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By Jacob A. P. M. Andrade

Published in Jamaica, 1941



The first Beth Chayim, situate at the extreme southern end of White Church Street (Eastern side), Spanish Town.

(1)   Joseph deLeon, late of St. Thomas-ye-Vale but then of Port Royal, by his Will dated 9th December, 1701, requested to be buried at the Jews' burying place of St. Jago de la Vega.  (See Liber 10, folio 18 (T 14 of Wills).  His Will was recorded on January 30, 1702/3.

(2)   Isaac Gabay, whose Will was dated 18th June, 1730, requested to be buried in this cemetery.  (Vide Liber 18, folio 165 of Wills).

(3)   Jacob Yzidro Baruch, who was buried on 17th March, 1730, requested, if possible, to be buried next to his father or his wife. (Vide Liber 18, folio 123 (T92) of Wills).

(4)   Abraham Mendes Quixano whose Will was dated 9th July, 1739, requested to be buried in this cemetery. (Vide Liber 22, folio 206 of Wills). He directed that a "blue marble stone" be placed over his grave.

(5)   Del Virtuoso Varon, Moseh Gabay, Faro Falecio em (20?) (10th de Ab 5478- S.B.A.G.D.E.G.  In a circle at the foot: "Bueno Megor Fama mas quo Azeite S.P."

(6)   Hebrew inscription, followed by Fallecco em 19th de Tamuz ano 5505 que cprresponde a 8th de Julio de 1745. Then follows an inscription in Hebrew. (Name not decipherable).

(7)   Portuguese inscription, followed by "Here lies the body of Dias Carvalho, who departed this life 12th September, 1765- aged 26 years and 6 months."

(8)   Mosch Masias que, 12 de Kislov 5526, 26 de Novembre, 1765 &c.

(9)   Here lyeth the body of Mr. Moses Martens of Spanish Town, who departed this life on the 27th day of June, 1763.  Aged 64 years. (Then follows inscriptions in Hebrew and Portuguese).

(10)   Hebrew Inscription followed by

S. . A

Da Eachael Soares Pereira, Mulher Jacob Soares Pereira, Falaceo em es 46 annos de Sua, Idade a 10 de Kislev 5488 que Corresponde na era Vulgar a 12th de Novembre, 1727.  Sua Alma Esteja em descanso (The translation of which is)  Here lieth Rachael wife of Jacob Soares Pereira, who died 12th November, 1727.  Her soul be at rest.

(11)   Hebrew inscription followed by one in Portuguese: of which the translation is:  "Here lieth the body of Pious Raphael Rodriques Andrade, who died in the 58th year of his age, on the 17th November, 1726.  His soul be at rest.

S. A

(12)   Da Bemaventurada Rebecca, Roiz de Andrade, mulher que Foi de Raphael Reiz de Andrado que Falleceo, A 4th Feb..ro 1747, Idade 78 Anos-S.A.G.D.G. Amen.

(13)   Here lies the remains of Mr. Isaac Martens, who paid the debt of Nature on the 12th Sivan 5550 which corresponds to 24th May, 1790, at the bloom age of 16 years, 7 months and 7 days.

(14)   Underneath this stone lies interred the body of Mrs. Esther deCordova who departed this life 23rd May, 1794.  Aged 40 years. (Evidently the wife of the Haham).  This tomb is raised at the expense of a disconsolate mother as the last token of regard of a dutiful, mild and affectionate daughter.

(15)   Here lieth the body of Mr. Moses Nunes Enriques (jnr.) who departed this life the 20th day of June, 1796. Aged 25 years, 10 months and 2 days.

(16)   Here lies the body of Jacob Guttieres, late of this town, Esqre., who departed this life the 7th day of December, 1796.  Aged 38 years and 6 months.

(17)   Inscription on the Tombstone of the Rev. The Haham Joshua Hezekiah deCordova,
Hebrew followed by Portuguese, viz:-Aquy Jaze o Revezendisimo Insigne and Venerado SR. H.H.A.M.V.R.  Jeofush Hisquiau deCordova Haham de K.K. Shehar Ashamaim em Kingston de K.K. Neve Shalom em Spanish Town and de K.K. Neve Sedek em Porto Rial na Ilha de Jamaica and fervir a estos trcs Kehelot 44 Anos f .. o em fegunda feyra sendo 12 de Tifry A .. o 5558 que corresponde a 2nd Outubro 1797 de Edade de Setenta y fete Anos y fete Meses.


(Sua Bendita Alma Goze Dia Eterna Gloria).
The Century Dictionary, 1914 Edition, gives the spelling as Outubre).
The translation in English is as follows: -(S .. a ve Sepultura--Tomb). Here lies the Very Reverend, distinguished and Venerater Mr. H. H.A.M.V.R. Jeosuah Hisquian deCordova, Haham of the K.K. Shehar Ashamaim in Kingston of the K.K. Neve Shalom in Spanish Town and of the K.K. Neve Sedek in Port Royal in the Island of Jamaica.  He served these three Congregations (Kehelot) 44 years.  Died in the second feast (Seyra), being the 12th of Tishree in the year 5558, which corresponds to the 2nd October, 1797, at the age of seventy-seven years and seven months.


The tomb is adjacent to the northern boundary of the wall. It was in splendid condition (December 1934), only one brick being loose.

Note:- The letters S . . a at the head possibly mean "Sepultura" i.e. tomb-- For the first lines begin with the genitive Do Of the.
It is a Portuguese custom to call or address and person of standing as "Excellency."
The letters K.K. no doubt mean Kehelot and are doubled as a sign of the plural, i.e. Congregation.
In the last instance the letters are equivalent to:- "Sua Alma Goze Dia Gloria."
These Portuguese words mean "May His Soul enjoy divine Glory." The interpretation in the two other instances is probably much the same. This form (i.e. the third instance) is used on graves in the ancient cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London; and on graves in Holland and Barbados. I am indebted to the kindness of the Very Revd. Dr. J. H. Hertz, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the British Empire, for the foregoing information.
The word "Haham" (lit. wise), is the term applied by the Oriental Jews, and the Sephardim or Spanish and Portuguese Jews to their Chief Rabbi. It is variously spelt when transcribed into English or other languages, as, e.g., Chacham, Ccahkam, Cacam, Jaxam (old Spanish). It is a title at least eighteen hundred years old.

Note:- There are also many tombstones at Spanish Town and in other Jewish Cemeteries in Jamaica with the initial letters S.A.G.D.E.G. and S.A.G.D.G. respectively at the foot of the inscriptions. The Haham's only son was buried in the Orange Street Cemetery Kingston).

(18)   Hebrew inscription followed by:- Here lieth the body of the benevolent and pious Mr. Jacob Sanguinetti, who departed this life on Friday, the Fast of Tebeth anno 5561 which corresponds to the 26th December 1800.  In the 54th year of his age.

How love valued once, avails (thee not)
To whom related or by whom begot
A heap of dust, alone remains of thee
'Tis all thou art, and all the Proud shall be

(19)   Here lieth the body of Aaron deCampos Esqre., who departed this life on 1st December 1803.  Aged 51 years, 3 months and 2 days.

(20)   Here lieth the body of John Shannon who unfortunately lost his life on 23rd January, 1807, aged 31 years.

(21)   In memory of Aaron Baruch Lousada.  Died February 1803. Aged 25 years and 6 months. (See note relating to this family below):-

NOTE:-- The Lousada Family of Peak House held for many generations large possessions in Jamaica.  A Member of the Family was created Duke de Lousada and Marquis di San Miniato.  It is the only Jewish Family that has held so exalted a title until Lord Reading was created Marquis in 1926.  Its members claim to be descendants of the original Spanish Grandees of that name.  In 1843 Emanuel Baruch Lousada, was made High Sheriff of Devon: He subscribed to two copied of the first edition of the Dr. D. A. DeSolas' "Book of Prayer and Order of Service."
The Lousada family inter-married in the Macatta family. Although the latter named family have no Jamaican connection, it may be of interest to state that it is one of the earliest of the re-settlers in England. I possess a copy of "Faith Strengthened" which was originally composed in Hebrew by Isaac ben Abraham, an Israelite, a Native of Troki Lithuania A.M. 5393 (1633) and translated into English in 1850 by Moses Mocatta.

(22)   Small Marble Tablet: Here lieth the body of Master Jacob Melhado son of Daniel and Judith Melhado, who departed this life 9th September, 1810. Aged 1 year and 2 months.

(23)  Here lies the body of Mrs. Rachael Gutteres who died on the 11th day of February, 1811.  Aged 80 years.

(24)   Sacred to the Memory of Rachael, wife of Joseph Cohen deLeon who departed this life after a lingering illness on the 3rd day of May, 1815.  Aged 19 years, 6 months and & 5 days., Leaving two infants and disconsolate husband to deplore her loss. She was an amiable and inestimable wife, tender mother and sincere friend.

(25)   Here lieth the body of Master Alexander, son of David and Judith Melhado, who departed this life 7th September, 1815.  Aged 3 years, 6 months and 14 days.

(26)   Sacred to the memory of Miss Luna Mendes who died January 1, 1816, in the 20th year of her age.  The stone is erected as a tribute of affection by her brother Daniel Mendes, Esq.

(27)   Sacred to the memory of Judith, wife of Jacob Gutteres Esqre., who departed this life the 27th of January, 1817.  Aged 57 years, 2 months and 22 days.

(28)   Sacred to the memory of Jacob Henriques of Dover Castle Estate, Saint Thomas-in-the-Vale, who departed this life on the 1st November, 1821.  Aged 35 years, 8 months and 14 days.

(29)  Daniel Gomes Silva whose Will was enrolled on 23rd February, 1743 at Liber 24, folio 48 (T87), requested to be buried here.

(30)   Isaac Yadana whose Will was dated 27th January, 1732/3, and recorded at Liber 19, folio 15, requested to be buried here.

(31)   Hebrew inscription followed by:



The translation of the above is:- "Here lieth the body of Mr. Isaac Mendes Guitieres, who departed this life on the 24th February, 1772.  In the 50th year of his age.

(32)   Here lieth the body of Solomon Melhado who departed this life on the 16th June, 1796.  Aged 33 years.

(33)   Hebrew inscription at the head of the Tablet followed by Da Bemaventurada and Virtuoza S..ra, Leah Martens-que Faleceu 5534 No. Santa Dia-de Sabath on 8 de Adar 5534 que corresponde a--19th Femrevro 1774 de Idade . . de Annos.


The translation thereof is (in a circle):- "Here lieth the body of Mrs. Leah Martens, wife of Mr. Martens of this Town, who departed this life on Saturday 19th February, 1774 which corresponds with the 8th of Adar 5534. Aged 80 years.

(34)   Here lieth the body of a virtuous woman, a tender mother and loving wife, Abigail Levien, wife of Gotchal Levien. died 7th of May, 1778. Aged 30 years. (Inscription in Hebrew at the head above in a circle).

(35)  Here lieth the body of Mrs. Rachel Abenatar who departed this life on Friday the 17th October, 1783.  Aged 65 years, 5 months and 5 days. (Rachael as spelt on the epitaph).  (Abenattar is a great old Spanish-Jewish surname.

(36)  Hebrew followed by Da S .. a B.A. Gracia viuva de David Lopes Torres que fo em 12th de Adar 5555 que corresponde a 25th de Marzo 1795 de Idade de 46 Annos.


And then the translation in English as follows:-Here lieth the body of Mrs. Grace, widow of David Lopes Torres who departed this life the 25th March, 1795. Aged 46 years.

(37)  Here lies the body of Rachael, the wife of Jacob Scares, who departed this life on the 16th July, 1798.  Aged 32 years 5 months and 5 days.

(38)  Hebrew followed by S .. A-Da Bemaventurada anciana and honarada velha S .. ra Rachel Nunes Netto.  Fo em 2 feyra fende de Tebeth A..o 5541 que corresponde a prima de Jan .. ro 1781 de Edade de 100 Annos.


The translation of which is:-Here lieth the body of Mr. Rachael Nunes Netto, who departed this life on the 1st January, 1781.  Aged 100 years.

(39)   Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Esther the dutiful and loving daughter of Ab. . . .m and Esther Rodriques Lopez, who departed this life on Wednesday the 3rd day of November, 1784, answering to the 19th day of Hesvan 5545.  Aged 21 years and 9 months.

(40)   In the gloomy grave is interred the body of Miss Rebecca Almeyda, who departed this life on the 18th day of June, 1791, in the bloom of her youthful days.  Aged 22 years.

Partial list of those buried in the second Beth Chayim, Spanish Town, situate at the extreme southern end of White Church Street (Numbered 2) (Western side).

Inscription on the Tombstone of the Rev. Yehiel Lopes:-
(1)   To the memory of the Rev. * Yehiel Lopes of the German and Portuguese Synagogue of Spanish Town. *Correctly spelled with "J"). He officiated at its Consecration in the year 1796 and was immediately after elected Hasan, which situation he retained to the period of his death. He departed this life on the 2nd July, 1832, in the 59th year of his life on the 2nd July, 1832, in the 59th year of his age.  Which corresponds with 13th Tebet 5534. (This is incorrect, it should be 4th Tamuz 5592). (See notes in the text).

A pleasant mind, a just and generous heart
Companion without art
Just in his dealings, faithful to his friends
Beloved thro' life lamented in his end.

(The above is just as it appears on the tombstone).
Notes of Compiler:-(The epitaph has been blundered throughout).  The tomb is root-riven.

(2)  Sacred to the memory of Rachael, daughter of the Rev. Yehiel Lopes, who departed this life on Saturday, July 30th, 1831; which corresponds with 20th Ab, 5591. Aged 24 years and 10 months.  Peace be with her soul-Amen.

Left friends for her to mourn and weep
Whilst sweetly in the dust I sleep;
This toilsome world I left behind,
A glorious hope to find.

(3)  Sacred to the memory of Abigail Lopes, wife of the Rev. Yehiel Lopes who departed this life in the 85th year of her age, 31st May, 1858.  This Tablet is erected in memory of her by her affectionate daughters Rebecca and Esther.
Rest be to her soul.-Amen.

(4)   On the Southern side of her mother's grave-In memory of Rebecca Lopes, born 18th September, 1812; died March 19, 1860. God rest her soul.-Amen.
(There is a tomb beside that of Rebecca Lopes, with no Tablet thereon, probably that of her sister Esther).

(5)   Sacred to the memory of Moses daCosta Andrade who departed this life on the 1st August, 1832.  Aged 64 years and 9 months.  S.B.A.G.D.E.G. - Amen.
(The burial service was performed by the Rev. Kazan Isaac Lopez).  (His wife died in Kingston on 7th October, 1846, and was buried in the Orange Street Cemetery). He was the first of the family to come out to the Island. (I presented to the Institute of Jamaica the Hebrew-Duch Pentateuch he brought to the Island in January 1828; and also the Letters of Naturalization dated 28th January, 1828, signed by that distinguished Peninsular Veteran, Major-General Sir John Keane, K.C.B., then Lieut.-Governor of the Island.  Subsequently the orders of G.C.B. and G.C.H. were conferred upon him; and for eminent services to the State, he was, on 23rd December, 1839, elevated to the Peerage, taking  the title of Baron Keane of Ghuznee).

(6)   Hebrew inscription followed by:-

"And Judah departed from his. . . "
Herein is interred Lionel, the son of J. . .

Judah! thee shalt thy Brethren praise
For the Integrity of thy days;
To roam afar where thy cares
In the bloom of thy thriving years;
When Thou didst prosper and succeed
Heaven's thy departure decreed.
But lo!  a blissful fate reserved!
How  amply  hast  thou  deserved!
Hence to depart-with soul divine
In felicity to combine!

Died on 20th November, 1812, and buried on the morrow with respectful solemnity. Born at Bristol 27th February 1794. Aged 18 years.
(It is unfortunate that the tomb is not intact, to have enabled me to ascertain the name of the departed).

(7)   Moses Adolphus departed this life 18th July, 1808.  Aged 74 years.

(8)   Beneath this stone is interred the bodies of Mrs. Judith Adolphus and her husband Moses Adolphus (jnr.) Esqre., who both left this transitory world for a more permanent one. She died 24th November, 1795. Aged 31 years. She was what wives should be, her aim to sooth the brow of cares and leave a valued name. He died the 19th of March. 1798. Aged 56 years. (She was the donor of the Copper Pitcher).

(9)   Nathan deLeon died 8th May, 1796.

(10)   Here lies the remains of Leah Adolphus, infant daughter of Simon and Sarah Adolphus, who departed this life 20th December, 1796.

(11)   Sarah, wife of Isaac Adolphus, died 16th February, 1797.

(12)   Isaac Adolphus died 3rd October, 1797.

(13)   Morrice Friedberg of London, departed this life 18th May, 1801.  Aged 32 years.

(14)   Sacred to the memory of Simha, wife of Isaac Benjamin.
Died the  19th March. 1827; corresponding with the 19th Adar, 5587. Aged 43 years.

(15)   Sacred to the memory of Mr. Isaac Levy who departed this life on the 8th November, 1832. Aged 67 years.
(Evidently the donor of the Yad), referred to elsewhere.

(16)   In loving remembrance of Rebecca, the beloved wife of Abraham Melhado, Esquire., of Old Harbour.   Born 7th May, 1832.  Married 28th July, 1852.  Died 2nd January 1887.  Her children arise up and call her blessed, her husband also.  And he praiseth her.

(17)   Hon. Isaac Levy, Custos, St. Catherine died 7th August, 1882. Aged 70 years.  (Followed by a rather long epitaph).

(18)   Hon. Emanuel George Levy (eldest son of the above).  He was the first member of the Legislative Council for his native Parish (St. Catherine), under the present form of Government.  Born on 2nd September, 1848.  Died 19th September, 1886.  Corresponding with the 29 Elul 5646.  Aged 38 years and 17 days.  He acted as Custos of St. Catherine for about three months in 1830; and was the sitting member in Council at the time of his death, which occurred at Port Henderson.

(19)   Miriam Louise Andrade, beloved wife of Jacob A. P. M Andrade.  Born at Peru 27th January, 1879.  Died at Spanish Town on 21st March, 1908.  Aged 29 years, 7 weeks and 5 days.

(20)   Here lieth the remains of Aaron N. Henriques (Senior) Esqre., who departed this life on Tuesday the 22nd December, 1807.  Aged 81 years.  (Some lines follow).

(21)   Here lieth the body of Isaac Ferro who departed this life on 18th June. 1808, which corresponds with the 18 Tebet 5568.  Aged 73 years.

(22)   Here lies the body of Elizabeth, the wife of Jacob Adolphus, who departed this life on 10th January, 1817. Some lines follow.

(23)   In sacred memory of David daCosta Andrade, youngest son of the late Jacob and Rebecca daCosta Andrade. Born 1st February, 1847. Died 22nd September, 1900.

(24)   In loving memory of Luna Julia Andrade, relict of David daCosta Andrade. Born 31st October, 1849. Died 20th September, 1930. (My dear parents).

Inscriptions on Tombstones in the Cemetery adjacent to the K.K.N.S., Spanish Town. (This Cemetery was in existence previous to 1824) :-

(1)   Sarah deCampos-Died 9th December, 1824. Aged 69 years.

(2)   Dr. Emanuel Melhado-Born 16th-17th December, 1779. Died 6th January, 1834, as the result of an accident. (My maternal great-grand-father).

(3)   Daniel Dias Fernandez, son of Jacob and Esther Dias Fernandez of London. Died 23rd July, 182-. (The fourth figure is obliterated).

(4)   Jacob Sanguinetti (jnr.) died 6th December, 1830. (His age is obliterated).

(5)   Mrs. Rachael Mendes died 25th September, 1840. Aged 77 years.

(6)   Sacred to the memory of Sophia, the beloved wife of Solomon daSilva Lindo.  Died 3rd April. 1860. Aged 46 years. "She was good in every relation of life."

(7)   Solomon daSilva Lindo (husband of the foregoing).  Born 13th March, 1805.  Died 1st November, 1866.

(8)   Emanuel Hezekiah Barrow (father of the late Haim Barrow). Died 15th December, 1837.  Aged 39 years.  

Here rests beneath this stone and mound of earth,
A man of talent-noble heart, but humble birth;
Yet fortune frown'd-till death's invisible Hand
We hope, conveyed his soul to a greater, better land

(9)   Miss Esther Mendes who died 19th July, 1837.  Aged 81 years.

(10)   Rebecca daCosta Andrade, relict of Jacob Andrade.  Born 8th August, 1824.  Died 30th April, 1885; corresponding with 15 Iyar 5645.  Aged 60 years, 8 months and 22 days.  (My dearly beloved grandmother).

(11)   In affectionate memory of Moses Delevante of London, who died on the 14th October, 1881, in the 69th year of his age.  Regretted and respected by all who knew him.  (Followed by some Hebrew).

(12)   In memory of Jacob delaPenha, who died January 1, 1870 in the 69th year of his age.

(13)   Sacred to the memory of Benjamin Hqs. Melhado, who departed this life on the 5th February, 1870. Aged 37 years.  May his soul rest in peace.

(14)   In affectionate remembrance of Septimus K(ing) Magnus- Born 3rd January, 1829. Died 19th October, 1886. Though lost to sight to memory dear.

(15)   Hebrew followed by:-In memory of Daniel Wolfe-Born 23rd March, 1805. Died 7th February, 1861.

(16)   Sacred to the memory of Gilbert Augustus Lyon, who died on the 4th October, 1833. Aged 54. (As he was born on 20th September, 1833, he was really only in his 51st. year).

(17)   Sacred to the memory of Moses Lyon, who died 5th December. 1855. Aged 61 years, 8 months and 11 days. (Father of No. 16, 28 and 29).

(18)   Sacred to the memory of Abm. Mesquitta, who departed this life on the 22nd December, 1857, in the 31st year of his age. (This tomb is erected by his beloved sister).

(19)   Jacob Gomes Casseres-Born 17th December, 1825. Died 25th February, 1862.-R.I.P.

(20)   Daniel Gomes Casseres-Born 8th May, 1806. Died 18th September, 1858.-R.I.P.

(21)   To the memory of Jacob Sanguinetti, who departed this life on the 31st July, 1870.

(22)   Sacred to the memory of Master Emanuel, son of Emanuel and Luna Melhado. He died on the 29th November, 1835. Aged 8 years.

(23)   Hebrew super-scription, followed by-Sacred to the memory of Michael Lawton, who died 17th February, 1872. Adar Rishon 5632. Aged 55 years. This Tomb is erected by his children in token of their duty and affection. (Some Hebrew follows).
(My late wife's paternal grand-father).

(24)   Sacred to the memory of Mr. Abraham Vaz, who for many years officiated as Lay Reader to the United Synagogues of this Town. Died October 8, 1856. Corresponding with the 9th Tisri 5617. Aged 54 years.

(25)   A. S. Barham, who departed this life on the 21st February, 1847. Aged 28 years, 2 months and 19 days.

(26)   Sacred to the memory of Rebecca Jacobs who died October 20, 1886. Aged 80 years. "May her soul rest in peace."

(27)   Sacred to the memory of Caroline, the beloved wife of I. H. DeSouza, who departed this life on the 14th July, 1887. Aged 65 years. "May her soul rest in peace."

(28)   Sacred to the memory of George Belmore Lyon, who died June 25, 1867. Aged 38 years, 1 month and 19 days.

(29)   To the memory of William Henry Lyon, who departed this life on the 10th day of August, 1874. (As he was born on 25th June, 1831, he was really only in his 44th year). Aged 60 years.  This Tablet is erected to his memory by his beloved widow.-Requiescat in Pace.

(30)   Sacred to the memory of Rachael Barrow, relict of the late Emanuel H. Barrow, who departed this life on the 24th July, 1860. Aged 64 years.


St. Ann's Bay (The one now in use).

(1)   The Honble. Charles Clement Bravo-Died May 14, 1868, at Seville Estate. Aged 52 years.  (Member of the Legislative Council). Note- He was really named Isaac.

(2)   Sacred to the memory of Honble. Michael Solomon, C.M.G., Custos Rotulorum of the Parish of St. Ann, and Member of the Legislative Council for the Electoral District of St. Ann and St. Mary, who departed this life at Seville Estate, St Ann's Bay, on May 5, 1892. Aged 74 years. (The friend of the widow).

(3)   In loving memory of Adelaide, widow of Honble. Michael Solomon, who died August 20, 1896. Aged 75 years.

(4)   Thomas Philip Hart (Inspector of Police for St. Ann)-Born 1828. Died 1876. (Third son of the Honble. Daniel Hart, Member of the House of Assembly and Custos of St. Mary).

(5)   In loving memory of H. W. Weyrauch, who died 15th June, 1919.

(6)   To the memory of Richard Moss, J.P., of Lillyfield and Southfield Penns, St. Ann, who died 30th November, 1896 in his 66th year.

(7)   David Morris-Born 17th February, 1824, in the Parish of St. Margaret in the Borough of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk, England. Died at St. Ann's Bay 1st August, 1871. Aged 47 years. (Father of Mrs. A. J. Hart and Mrs. Clara Arscott). He was a cousin of Charles Alexander, President of the English and German Synagogue.

(8)   Sacred to the memory of David Aarons who departed this life 28th June, 1847. Aged 37 years. Leaving a widow and eight children to mourn his loss.  A dutiful son and husband and a true friend.

(9)   In memory of Anna Corinaldi Hart who died July 5, 1892. Aged 53 years (a widow).  (Lines follow).

(10)   In memory of Lillian Anne, widow of the late Frederick, and daughter of the late R. Moss of Lillyfield Pen, St. Ann-who departed this life, January 4, 1900. Aged 32 years.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord for they rest from their labours."

(11)   In loving memory of a loving brother, Frederick Von Molke Hart, who died 14th July, 1894. Aged 23 years He giveth His beloved sleep.

(12)   In loving memory of Henry Ellis deLisser, who died August 16, 1915. Light- after Darkness.

(13)   Albert Joseph Hart-Born 9th March, 1842. Died 13th May, 1912. Aged 83 years, 2 months and 14 days.


Brown's Town

The following, among others, are buried here:-

(i)   Judah Moses, the leading Jewish resident of his day, died about 1869.

(ii)   Isaac Morris of Ipswich, England-Born 18th May, 1815. Died 23rd December 1870. (Morris officiated at the burial of the Jewish dead here).

(iii)   William Costa-He was born in London. Died on 10th August, 1892, in the 72nd year of his age.

(iv)   Solomon Moses-Died 5th February, 1891. Aged 84 years. A Widower).

(v)   Matthew Lyon-Died 9th September, 1903. Aged 91 years. A Widower).

  N.B.-The particulars of Nos. 4 and 5 were obtained from General Register Office.


(Annotto Bay)

(1)  Sacred to the memory of Judith Jacobs, the beloved wife of Henry J. Jacobs, who departed this life on March 6, 1862. Aged 52 years. She was a fond and loving wife and affectionate mother of unbounded charity. Her memory is embalmed in the hearts of all who knew her. This Tomb is erected by her husband who deeply mourns his loss. "May her soul rest in peace."

(2)   In this Consecrated ground repose the earthly remains of Benjamin Abraham Franklin, native of England and for over 50 years an honoured citizen of Kingston, Jamaica. Returning homeward he was suddenly called to rest off the coast upon the S.S. Alvena on 15 Iyar 5648-26th April, 1888-in the 78th year of his age. His surviving brothers in England have set up this monument to his cherished memory. A more enduring memory has been raised by himself through the rare example he left of unswerving fidelity to his ancestral religion and his life-long self-sacrificing devotion to the public good.
Note:-He was born at Manchester in 1811, and came out to the Island about the year 1837).

(3)   In memory of our loved Lizzie, wife of Ernest Levy, who died on 28th November, 1891. "May her soul rest in peace."

(There are five Cholera graves here so marked).



(Mannings Town-Port Maria)

(1)  Elizabeth-wife of Alexander Alberga-1st September, 1856.

(2)   Rachael-daughter of David and Louisa R. daCosta-1850.

(3)   Matilda Lindo-17th November, 1880.

(4)   Jacob de la Motta-26th January, 1881.

(5)   Septimus Lyon Lindo-1871.

(6)   Michael Levy-13th July, 1871.

(7)   Aaron Rodriques daCosta-1869.

(8)   Abraham R. daCosta-1905.

(9)   Solomon R. daCosta-1908.

(10) & (10a)   J. J. Lyon and wife.

(11)  Moses Levy-1894.

(12)   Alexander daCosta-1893.

Note:-There are many others besides these, but these seem the most important.


At Gaza at Rose Corner near Alligator Pond in the Village of Watson's Hill.


(Founded by Rebecca, widow of Aaron Jacob Sampson)

There where the wicked cease from troubling
And where the exhausted weary are at rest"
  F. Bonitto-Kingston.

(1)   Sacred to the memory of Jacob P. Mendes, who died 17th December, 1867. Aged 38 years.

(2)   To the Revered memory of David, the son of Aaron Sampson, who departed this life at 11 p.m. on the night of Thursday the 15th November, 1883, in the 66th year of age.

(3)   Here lies Evelyn Agusta, infant child of David and Esther Sampson who died 4th July, 1857. Aged 7 months and 18 days. "A little cherub gone to rest."
                                         -Blychenden & Wilson.

(4)  Here lies Lynden Evelyn, infant child of David and Esther Sampson, who died  11th January, 1859. Aged 2 months and 17 days. "A little cherub gone to rest."

(5)  Sacred to the memory of Rachel, the beloved wife of David Sampson, who departed this life on the 1st January, 1855. Aged 26 years less 2 days. A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband.
                                           - D'Cordova.

(6)   Here lies Minnie Geraldine, infant child of David and Esther Sampson, who died 17th January, 1867. Aged 3 months and 11 days. "A little cherub gone to rest."

(7)   Sacred to the memory of Leah P. Mendes, who departed this life on the 2nd of August, 1862. Aged 64 years and 8 months. To the Inexpressible Grief of her dear children.

(8)   Here lies the darling of my heart, Lillian Gertrude, infant daughter of Jacob and Grace S. Vaz, who died on the 21st February, 1879. Aged 3 years and 3 months.

(9)   Sacred to the memory of Solomon Elvino Malvern, only son of Abraham and Sarah daCosta. Born 25th March, 1877.  Died 27th September, 1878. Aged 18 months and 2 days.
                             -F. Bonitto - Kingston.

(10)   Sacred to the memory of Deborah, wife of Michael Solomon, who departed this life on the 30th September, 1844.  Aged 18 years and 11 months.

(11)   In loving memory of Karl Deveril, infant son of David Emanuel and Eva Sampson, who died 28th September, 1894. Aged 2 months.

(12)   Sacred to the beloved memory of Evelyn Agusta, the idolized child of David and Esther Sampson, who departed this life on the 25th day of July, 1874, at the early age of 7 years less 3 months. "A little cherub gone to rest."

(13)   Sacred to the memory of Abraham, son of M. and D. Solomon, who died in August 1844. Aged 2 months.

(14)   Sacred to the memory of Eustace Percival Deleon, the beloved son of Abraham and Madeline Deleon, who departed this life on the 5th April, 1888. Aged 13 years and 4 months.

(15)   This Tablet is erected in loving remembrance by Joseph and Sarah Deleon. "Gone but not forgotten."

(16)   Sacred to the memory of Aaron Sampson, who died on 28th February, 1828. Aged 37 years.

(17)   Sacred to the memory of Solomon Rodriques DaCosta, who departed this life on 31st March. 1884. Aged 76 years and 5 months. "May his soul rest in peace."

(18)   In affectionate and loving memory of our dearly beloved mother Sarah DaCosta, who passed away on 20th August, 1892. "Gone but not forgotten."

(19)   Sacred to the memory of Julia M. Morals, who died 10th August, 1871, in the 61st year of her age.

(20)   Sacred to the memory of Dinah Bravo, who died on the 12th February, 1835. Aged 36 years.

(21) Sacred to the memory of Ellis Lucius Sampson, who departed this life on the 8th February, 1861, in the 40th year of his age. "May his soul rest in peace."
                                         -F. Bonitto-Kingston.

(22)   Mary Ann Alberga (sister of Hon. David Judah Alberga and Alexander Montagu Alberga) has not been tombed.

(23)   Adelle, beloved wife of Abraham S. DaCosta, died 18th January, 1867. Aged 26 years.

(24)   Abraham Augustus DaCosta-Died 8th January,1865. Aged 26 years.

(25)   Rebecca, widow of Aaron of Jacob Sampson. (An inscription in Hebrew follows).




(1)   De bemaventurada Rachael, mulher que foy de Abraham Lindo fo. em 23 Hesvan 5510 que correspe a 24 Octuba (?) 1749.
(White Marble Slab).

S. .A

(2)   De bemaventurado Isaac Frois, Senr., fo. em 3 de Ab 5511 que corresponde a 14 de Julho 1751 de Ydade de 74 anos.
(White Marble Slab).

(3)   De bemaventurado Benjamin Henriques Lopez quel fo. em 11 de Tebet 5513 que correspe. a 18 Dezo 1752 de Ydade ... anos.
(White Marble Slab).

(4)   De bemaventurado Ehan Aboab Furtado qual fo. em 22 de Menachem 5515 que corresponde a 30 Julho 1755 de Ydade 36 anos.
(White Marble Slab).

(5)   In memory of Isaac Stevenson, Obt: August 1st, 1791 Aged 13(?)years).
(Yellow Limestone Slab).

(6)   Do Ahjo Joseph de Jacob Nunes Lara fo. em 17 de Tebet. (Fragment of White Marble Slab, evidently from a child's tomb, judging from the size).

(7)   To the memory of Abraham Tavares, senr., Esqre, Obt: 24th March 1803, aet 84 anos.
(Stone tomb with White Marble Slab). This inscription is headed by eight lines in Hebrew characters.

There are quite a large number of other tombstones there with purely Hebrew characters.

In the St. Mary's Anglican Churchyard, St. Elizabeth there is a tombstone "To the memory of Asher Isaacs." I am inclined to the view that he was a member of Isaacs family which seceded from Judaism in the early years of the last century, and gave some of its members to the Christian ministry.



(Cemetery at Glenmore, adjoining Dukes Hill)

(1)  Here lieth the body of Abigail Lyon. daughter of Mr. Isaac and Judith Lyon, who departed this life on the 19th day of April, 1733. Aged 5 years and 22 days.

(2)  Here lieth the body of Luna Lyon, the daughter of Mr. Isaac and Judith Lyon, who departed this life on the 22nd day of April, 1755. Aged 2 years, 2 months and 24 days.

(3)  (In a circle) - The body of Rebecca, late wife of Lazarus Publico (?) inter'd betwixt her two daughters.  She departed this transient life November 9, 1756.  Aged 28 years 3 months and 24 days - being married 8 years, 4 months and 11 days. (Hebrew inscription here.).

Within these lonely mansions of the dead
Whose rich and poor no more distinctions know
Now her pale cheeks estranged in blooming red
Here finds in death a silent sweet repose.

(4)  Here lieth the body of Mr. Jacob Lyon, grandfather of the children, Abigail and Luna Lyon, who departed this life the 13th day of January, 1762. Aged 57 years.

He to his wife a loving husband were
A tender father to his children dear.

(Descendants of his (non-Jews however) reside in the Cayman Islands).

(5)   Here lieth the body of Rebecca Fonseca Pinto, daughter of Benjamin and Judith Pinto, who departed this life on the 31st day of May, 1783 (or 88) (indistinct).  Aged 8
months and 20 days.

(6)   Here lieth the body of Mr. Moses Levy of Lucea.  He was a native of New York and resident in this island 40 years. He died on 22nd October, 1822. Aged 66 years.

(7)   Here lieth the body of Solomon, the son of Isaac and Judith Lyon, who departed this life on June 5, 1785,  Aged 2 years, 1 month and 16 days.



Jewish Cemetery adjacent to the Burial Ground of the Church of England.  The Land was the gift of the Vestry.  See Minutes of the House of Assembly of 1830.

(1)  To the memory of Mr. Isaac Barrow, who departed this life on the 16th August. 1834.  Aged [blank] years.

(2)   To the memory of David, son of Daniel and Esther Wolfe who died 7th October, 1835.  Aged 3 years, 2 months and 17 days.

(3)   Joseph-Infant son of Joseph and Lucretia DaCosta-1839.

(4)   Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah Harris (born in England)-Relict of the late Henry Harris, who departed this life on the 2nd August, 1840. Aged 53 years.

(5)  Here lieth the remains of Lewis Bing, who was born in London, 30th October, 1801. Died on 23rd November, 1856.  Aged 55 years and 24 days. Bing was a Lieutenant in the Regiment of Horse Militia for Hanover, with commission dated  22nd September, 1843.  He was initiated in the Friendly Lodge, Montego Bay, No. 383, on February 3, 1823.

(6)  To the memory of Philip Hart-Born in London 2nd May, 1823. Died in this Town, March 20, 1877.

(7)  Isabella and Esther Wolfe (two children).

(8)  To the memory of Simon Emanuel Esquire, formerly of London, England.  Born 1819.  Died in this Town the 29th September, 1884. Aged 65 years. (The tombstone has a superscription and a subscription in Hebrew characters).  He was the last to be buried here.

For upwards of 40 years the cemetery had been kept in order by the late Frederick Emanuel, son of Simon Emanuel (No. 8) who was not of the Jewish persuasion. Members of his family still continue the good work. (There are other graves without tombstones ).



"Following are the graves with inscriptions in English: -

(1)   Joseph Ezechias Lopez daSilva-Died 10th January,  1760.

(2)   Monsanto-Died in 1763.

(3)  Abraham Lopez-Died 5th March, 1767.

(4)  Rachael, wife of Mordecai Pelba-Died 25th January, 1775.

(5)   Joudith daSilva-Date of death erased completely.

(6)   Moses Lopez-Date of death not distinct.

There are Hebrew characters on all these tombstones. "There are other tombstones covered up with earth which evidently fell during a hurricane, and are so heavy that it would take a gang of men to dig them up to get the inscriptions thereon.  There are a goodly number of people living on the lands attached to this cemetery, but I cannot find out to whom they are paying rent.  The brick-walls are broken down and the place is in a horrible condition, with bush."
"The land has been squatted upon, and the squatters are destroying the tombstones, &c."
"The Parochial Board of the Parish had the cemetery cleaned towards the close of 1925."
I am indebted to Maurice H. ;Segre for the foregoing information.  The land has since been brought under the Registration of Titles Law.  (I have not succeeded in tracing the title for the land).


Aaron Touro who died about the year 1780, appears to have been buried here.  (See his Will recorded at Liber 46, folio 149).


(Inscriptions on Tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery in Union Street, Montego Bay).

(1)   Sacred to the memory of Moses Fernandes Mesquita, son of Abraham Gonzales Mesquita, who died 4th May, 1773. Aged

(2)   Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Leah Gedelia who departed this life on the 20th November, 1791. Aged 37 years.

(3)   Sacred to the memory of Miss Leah Wetzlar, daughter of Daniel and Judith Wetzlar, who departed this life on 17th February, 1821. Aged erased, appears however to be 9 years and 8 months.

(4)   In memory of Isaac Isaacs, eldest son of Henry and Sarah Isaacs, who departed this life 28th June, 1823. Aged 20 years, 4 months and 6 days. He was a dutiful son, endeared by all who knew him.

(5)   Sacred to the memory of Luna, relict of Dr. Emanuel Melhado, who died on 25th June, 1853.  Aged 60 years.

The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

(My maternal great-grand-mother).

(6)  Frederick L(evy) Castle-Died 11lth June, 1872.

(7)  Sacred to the memory of Samuel DeLisser, who departed this life on the 12th January,  1834, in the 44th year of his life.

(8)  In memory of Cecil L. Isaacs Esq., Vice-President K.K.B.Y., Montego Bay Obit, 24th June, 1865. Aged 71 years. This Tablet is erected by the President and members of the Congregation in testimony of the esteem in which he was held by them.

(9)   In memory of Hannah, relict of J. P. Corinaldi Esqre., and daughter of Samuel Godelia-Died 2nd January, 1870.  Aged 85 years.

(10)   Sacred to the memory of Mr. Samah Gedelia who departed this life the 20th February, 1804.  Aged 76 years.  Having resided 48 years in the Island.

(11)   In memory of our beloved mother Esther Nunes, relict of Benjamin Nunes (Senior), Obit 7th December, 1876.  Aged 84 years.

(12)   Sacred to the memory of Esther, the beloved wife of Simon Magnus (jnr.), who departed this life March 7, 1859, in her 36th year.  Leaving a disconsolate husband and 8 children to mourn her loss.

The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away--
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

(13)   Sacred to the memory of Helene, the beloved and deeply lamented wife of Adolpha Philipson.

The loving wife of scarce a year!
A mother but for a week!

(14)   Beneath lieth deposited all that was mortal of Henry Milligan, who departed this life October 14, 1853. Aged 41 years. (Some lines follow).

(15)  In memory of Rebecca, wife of Aaron Isaacs of this Town, who died of malignant cholera after only 10 hours' illness-December 7, 1854. Aged 41 years. (Some lines follow).

(16)  Sacred to the memory of Moses Gedelia Esqre., who died 11th December, 1858, in his 83rd year.

(17)  Sacred to the memory of Cecilia, wife of Sidney Levien, who departed this life  on the 30th June, 1865; the 6th Tamuz 5625.  Aged 58.  Leaving several children and grand-children to mourn her loss.-"May her soul rest in peace."

(18)  Sacred to the memory of Frederick Isaacs of Haddo Pen, Westmoreland, who departed this life on the 21st day of November, 1897. Aged 59 years.  This Tablet was erected by his affectionate wife.

Life's work well done, earns its reward in Heaven.
Father in Thy Gracious keeping,
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.

(19)  Lazarus Daniel Wetzlar of Frankfort, Sur-la-main--Died 4th December, 1821.  Aged 46 years.

(20)  Daniel Isaacs-Died 10th August, 5634-1874. Aged 72 years.

(21)  Catherine-Relict of Daniel Isaacs. Died 22nd February, 1883-5643.  Aged 76 years.

(22)  Samah Gedelia Corinaldi-Born 4th October, 1810; died 16th June, 1886-13 Sivan 5646.  "May his soul be bound in the Bundle of Life."

(23)  Julia-Relict of S. G. Corinaldi. Born 15th November, 1825; died 30th October, 1917.  One of Israel's virtuous daughters. Mother of Adolphe Joseph and the late Samah Gedelia Corinaldi, among other children. (The last intramural burial in the Town of Montego Bay).

(24)  Rosa, Louisa and Anna-Children of Asher and Elizabeth Solomon, who died of scarlatina, 16th and 21st July, 1842.
(Some lines follow).

(25)   Samuel Phillips (father of the Hon. George Lyon Phillips, P.C. &c.)-Died August 31, 5578.  Aged 29 years. Leaving a widow and seven children to lament the loss of an affectionate husband and tender parent.  (See No. 41).

(26)   Benjamin Rodriques-Died 19th June, 1846, in the 33rd year of his life. (Some lines follow).

(27)   Benjamin Nunes-Died 29th March, 1835. Aged 44 years.

(28)   Maria Bellinger-Born 20th December, 1822. Died August 31, 1889. (A sister of the Hon. Robert Nunes).

(29)   Florence Alice (nee Rodriques)-Beloved wife of Samuel Hart. Died 2nd July, 1886. Aged 25 years.

(30)   To our loving sister Jane Magnus, who died 2nd June, 1895. Aged 50 years.

(31)   Sacred to the memory of Henry Simon, who departed this life on June 3,1842. Aged 33 years. Leaving a widow and two children to lament his loss.

(32)   Sacred to the memory of Abraham Hart-Born 28th September, 1812; died 28th March, 1875.  Aged 63 years.

(33)   Sacred to the memory of Caroline, daughter of Mr. Cecil L. Isaacs of this  town, who departed this life on the 10th October,1831. Aged 9 years and 2 months.

(34)   Augustine Tancred, son of Ralph and Emma Nunes-Born November 27,1855; died June 11, 1856.  Aged 6 months

(35)   Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Judith Wetzlar, the wife of N. D. Wetzlar Esqre., who departed this life 8th November 1821. Aged 42 years.

(36)   In memory of J. P. Corinaldi Esqre., who departed this life February 24, 1825.  Aged 56 years. This tomb is erected as a mark of affection by one of his sons

(37)   Benjamin, son of S. G. and J. Corinaldi, died 26th November, 1863.

(38)   Ellis son of S. G. and J. Corinaldi, Obit. 1st November, 1852.

(39)  Wellesley Bourke, son of S. G. and J. Corinaldi, died 23rd September, 1860.

(40)  Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Asher Solomon, who departed this life 4th November, 1842. Aged 27 years, after a lingering illness, the  anguish of which augmented by the bereavement of two amiable and promising children she bore with the greatest patience and exemplary fortitude.

(41)  Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Anna Phillips, the beloved wife of the late Samuel Phillips Esqre., of Montego Bay, and daughter of the late Philip Nathan Esqre. of Portsmouth, who departed this life on the 7th November, 5592.  Aged 46 years. Leaving eight orphan children, numerous relatives and a large circle of friends to bewail her irretrievable loss.  Far from her native land &r."  (See No. 25).

(42)   Sacred to the memory of Richard Lindo Esqre., who departed this life on the 23rd July, 1839, in the 38th year of his age.

(43)  Rebecca, wife of Henry I. Isaacs and daughter of the late Benjamin Rodriques, who departed this life 11th May, 1858, in the 33rd year of her age.

No more a husband's home can thy presence grace,
Nor thy loving smiles on the home circle be;
For now with God, thou art where all are free,
Whose love and splendour will adorn thy face.
Thy loving innocent babes, will never know the kind
maternal and unceasing care.

(44)  Our departed boy, George Washington Rodriques, who died 22nd March, 1860. Aged 9 months, 28 days.

(45)   Sacred to the memory of Alice, daughter of Robert and Rebecca Nunes, who departed this life on Monday the 13th of Shebat, 5609, corresponding with the 5th of February, 1849.  Aged 9 months and 18 days.

'Tis God that lifts our comforts high and sinks them in the grave.
He gives and when He takes away
He takes but what He gave.

(46)   Sacred to the memory of Sarah, daughter of Robert and Rebecca Nunes, who departed this life on Sunday the 6th of Tebet, 5606, corresponding with the 4th of January. Aged 16 months and 22 days.

(47)   In memory of Euphemia daughter of J. P. Corinaldi Esqre., who died 5th September, 1899.  Aged 39 years.

(48)   This grave stone a small token, but sad Memorial of her children's affection is erected to the memory of Elizabeth Aarons, the estimable, beloved and affectionate relict of the late David Aarons, who departed this life on 12th January, 1861. Aged 47 years. "Thou lost to life to memory dear."

(49)  Sacred to the memory of Simon Magnus (jnr.) who departed this life on the 7th May, 1867, in the 55th year of his age.  This tomb is erected as a mark of respect by his sons and daughters, who will ever cherish his memory and lament their irreparable loss.

(50)   In memory of Charles Rodriques, who died 13th August, 1893; and Louisa Rodriques, who died 17th October, 1898. This tablet is erected by their loving children. "He giveth his beloved sleep."

(51)   Sacred to the memory of Horatio Corinaldi, who departed this life on the 13th August, 1863, in the 55th year of his age.  "Peace be to his soul."

(52)   Sacred to the memory of Edwin Aarons, who departed this life on the 24th day of May, 1884, in the 49th year of his age.

(53)   In memory of our beloved mother Louisa, wife of Henry Alberga, who died 19th August, 1893. Aged 74 years.  "Oh for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still."

(54)   In loving memory of Horatio Aarons, who departed this life on 28th September, 1897.  Aged 62 years.


(Inscriptions on Tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery of Montego Bay, on the road to Falmouth), (now in use).

(1)   In loving memory of Charles Levy, who died on the 17th of February, 1900.  "Not dead but gone before."  Stated to be the first body interred here:  Uncle of Mr. Adolphe J. and the late Samah G. Corinaldi, among others.

(2)   In loving memory of Hortense G. Nash, who died on the 2nd of August, 1905.

"Not gone from memory,
Not gone from love,
But gone to her Heavenly Home above."

(3)   Sacred to the memory of Louisa Reuben, who died 2nd March, 1923.

(4)   Phoebe Isaacs, who died April 10, 1910.  "O, for the touch
of a vanished hand."

(5)   In loving memory of Edna May, daughter of A. D. and R. Jacobs--Born 20th April, 1904; died 30th September, 1910.  Aged 6 years and 5 months. "Our darling sleeps."

(6)   In loving memory of Geo. L. P. Corinaldi- Born 29th May, 1846; died 17th June, 1906.  "He rests in Peace."

(7)   In loving memory of Alice Maud Aarons, who died on 13th July, 1913, in her 63rd year.  (Lines follow).

(8)   In memory of Samuel Hart--Born 9th March, 1844; died 13th February, 1919.  He lived respected and died regretted.

(9)   In loving memory of Leslie Leon, the beloved son of Arthur deSouza and Ralphina Jacobs--Born 6th December 1894; died 13th January, 1903. Aged 8 years. "Not lost but gone before."

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