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by W. A. Feurtado


Colonel Edward D'Oyley, Governor 1661
Thomas Lord Windsor Governor 1662
Sir Charles Lyttleton, Knt., Lt.-Governor 1662
Colonel Thomas Lynch, President 1664
Sir Thomas Modyford, Knt., Governor 1664
Sir Thomas Lynch, Knt., Lt.-Governor 1671
Sir Henry Morgan, Knight, Lt.-Governor 1675
John Lord Vaughan K.B., Governor 1675
Sir Henry Morgan, Knight, Lt.-Governor 1678
Charles Earl of Carlisle, Governor 1678
Sir Thomas Lynch, Knight, Governor 1682
Colonel Hender Molesworth (afterwards Baronet), Lt.-Governor 1684
Christopher, Duke of Albermarle, Governor 1687
Sir Francis Watson, President 1688
William, Earl of Inchiquin, Governor 1690
John White, Esquire, President 1690
John Bourden, Esquire, President 1692
Sir William Beeston, Knight, Lt.-Governor 1693
Major General William Selwyn, Esquire, Governor 1702
Peter Beckford, Esquire, Lt.-Governor 1702
Col. Thomas Handasyd, Esquire, Lt.-Governor 1702
Col. Thomas Handasyd, Esquire, Governor 1705
Lord Archibald Hamilton, Governor 1711
Peter Heywood Esquire, Governor 1716
Sir Nicholas Lawes, Knight, Governor 1718
Henry, Duke of Portland, Governor 1722
John Ayscough, Esquire, President 1724
Major General Robert Hunter, Governor 1728
John Ayscough, Esquire, President 1734
John Gregory, Esquire, President 1735
(Henry Cunningham, Esquire, arrived as Governor 29, Decr., 1735, and died 12 Feb., 1736.)
Edward Trelawny, Esquire, Governor 1738
Charles Knowles, Esquire (afterwards Baronet), Governor 1752
Henry Moore, Esquire (afterwards Baronet), Lt.- Governor 1756
Brig. General George Haldane, Esquire, Governor 1759
Henry Moore, Esquire, Lt.- Governor 1759
William Henry Lyttleton, Esquire, Governor 1762
Sir Roger Hope Elletson, Esquire, Lt.-Governor 1766
Sir William Trelawny, Baronet, Governor 1767
Lieut.-Colonel John Dalling (afterwards Baronet), Lt.-Governor 1771
Sir Basil Keith, Knight, Governor 1773
Major-General John Dalling, Baronet, Governor 1777
Major-Gen. Archibald Campbell K.B., Governor 1782
Brigadier-General Alured Clark, Lt.-Governor 1784
Thomas, Earl of Effingham, Governor 1790
Major-Gen.Sir Adam Williamson, Lt.-Governor 1791
Alexander, Earl of Balcarres, Lt.-Governor 1795
Lieut.-General George Nugent, Lt.-Governor 1801
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Eyre Coote, K B., K. C., Lt.-Governor 1806
William, Duke of Manchester, Governor 1808
Lieut. General Edward Morrison, Lt.-Governor 1811
William, Duke of Manchester, Governor 1813
Major-General Henry Conran, Lt.-Governor 1821
William, Duke of Manchester, Governor 1822
Major-General Sir John Keane, K. C. B., Lt.-Governor 1827
Somerset Lowry, Earl of Belmore, Governor 1829
George Cuthbert Esq., President 1830
Constantine Henry, Earl of Mulgrave, Governor 1832
George Cuthbert Esq., President 1834
Major-General Sir Amos Norcott, Lt.-Governor 1834
Howe, Peter, Marquis of Sligo, Governor 1834
Lieut. General Sir Lionel Smith, Baronet K. C. B, Governor 1836
Sir Charles, afterwards Lord Metcalfe, Governor 1839
James, Earl of Elgin, Governor 1842
Major-General Berkeley, Lt.-Governor 1846
Sir Charles Edward Grey, K.H., Governor 1846
Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B., Governor 1853
Major-General E. Wells Bell, Lt.-Governor 1856
Charles Henry Darling, Esquire, (afterwards Sir C.H.D.), Governor 1857
Edward John Eyre, Esquire, Lt.-Governor 1862
Edward John Eyre, Esquire, Governor 1864
Sir Henry Knight Storks, K.C.B., G.C.M.G., Governor 1866
Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B., Governor 1866
Major-General L. S. O'Connor, C. B., Lt.-Governor 1867
Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B., Governor 1867
Hon. E. E. Rushworth, D. C. L. C.M.G., Administrator 1870
Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B., Governor 1870
Hon. E. E. Rushworth, D. C. L. C.M.G., Administrator 1872
Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B., Governor 1873
W. A. G. Young, Esq., Administrator 1874
Sir William Grey, K.C. S. I ., Governor 1874
Hon. E. E. Rushworth, D. C. L. C.M.G., Lt.-Governor 1877
Sir Anthony Musgrave, K. C. M. G., Governor 1877
Edward Newton, Esq., C.M.G., Lt.-Governor 1879
Sir Anthony Musgrave, K. C. M. G., Governor 1880
Col. S. M. Wiseman Clarke, Administrator 1883
Major General Gamble C.B., Administrator 1883
Sir Henry Wylie Norman G.C.B., etc, etc., Governor 1883
Col. W. C. Justice C.M.G., Administrator 1888
Sir Henry Arthur Blake K.C.M.G., Governor 1889
Major General W. Black C.B., Administrator 1891
Sir Henry Arthur Blake K.C.M.G., Governor 1891
Major General H. M. Bengough C.B., Administrator 1894
Sir Henry Arthur Blake K.C.M.G., Governor 1895


General Edward D'Oyley, Governor and President 1661
Colonel Thomas Lynch, 1664
Major General James Bannister, 1671
Col. Hender Molesworth (afterwards Baronet), 1674
Sir Francis Watson Knight, 1688
John White, 1691
John Bourden, 1692
Peter Beckford, 1702
John Ayscough, 1722
John Gregory, 1735
Thomas Iredell, 1776
John Palmer, 1797
Thomas Wallen, 1798
John Scott, 1805
Nathaniel Beckford, 1806
John Lewis, 1811
George Pinnock, 1821
George Cuthbert, 1825
William Rowe, 1838
James Gayleard, 1840
John Salmon, 1856
H.E. The Governor, 1867
Dr. J. C. Phillippo, 1892
His Ex. The Governor, 1894


Robert Freeman Gent 1664
Sir Thomas Whitstones 1664
Captain Samuel Long 1671
Major Thomas Colebeck 1671
William Beeston Esq. 1677
Samuel Bernard 1686
George Nedham pro tem 1686
Roger Elletson 1688
Thomas Rives 1688
John Peake 1688
Thomas Sutton 1691
Andrew Langley 1693
James Bradshaw 1694
Thomas Sutton 1698
Andrew Langley 1701
Francis Rose 1702
Col. Andrew Langley 1702
Col. Edward Stanton 1704
Matthew Gregory 1704
Hugh Totterdell 1706
John Peeke 1706
Matthew Gregory 1706
Peter Beckford 1707
William Brodrick 1711
Samuel Vassall, pro tem 1711
Hugh Totterdell 1714
John Blair 1715
Peter Beckford 1716
William Nedham 1718
Edmund Kelly 1719
George Modd 1721
John Manley 1724
Francis Melling 1725
Thomas Beckford 1727
John Stewart 1731
William Nedham 1733
Charles Price, afterwards Sir Charles, Knt. 1745
Richard Beckford, pro tem 1747
Edward Manning 1755
Charles Price, Knight 1756
Charles Price, junr. 1763
Thomas Fearon, pro tem 1764
William Nedham 1766
Edward Long 1768
Phillip Pinnock 1768
Nicholas Bourke 1770
Charles Price 1770
Philip Pinnock 1775
Jasper Hall 1778
Samuel Williams Haughton 1778
Thomas French pro tem 1781
William Pusey, pro tem 1782
William Blake, pro tem 1787
William Blake 1793
Donald Campbell 1797
Kean Osborne 1799
Phillip Redwood 1802
James Lewis 1809
D. Finlayson 1821
Richard Barrett 1830
R. Allwood 1832
Edward Panton 1839
Samuel  Jackson Dallas 1842
Charles McLarty Morales 1849
Edward Jordon C.B. 1861
Charles Hamilton Jackson 1863


(So far as could be ascertained.)

John White  1671
Sir Thomas Modyford 1675
Col. Samuel Long 1678
Robert Noell 1688
Roger Elletson 1689
Samuel Bernard 1695
John Walters 1706
Edward Pennant died 1736
Richard Mill died 1739
William Nedham 1746
John Hudson Guy 1749
Thomas Fearon 1765
George Ellis 1765 [?]
Thomas Beach 1766
Peter Hay wood 1770
Edward Webley 1776
Richard Welch 1779
Thomas French 1780
Thomas Harrison 1790
William Jackson 1792
John Henckell 1801
John Kirby 1802
John Lewis 1808
Philip Redwood 1809
Thomas Witter Jackson 1818
William Anglin Scarlett 1824
Sir Joshua Rowe K.C.B 1832
Sir Bryan Edwards Knt. 1855
Sir John Lucie Smith K.C.M.G. 1869
Sir Adam Gib Ellis 1884
E. Northcote, Acting 1894
Sir Henry James Burford-Hancock 1895, died 25 Oct. 1895
Charles F. Lumb L.L.D. Acting 1895
E. Northcote, Acting 1896
Sir Fielding Clarke L.L.D., F.R.G.S. 1896


(So far as could be ascertained.)

Edmund Ducke Esq. 1671
Sir Richard Dereham 1688
Simon Musgrave Esq. 1691
William Brodrick Esq. 1694
Robert Hotchkyn Esq. 1704
Edmund Kelly Esq. 1719
William Monk Esq. 1724
Alexander Henderson Esq. 1732
Henry Morgan Byndloss Esq. 1754.
Gilbert Ford Esq. 1760
Edward Penny Esq. 1760
Thomas Gordon Esq. 1766
Thomas Beach
Esq. 1766
Thomas Harrison Esq. 1769
*     *     *     *
Robert Sewell 1784
George Crawford Ricketts 1796
William Ross 1803
Thomas Witter Jackson 1806
William Ross 1807
Thomas Witter Jackson 1810
William Burge 1818
Hugo James 1829
Fitz Herbert Batty 1832
Dowell O'Reilly 1833
Alexander Heslop 1857
E. A. C. Schalch 1872
G. H. Barne 1876
E. L. O'Mally 1877
H. H. Hocking 1881
Pro-tems :- S. C. Burke.
.......T. B. Oughton.
.......W. H. Jones.
Mr. Schooles  1896.


Richard Povey Esq. 1660
Thomas Freeman Esq. 1664
Lt.-Col. Robert Freeman 1671
Rowland Powell Esq. 1678
Joseph Marwell Esq. 1727
John Anthony Balaguiere Esq. 1764
John Archer Esq. 1768
Richard Lewing Esq. 1770
John Pritchard 1777
        * *
Thomas Mure 1784
William Dunlop 1785
James Jones 1793
George Atkinson 1794
Matthew Atkinson 1799
Hugh Cathcart 1806
William Cathcart 1807
Robert Robertson 1808
Edward H. Adams 1813
George Clayton 1816
William Bullock 1818
Walter George Stewart 1832
Edward Jordon 1863
William Thomas March 1869
Charles Hamilton Jackson 1872
Edward Bancroft Lynch Dep. Keeper of the Records


Thomas Lynch Esq. 1660
Robert Thornton Esq. 1671
Peter Pugh Esq. 1671
William Cheeke Esq. 1671
Edward Yeamans Esq. 1686
Thomas Waite Esq. 1688
Thomas Atcheson Esq. 1698
John Hickman Esq. 1703
Richard Rigby Esq. 1706
Polintz Byndloss Esq. 1709
Alexander Forbes Esq. 1727
David Moncrieffe Esq. 1729
Robert Delap Esq. 1750
John Cruickshanks Esq. 1759
Francis Delap Esq. 1760
Peter Ingram Esq. 1761
James Elmslie Esq. 1764
Neville Neville Esq. 1764
John Howell Esq. 1766
William Gray Esq. 1768
Lewis Knight Esq.1776.
George Cuthbert Esq.1781.
Lewis Cuthbert Esq.1789.
Alexander Alves Esq.1793.
George Cuthbert Esq. 1795.
John Cuthbert Esq.1800.
Adam Dolmage Esq.1803.
George Cuthbert Esq.1804.
Thomas Brown Esq.1807.
Hugh Fraser Esq.1809.
Angus Kennedy Esq.1821.
Anthony Davis Esq.1824.
John Augustus Sullivan Esq.1831.

Mr. Sullivan arrived in Jamaica as P.M.G. in 1831. In that year the office was filled by Joseph S. Geoghegan; and from 1832 to 1838 the office was filled by Moses Gomes Silva. Mr. Sullivan, (afterwards O'Sullivan,) continued as Prov. Mar. Genl. down to the year 1872, when the office was abolished.

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