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Ministers of the Gospel.

Addison, G. A., Rector, Mandeville, £480

Aird, John, Presbyterian, Green Island

Alloway, William, London Missionary Society, Mandeville

Almon, Foster H., Curate, Kingston, £340

Angell, Charles, Curate, Four Paths

Anderson, Peter, Presbyterian

Astwood, Joseph C., Curate

Austin, Thomas, United Methodist, Claremont, St. Ann

Beardslie, J. O., Unconnected, Kingston

Beckwith, Arthur, Unconnected, Gordon Town

Bertolio, J. M., Roman Catholic, Gordon Town

Bennett, J. G., Baptist, Dry Harbour

Boyd, Thomas, Presbyterian, Pear Tree Grove

Bradshaw, F., LLD, Curate, Kingston, £340

Brown, John H. Curate, Spanish Town, £340

Brown, Thomas J., Curate, Montego Bay, £340

Brown, Henry, Curate, Hope Bay, £390

Burrell, R. W., Curate, Montego Bay, £340

Brooks, George R., Curate, Spanish Town, £340

Brain, G. T., Curate, Goshen, £340

Courtenay, Reg, D D, Bishop, Goshen

Campbell, John, Rector, Linstead, £480

Campbell, John, Presbyterian, Lucea

Campbell, D. H., Rector, Kingston, £600

Cahusac, Thos. B., Rector, Brown's Town, £340

Caird, William, Rector, Montego Bay, £390

Carlisle, Warren, Presbyterian, Lucea

Carter, Herbert, Wesleyan, Ocho Rios

Corlett, John, Wesleyan, Montego Bay

Cheyne, G. T., Curate, Kingston, £340

Chandler, C. R., Curate, Gayle, £340

Chisholm, John R., Curate, Kingston, £390

Claydon, William, Baptist, Four Paths

Clarke, John, Baptist, Brown's Town

Cork, Josias, Curate, Chapelton, £340

Clarke, John, Baptist, Savanna-la-mar

Clarke, Henry, Curate, Grange Hill, £340

Clarke, Thomas H., London Misssionary Society, Four Paths

Constantine, M. G., Curate, Highgate

Cooke, Stephen H., Rector, Morant Bay, £480

Cook, Thomas, Moravian, Mandeville

Cocking, R. D., Curate, Ocho Rios

Dalling, Richard, Baptist, Chapelton

Davis, A. B., Jewish, Kingston

Davidson, A. J., Rector, Lucea, £400

Davidson, John M., Curate, Salt Gut, £340

Day, David, Baptist, Port Maria

Delevante, A. H., Jewish, Kingston

Dendy, Walter, Baptist, Montego Bay

Douett, C. J. P., Curate, Goshen, £340

Dowson, Thomas, Baptist, Spanish Town

Dupeyron, J. E., Vic Apostolic, Kingston

Dunbar, R. K., Curate

Dupont, J., Roman Catholic, Kingston

Ducket, Alexander, Baptist, Vere

Downer, Geo., Curate, Dry Harbour

East, David J., Curate, Rio Bueno

Edmondson, J., Wesleyan, Kingston

Edman, Aaron, Wesleyan, Yallahs

Ellis, N. L., Curate, Vere, £340

Elliot, John, Moravian, May Hill

Elmslie, James, Presbyterian, G. Caymanas

Farquharson, J. F., Curate, Montego Bay, £340

Fiddler, Daniel, Rector, Savanna-la-mar, £400

Fletcher, Duncan, London Missionary Society, Chapelton

Fletcher, Richard, Wesleyan, Kingston

Findlay, Acheson, Curate, Kingston, £340

Foote, Alexander, Wesleyan, Manchioneal

Forbes, Richard, Rector, Annotto Bay, £400 (From Appendix: deceased)

Forbes, William, Rector, Goshen, £390

Forbes, Duncan, Presbyterian, Grange Hill

Foster, H. B., Wesleyan, Bath

Fraser, Edward, Wesleyan, St. Ann's Bay

Fray, Ellis, Baptist, St. Ann's Bay

Fyfe, Charles, Curate, Kingston, £390

Garrett, T., Rector, Vere, £400

Gardner, Wm. J., London Missionary Society, Kingston

Gayleard, James, Curate, Kingston, £150

Geddes, Thomas, Wesleyan, Port Royal

Geissler, Augustus M., Moravian, Goshen

Gillies, William, Presbyterian, Gayle

Girod, Heneage, Rector, Yallahs, £400

Gordon, Joseph, Baptist, Moneague

Gould, Thomas, Baptist, Falmouth

Glover, Robert, Asen Methodist, Kingston

Griffiths, William, United Methodist, Kingston

Gray, Charles F., Curate, Montego Bay

Gordon, Robert, Curate, Kingston

Haime, H. W., Wesleyan, Duncans

Hall, C. H., Rector, Chapelton, £400

Hall, George, Curate, Claremont £340

Hall, Heman B., Amn Mission, Jas. Gall & Co's

Handfield, G. W., Rector, Spanish Town, £500

Harris, H. B., Baptist, Manchioneal

Handford, Geo. J., Curate, Ocho Rios, £340

Harty, William, London Missionary Society, Morant Bay

Harding, Richard, Wesleyan, Gordon Town

Hayes, Thomas J. United Methodist, Chapelton

Herschell, V., Curate, Bath, £340

Henning, Francs W., Moravian, Mandeville

Heath, George, Moravian, Savanna-la-mar

Henderson, John E., Baptist, Montego Bay

Henderson, Geo R., Baptist, Falmouth

Hewitt, Edward, Baptist, Montego Bay

Henry, Thomas, London Missionary Society, Four Paths

Henry, Thomas, Baptist, Stewart Town

Hepburn, J. K., Curate, Savanna-la-mar, £340

Henriques, A. C., Jewish, Montego Bay

Hillyer, William, London Missionary Society, Chapelton

Hodgson, William, Wesleyan, Four Paths

Hodgson, John, Curate, Kingston

Hogg, A. G., Presbyterian, May Hill

Hoppin, Thaddeus, Amn. Mission, Jas. Gall & Co's

Holdworth, Wm., Wesleyan, Pear Tree Grove

Hyams, Abraham, United Methodist, Kingston

Hylton, William, Rector, Spanish Town, £400

Hume, James, Baptist, Rodney Hall

Ingle, William H., Curate, Savanna-la-mar, £50

Isaacs, H. H., Curate, Kingston, £340

Jackson, Samuel, Curate, Kingston, £390

Jones, Evan, Curate, Manchioneal, £340

Jones, Samuel, Baptist, Annotto Bay

Jones, Frederick, London Missionary Society, Chapelton

Johnson, Francis, Baptist, Alexandria

Johnston, Thos. D., Baptist, Golden Spring

Kiergard, Hans J., Moravian, Mandeville

Kingdon, Bayley B., Curate, Old Harbour

Lawson, Henry G., Curate, Green Island, £340

Lawrence, Wm., Presbyterian, Montego Bay, £340

Lee,--------, Baptist, Stewart Town

Littlejohn, D. R., Rector, Falmouth, £500

Lind, Alfred B., Moravian, Montego Bay

Lindo, Alexander, London Missionary Society, Porus

Lynch, Robert B., Curate, Goshen, £150

May, C. T., Rector, Buff Bay, £480

Mayhew, William, Rector, St. Andrew, £393

Mais, John L., Curate, Spanish Town, £150

Martin, James, Presbyterian, Pear Tree Grove

Main, Andrew, Presbyterian, Mandeville

Mearns, John, Wesleyan, Ramble

Milne, James, London Missionary Society, Dry Harbour

Milne, A. J., Presbyterian, Kingston

Millsom, George, Wesleyan, Spanish Town

Millard, Benjamin, Baptist, St. Ann's Bay

Milliner, George, Baptist, Stewart Town

Morris, John, Curate, Black River, £150

Morris, David, Curate, Duncans, £340

Moore, J. H., LLD., Rector, Port Maria, £400

Murphy, Jas. H., Curate, Spanish Town, £340

Murray, W., Wesleyan, Mandeville

Myers, John M., Curate, Moneague

McDermot, H. C. P., Curate, Mandeville, £150

McIntyre, John L., Curate, Kingston

McClaverty, Colin, Curate, Gordon Town, £340

McLean, Daniel, Presbyterian, Falmouth

McLaggan, William L., Baptist, Moneague

Niven, James, Presbyterian, Savanna-la-mar

Newhall, H. B., Presbyterian, Montego Bay

Owen, John E., Curate, Old Harbour, £390

Orgill, Thos. T. T., Curate, Port Antonio, £340

Oughton, Samuel, Baptist, Kingston

Panton, D. B., Curate, Kingston

Palmer, Edwin, Baptist, Kingston

Pearson, Wm. J., Curate, Rodney Hall, £340

Penrose, Elisha, United Methodist, Kingston

Penfield, B. T., Amn Mission, Jas. Gall & Co's

Phillippo, James M., Baptist, Spanish Town

Pinnock, Daniel, Wesleyan, Port Antonio

Plessing, Gust. H., Moravian, Goshen

Porter, John J., Baptist, Buff Bay

Parnther, R. M., Wesleyan, Morant Bay

Prichard, Howell, Curate, Montego Bay, £390

Ramson, J., Curate, Hope Bay, £340

Radcliffe, John, Presbyterian, Kingston

Raspass, Thomas, Wesleyan, Savanna-la-mar

Renton, Alexander PROF., Presbyterian, Mandeville

Renkewitz, J. L., Moravian, Black River

Renkewitz, A. F., Moravian, Black River

Reinke, Ed. E., Moravian, Black River

Reid, James, Baptist, Montego Bay

Richards, John G., Curate, Rodney Hall, £340

Rowe, William, Curate, May Hill, £340

Robinson, Thomas, Curate, May Hill, £390

Rowe, George W., Rector, Old Harbour, £480

Robertson, James, Presbyterian, Savanna-la-mar

Rowden, James, Wesleyan, Kingston

Reeve, William, Wesleyan, Golden Spring

Scotland, Horace, Curate, Mandeville, £150

Sibley, Charles, Baptist, Flint River

Simpson, John, Presbyterian, Port Maria

Smith, John, Rector, St. Ann's Bay, £480

Smith, William, Curate, Port Morant, £340

Smyth, Sam, Curate, Falmouth

Smith, Thomas, Baptist, Gayle

Stainsby, John, Curate, Stewart Town, £390

Stewart, E. A., Curate, Rio Bueno, £340

Stewart, Thomas, DD., Archdeacon, Kingston, £340

Street, C. P., Curate, Kingston (From Appendix: appointed to Annotto Bay)

Sterne, William, Curate, Morant Bay, £340

Stone, J. C., Rector, Black River, £400

Starbuck, Charles C., Amn Mission, Jas. Gall & Co's

Stricker, George, Presbyterian, Falmouth

Teall, William, Baptist, Lucea

Thompson, Adam, Presbyterian, Montego Bay

Thompson, Loren, Amn Mission, Highgate

Thompson, John, Baptist, Jas. Gall & Co's

Thaeler, A. L., Moravian, Mandeville

Tyson, William, Wesleyan, Brown's Town

Thompson, J., Curate, Spanish Town

Turner, Thomas B., Rector, Port Royal, £400

Venning, C. B., Amn Mission, Jas. Gall & Co's

Watson, James, Presbyterian, Jas. Gall & Co's

Ward, James, Moravian, Mandeville

Ward, Samuel, R., Baptist, Kingston

Williams, Joseph, Rector, Port Antonio, £480

Williams, D. J. P., Rector, Montego Bay, £500

Whitecross, William, Presbyterian, G. Caymanas

Wolcot, Seth T., Amn Mission, Jas. Gall & Co's

Wood, J. S., Curate, Mile Gully, £390

Whitehouse, Isaac, Wesleyan, Claremont

West India Bishops.

Right Rev.:-

William Walrond Jackson, Antigua

Thomas Parry, Barbadoes

George Hills, Columbia

Aubrey George Spencer, Jamaica

Reginald Courtenay, Kingston

Francis Fulford, Montreal

George Jehos. Mountain, Quebec

John Strachan, Toronto

Hibbert Binney, Nova Scotia

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