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Hon. George Price (Custos), Kingston

Hon. Samuel Rennalls, Rodney Hall

James Derbyshire, Kingston

Hon. Alexander Bravo, Kingston

Hon. Richard Hill, Spanish Town

Thomas Ludford, Old Harbour

William Thomas March, Spanish Town

Hon. Charles McLarty Morales, Spanish Town

William Anthony Bell, Old Harbour

Peter Harrison, Old Harbour

Thomas Witter Jackson, Morant Bay

Adam William Thorburn, snr. Chapelton

James Heighington, Rodney Hall

William Spittal Norton, Kingston

John Clinton McAnuff, Spanish Town

Adam William Thorburn, jnr., Chapelton

Joseph Reid, Rodney Hall

Daniel Power Trench, Kingston

Hon. Maximilian Augustus Baron von Ketelhodt, Kingston

Robert Russell (off the island), Spanish Town

Hon. Alexander Heslop, Spanish Town

George Fraser, Spanish Town

Edward Vickers, Kingston

John Davy (off the island), Spanish Town

William Berry, Spanish Town

Richard Nelson, Spanish Town

Hon. Robert Osborn, Kingston

William Kemble, Spanish Town

Edward Kemble, Spanish Town

Moses Sanguinetti, Spanish Town

Moses Bravo, Old Harbour

Andrew Henry Lewis, Spanish Town

Isaac Levy, Spanish Town

Alexander Nairne, Spanish Town

Peter Alexander Espeut, Kingston

James Philip Clarke, Spanish Town

Francis Henry Moxey, Old Harbour

Richard Cowan, Spanish Town

John Bristowe, Kingston

William Fraser, Spanish Town

James Harvey, Old Harbour

Stephen Weise Mais, Kingston

Edmund Leahy, Spanish Town

John Vincent Leach, Spanish Town

Alexander John Dempster, Spanish Town

James Cecil Phillippo, Spanish Town

George Rose, Spanish Town

Hon. Louis F. MacKinnon, Four Paths


George Burrel Smith

David Martin

John Nethersole

Edward Vickers

John S. Brown

Aaron Salom

Robert Osborn

David Brandon

James Taylor

Colin Campbell

T. B. Wiltshire

I. N. Vaz

R. J. C. Hitchins

David Qualo

James Porteous

W. S. Paine,

Simon Magnus

Theodore DePass

James Campbell

Andrew Dunn

James Davidson

Alexander Fiddes

Philip Lawrence

Sampson Altman

John Daughtrey

J. A. Magrath

Phineas Bravo

John J. Hart

Henry Hutchings

George Silvera

John Nunes

Peter A. Espeut

S. J. Dallas

Stephen W. Mais

James Derbyshire

William Barclay

Edward Lucas

Thomas Breakspear

M. T. Hall

Frederick W. Nethersole

James H. McDowell

H. S. Samuels

David George Willis

Emanuel Lyons

Alexander Barclay

W. S. Cooper

Alexander Bravo

Andrew Scott

Hon. William. G. Freeman

David Finzie

Richard Bennett Berry

Charles Anthony Price

Alexander James Brymer

Arnold Lewis Malabre

Hyman Levy

David Judah Alberga

John Rider Brice

William Malabre

Charles Arthur Robinson

Joseph Stines

Charles Levy

John Burger

Henry Forbes Colthirst

Benjamin J. Franklin

William Lee

Abraham Cohen Sterne

Hon. George Solomon

Peter John Ferron,

Joseph Francis

Jonas Hart

Louis Verley

John Fisher Lawrence

Louis Lewis

Alexander Aria

Jacob Mitchell


Hon. S. J. Dallas (Custos)

Joseph Gordon

James Taylor

Stephen W. Mais

James Brooks

Henry Mais

Hon. Charles M'L. Morales

Solomon Levy Barned

Henry Kent

William Salmon Cooper

William George Lowe

Jeremiah Leaycraft

Jacob Mitchell

James Davidson,

Daniel Jacobs

Charles Lascelles

Benjamin Magill

George H. Chevannes

Hon. James Porteous

John Nunes

John Taylor

Robert Marshall Perring

Edward Hilditch

Emanuel Lyons

James Derbyshire

David Judah Alberga

Theodore DePass

Charles Ritchie Kinnear

Henry Lascelles

William Chisholm

Edward Lucas


Hon. Charles Reyes (Custos), St. Ann's Bay, P.O.

Alexander Geddes, Off the Island

William Parke, Claremont, P.O.

Samuel Whitehorn Rose, Claremont, P.O.

Rich. Henry Z. Heming, Claremont, P.O.

Utten Thomas Todd, Rio Bueno

James Lowe, Dry Harbour

John Strachan, Brown's Town

Richard Carter, senior, St. Ann's Bay

Henry Laidlaw, Mandeville

Samuel Boyd Barnett, Off the Island

Edward Tucker, Alexandria

George Robinson, Claremont

Henry Walsh, Brown's Town

Robert Emery, Off the Island

John Kelly, Off the Island

Frederick John Flemming, Out of the Parish

Hon. Walter George Stewart, Spanish Town

Henry Bridgewater Shaw, Saint Ann's Bay

Hon. Peter Moncriffe, Ocho Rios

Richard Braham, Moneague

James Broderick, Alexandria

William Gray, Moneague

Thomas Beacher Scott, Ocho Rios

Samuel Horlock, Claremont

Charles Fletcher, Saint Ann's Bay

Joseph Bravo, Saint Ann's Bay

Solomon DaSilva Lindo, Moneague

David Collie, Ocho Rios

Hon. Charles Clement Bravo, Saint Ann's Bay

Judah Moses, Brown's Town

Donald Mackintosh, Ocho Rios

George Halsall, Alexandria

William MacCorkell, Kingston

John Steven Codner, Dry Harbour

George Robert Ruthven, Off the Island

Robert Robinson, Claremont

Robert Beverland, Dry Harbour

James Higgin, Alexandria

Thomas Brown Ocho Rios

Robert Faichney, Ocho Rios

Joseph Harris, Brown's Town

Richard Carter, junior, Saint Ann's Bay


Hon. Hinton East (Custos)

Peter Alexander Espeut

Hon. Jasper F. Cargill

John Daughtrey

Charles Mitchell Jopp

James Derbyshire

Hon. Sml. Jackson Dallas

Dr. Charles Campbell,

Robert Taylor

William Chisholm

George P. Maxwell Downer

John Sawers

David Smith

James Taylor

Edward Lucas

Hon. Dr. Robert Hamilton

Hon. Baron V. Kettelhodt

Joseph Gordon

Colin Chisholm

William Berry

Wellwood M. Anderson

Henry Littlejohn

Hon. Edward Jordon, C.B.

John Nunes

Hon. Robert Osborn

Henry Forbes Colthirst

John Rider Brice

Hugh McDowell

George William Gordon

Hon. Alexander Barclay

Stephen Weise Mais

William Alexander Titley

Thomas Ellis

John Parry

Tehllamont DaSilva

William George Astwood

George Henry Chevannes

Alexander Gilbert Robertson

John Joseph Duval

Edward Mais

David Ewart

George Burrell Smith

David Judah Alberga

John Arnett Cator

David Brandon

Thomas Breakspear

Alexander Branker

Benjamin Alberga, junior

George Scotland

William George Warren

William Salmon Cooper

John Bristowe

John Nethersole

James Bell

Colin Alexander Spalding

Gabriel Hovertsz

James Henry McDowell

Alexander Gordon

Richard Barnes

John Robert Hollingsworth

William Barclay

Thomas Harrison

James Hammet

Louis Verley

Oliver McBean LeRay

John McLean


Hon. John Salmon (Custos), Lilliput

Bernard M. Senior, Black River

William Finlayson, Goshen

Alexander Thompson Goshen

Isaac Isaacs, Goshen

John B. Wells, Black River

John Cuff, Goshen

Raynes Waite Smith, Goshen

Allan Kennedy, Out of the Parish

Michael Muirhead, Out of the Parish

Hon. J. J. A. Shakespear, Out of the Parish

John Myers Cooper, Black River

William Hariot Cooke, Lilliput

Thomas Patrick Mahon, Goshen

John William Leyden, Black River

Lionel Isaacs, Out of the Parish

Henry Phillips, Black River

Michael Myers, Goshen

Edward Maris, Lilliput

Robert Smith, Goshen

Francis Maxwell, Goshen

Dennis Sullivan, Lilliput

John Sawers, Out of the Parish

William Neilson Farquharson, Out of the Parish

Arthur Beswick, Lilliput

Peter McLaren, Out of the Parish

Andrew McCubben, Black River

Henry Lawrence, Black River

William Brydson, Black River

John Calder, Goshen

William Lewis, Black River

William Brice Salmon, Black River

Theodore Stone, Black River

William Simpson, Black River

Michael E. Muirhead, Goshen

John Hudson, Black River

Stephen C. Peynado, Black River


Hon. William Hosack (Custos), Buff Bay P.O.

James Maxwell, Annotto Bay

Robert Sprout, Annotto Bay

Edward Bond, Annotto Bay

Henry Lawrence Mason, Hope Bay

Moses Mendes Sollas, Kingston

Charles Thomas Raphey,

Hon. Henry Westmorland, Annotto Bay

Edward David Baugh, Buff Bay

Horatio Guscott, Buff Bay

Edward Panton Dears, Port Antonio

Frederick Rock Spencer Grosett,

Charles Brackenridge, Linstead

Patrick Charles Crichton,

Anthony Davis,

Hon. Alexander Gordon Fyffe, Port Antonio

William George Town, Gordon Town

Duncan Campbell, Hope Bay

Roger Swire, Annotto Bay

Isaac Lawton, Kingston

John Sykes, Buff Bay

Thomas Hunter Leeky, Hope Bay

Edward Skyers, Buff Bay

Gordon Taylor Farquharson, Saint Elizabeth

John Sinclair, Buff Bay

Dr. Robert Edward Gegg, Buff Bay

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