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Governor, Sir Henry Barkley, Knight, C.B. Oct. 1853

Lieut. Governor, Major-Gen. Edward W. Bell, May 1856

Governor, Charles Henry Darling, Esq., July 1857

Civil Department.

Captain Charles Henry Darling, Governor, &c., £5000

Hugh W. Austin, Governor's Secretary, £1200

Frederick Sullivan, Gov. Aide de Camp, £300

Privy Council.

Barclay, Hon. Alexander, Kingston

Dallas, Hon. S. J., Kingston

Edwards, Hon. B., Spanish Town

Heslop, Hon. Alexander, Spanish Town

Hill, Hon. Richard, Spanish Town

Hossack, Hon. William, Buff Bay

Jordon, Hon. Edward (President), Kingston

Kingston, Bishop of, Kingston

Morales, Hon. C. M'L., Spanish Town

Osborn, Hon. Robert, Kingston

Price, Hon. George, Kingston

Salmon, Hon. John, Lilliput

Taylor, Hon. Major-Gen. Pringle, Kingston

Westmorland, Hon. Henry, Annotto Bay

Porteous, Hon. James, Kingston

Stewart, Hon. W. G., Spanish Town

From Appendix: Add Hon. Raynes W. Smith, Hon. George Solomon, and Baron Von Kettelhodt.

William R. Myers, Secretary

Legislative Council.

Bravo, Hon. Charles, St. Ann's Bay

East, Hon. H., Annotto Bay

Edwards, Hon. B., Spanish-Town

Freeman, Hon. W. G., Kingston

Fyffe, Hon. A.G., Port Antonio

Hamilton, Dr. R., Gordon Town

Ketelhodt, Hon. Baron, Kingston

Lawson, Hon. J. M., Montego Bay

Logan, Hon. A. C., Mandeville

Mackinnon, Hon. L. F., Four Paths

Macgregor, Hon. Charles, Kingston

Moncrieffe, Hon. Peter, Ocho Rios

Vickars, Hon. Benjamin, Grange Hill

Price, Hon. George, Kingston

Shakespeare, Hon. J. J. A., Black River

Whitelocke, Hon. H. A., Green Island

President- Hon. John Salmon, Lilliput, £700

Secretary - Hon. W. G. Stewart, Spanish Town, £474

Clerk- Samuel Rennalls, Spanish Town, £300

Chaplain- Rev. G. W. Rowe, £60

Usher Black Rod - John A Sullivan, Spanish Town, £290

Librarian- Edward B. Lynch, Spanish Town, £60

Executive Committee.

Hon. Edward Jordon, Kingston, £800

Hon. William Hossack, Buff Bay, £800

Hon. George Price, Kingston, £800

Secretary - W. R. Myers, Spanish Town, £600

From Appendix: -The Old Committee has been dissolved, and the Hon. R. W. Smith, Hon. George Solomon, and Hon. Baron Von Kettelhodt have been appointed in their place by His Excellency the Governor. It is expected that George L. Phillips Esq. will be elected to the fourth portfolio now vacant.

House of Assembly.

MEMBERS, POST OFFICE [postal address], number of VOTES


C. H. Jackson, Spanish Town, 114

F. R. Lynch, Spanish Town, 101

W. T. March, Spanish Town, 88


Robert Osborn, Kingston, 55

Stephen W. Mais, Kingston, 55


Hon. Ed. Jordon, C.B., Kingston, 257

Charles Levy, Kingston, 233

Lewis Q. Bowerbank, Kingston, 229


Hiam Barrow, Rodney Hall, 123

George Henderson, Kingston, 114


William Rose, Chapelton, 54

Gilbert Shaw, Vere, 54


A.H. Lewis, Spanish Town, 30

David Brandon, Kingston, 30


C. McLarty Morales, Spanish Town, 30

James Harvey, Old Harbour, 27


A. J. Lindo, Port Maria, 22

George Geddes, Rodney Hall, 20


John Nunes, Kingston, 78

F. Henry March, Kingston, 63


Isaac Levy, Spanish Town, 21

Charles A. Price, Kingston, 28


Charles Royes, St. Ann's Bay, 26

H. B. Shaw, St. Ann's Bay, 26


Hon. J. R. Hollingsworth, Mandeville, 68

Simon Bonitto, Mandeville, 68


Hon. H. Westmoreland, Annotto Bay, 51

George Scotland, Kingston, 51


Hon. George Cunningham, Falmouth, 84

F. L. Castle, Falmouth, 84


J. A. Pillon, Port Antonio, 59

C. Walters, Port Antonio, 59


Hon. George Solomon, Kingston, 47

Augustus Hire, Plantain Garden. River, 36

From Appendix: House of Assembly.?A Scrutiny Committee of the House decided that, at the late Election for St. Thomas in the East, P. A. Espeut, Esq. was the duly elected member, and not Augustus Hire, Esq. Mr. Espeut, consequently, took Mr. Hire's seat.


Hon. G. L. Phillips, Montego Bay, 46

Wellesley Bourke, Falmouth, 46


James Taylor, Kingston, 77

D. J. Alberga, Kingston, 73

Edward Lucas, Kingston, 69


Hon. William Hosack, Buff Bay, 47

Roger Swire, Annotto Bay, 37


Richard Hind, Montego Bay, 50

Ralph Harris, (Seat in dispute), 47


R. W. Smith, Lilliput, 24

W. H. Coke, Montego Bay, 19


J. S. Williams, Kingston, 108

David Mason, Savanna-la-mar, 108

Speaker - Hon. C. M. Morales, Spanish Town, £700

Clerk- William Kemble, Spanish Town, £780

Sergeant at Arms - J. J. Vidal, £320

Chaplain - Rev. J. L. Mais, £50

Librarian - W. G. McFarlane, £100

Chairman of Committees :- James Taylor, £200


Hon. B. Edwards, Chief Justice, Spanish Town £1800

Hon. Alexander Heslop, (Act. Chief Justice), Spanish Town £1800

Hon. J. F. Cargill, Judge, Spanish Town £1200

Hon. R. A. O'Reilly, Judge, Kingston, £1200

From Appendix: Hon. Richard A. O'Reilly is deceased. Edward Kemble appointed to the vacant seat.

Hon. Allen Kerr, Judge, Spanish Town £1200

(Retired with Compensation.)

Sir Joshua Rowe, London, £750

Hon. W. C. McDougal, England, £600

Hon. C. M. Farquharson, Continent, £500

Hon. Mayo Short, England, £450

Hon. Edward Chitty, London, £450

Hon. D. M. Thompson, England, £450

Hon. Peter Moncrieffe, Ocho Rios, £300


Hon. A. Heslop, Attorney General (Act. Chief Justice) Spanish Town

Edward Kemble Act. Attorney General, Spanish Town

Joseph S. Williams, Kingston

Robert J. Walcott, Belize

Findlayter Roper, Spanish Town

John V. Leach, Spanish Town

Crown Officers.

Attorney General , Hon. Alexander Heslop, £740

(Edward Kemble, Acting) Spanish Town, £740

From Appendix: Joseph S. Williams, Acting.

Crown Solicitor, Alexander W. Aikman, Kingston, Fees

Clerk Crown & Court, William T. March, Spanish Town, £800

Office Clerk, C. C. Hamilton, Spanish Town, £200

Official Assignees.

Surry Henry Hutchings, Kingston, £400

Middlesex, Peter A. Espeut, Kingston, £400

Cornwall, Adolph Phillipson, Montego Bay, £400

Police Magistrate.

H. J. Bicknell, £500, Kingston


St. Catherine, Hon. George Price, Kingston

Kingston, Hon. Edward Jordon, C.B., Kingston

St. Thos ye Vale, Hon. Samuel Rennalls, Rodney Hall

Clarendon, Hon. Francis Lowe, Chapelton

Vere Hon. Louis F. Mackinnon, Four Paths

Manchester, Hon. J. R. Hollingsworth, Mandeville

St. Mary, Hon. A. J. Lindo, Port Maria

St. Ann, Hon. Charles Royes, St. Ann's Bay

Port Royal, Hon. Samuel J. Dallas, Kingston

St. Andrew, Hon. Hinton East, Kingston

St. David, Hon. W. P. Georges, St. David

St. Thos ye East, Hon. Alexander Barclay, Kingston

Portland, Hon. George Solomon, Kingston

St. George, Hon. William Hossack, Buff Bay

Metcalfe, Hon. Henry Westmorland, Annotto Bay

St. Elizabeth, Hon. John Salmon, Lilliput

Westmoreland, Hon. Benjamin Vickars, Savanna-la-mar

Hanover, Hon. A. Whitelock, Green Island

St. James, Hon. J. M. Lawson, Montego Bay

Trelawny, Hon. G. Cunningham, Falmouth

Clerks of the Peace.

St. Catherine, St. Johns, St. Dorothy, Francis R. Lynch, Spanish Town, £400

St. Thos ye Vale, Edward C. Smith, Kingston, £160

Clarendon, M. S. Farquharson, Chapelton, £200

Vere, Gilbert Shaw, Vere, £120

Manchester, C. H. Jackson, Spanish Town, £200

St. Mary, S. D. Lindo, Port Maria, £200

St. Ann, James Allwood, St. Ann's Bay, £200

Kingston, Samuel Murphy, Kingston, £800

Port Royal, John Duff, Kingston, £120

St. Andrew, Henry J. Kemble, Kingston, £160

St. David, J. Nichol, St. David, £120

St. Thos ye East, E. C. Mowatt, Kingston; S. Cooke, Acting, Morant Bay, £200

Portland, W. W. Anderson, Port Antonio, £120

St. George, R. Dunbar, Buff Bay, £126

Metcalfe, S. C. Burke, Kingston, £100

St. Elizabeth, J. J. Vidal, Spanish Town, £200

Westmoreland, John R. Brown, Sav-la-Mar, £200

Hanover, J. S. Trench, Lucea, £200

St. James, Thomas Brown, Montego Bay, £200

Trelawny, Wellesley Burke, Falmouth, £200

Stipendiary Magistrates.*

Bell, W. A., St. Dorothy, Old Harbour

Chamberlaine, R., St. James, Montego Bay

Crewe, Henry, Clarendon, Chapelton

Daughtrey, John, Kingston, Kingston

Dillon, T. A., St. Ann's, Dry Harbour

Ewart, David, Kingston, Kingston

Emery, Robert (absent), Trelawny, Falmouth

Vermont, T. R. (acting), Trelawny, Falmouth

Fyffe, Hon. A. G., Portland, Port Antonio

Hill, Hon. Richard, St. Catherine, Spanish Town

Jackson, T. W., St. Thos ye Vale, Spanish Town

Kelly, D. W., Trelawny, Falmouth

Kent, Henry, Port Royal, Gordon Town

Laidlaw, H., Manchester, Mandeville

Walsh, Henry, St. Mary, Port Maria

*Paid by British Government at the rate of £450 each for life.

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