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Extracted from the 1871 Census


County: Cardiganshire, Town: Aberystruth, Civil Parish: Aberystwith

Residence: 56 Marine Terrace


Susan Thomas, widow, age 44, Annuitant, born Jamaica, WI


County/Island: Jersey, Town: St. Helier, Civil Parish: St. Helier

Residence: No 3 Batty. 12 Brig. R.A.


Abraham Thomas Allen, age 8, Scholar, born Jamaica, W.I. Son of Corp., Royal Artillery Abraham (age 35) and Amelia (age 25) - both born England. Others in family: Anne Eliza, born Nassau (age 6) and Isabel (age 4), Ernest George (age 2) - both born England.

Residence: No. 2 Prospect Terr.

George Waugh, head, age 52, Lt. Colonel, Retired List, born Jamaica. His wife Catherine, age 45, born Ireland; daughter Caroline, age 16, Scholar, born Ireland; son Charles, age 13, scholar, born Island of Malta; and daughter Catherine, age 6, scholar, born Ireland; son Henry R., age 5, scholar, born Ireland.

County/Island: Jersey, Civil Parish: St. Laurence

Marine Villa, St. Albins Rd.

A.M. Isaacson, Lodger, married, age 66, Annuitant, Born Jamaica, W.I.


County/Island: Nottinghamshire, Civil Parish: Cuckney

No Street Address

Buchan W. Wright, Head, married, age 60, Vicar of Norton Cockney, born Island of Jamaica. His wife - Sarah Wright, age 60, born Nottinghamshire, and Edwina T. Anderson, niece, age 31, unmarried, born Island of Jamaica

County/Island: Essex, Civil Parish: Great Maplestead

House of Mercy

Jean Anderson, boarder, unmarried, age 29, Sister of the House of Mercy, born Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica.

County/Island: Surrey, Ecclesiastical Parish: St. John, Civil Parish: Croydon

Addescombe Road

Elizabeth A. Aplin (Apliss?), visitor, married, age 21, born Port Royal, Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: Devon

On Board H.M.S. "Tamar"

Francis Balant --(ink block), W.R. Steward 2nd. Cl., single, age 24, born Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: Dorset, Civil Parish: Wimborne Minster

75 East Bart.(?)

Sarah Ball, domestic servant/nurse, single, age 21, born Jamaica.

County/Island: Sussex, Civil Parish: St. Mary Magdalene, Town of Hastings

#3 Villa Road

Anne E. Barkley, widow, age 75, "Independent fortune", born: Jamaica, W. Indies (Br. Subject). There is a parlour maid and a cook living with her.


County/Island: London, Ecclesiastical Parish: St. Andrew, Civil Parish: Islington St. Mary

70 Oxford Road

William A. Beever, married, age 57, Mechanical Engineer (unemployed), born Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Living with his is his wife Harriet, age 56, born St. Pancras, Middlesex, and their two children - Ada - age 23 - millinery, and Louisa, age 21 - carpet sewer. Both born St. Pancras, Middlesex.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: St. Marylebone, Ecclesiastical Parish: St. Stephen

36c Henry Street

Susan Berry, age 59, born Jamaica - wife of Thomas Berry born in England.

County/Island: Kent, Civil Parish: Ramsgate, Town: Ramsgate

14 York Terrace

George M. Blake, Boarder, single, age 20, Bank Clerk, born: Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: Surrey, Civil Parish: Cuddington, Town: Worcester

Worcester Park

Ellen E. Boxer, Pupil at the Ladies School, Worcester Park, age 17, born Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: Gloucestershire, Civil Parish: Clifton

8 Aspley Place

Florence Fraser Blaine (or Braine), visitor, single, age 26, born: Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: Paddington

115 Ledbury Road

Charlotte Broad, widow, age 66, Annuitant, born Jamaica, W.I. living with her daughter Fanny Broad, age 25, born in Falmouth, Cornwall.

County/Island: Hampshire, Civil Parish: Portsea, Town: Portsea

55 Princely Street

Alexander Broadbelt, married, age 59, Naval Lieutenant (unsure), born Kingston area, Jamaica, W.I. living with his wife Mary Ann Broadbelt, age 67, born Portsea.

County/Island: Royal Navy, Civil Parish: Royal Navy, Town: At Sea

On board H.M.S. "Niobe"

Robert Bryant, Warrant Officer's Cook, single, age 30, born: Falmouth, Jamaica, West Indies.

County/Island: Gloucestershire, Civil Parish: Clifton

Hallswell Villa Willington Park

Charlotte H. Chamberlayne, daughter, age 9, born, Jamaica, W.I. living with her father William John Chamberlayne, age 50 - Col. Half Pay late 3. W. Indies Regiment, born in Kent, England and her mother Charlotte S. Chamberlayne, age 41, born Antigua, W.I.

County/Island: Lancashire, Civil Parish: Liverpool, Town: Liverpool

3 Surrey Street

David B. Clarke, married, age 32, Mariner, born Jamaica, W.I. with him is his wife Elizabeth - age 32 and children: William B. age 2, and Charles S. age 2 months. Wife and children born in Liverpool.

County/Island: Hampshire, Civil Parish: Portsea

Nelson House

Emma Claydon, Assistant Governess, age 25, born Jamaica, WI, (Note: This location seems to be a girls school for the Blind).

County/Island: Kent, Civil Parish: Ramsgate, Town: Ramsgate

15 Chapel Place

Isabel Coghlan, widow, age 83, widow of Naval Officer, born Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: St. Paul Covent Garden

36 Southampton St.

Leonard Coray, married, age 54, East Indian Estate Owner, born Jamaica, WI. His wife is not shown on the census, but his son Cecil Coray, age 20, no occupation, born Calcutta, East Indies is shown.

County/Island: Devon, Town: Off Drakes Island Plymouth

On board the HMS "Himalaya"

John Day, age 28, married, Cap. M. Top, born Jamaica, WI.

County/Island: Lancashire, Civil Parish: Burrow with Burrow.

Edward Mathew Fenwick, age 58, married, Barrister - not in practice, Magistrate and Landowner, born Jamaica, W.I. With his is his wife Sarah F., age 49, born Herts. St. Albans, son, Thomas F., age 28, single, Barrister at Law, born London, St. John, and daughter Mary L. F., age 21, single, born London..

There are also a butler, footman, housekeeper and lady's maid at the premises - all born in England.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: Charlton

91 Royal Artillery Cottages

There are two daughters of Jeremiah and Helen Foley (born in Ireland) who were born in Jamaica - Helen age 7 and Margaret age 6. Jeremiah's profession is shown as Gunner, Royal Artillery.

County/Island: Lancashire, - Vessel

On board the vessel "Mertola"

Frederick Hamilton, age 24, single, Steward, born Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: Kensington

64 Jennings Bldg.

George Hamilton, lodger, single, age 33, Labourer, born Jamaica, W.I.

County/Island: Worcestershire, Civil Parish: Claines

St. George Lane, Brook Cottage

Maria S. Hill, age 30, born Jamaica, WI - wife of John Hill, age 42, Sgt. Major Ap. Pensioner, born Waterford, Ireland. Living with them are five sons: John M., age 10, born Kildare, India; Tom C., age 8, born Coventry; Herbert, age 6, born Uldenshalt (?), Arthur S., age 4, born Manchester; and Oscar (?), age 3, born Langford, Ireland.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: Bromley St. Leanard

The location seems to be an Institution of some sort.

Benjamin Hinkson, age 31, single, Dock Labourer, born Jamaica, W.I

County/Island: Dorset, Civil Parish: St. James, Town: Poole

132 High Street.

Samuel J. Hornsby, age 39, married, Bank Manager, born Jamaica, WI. Living with him is his wife, Frederica, age 39, born Devon, Exeter.

County/Island: London, Civil Parish: Mile End Old Town, Town, Mile End Old Town

23 Heath Street

Ann Hutchins, age 58, married, born Jamaica, WI - wife of John Hutchins, age 59, Labourer, born Herts(?) and their children: Jane, age 26, a Machinist; Marcia, age 18, a Vest Maker, Ellen, age 16, a Machinist; and Thomas, age 24, a Gentleman's Servant. All four children born in Middlesex, England.

County/Island: Gloucestershire, Civil Parish: St. Philip and St. Jacob

14 Lamb Street

Mary Hyde, age 38, Umbrella Maker, born Cornwall, Jamaica - wife of John Hyde, age 40, Working Cutler, born Bridgenorth.

County/Island: Gloucestershire, Civil Parish: St. Mary

18 Rodney Ter.

Susan M. Knolt(or Knoll), lodger, single, age 26, Governess, born Jamaica, WI, and Fanny E. Knolt, lodger, single, age 22, Governess, born Jamaica, WI (Note the transcriber has Susan's name as "Huett")

County/Island: Warsickshire, Civil Parish: Birmingham

(Actual census image is missing)

Lizzie Hyman, age 16, daughter (Parents unknown ) born, Jamaica, WI

County/Island: Sussex, Civil Parish: Hove

11 Upper Brunswick Place

Isabell Isaacs, age 15, Scholar, born Jamaica. Fanny Isaacs, age 13, born Jamaica. Blanche Isaacs, age 12, born Jamaica - all boarding with Sarah Kerns - a School Proprietress.



1871 census for Scotland

Parliamentary Burgh: Edinburgh

Civil parish: St Cuthberts

Household: 12 Rutland Square

Thomas L Roxburgh, boarder, unmarried, age 18, student, birthplace Jamaica

Adam Roxburgh, boarder, unmarried, age 16, scholar, birthplace Jamaica

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