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Artificial limb maker

W. B. Alberga, 3, Port Royal Street

Auctioneers & Commission Agents

Berry and Whitehorne, 109, Harbour Street
Harty & Co., 140 Harbour Street
Martin D. and Nephew, 64 Port Royal Street
Stern, H., 3, Church Street
Stines Barnet, 23 corner of Port Royal Street and Temple Lane
Stines Joseph, 44, Port Royal Street
Sandford, A., 151, Harbour Street
Turnbull Lee, & Mudon, 94 Harbour Street

Barristers, Advocates and Solicitors

Anderson & Watson, Duke Street
Andrews and Andrews, 9, Church Street
Bell, Edward, 4, Church Street
Bourke, W., 12, Port Royal Street
Burke, A. E., 13, Port Royal Street
Burke and Lee, 6, Port Royal Street
Hill, Airey and Harvey, 89, Harbour Street
Hendrick, Thomas, Court House, Harbour
Lewis, W. E., Port Royal Street
Lindo, S. D., 12, Port Royal Street
Nathan, D. P., 13, Port Royal Street
Oughton & Garsia, Duke Street
Vendryes, Henry, Harbour Street
Vendryes, E., Harbour Street


Archambeau, John, Church and Tower Streets
Fisher, George, (Red House), 2 Temple Lane
Levy, Wilfred, Luke Lane
Nunes, R. J., 17, corner North Street and Mark Lane
Sollas. Siam, Orange Street
Verley and Robinson, (Mills), Harbour Street


Henry, Joshua, 20, Orange Street
DeCrosta, Edward, 6, Church Street
Nunes, A., corner Water and Temple Lane

Bill Discounters

Hershfield, S., 10 Port Royal Street
Hart, J., 168 Harbour Street
Lucas, S., Harbour Street
Samuels, H., 82 Harbour Street
West, C., 13 Port Royal Street

Booksellers and Stationers

Auld, J. M. & Co., 130 Harbour Street
Bible Depot, British and Foreign, 9 Church Street
DeCordova & Co., 131 Harbour Street
Henderson, George, 127 Harbour Street
Levy, George, corner Church and Port Royal Street
McCartney & Wood, 16 King Street

Builders and Contractors

Adams, C. A., Church Street (above Water Lane)
Brennan, J. W., 60, East Queen Street, and North East corner of East Street
Henriques, Alexander, Peter's lane

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers

Aguilar, Joseph, 28 Church Street
Aguilar, Thomas, southwest corner Water Lane and Mark Lane
Berry and Whitehorne, 109 Harbour Street
Hendricks, Mark C., 121, Walter Lane
Harty and Co., 440, Harbour Street
Laing, Robert, 57, 59, and 61, King Street
Skinner, John, 10 Temple lane
Solomon, F. A., Princess Street and Water Lane
Turnbull, Lee and Mudon, 94, Harbour Street

Cake makers


Mrs. Henriques, coroner Barry and Duke streets
Miss Motta, Orange Street
Mrs. Mendez, Orange Street
Miss Weis__ne, Princess Street
Mrs. Solomons, Church Street
Miss Nunes, corner of Barry Street and Peter's Lane


Haytian, A. Legendre, corner of Princess and Port Royal streets
Spanish, Bruno Badan, corner of Church and Harbour Streets
French, A. L. Malabre, Port Royal Street
Belgian and Netherlands, S. E. Pietersz, 1, King Street
Austrian and German, Johannes Dieckman, Port Royal Street
United States of America, G. Hoskinson, Harbour St., Ralph Nunes, Vice Consul

Chocolate Manufacturer

F. Langier and Co., 26, King Street

Coach Builders

Brent. Alfred and C., 111, corner of East and Tower Street
DeCordova, G. J., 76, Harbour street, Freemason's Hall
DeSouza, Reginald, 44, Hanover Street
Goring, Tower street and Mark Lane
Morell, Alexander & Co., 77, Harbour Street between East St. and George's Lane
Tavares, H., 105, Barry street

Dealers in Leather

Codner, J., Church Street
DaCosta, Henry, 33, Water Lane
Feurtado, Harbour Street

Dealers in Metal

Jones W. D.. 90, Port Royal Street
Salmon, Charles A., 68, Port Royal Street

Dealers in Produce

Clough, T. B., 3, Harbour and Princess streets
Jones, W. D., Port Royal Street (between Church Street and Mark's Lane)
Lewis, S., 150, Harbour Street
Peynado, J. J., 68 ½, Port Royal Street
Sanford, Charles A., 153, Harbour Street
Stines Bros., 32, Port Royal Street


Comer, F., south corner Parade & Church Street
Chevers, J. E., 79, King Street
Dias, B. D., 10, Lower East Street
Levett, D. L., 30, Duke Street
Ford, H. B., 79, King Street

Dress Makers

The Misses Gauntlett. Highholborn Street
Mrs. Thompson, Fleet Street
Mrs. Reece, East Street
Mrs. J. Lowther, West Street
Miss Angelina Stewart, King Street
Miss Lascelles, Tower Street
Miss Clarke, Duke Street
The Misses Harty, 171, Tower Street
Miss C. Fisher, 32, King Street
Mrs. Mary Browne, 38, Tower Street
Miss Barnett, Duke Street


Auvray, P. E., 73, King Street
Crosswell, A. N., 18, King Street
Flowers, Dr., Orange Street (Parade)
Grant, Charles, 80, Harbour Street
Kinkead, Edward, 24, King Street
McCrindle, Mrs., 14, King Street

Editors, Reporters, and Short-hand Writers

DeCordova, G. -- "Gleaner"
Campbell, C. L. -- "Budget"
Figueroa, F. A. -- "Standard"
Forten, C. -- At Charles Levy & Co.'s
Gall, J. -- "News Letter"
McNabb, J. R. -- "Government Reporter"
Morrison, W., M.A. -- "Standard"
Nutall, Enos -- "Church Chronicle"
Slack, Shackelton Balm -- "Gleaner"
Thomson, S. Powell -- "Gleaner"

Fancy Store Keepers

Alexander, Thaddeus, 125 Harbour Street
Alexander, Thaddeus, 135 Harbour Street
Alexander, F. and Co., 116, Harbour Street
Aarons Judith, 129 Harbour
Bewley, J., 29, King Street, and 132 Harbour Street
Brandon, M. & Co., 111 Harbour Street
Blair and Scott, 93, Harbour Street
C. M. Nunes & Co., 21 King Street
Carvalho, C. B. & Co., 112, Harbour Street
Casseres, Gomes & Co., 106, Harbour Street
Cohen, Hyman, 99 Harbour Street
DaCosta, Mrs. L., 45, King Street
Dasavado, E. C., 165. Tower (corner King Street)
DaCosta, Daniel R., 92 Harbour Street
Davis, H. M., 25, King Street
Delapenha, Uriah, 151, Harbour Street
Davidson J., 113 Harbour Street
DeCordova, E. S., King Street
DeCordova, Eustace, 117 Harbour Street
Depass, Abner, 132, Harbour Street
Farmer, Crosswell and Co., 102, Harbour Street
Francis, Joseph, 98 and 100, Harbour Street
Holt, George, 126 Harbour Street
Innis, Miss, 21 Harbour Street
Laraque, S. and Co., 118, Harbour Street
Morrice & Co., 108, Harbour Street
Mrs. Josefa L. Duquesnay, 27, King Street
Myers F. L., 35 King Street
Morais, N. Miss, 135, Harbour Street
Malabre, W. and Co., 120, Harbour Street
Mudahy & Co., 114, Harbour Street
Mordecai A. & Co., 154, Harbour Street
Moses, Nancy, 135, Harbour Street
Macpherson R. W. & Co., 105, Harbour Street
Nathan amd Pausey,  98, Harbour Street
Pinnock, Surridge & Co., 120, Harbour Street
Quallo, David, 119, Harbour Street
Roxburgh & Sons, 115, Harbour Street
Sergeant, Thomas, 124, Harbour Street
Stelfox and Sergeant, 41, King Street
Samuel and Bro., 143, Harbour Street
Taylor, George R., 123, Harbour Street
Volny, Mary, DeFeres & Co., 37, King Street


Albergas and Mitchell, 22, Port Royal Street
DaCosta, S. R., 13,7 Harbour Street
Depass and Co. S. H., 22, Port Royal Street
Eagle Grocery and Coffee Steam Mills Co., 52 King Street
Gadpaille, Charles, corner Temple and Water Lane
Gonzalez, E. J., 22, King Street
Hart, J., 6, Little Port Royal Street
Jamaica Co-operative, 84, Harbour Street
Nunes T., Model Grocery, 23, King Street

Hardware Storekeepers

Baines, Alexander, 52 corner Port Royal and Orange Street
Briscoe Bros., 135 Harbour Street
Burke, Milo J., 15, King Street
Ford Bros., 136, Harbour Street
Lyons, E. & Son, 121, corner King and Harbour Street
Malabre, A. L. & Co., 48, Port Royal Street
Nethersole and Nephew, W.A., 25, Water and Peter's Lanes
Parke, William & Co., 157, Harbour Street

Iron Founders

Akin, H. D. and Co., 3, corner of Port Royal Street and John's Lane
Lazarus, W. C. P. & Co., 101, Harbour Street
Lewis, Walter H., 171 and 173 Harbour Street


Cruchley, James, 107, Water Lane
Caquelard, J., Orange Street, opposite Barracks
Desdunes, L., 22 Church Street
Hendricks, Walter George , 76 Water lane
Marshal, T., 32, King Street
Morrison, John, 169 Tower Street
Parke, Charles W., 74 Water Lane
Steele J. L., 48 King Street

Lodging-House Keepers

Allen, Mrs., 113, Tower Street
Blake, Miss, Orange Street
Burton, Miss (St. Thomas House) 54, Hanover Street
Bogle, Mrs., 35, North and Princess streets
Corinaldi, Mrs., 93, King Street
Dewar, Mrs. J., (Gosford Lodge), Highholborn Street and Water Lane
Duncans, Mrs., 6, Duke Street
Farebrother, Mrs., 83, King Street
Fortheringham, Mrs. (Clarendon House) 23, East and Tower Streets
Grant, Miss (Blundel [Blundell] Hall), 8, East Street and Water Lane
Hopwood , Miss, 70, King Street
Munroe, Mrs., 38, Church Street
Manchester House, 70 King Street
McLochlin, Miss, 62, Harbour Street
Western, Mrs., 25, East Street

Medical Practitioners

Anderson, Izitt W., Hanover Street
Bowerbank, L. Q., Harbour Street
Cotter, A. H., 52, King Street
Cribb, ------, Public Hospital
Croskery, Hugh, 85, East Street
Flower, A.. Parade
Gayleard, C., 75, King Street
Lake, Charles, 72, King Street
Oglevie, James, Hanover Street
Phillippo, J. C., 16, Sutton Street
Ross J., Mayner, (Cuban) Church Street
Sanders, G. C., 16, Sutton Street
Scott, James, 50, Church Street

Merchants General

Correoso, F. & Co., 11, King Street
Davidson, Colthirst & Co., 2, Church Street
DeCordova, Altamont, 42 Port Royal Street
Levy Charles & Co., 12 Port Royal Street
Levy, Isaac & Co., 9 King Street
McDowell and Barclay, 1, King Street
Nunes Bros., 12, Church Street
Solomons, George, 4, Little Port Royal Street
Vendryes, Charles L., 30, Port Royal Street

Merchants - Provision

Abrahams, Arthur and Co., 45, Port Royal Street
Autey, F. A. & Co., corner of King and Port Royal Streets
Davidson, Colthirst & Co., 25, Port Royal Street
DeCordova, Altamont, 42 Port Royal Street
Levy, Charles and Co., 26, Port Royal Street
Solomon, H. A., 40, Port Royal Street
DeMercado, I. H., 11, King Street
Delgado and Co., 49, Port Royal Street
Levy, Philip, 142, Harbour Street

Merchants - Dry Goods.

Alexander, Augustus, 128, Harbour Street
Auld, J. M., 54, Port Royal Street
Cordoza, Joseph, 56, Port Royal Street
DaCosta, Son & Co., 50 Port Royal Street
Finke and Co., 66, Port Royal Street
Legendre, E.., 59, Port Royal Street
Lewis, J. G., 37, Port Royal Street
Magnus, Walter, 63, Port Royal Street
Turnbull, Duquesnay & Co., Port Royal Street

Painters, Paper Hangers and Sculptors

Blychenden & Wilson, 144, Harbour Street
Brandon, A. & Son, 87, Harbour Street
Bonitto, F., 115, corner Temple and Water Lanes
Dancer, Thomas Yates, Princess Street

Printers and Publishers

*Auld, John M., 130, Harbour Street
Campbell, C. L., "Budget", 12, Orange Street
*DeCordova M.& Co., "Daily Gleaner," "Tri-Weekly Gleaner," "Mercantile Intelligencer", Job Printers and Publishers, 131, Harbour Street
Gall, James, "News Letter," Myrtle Bank, Harbour Street
*Henderson, George & Co., 137, Harbour Street
Jordon, Edward, "Instructor", Tower Street
*Levy, George, "Standard," 6, Church and Port Royal Streets
Osborne, Robert, "Gazette", 12, Orange Street and Water Lane

        *These are also Bookbinders


Bavastro, 77, Harbour Street
Duperley, Bros, Church Street, opposite Bible Depot
Thompson, (corner of Church Street and Water Lane)


Brass and Son, 97, Harbour Street
DeCordova, G. J., 76, Harbour Street
Dacosta, M. P., corner Water and Peter's Lane
Dacosta, Samuel, 139, Water Lane
Flemming, J. W., 145, Harbour Street
Faichney, William, 109, Water Lane
Hamilton, James H., 107, Water Lane
McDonald, J., -------, Harbour Street
McLarty, Charles, 147, Temple Lane
Sinclair, Henry, Harbour Street and Luke Lane


Cassis, J., 10 and 12 Water Lane and Church Street
Dyken, J. L., 26, Duke Street
DuPee, D., 2, Port Royal Street
Harry, T., 74 Water and Temple Lanes
Mathias, Lewis, Water Lane
Planto, Simon, East Queen and Church Street
Revina, E. & Co., 165, King Street
Silburn, J. C., Water Lane
Wilkins -------, 172, corner Harbour and West streets
Walker -- 103, Water Lane

Ship Chandler

Henry Morris, 12 Port Royal Street

Tinsmiths and Plumbers

Dacosta, Alexander, 11, corner Orange Street and Water Lane
Eberall, Augustus , 89, Princess Street
Fenton, William, 1 Beckford Street
South, Joseph, 148, Orange and Tower Street

Tailors and General Outfitters

Armstrong, 42, King Street
Brock, Charles M., 80, Harbour Street
Brown, James, 9 Church Street
Cripps, Scott and Co., 97, Harbour Street
DeCordova, Eustace and Co., 8, King Street
Dennison, M. L., 131, Water Lane
DeSouza, Horatio J., 143 Harbour Street
Kelly, William, 53, King Street
Lacey, D., Water Lane
Reid, H., 14 Church Street


Baugh, R. L., 149, Harbour Street
Commercial Dining Rooms, 101, Harbour Street
DaCosta H., (Star Hotel) 39, Port Royal Street
Depass, Henry J., (London Tavern) 7, Duke and Port Royal Streets
Depass, Charles, 83, Harbour Street
Gadpaille, Charles, corner Water and Temple Lanes
Hidalgo, Rosa, 35, King Street
James, C., 158, Harbour Street
Palma, Senor, 33, King Street
Phillips, R., 5, Water lane
Phillips, A, R., 148, Harbour Street
St. Charles' Hotel, (Phillips) 120, Tower Street
Tejada, Felix, 5, King Street


Badain, S. & Co., 29, Port Royal Street
Brandon, James, 156 Harbour Street
Duany and Bros., 34, King Street
Fargardo. Diego, 197, Tower Street
Giscombe, Felix B., 122, Tower Street
Henckye, J. C., 46, King Street
Machado, B, & J. B., 9 Harbour Street
McLeish, G. H., 161 Harbour Street
Palacios and Bro., 126, corner White and King Street
Quesada, L., 79 King Street
Sayle, Edward P. , 26 Orange Street
Shirley, Ebenezer, 143, Water Lane
South, Joseph, 142, Orange and Tower Streets
Tejada, R., 31, King Street
Valiente, 29 Port Royal Street


Bell, James, West End
Codnor, John, Rae Town
Feurtado & Co., 121, Harbour Street


Kennedy, Charles, 15, Tower St., corner Temple Lane
Laing, Robert, 57, 59 and 61 King Street
McDonald, W. W., 30, Barry Street

Veterinary Surgeons

Desporte, John, Parade, between King Street and Peter's Lane
Grey, W., 31, Orange Street (Parade)
Lopez, E., 24, Orange Street
Maynier, 3, East Street


Abrahams, 44, King Street
Figueroa, J., 47, King Street
McPherson, J., 28, King Street
Milholland, J., 86, Harbour Street
McKenzie, E. Y., 96, Harbour Street
Nicholson, J. B., 30, King Street   
Whitbourne J, W., 19 King Street

Wine and Liquor Merchants

Ackermann, Elliott and Corty, 32, Port Royal Street
Albergas and Mitchell, 22, Port Royal Street
Branker, Alexander, 4, Church Street
Desnoes P. & Son, 31, Port Royal Street
Finzi D. & Co., 28, Port Royal Street
Wray & Nephew, 24, Port Royal Street

Music Seller

Lofthouse & Co., 17, King Street

Lumber Merchants

Davidson, Colthirst & Co., Lower Church St.
Feurtado Alexander, Port Royal Street (East)
Humphreys, J. W., Lower Peter's Lane
Lyons, Emanuel & Son, Lower Temple Lane
Stredwick, S. J.,  Lower Rum lane

Livery Stable-keepers

Dunker, Adolphus, corner of Barry Street and Mark Lane
Morais, M., Church Street, (Parade)
White, D., East Street, (between Water Lane and White Street)


Baptist College, East Queen Street
British and Foreign Bible Depot, 9, Church Street
City Dispensary, John's Lane
Collegiate School, Lower Church Street
Colonial Bank, 126, Harbour Street
Commissariat Office, Hanover and East Queen Streets
Constabulary Lock-up, (corner of East and Sutton Streets)
Constabulary Stations, 169 and 178, Harbour Street
Gas Works, West-End
General Penitentiary, Tower Street, (East)
General Post Office, corner of Duke and Harbour Street
Head Quarter House, corner of Duke and Beeston streets
Ice House, Lower Duke Street
Lunatic Asylum, Paradise Street, Rae Town
Medical Depot and Public Library, Lower East Street
Mico Institution, Upper Hanover Street
Ordnance Wharf, Port Royal Street, (West)
Public Treasury, 80 , Harbour Street
Public Hospital , North and West streets
Railway Station, Tower Street (West)
Royal Mail Company's Wharf, Lower Duke Street
Sailors' Home, corner of West and West Queen streets
Savings Bank, 80, Harbour Street
Slaughter House, (Public) West-End
Street Car Company's Office, 3, Church Street
Street Car Company's Depot, King Street
Telegraph Office, Port Royal Street
Victoria Market, Lower King Street
Wolmer's Free School, Lower Church Street

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