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By Jacob A. P. M. Andrade

Published in Jamaica, 1941




(In the original and subsequent purchase of Land)

(1)  In loving memory of Abraham Moralles, who died 26th August, 1893. Aged 74 years.  He was an affectionate husband a loving brother and a generous friend. "May his soul rest in peace."

(2)  Rebecca, the beloved wife of Abraham Moralles, who died 8th August, 1871.  Aged 59 years.

(3)  Rebecca beloved wife of Robert Nunes, who departed this life on the 19th day of November, 1862, in the 41st year of her age.

(4)  Sacred to the memory of our beloved father Robert Nunes -Born at Montego Bay, Jamaica, 14th December, 1820; died at Top Hill in Trelawny, Jamaica, 31st January, 1889. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord."

(5)  Harold F. Lindo-Born 28th December, 1862; died 13th May, 1903. Aged 41 years.

(6)  Esther Lindo-Died 12th June, 1908.  Aged 81 years.

(7)  In memory of Charles Philip Delgado-Born 23rd August, 1853: died 6th March, 1904.  "Gone but not forgotten."

(8)  Sacred to the memory of Henrietta Phoebe Delgado, the beloved wife of Charles Delgado, who died June 14th, 1863. Aged 27 years.  Her memory is blessed.

(9)  Sacred to the memory of Charles Alfred, second son of Robert and Rebecca Nunes-Born 6th December, 1859; died 10th January, 1914.  Aged 55 years.  "The Lord bless thee and keep thee."

(10)  In memory of Caroline, wife of Richard Moss, who departed this life on May 8th, A.M. 5618 Aged 38 years. May her soul rest in heavenly bliss.

(11)  To the memory of Lewis Ashenheim, M.D., son of Jacob Ashenheim of Edinburgh, who departed this life on 22nd October A.M. 1858-5619.  Aged 42 years.

(12)  Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Rachael Furtado, relict of the late Jacob O. Furtado.  (The "o" in this name suggests Orbio the family from which Sir John Simon, was descended maternally).  For 60 years a resident in the town of Montego Bay.  She departed this life on the 2nd August, 1848.  Aged 84 years.

(13)  Matilda Lindo ~Died at Falmouth 4th May, 1884.  Aged 61 years.

(14)  David Lindo - Died at Falmouth 7th May, 1889.  Aged 55 years.

(15)  Lena Lindo - died at Falmouth 9th July, 1885.  Aged 91 years.

(16)  Abraham Lindo - Born at Greenwich Park Pen near Kingston, Jamaica 6th October, 1885; died at Falmouth, Jamaica 10th October, 1883.  Aged 58 years.

(17)  In memory of Henry Solomon, who departed this life on November 9, 1844 --5605, in the 18th year of his age.

(18)  In memory of Ellis H. Joseph, son of Henry H. Joseph Esqre. of Falmouth, Jamaica, who departed this life on the 16th October, 1837.  Aged 22 years. Beloved by all who knew him.

(19)  Esther Solomon, daughter of Lazarus and Rachael Solomon, who departed this life on 20th June, 18-6.  (The third figure is indistinct).  Aged 32 years.

(20)  Sacred to the memory of Lazarus Solomon, who departed this life on 21st November, 1822. Aged 80 years.  The earliest tomb so far as I have been able to trace).

(21)  Rachael Solomon, relict of the above, who died 30th August, 1838.  Aged 76 years (42 of which she resided in this town).

(22)  Rachael, daughter of David and Rachael (?) Carvalho, who departed this life on 30th August, 1838.  Aged 4 years and 3 months.

Vain is the powerof language to express
The mother's pangs, the father's deep distress.

(23)  Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Rebecca Morris, wife of Mr. H. W. Morris of this town, who departed this life on July 9,1844. Aged 30 years. Leaving a desolate husband and 3 children to mourn her irreparable loss.

She was all that heaven could send,
The best of wives, the mother and the friend.

(24)  Near the spot lies the infant daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah and Esther of H. W. and R. Morris.

(25)  Sacred to the memory of Benjamin Eugene Harris of this town, in which beloved and respected by all classes. He resided for upwards of 30 years, and deeply lamented by the whole community. Departed this life on the 14th day of June, 1848. Aged 45 years. (This tribute is erected by a few of his many sincere friends) .

(26)  Theodore Mitchell dePass, who died at Water Works Pen, Westmoreland, on 19th January, 1939, in the 85th year of his age. One of the Senior Justices of the Peace for the Parishes of Trelawny and Westmoreland. Whilst residing in St. Catherine he was given a Commission for the Parish.

(27)  Agatha deSouza- Died at Falmouth on 8th May, 1939, in her 78th year. (Daughter of the late John and Rebecca deSouza).

(28)  Ann Nunes- Died 21st May, 1884. Aged 65 years. (Daughter of Samuel Gedelia Corinaldi).

(29)  Michael Angelo Nunes (husband of No. 28) - Died 13th August, 1884. Aged 77 years.


Hunt's Bay Cemetery (St. Andrew)

which was formerly included in the old parish of Port Royal

(1)  Hebrew inscription followed by S . . A Da Bem Adventurada Sra. Da Esther Cahanet Mulher De Mosseh Cohen Henriques Que Faleceo Em 22 de Adar.  Sua Alma Goza Da Gloria.

(2)  Hebrew Inscription followed by Sepultura Do Bemaventurado Evirtuozo, Iskack To de Jacob, Aba faleceo dos 21 de Kisleu (V), Ae 5449.

(3)  Hebrew inscription followed by Debaixo de Ra laze o corpo da Virtuoza S. . .ra Donna Leah Mendez Guterres, Mulher Jahacob Mendes Gutteres Que Parrio defte a Milher Mundo em Primero de Nisan 5471, que corresponde dio de Marco 1710-11.

(4)  Hebrew inscription followed by S..A Do Bemaventurado Joseph daCosta Alvarenga que feleceo Em 7 D Sivan 5460 O Qve, Corresponde A 24 de Marco 1700. Sua Alma De Goze Gloria.  (See Liber 73 of Deeds, folio 176-T 210.

(5)  Hebrew inscription followed by S..A Do Bemaventurado Varon David Aluaves Fallecio em 9 de Kislev 5452 de La cuacion del Mundo que, Corresponde a 8 de Novembre 1692. Sua Alma Goce di Gloria. (Followed by a Masonic Emblem).

(6)  Hebrew inscription followed by S..A Do Bem Adventvrado De Moseh De Lvsena Faleceo Em 11 de Elvl 5452 Que corresponde A 21 De Agosto 1692. Sua Alma Goze Da Gloria. (Followed by a Masonic Emblem).

(7)  Hebrew inscription followed by De Bemaventurado Abraham Sueyro Falleceo em 24 de Tifry Anno 5485, que Corresponde a 21 de Outubro 1724.-S.B.A.G.D.E.G.H.

(8)  Here lieth interred the body of Mr. Moses Ferro of Port Royal merchant, who departed this life in the 65th year, 6 months and 6 days of his age, on 16th September, 1771, having been an inhabitant of the island for 45 years. Then there are four Hebrew words taken from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 19, Verse 3, the translation of which is: "And Moses went up unto God." This is followed by an epitaph in Portuguese concluding with five letters as follows: S.A.G.D.G.  There is also an inscription in English on the sides of the tombstone.

(9)  Abraham F de Iahacob Gabay, 6th Nisan 5432. "Sua Alma Goze Da Gloria. Amen."
The above dates twenty years before the earthquake which destroyed Port Royal since the difference between the Jewish and the Civil reckoning is 3760 years. Nisan corresponds with the month of April. (The oldest known tomb), as near as can be ascertained.

(10)  On the sides of the tombstone in English:  Here lieth the body of Mr. Jacob Lopez, late of the Parish of Kingston, who departed this life 22nd February, 1768.  Aged 33 years, 4 months and 12 days.  Then a passage in Hebrew taken from the Book of Genesis, chapter 32, verse 2, the translation of which is:  "And Jacob went on his way, and the Angels of God met him."  Followed by an epitaph Hebrew and five Hebrew letters which stand for "May his soul be bound up in the bond of life."  Then Sa (i.e. Sepultura) and a Spanish poem.

(11)  On the sides in English:  "Here lieth interred the body of Mr. David day of Carvalho who departed this life on the 30th day of July in the year 1733. Aged 43 years."  Then in Hebrew and in Portuguese-concluding with S.B.A.GD.G.

(12)  A child's tomb - Ango Jahacob Filbo de Ishac Touro falecen em 21 de Sebat anno 5470, De Ydade de Dous annos. The tomb which is in excellent condition is 227 years old. The child's age 2.

(13)  En 18 De Kislev 5439 LL Evo Dios Para Si La Encvrtada De Rachel De Fonseca Que, Corresponde A 21 Novembre 1678. (The third earliest tomb as near as can be ascertained).

(14)  Hebrew followed by S. . A - De Bem Aventurada Virtuoza Rachel Touro Falecu em 14 Hesvan 5474, que corresponde a 12th de Octubro 1714. - S.A.G.D.G. (See Liber 73 of Deeds, folio 176 (T210) - Naturalization granted her on 10th May, 1709).

(15)  S . . A Da Bem aventurada Efter, que Corresponde 1757 da Yedade de S.B.A.D.G.

(16)  Ester - wife of Abraham Dias who . . . Hebrew followed by S . . A Dela Bemaventurada Ester Muger que De Abraham Dias que Foy Dios Servido Para sua SantaGloria en Anno 1707, que Corresponde 1746 de la Edade. 55 Anos 7 Mezes Y 4 dias.-S.B.A.G.D.L.E.G.

(17)  Hebrew followed by S . . A
En que esta enterada la honoradn, honesta, virtuosa. Caritativa S . . ra. Raquel Fernandes Viuda de us tio honorado. Virtuoso Y Caritativo S .. a Jahacob Fernandes.

(18)  Da bem aventurada Donzela Sarah fa de Moseh de Lucena, que falecev en 2 de Kislev a 5444.  Sua Alma Goze da Gloria.

(19)  Do Virtvozo Ebemaver Torado, Varao Elysah Henriquez, qual Partyo desta para melhor Vyda em 24 D.  Do Anno 5437.  Sva Alma Goza Da Gloria-Amen.  (The second earliest tomb, as near as can be ascertained).

(20)  Del Bien Aventurado De Ishack Rodriques Delprado, Que: Recouo Dios sua gloria En 2 de Junio 1685 Secon-Etaron (?) 3 De Tamils 5445.  Sua Alma Goze Holganca.

(21)  Hebrew followed by Aquy Iaze abem huenturado Ishak de Lucena que faleceo Em 8 de Nican 5444.  Sua Alma Goze Da Gloria.

(22)  Leah Gedaleah (died . . . . 16 . .).

(23)  Jacob Alverus.

(24)  Jacob Fernando Gill.  See Liber 73 of Deeds, folio 176 T210) dated 13th December, 1726, for reference to Nos. 23 and 24. Both died previous to 26th October, 1724.

(25)  In memory of Mr. Jacob Hizriahu de Luzena. Merchant, who departed this life in January 1686.

(26)  In memory of Mr. Isaac Narbeus, Merchant, who departed this life on the 10th of March, 1686-that is the fifth of Nisan 5447, from the creation of the world.

(27)  In memory of Doctor Jacob Rodriquez deLeon, who died on the 5th June, 1703, being in the 60th year of his age.

(28)  In memory of Jacob Brandao, who died on the 7th day of January, 1711. Aged 46 years.

(29)  In memory of Esther Baruch Alvans. the wife of Mr. Abraham Alvans, who departed this life 30th January 1692.

Others buried here are: (Information obtained from their Wills)

(30)  Moses Jussurun Cardosso-1725.

(31)  Mordechay daSilva-1739.

(32)   daSilva.

(33)   daSilva.

(32 and 33 parents of Mordechay daSilva)

(34)  Daniel Pacheco-1699.

(35)  Aaron Pacheco (brother of No. 34). He pre-deceased him)

(36)  David Lopez Narbona-1707.

(37)  Isaac Henriques Alvin-1722

(38)  Abraham Henriques Alvin.

(39)  Jacob Lopez Torres.  (See his Will recorded at Liber 37, folio 180 - T 367).  He died during the first quarter of 1768.

(40) Daniel Sveyro - 1764.

(41) Judith Baruch Alvares - 1732.

(42)  ............... Alvares (her husband).

(43)  Moses Touro- 1722.

(44)  Hester Henriques Alvin.

(45)  Hannah, wife of Saul Gadjee - Died at Port Royal on Tuesday 5th Adar 5579, corresponding with 2nd March, 1819. (The officers of the Synagogue were present).

(46)  Abraham Silva Ferro-Died Wednesday 22nd Hesvan, 5577 corresponding with 20th November, 1816.

Others apparently buried here are:-

(47)  Abraham Melhado, Merchant, Port Royal-1796.

(48)  Abraham Mendez, Merchant Kingston- 1723.

(Nos. 45 and 46 were obtained from the Synagogue's Registry Book).  Several of the tombstones have tri-lingual inscription - Hebrew, Portuguese (or) Spanish and English.  (The walls were thrown down by the Earthquake of January, 1907).

The figures bracketed are the years, as near as can be ascertained, of the death of the individuals named.

The following information has been extracted from Captain Lawrence Archer's "Monumental Inscriptions In The West Indies."
"The Hon'ble. Alexandre Bravo (Auditor-General of Jamaica) of a Portuguese family was said to have possessed much valuable information as to the rise of the older Jewish families in Jamaica, which it be observed, have developed no small amount of ability amongst their members."
Ralph Bernal-Osborne (father of the late Lady Blake, wife of a former Governor of the Colony, and of the late Duchess of St. Albans) was the son of Ralph Bernal, an extensive proprietor of the Vega, St. Catherine's Parish. The latter was the son of Jacob Israel Bernal, who was the son of Jacob Israel Bernal. Jacob Israel Bernal's (senior) Will was dated 1st January. 1776 at Bevis-Marks, London. He died on or before the 13th of that month. He made a bequest to the Synagogue at Bevis Marks. He left two other sons, Abraham and Isaac Bernal.
Amongst the earliest families who left the fold of Judaism were the Vidals of Spanish Town and the Israells of Clarendon.


North Street Cemetery (Eastern)

(1)  The oldest grave as near as can be ascertained is that of Jacob Lopez Paz, who died 6th December, 1716.  The inscription is a good deal worn and the slab is almost covered with weed.  The "Paz" is on the line below the other two names, but would seem to be a continuation, perhaps it is "de Paz," but any lettering before the word "Paz" (Spanish for Peace) is worn out.

(2)  Inscription on the tombstone of the Rev. The Haham Mosseh Cohen de Lara. Hebrew followed by S . . A- D. . O Exelentisimo Haham pioe humilde Mosseh Cohen de Lara que erceue o cargo de Hazan neste K. . l K. . s 35 Annos f. . o em 17 de Hesvan 5509 Que corresponde a 28 de Outubro 1748 de Ydade de 58 annos.-S.A.GD.E.G.  The following is the translation of the foregoing:-


(Of) The most excellent, pious and humble Haham Mosseh Cohen de Lara, who exercised the office of Kazan in this (K..1 K .. s-Congregations) 35 years. Died on the17 of Hesvan 5509, which corresponds to the 28th of October, 1748, at the age of 58 years.-S.A.G.D.E.G. (The slab thereon is in good condition).

(3)  Inscription on the tombstone of the Rev. The Haham Yangacob de la Penha. Hebrew followed by-D .. o Evelentiffimo Haham Jahacob de la Penha qual Exerceu o cargo de Kazan 17 anos f..o em 7 de 9b 5511 que corresponde 18 de Julho 1751 de Ydade de 38 anos.-S.A.G.D.G. The fol lowing is the translation of the foregoing: -


(Of) The most excellent Haham Jahacob de la Penha who exercised the office of Kazan 17 years. Died on the 7th of Ab 5511, which corresponds to the 18th July 1751, at the age of 38 years. (The slab thereon is in good condition).

(4)  De Bemaventurado Mancebo Benjamin Kizza daCosta An drade falaceu em 3 de Ab A .. o 5515.-S.G.A.D.G. de Edad 16.  The age of the deceased is not very clear (16 or 26) but as he is called Mancebo, 16 must be right.

(5)  Raquel Joseph Pere-30th May, 1731.  (This slab is broken).

(6)  Daniel Lopez Laguna (See Wills No. 8).

(7)  In a circle: Here lieth the body of Mr. Isaac of Benjamin Pereira who departed this life on the 4th December, 1788. Aged 38 years, 2 months and 19 days. Then Hebrew followed by-Do bemaventurado e Caritatido Ifhac Ficho de Benjamin Pereira f .. o em 5 .. a Feira de Kiflev 5549, que corresponde a 4 Dezemb.. re 1788, de Idade de 38 Annos 2 mezes e 19 Dias.-S.A.G.D.G.

(8)  S. .A-Do Anjo Samuel filho de Ifac Nunes da Costa que f..o em p..e diade de Paschea de Peffah 5525, que corresponde a 7 d' Abril 1765, de Idade 9 Annos-Mez and 11 Dias.

(9)  Hebrew followed by S..A-De Bemaventurado Haim Ja hacob Lamego, Naceu em 3 de Tebet 5582, que corresponde a 19 Decembro 1721.  Falleceu em 22 de Adar 5501, que corresponde a 27 Febreiro 1741/1.-S.B.A.G.D.E.G.  Then followed by Hebrew.

(10)  Hebrew followed by S..A-De Bemaventurado Aaron Lopez de Paz que fo em 12 Tamuz 5511, que corresponde a 24 de Juno 1751.-S.A.G.D.G.

(11)  Hebrew followed by Sepultura-De Bemaventurado Aaron Lopez Laguna qual Faleseo em dois de Rashedes Adar de Anno 5504, que corresponde a 4 de Febrei..o de Anno 1743/4. Sua Bendita Alma Goze de Eterna Glori.. a. Amen. Then a Hebrew word.

(12)  S..A-Del Bemaventurado Abraham Mendes Quixano Falecio en 27 de Nissan Ano 5501, que corresponde a 27 de Marco 1711, de Edad de 7 Anos.-S.A.D.G.L.G. Amen.

(14)  Hebrew followed by-Here lieth the body of Mr. Daniel Almeyda who departed this life on 17 of Hesvan 5535, which corresponds to the 21st of October, 1774. Aged 56 years.

(14)  Da Bemaventurado Esther Mulher que foy deYahacob Rodrigues DaCosta fo em 10 de Tisri 5501, que corresponde a 20 Setto 1740, de Ydade de 18 Annos.-S.B.G.D.E.G.

(15)  Hebrew in a circle.  Then some more Hebrew followed by S . . A - Da Bemaventurada e henefta S .. ra Esther Mulher que foy de S. . r Abraham Rodriques Lopez Hazan de K.K Neve Shalom Em 5 . . ta Feirs 6 de Pyar de 5533, que corresponde a 29 Abril 1773, De Idade de 28 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.  Then in a circle: Here lieth the body of Mrs. Esther Rodriques Lopez wife of the Reverend Abraham Rodriques Lopez Reader of the Congregation of Spanish Town, who departed this life on Thursday of year 5533, being the 29th April 1773 Aged 28 years. She was a true and sincere wife to her husband and a tender and affectionate mother to her children. A mother to the poor and distressed.

(16)  Hebrew followed by S .. A-Dela bemaventura Onesta Y Prudente Rachael Viuve da Mofeh Touro que fue D..s Servido reojer para fy en 20 de Tamuz 5513, que corresponde a 22 de Julio 1753, de Edad de 41 Anos.-S.A.G.D.G.

(17)  Hebrew followed by S . .A-De B.A. and Virtuozo Kazan R. Samuel Gomez Silva fe, em 25 Adar 5522, que corresponde a 20 de Marco 1762, de Idade 51 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.  Here lieth the body of Rev. Samuel Silva, late Reader of the Synagogue of Kingston, who departed this life on 20th March, 1762. Aged 51 years.

(18)  Hebrew followed by S..A-Sepoltura de Bern Aventurada Rahell Mulher que foy de Hasan Gabriel Moreno qual faleses Em Vinte Y dois de Menahem de Anno 5498, que corresponde A Outo de Agosto de Anno 1738.  Sua Benditta Alma Goze da Eterna Gloria.-Amen.  Followed by a word in Hebrew.

(19)  Hebrew followed by S . . A-Aquy Jaze O Ben Aventurado de Moseh Mendes Gutteres D . . s Lhe Perdoe Seus Pecados que Faleceo en Sgundo dia de Nifan de Anno 5493, que corresponde a 8 de Marco de Anno 1732/3.  Sua Bendita Alma Goze da Gloria.-Amen.

(20)  Hebrew followed by S . . A-De Bemaventurado David Israel Bravo le Segunda Feyra 5 de Nifan 5509, que corresponde 13 Marzo 1748/9.-S.B.A.G.D.G. Here lieth the remains of Mr.David Bravo, who departed this life on Monday the 13th of March, 1749. Aged 58 years.

(21)  Hebrew followed by-Here lieth.the body of the late Worthy and respected Isaac Israel Bravo Esqre., who departed this life on Monday the 11th of Shebat, corresponding with the 11th January, 1813. Aged 50 years and 8 months.

(22)  Here lieth the body of Jacob Dias Fernandas, the dutiful, obedient and beloved son of Isaac and Esther Dias Fernandes, who departed this life on Saturday the 26th day of October, 1805.  Aged 18 years 9 months and 14 days.

(23)  Hebrew followed by - De bem aventurado e Charatativo Sr. David Mendes Alvares fe em fa feira fendo 5 de Sebath Anno 560, que corresponde a 31 de Janeiro 1800, de Edade de 55 Annos.  S.A.G.D.G.  Followed by:  Here lieth the body of Mr. David Mendes Alvares, who departed this life on 31st January, 1800.  Aged 55 years.

(24)  S..A-Do bemaventurade Mordecai da Costa Silva. que fee m 3 de Ellul 5532, que corresponde a 22nd dc Agosto de Idade de 52 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.

(25)  Hebrew followed by S .. A-De Bemaventurado and Virtuoso Aaron Lamera qe fey D. . s Servido Recolher para Sua Santa Gloria em Sabath 15 de Mez de Sebat de Anno 5513, quo corresponde a 20 Janeiro de Anno 1753, de Idade de 44 Annos.- S.A.G.D.E.G. Amen. Followed by: Here lieth interred the body of Aaron Lamera, Merchant, who departed this life 20th January, 1753. Aged 44 years.

(26)  S . .A-Da bemaventurada Abigail Mulher que foy de Selomoh Gabay Ferre, que corresponde a 28 de Janeiro 1763 or 5 de Idade de 28 Annos.

(27)  Hebrew followed by-Here lieth the body of Jacob Henriques Melhado, who departed this life on the 9th of February, 1802.  Aged 69 years and 12 days.  In a circle:  "And Jacob went his way and the Angels of God met him."

(28)  Sacred to the memory of Doctor Benjamin Silvera, who departed this life January 22, 1816.  Aged 37 years.  Who by his humane actions gained the esteem of all.

(29)  Hebrew followed by-Sacred to the memory of Jacob Pesosa Esqr., who departed this life 29th of October, 1823. Aged 58 years.

(30)  Here lieth the body of Alexandre, son of Ab .. m and Esther Mendes Belisario, who died on the 25th of March, 1800. Aged 9 months and 15 days.

(31)  Sacred to the memory of David Seixas, who departed this life the 22nd May, 1872, in the 47th year of his age.

(32)  Sacred to the memory of Mr. Benjamin Lopez Alves, who departed this life on the 15th February, 1832. Aged 57years and 4 months.

(33)  De Anjo Aaron Haim filho de Emanuel Baru .. h Lousada fo em 17 de Mayo 5535, de Idade de 16 Mezes Y 24 Dias.

(34)  Hebrew followed by S . .A-Da B.A. Abigail Mulher de Selomh ..o Nunes Flamengo e filha de Banja..m de Menase Pereira fo em p .. o de Adar 5534, que corresponde a 12 de Febre .. ro 1774, da Idade de 18 Annos e 2 Mezes qual foy cortada na flor de feus Dias tres femanus depois de Parida deixan de huma felha. Se procuras faber o Caminhantc Quem se guarda Nesta Sepoltura.
He quem foy a joya mais brilhante que a morte em fombra Obscura Nao ha quem nao' Chora Cada Instante O perder hum bem de tal decura Sendo a cauza per ende faleceu E da prenda prunera que naceu.
Here lieth the body of Abigail, late wife of Solomon Nunes Flamengo, who departed this life on the 12th of February, 1774. Aged 18 years and 8 months.

(35)  Hebrew followed by-Here lieth the body of Moses De Campos who departed this life 15th April, 1802. Aged 04 years and 6 months.

(36)  Sacred to the memory of Joseph Jalfon of Kingston, Jamaica, Merchant, who departed this life on 1st Tebet a.m. 5569, corresponding to the 19th December, 1808, in the 49th year of his age. Universally regretted for his many valuable qualities as a liberal benefactor, a true friend to his fellow creatures, a worthy individual of Society, and an affectionate brother, and a kind relative. He supported the most exemplary character of unshaken integrity and died lamented as he was esteemed by the rich as well as the poor of the city. To his memory his brother Abraham Jalfon of London, Merchant, has caused this stone to be placed on his grave as a small token of the inviolable affection he held for him while living and for the irreparable loss he has sustained by his death. A word in Hebrew follows.

(37)  Here lieth the body of Mrs. Sarah Gideon, who departed this life 10th January, 1803.  Aged 62 years.

(38)  De Bemaventurado Samuel Carvalho a q..m foy D..s Servido Recolher Desta Pa Melhor vida em 29 de Thamuz Ano 5509, que corresponde a 4 de Julio Anno 1749. S.B.A.G.D.E.G.

(39)  S..A-De Bemaventurado Vertuozo Honorado Jacob de Castro que Faleceo em 9 Ab 5498, que corresponde a 15 Julio 1738, de Idade de 49 Annos.-S.B.A.G.D.E.G.

(49)  Sepultura-Then Hebrew inscriptions on the North, South and East sides followed by:-Da Bemaventurada Honesta and Charitativa Ester, Mulher de David Salom De Azeudo Faleceu Em 26 de Hiyar 5493, corresponde A 30 de Abril 1733.  Followed by a line of Hebrew.

(41)  Hebrew followed by S..-De Bem Aventurade e Glorioze Sr. Solomon Nunes Flamengo Mercador Fo em 5o Feira sendo 20 deinar Hesvan Ao 5565, que corresponde a 25 de Octubro 1904, de Idade de 45 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.
The English translation of which is: Here lieth the body of Solomon Nunes Flamengo, Merchant, who departed this life on Thursday the 25th October, 1804. Aged 35 years.

(42)  Hebrew followed by-Dela bein aventurada onesta y Prudente Rachael Viuva de Mofeh Touro, que fue D .. s Servido reojer para fy em 20 de Tamuz 5513, que corresponde a 22 de Julio 1753, de Edade de 41 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.

(43)  Hebrew followed by-De Bemav .. s Caretativo e Virtuoso Jacob Benaim falecu com boa Fama defta Franfitoria Vida a Eterna em Segundo F .. a 18 de Elul 5566, que corresponde a le de Settemo 1806 de Idade de 48 Annos, Sentido o Lamentado de seus Amigos e Conhecidos e dos Necessitados a quem accudia fartom lo Chardo.-S.A.G.D.E.G.
With English translation encircling the tombstone as follows:
"Here lieth the remains of Mr. Jacob Benaim, who departed this life on Monday the 1st September, 1800. Aged 48 years."



(1)  S. . A - Do B.A. Abraham de Moseh Hisquiau daCosta foe m 8 de Adar 5549, que corresponde a 6 de Marco 1789, de Idade de 22 Annos 2 mezes and 21 dias.- S.A.G.D.G.


Of the fortunate Abraham of Moses Hisquiau daCosta, who died on 8th of Adar 5549, which corresponds to the 6th of March, 1789, at the age of 42 years, 2 months and 21 days.

(2)  Here lieth the body of Esther Rodrigues Pereira, daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Rodrigues Pereira, who died the 17th of . . .uary, 1797. (This slab is broken).

 Very few graves are visible, the whole place is over-run with weeds, and some of the oldest slabs are so worn that the inscriptions are not legible. (Apparently more women are buried there than men).

(3)  David, son of Israel Bravo-Died 9th Elul 5582, corresponding with Monday, August 26, 1822.  (The last internment in this cemetery).

(4)  S .. A-Da B.A.  Efter Viuva de Kazan Aaron Salem De Azevedo que fo em 17 de Sebat 5553, que corresponde a 31 de Janauro 1793-de Idade de 73 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.
In a circle: Here lieth the body of Esther, late widow of Hasan Aaron Salem, who departed this life January 31, 1793. Aged 73 years.

(5)  S..A-Da B.A. Abigail de David Nunes Robeiro que fo em 16 de Ab 5552, que correfpo: a 4 de Agosto 1792 de Idade de 26 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.
Then in a circle: Here lieth the body of Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. David Nunes Rebeiro, who departed this life on the 4th of August, 1792. Aged 26 years.

(6)  Hebrew followed by Rebecca Hanna, the wife of Mr. Moses Barnet Isaac. Obit: Sunday 29th March, 1789. Aged 47 years.

(7)  Here lieth interred the body of Doctor Emanuel Mendes Monforte fon of the late Benjamin Mendes Monforte, who departed this life on the 12th day of October, 1788. Aged 52 years. He was Doctor of the Kingston Synagogue which post he filled for 27 years in which time he gained honour to himself and respect from his friends his disconsolate widow has erected this therefore to his everlasting memory.

(8)  Hebrew followed by-Here are deposited the remains of Mr. Aaron Salom, whose exemplary life and worthy character procured him general esteem; his numerous family will long lament such a loss, but he is gone to enjoy a glorious reward in Heaven; he departed this life on the 9th of Ab of the year 5549 which answers to the 1st of August, 1789. Aged 53 years and 10 months.

(9)  Hebrew followed by-Da B.A. Esther Mendes Monsanto que fo em 6 de Nifan 5555, que corresponde a 26 de Marzo 1795, de Idade de 87 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G. of which the translation is: Here lies the body of Mrs. Esther Mendes Monsanto who departed this life on 26th March, 1795. Aged 87 years.

(10)  Hebrew followed by S..A-Da B.A. Charitativa H . . ra Sarah, Mulher que fo de Sarah Henriques Melhado fo en Sabath 14 de Elul 5549, que corresponde 5 Septembrc 1789, de Idade de 45 Annos.-S.A.G.D.G.
Here lieth the body of Mrs. Sarah, wife of Jacob Henriques Melhado, who departed this life the 5th September, 1780. in the 45th year of her year.


(Spanish and Portuguese)

(1)  H. . m Judah son of Moses Cohen de Lara-Died 21st Elul 5582, corresponding with Saturday, September 7, 1822. (The first interment in this ground).

(2)  Sacred to the memory of Mr. Isaac Gomes Mesquita, who departed this life January 23, 1826.  Aged 44 years and 6 months.

(3)  Here lies the body of Moses Alberga, who departed this life on 8th May, 1826.

(4)  Sacred to the memory of M ... Rebecca Abendanone, who departed this life 27th January 1827. Aged 70 years.

(5)  Sacred to the memory of David Alberga Esqre., who departed this life on 23rd day of April, 1830. Aged 50 years and 8 months.

(6)  Sacred to the memory of Mr. Judah Hoheb, who departed this life 27th June, 1831. Aged 32 years.

(7)  Sacred to the memory of Master George, son of Emanuel and Luna Melhado, who died July 9, 1831. Aged 15 years and 8 months.

(8)  The mortal remains of the late Moses Bravo Esquire rest in this spot. He was born in the city of Kingston on the 21st day of June, 1758, and died on the 31st July, 1831. Aged 73 years, 1 month and 10 days. This stone is placed as a tribute to his revered memory by his affectionate son and most faithful friend Alexandre Bravo.

(9)  Beneath this stone is deposited the mortal remains of Abigail Bravo, relict of the late Moses Bravo Esqre., who departed this life on the 26th day of July, 1840, in the 81st year of her age. This stone is erected as a tribute of respect and regard to the memory of an affectionate and kind mother by her dutiful and loving son, Phinehas Bravo. (She was the mother of the Hon. Alexandre Bravo).

(10)  Sacred to the memory of Dr. Abraham Alvarenga, who departed this life on 4th September, 1831. Aged 37 years.

(11)  Sacred to the memory of (Bath-sheba) Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Dr. M. Morales of this city and Parish, who departed this life on March 7, 1833.  Aged 42 years.

(12)  Sacred to the memory of Grace Sarah, wife of Moses Quixano Henriques of this city.  Obit August 17, 1833. Aged 22 years. (Some lines follow).

(13)  Inscription in Hebrew followed by- Sacred to the memory of Rev. Moses Abendana of London, who after having officiated but one month as Assistant Minister of the Congregation of Spanish and Portuguese Jews of this city, was suddenly removed from the faithful and zealous discharge of the duties of his ministration by the hand of Divine Providence on the night of the 19th October, 1840 (22 Tishree 5601 ) in the 28th year of his age. The congregation of every member, of which the deceased was esteemed and beloved, has erected this monument as a mournful testimony of respect to his memory.

(14)  In memory of Abraham H. deCordova, only son of Haham deCordova, who died 2nd February, 1852. Aged 85 years, 6 months and 22 days.  (Note: His father is buried in the No.1 Beth Chayim, Spanish Town, which see).

(15)  Sacred to the memory of Isaac Israel Nunes-Born July 12, 1787; died December 20, 1852.  Aged 65 years and 6 months.  "May his soul rest in peace."

(16)  Sacred to the memory of Joseph Cohen deLara, who departed this life 20th January, 1862, corresponding with 18 Shebat 5622.  Aged 57 years.  He was a dutiful son and affectionate husband, and a strict adherent to the faith of his fathers.  "May his soul rest in peace."

(17)  Sacred to the memory of Dr. Moses Bravo of Kingston, Jamaica, who departed this life on 4th February,1864.  Aged 85 years. "The memory of the just is blessed."-(Proverbs ch. X, v 7).

(18)  Sacred to the memory of Jacob Delevante, who departed this life on 19th October, 1870.  Aged 30 years. An inscription in Hebrew follow.

(19)  In memoriam of Judah Alberga who died February 4, 1874.  Aged 98 years.

(20)  Sacred to the memory of Rebecca Nunes Rebeiro who departed this life on 4th October, 1891-2nd Tishri 5652. Aged 73 years. "May God receive her soul in peace."

(21)  In sacred memory of Mary Ann, the beloved wife of A. J. Lindo, who departed this life on 12th December, 1886. Aged 50 years and 11 months. Deeply mourned by her sorrowing husband and children.

(22)  In sacred and loving memory of Alexandre Joseph Lindo, who departed this life on 25th September, 1902. Aged 73 years and 11 months. Deeply mourned by his sorrowful

(23)  In memory of Isaac Abisdid, a native of Tetuan, Morocco, and resident of this city for nearly 40 years, who departed this life on the 27th July, 1873. Aged 77 years and 4 months.  This tomb is erected by his affectionate family as a tribute to his many virtues.

(24)  In memory of Dr. David Morales, who departed this life on the 3rd July, 1844.  Aged 60 years.  Much regretted by his friends and relatives.

(25)  Sacred to the memory of (Rev.) Isaac deCasseres, Assistant Reader of the K.K.S.A. for the last 29 years, who died April 9, 1833. Aged 53 years and 8 months. (This tomb was unanimously voted by the Vestry of the above Institution as a tribute of the high respect entertained for departed worth).

(26)  In sacred memory of Isaac deClava, who died 20th Elul 5634-1st September, 1874.  Aged 72 years. (Some lines follow).

(27)  In sacred memory of Aaron deCordova-Born 28th April, 1804; died 8th July, 1866.

(28)  Inscription on the tombstone of Hazan Isaac Lopez:- White Marble Obelisk with granite base, surrounded by an iron railing: -
Eastern Side-This monument is erected by the Jews of Kingston over the remains of Rev. Isaac Lopez, as a testimony of regard to one who for 46 years filled the office of Hazan to the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation.
Southern Side-Born 28th December, 1780; died 28th February 1854. Aged 73 years and 2 months.
Northern Side-Hebrew followed by "And Isaac gave up the Ghost and died, and was gathered unto his people, at an old age and full of years.  (Genesis XXV, v. 29 )

(29)  Sacred to the memory of Grace, widow of the late Jacob Bravo, Esqre., who died on the 8th day of July, 1864.  Aged 85 years. (Some lines follow).

(30)  Sacred to the memory of Dr. Isaac Alvarenga, who died 25th April, 1844.  Aged 77 years.

(31)  Sacred to the memory of Elias Lopez, son of Rev. Isaac Lopez - Born 11th April, 1814; died 7th September, 1876.

(32)  Here lies the body of Sarah, wife of Elias Melhado-Died 5th July, 1834.  Aged 49 years.

(33)  In memory of Isaac Silvera, who died 8th May, 1860. Aged 76 years.

(34)  In Memory of Phoebe Silvera, wife of Isaac Silvera. who died 22nd June 1826. Aged 36 years, 6 months and 19 days.

(35)  Frances ( ----- ?), wife of Isaac Silvera, who died 16th September, 1851. Aged 59 years.

(36)  Hebrew followed by- Hannah, wife of Rev. Abraham Delevante who departed this life 1st February, 1851, corresponding with 29th Sebat 5611 a.m. Aged 30 years. (Then a line of Hebrew follows).

(37)  Sacred to the memory of Rebecca, relict of Rev. A. H. Delevante, who died 9th May, 1871, in her 41st year.

(38)  Sacred to the memory of The Hon. David Sampson Gideon, C M.G., Privy Councillor, Custos of Portland and for many years a member of the Legislative Council, who departed this life on July 27, 1924, in his 63rd year.

"A life of noble service
"Of those immortal dead who live."

(39)  Aaron Mendes Sollas - He was most barbarously murdered on the night between the 13th and 14th June, 1818, corresponding with Sunday 10 Sivan 5578. An inquest was held on the body, and a verdict returned of "wilful murder, supposed to have been committed by two slaves." A reward of three hundred dollars was offered by the Common Council for the conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the deed.
I have not been able to ascertain if the guilty party or parties were ever brought to justice.
He was brother of David Mendes Sollas, the Mohel and Tokeong referred to elsewhere in these notes.

(40)  Joseph Adolphus Spyer Vaz - Born at Spanish Town on 18th March, 1851; died at No. 11 Outlook Avenue, Kingston, on Sunday 27th October, 1935.  Age 84 years 7 months and 9 days.

(41)  Clarence Cecil Lopez, second son of the late George Washington and Adeline Luna Lopez - Born at Spanish Town; died at New York City on 30th September, 1939.  His corpse was cremated and the ashes interred here on 16th October, 1939. Aged 76 years.  (His great-uncle Commodore Uriah Phillips Levy, U.S.A. Navy, purchased Monticello, the beautiful home of Thomas Jefferson in Virginia, still owned by Levy's descendants).


(1)  Hebrew of which the translation is: -"The Great Singer, Myer, the son of Judah, the faithful Kazan of our Congregation.  He died and was buried with a good name on a Sunday, the 5th day of Cheshvan, the year 5557."
Followed by:- Sacred to the memory of Mr. Michael Leoni, Principal Reader of our Congregation and one of the first singers of the age, who departed this life highly esteemed on Sunday the 6th day November, 1796, being the 5th day of the Jewish month of Chesvan, Anno Mundi 5557. (The brickwork is broken down, but the tombstone is in excellent condition). It is situated to the N.W.

(2)  Sacred to the memory of The Honourable Daniel Hart, departed this life on the 6th November, 1852. Aged 52 years. Although of humble origin he raised himself by honest Industry and indomitable perseverance to some of the highest and most distinguished offices. Whilst in him devolved the honour of being the first Israelite advanced to Civil and Political Privileges in Jamaica.  He was Custos Rotulorum and Senior Representative in the Honourable House of Assembly for the Parish of St. Mary.  For many years an Alderman and one of the members of Assembly, for the City and Parish of Kingston, and a Justice of the Peace and Asst. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the Parishes of Kingston, Port Royal, St. David, St. Thomas-in-the-East and St. Ann.  For upwards of 30 years he was a merchant of this City during which period he was proverbial for the strict integrity and upright manner in which he discharged the duties of his vocation.

(3)  Hebrew inscription followed by: Here lieth the body of David Jacobs, son of Jacob Jacobs, who departed this life 24th October, 1797. Aged 1 year, 6 months and 9 days.

(4)  Sacred to the memory of Joseph Ezekiel who departed this life on July 15, 1806.  Aged 64 years.

(5)  Hebrew followed by: Sacred to the memory of Barnett Isaacs.  Aged 20 years;  Ob: December 26 a.m. 5583. (A Native of London).

(6)  Hebrew followed by:  Moses Isaacs-Died 6th December, 5562.  Aged 19 years.

(7)  Hebrew followed by:  To the memory of Catherine Duke, wife of Moses Duke, who departed this life February 5, 1808. Aged 60 years. (Some lines follow).

(8)  Sacred to the memory of Mr. David Wolfe, who departed this life on the 18th September, 1828. Aged 48 years.

(9)  Hebrew followed by:  In memory of Mr. Phineas Lawrence (late of London), who departed this life 1st September, 1827. Aged 28 years and 11 months.

(10)  Sacred to the memory of Mr. Philip Levy (merchant), who departed this life on Tuesday the 28th day of August, 1827. Aged 77 years. (Evidently the gentleman who presented a pair of bells to the English and German Synagogue). He was an affectionate husband, and a most tender father and benevolent to the needy.

(11)  Sacred to the memory of Joseph Richaels, native of Keyieniu, Poland, and resident of this Island for upwards of 60 years, who departed this life on 22nd April, 1871.  Aged 97 years.  Requiescat in Pace.

(12)  To the memory of Jemima, wife of the late Hon. Daniel Hart, who departed this life 22nd May, 1882. Aged 83 years. May her soul rest in peace.

(13)  Hebrew followed by:  Beneath this stone is deposited the body of Jacob Lopez Alvin, who departed this life on the 4th of September, 1807. Aged 74 years.

(14)  Hebrew followed by:  Here lieth interred the body of Mr. Moses Davis (merchant) a faithful and worthy ruler to his Congregation.  A father to the poor and to the needy.

(15)  Sacred to the memory of Francis Steiningar who departed this life on the 5th November, 1850.  Aged 75 years. Some lines follow.


(1)  Emanuel Lyons, born 28th February, 1807; died 24th Tebet 5632, corresponding with January 5, 1872.

(2)  Frances Lyons (wife of the above) - Born March 6, 1813; died February 3, 1885.

(3)  Francis Belinfante Lyons (son of above) -Died October 27, 1905. Aged 70 years.

(4)  Noel Crosswell-Born at Berne, Switzerland, May 4. 1804; died at Kingston, June 13, 1876. Aged 72 years. (He arrived in Jamaica May 17, 1837).

(5)  Moses Schonfeld-A native of Brody, Austria, died in Kingston, March 16, 1922. Aged 83 years.

(6)  Abraham Septimus Lyon-Born at Cambridge, England, August 22, 1804; died in Kingston October 10, 1872.

(7)  Sacred to the memory of George Solomon Seymour-Died 15th October, 1910. Aged 85 years.

(8)  Sacred to the memory of the Honourable Daniel Marchallech, late Custos of St. Thomas-Born 16th April, 1828; died 12th January, 1888.

(9)  Hebrew followed by:  Sacred to the memory of George Lyon Phillips, son of Samuel and Anna Phillips. Born arch 5, 1811; died December 29, 1886. Aged 75 years. "A gentle life." True and just in all his dealings. (Then another line of Hebrew).

(10)  In loving memory of Joseph Bravo Harris-Born 2nd November, 1855; died 20th September, 1894.

(11)  Sacred to the memory of Abraham Myers who departed this life on 21st May, 1886, in the 62nd year of his age.

(12)  Erected by Mary Ann Sherlock in loving memory of her father Sidney Lindo Levien, who departed this life on 26th September, 1895. Aged 87 years.  (Some lines follow).

(13)  Sacred to the memory of Solomon Levi Barned, who died on 6th May, 1881.  Aged 75 years.

(14)  Sacred to the memory of Solomon Hershfield,  who departed this life on 19th September, 1877.  Aged 90 years

(15) George Coleman Hamilton Lewis-Born 23rd September, 1841; died 28th July, 1913.

(16)  John J. G. Lewis - Hebrew inscription followed by:  Born 29th February, 1844; died 16th May, 1913.

(17)  Hebrew inscription followed by:  Sacred to the memory of Henry Phillips, late of Lucea, son of Samuel and Anna Phillips - Died September 14, 1888.  Aged 74 years.


The Parochial Cemetery at Buff Bay, Portland (Jewish Section)

(1)  Mrs. Esther Sampson-Died January 17, 1926; relict of Frederick Sampson.  (She had attained the great age of 94. In her girlhood days she taught at the Hebrew National School, Kingston).

(2)  Miss Matilda Mendes (sister of No. 1).

(3)  Asher Belinfante Isaacs (Son-in-law of No. 1).

(4)  Aaron S. Sampson (nephew-in-law of No. 1).

(5)  George dePass (nephew-in-law of No. 1).


("Spring Path Burial Ground" at the corner of Darling Street and the Spanish Town Road, generally referred to as "The Strangers' Ground," area 204,147 sq. ft., or 4a, 2r and almost 30 p)

The land was levelled at the close of 1934, and the tombstones and monuments were removed. A plan of the Cemetery showing the location of all graves; and the position of all tombstones and monuments with legible inscriptions, (       in number) was recorded in the Island Record Office on 20th February, 1934, at Liber N.S. 433, folio 198.

(1)  Sacred to the memory of Doctor Aaron Garsia - Born the 23rd October, 1785; died the 3rd July, 1848.  He was a good Samaritan; the poor man's friend; and the sick man's comforter.  (He was buried in the south-eastern portion of the ground. The tomb of red brick with full length white marble tablet, was in excellent state of preservation when I inspected it on June 15, 1924).  (The grave is numbered 5 on the Plan). Garsia was in co-partnership with Dr. Richard Chamberlaine, Health Officer for Kingston.
(Garsia was the father of Lt.-Colonel Michael Clare Garsia, C.B. referred to elsewhere in these notes).

(2)  Sacred to the memory of Solomon DeLeon, who departed this life on the 17th May, 1849.  Aged 39 years. This tomb has been erected by his affectionate wife as a last tribute of respect.  (The grave is numbered 368 on the Plan) .
A. Brandon.

(3)  In memory of Edward Luke Stiebel, who departed this life on 31st July, 1831.  Aged 3 years and 6 months.  (The grave is numbered 10a on the Plan).

(In the Kingston Parish Church)

(4) (c* ) Doctor Benjamin Silvera, Ob: September 3, 1813.
Act. 23
Note:-(c*) Twelve hundred acres of land in the Parish of St. Thomas-in-the-East (now St. Thomas) were patented on 14th April, 1764 to members of the Silvera family (Liber 30 of Patents, folios 162, 163, 16 & 16).

PARISH OF SAINT ANDREW (On Temple Hall Estate)

(5)  Emanuel I. Azulie, buried 29th May, 1816, beside his wife, who had pre-deceased him. (This name is presumed to refer to a locality in Morocco, or in Spain. It is variously spelt, viz: Azulay, Azulai and Azulie, as above).


(6)  "Here rests the remains of Ebenezer DePass who, after lingering for two days, died from a wound inflicted by a shell discharged during the great fire of Kingston. August 26, 1843. Aged 40 years. He possessed all the attributes that made a man beloved and respected. This tablet is a slight memorial of the affection of his widow and orphan boy."
(Apparently young, Theodore DePass, only son of Ebenezer, was not yet an orphan boy since his mother was alive. But she soon died).
Theodore DePass was later appointed an Inspector of Police, and served in various parishes of this Island. (See the reference elsewhere in these notes).


(7)  On his property Paradise Pen, Santa Cruz-Samuel Vaughan Milligin, died 10th April, 1882. (From reliable information received he was born in England about the year 1819).


(At Lyssons-Family Private Burial Ground)

(8)  Hon. Charles Hope Levy, late Custos of St. Thomas-Born 10th September, 1856; died January 29, 1927.



In the Family Burial-Ground at Tavanore

(9)  Thomas McWhinney Abrahams (was named after Q.M.G. Lt.-Colonel Thomas McWhinney of the Militia).  Born at Spanish Town. August 6, 1842; died at New York City, September 20, 1925, corresponding with 2nd Tishree, 5686. Aged 83 years, one month and a half.  His body was brought to Jamaica, and interred on the 29th of the same month, on his property Tavanore, with Jewish Rites performed by Kazan M. H. Solomon. (He was Senior Justice of the Peace for the Parish, having been appointed as far back as May 1874; and had discharged the duties of the office of Custos).

(now incorporated in Clarendon- at Longwood District)

(10)  Joseph Lawrence Spyer- Born May 1807; died 1st December 1850 at Vere.  Aged 43 years, 6 months and 7 days.  (Particulars obtained from family record).

(11)  Sacred to the memory of Jeshrun and Israel D'Aguilar the beloved twin infants of Alexandre Joseph and Mary Anne Lindo.  Born 12th October, 1865. Israel died 22nd October, 1865; Jeshrun 5th November, 1865. The only graves that appears to have been tombed.

(12)  David Almeyda, who died in 1744, was probably buried here. (See Liber No. 24 of Wills, folio 82, T115).

In a Private Burial-Ground at Annotto Bay

(13)  Sacred to the memory of Captain Matthew Levy, upwards of 38 years a trader to this port, who departed this life, July 8, 1823. Aged 53 years- likewise in memory of Matthew, his only son, who, whilst in the bloom of life died at Quebec Estate in St. Mary's, October 8, 1820. Aged 21 years.


(14)  In memory of Constance Lilla Silvera, the beloved wife of V. E. Silvera, who departed this life on June 7, 1910. Aged 51 years. "For thus he giveth his beloved sleep." (The Silvera family have a private burial ground on their property "Crescent Pen," where several members of the family are buried).

On His Pen Property "Inverness"

(15)  Joseph Harris (brother of Ralph Harris) ; also his children George and Randolph.
"ENFIELD PEN" (then owned by Charles S. Cover).

(16)  Abraham Isaacs - He died at Brown's Town having, I am informed, embraced Christianity some time before he died.


(17)  Louis Morris, brother of Isaac and David Morris, who are buried in St. Ann Parish. I have not been able to ascertain the precise place of burial and if he was buried with Jewish rites.

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