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Captain General and Governor-in-Chief in and over the Island of Jamaica and its Dependencies, Chancellor and Vice-Admiral of the same.-His Excelleney [see APPENDIX.] (£5000, £1500 of this now paid by the Island, the balance by the British Government).

Secretary.- (£1200.)


Secretary in the Stipendiary Justices' Department -  Hon. Richard Hill.

Reception Days.-[Gazette by Authority, 17th November, 1853]
     His Excellency the Governor will receive gentlemen who may desire to see him, either on business or other occasions, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, between the hours of ten and two; during which time the flag will be hoisted. Should any circumstance prevent his Excellency receiving gentlemen the flag will be lowered will receive visitors on Tuesdays and Saturdays, between the hours of two and four; on other days her Ladyship's visiting-book will be in the hall.


President.-Hon. Edward Jordon.

Hon. Major-General Bell, Lieut. Governor.
Hon. Bryan Edwards, Chief Justice.
*Hon. and Right Rev. Aubrey George Spencer, D.D., Lord Bishop of Jamaica.
Hon. John Salmon, Junior
Hon. Wm. Dutton Turner
Hon. Richard Cussen Burke
Hon. James Porteous.
Hon. George Price.
Hon. Henry Westmorland.
Hon. Walter George Stewart
Hon Alexander Barclay.
Hon. Richard Hill
Hon. William Hosack
Hon. Alex. Heslop
Right Reverend the Bishop of Kingston
Hon. Charles McLarty Morales.
Hon. Robert Osborn.
Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas

Clerk.-William Robertson Myers.


       NOTE 1st.-The title Esq. is not given in this work, it being understood that all respectable gentlemen, unless they have a higher or different one, should be so addressed.

       NOTE 2nd.-The * throughout this work, unless there is some special notice on the page to the contrary, denotes off the Island; and  in the Parochial Information, the †indicates that the person resides out of the parish.


Hon. Edward Jordon.
Hon. William Hosack.
Hon. George Price.
Secretary. William Robertson Myers (£400 ) An additional grant of £200 was given to the Secretary in 1855-56.
Clerk -Jasper Cargill (£120)



President Hon. John Salmon, Junior. (£600)

Hon. Major-General Edward Wells Bell, Commander of the Forces, Lieut.-Governor.
Hon. Bryan Edwards, Chief Justice.
*Hon. and Right Rev. Aubrey George Spencer, D.D., Lord- Bishop of Jamaica.
Hon. William Dutton Turner.
Hon Richard Cussen Burke.
Hon. James Porteus.
Hon. George Price.
Hon. Henry Brockett.
Hon. Hinton East.
Hon. Benjamin Vickers.
Hon. John Joseph Arthur Shakespear.
Hon. Charles Macgregor.
Hon. Lewis Mackinnon.
Hon. the Baron Von Ketelhodt.
Hon. Peter Moncrieffe.

Clerk of the Legislative Council.-Hon. Walter George Stewart. (£414)
Assistant ditto.-Hon. Samuel Rennalls. (£300.)

Chaplain.-Reverend George Wilkinson Rowe. (£120)

Usher of the Black Rod.-John Augustus Sullivan. (£270.)

Librarian.-Edward Bancroft Lynch (£60)



Fifth Assembly of Her Majesty, and first under the New Constitution Act, elected October, 1854.

Speaker.-Hon. Charles McLarty Morales. (£600)

ST. CATHERINE. -William Thomas March, Edward Vickars, Francis Robertson Lynch.
ST. DOROTHY.-David Brandon, David Rodrigues.
ST. JOHN.-Charles Anthony Price, Isaac Levy.
ST. THOMAS IN THE VA LE.-Aaron Salom, Colin Chisholm.
CLARENDON.-Hon. Edward Thomson, William Rose.
VERE-Charles Hamilton Jackson, Hon. Charles McLarty Morales.
MANCHESTER.-Hon. John Reed Hollingsworth, Simon Bonitto.
ST. MARY.-Hon. Alexandre Joseph Lindo, Alex. Brancker.  
ST. ANN.-George Geddes, Hon. Charles Royes.
KINGSTON-Hon. Edward Jordon, Foster Henry March, Peter Alexander Espeut.
PORT ROYAL.-Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas, James Taylor, Edward Lucas.
ST ANDREW. -Hon. Robert Osborn, Stephen Weise Mais.
ST. DAVID. -Robert Paterson, John Nunes.
ST. THOMAS IN THE EAST. -Henry Franklin, Hon. Alexander Heslop.
PORTLAND.-Christopher Walters, Arthur Abrahams.
ST. GEORGE. -Hon. William Hosack, Isaac Lawton.
METCALFE-*Hon. Henry Westmorland,*Fred. Charles Stanford
ST. ELIZABETH.-Thomas Patrick Mahon, Jacob Isaac Sanguinetti
WESTMORELAND -Robert Russell, David Mason.
HANOVER-John Castello, Robert Lamb Constantine.
ST. JAMES.-George Lyon Phillips, Wellesley Bourke.
TRELAWNY - Hon. Henry Houlton Shirley, George Cunningham.

Clerk. - William Kemble. (£600)

Sergeant-at-Arms.-John James Vidal. (£300)

Chaplain-Rev. John Leslie Mais, B.A. (£50)

Librarian.-William McFarlane. (£100)

Messenger. -Alexander Deleon. (£260)

Doorkeeper.- William Halliday. (£110)



Governor's Secretary.- [see Appendix.] (£200)

Acting ditto.-Hon. Walter George Stewart.

Clerks to Secretary -Frederick Sullivan, Forbes M. Arnold.



Secretary of the Island, and Notary Public.-Hon. Walter George Stewart. (Fees.)

Chief Clerk.-Edward Bancroft Lynch.

Clerks. - William Strudwick Townshend (examining), Frederick Hawkins.

Deputies Notary-Public:-

Kingston - John Morce
Morant Bay and Port Morant.-Robert Macpherson.
St. Ann's Bay.-George Robinson.
Falmouth.- Augustus Devereux Preston.
Montego Bay.- [blank]
Lucea.-Joseph Kentish Collymore.
Sav.-la-Mar. -Charles Braine, junr.
Old Harbour.- [blank]



Receiver-General and Public Treasurer. -Hon. Alexander Barclay. (£1000)

Accountant and Bookkeeper.-Robert M'Clelland. (£400)

Cashier.--Charles Mitchell Jopp. (£400.)

Assistant Bookkeeper.-Robert Sherlock (£200)

Clerks.-Charles A.. Spalding (£200), Revere Mayo. (£150)

Clerk under Rum Duty Act, and Keeper of Parochial Accounts. - Alexander James Brymer. (£300)

Locker and Gauger, Kingston -Alexander Shaw Inglis. (£150)
Ditto          ditto Montego Bay.-Arthur Scott. (£100)
Ditto          ditto Falmouth.-James Austin Fowles (£100)
Ditto          ditto Spanish Town.--Andrew Henry Lewis. (£80)



(18 Vic. cap. 37.)

The Members of the Executive Committee.

Chief Commissioner.-Hon. Alexandre Bravo. (£600)  

Second Ditto.-Daniel Power Trench. (£300)

     Under a minute, by the authority of the Governor and the Executive Committee, the duties of the office are thus appointed: The examination of the books and accounts of the Treasury, Customs and accounts of the Collectors of Taxes, are allotted to the Chief Commissioner; and those of the Prisons, Hospital, and Police, to the Second Commissioner.



       Open from 9.

Commissioner.-Christopher Stephenson. (£300)

Stamp Receiver. -John Reid Bravo. (£150)



Island Storekeeper -William Salmon Cooper, Com. R.N. (£144)

Registrar General of Births and Deaths.-The Island Secretary. Grant from Assembly.

Agent-General of immigration.-David Ewart. (£200 and from British Government £450 as Stipendiary Magistrate.)

Inspector of Prisons. -John Daughtrey. (£500, and has £450 from British Government, as a Stipendiary Magistrate.)

Barrister for Revising the Rules and Regulations of Savings Banks. [7 Wm. I V. cap 14]-        (No pay.)

Crown Surveyors-
         COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX.-John Parry..
         COUNTY OF SURRY.-Thomas Harrison.
         COUNTY OF CORNWALL.- George Cunningham.

County Inspectors of Public Works.-
         MIDDLESEX. -Joseph Waldron. (£200)
         SURRY. -R. P. Dacosta. (£200)
         CORNWALL.-Neil Malcolm, (£200)

Interpreter to Courts.-Robert Bogle. (Fees )

NOTE.---For other Offices and Officers, see Crown Office, Provost -Marshal General's Office, Prisons Department, Light Houses, the Different Parishes, Stipendiary Magistrates, &c.


     The Judicial Establishment of Jamaica consists, of the Court of Chancery, Court of Ordinary, Court of Vice-Admiralty, Vice-Admiralty Sessions, the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Circuit Courts, and Courts of Petty Sessions.


     His Excellency the Governor is Chancellor; but he never sits nor interferes in any way with the Court. It is held generally nine times a year, and is presided over by the Chief Justice, who is Vice-Chancellor. The jurisdiction and practice of this Court are nearly the same as the Courts of Chancery in England. Appeals from its decisions are allowed direct to Her Majesty in Council.

Vice-Chancellor.-Hon. Bryan Edwards. (Salary as Chief Justice.)

Registrar and Clerk of the Patents.-Robert Russell. (£600)

Clerk to Ditto.- James Malcolm Facey. (£300)

Masters in Ordinary.-Stephen Weise Mais, John Bristowe.

Masters Extraordinary.-
       MANCHESTER,-Joseph Lewis, Henry Depass
       ST. MARY-John Peter Bruce, Henry Rigg
       ST. ANN---Alexander F. Brown.
       COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX.-* Alexander Geddes, +Hon. Edward. Thompson,         James Wilson.
       COUNTY OF SURRY.--Samuel Pryce, Henry Hutchings, H. Powell, Frederick Doyen, Alexander James Brymer, William Croft, George Bayly Clachar.
       COUNTY OF CORNWALL.-- John Robert Brown, Raynes Waite Smith, John Myers Cooper, John Cuff, Foster Davis, James Wilson, William Fowler.



     Usually meets on the 1st day of each Supreme Court, and, also when Summoned.

     At this Court His Excellency the Governor always presides, and the Chief Justice, as Surrogate, generally sits with him. In this Court all wills are proved, and letters Testamentary granted, as well as letters of Administration on the personal Estate of persons dying intestate. By a recent enactment this Court is authorized to direct disputed questions of fact to be tried by a jury.

Clerk.-- Hon. Walter George Stewart.

     NOTE.-Under the 10 Vic. cap. 44, Administration may be taken out in the office of the Clerk of the Peace of the Parish when under 50/.



       Meet when summoned.

     Since the Common Law Courts of the country have had jurisdiction to dispose of offences committed on the high seas these Courts have become almost obsolete-trying only a few offences committed against the Customs' laws.

Judge and Commissary.-Hon. Bryan Edwards.
Advocate-General of the Admiralty.-Richard O'Reilly.
Registrar and Clerk of Arraigns.-John Duff
Surrogates and Commissioners.-John Duff, Henry Franklin
Receiver-General and Comptroller of Droits. -Henry Hutchings.
Proctor, &c.-Alexander Wells Aikman.
Marshal and Sergeant-at mace.--*John Wallace Harris.
Interpreter.-Robert Bogle.
Crier of the Courts.-Abraham Vaz.



       Meets on the first Monday in February, June, and October.
     This Court is modelled after, and has all the powers, jurisdiction, and authority in Jamaica, that are exercised by the Court of Queen's Bench in England. In the Supreme Court must originate all civil proceedings beyond the jurisdiction  of Justices of the Peace, and from it all issues of fact are sent to the Circuit Courts for trial, and thence the proceedings are returned to and recorded in this Court. To it lies an appeal from any proceedings in the Circuit Courts, even in criminal cases.

Chief Justice of the Island, and Chief Judge of the Supreme Court, --Hon. Bryan Edwards. (£1800)

Assistant Judges.-Hons. William Irving Wilkinson, William Frederick Lewis, Jasper Farmer Cargill (Each £1200)

Clerk of the Court.---William Thomas March.

     NOTE.-The offices held by the following gentlemen having been abolished by the  "Judicial Amendment Act of 1855," they are entitled to receive annual. pensions, viz., Sir Joshua Rowe, £750; W. C. Macdougall, £600; Charles Miller Farquharson,  £500; Mayow Short, £450; Edward Chitty, £450; Robert Dalzell Thompson, £450; and Peter Moncrieffe, £800.



    For the purposes of these Courts the Island is divided into four Circuits,-styled the Home, Surry, Cornwall, and Middlesex. At the Home Circuit Court the Chief Justice presides, and each of the other Circuit Courts is presided over by One of the Assistant Judges.
    At these Courts the several duties previously discharged by the Courts of Assize and Nisi Prius of Quarter Sessions and of Appeal are performed.
     The Clerk of the Peace for the Parish or Precinct acts as the Clerk of the Circuit Court for his own Parish or Precinct, except that the Clerk of the Peace at Kingston, is Clerk of the said Circuit Court in all matters of civil jurisdiction. The Clerks of  the Peace are also required, in the absence of the Attorney-General, to conduct the prosecution of felonies and misdemeanors arising in their several parishes.



The  Circuit Courts held in Kingston, Spanish Town,  and Montego Bay, adjudicate in all cases of Insolvency arising in the County in which these towns are respectively situated.

Official Assignees:-
Surry.-Henry Hutchings. (£400)
Middlesex.-Peter Alexander Espeut. (£400)
Cornwall.-Adolphe Philipson. (£400)



Meet on days and in places noted in Parochial Information.

     The jurisdiction of these Courts extend to petty debts not exceeding £10-to try, with the consent of  the prisoner, cases of larceny, where the property stolen is of less value than 10s.-to dispose of charges of larceny or embezzlement of property, not exceeding £10 in value, when the prisoner pleads guilty. Any two Justices of the Peace for the Parish can form a Court of Petty Sessions therein.



Attorney-General -Hon. Alexander Heslop (£740)

Solicitor for the Crown --Alexander Wells Aikman. (Paid by grant from the House of Assembly, as per Law Bill.)



*William Wyllis Mackeson
†Hon. Peter Moncrieffe
*Anthony Michell Jones
+Robert Russell
*Mayow Short
Hon. Jasper Farmer Cargill
*Robert Dalzell Thompson
†George Cunningham
Alexander Heslop
†Findlater Roper
Edward Kemble
Richard Anthony O'Reilly
Robert John Walcott
*Joseph Stone Williams.

*Off the Island.    †Those with this prefix do not practice.



*Thomas Farquhar Hill
*William Brooks King
Hon. Samuel Jackson Dallas
Samuel Murphy
*James Whitehorne
†Robert  Cargill
John Nicol
George Barnett
†William Whitehorne
*James Forsyth
†Charles Vansittart Campbell
John Macpherson MacNeil
Edward Charles Mowatt
*John Wallace Harris
John Duff
John Robert Brown
†William Levingston
Gilbert Shaw
James Gray
Donald Campbell
*Robert Vidal
John Gray
†George Harris
William Thomas March
James Minot
James  Allwood
†James Lunan
†Samuel Whitehorne
Alexander Wells Aikman
†William Kemble
Charles Harvey
†William Girod
Edward Claver Smith
Henry Franklin
Henry John Kemble
William Wemyss Anderson
Foster Henry March
Haughton James
*Benjamin Walker
Matthew Smith Farquharson
Charles Hamilton Jackson
*William C. Prince
George Symons Airey
Thomas McBayne
Alfred Rodgers
John Phillips
Edward Fray
Wellesley Bourke
Henry J. Dempster
†William Robertson Myers
Edward Angell
James Days
Stephen Cooke
Henry John Bicknell
John Bristowe
Samuel Swire Plues
John James Vidal
John Clement Macfarlane
John Douglas
William Farquharson
Henry Saunders
*Edmund Bourke
Francis Blower Jackson
Augustus Devereux Preston
Janus Stewart Trench
Francis Robertson Lynch
William Andrews
Foster Davis
*Hewitt Bernard
James Gayleard
Edmund Alcock
*Leonard Rowe Valpy
John Swaby Harrison
Thomas Hendrick
*George Graham Stone
*Charles Moultree
Robert William Swan
†James Wauchope Fisher
James Scott
Solomon DaSilva Lindo
Alexander Mitchell
Edward Whitehouse Hitchins
Daniel Philip Nathan
*Edward. Darlington Edwardes
John Robert Braganza Bowen
*Alexander Hibbert Phillips
Charles Braine, junr.
William Bryan Aikman
Thomas Oughton
Edward Bancroft Lynch
Arch. Henry Drummond
Alexander Lake
Bernard Fitzgerald
Samuel Constantine Burke
Edward Whitehouse Lewis
Charles James Mowat

N.B.  All Barristers and Attorneys admitted to practice in the Supreme Court are entitled to practice in every other Court of Law and Equity in the Island.

* Off the Island.      †Does not practice.

NAMES OF COMMISSIONERS appointed for taking affidavits to be used in the Supreme and District Courts as registered in this office under the provisions of 42 Geo. III., cap. 28, sec. 2.


ST. CATHERINE.-*John Vincent Leach, James Philip Clarke, David Jacob Soares, William Thomas March, Robert Rainsford Jackson.
ST. JOHN'S.--*Marcus W. Soane, Thomas Bowden.
ST. DOROTHY. -Thomas Ludford, †William Gray.
ST. THOMAS-IN-THE-VALE.-James Heighington, Hiam Barrow, Edward Claver Smith.
CLARENDON.-Francis Lowe, Joseph Lewis, Rowland Israell, Jacob Andrade.
VERE. -Daniel Callaghan, William Murray.
MANCHESTER.-Thomas Wheatle, Henry DePass, Jacob Delapenha, Simon Bonitto.
ST. MARY.-Alexander Fairweather, Henry Rigg,  George Geddes, John Matheson.
ST. ANN.-Joseph Isaacs, †David Jacob Soares, Richard Carter, Edward McCaw, Richard Carter, jun., Solomon DaSilva Lindo, James Wilson, David Archer, John Peter Bruce, John Clarke.


KINGSTON. -Frederick Ward, John Phillips, Henry Hutchings, Daniel Jacobs, John Douglas, Matthew Mattos, William Andrews, David Deleon, Thomas Hendrick, *Henry Vendryes, *John Vincent Leach, Henry M. Hall.
Sr. ANDREWS. -*John Wallace Harris.
PORT ROYAL.-Peter John Ferron.
ST. DAVID. - [blank]
ST. THOMAS IN THE EAST -George Codrington, †George Harris, Matthew Benjamin, Angus MacBean, Richard Greaves Marshall, George James McQueen, Charles Smith Barclay.
PORTLAND. -Alexander James Brymer, Richard William Sherwood, John Pugh Jones, David Bolt, Joseph Brough.
ST. GEORGE. -James Maxwell, Robert Dunbar, Henry William Hadden, Edward Skyers, Robert G. Kirkland
METCALFE.--Frederick Charles Stanford, Henry Attwood Thompson.


ST. ELIZABETH -Alexander Dewar, James Miller, Raynes Waite Smith, Allan Kennedy, John. Myers Cooper, John Cuff, John William Leyden.
WESTMORELAND.-John Robert Brown, George Delisser, *Robert Locke, Hon. Thomas MacNeel, Charles Braine, Foster Davis, John Edie Tullis.
HANOVER. -John Napier Dawes, John Campbell.
ST. JAMES.-George Delisser, James Fowler, Simon Magnus, junr., James Gray, William Fowler.
TRELAWNY.-*James Hamilton, George Levy Castle, James  Stewart, John Lawrence Walcott, Michael Angelo Nunes, William Cooper, Robert William Swan.


Provost-Marshal General.-John Augustus Sullivan.
Chief Clerk.-David Jacob Soares.

Assistant ditto. -John Sullivan


For Kingston, St. Andrew, and Port Royal, -Michael Lawton, Kingston, P O.
For St. Catherine, St. John, St. Dorothy, St. Thomas-in-the Vale.-David Jacob Soares, Spanish Town, P. O.
For Clarendon, Vere, and Manchester, Samuel E. Auld, Vere, P.O.
For St. Elizabeth,-Thos TIT. Parchment, May Mill, P. 0.
For St. Ann and St. Mary,-William Burrowes, St. Ann's Bay, P.O.
For St. Thomas in the East, St. David, and Portland, - George Matthews, Morant Bay, P.O.
For St. George and Metcalfe,-Isaac Silvera, Hope Bay, P. O.
For Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James, and Trelawny, -Michael Angelo Nunes, Falmouth, P. O

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