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by W. A. Feurtado


     The Arcedecknes were of Baronial Rank in Ireland temp. Edward I and Edward II and was Summoned to Parliament as Barons by those Monarchs. Their principal seat was in the County of Kilkenny. Gortnamona was given by Cromwell to a descendant of this Kilkenny family, and passed in regular succession to Nicholas Arcedeckne Esqre., the head of his house, who devised his Estates in the Counties of Kilkenny, Galway, and Clare, to his nephew and heir-at-law Robert Burke Esqre., representative of the Ancient House of Burke of Armagh; Robert Burke, married Mary Arcedeckne and was father inter alia of Walter Arcedeckne Burke Esqre., whose only child Anne Maria, married the Hon. Lt. John Butler.
     Catherine daughter of Chaloner Arcedeckne Co., Suffolk, married 1810, Joshua 2nd, Baron Huntingfield.


Revd. James Stimley Vicar of Ormskirk, born 1768, who was provided for by Edward, 12th Earl of Derby, and became eventually the representative of Henry Stanley Esqre., 2nd, son of Sir Edward first Baronet which Henry was named in the will of the 11th Earl of Derby as heir in remainder, died a Bachelor in Jamaica, administration of whose effects was granted 1799, to Ralph Assheton, Esqre., his Cousin-German as one of his next of kin.


Sir Edward Bathurst was knighted, and created a Baronet in 1643. Lancelot, 6th, son, went to Virginia, and his descendants settled in Jamaica. John Bathurst was Member of Assembly for St. Mary in 1678, '91, and 1706, and Major Richard Bathurst was also a Member of Assembly for St. Mary in 1695, '8, 1702. Westmoreland 1709. St. James 1706. St. Thomas Vale 1722.  These were probably the descendants of Lancelot who settled in Jamaica.


Sir Joseph William Trutch K.C.M.G. ( 1889) C.M.G. (1877) son of William Trutch Esqre., of Ashcott Co., Somerset by Charlotte his wife, daughter of Joseph Barnes Esqre., of Jamaica. Born 1826. Married 1855, a daughter of Lewis Hyde Esqre., of New York.


William Burge, Esqre., Attorney General of Jamaica, married Margaret Ann Forbes, a descendant of the Revd. Archibald Alison Ancestor of Sir Archibald Alison present Baronet. ( 1887 )


     Francis, first son of Robert Dash wood of Vellow Wood, was Postmaster General of Jamaica, died 1793.
     John-de-Courcy, R.N. 2nd, son of Sir Charle, 5th. of Robert Dashwood, married in 1839, Henrietta Willoughby daughter of S. G. Barrett Esqre., of Jamaica.


     Thomas 2nd, Earl of Effingham, marrried in 1744, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Beckford Esqre., Speaker of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, and sister of William Beckford of Fonthill, Lord Mayor and M.P. for London.  This Lady afterwards married Field Marchal Sir George Howard K.B.
     Thomas, 3rd, Earl of Effingham, (son of Thomas 2nd, Earl) was Governor of Jamaica in 1791. He died in that year at Spanish Town, 3 weeks after the death of his wife the Countess and the expense of their funerals was defrayed by the Government of Jamaica at the sum of nearly £8,000.
     Both the Earl and the Countess were buried in a Vault, inside the Cathedral at Spanish Town; a Monument at the public expense was also erected in the Cathedral to their Memory. The Earl was also Provincial Grand Master of Freemasons in Jamaica.


Alexander 10th Duke of Hamilton and 7th Duke of Brandon K.G., F.R.S.  F.S.A., born 1767, married 1810 Susan Euphemia 2nd, daughter and co-heir of William Beckford Esqre., of Fonthill Abbey, Wilts.


Albinia, Daughter of Lord Lindsay, married Francis Beckford Esqre., son of Peter Beckford Esq. Speaker of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, died in 1754.


     Sir Simon Clarke eldest son of Philip, 2nd son of Sir Simon Clarke the 3rd, Baronet, married Mary daughter of Philip Bonny of Jamaica, and by her (who died in 1762 ) had issue.
     Simon his successor; George, of Spanish Town, Jamaica; Anne, married to John Beggs Esqre., of Jamaica.  He died in 1770, and was succeeded by his eldest son Sir Simon, who married Anne, daughter and co-heir of Philip Haughton Esqre., the great Jamaica Planter. By this lady he had 2 sons and a daughter, namely :-
  Philip Haughton, his Successor.
  Simon Haughton, 9th, Baronet.
  Catherine Haughton, married in 1801, to the Hon. William Fitzroy, brother of Lord Southampton.
  Sir Simon, 7th, Baronet, died in 1777, and was succeeded by his eldest son.
  Sir Philip Haughton, at whose decease, un-married, the title devolved upon his brother.
  Sir Simon Haughton who married 9, April 1814, Catherine, daughter of John Haughton James Esqre., of Jamaica, and by her (who died 1837) had issue, amongst whom is Sir Philip Haughton Clarke, the present Baronet, 1887.
  Mary, only daughter of Sir William Halton Baronet, married John Haughton James Esqre., of Haughton Hall in the Island of Jamaica, and had a numerous family of which the eldest son Philip Haughton James Esqre is now representative of the Haltons.  Sir William died 1823 without male issue when the Baronetcy became extinct.


Sir Archibald Grant born 1696, Advocate 1711, who represented the Co. of Aberdeen in Parliament from 1722, to 1731, married thirdly Elizabeth Clark, widow of Dr. James Callander of Jamaica by whom he had no issue.  He died in 1778, and was succeeded by his only son Sir Archibald born in 1734, who married 27th May 1755, Mary daughter of Dr. James Callander of Jamaica, by whom he had issue.


Ellen, daughter of William Carter Esqre of Troy Jamaica, married 16, June 1859, General Sir George Wade Guy Green K.C.B.


Sir Alexander Grant of Grange Hill Co. Elgin, afterwards called Dalvey, died without issue 1, August 1772, having married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Coote Esqre., of Jamaica.


The family of Dallas is of great antiquity in the Counties of Elgin and Nairn, and derived its name from the locality which was the original settlement of the clan.  James Dallas Laird of Cantray was killed at Culloden, and soon after that event some of his clan emigrated to the West Indies, and the United States of America, where they formed Establishments, to which in Memory of their Highland home and ancestry, they gave the same territorial designation.  Dallas Castle was an Estate of considerable importance in the Island of Jamaica, and the County of Dallas is an extensive district in the State of Alabama.  The American branch of this family attained great distinction in the United States. Alexander Dallas whose father settled in Jamaica was an eminent Advocate at the Bar of Philadelphia and filled high office in the cabinet of 2 successive Presidents.


The Revd. Sir George Coppell, Chaplain in Ordinary to four successive Sovereigns, married in 1804, Elizabeth Anne, daughter and heir of William Coppell Esqre. of Jamaica and by that lady (who died 1815) had an only surviving child George 4th, Baronet.


The Rt. Revd. Reginald Courtenay, Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica, 1856, to 1879, is descended from the Courtenay's, one of the most illustrious races amongst the English Nobility. The present Earl of Devon is descended from the same family.


     Charles James Sholto Douglas, 2nd son of Sir John Douglas 4th Baronet, was Collector of the Customs in Jamaica in the year 1760. Married Basillia. Daughter of James Dawes Esqre., of Rock Spring Jamaica, by whom he had issue. James Sholto a son of his, and a Major in the Army, married Sarah, daughter of said James Dawes of Rock Spring Jamaica, and had with other issue Sarah, who married in 1817, to her cousin John 6th, Marquess of Queensberry the Grand Father of the present Marquess of Queensberry.
     Sir James Dawes a General in the Army, a son of the above named James Sholto, had issue, and his 4th son Edward, Assistant Colonial Secretary of Mauritius, born 1831, married 1861, Annie, daughter of James Arbuthnot died 1869, having had one son William Montagu Lieutenant Indian S.C. married February 1891, Helen, daughter of the Revd. G. Downer Rector, Kingston, Jamaica, and had a son born 31st, Oct. 1891.


William Burnaby Esqre., created a Baron m 1767, 3rd, son of John Burnaby Esqre., of Kensington, married Margaret, widow of Timoty Donovan Esqre., of Jamaica, by whom he had a son and a daughter.  He was knighted in 1764, made Admiral of the Red, and afterwards Admiral and Commander in chief at Jamaica and Mexico.


Sir William Hardy F.S.A. Knight Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, son of Major Thomas Bartholomew Price Hardy R.A. by Frances his wife, daughter of Alexander Duffus Esqre., of Kingston. Jamaica, born 6, July 1807.


Frederick Nassau William Greaves, ( 2nd, son of Sir James Roupell Colleton) Lieutenant 2nd, West India Regiment, born 1822, for whom H.R.H. the late Duke of York, stood Sponsor, married Jane Alves Dyer of Jamaica, died 17, April 1847, leaving a daughter Gertrude Sophia Jane Plantagenet, married July 1875, to Charles William McEwan Esqre., of Chester.


Elizabeth Catherine Caroline, grand daughter of the Right Revd. Frederick Augustus Hervey 4th Earl of Bristol, married 1798, Charles Rose Ellis Esqre., a distinguished Jamaica family, who was created Baron Seaford in 1826. Baron Seaford was Grand Father of Major C. D. C. Ellis, the father of the present owner of Fort George Pen Annotto Bay.


     John Ellis descended from a family of the name, seated at Wrexham, County Denbigh, was an Officer in Venables Army, at the Conquest of Jamaica, A.D. 1655.  He was a Captain in 1685, Member of Assembly for St. Catherine, St. George, and St. Mary, from 1688 till 1706, and attained the rank of Major. By Martha his wife, who died S.T. 1698, he had four sons, and seven daughters, all baptised at St. Catherine, most of these died young. The survivors were :-
     I. John of whom hereafter.
    II. George born 26, August 1677. Member for St. George 1701, 2.
   III. Martha born 14, July 1684, married 16, Sept. 1701, Francis March, Member of the House of Assembly from 1704 to 1722.

     Major Ellis who settled on "Ellis' Caymanas," was buried at the same place as his wife, 1, Sept. 1706. His eldest son.
     JohnEllis, Esqre., was baptised at St. Cathereine's 1678, being then three years old. He was Member of the Assembly from 1701, to1709, representing St. George, St Catherine, Port Royal. Married Elizabeth Grace (bapt. 12, January 1680,) daughter of Col. George Nedham, Speaker of Assembly, and had by her, who died 1718, George, (of whom hereafter,) and other issue.
     Mr. Ellis whose Will is dated 7, Feb. 1710, died in London that year.  His son-

George Ellis, Esqre., baptised 20, Nov. 1704, was Member for Hanover from 1726, to 1733, and for Westmoreland until he was appointed Chief Justice of Jamaica 12, Feb. 1736. He married 8, Nov. 1726, Elizabeth, (bapt. 20, March 1706, died Jany. 1846,) daughter of Peter Beckford Speaker, sister of William Beckford, Lord Mayor, M.P. for the City of London, and aunt of William Beckford Esq. of Fonthill Abbey, M.P. and had issue.
     I. George, Member of Assembly for St. George 1751. Married Susanna Charlotte, daughter of Samuel Long, of Longville, Captain in Queen Caroline's Dragoons Member of Council, Custos of Clarendon, and Vere, and keeper of the King's Palace at Newmarket, County Cambridge, sister of Edward Long the Historian of Jamaica, Chief Judge of the Admiralty Court, and Katherine Maria, Lady Moore, wife of Sir Henry Moore Baronet Lt. Governor of Jamaica, and Governor of New York, and by her (who married secondly Sir David Lindsay, Baronet of Evelick ) he left at his death 1753, a posthumous son.

George of Sunning Hill Co., Berks, M.P. for Seaford a distinguished wit and antiquary Author of the "Early English Poets," "Early Metrical Romances" and other works. Married 10, Sept. 1800, Anne, daughter of Sir Peter Parker, 1st Baronet of Basingbourne, Admiral of the Fleet, and died without issue 1815.

    II. John of whom hereafter,
   III. William Beckford Member of Assembly from 1755 to 1764., representing St. Mary and St. George, married 15, Decr. 1757, Susanna Addenbrooke, and was buried at St. Catherine's 16, Decr. 1764, having had issue.
     William Beckford born 1761, Member of Assembly for Portland 1793.  Died June 1795.
     Anna Maria born 1759, lost at sea with her Uncle John Ellis 1782.
    IV. Robert Julines died under age at Eton.
    V. Bathsua Hering died unmarried 1783.

    Chief Justice Ellis who introduced the Celebrated "Guinea Grass" into Jamaica was buried at St. Catherine's, 26, March 1740. His 2nd son,

    John Ellis Esq., Member of Assembly from 1752, to 1769, representing St. Mary, St. George, and St. Catherine, was called up to the Council 1769, and was Custos of St. Mary, and St. George.  He married 13, Nov, 1754, Elizabeth daughter of John Pallmer, Chief Justice of Jamaica, and with his wife and niece, Anna Maria Ellis, was lost on his way to England, along with the Ville-de-Paris (captured from Count de Grasse, by Rodney ) and many others of the unfortunate Fleet which left Bluefields under admiral Graves, 25 July 1782.  He left two sons.

I. John of Hurlingham, Co., Middlesex, born 5, Aug. 1757.  Married 1795, Antoinette, daughter of Sir Peter Parker 1st Baronet of Bassingbourn, Admiral of the Fleet; who died Sept. 1829.  He died 18, Feb. 1832, leaving issue.
2.Charles Parker Lieut.-Col, married 5, May 1817, Juliana Maria, daughter of Christopher Parker,Vice Admiral of the Blue, eldest son of Sir Peter Parker, Baronet ; Admiral of the Fleet.
1. Elisabeth Margaret
2. Caroline
3. Antoinette.
II. Charles Rose, born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, 19, Dec. 1771. M.P. for Heytesbury 1793 and for Seaford, 1796 to 1826.  Created Lord Seaford by Patent dated 15, July 1826. Married 1798, Elizabeth, daughter of John Lord Hervey son of Rt. Revd. F. A. Hervey 4th Earl of Bristol upon whom, in 1799, the exclusive right to the Barony of Howard de Walden devolved.

Charles David Cunningham Ellis, (a grandson of Charles Rose Ellis,) Major 60th Rifles, born 1833, married 1857, Emily, daughter of Sir Guy Campbell, Baronet. C.B. issue.

Augustus Frederick Guy proprietor of Fort George Pen Annotto Bay, Jamaica, born 1868.

Mary Pamela, married 1889, Col. D. M. Holme, Horse Guards, etc., etc.


John, 5th Viscount, born 1740, married 1767, Bridget, daughter of Commodore Arthur Forrest, who died, commander in Chief on the Jamaica station, by whom (who died in 1823) he had issue.


Sir Robert Dunbar 5th son of David, 5th of Sir Alexander Dunbar, married in 1801, Elizabeth Margaret, daughter of William Fyfe Esqre., M.D. of Jamaica, and had issue.


Alan Gardner (4th son of William Gardner Esq., Lt.-Col. of 11th Regiment of Dragoons) who in 1785, was Commodore in Jamaica, afterwards made Admiral, and created a Baron in 1802, married Susannah Hyde only daughter and sole heir of Francis Gale Esqre., of Liguanea in Jamaica, and had several children, and grand children.


     Robert, 4th son of Horatia; created 1756, Baron Walpole of Wolterton, (brother of Sir Robert Walpole, the Celebrated Prime Minister of England,) married in 1780; Diana, daughter of Walter Grossett Esqre. Charles Walpole Grossett Esq., died 1852, aged 25 years, and was buried in the Church yard of the parish Church Kingston.
     He was the youngest son of John Rock Grossett, Custos of St. George, by his second wife, a cousin, named Decantries of Paris.
     Walter Grossett was a brother of John Rock Grossett  who was the grandfather of Mr. C. H. S. Grossett now of Port Antonio, Jamaica.


The Halls of Jamaica, were a reputed branch of the Halls of Greatford Hall, Lincolnshire, a family of great antiquity and high confederation, who were themselves a scion of the Fitzwilliams of Clixby, of the same lineage as Earl Fitzwilliam.  William Hall, Esq., born in Lincolnshire, youngest son of Edmund Hall, Esq., of Greatford Hall, by Anne his wife, daughter of John Elmers, Esq., of Swinford.  He held first the appointment of British Consul at Bilboa in Spain, and subsequently in 1687, accompanied to Jamaica as Secretary, Christopher Monk, Duke of Albemarle, Governor of the Island. He married July 26, 1688, Elizabeth, daughter of William Wyatt, Esq., (lineally descended from the Sir Thomas Wyatt, of. Allington Castle, the poet of the time of Henry VIII.) by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Councillor Edward Heylin; and left at his decease, Sept. 18,1699, an only son, James Hall, Esq., of Hyde Hall, Jamaica, who married Elizabeth, sister of Colonel John Cossley, Aide-de-camp to the Duke of Cumberland at the battles of Fontenoy and Culloden.  His 2nd son Cossley Hall, Esq., married secondly Elizabeth Bromley elder daughter of Thomas Rose Esq., of Jamaica, and by her had Thomas James his successor, and two daughters, the elder of whom Anne Rose, married William Green Esq., and secondly J. Somerville Wood, Esq., by the former, this lady had an only daughter, Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Harrington, and mother of the 6th Earl of Harrington.


William, of Jamaica, fifth son of Thomas Hay, of Alderston and Hermiston, born 1625, 2nd son of Sir John Hay of Barra, Lord Clerk Register.
William died in Jamaica 1753, leaving a son named William then a minor.


John Jackson of Jamaica, (descended from Robert Jackson of Carlisle, Co., Cumberland, and whose father- Robert Jackson-a Major in the Army under General Wolf during the American War, died 1756,) married Hannah, daughter of Nathaniel Coverly, and had 3 daughters and 4 sons, of whom Samuel, of Clarendon, Jamaica, married Elizabeth Sarah King, and died at Kingston 1813, leaving issue.


William Feilden (whose family claims by tradition to be a branch of the noble stock of Denbigh) born 1772, married in 1797 to Mary Haughton, daughter of  Edmund Jackson, Esq., Member of the House of Assembly in Jamaica, and had 3 sons and 6 daughters.


Mabelle, daughter of the Hon. Charles H. Jackson, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Jamaica, Married Granville Ponsonby, 3rd son of Walter-William Brabazon 5th son of John William, 4th Earl of Bessborough or Baron Duncannon.


Henry Berners, a nephew of Sir James Laroche, (created a. Baronet in 1776; extinct. 1805,) married a daughter of John Jarratt Esq., of Jamaica. William Berners a brother of Henry, married another daughter of John Jarratt, Esq.


The Hon. Alan Ker, Judge of the Supreme Court of Jamaica, married Mary a Niece of Lord Tennyson.


Elizabeth only daughter and heir of Chief Justice Kelly of the Island of Jamaica, married in 1752, Peter 2nd Earl of Altamont Ancestor of the Marquess of Sligo, who was Governor of Jamaica in 1834, and who died 26, Jan. 1845.


Richard Legard Collector of the Customs in Jamaica and who died sine prole, was 6th son of Sir Digby Legard who was married in the year 1755, and died 1773.  Sir Digby descended from John Legard Esq., of Canton; who was created a Baron in 1660.


     Sir Alexander Charles George Leith, Lieut.-Col. of the 88th Foot, who was created a Baron in 1775, was descended from John Leith Esq., of Leith Hall. Sir Alexander died in Jamaica 3, October 1780, and was succeeded by his eldest son Sir George Alexander William K.C.B. Major General in the Army.
     The present Baronet (4th ) was born in 1833.


Frances Maria, (sister and co-heir of Matthew Gregory Lewis, better known as Monk Lewis ) married 1799, Sir Henry Lushington 2nd Baronet. Matthew, 4th son of Sir Henry, died in Jamaica 1839. She died 1862.  Cornwall Estate in the parish of Westmoreland belonged to Monk Lewis, and is still owned by the Lushingtons.


Robert Brownrigg Esq., a General Officer in the Army, a Knight Brand Cross of the Bath, created a Baronet in 1816, married Elizabeth Catherine, 5th daughter of William Lewis Esq., of Cornwall in the Island of Jamaica, who died in 1804, leaving issue.


Sir George Pocock F.R.S.M.P. created a Baron in 1821, married 1791, Charlotte 2nd daughter of Edward Long Esq., Judge Advocate of the Court of Admiralty, Jamaica, and by her had issue.


Lionel Philip Payne-Gallwey, born 7, July 1851, (3rd Son of Sir William, a Major in the Army) married 2, November 1881, Caroline Lucille, daughter of Edward B. Lynch Esq., of Spanish Town, Jamaica, died 1891, leaving Maurice Hylton Frankland, born 1889. Kathleen Lucille Evelyn Mary; Sybil Norah; and Cecily Olive.


Charles Howard created Earl of Carlisle 1661, and Governor of. Jamaica. A descendant of his Edward Henry Rear Admiral R.N. late a Naval A.D.C. to the Queen, married 1873, Sophia Caroline Lucelle, eldest daughter of Francis Robertson Lynch Esq., of Spanish Town, Jamaica, and has issue.


William Henry Lyttleton who had been elevated to the Peerage in Ireland 29, April 1726, by the title of Baron Westcote of Ballymore, County Langford, was Governor of Jamaica in 1760.


Lady Macdonald, daughter of the late Charles Graham Esq., of Williamsfield, Jamaica, married Lieut.-General Sir John Macdonald, G.C.B. 1847.


Colin MacKenzie of Jamaica, (who married Janet, daughter of Kenneth MacKenzie, 3rd Dundonnell, who died sine prole ) was descended from Sir Roderick MacKenzie, Knight of Corgeach and Tarbat, called "Tutor of Kintail" who died in 1626.


     Elias Henriques Melhado, formerly of Spanish Town, Jamaica, and a Captain in the late Royal Renfrew Militia, married Jemima Hunter 1, February 1855, grand daughter of Richard Kellett Esw., an Alderman of the City of Cork and who died in 1828, aged 95 years. Mrs. Melhado was a niece of Sir Richard Kellett, who was created a Baronet.
     The 3rd and present Baronet Sir William Kellett (now in Australia)- succeeded his cousin the 2nd Baronet, February 1886.


     Sir John Peniston Milbanke, 7th Baronet, born 1776, married 1799, Elena, youngest daughter of Julines Hering Esq., of the Island of Jamaica.
     Sir John was the grand father of Sir Peniston Milbanke the 9th and present Baronet, (1896.)
     In 1686, Julines Hering was a Member of Assembly for St. Elizabeth. His daughter Bathshua, married P. Beckford, jnr., Speaker.  It will also be seen that Chief Justice Ellis, married in 1726, a daughter of Peter Beckford the speaker, and had issue.
     IV. Robert Julines
     V. Bathsua Hering
Chief Justice Ellis' wife is said in the Peerage to have died in 1846, but this must have been intended for 1746.


This family was originally settled at Ledbury, County Hereford.  William Miles proceeded early in life to Jamaica, where in a short time he acquired sufficient opulence to enable him to return to England, and settle as a merchant at Bristol. He was father of Philip John Miles Esq., of Leigh Court, County Somerset, who was married in the year 1795. His eldest son William, was created a Baron.


Hender Molesworth Esq., who was descended from Walter de Molesworth of 1270, was sometime settled in the parish of St. Catherine, in Jamaica, and became President of the Council, and in 1684, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica &c.
Created a Baronet 19, July 1684, being the first upon whom that title was conferred by William III.


Sir Henry Floyd son of 1ST Baronet, born 1793, married 1821, eldest daughter of William Murray Esq., of Jamaica.


George Nedham Esq., of Jamaica. William Nedham Esq., Speaker of the House of Assembly and Chief Justice of Jamaica and Robert Nedham 11th Viscount Kilmorey severally descended from William de Nedham Lord of Staunton, County Chester, who lived in the year 1102.


Robert Dupre, 3rd son of Sir Robert Alexander, married 17th Sept. 1833, Eliza, youngest daughter of B. B. Nembhard Esq., of Jamaica, and died 1874, aged 72 years, leaving by her, who died 1851, an only surviving child, Caroline Charlotte, who married secondly 1878, to Leicester Hibbert Esq., of Chalfont Lodge, Bucks J. P.


Sir Molyneux Hyde Nepean was clerk to the Courts and Crown in Jamaica ; he was born in 1783, and married 1813, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of Philip Tilghman and by her had issue.
Sir Molyneux died in 1856, in England.


John Augustus O'Sullivan, born 1798, Provost Marshal General of Jamaica, was 1st son  of the Right. Hon. John O'Sullivan of Riching's Park who was second son of Benjamin O'Sullivan Esq., of Dromeragh County Cork,born 1720.


     The family of Pennant derives its descent from Tudor Trevor, Lord of Hereford and Whittington. Founder, of the tribe of Marches.
     John Pennant Esq., the immediate ancestor of the Pennants, of Penrhyn Castle, was second son of Edward Pennant Esq., of Clarendon, in Jamaica, Chief Justice of that Island, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Colonel John Moore, and grandson of Giffard Pennant Esq., the Military Officer, who went to Jamaica, and who was 2nd son of Henry Pennant Esq., of Holywell and Bagilit, grand father, Thomas Pennant, the famous Abbot of Basingwerk, was 2nd son of David Ap Tudur Pennant, and half brother of Rees Pennant, from whom descended the Pennants of Downing and Bychton, County Flint, whose male representative in the 18th Century, was Thomas Pennant, of Downing, the Naturalist and Traveller; his great grand daughter and heiress, Louisa Pennant, of Downing and Bychton, married 1846, Rudolph William Basil, Viscount Feilding, and died S.P. [without issue] 1, May 1853.  John Pennant Esq., above mentioned (the 2nd son of Edward Pennant of Clarendon) married Bonella Hodges, and had two sons, John, the elder died S.P., and Richard Pennant Esq., of Winnington and Penrhyn Castle, who was created Baron Penrhyn of the Kingdom of Ireland.  His Lordship married Anne Susannah, daughter and heir of Gen. Hugh Warburton, but died S.P. in 1808, when he was succeeded by his cousin George Hay Dawkins Esq., son of Henry Dawkins Esq., of Standlynch WiIts, by the Lady Julia his wife daughter of the Earl of Portmore, and grand son of Henry Dawkins Esq., of Jamaica, by Elizabeth his wife, 3rd daughter of Edward Pennant Esq., of Clarendon already mentioned. Mr. Dawkins who thus became of Penrhyn Castle, assumed the surname and arms of Pennant.  He married first, 23, June 1807, the Hon. Sophia Mary Maud, daughter of Cornwallis, 1st Viscount Harwarden whicn Lady died 23, January 1812; and secondly, 4, May 1814, Elizabeth, elder daughter of the late Hon.William Henry Bouverie, Uncle to the Earl of Radnor, which lady died his widow, 7, July 1859. Mr. Dawkins Pennant died 17, December 1840, leaving two daughters, his co-heirs.


William Fitzherbert, Esq., of Tissington Hall was created a Baronet 1784, married 1777, Sarah, only daughter of William Perrin, Esq., of Jamaica. The present Sir William Fitzherbert 4th Bart., owner of Perrins Estate in Vere, is a grandson of the 1st Bart.


Sir George Phillippo, Knt. ( 1882) son of Revd. J. M. Phillippo, and brother of Dr. J. C. Phillippo, born 1833. Admitted to the Jamaica Bar 1862. Chief Justice of Hong Kong.


Henry 2nd Earl of Portland was created Marquis of Titchfield and Duke of Portland 6, July 1716.  The Duke was Captain General and Governor in Jamaica, where he died 4, July 1726.


Colonel Jacques Marc 4th son of Augustine Prevost of Geneva, was commander of the British Forces in the Province of New Jersey at the Siege of Savannah ; died in the West Indies in 1770, leaving issue.


     Francis Price Esq., of Wales descended from Caradoc Vreichvras, Prince between the Wye and the Severn, came to Jamaica as a Captain in the Army, under Penn and Venables, in 1655, and settled here, after the reduction of the Island. He married Sarah Booth and left at his decease a daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Francis Rose Esq., of Rose Hall, Jamaica, and three sons, of whom Colonel Charles Price of Worthy Park, being the adopted heir of his maternal half brother, Thomas Rose Esq., (son of Col. William Rose ) became possessed, by will, of Rose Hall, in St. Thomas in the Vale, and other considerable Estates in. Jamaica.
     He (Charles) married Sarah, daughter of Philip Edmunds Esq., of Jamaica, and dying 20, May 1730, left issue.
     I. Charles who was surnamed "The Patriot" from the numerous acts of public munificence he performed for a series of years in Jamaica, his native country.
He was created a Baronet 16, January 1768.
He possessed abilities of the first order, united to great kindness of disposition, and will be long remembered by his Countrymen as a public benefactor, died in 1772, and was succeeded by his son Sir Charles 2nd Baronet, Speaker of the House of Assembly; died "sine prole" in 1788, when the Baronetcy expired.
    II. Thomas who married Miss Annie Moor but died "sine prole"
   III. John, of whom hereafter; youngest son of Colonel Charles Price, married in 1736, Margaret, 2nd daughter of John Badcock Esq., by Parthesia his wife, daughter of John Keigwin Esq., of Penzance, and left at his decease an only son, John Price Esq., of Worthy Park, born 25, June 1738, married 1764, Elizabeth Williams daughter of John Brammer Esq., of St. John's, Jamaica, and dying in 1797, left an only son.

     Rose Price Esq., born 21, November 1768. This gentleman was created a Baronet in 1815. He married in 1795, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Charles Lambert Esq., of Beau Parc County Meath, and sister of Frances wife of Charles, 2nd Earl of Talbot, and by her (who died 1826) had issue.

     Sir Charles Dutton, his second son, the 2nd Baronet, died unmarried 1872, and was succeeded by his nephew Sir Rose Lambert Price, the present Baronet 1896.


General Sir Charles Reid G.C.B.(1886) K.C.B. ( 1871) Bengal Staff Corps, son of George Reid Esq., of Jamaica, by Louisa his wife, 4th daughter of Sir Charles Oakeley Baronet, born 1819.


William 3rd son of Sir William/Robinson, 1st Baronet of Newby 1089, was Colonel of Marines D.S.P. Port Royal, Jamaica, 1741. John 5th son, Major of Marines D.8.P. Jamaica, 1742. Ancestors of Lord Ripon.


Munbee Goulburn Esq., of St. Ann in Jamaica, and of Portland Place, London, married 1782, Susannah, daughter of William 4th Viscount Chetwynd. His eldest son, the Rt. Hon. Munbee Goulburn, born 1784, P.C. 1821 M.P., married 1811, Jane, 3rd daughter of the 4th Lord Rokeby, extinct.


Sir Joshua Rowe, K.C.B., eldest son of Joshua Rowe Esq., of Torpoint House Cornwall, married 1823, eldest daughter of James Bate Esq., Called to the Bar in 1824. Appointed Chief Justice of Jamaica in 1832, retired in 1856, on a pension of £750, on the remodelling of the Judicial System.


Bartholomew Samuel, 2nd son of Sir Joshua Rowley Baronet, 1786, was Vice Admiral of the Blue, and died Commander in Chief at Jamaica 1811.


     The family of Scarlett is of Antiquity. In 1625, Benjamin Scarlett of Eastbourne, in Sussex, married Mary Kennard, of that place, and had by her a numerous family. He possessed whether by acquisition, or inheritance, lands at Eastbourne, and other places, and was seised, jointly with his wife's maternal uncle, the Revd. John Giles, Rector of Penhurst of the Manor of Haseldene, near Battle, in Sussex. Benjamin Scarlett's eldest son by his wife Mary Kennard.
     Francis Scarlett who is styled "Captain" Francis Scarlett in various public documents, acquired lands in the parish of St. Andrews, and elsewhere in Jamaica, and served as a member for St. Andrews in the first Legislative Assembly held there.  Dying without issue, he devised an estate, situated on the river Waggwater, in the parish of St. Andrews, to William Scarlett, at that time a student in the Middle Temple, the eldest son of his (the testator's) next brother, Thomas Scarlett, of Eastbourne.  This William Scarlett emigrated to Jamaica on the death of his uncle Francis, and from him lineally descended.

     Robert Scarlett Esq., of Duckett's Spring and other estates, in the parish of St. James, in Jamaica, who married Elizabeth Wright, a widow, the daughter of Philip Anglin Esq., of Paradise Estate in the same Island.
     This lady through her mother Mary, a daughter of John Lawrence, was Lineally descended from Henry Lawrence, President of Cromwell's Council, after he became protector. Henry Lawrence, the President was the descendant of a very ancient family in Huntingdonshire.  Robert Scarlett by his marriage left.
    I. Philip Anglin of Cambridge Estate, who married Sabina, daughter of Robert Bowen Esq. of Retreat Estate, but left no male issue surviving.
   II. James created Lord Abinger.
  III. Robert M.D. of Duckett's Spring Estate, who married Mary White, a grand daughter of Colin Campbell Esq., but left no male issue surviving.
   IV. William Anglin (Sir ) Knt. Chief Justice of Jamaica who married 19, July 1809 Mary, daughter of Joseph Williams Esq., of Luana Estate in the parish of St. Elizabeth in the Island of Jamaica, and died 9, October 1831, leaving by her (who died 11, October 1832) issue.


James, (5th son of Sir Thomas Gordon ) described in the Peerage as "of Jamaica" married 1779, Christiana, daughter of James Scarlett Esq. He died in 1794, having had issue by her.


Samuel Lewis Duntze, (a grand son of John Duntze of Exeter, created a Baronet in 1774,) an Officer in the 62nd Regiment of Foot, married in Jamaica, Jane, daughter of William Shaw Esq., Secretary to the Governor of Jamaica; died in 1794.


Philip Castel of Glatton, M.A , a descendant of Baron Sherard, born 1707, Rector of Swines Head, County Huntingdon, Married Sarah Haughton, daughter of Montague James Esq., of Jamaica, and had issue, of whom, Rev. Simon Haughton, married 1843, Mary Halton, 2nd daughter of Sir Simon Haughton Clark, Baron, having issue.


Sir John Simon, Knight, (1886) Sergeant at Law, with a Patent of Precedence, son of Isaac Simon, Merchant and West India Proprietor of the Island of Jamaica, by Rebecca his wife, only daughter of Jacob Orobio Feurtado, also Landed Proprietor of Jamaica, born 9, December 1818.


The Rt. Revd. Aubrey George Spencer, D.D., Bishop of Jamaica 1843, born 1795, (2nd son of Lord Charles Spencer, who was 2nd son of the 2nd Duke of Marlborough. Married 1822, daughter of John Musson Esq., Bishop Spencer's daughter Mary Shaftesburry, married in 1849, to Archdeacon Charles John Smith of Jamaica M.A. Vicar of Erith Kent, who died 1854. Bishop Spencer died in 1872, in England.


Mary Anne, eldest daughter of W. G. Stewart Esq., Island Secretary Jamaica, and widow of Colonel Sir George Barker R.A., K.C.B. married 21, June 1865 Sir Frederick Napier Broome K.C.M.G. (1884) and C.M.G. (1877.)


Eliza, daughter of Sir Henry Boynton, married Charles Swaby Esq., of Gristhorpe, County York, of Jamaica 16, July 1832.


     Sir Edward Graham, 9th Baronet, born 1, January 1820, married secondly on 3, August 1844, Adelaide Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late James Dillon Tully Esq., M.D. Deputy Inspector General of Jamaica, by whom (who died 1852) he had :-
     Robert James Stewart the present Baronet who succeeded his father 27, May 1864.


Sir Gilbert Affleck, nephew of, and who succeeded Rear Admiral Edmund Affleck (created a Baronet 28, May 1782, for gallant conduct at Rodney's Victory in 1782 ) married Mary, daughter of Thomas Clark of New York, and relict of Richard Vassal Esq., of Jamaica. Sir Gilbert died without issue in 1808, and the Baronetcy devolved upon his first cousin, Sir James Affleck, a direct descendant of whom is Sir Robert, the present (7th) Baronet.


John Barrington 2nd son of Viscount Barrington Major General in the Army and Colonel of the 8th Regiment of Foot, married Elizabeth, daughter of Florentius Vassal Esq., by Mary his wife, daughter of Colonel John Foster of the Island of Jamaica; dying in 1764, left issue, William Wildman 3rd Viscount. Richard 4th Viscount, and George 5th Viscount, &c.


Sir Godfrey Webster, 4th son of Sir Godfrey Webster, Knight, of Nelmes, County Essex, married 1786, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Richard Vassall Esq., of the Island of Jamaica (which marriage was dissolved by act of Parliament, who married subsequently in 1797, Henry Richard, Lord Holland) by whom he, Sir Godfrey, had issue.


Sir John Wedderburn of Balindean and Idvis, born1729, who was a coronet in Lord Ogilvie's Regiment at Culloden resided in Jamaica for some years after his father's death.


John Wedderburn Esq., of The Prospect, Jamaica married 1823, Helen, 4th daughter of William, 4th son of Walter Ogilvy, 5th Earl of Airlie.


Lieutenant Colonel John, (2nd son of Sir John, Baron Kilmaine, 1789,) born 1770, married 1797, Anne, daughter of John White Esq., of Jamaica and by her (who died in 1851) had issue.


Sir Richard Grant, Knight Bachelor-Ireland, created 1820. Son of Richard Grant Esq., H.M. Proctor Jamaica, born 1783, married 1846, relict of James Lambert, of Kent. Entered the Navy 1798, Captain 1828, Commander of the St. Vincent, (120 guns ) 1845.


There were other "Knights" connected with Jamaica viz:-
     Sir Jacob Adolphus, circa 1820. M.D.
     Sir Michael B. Clare, circa 1820. M.D.
     Sir Bryan Edwards, circa 1859 Chief Justice
     Sir John Lucie Smith, circa 1869 Chief Justice

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