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Church of England (Anglican) Clergy - Diocese of Jamaica

Sources are Crockford's Clerical Directory (London), [referenced by 1865 or 1885 in the left margin], and Prerogative Court of Canterbury probates [wills],  supplemented with university Alumni biographies, data form the British census, Postal Directories, Burke's Peerage, National Burial Index, 2nd. ed., etc. [referenced underneath entries].

Note: The editor of Crockford's (q.v.) in 1885 explains that a number of clergy did not return requests for information. These entries were marked with a † mark alongside each.

The term "Clerk" which appears here is the shortened version of "Clerk in Holy Orders," a generic term for ministers in the Anglican Church.

[1885] ANGELL Charles

1861 Curate at Four Paths, Jamaica (Jamaica Almanac)

ALSOP William (     - c.1706)
     Clerk, Rector of St. Catherine's, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Sep. 7th 1706  

ASKEW George Watson (1800 - c.1832)

[supplemented by] Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Nov. 16th 1832; Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p.36

Died October 27, 1831.  Monument in Kingston Cathedral, Jamaica

[1885] AUSTIN John Walton

At Chapelton, Clarendon (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] BAMPFIELD John William Lewis
1823 Jun. 23rd born, s/o Robert Westcott BAMPFIELD & Editha Augusta, of London
1823 Nov. 4th bapt. St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Westminster, Middlesex (London), England

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p.55

[1885] BANBURY Thomas

Hope Bay, Portland (Gleaner,  Nov. 22, 1872, and 1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † BARNES Christopher L.

[1885] BOWEN John Alexander

[1885] † BOYCE Walter
     Kingston, Jamaica

Arrived in Jamaica October 1, 1882 (Gleaner October 2, 1882).

[1885] BRADSHAW Francis Sand(e)s (c.1809 -     )

Chaplain to the Bishop (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] BRAINE George Taylor AKA BRAINE-HARTNELL George Taylor (1833 - 1894)

1869 Island Curate, St. Andrew (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1865] BRANFOOT Thomas Redhead (c.1813 - 1883)

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p.153

1838-1839 Stipendiary Curate in Kingston (1839 & 1840 Jamaica Almanac)
1838 Registrar and Secretary of the Commissary (1839 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] † BROOKS Venerable George B.

1869 British Stipendiary Curate, Craigton, St. Andrew (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] † BROWN John Alexander

BUNTING Anthony (     - c.1832)

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Sep. 5th 1832

CALL Richard (c.1722 - c.1772)

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Dec. 16th 1772, Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p.209

[1885] CAMPBELL John
Golden Spring, diocese Jamaica

[mark † alongside, see introduction]

CAMPBELL John (c.1810 - 1893)

1869 Rector, Black River,  St. Elizabeth (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] † CHANDLER Cornelius Rock

1855-1877 Guy's Hill (Parish Registers)

[1885] † CHANDLER James Thomas Hanover

Born Jamaica March 18, 1856 (Parish Register, New Servies VIII, p. 388)
Claremont, St. Ann (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] CLARKE Edward

Mile Gully, Manchester (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † CLARKE Henry

1869 Rector, Grange Hill, Westmoreland (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland (1870 Jamaica Almanac, 1878 Directory of Jamaica , 1891 Handbook of Jamaica)
Died August 4, 1907 in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland (Life and Times of Henry Clarke of Jamaica 1828-1907)

[1885] CLARKE Henry


[1885] COCKING Ralph Daly (c.1827 - 1910)

[1885] † COLLYMORE Joseph K.

Green Island, Hanover (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] CORK Josias

1845-1863 Curate, Clarendon; 1863-1864, Rector Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland (Parish registers)
1869 Rector, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
Died September 26, 1892 in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann (Death Registration #GA1321)

[1885] † CORNWALL Philip D. M.

Bath, Golden Grove, Mount Felix in St. Thomas (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] COURTENAY Right Rev. Reginald (1813 - 1906)

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p. 305. Burke's Peerage & Baronage

Lord Bishop of Kingston, Archdeacon of Middlesex (1870 Almanac)

[1885] † DAVIS C.H.

Rector of Lucea, Hanover (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)


[1885] † DEL RIO Julius A.G.

1869, Island Curate, Montego Bay, St. James (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

DONALDSON Colin (     - c.1837)
     Clerk in Holy Orders of St. George's, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Sep. 30th 1837

[1885] † DOUCE C.C.

Rector of Manchioneal, Portland (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † DOUET Charles F.

1869, Island Curate, Portland.  (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
Archdeacon of Surrey (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] DOWNIE John (c.1836 -    )

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p. 383, and 1881 British Census

[1885] DOWNER G.W.

[mark † alongside, see introduction]

1869 Island Curate, Four Paths, Clarendon (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
1878 Four Paths, Clarendon (1878 Jamaica Directory)
Kingston Parish Church (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

DUFF David (     - c.1814)
     Clerk, Rector of St. James in the County of Cornwall,  Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Oct. 7th 1814

[1885] † DUNBAR Richard Kirkland

1869, Island Curate, Buff Bay, Portland (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

ECCLES George (     - c.1765)
     Reverend Doctor of St. Andrew,  Jamaica
     Owned 300 acres at Mount Elizabeth, surveyed Jun. 3rd 1749.  

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated May. 15th 1765.  

[1885] † FARQUHARSON John S.

At Providence, Manchester (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

FIDLER Daniel (c.1799 - 1864)

[1885] FIDLER Daniel Robertson Williams (c.1833 - 1903)

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p.459

[1885] † FINDLAY A.

[1885] † FRASER J.T.

At Lacovia, St. Elizabeth (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

GARROW George William (c.1817 - c.1848)

Clerk [in Holy Orders] of Port Royal, Jamaica (Will)
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Feb. 17th 1848. Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p.511

GIRAUD Augustus Frederic (     - c.1837)
     Stipendiary Curate, Clerk, St. Elizabeth's parish, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Jul. 28th 1837

[1885] † GRAHAM John

[1885] † GUNN A.R.L

[1885] † HAMMETT James

[1885] † HARDING Richard

At Linstead, St. Catherine (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] HARTY Thomas

1869, Curate at Annotto Bay, Portland (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
At Port Antonio, Portland. (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] HEAVER William

Born 1855-1856 at Hammersmith, Middlesex, England (1871 British Census)
1882-1887 Curate at Port Antonio, Portland (Jamaica Handbooks)
1887-1897 Rector of Petersfield and Darliston, Westmoreland (1900 Jamaica Handbook)
Died Kingston, March 22, 1912 (Death Registration)

[1865] HIME Maurice W.

HUGHES John (     - c.1801)
     Clerk, Rector of Vere, County of Middlesex, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Feb 4th 1801

[1885] HUNT Joseph Davis

At Mocho, Clarendon (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † HUSBAND Charles T.

At Hayes, St. Peter's, etc, Clarendon (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)


[1885] ISAACS Hubert Headland (1835 - 1900)

1869 Island Curate, St. Andrew (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
Rector, Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] JAMES Alexander J.

At Morant Bay, St. Thomas (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

JEFFERSON Joseph (     - c.1827)
of Vere, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Aug. 15th 1827

[1885] † KENNEDY Richard F.

[1885] † KEY E. Bassett

At Keynsham, Manchester, etc., (1891 Handbook of Jamaica). For more, see "Falmouth Post."

[1885] † KILBURN Henry H.

At St. George's Church, Kingston (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † KING Francis L.

1869 Curate, Morant Bay (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
At Snowdon, Manchester (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] LEA Thomas

(Originally a Baptist minister in Jamaica. See "Falmouth Post" 1877).

[1885] LEWIS Isaac Davies

[1885] LINTON George C.

At Harewood, etc., St. Catherine (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] LYNCH Robert Bowen (c.1830 - 1901)

1869 Island Curate, Goshen (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] † MacCALLA William C.

At Old Harbour, St. Catherine (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † MacDERMOT Henry M. F.

1869 Yallahs, St. Thomas (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
Examining Chaplain (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † MacGREGOR Charles G.

At Montpelier, St. James (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † MacPHERSON John D.

At Yallahs, St. Thomas (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † MAIS John Leslie (1830 - 1889)

[1885] MAYHEW William (1808 - 1886)
1808 Oct. 20th, born, London, England
1808 Dec. 27th, bap. St. Martin's, Ludgate, London, England, s/o William MAYHEW & Ann


[1885] † MELVILLE Charles Julian M.

1877 Birnam Wood, Portland (Parish Registers)
1882 Morant Bay, St. Thomas (Parish Registers)
1883-1889 Trelawny (Parish Registers)
1891 Swanswick, Trelawny (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † MILLER James E.

At Stewart Town, etc., Trelawny (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] MORRIS John

MUSSON Samuel Paynter (     - c.1857)
     Doctor of Divinity (D.D.)
     Rector of St. Catherine's, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Jul. 25th 1857

[1865] NEWMAN Edward

[1885] NOBLE William

At Plains, St. Elizabeth (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] NUTTALL Right Rev. Enos, Lord Bishop of Jamaica (1842 - 1916)

At Kingston (1870 Jamaica Almanac). There is a hospital named after him in St. Andrew.

[1885] OWEN Edward

[1885] † PANTON David Brooke (1823 - 1891)

At Mandeville, Manchester (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] PARTRIDGE Charles

[1865] PINNOCK George

[1885] RAMSON John E.
1854 ordained a Deacon by the Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica
1856 ordained a Priest by the Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica
Rector of Black River, diocese Jamaica

Island Curate, Malvern, St. Elizabeth (1870 Almanac of Jamaica)
Archdeacon of Cornwall (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1865] REED William (c.1805 - 1870)

1822 Queen's College, Oxford University, Oxfordshire, England
1828 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Oxford University (q.v.)
1830 Master of Arts (M.A.), Oxford University (q.v.)
1831 Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn, London
1833 ordained a Deacon, by the Bishop of London
1834 ordained a Priest, by the Bishop of Jamaica
1834 - 1837 Chaplain, British Military, Fort Augusta, Jamaica
1836 - 1841 Chaplain to the Bishop of Jamaica and Deputy Register of the Diocese of Jamaica

1841 - 1848 Principal of the York & Ripon Diocesan Training School, England
1848 - Principal of the Training School, Carmarthen, Wales
Residence, Training College, Carmarthen, Wales
1870 Apr. 30th died

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886, p. 1184


[1885] REES-WEBBE Horatio AKA REES Horatio (1828 - 1915)
1828 Apr. 9th bap. St. Peter of Collegiate, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, s/o John WEBB & Harriet

1869 Stipendiary Curate in Duncans, Trelawny (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] ROBINSON Thomas (1818 - 1895)

[1885] ROWE David

1869 Stipendiary Curate, Malvern, St. Elizabeth (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1865] [1885] RUMSEY Lacy Henry (c.1825 -     )
1825 Apr. 12th bapt. St. Luke's, Chelsea, Middlesex (London), England, s/o Lacy RUMSEY who held the office of Clerk of Bills in the British Treasury, & Elizabeth Churchill nee SPENCER (married Apr. 23rd 1823 St. Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey)

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886

[1885] RUSHBROOKE Alfred

[1885] SALT William Featherstone (c.1838 - 1903)

[1885] SCOTLAND Horace

At Allman Town, Kingston (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

SCOTT John (     - c.1792)
     Rector, Clerk, Port Royal, County of Surrey, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated May. 14th 1792

[1885] SEDDON David

[1865] SERRES Wyndham Scott (1823 -     )

[1885] SHARPE Farrer H.

At Salt Gut, St. Mary (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
At Montego Bay, St. James (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] SHRIMPTON Samuel

At Kings and Bluefields, Westmoreland (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] SIMMS William

On the Diocesan Financial Board (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † SLOAN Joseph Ware (c. 1833 - 1893)

[supplemented by] National Burial Index, 2nd ed..

[1865] SMITH Venerable Charles John (c.1819 - 1872)

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886


[1885] † SMITH William

1869, Rector of Port Antonio, Portland (1870 Jamaica Almanac)

[1885] † SMYTH Samuel

[1885] SPENCE Patrick


[1885] STEWART Ernest Augustus M.

1869 Island Curate, Falmouth, Trelawny (1870 Jamaica Almanac)
At Falmouth, Trelawny (1891 Handbook of Jamaica)

[1885] † STEWART W.H.


[1885] TAYLOR Frederick William

[1885] † TIMMS W.

[1865] VOYSEY Charles (c.1828 -     )

[supplemented by] Alumni Oxonienses, 1715 - 1886

WARREN Thomas (     - c.1814)
     Rector, Clerk of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will dated Jan. 11th 1814

[1885] WHITFIELD Henry Wase

 [1885] WILLIAMS Charles Gascoigne Hamilton (travelling) (c.1835? - 1905)

[1885] † WILLIAMS James

[1885] WILLIAMSON William Henry

[1885] WILLIS John Thomas (c. 1820 -     )

[1885] WOOD William Joell

[1885] WOODROW John Edwin


Robert Robinson 1814-1856

From Appleby, Westmorland. Graduated from Queens College, Oxford 1838. Went to Jamaica under the auspices of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

In July 1839 he wrote from Appleby to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel pressing for confirmation of his appointment; he had already arranged a passage from Liverpool to Kingston in the ship of some friends; it was to leave in the middle of September and arrive after the rainy season.

Married a young woman called Sarah Ann Wright, unknown where. She was about 20.

In November 1839 Robert writes rather crossly from Spanish Town to the SPG to say that the ship had put to sea early and he had only just managed to catch it, and the Bishop (Lipscombe) would be too busy to ordain him before 1840 and in the meantime he was to work alongside the Rev. William Reed of Port Royal.

On 12th January 1840 Robert was ordained as a Deacon. In his letter of 2nd July he says that he is curate of Kingston. In December he was appointed Island Curate of St Thomas Ye Vale, on £390 p.a. On 6th June 1841 he was ordained a priest (he was 27). The Gentleman´s Magazine and the Carlisle Patriot say that the Bishop ordained him to the chapelry of Above Rocks.

By July 1841 he was Secretary to Bishop Lipscombe in Kingston and writing to the SPG about funding and the need for more clergy.

He was appointed Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop on 7th October 1841. In April 1842, hard-pressed for funds in the bishop´s absence, he appeals in a long letter for more clergymen (“the people are perishing for lack of knowledge’)

Bishop Lipscombe died on 4th April 1843 (acute dysentery). Robert wrote to the SPG on the 17th April with the sad news. He was having trouble with ships again (“the sudden appearance and departure of the Packet’). The new bishop was Dr. Aubrey G. Spenser.


Robert´s oldest son John Charles was born in Jamaica in 1843.

Robert Aubrey was baptised at St Michael, Bongate, Appleby in 1846 but apparently didn´t survive. Unknown where he was born.

George Lipscombe was also baptised in 1846 at the same church;  he and his brother John Charles lived with their grandfather at Bongate Mill for a time.

Robert was appointed Actuary and Registrar of Jamaica on 8 February 1844. He became Rector of Vere on 29 July 1844. He was absent from the island during 1846 until December. A later newspaper report said he “held some of the most onerous incumbencies, one of which, notoriously the most deadly in the island, twice proved almost fatal to him’.

His third son Joseph Trutch was born on 6th July 1847 and christened on 26th September by Samuel Stewart, Rector of Clarendon. The family was living at Bowington Park. At the time of Joseph´s birth, the two oldest boys were with their grandfather in Appleby, Robert´s father John, who died early the following year

Mary Harriett was born 12th March 1849 and baptised by the Right Reverend Aubrey George Spenser, Bishop of Jamaica on 16th April 1849. The family was living in the Rectory at Port Maria.

Return to England

In 1849 Robert and his family returned to England.

Annalice was baptised at St Michael´s, Bongate in January 1851.

The Jamaican records say that Robert resigned his position from the Rectory and Parish Church of St Mary on 30th June 1851. In 1851 he effected an exchange to St Mary´s, Newmarket.

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