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1875 Jamaica Almanac

Judiciary Courts and Lawyers in Jamaica.



Hon Sir J. Lucie, C.M.G., Chief Justice and Vice-Chancellor
Ker, Hon. Alan, Assistant Judge


Bruce, W. Downing, Spanish Town
Drake, Henry, Kingston
Jeffry, Charles, Falmouth
Kerr, Robert, Mandeville
Little, George G., Savanna-la-Mar
Starke, J. Gibson, M.A., Port Antonio
Starke, P. A., Montego Bay


Bicknell, Henry J., Kingston
Carter, Richard, St. Elizabeth
Cartwright, J. T., St. Mary
Drake, Henry, Kingston
Mainwairing, Captain, St. Thomas
Sharpe, T. H., St. James
Shaw, Gilbert, St. Catherine


Barne, Hon. G. H., Attorney-General
Burke, S. C., F.R.G.S., Crown Solicitor and Asst. Atty.-General for Eastern Circuit
Lynch, Francis R., Asst. Atty.-General for Western Circuit
Allwood, James, Registrar and Clerk of the Courts and Crown
James, John Jackson, Chief Clerk
Garel, John, Second Clerk
Richards, H. G., Third Clerk



Hendrick, Thomas, Kingston
James, A. J., Bath
Brown, Thomas, Montego Bay
Langley, W. F., Savanna-la-Mar
Lake, Alexander, Moneague
Mowat, C. J., Black River
Lewis, J. D., Mandeville


Barne, Hon. G. H., Attorney-General, St. Andrew
Roper, Findlater, Moneague
Russell, Robert, Spanish Town
Stern, Philip, Savanna-la-Mar
Stines, Jacob O.


Bourke, Wellesley, Kingston
Burke, S. Constantine, F.R.G.S., Kingston
Levy, Arthur, Mandeville
Lindo, S. D., Kingston
Lynch, Francis R., Spanish Town
Oughton, Thomas, Kingston


Alcock, Edmund, Savanna-la-Mar
Allwood, James, Kingston
Allwood, James junr., Montego Bay
Andersom, William W., Kingston
Andrews, William, Kingston
Andrews, William junr., Kingston
Berwick, D. N., Port Maria
Bourke, Wellesley, Kingston
Bourke, Wellesley, junr., Kingston
Brown, Thomas , Montego Bay
Brown, Philpotts, Montego Bay
Burke. S. C., F.R.G.S., Kingston
Burke, Alexander E., Kingston
Clough, H. G., Kingston
Cohen, Manderson, Black River
Cook, Stephen, Halfway-Tree
Dayes, James, Kingston
Davis, Beckford, Gordon Town
Dempster, H. J., Spanish Town
Dignum, A. B., Falmouth
Drummond, A. H., Mandeville
Farquharson, M. S., Chapelton
Fonseca, Richard C., Spanish Town
Fray, Edward, Morant Bay
Garsia, Henry, Kingston
Gayleard, James, Spanish Town
Gilbourne, G. S., Falmouth
Harvey, Charles, Spanish Town
Harvey, Thomas L., Kingston
Hendrick, Thomas, Kingston
Jackson, Hon. C. H., Spanish Town
Jackson, Richard H., Spanish Town
Jacquet, Philip, Annotto Bay
James, Alfred J., Morant Bay
Kemble, Hon.. H. J., Kingston
Kemble, William , Spanish Town
Lake, Alexander, St. Ann's Bay
Langley, W. F., Savanna-la - Mar
Lee, William Rastrick, Kingston
Levy, Arthur, Mandeville
Lewis, E. W., Kingston
Lewis. J. D., Mandeville
Lindo, Solomon D., Kingston
Lynch, Francis R., Spanish Town
Lynch, Edward B., St. Ann's Bay .
March, John Foster, Spanish. Town
McDougall, Neil, Spanish Town
Mowat, Charles J., Black River
Nathan, Daniel F., Kingston
Oughton, Thomas, Kingston
Palache, J. T., Mandeville
Petgrave, James W., Black River
Pouyatt, Henry F., Port Maria
Preston. L. J., Falmouth
Shaw, Gilbert, Spanish Town
Smith, Edward C., Spanish Town
Smith, Edward C. jnr., Spanish Town
Stern, Philip, Savanna-la-mar
Stone, G . G., Black River
Swan, R. W., Falmouth
Vendryes, Henry, Kingston
Watson, S. H., Montego Bay


The Judicial Establishment of Jamaica consists of the Court of Chancery, Court of Ordinary, Court of Vice Admiralty, Vice Admiralty Sessions, the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Circuit Courts, District Courts and Courts of Petty Sessions.


His Excellency the Governor is Chancellor, but he never sits nor interferes in any way with the Courts. It is held nine times a year and is presided over by the Chief Justice, who is Vice-Chancellor. The jurisdiction and practice of this Court is nearly the same as the Court of Chancery in England. Appeals from its decisions are allowed direct to her Majesty in Council.
Smith, Hon. Sir J. Lucie. C.M.G., Vice-Chancellor
Allwood, James, Registrar


Tries offences against the Customs and Revenue Laws and adjudicators on vessels found engaged in the Slave Trade.

Smith, Hon. Sir J. Lucie, C.M.G., Judge and Commissary
Allwood, James, Registrar.
Hall, Henry Maxwell, Marshal and Sergeant at Mace
       Harvey, Charles, St. Catherine
       Bourke, Wellesley, Kingston
       Hendrick, Thomas, Kingston
Hutchings, Henry, Receiver General and Comptroller.


Judges -His Excellency the Governor, President and Members of the Legislative Council, Chief and Asst. Judge of the Supreme Court, Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty, Island Secretary, Island Treasurer, Commander-in-Chief, Flag Officers, Captains and Commanders of British Ships of War in Ports of the Island for the time being.



The Supreme Court is held on the first Monday in February, June and October of each year.

Names of Commissioners appointed for taking Affida vits to be used in the Supreme and Circuit Courts, registered in the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Crown under 42nd George 3rd Chapter 26. Section 2.


St. Catherine - James P. Clarke, Septimus K. Magnus.
St. John - Joseph Reid.
St. Dorothy - Thomas Ludford, William Gray, and Henry Wolfe Benjamin.
St. Thomas in the Vale - Hiam Barrow, Edward Claver Smith, and Hyam Magnus.
Clarendon - Francis Lowe, and Henry Harris.
Vere - Daniel Callaghan.
Manchester - Simon Bonitto and Charles A. Sandford.
St. Ann - Edward McCaw, Richard Carter and Adam Gray.


Kingston - Henry Hutchings, Matthew Mattos, William Andrews, Thomas Hendrick, Henry Maxwell Hall, Authur Abrahams and Lionel Hutchings.
St. Andrew - John Rider Brice.
Port Royal - Peter John Ferron.
St. Thomas - George Codrington, Mathew Benjamin, and Daniel Marshalleck.
Portland - Richard W. Sherwood, John Pugh Jones, Edward Skyers, and John Brough.
St. Mary - James Stewart, Alexander Fairweather.


St. Elizabeth - John M. Cooper, and John W. Leyden.
Westmoreland - Edmund Alcock.
St. James - James Fowler, and James Gray.
Trelawny - James Hamilton, James Stewart, James L. Wolcott; M. A. Nunes, William Cooper, and R. W. Swan.

Under Law 21 of 1868, the power to take Affidavits in the Supreme Court, which had been confined to the above Commissioners was extended to Justices of the Peace within their Jurisdiction.


The Kingston District includes the City and Parish of Kingston, and the Parish of St. Thomas.

Courts are held at:-
Kingston, Morant Bay and Bath Once in every month.
Easington Once in every two months.

Drake, Henry, Esquire, Judge
Rampini, Charles, Esquire, Judge Acting
Dayes, James, Clerk
Hall, Henry Maxwell, Asst. Clerk at Kingston
James, Alfred J., Asst. Clerk at Morant Bay.
Jackson, Alex, M., Asst. Clerk at Bath.
Walker, John, Bailiff
Bravo, Edward H., Additional Bailiff, St. Thomas
Goldson, E. J., Asst. Bailiff, Kingston.
Turpin, Thomas, Asst. Bailiff, Kingston.
Bradshaw, B. A., Asst. Bailiff, Port Royal
Cowie, Henry J., Asst. Bailiff, St. Thomas


The Spanish Town District includes the Parishes of St. Catherine and St. Andrew.

Courts are held at:-
Spanish Town, Old Harbour Market, Linstead and Halfway Tree, Once in every month.
At the Rectory (St. John's) Stony Hill and Gordon Town, Once in every two months,

Bruce, W., Downing, Esquire, Judge
McDougal, Neil, Clerk
James, Charles A. J. ., Asst. Clerk
Cooke, Stephen H., Asst. Clerk at St. Andrew
Rickard; John Frederick, Bailiff
Drew, J. J., Additional Bailiff, St. Andrew
Forbes, Isaac Allen, Asst. Bailiff Spanish Town
McDonald, John, Asst. Bailiff Old Harbour
Walker, Alexander, Asst. Bailiff Linstead.
Rennalls, William, Asst. Bailiff St. John's Rectory.


The Mandeville District includes the parishes of Manchester and Clarendon (including the old parish of Vere)

Courts are held at - Mandeville, Four Paths, The Alley and Chapelton, Once in every month
Wigton and Mile Gully, Once in every two months

Rampini, Charles, Esquire, Judge
Kerr, R. Esquire, Judge, Acting
Drummond, Archibald H., Clerk
Bonitto, Francis Hugh, Asst. Clerk at Mandeville
Copeland, Edward T., Asst. Clerk at Chapelton
Farquharson, M. S., Asst. Clerk at Four Paths
Dixon, James, Bailiff
Samuda, John, Asst. Bailiff
Copeland, Adam, Additional Bailiff Chapelton
Byegrave, Robert S., Asst. Bailiff Chapelton
Smith, Robert, Asst. Bailiff Chapelton
Johnson., .-------, Asst. Bailiff Four Paths
Russell., James, Asst. Bailiff The Alley
Mayne, Thomas, Asst. Bailiff Chapelton
Thomas David, Asst. Bailiff Chapelton
Craig, John, Asst. Bailiff Chapelton


The Savanna-la-Mar District includes the parishes of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth.

Courts are held at:-
Savanna-la-Mar, Black River, Santa Cruz, Once in every month
Grange Hill, Once in every 2 months.

Little, George G., Esquire, Judge
Alcock, Edmund Esquire, Judge Acting
Pilliner, George Benjamin, Clerk Acting
Robertson, John, Assistant Clerk Acting
Young, James Chisholm, Bailiff
Hyam, Henry Robert, Additional Bailiff Black River


The Montego Bay District includes the parishes of St. James and Hanover.

Courts are held at Montego Bay, Lucea, and Green Island, Once in every month.
Miles Town and Adelphi, once in every two months.

Smith, Phillip Anstie, Esquire, Judge
Allwood, James, junior, Clerk
Humber, John C., Asst. Clerk
Brown, Thomas, Asst. Clerk Montego Bay
Brown, Henry, Asst. Clerk Lucea
Gauntlett, Charles, Bailiff
Prince, John, Asst. Bailiff, Montego Bay
Crooks, George, Asst. Bailiff Lucea
Young, E. J., Asst. Bailiff Miles Town
Anderson, John, Asst. Bailiff, Green Island
Popkin, James N., Asst. Bailiff Adelphi.


The Falmouth District includes the parishes of Trelawny and Saint Ann.

Courts are held at Falmouth, Brown's Town and St. Ann's Bay, Once in every month.
Hampshire, Stewart Town, and Moneague, Once in every two months.

Jeffery, Charles Esquire, Judge
Roper, Findlater, Esquire, Judge Acting
Dignum, Andrew Bogle, Clerk
Thomas, J. S., Asst. Clerk Falmouth
Preston, L. J., Asst. Clerk Falmouth
Lake, Alexander, Asst. Clerk St, Ann's Bay
Churnside, Lucian, Asst. Clerk St, Ann's Bay 'C
Gilbourne, Henry S., Bailiff, Falmouth


The Port Antonio District includes the parishes of Portland and St.Mary

Courts are held at-
Port Antonio, Buff Bay, Annotto Bay, and Port Maria, Once in every month.
Manchioneal and Retreat, once in every two months.

Starke, James Gibson, M.A., Judge
Facey, James Malcolm, Clerk
Facey, J. Rhodes, Assistant Clerk, Annotto Bay
Pouyatt, H. F., Assistant Clerk, Port Maria
White, A. R., Assistant Clerk, Port Maria
Gale, Charles Alexander, Bailiff, Portland
Absalom, Henry, Bailiff, St. Mary
Kilburn, Robert, Assistant Bailiff, Port Antonio
Silvera, Robert, Assistant Bailiff, Buff Bay
Crawford, John. James, Assistant Bailiff, Buff Bay
Perry, H. W. , Assistant Bailiff, Manchioneal
Ball, R. D., Assistant Bailiff, Annotto Bay

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