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Custos Rotulorum, &c. - Hon. Edward Jordon.
Magistrates. -
George Burrell Smith
John Nethersole
John Samuel Brown,
†Henry Lord Garrigues
*Philip Lawrence
Hon. Robert Osborn
†Charles Lake
James Taylor
Thomas Belcher Wiltshire
Samuel Pryce
Richard James Cade Hi tchins
Hon. James Porteous
*James Carsen
Simon Magnus
James Campbell
James Davidson
*Nathaniel Robert Darrell
John Daughtrey
Phineas Bravo
Henry Hutchings
†Edward Chitty
John Nunes
*William Wright
*Jeremiah Leaycraft
† Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas
†William Tarrant
James Derbyshire
John Fowles
Edward Lucas
Samuel Hendrick
Melmoth Turton Hall
Charles Campbell
James Henry McDowell
David Ewart
George Delgado
George Willis
*Henry Pinnock
Hon. Charles McGregor
Hon. Alexander Barclay
Charles George Barclay
Jacob Mitchell
David Martin
Edward Vickars
Aaron Salom
David Brandon
Colin Campbell
Jacob Nunes Vaz
David Qualo
William Samuel Paine
Theodore DePass
Andrew Dunn
Gilbert McNab
Alex. Fiddes
Sampson Altman
James Scott
Joseph McGrath, junr.
Andrew Scott
Maurice O'Connor Morris
George William Gordon
Richard Atkinson,
William Bristowe Morris
Charles Armstrong
John Jonas Hart
George Silvera
Peter Alexander Espeut
*George Patterson
Stephen. Weise Mais
William Barclay
William George Astwood
Thomas Breakspear
Frederick William Nethersole
Henry Solomon Samuels
Emanuel Lyons
William Girod
William Salmon Cooper
Richard Chamberlaine
Richard Hitchins.

Clerk of the Peace and Magistrates' Clerk. - Samuel Murphy.

Deputy ditto. - Henry John Bicknell.

Coroner.- Benjamin Naar.

Clerk of the Market. Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas. (Government appointment).

Health. Officer.-George P. M. Downer.

Harbour Master.- William Salmon Cooper, Corn. R.N.

Crier of the Circuit Court.- Richard Allen.



Elected the second Wednesday in January. The Term of office is three years. Four Aldermen and four Common Councilmen go out in rotation, but may be re-elected. When an election is made to supply a vacancy, the member elected serves for the remainder of the term of the member in whose place he is chosen.

Mayor and Custos Rotulorum.- Hon Edward Jordon.

Aldermen according to seniority.-
Richard James Cade Hitchins
Hon. Robert Osborn
Colin Campbell
James Taylor
David Qualo
Joseph Stines
Aaron Salom
Peter Alexander Espeut
Edward Vickars
John Nunes
Edward Lucas
Foster Henry March

Common Councilmen: Stephen Weis Mais, James Kay Fingzies, Henry Delgado, William Girod, Charles Anthony Price, David Brandon, James Henry McDowell, H. B. Morris, Charles Arthur Robinson, George Ennis, David Judah Alberga, Isaac Lawton.



Recorder.-John Duff. (£80)

Solicitor.-Henry Franklin

Churchwardens - Lewis Q. Bowerbank, Henry F. Colthirst.

Clerk of the Common Council. - Thomas Stratton Cushnie. (£460)

Collecting Constables and Collectors of Taxes. -
      East of King Street, Hyman Levy;
      West of King Street, Louis Lewis. (£125 each.)
Collector of Fines. - Hyman Levy.
Inspector of Weights and Measures.-Richard Edwards.

Surgeon to Out-Pensioners.- [blank]
Distributor of Allowances to Out-Pensioners - George Edward Aldred. (£50 )
Collectors of Petty Debts.-John Escoffery, George Edward  Aldred. (Fees.)

Keeper of Town Clock. - John Burger. (£20)

Cleaner of the Court House.- Elizabeth Mumford. (£26)

Locker and Keeper of Court house, &c., and Messenger on Committees. - Abraham Alvaranga. (£60)



Clerk -David F. Burke. (£80)
Sexton - Alexander Naar Degraft. (£10 and fees.)
Beadle.- John Sinclair. (£15)
Asistant ditto and Messenger.- James Patrick Curry. (£25)
Organist.-Mary Galbraith.( £50)
Organ Regulator. - John Dumetz. (£12)
Cleaner and Bell Ringer.- John Sinclair. (£25)


Clerk.-Alexander Beadle.-Joseph John Rugless. (£15)
1st. additional Beadle.-Horatio Barrett. (£10)
2nd. ditto.- Henry Dunn. (£10)
Organist.- Ellen Barnes. (£50)
Organ Regulator  John Dumetz (£12)
Cleaner.-Ann Bell. (£10)


Clerk.-Henry Brodhurst. (£35)
Beadle.-William Browne Pine.(£15)
Additional ditto. - William Love. (£10).
Organist. - William Lee. (£50)
Organ Regulator. - John Dumetz. (£12)
Cleaner.-Mrs. Sarah Polson (£10 )


PUBLIC HOSPITAL-see "Public Hospitals."

Medical Practitioners.-Joseph Magrath, Charles Campbell, Alexander Fiddes, Andrew Dunn, Sampson Altman, Joseph A. Magrath, junr., James Scott, Hospital , C. P. Jobet, Lewis Q. Bowerbank

President of Firewardens. - Edward Vickars.
Vice-President - M. Morris, and 30 members.
Clerk. - Charles H. Davis.

Surveyor.- Henry Benjamin Bethune (£50)

Crier of the Circuit Court.- Richard Allen.


Custos Rotulorum, &c. - Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas

James Williams
James Taylor
*John White
James Brooks
† Hon. Charles McLarty Morales
Henry Kent
William George Lowe
Jacob Mitchell
Daniel Jacobs
Benjamin Magill
Hon. James Porteus
*John Taylor
*Edward Hilditch
James Derbyshire
Theodore DePass
*Henry Lascelles
Edward Lucas
Joseph Alexander
*Joseph Gordon
Stephen Weise Mais
Henry Mais
Solomon Levy Barned
William Salmon Cooper
Jeremiah Leaycraft
James Davidson
Charles Lascelles
George H. Chevannes
John Nunes
Robert Marshall Perring.

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates.-John Duff.

Churchwardens.- William Rice, Rev. Charles Fyfe.

Vestrymen.- Benjamin Magill, Arthur Savage, Henry Kent, William Campbell, James Derbyshire, John Nethersole, Theodore DePass, Emanuel E. Russell, Edward Lucas, Rev. Colin Maclaverty.

Clerk of the Vestry. - James Williams.

Collecting Constable and Collector of Taxes.- William George Lowe.

Coroner. -
      Mountain  District, Dr. Alexander Charles Dallas
      Town District, Francis White.

Solicitor.-John Duff.

Clerk of the Market. - Town, -John Engledue.

Collector of Petty Debts.-
      Town District, Henry Darby Martin
      Mountain District, James Williamson

      at Rodon Vale, Richard Hamilton
      at Bull Bay, James Stewart.

Parish Clerk [Anglican Minister].-George G. Crosbie.
Organist. - Miss Isab. Magnan.
Sextoness.-Mary Ann Marshall.

Health Officer.-George P. M. Downer.
Medical Practitioners.- Alexander Charles Dallas.

Petty Sessions are held in the Town District every second Tuesday; at Guava Ridge every second Friday; at Harbour Head every third Saturday in every month throughout the year..


Custos Rotulorum, &c.- Hon. James Porteus.

Magistrates. -
Joseph Gordon
John Gordon
Diederick Cooper
Hon. Hinton East
*Jasper Farmer Cargill
Charles Mitchell Jopp
Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas
*James Carson
Robert Taylor
†George Pierrepoint Maxwell Downer
David Smith
Edward Lucas
William Douglas,
†Anthony Davis
†Hon. Maximilian Augustus Baron Von Ketelhodt
Colin Chisholm
Wellwood Maxwell Anderson
John Falconer
Hon. Edward Jordon
Hon. Robert Osborn
John Rider Brice
George William Gordon
Samuel Hendrick , †William Litherland
*William Pine
Stephen Weise Mais
†Thomas Ellis
Thellamont Da Silva
George Henry Chevannes
John Joseph Duval
George Willis
David Ewart
David Judah Alberga
†David Brandon
Alexander Branker
*Maurice O'Connor Morris
George Scotland
William Salmon Cooper
John Nethersole
*Colin Alexander Spalding
*George Paterson
Peter. Alexander Espeut
John Daughtrey
James Derbyshire
Charles Campbell
William Chisholm
George Delgado
†John Sawers
*Jeremiah Leaycraft
James Taylor
*Saul Moss
Robert Hamilton
William Berry
Henry Litteljohn
John Nunes
Henry Forbes Colthirst
Hugh McDowell
Hon. Alex. Barclay
Samuel Baird
William Alexander Titley
John Parry
Henry James Stevens
William George Astwood
Alexander Gilbert Robertson
George Burrell Smith
Edward Mais
John Arnett Cator
David Lopez
Benjamin Alberga jun.
Thomas Breakspear
Charles Lake
William George Warren.

Clerk of the Peace & Magistrates' Clerk.-*John Wallace Harris.
Deputy do.-Solomon DaSilva Lindo.

Churchwardens.-Stephen. Weise Mais, Thellamont Da Silva.

Vestrymen. - John Bristowe, John A. Cator, Charles Hicks, Edward Charles Mowat, David Lopez, Hon. Robert James Taylor, Alexander Naar De Graffe, David Russell, Peter John Ferron.

Clerk of the Vestry.-Colin Alex. Spalding.
Deputy ditto.-Charles J. Mowat

Collecting Constable and Collector of Taxes.-Edward Mais.
District Assessors, -
      Lowland District, Charles Chevannes;
      St. Joseph's District, Henry  Henry
      St. James's District, John Hoyes
      St. Christopher's District, Henry N. Gregory.
          (Each at £25 per annum.)

Coroner-John Rider Brice.

Surgeon to the Poor in Almshouse.-Dr. Falconer. (£50)

Parochial Schoolmaster.-Thomas Newport Jones. (£120)
Do. Schoolmistress.- Mrs. Litteljohn. (£12)

Collectors of Petty Debts.- Charles Chevannes, Henry Nicholas Gregory.   
Pound-keepers -
      of  Lowland Pound, Henry Litteljohn (£60);
      of Sans Souci, James Hammett. (£40)

Clerk of the Parish Church [Anglican minister].- Thomas N. Jones. (£30)
Sexton and Beadle of ditto.- Joseph Cliff. (£40)
Organist of ditto.- Miss Murray. (£30)
Organ Regulator. - Alfred  Thom. (£15)
Keeper of Court House.-Joseph Cliff (£5)

Medical Practitioners. -John Falconer, William Pine, Robert Hamilton.

Petty Sessions are held at Halfway Tree every Saturday; and at Gordon's Town, the third Friday of the month..


Custos Rotulorum &c.- Hon. Alexander Barclay.

Robert Paterson
*Hon. John Rock Grosett
George James McQueen
John Gordon De Vaney
†David Ewart
George Willis
Richard Greaves Marshall
Thomas Panton Speed
*Charles Henry Darling
†Samuel Pryce
William Pitt  Kirkland
Robert Gray Kirkland
John Hinshelwood
*Arthur Walsh Freeman
*Henry Neadham
William Forsyth Henderson
George Ward
*Joseph Gordon
*Charles Payne Lord
Francis Herbert James
†James Davidson
James Paterson
Duncan Campbell Mc Kenzie
Charles Smith Barclay
†Thomas Barker Allwood
James  Burke Grace
*Henry Langley Porter
Duncan Macperson
†George William Gordon
John Frederick Gardiner Danvers
William Codnor Miller
Frederick John Fleming
Houston Mitchell
Augustus Hire
Harry Lambert
William Brookes Cooke
James Duffus
William Paterson
†Henry Franklin
†Peter Alexander Espeut
Thomas McCulloch
Samuel Shortridge
William McKay
George B. Snaith.

Clerk of the Peace, and Magistrates' Clerk.-†George Harris
Deputy ditto.- Stephen Cooke

Churchwardens.- Duncan Campbell McKenzie, George James Macqueen.

Samuel Shortridge
William P. Coles
Solomon Maduro
Alex. Ross,
George Levy
John. M. Gray
John Walton
John F. Danv ers
Angus McBean.

Clerk of the Vestry.-Richard Greaves Marshall.

Collecting Constables and Collectors of Taxes. -
      Eastern Division, Charles S. Barclay;
      Western Division, James Paterson.

Coroner.-Duncan McPherson

Solicitor.- Henry Franklin

Surgeon to the District Prison.- Dr. George Husband.
Superintendent of ditto.- Robert McPherson

Collectors of Petty Debts.-Charles Williams, George Matthews, James Council.

      at Morant Bay, Miss Gudge;
      at Bath, George Hall;
      at Manchioneal, George Sands;
      at Dalvy, - Walton;
      at Blue Mountain Valley, John Francis;
      at Port Morant, Thomas Walker.

Parish Clerks. [Anglican ministers] -
      at Morant Bay, Robert Hepburn;
      at St. Andrew, William  Friend
      at Bath, James Wallen;
      at Trinity Chapel, A. Francis;
      at Manchioneal, James Sands;
      at Rural Hill, James Panton.
      at Morant Bay, Mrs. Henry, Forbes;
      at St. Andrew' s [blank]
      at Bath, Miss Carter

Keeper of the Court House. -
      Morant Bay, Miss Helen Lindsay;
      at Bath, Miss McLean

Harbour Master.-William Paterson.

Health Officer.-William Brooks Cooke.
Medical Practitioners.- William Brooks Cooke, William Forsyth Henderson, George Husband.

Crier of the Circuit Court.- Henry Haynes.
Petty sessions are held at Morant Bay on every Saturday; at Bath and Manchioneal every alternate Saturday.


Custos Rotulorum, &c. [blank]

Magistrates. -
*Hugh Fraser Leslie
Robert Paterson
†David Ewart
†George Willis
*Joseph Gordon
*Richard Atkinson
*Robert Christian Carr
†Hon. John Reed Hollingsworth
†George W.Gordon
Benjamin Magill
James Paterson
William Payne Georges
* William Hennessey Marah
Edward Mais
David Mignot
Charles McLean
Henry Coppard
*Hon. Richard Hill
†Hon James Porteous
*William Wright
Alexander Gordon Fyfe
James Davidson
Jeremiah Leaycraft
†James Henry McDowell
†John Jonas Hart
John Stona
William Mowat
Henry Mais
John Casserley
†John Nunes
† EdwardVickars
†William Chisholm

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk of the Court.- John Nicol

Clerk to the Magistrates.- Myer Benjamin

Churchwardens. - Robert Jordon, William Mowat.

Vestrymen. - George William Cuthbert, David Johnston, Robert Stewart, George Perkins, John O'Connell, John McLean, Samuel Clarke, Edward Vickars, Andrew Boyle, Robert Johnston.
Clerk of the Vestry.- Charles McLean.

Collecting Constable and Collector of Taxes. - William Payne Georges.
Collector of Arrears of Taxes.- Myer Benjamin.
Assessors of Taxes.-
      Easington District,- Myer Benjamin
      Wellington District.- Edward B. Broomfield
      Yallahs District.- David McLean.
Collectors of Petty Debts.-William Robertson, Edward B. Broomfield.
Assessors of Lands and Hereditaments.-John Cassop Lamont, Andrew Bogle.

      at Easington,  Myer Benjamin
      at Yallahs, Isaac Alfred Benjamin
      at Wellington, Joseph Mitchell.

Clerk of Parish Church.- Joseph Alvarenga
      of St. John's, Charles Walker.

Organist.-St. John's, Charles H. Davies.

Medical Practitioners: -(None in Parish.)

Petty Sessions are held at. Easington, every 2nd Saturday; and at Woburn Lawn, every fourth Saturday in the month.


Custos Rotulorum, &c.- Hon. Alexander Gordon Fyfe.

John Shea Clachar
†David Gordon
John Pugh Jones
*Thomas Wright
†John Hinshelwood
James Johnson
†Robert Gray Kirkland
†James Codrington Orgill
William Francis Williams
John James Henderson
Charles Anderson
William Barnett Lawrence
William Pine
*Joseph Brough
†Alexander James Brymer
†John Pickering
†Charles Brackenridge
John Henry  Dalzell Swire
Samuel Adam Mann
Charles Lake
Edward Panton Deans
Peter Fraser
James J. Jones
Archibald Thompson
William Abrahams
*Anthony Davis
†Henry Laidlaw
†George William Gordon

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates. - William Wemyss Anderson.

Churchwardens. - Christopher Walters, Richard Walker Windal

Vestrymen. - Alex. Anderson, William Ellis, Walter Ellis, George Gunn, Thomas C. Nichols, Thomas King, John Edmund, McKenzie, Samuel Mendes Shephard, Robert Phillips, William Bunting.

Clerk of Vestry -George Ffrench.

Collecting Constable and Collector of Taxes. - Thomas Hoyes

Coroner.-John Henry Dalzell Swire.

Solicitor.- Foster Henry March

Physicians to the Poor.-John Shea Clachar, John James Henderson.
Surgeon to District Prison.- John Shea Clachar.
Superintendent of ditto.- William Barnett Lawrence.

Collector of Petty Debts . -John H. Gavers.

Pound-keeper. -Richard Reid

Clerk of the Parish Church [Anglican minister].- Benjamin Brown Sherwood.
Sexton.-William Thomas Bryan.
Organist.- Mrs. Elizabeth Dill

Harbour Master .-John Bunting.

Health Officer. -John Shea Clachar.
Medical Practitioners.- John Shea Clachar, John James Henderson

Crier of the Circuit Court.- Samuel Mendes.
Petty sessions are held every Saturday at the Court House in the Town of Titchfield.


Custos Rotulorum, &c.- Hon. William Hosack.

Magistrates and Assistant Judges of the Court of Common Pleas.-
Alexander Campbell
†James Maxwell
Robert Sproul
†Edward Bond
Henry Mason
Moses Mendes Sollas
*Charles Thomas Rapkey
†Hon. Henry Westmorland
Edward David Baugh
Horatio Guscott
Isaac Silvera
†Edward Panton Deans
†John Langeake James
+James Lee Kerr
Robert Joseph Robertson
*Frederick Rock Spencer Grosett
†Charles Brackenridge
†Patrick Charles Crichton
*Anthony Davis
† Alexander Gordon Fyfe
†William George Lowe
 Duncan Campbell
Roger Swire
James Codrington Orgill
†Isaac Lawton
John Sykes
Thomas Hunter Leckey
Edward Skyers
George Taylor Farquharson

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates. -Robert Dunbar.

Churchwardens - Hon. William Hosack, Horatio Guscott.

Vestrymen. - Robert Kirkland, James Manahan, John Gray King; George. Ray Bragg, Rev. Chas. T. May, Duncan Campbell, Isaac Lawton, Lachlan Manahan, Thomas Bartlett, Robert McFarlane.

Clerk of the Vestry:-Edward Skyers.

Collecting Constable and Collector of Taxes. - Moses Mendes Sollas.

Coroner.-Robert Dunbar.

Solicitor of Parish. -James Minot.

Physician to the Poor.-James C. Orgill.
Ditto to Police.-Ditto.

Collector of Petty Debts.-Thomas Engleton.
Deputy do.-William Baugh.

      at Buff Bay, Nathaniel  Moore;
      at Hope Bay, Isaac Silvera;
      at Balcarres, Sarah Maria Hart.

Clerks of the Parish Churches [Anglican Ministers].-
      at Buff Bay, James Fortune;
      at Hope Bay, Edward Roper;
      at Birnam Wood, Robert Johnson.

Medical Practitioners.-†Charles Thomas Rapkey, James C. Orgill.

Crier of the Circuit Court.- Thomas Engleton.
Petty Sessions are held at Buff Bay, every Saturday.


Custos Rotulorum, &c. - †Hon. Richard Cussen Burke.

Magistrates. -
Edward Bond
† Alexander Gordon Fife
*Hon. Henry Westmorland
+George Scotland
Thomas Clarke
William Bell
John. Smith
*Frederick Charles Stanford
*Lewis Honore Desgouttes
*Anders Jansen Schouberg
†James Maxwell Ferguson
William Robert Langbridge
†Augustus Hire
†Robert Faichney
Andrew Rudolf
†Alex. Macgregor
†Hon. William Hosack
Charles Bariffe Vidal
†Colin Alex. Spalding
†Henry Jacob Jacobs
†William Haughton
†Michael Joseph Taaffe
James Stewart
John Linnel
John Chaplin
Daniel Richard Ball
Henry Smith
George James Ferguson
John Leyden
Wilmot Westmorland
Henry Cook
John Ward
Daniel Bennett
*Anthony Davis.

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates. -John Bristowe.
Deputy do.-Thomas McBayne

Churchwardens. -*Frederick C. Stanford, George Scotland.

Vestrymen. -
George Read McBean
Thomas T. Simpson
Robert Johnston
Rev. Samuel Jones
Peter Hunter
Henry Strachan
Matthew Nelson
James Prestwidge
Andrew Anderson Schouberg
Daniel Bennett.

Clerk of the Vestry. - Edward Bond.

Collecting Constable and Collector of Taxes. -William Bell.

Coroner.-Daniel Richard Ball.

Solicitor. - Alexander Wells Aikman.

Physician to the Poor. - Thomas Clarke.

Collector of Petty Debts.-Theophilus Leigh Symes.

Collector of Arrears of Taxes.- James Manahan Walsh.

      at Annotto Bay, Robert Silvera
      at Highgate, Charles Goldsmith
      at Weyhill, Henry Smith.

Clerk of the Parish Church [Anglican minister].- Robert C. Sheriff;
      at Scott's Hall, Thomas Tharpe Goodwin.

Harbour Master. -*Frederick Charles Stanford.

Health Officer.-Thomas Clarke

Agent of Colonial Bank.- *Frederick Charles Stanford

Medical Practitioner.-Thomas Clarke.

Petty Sessions are held at Annotto Bay, on Thursday and Saturday, in each week alternately.

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