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Medical Practitioners.

Adolphus, Joseph, M R C S, Eng., Savanna-la-mar

Allen, W. B., L R C S, Edinburgh, Rodney Hall

Altman, S., L A C, London, Kingston

Bailey, William., MD, Ed. & MRCS, Ln. Falmouth

Bowerbank, L. Q., M D & L R C S, Edinburgh, Kingston

Brackenridge, C. Chir. Magst. Glgw. , St. Thos. ye Vale

Brebner, William., M R C S, England, Lucea

Bruce, R. G., L R C S, Edinburgh, Vere

Burton, E. J., Staff Surgeon Major, Kingston

Carter, Alfred, M R C S, England, St. Ann's Bay

Campbell, C., M D & L R C S, Edinburgh, Kingston

Chevers, F. M., L. Colg. P & S, Jam., Mandeville

Chevers, --------, M R C S, London, Manchester

Clachar, John S., M D, Edinburgh, Port Antonio

Clarke, Thomas, M D, Edinburgh, Annotto Bay

Craig, James, late H.M. Navy, Spanish Town

Croskery, Hugh, L R C S I, M Sur. S.I., Chapelton

Dallas, Alexander Charles, M R C S, England, Easington

Donald, James, L R C S, Edinburgh, St. Ann

Downer, George P. M., M R C S, Eng., Port Royal

Dunn, Andrew, M D & L R C S, Edin., Kingston

Davidson, James, L R C S, Edinbgh., Ramble

Dalrymple, William., M R C S, London, Trelawny

Davies, W., M D & L R C S, Edinburgh, Vere, (Alley)

Dignum, H. G., M D, Edinburgh, Kingston

Ferguson, J. M., M D, Edinburgh, Port Maria

Fraser, William, Spanish Town

Fiddes, Alexander, F R C S, Edin., Kingston

Gordon, Alexander, L R C S, Edin, St. Andrew

Henderson, J. J., M D Ab & L R C S, Ed., Port Antonio

Hamilton, R. Hon, M D P S & M R C S, Lon., Gordon Town

Harvey, R. S., M R C S, London, Savanna-la-mar

Kelly, Thomas, L. of Jam. College, Savanna-la-mar

Keech, W. B., M R C S, Ln. & LA, Ed., Kingston

King, Berry, M D, Edinburgh, Off the Island

Kingdom, Rev. B B, L. of Jam. Col., Old Harbour

Land, Thomas C., M D L R C S, Spanish Town

Lawson, Hon. Geo., M D & L R C S, Edin, Montego Bay

Lemonius, Wm., late H. M. Army, Rio Bueno

L__ke, Charles, L R C S, Edinburgh, Kingston

Luxton, W. S., M R C S, London, Old Harbour

Morales, Hon. C. M'C, M R C S, Lon., Spanish Town

Mosse, Chas. B., Staff Asst Surgeon, Kingston

Manners, Thomas, L R C S, Edin., Kingston

Mason, David, L R C S, Edinburgh, Savanna-la-mar

McCartney, William, L R C S, Edin, Falmouth

McFarlane, John, L R C S, Edinburgh, Montego Bay

McDonald, S. A., Surgeon, Glasgow, Westmoreland

Maxwell, James, M D & L R C S, Edin, Metcalfe

Osborn, Robert, M D, Edinburgh, Kingston

O'Flagherty, R. J., Dep Insp Gen., Kingston

Potts, John D., M R C S, London, Lucea

Phillippo, J. C., M D & L R C S, Edin, Spanish Town

Rose, W. B., M D, Edinburgh, St. Ann

Raffington, Thomas, Dry Harbour

Robinson, Edward, M R C S, Lon., Kingston

Sterne, Mortiz, M R C S, London, Kingston

Scott, James, M R C S, London, Kingston

Stewart, James, M C, Glasgow, St. Ann

Scott, William, M D & L R C S, Edin, Falmouth

Smith, Crawford, M D, St. Andrews, Manchester

Simpson, William, M R C S I, Black River

Sibley, J. C., M D, New York, Morant Bay

Tarrant, William, M R C S, London, Vere

Thorburn, Adam, L R C S, Edinburgh, Clarendon

Tullis, John, M D & L R C S, Edin, Savanna-la-mar

Tucker, Edward, M D & L R C S, Edin, Brown's Town

Wilson, John, M R C S, London, Montego Bay


McAnuff, D., St.Catherine, Spanish Town, £100

Craig, James, St. John, Spanish Town, £60

Luxton, W. J., St. Dorothy, Old Harbour, £60

Garriques, P., St. Thos.ye Vale, Rodney Hall, £60

Ewbank, E., Clarendon, Chapelton, £100

Muirhead, M., Manchester, £100

Bruce, R. G., Vere, Vere, £60

Clemetson, R., St. Mary, Port Maria, £100

Rose, S. W., St. Ann, Moneague, £100

Altman, S., Kingston, Kingston, £200

Whyte, S. Port Royal, £24

Dallas, A. C., Port Royal Mntns, St. David, £36

Brice, J. R., St. Andrew, Kingston, £100

McPherson, D., St. Thos.ye East, £100

Mowatt, Wm., St. David, St. David, £60

Turin, J. H. D., Portland, Port Antonio, £60

Dunbar, Robert, St. George, Buff Bay, £60

Ball, D. R., Metcalfe, Annotto Bay, £80

Cuff, John, St. Elizabeth, Black River, £100

Deleon, J., Westmoreland, Sav.-la-mar, £100

Fuertado, D. A., Hanover, Lucea, £100

Evans, E., St. James, Montego Bay, £100

Evitt, Thomas, Trelawny, £100

Health Officers.

Old Harbour & Salt River, William. Tarrant, M D, £500

Kingston, G. W. Downer, M R C S L, £500

Montego Bay, J. Wilson, £100

Falmouth, G. McCartney, Surgeon, £100

Morant Bay & Port Morant, W. B. Cooke, M D., £60

Annotto Bay, Thomas Clarke, M D., £50

Savanna-la-mar, Thomas Jelly, £30

St. Ann's Bay, Dr. Carter, £30

Port Antonio, J. S. Clacher, M D., £20

Port Maria, J. W. Ferguson, £50

Rio Bueno, W. Lemonius, M D., £20

Lucea, J. D. Potts, M D, £30

Alligator Pond, F. M. Chevers, £20

Black River, W. Simpson, M D. £20

Dry Harbour, T. Raffington, £20

Green Island, S. Mason, Surgeon, £20

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