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Acres of land, 37,105

Proprietors, etc., properties, etc., slaves, stock

[If there is only one number it is the number of slaves]

In the following list e stands for estate, c.p. for coffee plantation, p for pen.

Anderson, Mary, Mount Pleasant, 1/1
Armstrong, Lydia, 4
Bayley, Alexander, Wood Hall, e, 182/21
Beckford, William, Bodle's, p, 147/372
Bernal, Ralph, Cherry Garden, e, 242/21
Bonner, Charles Butler, Brown's Tavern, 9/6
..ditto, for estate of M. A. Rush, 5
Bonner, Robert Butler, Industry, 6
..ditto for estate of Robert Butler, 5
Bravo, Moses, Marley Mount, p, 60/263
Brown, Catherine, 1
Brown, Catherine, 5
Chippett, Penelope, Cottage, 4
Cooke, Charles, 3
Craddock, Grace Ann, 3
Craddock, Jane, 14
Craddock, Mary, Cottage, p, 54/14
Deffell, John Henry, Hay's, p, 33/14
Dick, Mary-Ann, 6
Douglas, Eliza, 4
Ellson, Thomas, estate of, Pleasant Hill, c.p., 9
Farquharson, Charles, 6
Ferrara, Francis, Milton, c.p., 22/4
Fitzherbert, Sir Henry, Baronet, St. Helen's, p, 93/274
Flannigan, Timothy, 7/2
Forbes, Duncan, estate of, Strathspey, p, 4/2
Forrester, William, Pleasant View, 6
Foulks, Arthur, Lodge, e, 378/117
Francis, William for estate of C. Francis, 4
Fraser, Donald, Cocoa Ridge, 56
Fraser, Mary, 7
Glendenning, Eleanor, Retirement, p, 5
Good, Eleanor, Good Hope, p, 19
Hannaford, Stephen, 5
Harewood, Earl of, Nightingale, e, 119/46
Harris, Mary, 12/3
Harrison, Peter, 1
Harvey, Susanna, 11/1
Holcombe, Susanna M., Content, p, 32
Irving, William, Ythanside, p, 33/12
Jackson, Robert, Hillside, 5
Jackson, William, Ann's Castle, 13
..ditto, Bannister, p, 215/83
..ditto, Blue Hole c.p, 232
..ditto, Master's, e, 197/12
..ditto, Whim, e, 313/63
Jennings, Norrison, 2
King, James William, Stamford Hill, c.p, 43/4
King, Joseph N., Somerset Hill, p, 19/7
King, Martha, Content, 10
Leith, Isabella, Belfield, 25
Long, E. B. et al., Longville Park, p, 56/279
Lumsden, Alexander, Clear Mount, p, 56
Magee, Richard, 4
Mark, Mary Ann, Try See, p, 3
McCook, Francis, 3
McLarty, James, Gold Mine, 26/2
McLeod, John, heirs of, Colbeck's, e, 233/241
McTier, Ann, Folly, p, 9
Melville, Francis, 24/1
Mitchell, John, Bushy Park, e, 715/136
Morant, Ann, 13/6
Murdoch, Margaret, 7
Murray, William, 19
Mytin, Sarah L., Top Hill, c.p, 31
Mytin, Sarah L., guardian to G. F. Mytin, 33
..ditto, for estate of M. A. Burrell, 7
Newell, Elizabeth B., 2
Newell, Elizabeth M., Pear Tree Valley, 2/2
Newell, George, 5
Newell, Henry R., Pear Tree Valley, 2
Newell, Mary-Ann M., 5
Pallmer, Charles N., Palmyra, p, 87/84
Parker, Eliza Washington, Bourkefield Wharf, 25
Price, Charlotte, 3
Price, Sir Rose, Baronet, Spring Garden, p, 85/388
Quest, Sarah, 3
Raymond, Frances, 4
Rose, Mary Ann, Somerset Hall, 4
Rosswess, Nicholas, Ashley Hall, 3
Saunders, Michael D., Rodon's, p, 15/61
Saunderson, Fred., trustees of, 7
Sergeant, Mary Williams, 2
Sligo, Marquis of, Cocoa Walk, e, 172/47
..ditto, Kelly's, e, 55/78
Smith, Samuel, Cottage, p, 10/1
Snaith, Mrs., estate of, New Forest, 26
Stainsby, Rev. John, Somerset Hall, 17/4
Summers, Philip, estate of, Milford Lodge, p, 18
Timperon, Joseph, Amity Hall, e, 331/127
Townshend, John, Resource, p, 3/2
Tubman, William, 3
Walker, Elizabeth, 13
Walker, Roger, 14/1
Wallis, Frances, 6
Wallis, Julia V., Folly, p, 38/4
Willis, John, estate of, Thetford Hall, p, 89/238
Woodhouse, Sally, 4
              5008 / 3157
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 16
TOTAL  5008 / 3173


Acres of land, 88,628

Proprietors, etc., properties, etc., slaves, stock

[If there is only one number it is the number of slaves]

Abrahams, William, Happy Retreat, 18/4
Allen, Thomas F., 10/8
Anderson, Eleanor, 10
Anderson, James, 12
Anderson, John, 3/4
Ashburn, Sarah, 4
Bagnold, Thomas, Hertford, 50/8
Baines, Richard, estate of, Retreat, 14
Barnett, Edward, Retreat, 15
Barriffe, George, Pleasant Farm, 72/357
Bayley, Alexander, Prospect, 107/13
Bennett, R. G., 8
Bennett, Sarah, 32
Bennett, William J., Friendship Hall, 8
Bently, Elizabeth, 4/1
Berwick, Newall, guardian, 12
Betty, James, Charlemount, 43/295
Bicknell, James, Mount Matthews, 75/4
Blackburn, John, New Works, 299
..ditto, Wallen's, 285
Blake, George, 10
Bourdieu, James, Hog Hole, 175/10
Brabbins, William, Jamesbury, 29
Brammer, Elizabeth, Russell Pen, 8/1
Breary, James A., Ben Lomond, 13/5
Brice, John Rider, Grantham, 13/2
Brice, Martha, 10/10
Brooks, Frances Virgo, Pimento Mount, 47/2
Brookes, Frances M., Boosey Ridge, 41/4
Brown, Philip, Mount Exchange, 2/1
Burke, James, Welcome Hall, 3/1
Burnett, Peter, estate of, and Louisa, Louisiana, 132/25
Burrowes, W. S., Villa, 2
Byfield, Charles, Cove Mount, 6
Byfield, Susanna, 4
Campbell, Duncan, 12
Campbell, Major John, Belgar, 89/15
..ditto, Lucky Hill, 109
Campbell, John, Barmaddy, 60/2
..ditto, for the estate of __ Macon, 9
Carr, Samuel, Thomas Hall, 50/6
Chambion, John, 3/4
Cheese, Thomas, 33/2
Cheveau, E., Mount Industry, 16
Cheveau, M. F., 7
Cheveau, Mary Madeline, 2
Clayton, Simon, estate of, 9/1
Clouston, Edward, 4/6
Clunie, R. D. and Co., Logan Castle, 16/1
Coombs, George, 24
Cox, Elizabeth, executrix of W. Clarke, 6
Crary, George, 2
Crary, James, junior, 1
Crary, Sarah, Sandy River, 13/1
Crary, Susanna, Mosquito Point, 6/1
Crossley, Luke Thomas, Kendall, 66/38
Cumming, Jane, 2
Cummings, Margaret, Grange Hill, 12
Cunningham, Elizabeth, 4
D'Aquin, Charles, Highgate, 23/4
..ditto, Liberty Hall, 17/5
Darlow, John, Pleasant Hill, 5
DaSilva, S. M., Dover Castle, 145/18
Daud, John, Byndloss, 147/32
Davidson, Elizabeth, 2
Davis, Thomas, Mount Pleasant, 53
Dawkins, James, Treadway's, 243/6
Deland, John, 12/12
De la Torre and Troncoso, New Grenada, 20/4
Deport, Joseph, 5
Douglas, Mary R., Vauxhall, 22
..ditto, guardian, 6
Dubedat, Antoine, Peter's Retreat, 11/4
Dubedat, Margaret, 1
DuCasse, James, Harmony Hill, 4
Dunbar, William, 10/4
Edwards, Bryan, Dove Hall, 193/9
Edwards, Hugh, estate of, Top Hill, 94/44
Edwards, Mary, Retirement, 122/18
Ewart, John, Lucky Valley, 40/6
..ditto, Woodside, 14/5
Ewers, Margaret, Holy Mount, 34/8
Falconer, William, Berry Hill, 36/67
Finlay, Mary, 16
Forsyth, James, attorney, River Head, 170/12
French, P. G., French Park, 9/7
Fuller, John, Knollis, 104?/5
Garrigues, Peter F., Bonnett, 51/70
Gilzean, Alexander, Dunvegan, 42/2
Gilzean, Thomas, 14
Godfrey, Samuel, Spring Farm, 60/1
Gordon, Sir John, Baronet, Golden River, 118
Grandison, Adeline, Dunkeld, 16/2
Grant, Sir Alexander, Baronet, Berwick, 171/29
..ditto, Rio Magno, 157/470
Gunson, John, Jericho, 5/4
Gutteres, Judith, estate of, Palm, 209/13
Guy, M. F., Hayfield, 27/34
Gyles, Nicholas, Mango Grove, 39/34
..ditto, Recess, 35
Hall, John, estate of, 20
Halliard, Grace, 16
Hamilton, George W., 12/12
Hamman, Samuel, 8
Harewood, Earl of, Williamsfield, 276/44
Harris, Robert William, Hopewell, 189/25
Harrison, Elizabeth, 11/2
Harrison, Thomas, 24/2
Hayman, John, Berkshire Hall, 164/9
Henderson, John P., Clearmount, 30/140
Henderson, Robert, 1/1
Hewer, Jeremiah, 8/2
Hinde, George, 2
Howell, Francis, 21
Hunt, Mary M., Caledonia, 15
Hunter, Gertrude, 6
Hyde, Samuel, Retirement, 65/69
..ditto, 20/24
..ditto, attorney, Content, 21
Jackson, Thomas, 2/2
James, Christiana, Pimento Grove, 14
Johnson, Elizabeth, 34
Johnson, Isabella G., London Ridge, 88/6
Kein, Mary, 1
Kenyon, Margaret, Mount Pleasant, 8
Kingston, Lucy, 2/2
Kinkead, Richard, Stirling Castle, 143/3
Lake, Misses, 4
Landall, Margaret, Coldingham, 59
Lane, James Seton, deceased, Cool Shade, 132/37
..ditto, Mount Concord, 129
Largent [or Sargent?], William and Mary Rogers, 12
Latouche, Lewis, Mon Plaisir, 4/1
Lee, Richard, et al, Rose Hall, 220/14
Lewis, James, 9
Lewis, John, Springfield, 78/10
Lindo, A. J., 9
Lobban, William, receiver, Cottage, 100
Lord, William, Russell Pen, 45/6
Lorrain, Catherine, 6/2
Lorrain, C. L., 14/4
Lorrain, Henry, estate of, Rest, 20/6
Lorrain, Rosanna, 1
Lyon, R. G., guardian, 4
Marshall, Catherine, 25
Marshall, George, Golden Grove, 82/2
Marshall, Jane, White Plains, 20
Martin, Benjamin, 1
Martin, Henry, 7/1
Martin, John, Vale Park, 6
Martin, Joseph, 6/2
Martin, Maria Tharp, 7
Martin, Richard P., Mount Sion, 56/8
Matthee, Charlotte, 3
McCatty, Sarah, 5
McDermott, Charles, estate of, and H. Clements, Cotswold, 142/20
..ditto, Orangefield, 58/3
McDonald, Charles, 10
McDonald, Isabella Ann, 10
McDonald, Sarah, 2/4
McGaw, Alexander, Fine View, 9
McGaw, Andrew, 1
McGaw, Hugh, 1
McGaw, James, 1
McGaw, Mary, 1
McGaw, Robert, 1
McGaw, William, 1
McGregor, James, 36/40
McGregor, John, 36/40
McInnes, Alexander, Raza Mount, 141/4
McIntosh, Donald, Muse, 29
McIntosh, James, 17/1
McKay, Hector, estate of, Airy Mount, 164/53
..ditto, Hampshire, 114
McKay, Hugh D., Springfield, 61/19
McKenzie, John, guardian, Rose Hill, 5
McPherson, John, Richmond, 102/2
Mitchell, John, New Hall, 200/7
Moore, Olive, 3
Moncrieffe, Ann Maria, 5/6
Munro, Major George Gun, Tulloch, 331/44
Nagles, Frances and Jane, Retirement, 19
Needham, William, Mount Olive, 218/43
Neilson, James H., 8/1
Neilson, Margaret B., Dunkeld, 20/5
O'Meally, Bridget, 40/4
O'Meally, George, Newport, 50/ 3
Page, Robert, Ginger Hall, 82/26
..ditto, Ranger's Lodge, 40
Palmer, Eleanor, 10
Palmer, Henry B for William Hearn, 8
Palmer, Henry B., Tryall, 4
Palmer, William, Tenby, 19
Palmer, W. R., Water Vale, 4
Parker, Richard R., Ragville Park, 70/23
Payrack, Ann C., 16
Peacan, Margaret, 8
Peacan, Simon, 2
Poulton, Ann E., Palm Mount, 12
Poulton, Frances, 2
Poulton, Sarah H., 15
Price, Sir Rose, Baronet, Mickleton, 74
Rainford, F. P., Cassava River, 53/5
Rankin, Adam, 2/8
Rennalls, Jane, Retirement, 42
Rennalls, J. P., estate of, Glengoff, 138/20
Rennalls, Mary Ann, heirs of, 4
Rennalls, Thomas, Mount Florence, 12/2
Roach, L., S., 2
Roberts, John, Lucky Valley, 22
Robertson, Alexander, Mills' Hall, 10
Rodon, John Smith, 5
Rogers, Samuel, Grateful Hill, 9/2
Rose, Johanna, Mount Pleasant, 40/4
Ross, John, 5
Ross, Robert, estate of, Bybrook, 308/86
Rossiter, Thomas, Retreat, 67
Scholar, Alexander, Scholar's Cot, 6/2
Sharpe, Richard H., Mount Industry, 59/4
Sharpe, Robert, 6
Simmons, Jane, 6
Simpson, James, Falkland, 18
Simpson, James, estate of, 6
Simpson, Colin G., estate of, 3
Smith, Daniel, Mount Recovery, 18/3
Smith, John, Mount Industry, 36/2
Smith, John, Salisbury Hill, 45
Smith, Mary, Content, 70/12
Spyers, F. M., 3
Steel, Adam, Harmony Hall, 88/10
Stevens, James F., estate of, Harker's Hall, 261
Stewart, Jane, Bog Walk, 4/4
Strudwick, Henry, Pleasant Retreat, 26/4
Strudwick, Theodosia, Ashley's, 5
Surgeon, Susanna, Retirement, 9
Sutherland, Sarah F., 10
Thaw, William, 5/3
Thomas, Henry, Content, 7
Thompson, Elizabeth, Friendship, 40
Townshend, William et al, Llangibby, 75/18
Treloggan, William, Beggar's Bush, 14/2
Tucker, William, Roselle, 12
Vidal, J. G., Shenton, 194/13
Welch, Richard, estate of, Hill Side, 124
Welch, Richard, Hyde, 152/9
White, R. M., 3
Whyte, Hon. J. M., Charlton, 203/9
Wilds, Sarah, 4
Williams, Benjamin, Murray's Retreat, 4
Williams, James, 6/6
Williams, Jane, 4
Williams, John, 6/6
Worger, William, 1/2
Wright, George, receiver, Pear Tree Grove, 171/70
              11,962 / 2955
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 70
TOTAL  11,962 / 3025

-->It is necessary to apprize the purchasers of this Almanac that the foregoing Lists have been copied from the Rolls in the Receiver-General's Office, with the exception of those for St. Mary and Trelawny, which contain the numbers of Stock, for which Parish Tax is paid.  The remainder embrace only those for which a Tax is paid to the Public, working Stock being excepted.

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