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Excerpts from CARIBBEANA, Volume IV



Published in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1796-1799

The oldest magazine known to have been published in Jamaica is "The Columbian Magazine or Monthly Miscellany," the first number of which appeared in June, 1796. It was printed and published by William Smart of Church Street, Kingston. The last number known appeared in June, 1800. The magazine consists of a considerable number of extracts from English publications, local news and local verse. A set, fairly complete, the only copy known to exist, is in the West India Library of the Institute of Jamaica.

From it the following records of Marriages and Deaths are taken. No Births are recorded.


JUNE, 1796

MARRIED: At Kingston, Dr. Edward Carroll to Miss Elizabeth Moore

Mr. Andrew Palmes to Miss Ann Moodie; Mr. John Reid, of Clarendon, to Mrs. Catherine McDonald.

At Spanish Town, Mr. Robert James to Miss Elizabeth Rennals; Mr. James Burnett, Merchant, to the amiable Miss Sophia Parker, daughter of William Parker, Esq.

At Falmouth, Captain Kitchen, in the London trade, to Miss Mowatt.

At Bath (England), Ralph Montague, junior, Esq., to Miss Bernard, daughter of William Rhodes Bernard, Esq.

DIED: At Kingston, Dr. Arthur Broughton; John Scrogie, Esq., of St. Ann's; Captain James Goodell ; Mrs. Frances Walsh; Mrs. Johnson ; Captain Samuel Giffard of the "Caroline"; Mr. Alexander Cameron; Mr. Patrick Bain; Mr. Donald Robertson; Mrs. Charlotte Midwinter and infant daughter; Mr. Peter Denap; Mr. Moses Nunes Henriques, junior; David Alves Rebello, Esq.; Mrs. Mary Sarah Thomas; Mr. John Neat, lately arrived; Captain Wilson of the 22nd Dragoons ; Mrs. Hannah Bone; Mr. John Molloy, a midshipman of His Majesty's ship "Argonaut"; Mr. William Caldwell of Boston; and Mrs. Mary Mellor, wife of Mr. Abner Mellor.

At Spanish Town, Miss Rachael Gutteres, the infant daughter of Jacob Gutteres, Esq.; Mr. Charles O'Connor.

In St. Thomas in the East, Joseph Orr, Esq.; Doctor Tweedie.

In Liguanea, Mr. William Chamberlain, lately arrived.

At Rio Bueno, Mr. Armstrong, junior.

At Mark Cave, St. James's, Matthew Foss, Esq.

At Falmouth, Trelawny Mr. Hans Hamilton Kenny.

At Armagh, in same parish, Andrew Fowler, Esq.

At SavannalaMar, Mr. William Johnston.

In Westmoreland, Mr. Collin McDugal.

In St. Mary's, Mrs. Ann Bennett.

In St. Ann's, Doctor Peter Yule.

At Glasgow [Scotland], John Ferguson, Esq., formerly of this island.

In Clarendon, John Rome, Esq., in a very advanced age.

J U LY, 1796

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Samuel Jones to Miss Comfort Demetres; Mr. David Fortune to Miss Christian Thomson; Mr. William Fenwick to Miss Mary Cocksedge; and Le Sieur Henri Stanislaus Baron de Verteull, Lieutenant in the navy of the King of France, to the amiable Mademoiselle Elizabeth Sophia de Montagnac, daughter of the Chevalier de Montagnac.

In Spanish Town, Aaron Corca, Esq., to Miss Sarah Deleon, daughter of Abraham Deleon, Esq., and Mr. Wolfe of Kingston to Miss Gabay.

In Trelawny, D. M. Ruthven, Esq., a respectable merchant of Glasgow to Miss Virgo, daughter of James Virgo, deceased.

In Charleston, South Carolina, Jacob OEmilius Irving, Esq., of the parish of ,St. James's, to Miss Corbet.

In London, William Barnett Esq., of Arcadia, in the parish of Trelawny, to, Miss Markham, daughter of the Archbishop of York.

In Edinburgh, Francis Grant, Esq., late of this Island, to Miss Oliphant.

DIED: In Kingston, Mr. Boyle Sleigh; Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston; Mr. William Hunter, lately arrived from America; J. J. Kellennan, Esq.; Mr. Samuel Lightfoot; Mr. John Maxwell Taylor, Lieut. in the 3rd West India Regiment; Col. Lewis, lately from St. Domingo ; Mr. Noel Swiney, purser of His Majesty's ship "Swiftsure"; Mr. John Evans, shipwright; J. J. Digges Latouche, Esq.; Mr. Oliver Lockwood, an American gentleman; Lieut. Francis Hewetson of the 62nd Regiment; Mr. William Hollywell; Lieut.William Falvey; Mr. Lumley; Captain Frederick Odlum; and Mr. William Joyce.

In Spanish Town, Thomas Brudenell, Esq., captain of a troop of the 3rd or Prince of Wales' West India Regiment; Captain Colin McLean of the 3rd West India Regiment; and Lewis McLennan, Esq.; Mr. George J. Taylor, a promising youth; and Mr. Marshall.

In Port Royal, Miss Dean, the amiable daughter of James Dean, Esq.; and Brigadier General Howe, lately from St. Domingo.

In Falmouth, Mr. Weir, carpenter; Captain Stephen Richards of the American brig "Success"; Mr. Robert Knighton, supervisor of the Work House; and. Mr. George Carruthers.

At Duncan's, Mr. George Elmes.

In Clarendon, Rowland Smith, Esq.; Mr. James Austin.

In Montego Bay, Mr. William King.

In St. James's, William Fowle, Esq.

In Westmoreland, at the Farm, Harry Yonge, Esq., after a residence of thirty years, generally esteemed for his amiable qualities; and Hugh Wilson, Esq., Surveyor.

At Cape Nicholas Mole, Mr. John Ward, Lieut. of Cavalry of the 3rd or Prince of Wales's West India Regiment.

In America, Mr. Barnard Clark, lately from this Island; on his passage to Newport, Captain Constantine Maclean of Montego Bay.

At Old Harbour, Mr. Muldrop.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. James Aird to Miss Sarah Warden; Mr. James Baker, of Port Royal, to Miss Dorothy Warden; Major Trevor Hull, of the 62nd regiment, to Miss Sarah Dawson, daughter of John Dawson, Esq., Comptroller of His Majesty's Customs.

In St. Andrew's, Mr. James Heriot, jun., to Miss Margaret Dallas, daughter of Mr. Peter Dallas.

DIED: In Kingston, Mr. Thomas France; Ensign Mack of the 3rd West India Regment; Mr. Augustus Manning; Mr. Robert Fell ; Lieut. Smith and Ensign Augustus Cooper of the 5th West India Regiment; Mrs. Alathea Falsey, widow of Captain Falsey, of the 3rd Irish Brigade; Doctor James Johnstone of His Majesty's ship "Undaunted"; Mrs. Elizabeth Baily, wife of Mr. Nicholas Baily; Mr. Matthew Delisser; Capt. James Maloney; Miss Smith, Milliner and Mantuamaker; Mr. Thomas Sherlock, Printer; Ensign Clarke of the 5th West India Regiment; Mr. Joseph Alexander; 31r. William Cruickshanks of Montego Bay Dr. David Rochead; Mr. Richard Casey; Ensign Henry Collingwood; J. S. Roberts, Esq., Captain of His Majesty's ship "Undaunted."

In Spanish Town, Thomas Lake, Esq.; Mr. William Worsdale; Robert Leslie, Esq.; Mrs. E. Elrington, wife of Major Francis Elrington; James Williams, Esq.

In Port Royal, Mr. Solomon David.

In St. Andrew's, Mr. R. Haliburton.

In Hanover, at Round Hill estate, Mr. Stephen Down ; at Friendship settlement, Mr. William Dent.

In St. James's, at Flower Hill, Robert Anderson, Esq., aged 79.

In Montego Bay, Charles Boswell, Esq. aged 77, fifty years of which he had resided in this island; Ensign William Byrne of the 83rd. regiment.

In Westmorland, at Achendown, Mr. James May of St. Mary's.

In Trelawny, Mr. Weatherspoon, Carpenter.

In Falmouth, Miss Grace Troop, daughter of Capt. Troop; Mr. Alexander Fairfould; Mr. James Gainer.

In London, Miss Bates of this island.

In Gullan, East Lothian, Mrs. Aitken, lately from this island.


DIED In Kingston, Mrs. Joyce McTavish, wife of Mr. Peter McTavish; Mr. Henry Roberts, son of the late Captain Roberts of His Majesty's ship "Undaunted"; Mr. Francis Moreno; Mr. Lanfler Dobson; Lieut. and Quartermaster D. Falvey and Lieut. Thomas Sutton of the 3rd Irish Brigade; Mr. Samuel Kirkpatrick; Captain W. Hussey, Lieut. Darby Mahony; Ensign Creag, Adjutant Evans, Deputy Chaplain O'Brien, and SerjeantMajor William Knight, of the 3rd Irish Brigade; Mr. John Young; Captain Pitcairn in the transport service; Ensign Remington of the 5th West India Regiment; Mr. Constant Vander Busche, son of Col. Vander Busche, late commander of Curacao; Mr. Henry Baldy; Mr. Zachary Manby ; G. Townshend Harris, Esq., Hugh Morison, Esq., of St George's ; Capt. William Ralston; Mr. Nathaniel Bailey; and David Rodriques Silva, Esq., formerly a merchant at Old Harbour, aged near 70 years, upwards of 30 of which he had resided in this Island.

In Spanish Town, Dr. Michal Dillon; Mr. James Spencer; Mr. Handyside; Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, wife of Charles Jones, Esq.; Mr. John James; Mr. Rose; Mrs. Ingram, wife of John Ingram, Esq., Montego Bay; Hon. Thomas Iredell, Esq.; aged 76, upwards of twenty years President of the Privy Council of this island.

At Port Royal, Doctor John Rooney.

In Liguanea, Mrs. Lydia F. Taafe, wife of Mr. Peter Taafe, Blacksmith; Mrs. Anne Goffe.

In Clarendon, Miss Mary Hewitt ; Doctor John Palmer.

In Hanover, in the space of 24 hours, Master Patrick Spence, son of Patrick Spence, Esq., and Mrs. Spence, his wife.

At Montego Bay, David Orobio Feurtado; Doctor John Gordon; Mr. James Riddoch; Capt. Anderson of the schooner "Mercury."

At Port Antonio, Captain Edward Kean, and Ensign Morris of the 83rd regiment.

At Black River, Mr. Francis Henry Hay, Cabinet Maker.

In St. James's, Mr. Coates, Overseer of Pantre-Pant estate; Mr. Thomas, Overseer of Oxford.

At Green Island, Thomas Monteath, Esq.

In Trelawny, Mr. Blair, Overseer of Top Hill pen; Mr. John Ellis and Miss Eleanor Ellis, son and daughter of Mr. Thomas Ellis.

In St. Mary's, Doctor Alexander; Mr. McLeod.

At Falmouth, William Virgo, Esq.

At Rhode Island [USA], Mr. Thomas Brunton, of this town, ship carpenter.

MARRIED: In Spanish Town, Mr. Abraham Quixotte Henriques to Miss Leah Gutteres, both of the Hebrew nation; William Lempriere, Esq., Surgeon to the Forces to Miss Frances Betts; Mr. John Robertson to Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Prosser, widow.

In St. Dorothy's, John Ingram, Esq., of St. George's, to Miss Kentish, daughter of the late Nathaniel Kentish, Esq.


Died: In Kingston, Mr. James Sullivan; Mrs. Mary Urquhart, wife of Mr. Robert Urquhart; Mrs. Janet Grant, mother of Doctor David Grant; Mrs. Mary Lourey, Matron of the Parish House; Mr. Dugald Campbell; James Smithy Esq. of Clarendon; Miss Ann Davis; Miss Mary Ann Tyrrell; Mr. Thomas Strupar, Printer; Mr. Elias Orobio Feurtado; Mr. David Levy, lately from London; Mr. Jacob Lyon; Mr. Elias Bisson; Captain John Palmer; Mr. John Jackson; Mr. James Fisher, Schoolmaster; and Capt. Henry Hughes.

In Spanish Town, Captain G. Pierce of the 3rd Irish Brigade; Mrs. Tonge, wife of Counsellor Tonge.

In St. Dorothy's, Mr. Alexander Grant.

In Liguanea, Mrs. Mary Philbin, wife of Rickard Philbin, Esq.

At Falmouth, William Blake Tharpe, Esq., youngest son of the Hon. John Tharp.

At Martha Brae, Alexander Alves, Esq., Deputy Marshal for Trelawny and St. James's.

At Montego Bay, Mr. Saunders Gill; Mr. Ralph Charleton; and Mr. Charles Morton.

In Portland, Dr. William Pattison.

In Vere, Mr. Daniel Rose.

In Trelawny, Mr. Archibald McDonald, Planter; Miss Sarah L. McDormon, second daughter of Mr. Matthew McDormon.

In St. Mary's, Captain Andrew Petticrew.

In St. Ann's, James Hay, Esq., and Charles Lowe, Esq.

In Westmoreland, Clement Cooke Clarke, Esq., Coroner for that Parish.

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Jacob Salom to Mrs. Sarah Cespides, relict of Mr. Isaac Cespides; Mr. Samuel Morais to Miss Pinto, daughter of Mr. Manassah Pinto, dec., and Mr. Jacob Cespides to Miss Rebecca Manassah Pereira; all of the Hebrew nation.

In Port Royal, Captain John Fishley of the brig "L'Espiegle" to Miss Mary Ann Snow.

In Liguanea, Mr. James Forsyth to Mrs. Leigh

At Falmouth, Mr. Nathaniel Hine, jun., to Miss White of Hanover.

In London, Stewart Spalding, Esq., lately from this Island, to Miss Ann Spalding, daughter of Mr. Charles Spalding, merchant, dec.


MARRIED: At Montego Bay, Samuel Thomas, Esq., of Liguanea, to Miss Davis, daughter of Mr. James Davis.

MARRIED: In the middle of September, at Walcot Church, Bath [England], Edmond Bullock, Esq., of this island, to Miss Dorothy Harrison, daughter of the late Counsellor Harrison.

DIED In Kingston, Mr. John Kelly, bricklayer; Mr. William Dallas, merchant; Mr. William Russell, wharfinger; John Stephen Roberts, Esq., Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, St. Andrew's ; Mr. Christian Fubs, tailor; Mr. Robert Bird, butcher; Mr. Gibson, retailer; Mrs. Luna Henriques; Mrs. Rebeeca Alveres; Mr. Michael Leoni, celebrated for his vocal abilities; Mr. George Kirkwood; Major William Cosby, D. A. Gen. for St. Domingo; Mr. John Stobbs; Mr. William Testard; Mr. Robert Donbavand, cooper; Capt. Nicholas Thomson; Mr. John Townsley; Mr. David Mackie; Mr. John Oxton; Mr. Peter McLachlan, tailor; Miss Catherine Wynhall; Mr. Joseph Hands; Lieut. Coombs of the 63rd Regiment; Mr. Holden of the house of Messrs. Savage & Holden; Mr. George Bartlett; Mrs. Leah Pereira Mendes.

In Liguanea, John Mulhall; Esq.; Mrs. Empty, wife of Mr. Henry Empty.

In Spanish Town, Mrs. Taylor, wife of George Elliot Taylor, Esq.; Mr. Thomas F. Holl, printer; Richard Goodman, Esq., merchant; Mr. John Hooper, butcher.

At Port Royal, Mr. John Ridley.

In Westmorland, Dr. David Home.

In St. John's, at Water Mount Estate, Mr. George Grant.

At St. Ann's Bay, Mrs. Newby, wife of James Newby, Esq.

In Vere, at Salt River New Wharf, Mr. William Leonard.

At Port Morant, Captain Allen of the Sloop "Minerva."

At Montego Bay, Mr. B. R. Bradley, tavernkeeper; and on his passage to England in the "Jamaica," Sherry, Walter Adam, Esq., merchant of the same place; Mr. Robert Farris.

In St. James's, Benjamin John Lawrence, Esq., and Miss Mary Hind Lawrence, his eldest daughter; at Kensington, Robert Fowler, Esq.

At Martha Brae, Mrs. Ann Pryce, wife of Mr. Thomas Pryce.

In Trelawny, Mr. Giliard R. Spencer, overseer of Orange Grove; at Wales' estate, Mr. Joseph Young; at Hyde Hall, Mr. Richard Colly, mason; at the Rock, Mrs. J. Shepherd, wife of Mr. Samuel Shepherd, ship carpenter; Masters Lewis and Alexander McDormon and Miss Agnes McDormon, sons and daughter of Mr. Matthew McDormon; at Holland estate, Mr. Walter Scott, overseer; at Twickenham, Miss Margaret Giles.

At Falmouth, William Grove Hancorne, Esq., Attorney at Law.

In Hanover, Mr. John Marr.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Thomas Panps, Esq., to Miss Mary Maria Paxton; Capt. John Bristow to Miss Sarah Jordon.

In Spanish Town, Thomas Rosseter, Esq., of this town, to the amiable Miss Elizabeth Sophia Jones, daughter of Charles Jones, Esq., of St. Thomas in the Vale.

In St. James's, Mr. Samuel Evans to Miss Linton.

At Bathwick (England), Samuel Delpratt, Esq., of this island, to Miss Ross, eldest daughter of William Ross, Esq, of Richmond, in the parish of St. Mary's.

DIED In Kingston, Mr. Alexander Dawson; Mr. George Dewar; Capt. George Greig; Mr. James Gale Phillips; Mr. Robert Craxford, Carpenter, late of the Northside ; Master John Fox, infant son of Mr. Isaac Fox; Master Robert Rose Nembhard, infant son of B. B. Nembhard, Esq., Mr. Elias Elias Levy, late deliverer of the magazine in this town.

In Spanish Town, Jacob Gutteres, Esq., much esteemed among a wide circle of respectable friends, for his unassuming manners, cheerful disposition, and unbounded hospitality; his private charities were extensive, being enabled by an ample fortune to deal out his donations to the children of distress in a manner adequate to his best benevolent wishes; Miss Edgar; Mrs. Collings; Master Lewis Correvont, son of Captain Correvont; Master William Singer, son of Isaac Singer, Esq., Alex. Oakes McKenzie, Esq., eldest son of Arthur McKenzie, Esq., of Clarendon ; Mr. John Robert Humphries, mason, a most industrious and ingenious youth ; Master Thomas Bayly, son of Robert Super Bayly, Esq., and Miss Mary Lake, daughter of the late Thomas Lake, Esq., dec.

At Port Royal, Lieutenant Gubbins and Doctor Camill of the 13th Light Dragoons; Mr. William Brailsford, lately from England ; and Master George Ramsay, son of Robert Ramsay, Esq.

In St. Andrew's, Miss Catherine Maria Leigh, daughter of Thomas Leigh, Esq.

In St, Ann's, Mr. Powell ; Richard Brodie, Esq., a very old and respectable inhabitant; John James, Esq., formerly Superintendent of all the Maroons in this island.

In Trelawny Mr. John Lothian; at Maxfield estate, Mr. John Atkins, mason; at Chester estate, Mr. William Vass; at the Rock, Mr. Langston Wyatt; at Long Bay Mr. John White Dunbar; at Falmouth, Mr. George Webster, tailor.

In St. Mary's, at Palmetto Grove, Alex. Wright, Esq., William Leigh Symes, Esq.

In Hanover, Mr. William Turnbull (of Montego Bav), Tailor.

In St. Elizabeth's, Samuel Whitehorne, Esq., of Spanish Town.

At Montego Bay, Mr. A. Smart; Mr. Robert Melvin; Mr. Dan. Pierce, jun.

In St. James's, Miss Mary Bucknor of Hanover; at John's Hall Estate, John Rosea Goodin, Esq.

At Savanna-la-Mar, Mr. John Sangster, Surveyor.

In Manchioneal, Jasper Hall, Esq.

In Westmorland, Mr. Daniel Sidnon, mason.

In London, Alex. Williams, Esq., formerly of this town, merchant.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Captain Reuben Bernard to Miss Susannah Troutman; Capt. John Glegg to Miss Elizabeth Appleton.

In Spanish Town; Mr. William Bradford, merchant, to Miss Harriott, daughter of James Harriott, Esq., of St. David's; Mr. Jacob Soares to Miss Rachel Almeyda.

At Montego Bay, William Taylor, Esq., of the house of Messrs. Hibbert & Taylor, Kingston, to Miss Cunningham, eldest daughter of John Cunningham, Esq.

In Trelawny, at the Rock, Mr. William Bodden, mason, to Miss Jane James Parris.

DIED:In Kingston, Mr. Michal McDermot; Mr. Daniel Fisher; Mr. James Murray; Mr. Jacob. Benaim ; Capt. Rutherford, late of the ship "Punch"; Mr. Joseph Hardy; Mr. Thomas Holt; Mr. John Lyon of St. George's.

In Spanish Town, Miss Husband, second daughter of Mr. Edward. Husband of Vere; and the Hon. William Blake, Esq., Speaker of the House of Assembly, and one of the Representatives of the Parish of Westmorland; Mr. Jacob of Jacob Deleon.

At Cold Spring, in Port Royal Mountains, Matthew Wallen, Esq., Member of Assembly for Port Royal.

In St. Ann's, Mr. Benjamin Hunter.

In Clarendon, Robert Kirkwood, Esq., Surveyor.

In St. Elizabeth, Robert Peart, Esq., at Y. S. estate, Mr. James.

In Trelawny, Mr. James Marsh, Plumber; Mr. Gilbert Dickson, Carpenter.

At Rio Bueno, Mrs. Ingram, wife of Colin Ingram, Esq.; Mr. John Miller.

In St. James's, Mr. James Stewart, Bookkeeper; at Williamsfield estate, Mr. Dugald Williamson, mason.

At Montego Bay, Richard Jackson, Esq., Coroner; and on, the passage on board the " Beaufoy," Mr. Robert Reaburn, HarbourMaster of this Port.

In Westmorland, at Roaring River estate, (of the prevailing fever) Mr. George B. Fraser, mason.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Nicholas Bayley to Miss Mary Rowe; Mr. John Condon to Mrs. Grizzel McFarlane.

In Spanish Towh, Mr. George Card, acting Adjutant to the 20th Light Dragoons, to Mrs. Catherine Turner; and Richard Palmer Martin, Esq., to Miss Christian Clarke of Vere.

In St. James's Mr. Henry Herdman, Carpenter, to Miss Mary Harvey, daughter of Mr. John William Harvey, deceased; at Belmont estate, Dr. William Taylor of Falmouth to Miss Samuells.

In Great Britain in October last, William Gordon McCrae, Esq., late of this town, to Miss Margaret Murison, daughter of Mr. Andrew Murison, Writer in Edinburgh ; at Lewisham, in Kent on the 8th of November last, Sir Robert Stewart, Baronet, to Mrs. McLachlan, relict of. Alexander McLachlan, formerly of Trelawny; at Richmond, in Yorkshire, on the 9th of November last Robert Scarlett, junior, M.D., to Miss White, daughter of the late Hugh White, Esq., of St. Elizabeth's; at Peterhead, John McBean, Esq., of this island to Miss Henrietta Frazer.

In America, at New York, the 17th January, ...... Hamilton, Esq., to Miss Eliza Shakespeare of St. Elizabeth's.

DIED:In Kingston, Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Robertson, wife of Mr. John Robertson; Captain John Hunter of the ship "Hope"; Mr. John Finlay, an old inhabitant; Mrs. Isabella Jennings, wife of Doctor M. A. Jennings; Captain Thomas Leslie of the brig "Princess of Wales"; Mr. Alexander Stevenson; Mrs. Shaw, wife of Doctor David Shaw; Mrs. Mary Rook, aged 88; and Mr. David Fraser.

In Spanish Town, H. James, Esq., M.D.; at LimeTreeGarden Penn, Mrs. Prince, wife of Thomas Prince, Esq.

At Port Royal, Captain Buchanan of the Royal Irish Artillery.

In St. Andrew's, at Clifton Hill, Richard Berry, Esq.

In Trelawney, at Dry Valley estate, Mr. Richard. Morris, Overseer of that property ; at Dundee estate, Mr. John McDowall; on her passage in the "Friendship," Mrs. Pitchford Patton, Mr. Thomas Wainwright, millwright.

In St. James's , Mr. John Campbell, overseer of Spring Vale Penn; at Montego Bay, Mr. Richard Prather; at Richmond, Mrs. Lawrence, wife of G. W. Lawrence, Esq.; at Irwin estate, Mr. J. Stephenson.

In St. Ann's, Mr. William Moull.

On her passage to New York, Mrs. Rebecca Ogilvie, wife of Mr. Walter Ogilvie of the parish of St. David.

MARCH 1797

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. DuBourg Saint Colombe to Miss Lawson; Capt. Antoine de Castellone of the "Robert" Privateer to Mrs. Muloniere; William. Ross, Esq., Lieutenant in His Majesty's Navy, to Miss Charlotte Gray, daughter of the late William Gray, Esq.; Mr. John Thompson to Miss Mary Briscoe; Mr. John Dixon to Miss Sarah Gaywell.

In St. Ann's, Mr. William Birbeck, Sadler, to Miss Polly Hodgson.

In St. Elizabeth's, Mr. James Robertson of Kingston, merchant, to Mrs. Watson, Widow.

At Newark, in the State of New Jersey, in North America, John Thomas Tenison, Esq., to Miss Mary Moore, both of Falmouth.

DIED In Spanish Town, John Fuller Brown, Esq.

In Kingston, Mr. Edmund Welsh Cullenan; Mr. Thomas Bullock; Mr. Samuel Thomas; Mrs. Bazing; John Hurrie, Esq.; Mr. William Jones; Dr. Richard Trower; Mr. John Blois, shopkeeper; Mr. Thomas White; Rupert McKay, Esq.

In Clarendon, Mrs. Catherine Fennell.

In Trelawney, at Pantre Pant estate, Mr. Edward Fletcher, overseer; on board the ship "Hamilton," Mr. John Walker, Clerk to Messrs. Leigh & Younger of Lucea; at Clifton estate, Mr. James Menzie; at Southfield estate, Mr. Philip Power, cooper.

In St. James's, at Irvine estate, Mr. Andrew Munro; at Brandon Hill, the Hon. John Palmer, Esq.

In Hanover, at Sandy Bay, Mr. William James Rusea.

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