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Households with persons born in Jamaica

Parish of St. Andrews

Census No HO107/1953

Folio, Page, Entry, Name, Relationship, Status, Age, Occupation, Birthplace


F87, P4, E330, Sarah Aspinall, Head,,U, 58, Fundholder, Jamaica Kingston

____________Elizabeth Aspinall, Sister, U, 55, Fundholder, Jamaica Kingston

____________Eliza Bartlett, Servant, U, 28, Cook, Gloucestershire

____________Ann Glassworthy, Servant, U, 25, Housemaid, Devon


F88, P5, E342, Ann Gordon, Head, Widow, 53, Jamaica

____________Isabella Gordon, Daughter, U, 17, Jamaica

____________Emma Canningford, Servant, U, 23, Gloucestershire


F95, P5, E17, Elizabeth Henderson , Head, Widow, 77, Fundholder, Jamaica Montego Bay

____________Lidney M. Anderson, Sister, U, 73, Fundholder, Jamaica Montego Bay

____________Hannah Allen, Servant, U, 15, Worcestershire


F97, P9, E32, Jane Amos, Wife, M, 39, Linen Drapers Wife, Gloucestershire

____________Emily Amos, Daughter, U, 20, Milliner, Gloucestershire

____________Frances Amos, Daughter, U, 18, Bristol

____________Mary Amos, Daughter, U, 15, Bristol

____________Frederick Amos, Son, 9, Scholar, Bristol

____________William Amos, Son, 7, Scholar, Bristol

____________Clara Amos, Daughter, 4, Bristol

____________Martha Delaroche, Lodger, Widow, 84, Fundholder, Marshfield

____________Mary A. Coote, Lodger, Widow, 58, Annuitant, Carisbrook Jamaica, British Subject

____________Elizabeth Fewster, Visitor, U, 44, Annuitant, Thornbury Gloucestershire

____________Elizabeth Turner, Servant, Widow, 60, Servant, Gloucestershire

____________Eliza Organ, Servant, M, 51, Charwoman, Bristol


F97, P10, E34, John Titley, Head, M, 42, Independent Minister, Bath Somerset

____________Elizabeth Titley, Wife, M, 55, Jamaica Kingston

____________Charlotte Sellick, Servant, U, 18, Domestic Companion, Somerset

____________Mary A. Urch, Servant, U, 19, General Servant, Somerset


F107, P30, E110, William G. Read, Head, Widower, 63, Coach Trimmer, Forfar Scotland

____________Mary A. Read, Daughter, U, 32, Housekeeper, Somerset

____________George Read, Son, U, 15, Scholar, Bristol

____________Sarah Read, Daughter, U, 13, Scholar, Bristol

____________William Read, Nephew, 14, Scholar, Jamaica St Thomas

From Index to 1851 Census

Name, Age, Occupation, Place of Birth

From St James parish

WILLIAMS, Rosabella, 14, Pupil, Jamaica
___________Elizabeth, 13, Pupil, Jamaica

WARREN, Thomas, Visitor, 70, Retired Wesleyan Minister, Jamaica

ABBOTT, Thomas, 44, Printer, Topsham
_________Sarah, 42, Taunton
_________Thomas, 11, Jamaica St Anns Bay
_________John, 10, Jamaica
_________William, 7, Jamaica
_________Frances, 4, Falmouth

BOWSHER, James, 40, Gentleman, Bristol
__________ Mary, 40, Jamaica

PRINCE, George, 50, Middlesex, Physician, Langley Bucks
________Eliza, 53, Jamaica
________Mariam, 19, Jamaica
________Susan, 18, Kingston, Jamaica

From Clifton parish

BROCK, William, 71, Physician, Unemployed, Jamaica, British Subject
________Anne, 62 ?, Glam: Listoorney
________Susan, 38, Jamaica
________Letitia, 28, Bristol

DOUGLAS, James, 66, Lt. Gen. Army, Knight, London
__________Marianne, 51, Jamaica

HUNT, Charles, 33, Merchant, Dartmouth
_______Mary, 41, Jamaica

CLARK, Alexander, 48, Mariner, Jamaica

FOULKS, Mary, unmarried, 72, Lady, Jamaica

DRUMMOND, Sarah, Visitor, Widow, 74, Gentlewoman, Jamaica

MONTAGUE, Mary, 84, Gentlewoman, Jamaica

PITGRAVE, W., Lodger, Widow, 51, Gentlewoman, Jamaica

HOMES, Edward, 42, Commission Agent, Jamaica

LYON, Gilbert, 48, Physician, Jamaica
_______Marion, Wife, 50, Scotland
_______James, 25, Scotland
_______Mary, 22, Scotland
_______Marion, 21, Scotland
_______David, 14, Bristol

JOHNSTONE, Mary, Sister, Widow, 55, Jamaica

SILERU, Agnes, 37, Jamaica Kingston

CODD / CUDD, Martha, unmarried, 67, Money from Abroad, Bristol
_______Jane, Niece, 36, Property in Jamaica, Kingston Jamaica
_______Frances, Niece, 34, Property in Jamaica, Jamaica
HAMILTON, Duncan, Great Nephew, 15, Scholar, Jamaica St Johns

SMITH, Mary, Widow, 56, Annuitant, Jamaica
_______Harriet, 23, Jamaica

MUNT, Matthew, Widower, 63, Magistrate, Landed Proprietor, Jamaica Kingston

CUTHBERT, Ann, 73, Fund Holder, Jamaica
__________Elizabeth, 70, Fund Holder, Jamaica

SMYTH, Catherine, Widow, 75, West Indies prop, West Indies Jamaica

MCBAYNE, Agnes, 34, Gentlewoman, Daughter, Jamaica
___________Frederick, 31, Gentlewoman, Daughter, Jamaica

MARYSHEAD, Elizabeth, Lodger, Widow, 66, Annuitant, Jamaica

CRINEAN ?, James, 56, Fund Holder, Scotland
___________Frances, 54, Fund Holder, Jamaica

From St George

STONE , John, 55, Principal, Crediton
_______Lydia, 51, Marylebone Middlesex
HOLESGROVE, Thomas, Nephew, 22, Teacher, Exeter
DAVEY, William, Nephew, 20, Teacher, Colebrook Devon
_______John, Nephew, 19, Teacher, Colebrook
WATSON, John William, 16, Barbados
HAYNES, John James, 14, Barbados
HAWKESWORTH, Robert Henry, 18, Barbados
NICHOLLS, Thomas, 13, Barbados
WATSON, Robert, 12, Barbados
COOKE, Wilbert, 13, Jamaica
ROBY, John, 10, Jamaica
CHAMBERS, James, 12, Trinidad

From St Mary Redcliffe

DAVEY, Robert, 59, Master Carpenter, Jamaica

From St Michaels

GWYTHER, Richard, 41, Accountant, Bristol

________Emma, 32, Jamaica

________Emma, 11, Scholar, Bristol

________Elizabeth, 9, Bristol

Scholars - Boarding

ORGILL, Theodosia, 12, Jamaica

GRIFFITH, Eliza, 13, Jamaica

From St Nicholas

SILVER, James, Lodger, 24, Seaman, Jamaica

From St Paul

FINZEL, Conrad, 57, Sugar Refiner, Germany Frankfort

________Isabella, 58, Jamaica

________Anna Maria, 23, Bristol

DAWES, Sarah, Mother in Law, Widow, 76, Jamaica

MERRICK, Ann, Widow, 66, Lodging House Keeper, Jamaica

From St Stephens

EDWARDS, Lydia, Widow, 32, Annuitant, Jamaica

__________Catherine, Lodger, 21, Annuitant, Jamaica

EVANS, Frances, Servant, 25, Ladies Maid, Jamaica

St. Augustin, a parish near the docks

WILLIAMS, James, 61, Miller, Jamaica West Indies

POOLE, Samuel, Widower, 60, Annuitant, Liverpool
_______Esther, 29, Jamaica
_______Eleanor, 27, Jamaica
_______Lucy, 21, Jamaica
_______Rose, 19, Jamaica
_______Anna, 17, Jamaica

JAMES, William, 40, Physician, Jamaica
________Mary, 38, Fund Holder, Jamaica

BERNARD, Frances, 67, Fund Holder, Jamaica, British Subject

STEPHENS, Mary, Visitor, 50, Fund Holder, Jamaica

HALL, John, 58, Magistrate, Addington Cumberland, (Land Owner , Deputy Lieutenant, Retired Merchant)
______Charlotte, 45, Jamaica

1797 British Burial

Young, Susanna [difficult to read], late of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, a free woman of colour at 55 died at Alveston, and brought from Alveston, buried Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England.

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