Public Offices.


Alexander James Brymer, Post Master General, £600

George G. Baines, Senior Clerk, £355

Henry W. Livingston, Accountant, £300

Richard Lord, Clerk, £150

Frank J. Webb, Third Clerk, £250

Macneil and Drummond, Solicitors

Post Offices and Post Masters.


Alexandria, 6d, Henry Harris

Annotto Bay, 2d, George G. Scotland

Bath, 4d, Robert M. Whittle

Black River, 6d, Mrs. E. R. Scott

Brown's Town, 6d, Joseph Harris

Buff Bay, 4d, Edward Skyers

Bull Bay, 4d, Closed

Chapelton, 4d, Francis Lowe,

Claremont, 4d, Mrs. M. B. Foreman

Clarendon, 4d, John W. Scott

Dry Harbour, 6d, John Ellis

Duncans, 6d, Henry Benaim

Ewarton, 4d

Falmouth, 6d, Montague Salmon

Flint River, 8d, George Fayerman

Gayle, 4d, Frederick Michelin

Golden Spring, 4d, James H. Hammett

Gordon Town, 4d, M. Lazarus

Goshen, 6d, Robert Muschett

Grange Hill, 8d, Joseph Waite

Green Island, 8d, Murdoch Munroe

Highgate, 4d, John Mogg

Hope Bay, 4d, Mrs, Elisabeth Bastian

Lacovia, 6d

Lilliput, 6d, Mrs. H. McDaniel

Little River, 8d

Lucea, 8d, J. K. Collymore

Manchioneal, 4d, Mrs. A. Brown

Mandeville, 4d, Mrs. Francilla Nash

May Hill, 6d, William Ward

Mile Gully, 6d, Henry Senior

Moneague, 4d, S. D. Lindo

Montego Bay, 8d, William Fowler

Montpelier, 8d

Morant Bay, 4d, William Gough

Ocho Rios, 4d, J. G. Mesquitto

Old Harbour, 4d, R. N. Shea

Plantain Garden River, 4d, G. G. Manning

Pear Tree Grove, 4d, Robert Ryan

Port Antonio, 4d, Mrs. Rebecca Steel

Port Morant, 4d, Cuthbert McKay

Port Maria, 4d, Michael Levy

Port Royal, 4d, J. Bennett

Porus, 4d, James W. Kelsey

Ramble, 8d, S. J. Leon

Rio Bueno, 6d, James Stewart

Rodney Hall, 4d, A. Delgado

Robins River, 8d

St. Davids Yallahs, 4d, Mrs. E. Noel

St. Ann's Bay, 6d, A. A. MacPherson

Salt Gut, 6d, Henry Rigg

Savanna-la-mar, 8d, Mrs. S. A. Williams

Spanish Town, 4d, A. H. Manford

Stewart Town, 6d, C. S. Coser

Vere, 4d, Raph P. DaCosta

General Post Office.

Mails from all parts of the Island are closed at 3 o'clock p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Newspaper bags at 2:30 p.m. Late Letters, on payment of a fine of 6d. Received up to 3:30 o'clock p.m.

Return mails arrive in Kingston on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Letters are delivered at 9 a.m.


St. David, 19, Yallahs, 4d

St. Thomas ye East, 31, Morant Bay 4d

St. Thomas ye East, 38, Port Morant, 4d

St. Thomas ye East, 45, Bath, 4d

St. Thomas ye East, Plantain Garden River, 4d

St. Thomas ye East, 59, Manchioneal, 4d.

St. Andrew, 12, Golden Spring, 4d

Metcalfe, 30, Annotto Bay, 4d

St. George, 40, Buff Bay, 4d

St. George, 50, Hope Bay, 4d

Portland, 60, Port Antonio, 4d

St. Thomas ye Vale, 27, Rodney Hall, 4d.

St. Thomas ye Vale, 30, Pear Tree Grove, 4d

St. Mary, 46 Highgate, 4d

St. Mary, 55, Port Maria, 4d

St. Mary, 65, Salt Gut, 6d

St. Ann, 44, Moneague, 4d

St. Ann, 57, Ocho Rios, 4d

St. Ann, 64, St. Ann's Bay, 6d

St. Ann, 79, Dry Harbour, 6d

St. Ann, 86, Alexandria, 6d

Trelawny, 90, Falmouth, 6d

Trelawny, 83, Rio Bueno, 6d

Trelawny, 89, Duncans, 6d

St. James, 111, MontegoBay, 8d

St. James, 101, Little River, 8d

Hanover, 124, Flint River, 8d

Hanover, 136, Lucea, 8d

Hanover, 148, Green Island, 8d

St. Catherine, 13, Spanish Town, 4d

St. Dorothy, 25, Old Harbour, 4d

Vere, 43, Vere, 4d

Manchester, 51, Porus, 4d

Manchester, 60, Mandeville, 4d

Manchester, 67, May Hill, 6d

Clarendon, 50, Chapelton, 4d

Clarendon, 38, Lime Savanna, 4d

St. Elizabeth, 79, Goshen, 6d

St. Elizabeth, 91, Lacovia, 6d

St. Elizabeth, 103, Black River, 8d

Westmoreland, 112, Robins River, 8d

Westmoreland, 137, Savanna-la-mar, 8d

Westmoreland, 146, Grange Hill, 8d

Prison Appointments.

Daughtrey, John, Inspector General, Kingston, £500

Alberta, A. A., Superintendent, Gen. Penitentiary, £300

W. Behan, Superintendent, Falmouth, £150

Attebury, W., Superintendent, Hanover, £100

Bonthrone, James Superintendent, Mandeville, £120

White, R. M., Superintendent, Rodney Hall, £120

McPherson, Robert, Superintendent, Morant Bay, £120

Lawrence, W. B., Superintendent, Portland, £120

Mitchell, Alexander, Superintendent, St. Catherine, £140

Alcock, Arthur, Superintendent, Montego Bay, £120

Young, W. L., Jailor, Mid. County Jail, £175

Lawton, Michael, Jailor, Surry County Jail, £200

Hussey, G. F., Jailor, Corn. County Jail, £150

Hodgson, Rev. J, Chaplain, Gen. Penitentiary, £400

Campbell, Dr. C, Surgeon, Gen. Penitentiary, £250

Scott, Dr. Wm., Surgeon, Falmouth, £120

Brebner, Dr., Surgeon, Hanover, £60

Chevers, Dr, Surgeon, Mandeville, £60

Allan, Dr. W. B., Surgeon, Rodney Hall, £60

Morrow, Dr. C. J., Surgeon, Morant Bay, £60

Clacher, Dr. J., Surgeon, Portland, £60

Philippo, Dr. J. C., Surgeon, St. Catherine, £100

McFarlane, D. J., Surgeon, Montego Bay, £60

Philippo, Dr. J. C., Surgeon, Mid. County Jail, £100

Altman, Dr. S. J., Surgeon, Surry County Jail, £150

McFarlane, Dr. J., Surgeon, Corn. County Jail, £100

Martin, Abraham, School Master, Gen. Penitentiary, £150

Burke, M. A., Matron, Gen. Penitentiary, £50

Nix, Thomas J., Clerk, Gen. Penitentiary, £150

Officers of the Court of Chancery.

Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal, The Governor

Vice Chancellor, Sir Bryan Edwards, KCB,

........Hon. A. Heslop, (acting)

Registrar & Clerk of Patents Robert Russell, £600

....... Chas. Harvey, (acting)

Chief Clerk, James M. Facey, £300

Masters, Ordinary Stephen W. Mais, Fees

......... John Bristowe, Fees

Court of Vice-Admiralty.

Judge, Sir Bryan Edwards, K.C.B.

...... Hon. A. Heslop, [acting], Fees

Registrar, Edward B. Lynch, Fees

Marshall, Henry M. Hall, Fees


Spanish Town, Charles Harvey, Fees

Kingston, George S. Airey, Fees

Kingston, Thomas Hendrick, Fees

Montego Bay, Wellesly Bourke, Fees

Provost Marshal General's Office.

Provost Marshal Gen.,?John Augustus Sullivan (fees)

Chief Clerk, David Jacob Soares


For Kingston, St. Andrew, and Port Royal, Michael Lawton, Kingston P. O.

For St. Catherine, St. John, St. Dorothy, St. Thomas in the Vale, David Jacob Soares, Spanish Town P. O.

Clarendon, Vere, Theophilus Bloomfield, Chapelton P. O.

St. Ann, St. Mary, William Silvera, Gayle P. O.

St. Thomas in the East, St. David, George Matthews, Morant Bay P. O.

Portland, St. George, Metcalfe, Isaac Silvera, Hope Bay P. O.

Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James, Trelawney, Michael Angelo Nunes, Falmouth P. O.

Manchester, Charles Augustus Sandford, Mandeville

St. Elizabeth, Joseph M. Sailman, Goshen P. O.

Commissioners appointed for taking Affidavits.


S. Catherine

James Philip Clarke

David Jacob Soares

William Thomas March

Robert Rainsford Jackson.

St. John

Joseph Reid

St. Dorothy

Thomas Ludford

Henry Wolfe Benjamin

St. Thomas in the Vale

James Heighington

Hiam Barrow

Edward Claver Smith


Francis Lowe

Rowland Israell

Jacob J. Sanguinetti

Jacob Andrade


Daniel Calloghan

William Murray

Thomas Pierce Williams


Jacob Delapenha

Simon Bonitto

Jacob J. Sanguinetti

St. Mary

Alexander Fairweather

Henry Rigg

George Geddes

St. Ann

Edward McCaw

Richard Carter, junior

Solomon DaSilva Lindo

James Wilson

David Archer

John Peter Bruce.



John Phillipps

Henry Hutchings

Daniel Jacobs

Matthew Mattos

William Andrews

Thomas Hendrick

John Vincent Leach

Henry M. Hall

Arthur Abrahams

St. Andrew

John Rider Brice

Port Royal

Peter John Ferron

St. David

John McLean

St. Thomas in the East

George Codrington

Matthew Benjamin

Angus MacBean

George James McQueen

Alexander J. Brymer


Richard William Sherwood

John Pugh Jones

David Bolt

David Brough

St. George

Robert Dunbar

Henry William Haddon

Edward Skyers

Robert G. Kirkland

James Maxwell

James Stewart


Frederick Charles Stanford

Henry Attwood Thompson


St. Elizabeth

Alexander Dewar

Raynes W. Smith

Allan Kennedy

John Myers Cooper

John Calder

John Cuff

John William Leyden


John Robert Brown

George Delisser

Foster Davis

John Edie Tullis

Nicholas Clough


John Napier Dawes

John Campbell

St. James

George Delisser

James Fowler

Simon Magnus, junr.

James Gray

William Fowler


Thomas R. Vermont

George L. Castle

James Stewart

John L. Walcott

Michael A. Nunes

William Cooper

Robert W. Swan

James Hamilton


Henry Forbes, Kingston

Thomas Harrison, Kingston

E. D. Baugh, Buff Bay

John Parry, Kingston

M. J. Griffiths, St. Ann's Bay

W. R. Dunn, Ocho Rios

J. H. Ridley

Roger Swire, Annotto Bay

W. P. Taboise, Spanish Town

F. Angell, Chapelton

J. H. Hall, Rodney Hall

__ Manderson, Montego Bay

Louis Sinclair, Spanish Town

Crown Surveyors, fees

Surry Thomas Harrison

Middlesex, Roger Swire

Cornwall, W. R. Dunn

Island Chemist.

Louis Hoffman, Kingston, £300

Geological Survey*

Lucas Barrett, £365

James G. Sawkins, £365

*An additional pay from the British Government.

Interpreter of Courts.

Robert Bogle, Merchant, Kingston, Fees

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