjamin, b 1/21/1878, bap 7/25/1878 at ___all Green ___nnah Piece.  M= Caroline Mason.  Sp= Jose Sosa & Caroline Venite.  JM p. 74
Phillip, Mary Ann Martha, b 1/7/1877, bap 7/8/1877.  P= Joseph Phillip & Sarah Clarke (U).  Sp= F. Felix & Mary Ann Skellet.  JD p. 60

Phipps, Charles, b 2/29/1880,  bap 9/7/1880.  M= Christian Richards.  Sp= Francis Grant & Caroline Watson.  JD p. 96

Phipps, Charles, bap 12/14/1879.  P= Charles Phipps & Elizabeth Hart (U).  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Emily Ann Phipps.  JD p. 89

Phipps, Daniel Theophilus, b 1874, bap 5/12/1879.  P= Daniel Phipps & Charlotte Green (U).  Sp= Adolphus & Emily Terrelonge.  JD p. 82

Phipps, Mary Ann Eliza, b 10/4/1878, bap 8/10/1879.  P= Edward Phipps & Floretta Phipps.  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Virginia Latibaudiere.  JD p. 85

Phipps, Mary Ann Elizabeth, b 12/12/1877, bap 1/13/1878.  P= William Phipps & Rosa Bell (U).  Sp= Adolphus Terre & Jane Latibaudiere.  JD p. 65

Phipps, Mary Ann, b 1868, bap 12/14/1879,  P= Charles Phipps & Elizabeth Hart (U).  Sp= Samuel Adolphus & Rosa Phipps.  JD p. 90

Phipps, Nathaniel, b 1873, bap 12/14/1879.  P= Charles Phipps & Elizabeth Hart (U).  Sp= William Phipps & Rosa Phipps.  JD p. 89

Phipps, Rosetta Celestine b 12/10/1873, bap 2/15/1874.  P= William Phipps & his wife Rosabella.  Sp= William Lateaubiere & Catherine Lateaubiere.  AB p. 19

Phipps, Spiridun Secundo, b 4/22/1874, bap 6/7/1874.  P= Alexander Phipps & Rosanna his wife.  Sp= Richard Watson & Mary Anne Anderson.  AB p. 26

Phips, Virginia Agatha, b 2/2/1880, bap 2/8/1880.  P= William Phips & Rosebell Phips.  Sp= Joseph Terrelonge & Esther Morrison.  JD p. 92

Pitt, Susanna, bap 11/24/1872, b 4/17/1872.  P= Robert Pitt & Helena Robert (U).  Sp= William Terrelonge & Mary Anne Ximenez.  AB p. 2

Pluma, Louis, b 4/1/1877, bap 7/8/1877.  P= William Pluma & Catherine Thomas (U).  Sp= Fred. Felix, & Mary Ann Skellet.  JD p. 60

Posey, Florentina, b 12/7/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= William Posey & Clare Green (U).  Sp= F. Felix & Ellena Green.  JD p. 67

Powell, Rachel Anne, b 5/4/1877, bap 8/14/1877.  P= James Powell & Rosy Ann Hamilton (U).  Sp= Thomas Cairvin & Joanna Clair.  JD p. 63

Prendegrass, Nathan Henry, b 11/26/1878, bap 3/14/1879.  P= William C. Prendegrass & Rosetta Stracht (U).  Sp= Stephen & Charles Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 80

Purkey (or Turkey?), Joanna, b March 1873, bap 11/4/1875 at Norbrook.  P= John Purkey & Susan Walters (U).  Sp= Francisco Rivero & Charlotte Rivero.  JD p. 45


Ray, Robert Athelstone, b 5/4/1874, bap 12/28/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Edward Ray & Elizabeth Wood.  Sp= Mary Anderson.  AB p. 34

Reed, Maria, wife of William Reed, aged about 50 years, bap 7/4/1875.  Sp= Mary Anne Anderson.  AB p. 41

Richard Albert Augustus, b 4/28/1874, bap 8/30/1875 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Richard Miller & Mary Bailey (U).  Sp= Olivia Marchant.  AB p. 43

Richard, James, bap 1/1/1873.  P= Adam Richard & Sarah Thousand (U).  Sp= Thomas Terrelonge & Marie Terrelonge.  AN p. 4

Richard, Leony Albertina, b 4/14/1874, bap 6/15/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= John Richard & Jane Hart (U).  Sp= Emilia Harrison.  AB p. 27

Richard, Louisa, b 4/14/1877, bap 4/14/1878.  P= Joseph Richard & Selina his wife.  Sp= Virginia Terrelonge.  FH p. 70

Richards, Alberta Maria, b 5/26/1873, bap 6/8/1873.  P= James Richards & Eliza Richards.  Sp= Thomas Terrelonge & Angelina McClusky.   AB p. 11

Richards, Daniel Augustus, b 12/31/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= David Richards & Letitia Lee (U).  Sp= Frederick Felix & Elizabeth Pinnock.  JD p. 65

Richards, Diana Mary, aged 39 years, bap 10/17/1878.  JD p. 75

Richards, Julian, b June 1877, bap 10/13/1878, dtr of Joseph Richards & Cecilia Richards.  Sp= Benjamin Davis & Isabel Small.  JD p. 75

Richards, Regina, b 7/14/1880, bap 9/7/1880.  M= Ellena Brown.  Sp= Joseph Terrelonge & Angelina McCausky.  JD p. 96

Richards, Samuel, aged about 53 years, bap 2/14/1876.  Sp= Cornelius Bell.  JH p. 48

Richi, Henrietta , b 7/26/1876, bap 3/11/1877.  P= John Richi & Mary Richi.  Sp= Benjamin Davis & Mary Ann Davis.  JD p. 57

Roberts, Emma Maria, b 6/20/1873, bap 9/23/1873 at the house of Mrs. Plunket Junction Road.  P=  John Roberts & Maryanne Roberts.  Sp= Jane Plunkett & Elizabeth Deslandes.  AB p. 14

Roper, Alice Elizabeth, b 1867, bap 7/4/1875 at Kings Weston.  P= Edward Roper & Cecilia Roper.  Sp= Rowland Hill & Isabel Terrelonge.  JD p. 40

Rouse, Israel Ezekiel, b 6/26/1876, bap 10/7/1876.  P= Robert Rouse & Nancy Hamilton (U).  Sp= Alexander Smith & Dorothy Smith.  JD p. 52


Sadler, Mathusala Edgard, b 6/25/1877, bap 7/9/1877.  P= Robert Sadler & Catherine Anderson (U).  Sp= Alexander Philipps & Olivia Verley.  JD p. 61

Sadler, Morgiana Amanda, b 7/21/1876, bap 10/7/1876.  P= Charles Sadler & Ellen Sadler.  JD p. 52

Saint?, Elizabeth, b 1878, bap 1/13/1879.  P= Richard Saint & Jane Lee (U).  Sp= Alexander Morant & Elizabeth Sadler.  JD p. 78

Sale, Francis Nathaniel, b 9/2/1873, bap 11/10/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's.  P= Richard Sale & Maryanne Golden (U).  Sp= Emilia Sale & Henry Fynne.  AB p. 16

Sanders, Mary Anne Elizabeth b 1877, bap 4/14/1878.  M= Ellen Dacres.  Sp=- Joseph Stephen Latibaudiere.  FH p. 70

Savage, Ancilla Thomasina, b 12/23/1873, bap 8/3/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P=  F. Savage & Mary Anne Edwards (U).  Sp= Mary Anne Barnes.  AB p. 29

Sayle, Charles Henry, b 5/21/1873, bap 7/21/1873  at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  P= William Sayle & Joanna Gilbre___ [torn].  Sp= Henry Fynne and his wife Frances.  AB p. 10

Schoburg, Jane Agatha Dementina, b 7/11/1874, bap 8/27/1874 at Mr. Hill's house, Junction Road.  P= James Schoburg & Caroline his wife.  Sp= Rebecca Catawood? & Rowland Hill.  AB p. 32

Scoburg, James, about 24 years old, bap 6/9/1874.  P= James Scoburg & Filitia Williams (U).  Sp= Rowland Hill & William Carter.  AB p. 27

Scoburg, Ethel Isidora, b 2/5/1877, bap 8/14/1877.  P= James Scoburg & Caroline Scoburg.  Sp= Richard Hill & Mary Ann Latibaudiere.  JD p. 63

Scott, Julian, b 5/4/1877, bap 8/14/1877.  P= Richard Scott & Ellen Thomas (U).  Sp= Richard Hill & Jane Hill.  JD p. 63

Scott, Margaret, b 6/22/1879, bap 8/11/1879.  P= Richard Scott & Helen Thomas (U).  Sp= Richard Arnold & Elizabeth Chevolleau.  JD p. 87

Scott, Richard Augustus, b Feb. 1873, bap 2/26/1874 at Alfred Black's house, Tom's River.  P= Matthew Scott & Ellen Thomas (U).  Sp= Alfred Black & his wife Isabella.  AB p. 22

Shaw, Grace Rebecca, b 6/26/1873, bap 12/26/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's.  P= James Shaw & Mary Lewis (U).  Sp= Henry Fynne & Frances Fynne.  AB p. 18

Slater, Christiana, a widow aged about 45 years, bap 11/10/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's. Sp. = Mary Marchant. AB p. 16

Smellie, Caroline Matilda, b 12/22/1880, bap 4/11/1880.  M= Angel__ Notice.  Sp= Stephen & Charlotte Latibaudiere.  JM p. 93

Smith, Eveline Alberta, b 6/28/1876, bap 10/7/1876.  P= Theodore Smith & Elizabeth Hall (U).  Sp= Frederick Felix & Matilda Felix.  JD p. 52

Smith, Hubert Augustus, b 10/11/1878,  bap 8/12/1879 at Fellowship Hill. P= Stephen Smith & Rebecca Murray (U).  Sp= Samuel Tyrell & Susan Anderson.  JD p. 87

Smith, Joseph, aged about 26 years, bap 2/14/1876.  Sp= Benjamin Davis.  JH p. 48

Smith, Justina Elizabeth, b 10/1/1876, bap 8/7/1877.  P= James Smith & Maria Clark (U).  Sp= Jules De Tours Labarre & Elizabeth Pinnock.  JD p. 60

Smith, Justina, b Oct. 1875, bap 4/10/1876.  P= Rodney Smith & Clementina Lindner (U).  Sp= Isabella Small.  JD p. 51

Smith, Silviana, b 3/13/1873, bap 2/25/1874.  P= Bennett Williams & Clementina Signo (U).  Sp= W. H. Terrelonge & Isabella his wife.  AB p. 21

Smith, Thomasina Isidora, b 12/2_?/1874, bap 2/15/1875 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Edward Smith & his wife Charlotte.  Sp= John Collins & Mary Anne Barnett. AB p. 35

Smith, William, b 6/30/1877, bap 8/15/1877.  P= William Smith & Antoinette Richard (U).  Sp= Henry Finne & Elizabeth Osborn.  JD p. 63

Solomon, John, adult African aged about 28 years, bap 7/21/1873  at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  Sp= J. Haughman. AB p. 10

Sosa  y Perez, Elvira Victoria Maria, b 12/23/1874, bap 6/28/1875 at Temple Hall, Junction Road.  P= Jose Sosa y Perez & Mariana Venite y Hernandez.  Sp= Pedro Sosa & Catalina Perez, and Candalario Venite & Rosa Hernandez and Esteban Fernandez de Castro & Manuela Robletto de Fajardo.  AB pp. 40-41

Sosa, Petronilla Manacella Segorda, b 6/29/1878, bap 7/25/1878 at ___all Green ___nnah Piece.  P= Franceco Sosa & Rosa Mato his wife. Sp= Jose Sosa & Caroline Venite.  JM p. 74

Sosa, Teresa Anselma, b 4/21/1878, bap 7/25/1878 at ___all Green ___nnah Piece.  P= Jose Sosa & his wife Marian Venite.  Sp= Angel & Rosa Suarez.  JM p. 74

Spalding, Norah Elizabeth, b 5/1/1874, bap 3/20/1875 at Murdock Spring, Junction Road.  P= James Spalding & Letitia Phipps (U).  Sp= Elizabeth McLaughlin.  AB p. 36

Spencer, Charles Augustus, b 5/22/1874, bap 8/3/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Charles Spencer & Christiana McCuil? (U).  Sp= Ezeniah Kelly & wife.  AB p. 29

Spencer, George Horatio, b 7/20/1875, bap 10/10/1875.  P= Charles Spencer & Elizabeth Dinswell?  Sp= Henry Finn & Frances Spencer.  JD p. 44

Spencer, Mary Anne Victoria, b 10/10/1873, bap 2/16/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P=Charles Spencer & Elizabeth Dingwell.  Sp= Emily Isle & Theodore Kuhler.  AB p. 20

Spencer, Robert Nathaniel, b 10/13/1874, bap 2/15/1875 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= John Spencer & Joanna Spencer. Sp= Theodore Kuhler & Catherine Diamond.  AB p. 35

Stephen, James, b 8/23/1873, bap 9/5/1873 at Mrs. Norman's house near Castleton Gardens.  P= James Stephen & Ellen Rodney (U).  AB p. 17

Stewart, Aaron Alexander, b 1/24/1872, bap 12/19/1872 at Mrs. Forrester's house, River View.  P= Thomas Stewart & Cecilia Stephen (U).  Sp= Rowland Hill & Jane Plunkett.  AB p. 3

Stewart, Nancy, aged about 30 years, bap 1/2/1873.  P= Andrew Stewart & Sarah Clarke (U).  Sp= Isabella Terrelonge.  AB p. 5


Taafe, Charles Wellington Theophilus, b 12/25/1873, bap 2/16/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Josiah Taafe & Catherine McClarty.  Sp= Julius Hoffman & Emelia Morrison.  AB p. 20

Taaff, Felix Nathaniel, b 10/16/1876, bap 11/12/1876. P= Richard Taaff & Georgiana Edwards (U).  Sp= Theodore Kulha [Kuhler] & Amelia Morisson.  JD p. 54

Taaffe, James Theophilus, b 8/16/1874,  bap 12/28/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Richard Taaffe & Georgiana Edwards (U).  Sp= Emily Sale & Julius Hoffman.  AB p. 34

Tanter, Melmott Theophilus, b 4/25/1874, bap 8/3/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= James Tanter & Sarah Bryan (U).  Sp= John Collins & Maryanne Barnett.  AB p. 28

Taylor, Robert Augustus, about 77 years old, bap 8/5/1874 at Chesterfield.  P= Robert Taylor & Sarah Phipps (U).  Sp= Rowland Hill.  AB p. 30

Teno__ Emily Phipps, b 2/29/1880, bap 9/7/1880.  M= Christian Richards.  JD p. 95

Terrell, Thomas Ezechiah, b 2/8/1874, bap 4/13/1874 at Mr. Erroll's house Pleasant View.  P= James Samuel Terrell & Jane Taylor (U).  Sp= Jane Erroll.  AB p. 25

Terrelonge, Antoinette Emily Susanna, b 3/4/1873, bap Easter Sunday 4/13/1873.  P= Alexander Terrelonge & Isabella his wife.  Sp= Rowland Hill & Catherine Lateaubriere.  AB p. 6

Terrelonge, Dakace Agatha, b 8/8/1879, bap 12/14/1879.  P= Joseph Terrelonge & Henrietta Wizard (U).  Sp= Peter H. & Jessy Ann Terrelonge.  JD p. 90

Terrelonge, Emmanuel Benjamin, b 12/13/1879, bap 12/15/1879.  P= Peter Terrelonge & Jane Terrelonge.  Sp= Benjamin Davis & Isabel Terrelonge.  JD p. 91

Terrelonge, Eugene Augustus, b 5/13/1877, bap 7/9/1877. P= Peter Henry Terrelonge & Jane Terrelonge.  Sp= Alexander Ximenes & Jessy Ann Terrelonge.  JD p. 61

Terrelonge, Huberta Emily, b 5/13/1877, bap 7/9/1877. P= Peter Henry Terrelonge & Jane Terrelonge.  Sp= John Terrelonge & Emma Smith.  JD p. 61

Terrelonge, James Elisha, b January 1872, bap 11/9/1873 at King's Weston.  P= James Slattery & Christiana Pinnock (U).  Sp= Adolphus Terrelonge & his wife Jane.  AB p. 16

Terrelonge, Leonora Elizabeth, b 12/7/1874, bap 2/17/1875.  P= John Henry Terrelonge & Ellen Mason (U).  Sp= William Terrelonge & Virginia Terrelonge.  AB p. 36

Terrelonge, Mary Emily, b 3/28/1874, bap 8/2/1874.  P= Adolphus C. Terrelonge & Jane Adelaide his wife.  Sp= Alexander McCl___ & Caroline Jane Degoutes.  AB p. 27

Terrelonge, Richard Arnold, b 9/26/1874, bap 2/17/1875.  P= John Henry Terrelonge & Eleanor Brown (U).  Sp= William Terrelonge & Jessie Terrelonge.  AB p. 36

Terrelonge, Theodore Adolphus, b 4/3/1876, bap 2/12/1877.  P= Adolphus Terrelonge & Eliza Farquharson (U).  Sp= Simon Black & Caroline Black.  JD p. 57

Terrelonge, Theodore Theophilus, b 2/2/1876, bap 2/13/1876.  P= Alexander Terrelonge & Isabella Terrelonge.  Sp= Alexander McKay & Isabella Terrelonge.  JH p. 47

Thaw James Augustus McBean, b April 1874, bap 10/6/1874.  P= George James Thaw & Frances Hall (U).  Sp= Louis Casava.  AB p. 32

Thomas, Caroline Louisa, b 1/17/1877, bap 2/10/1877.  P= John Thomas & Susannah Hervland? (U).  Sp= William Treppier & Rosalie Reid.  JD p. 55

Thomas, Dorothy, b 5/19/1878, bap 5/12/1879.  P= Robert Thomas & Emilia Green (U).  Sp= Adolphus & Emily Terrelonge.  JD p. 83

Thomas, Isaiah,  bap 8/12/1879 at Fellowship Hill.  P= John Thomas & Marguerite Thomas.  Sp= G. Earl & Amelia Morisson.  JD p. 88

Thomas, John, aged about 30 years, bap 8/3/1874 at Mr. Erroll's house.  AB p. 29
Thomas, Samuel, aged 60 years, bap 12121875.  JD p. 46

Thomas, Susan, b June 1876, bap 5/12/1879.  P= Robert Thomas & Emilia Green (U).  Sp= Louis Arthur Chevolleau & Elisabeth Chevolleau.  JD p. 82

Thompson, David Augustus, b 6/13/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= Richard Thompson & Caroline Brown (U).  Sp= Dorothy Smith.  JD p. 65

Thompson, Huberta Orinta, b January 1873, bap 3/12/1874.  P= Richard Thompson & Georgiana McKenzie.  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Jessie Anne Terrelonge.  AB p. 21

Thompson, Joanna, b 3/22/1873, bap 3/19/1874.  P= Edward Thompson & Louisa Green.  Sp= Jessie Anne Terrelonge & Peter H. Terrelonge.  AB p. 22

Thompson, Luciella Jemima, b 1/9/1873, bap 8/14/1873.  P= Patrick Collwin & Gracy Drew [U].  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Rosanna Fran___ (by proxy).  AB p. 11

Thousand, Elijah Uriah, b 4/5/1872, bap 3/11/1874.  P= Robert Thousand & Sarah Harris.  Sp= William Phipps & his wife Rosa.  AB p. 21

Thousand, Joseph Timothy, b 12/22/1875, bap 10/8/1876.  P= Robert Thousand & Caroline Harris (U).  Sp= Samuel Augustus Delande & Elizabeth Black.  JD p. 53

Treppier, William, aged 3 years, bap 2/10/1877.  P= John Douglas & Charlotte Douglas.  Sp= William Treppier & Rosalie Reid.  JD p. 55

Trueman, Moses, aged about 45 years, bap 2/12/1876 near Constant Spring.  Sp= Francisco Ribera & Celate Francis.  JH p. 46

Turner, Renet Anne, b 9/13/1873, bap 12/13/1876.  P= Walter Murray Turner & Mary Williamson (U).  Sp= George Ximenes & Maria Anne Ximenes.  JH p. 47


Vincent, Nathaniel, b 7/28/1879, bap 8/10/1879.  P= Edward Vincent & Rebecca Brown (U).  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Isabel Small.  JD p. 85


Walker, Elizabeth, aged about 10 years, bap 9/23/1873 at the house of Mrs. Plunket Junction Road.  P=  Thomas Walker & Maryanne Roberts (U).  Sp= Jane Plunkett & Elizabeth Deslandes.  AB p. 15

Walker, James, bap 11/26/1872 at the shop of Isabella Forrester, River View, Junction Road,  aged 7 years 9 months.  P= James Walker & Charlotte Minott (U).  Sp= Rowland Hill.  AB p. 3

Wallace, Ezeniah Evangelist, b 4/5/1873,  bap 9/15/1873 at Mr. Kuhler's Mt. Fellowship.  P= Robert Wallace & Elizabeth Mackenzie (U).  Sp= Henry Fynne.  AB p. 13

Wallace, Stephen Emmanuel, b 7/25/1874, bap 8/5/1874 at Chesterfield.  P= Robert Wallace & Rebecca Francis (U).  Sp= Mary Marchant.  AB p. 30

Warren, Ellen Elizabeth, b Dec. 1874, bap 8/11/1878.  M= Margarita Ferguson.  Sp= William Phipps & Rosabel Phipps.   [in Latin]. TP p. 72

Watson, Ann Eliza, b 3/12/1876 at night, bap 3/13/1876.  P= Richard Watson & Rosannah Francis (U).  Sp= George Kindare & Caroline Watson.  JD p. 50

Watson, Dorsia Ursulina, b 2/26/1877, bap 8/13/1877.  P= David Watson & Catherine Watson.  Sp= Stephen Latibeaudiere & Catherine Latibeaudiere.  JD p. 62

Watson, James Solomon, b Nov., 1879, bap 12/15/1879.  P= David Watson & Catharine Watson.  Sp= Robert Coban & Isabel Small.  JD p. 91

Watson, Richard, aged about 35 years, bap 3/11/1874.  P= Thomas Watson & Eliza his wife.  Sp= Simon McDonald & Mary Anne Anderson. AB p. 21

Wess, Margiana, b 6/2/1875, bap 10/11/175.  P= Thomas Wess & Sarah Campbell (U).  Sp= Alexis Morant & Mary Ann Small.  JD p. 45

West, Jacob Lafitte, b 12/15/1877, bap 8/11/1878.  M= Joanna Johnson.  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Christiana Black.  [in Latin]. TP p. 71

West, Nancy Anne, b 3/31/1872, bap 1/2/1873.  P= John West & Diana Colborn (U).  Sp= Isabella Small & Benjamin Davis.  AB p. 4

Whisard, Josiah, b March 1874, bap 9/11/1875.  P= Samuel Whesard & Mary Spalding (U).  Sp= Edna (or Euna?) Escoffery.  JD p. 44

Wilds, Emma Celestina, b 4/20/1874, bap 5/24/1875 at Temple Hall.  P= Samuel Wilds & his wife Emilia.  Sp= Ezekiah Relly & his wife Emilia.  AB p. 39

Williams, Nathaniel Bayley of Peter's Rele___, aged about 75 years, bap 6/18/1875.  AB p. 41

Williams, Charlotte Malvina, b 7/7/1878, bap 3/14/1879.  P= James Williams & Nonicia? Oakley (U).  Sp= Stephen & Charlotte Latibaudiere.  JD p. 80

Williams, Edwards, aged 8 years, bap 4/10/1876.  P= Edward Williams & Clementina Lindner (U).  Sp= James Marshall & Caroline Watson.  JD p. 51

Williams, Isabella, b 5/22/1877, bap 2/10/1878.  P= Edward Williams & Isabel Williams.  Sp= Poncho Baldet & Eliza R___.  JD p. 65

Williams, Marguerite Elizabeth, b 12/23/1878, bap 8/11/1879.  P= Samuel Jaques & Mary Ann A___ [blot] (U). Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Maria Edwards.  JD p. 86

Williamson, Sophia, aged 30 years, bap 8/10/1879.  JD p. 86

Winter, Rosanna Alberta, b 4/13/1874, bap 8/3/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  P= Francis Winter & Elizabeth Grant (U).  Sp= Emilia Sale.  AB p. 28

Wizard, Amelia Eliza, aged 16 months, bap 6/12/1877.  P= Francis Wizard & Jane Lee (U).  Sp= John Lafitte & Elizabeth Lafitte.  JD p. 59

Wizard, Ezekiah, b 7/18/1878, bap 4/12/1880.  M= Harriet Moslem.  Sp= Peter Terrelonge &  Amelia McGibbon.  JM p. 94

Wizard, John, bap 11/25/1873 [should be 1872], aged about 22 years.  P= Allen Wizard & Angelina Wizard.  Sp= Alexander Terrelonge & Isabella Terrelonge.  AB p. 2

Wizard, Samuel Ezekiah, aged 16 months, bap 6/12/1877. P= Samuel Wizard & Sarah Aukley (U).  Sp= John Lafitte & Elizabeth Lafitte.  JD p. 59

Wood, Daniel Hart, b 6/19/1876, bap 10/9/1876.  P= Joseph Wood & Ermina Wood.  Sp= Samuel Richard & Elizabeth Lindo.  JD p. 53

Wood, James Michael, b 5/20/1873, bap 9/17/1873.  P= Joseph Wood & Armenia his wife.  Sp= Thomas Helmsley & Jessie his wife.  AB p. 14

Wray, Original Phillips Pierre, b 5/15/1879, bap 8/12/1879 at Fellowship Hill.  P= David Augustus Wray & Esther Smith (U).  Sp= Samuel Tailor [Taylor?] & Marguerite Tyrell.  JD p. 87

Wright, Christiana Rebecca, b 5/10/1878, bap 8/11/1879.  P= William Wright & Elizabeth Aitkin (U).  Sp= Adolphus & Amelia Terrelonge.  JD p. 86

Wright, Eleanor, b 6/12/1863, bap 1/3/1873.  P= Richard Wright & Louisa Levington? (U)  Sp= John Henry Terrelonge & Isabelle Terrelonge.  AB p. 5


Ximenes, Agnes Caroline, b 2/11/1875, bap 7/4/1875 at Kings Weston.  P= Alexander Ximenes & his wife Ellen.  Sp= Peter Terrelonge & Mary Anne Cushnie Ximenes.  JD p. 40

Ximenes, Joseph Stephen, b 3/30/1875, bap 4/2/1875 at Cassava Ri___ [Ridge?].  P= George Ximenes & his wife Ellen.  AB p. 37

Ximenes, Josephine Georgiana, b 11/14/1879, bap 2/8/1880.  P= George Ximenes & Ellen Ximenes.  Sp= Peter Latibaudiere & Mary Ann Ximenes.  JD p. 91

Ximenes, Mary Ann Evangelina, b 7/10/1877, bap 10/14/1877.  P= George Ximenes & Ellen Ximenes.  Sp= Joseph Stephen Latibaudiere & Catherine Latibaudiere.  JD p. 64

Ximenez, Alfred, b 4/5/1877, bap 5/13/1877.  P= Alexander Ximenez & Elena Ximenez.  Sp= Elizabeth Elena. ML 58


Yates, Catherine Diamond, aged about 35 years, bap 4/13/1874 at Mt. Fellowship.  Sp= Mary Marchant.  AB p. 24

Young, Alexander Nathaniel Wilson, b 2/10/1873, bap 4/14/1873 in the RC church at Mr. Kuhler's Mount Fellowship.  P= John Wilson Young & Diana Williams (U).  Sp= Emilia Till & Theodore Kuhler.  AB p. 7



Black, Alfred, m Isabella Delandes 9/18/1873.  Wit: --- Nugent & Elizabeth Delandes.  AB p. 2 #5

Black, Simeon N., m Dorothy Harris 10/12/1885.  Wit: Edward Kirkland & Charlotte Kirkland.  VS p. 8

Brown, Henry, m Sarah Ann Brown 2/11/1877, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: Francis Grant, Mary Ann Grant, Olivia Verley, & John Farquharson.  JD p. 5


Carroll, James, m Adelaide Caroline Chevolleau, 8/12?/1879, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: Henry Arthur Chevolleau, Amelia Terrelonge, Adolphus Terrelonge, & Louis Arthur Chevolleau.  JD p. 6

Chevolleau, Louis Arthur, m Elizabeth de Souza 5/12/1879, both of St. Andrew.  Wit: John Thomas Latibaudiere, Louisa Black, Thomas Sutherland, Charles White & Richard Black.  JD p. 5

Colburn, Robert, m Catherine Green 5/6/1873.  Wit: Benjamin Davis & Maryanne his wife.  AB p. 1 #2

Crawford, Edward, m Emilia Christie 8/24/1874.  Wit: Elizabeth Diamond & Francis Campbell.  AB p. 3


deSouza, Arnold, m Georgianna Harris 12/29/1885.  Wit: Peter Latibeaudiere.  VS p. 8

Donland, Alexander, m Clementina Dakers 12/16/1879, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: Peter H. Terrelonge, Isabel Small, Alexander Morant.  The children before marriage are Damas, James, Emmanuel, Joseph Nathaniel Stephen & Charlotte Rebecca Donland.  JD p. 6

Dunn, James, m Matilda Malone 10/13/1878, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: Isabel Small, Joseph Francis, & Joseph Farquharson.  JD p. 5


Grant, Francis, m Mary Ann Brown 3/12/1876.  Wit: Benjamin Davis, Caroline Watson, & Cornelius Bell.  JD p. 4


Hill, Rowland, m Jane Plunket 5/20/1874. Wit: Lewis A. Chevollan [Chevolleau?] & Madeleine Carter.  AB p. 2 #9


Kildere, George, m Jane Lee 11/22/1885.  Wit: Alexander Morant & Caroline Watson.  VS p. 8


Lafitte, Joseph Philip, m Isabella Elizabeth Terrelonge 10/8/1873.  Wit: Robert William Murray, Cecilia Murray, Eliza Catherine Lafitte.  AB p. 2 #6

Lamb, James m Sarah Allen 11/7/1872.  Wit: Alexander Terrelonge & Anne Sadler, p. 1 #4


Maillard, Charles, m Sophia Williamson 8/10/1879, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: George Eslinkton, Christiana Black, James Edwards, & Maria Edwards.  JD pp. 7-8

Marshall, James, m Jane Dawson 12/25/1874.  Wit: George Nooks & Elizabeth Nooks.  AB p. 3

McMullage, Daniel, m Anne Isabelle Edwards 5/22/1873.  Wit: Thomas Hemsley & Jesse his wife.  AB p. 1 #3

Mitchell, Joseph, m Mary Ann Hay 2/10/1877, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: John Thomas, Susannah Graham, and Charles Treppier.  JD p. 5

Morant, Alexander, m Susannah Willisy 12/15/1879, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Wit: Benjamin Davis & Isabel Terrelonge.  JD p. 6


Scoburg, James, m Caroline Lewis 6/9/1874.  Wit: Rowland Hill & Elizabeth de Souza.  AB p. 3

Sosa Perez, Jose, m Mariana Benite Hernandez 8/25/1875.  Wit: Esteban Fernandez de Castro & Diego Fahardo [Fajardo?] & Raphaela Fornaris.  AB p. 4


Thomas, John, m Margaret Parke 8/3/1874.  Wit: Theodora Kuhler & Mr. Errol.  AB p. 3


Watson, Richard, m Caroline Frances 3/11/1874.  Wit: James Brown & Mary Anne Anderson.  AB p. 2 #7

Williams, Nathaniel Bayly, m Elizabeth O'Brien 6/18/1875.  Wit: Mary Jane Scott, Horatio Theop. Prendergast, & Louisa Shaw Williams.  AB p. 3

Wizard, John, m Elizabeth Dunn 11/23 (or 25)/1873.  Wit: Alexander Terrelonge & Isabel Terrelonge.  AB p. 1 #1


Ximenes, Charles Joseph, m Elvina Ximenez 2/14/1882, both of the parish of St. Andrew.  Dispensation obtained from the Revd. Thomas Porter, Vicar Apostolic, over the impediment of consanguinity of the second grade in collateral lineage.  Wit: Joseph Ximenez & Cecilia Ximenez.  ML p. 7

Ximenes, George W., m Helen Lateaubidere [Latibeaudiere] 1/22/1874.  Wit: Peter Lateaubidere, Mary Josephine Ximenes & Charles Joseph Ximenes.  AB p. 2 #8



Rickard, James Samuel, aged 6 months, buried 7/8/1883.  VS p. 10


Wilson, Elizabeth, aged 80 years 7 months, buried 11/8/1877.  JD p. 10

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