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1875 Jamaica Almanac



The Right Rev. Reginald Courtenay, D.D., Bishop of Kingston
Ven. William Rowe, M.A.. Archdeacon of Cornwall
Ven. D. H. Campbell, M.A.., Archdeacon of Surrey

Bishop's Commissaries and Chaplains
     Ven. Archd. Rowe, M.A.
     Ven. Archd Campbell, M.A.
     Rev. Joseph Williams
     Rev.  F. S. Bradshaw, L.L.D


The Lord Bishop, President
Rev G. B. Brooks, M.A. Secretary
T. Hendrick. Esq., Registrar of the Diocese and Legal Adviser

Corporate Body.

L. Q. Bowerbank, Esq M.D.
Hon. L. F. Mackinnon
W. J. Ewen, Esq.
H. F. Colthirst, Esq.

Diocesan Council.

The Lord Bishop, President

The Bishop's Nominees.
Ven. Archdeacon Rowe, M.A.
Ven. Archdeacon Campbell, M.A.
Rev. C. R. Chandler  
Rev. J. L. Ramson
Rev. C. F. Douet. B.A.
Rev. W. E. Pierce. B.A.
L. Q. Bowerbank, Esq M.D.
Hon. L. F. Mackinnon
J. Harvey., Esq.
T. H. Sharp. Esq. -
C. Goldie, Esq.
W. Steventon, Esq. M.D.

The Synod's Nominees.
Rev. H. Clarke
Rev. C. H. Hall
Rev. H. M. F. MacDermot
Rev. E. Nuttall
Rev. D. B. Panton, M.A.
Rev. G. W. Downer
Hon. H. J. Kemble
W. J. Ewen, Esq.
Tomlin Campbell, Esq.
F. Dawson, Esq., C.E.
J. Cargill, Esq. M.D.
H. F [?]. Colthirst, Esq.


Diocesan Financial Board

J. Harvey, Esq., Chairman

Permanent Members
The Lord Bishop
Ven. Archdeacon Campbell
Ven. Archdeacon Rowe, M.A.
Rev. Joseph Williams
Members of the Corporate Body

Not Permanent.
1. Rev. H. H. Isaacs, M.A.
2. F. Dawson, Esq., C.E.
3. Caleb Hall, Esq.
4. C. Goldie, Esq.
5. Rev. E.. Nuttall
6. E. G. Tyrrell, Esq.
7. J. J. Ronaldson, Esq.
8. L. Isaacs, Esq.
9. Rev. C. H. Hall
10. Hon. J. M. Gibb
11. H. Westmoreland, Esq.
12. J. W. Humphreys. Esq.

Rev. E. Nuttall, Secretary
Henry Hutchings, Esq., Accountant
The Colonial Bank, Treasurer
J. S. Brown, Esq., Auditor
Business Referees
   Oscar Marescaux, Esq.
   C. G. Farquharson, Esq.
N.B. - The numbers attached to the names of  Members of Financial Board, represent the order in which they will retire from Office: one Clergyman and three Laymen retiring every year, who are eligible for re-election.


Diocesan Educational Board

The Lord Bishop
Ven. Archdeacon Campbell, M.A.
Ven. Archdeacon Rowe, M.A.
Rev. H. H. Isaacs, M.A.
Rev. C. E. Douet, B.A.
Rev. E. Nuttall
L. Q. Bowerbank, Esq., M.D.
W. J. Ewen, Esq.
J. Harvey, Esq.
J. Dayes, Esq.
J. Orrett, Esq.

   Rev. W. E. Pierce, B.A.
   W. J. Ewen, Esq.


Chairmen of Parochial Councils

   Kingston, Rev. G. W. Downer
   St. Andrew, Ven. Archd. Campbell, M.A.
    St. Thomas, Rev. J. G. Richards
    Portland, W. Smith

   St. Catherine, J. Williams
   Clarendon, C. H. Hall  
   Manchester, D. B. Panton, M.A.
   St. Ann, J. Cork
   St. Mary, H. Browne

   St. Elizabeth, Ven. Archd. Rowe, M.A.
   Westmoreland, Rev. H. Clarke
   Hanover, A. J. Davidson
    St. James, J. A. Garcia del Rio
   Trelawny, E. Stewart, M.A.


Representatives of the Synod and Commissaries of the Lord Bishop in England.
Rev. C. D. Marston, M.A., Vicar of St. Pauls, Onslow Square, London.
Rev. Canon Bailey, B.A, Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury.



Committee to prepare Journal and Constitutions.

Ven. Archd. Campbell, M.A., Chairman.
Rev. E. Nuttall
Rev. G. B. Brooks, M.A.

Committee of Training Institution

The Lord Bishop, Chairman.
E. G. Tyrrell, Esq., Treasurer
Rev. E. Nuttall, Secretary.

Ven. Archdeacon Campbell, M.A.
Ven. Archdeacon Rowe, M.A.
Rev. C. H. Hall
Rev. J. Cork
Rev. A. Findlay
Rev. H. Clarke
Rev. D. B. Panton, M.A.
Rev. H. H. Isaacs, M.A.
Rev. C. F. Douet
Rev. W. E. Pierce, B.A.
L. Q. Bowerbank, Esq., M.D.
W. J. Ewen, Esq.

Temperance Committee.

Ven. Archd. Campbell, M.A.
Rev.  W. E. Pierce, B. A.
Rev.G. W. Downer
Rev.  E. Nuttall



Banbury, Thomas, Curate, Hope Bay
Bradshaw, F. S., LL D, Rector, Spanish Town.
Browne, Henry, Rector, Port Maria
Brooks, George B., MA, Curate, Gordon Town
Burrell, W. R., BA, Curate, Ramble
Campbell, John, BA, Rector, Black River
Campbell, D. H., MA, Archdeacon, Halfway Tree
Chandler, C. R., Curate, Guy's Hill
Clarke, Henry, Curate, Sav-la-Mar
Clarke, Edward, Curate, Sav-la-Mar
Collymore, J. K., Curate, Lucea
Constantine, M. G., Curate, Richmond
Cooke, Stephen H., Rector, Ocho Rios
Cork, Josias, Rector, St. Ann's Bay
Courtenay, Reginald, DD, Bishop, Kingston
Croskery, Hugh, MD, Chapelton
Davidson, A. J., Rector, Lucea
Davis, Charles H., Curate, Green Island
Del Rio, J. A. Garsia, Curate, Montego Bay
Deurwarder, M. M., Curate, Goshen
Douet, C. F., BA, Curate, Alley
Downer, George W., Rector, Kingston
D unbar, J. K., Curate, Buff Bay
Ellis, Nicholas, Curate , Belize, Honduras
Ellis, J. D., Curate
Farquharson, J. S., Curate, Mandeville
Findlay, Acheson, Curate, Golden Spring
Gayleard, James, Curate, Mount Charles
Gray, Charles F., Curate, Linstead
Hall, C. H., Rector, Chapelton
Hall, George, Curate, Brown's Town
Harty, Thomas, Curate, Annotto Bay
Hepburn, J. K., Curate, Bath
Hildebrand, J. S., Curate, Newport
Hunt, J. D., Curate, Clarendon
Husband, C. T., Curate, Milk River
Isaacs, H. H., MA, Curate, Kingston
James, A. J., Curate, Linstead
Kennedy, F. R., Curate, Mile Gully
Key, E. B., Curate, Siloah
Kilburn, H. H., Curate, Plantain Garden River
King, Frank L., Curate, Stewart Town
Linton, George C., Curate, Linstead
Lynch,. Robert B., Curate, Goshen
MacCalla, W. C., Curate, Gordon Town
MacDermot, H. C. P., Curate, Chapelton
MacDermot, H. M. P., Curate, Mount Charles
Macgregor, C., Curate, Sav.-la-Mar
Mackinnon, C., BA, Curate, Spanish Town
Magnan, Charles M., Curate, Bluefields
Mais, John L,. BA, Curate, Moneague
Melville, H. P. C., Curate, Kingston
Melville, C., Curate, Buff Bay
Miller, J. E., Curate, Yallahs
Morris, David R., Rector, Montego Bay
Mudie, A. E. K., Curate, Manchioneal
Nuttall, Enos, Curate, Kingston
Panton, D. B., MA, Rector, Mandeville
Partridge, C., Curate, Gordon Town
Pierce, W. E., B. A., Curate, Kingston
Ramson, J. L., Curate, Malvern
Richards, John G., Rector, Morant Bay
Rowe, W., MA, Archdeacon, Malvern
Scotland, Horace, Curate, Port Royal
Sharpe, F. H., Curate, Salt Gut
Smith, William, Rector, Port Antonio
Smith, M. H., Curate, Spanish Town
Spence, P., Curate, Lacovia
Stewart, E., MA, Curate, Falmouth
Street, C. P., Curate, Manchioneal
Sullivan, A., Curate, Old Harbour
Sutherland, A. W., Curate, Mandeville
Thomson, J. A., Curate, Duncans
Vallespinosa, Z., Curate, Alley
Vaughan, J. S., Curate, Grange Hill
Wheeler, Robert, Curate, Kingston
Whitfeild [sic], H. Wase, Curate, Kingston
Williams, Joseph, Rector, Old Harbour
Williams, W. J., Curate, Golden Spring
Williamson, W. H., Curate, Mile Gully
Wood, J. S., Curate, Mile Gully
Woodrow, J. E., Curate, Malvern

Clergy who have retired on Pension.

Braine, G. T., BA
Cahusac, T. B.
Kingdon, B. B.
Lawson, H. G.
Mayhew, W., MA
Mellville, H. P. C.
Moore, J. H., LL D
Stainsby, J., MA



Radcliffe, Rev. John
Jardine, Rev. Fergus


Bell, James
Bogle, Robert
Brass, John
Drummond, A. H.
Garsia, Henry
Gunter, Thomas
MacDonald, Hon. W
MacPhail, John
McPherson, William R.
Sawers, Hon. John
Ware, John

Managing Committee.

Ministers and Elders (ex-officio) for the time being.
Anderson, Peter   
Auld, J. Murray
Autey, Fredk. A.
Campbell, George B.
Campbell, John N.
Davis, John H.  
Hamilton, Duncan
Hurlin, William .
Kinkead, Richard
Laidman, Mark
Lundie, William
Morrison, William. M . A
Orrett, George
Reid. James
Ware, John, Secretary
Whitbourn, J. W. Treasurer and Convener

The Communion is held on. Easter Sunday, the first Sunday in August, and the first Sunday in December.


Aird, John, Gayle
Alexander, George B., May Hill
Ballantine, James, Kingston
Campbell, John, Lucea
Carlile, Warrand, Lucea
Drummond, Richard, Green Island
Downie, Thomas, Hampden
Gordon, Robert, Montego Bay
Hanna, Joseph, Four Paths
Hogg, Andrew, Newport
Martin, James, Pear Tree Grove
McKinnon, Archibald, Pear Tree Grove
Mitchell, Maurice G., Linstead
Murray, William, Falmouth
Niven, James, Savanna-la-Mar
Scott, Henry, Port Maria
Smith, John, Grand Cayman
Swaby, Frederick, Mandeville
Thomson, Adam, Montego Bay
Wallbridge, Edwin A., Little River.


Woolett, Very Rev. J . S., S.J., Vicar-Apostolic - Brown's Town P.O., and Western District of the Island
Hathaway, Rev. F., Kingston P.O., Old Harbour, Chaplain Up-Park Camp
Dupont, Rev. Joseph, S.J., Kingston P.O., the Above Rocks, St.Thomas-in-the-Vale and Avocat
Bertolio,Rev. J. M., S.J., Kingston
Jaeckel, Rev. Fr. Xr., Kingston P.O., Chaplain Port Royal
Butler, Rev. Anthony, Annotto Bay P.O., St. Andrew, Agualta Vale, St. Mary, and Chaplain Newcastle
Little, Rev. Thomas, Kingston., Spanish Town, and Norbrook
Loontions, Rev. Augustus, St. Elizabeth and Manchester


Sargeant, George, Superintendent, Kingston
Bourne, A., Kingston
Brown, Samuel T., Lucea
Chapman, F., Mandeville
Corlett, I., Brown's Town
Dannatt, E. D., Clarendon
Duff, John Morant Bay
Foster, H. B., Spanish Town
Geddes, Thomas M., Montego Bay
Gedye, O., Kingston
Goodyer, S., Kingston
Hosking, T., Yallahs
Jeffrey, J., Savanna-la-Mar
Lewis, W. J., Saint Ann's Bay
Lockett, G., Ramble
Murray, W. C., Moneague
Parnther, R. M., Falmouth
Raspass, Thomas, Claremont
Raw, Robert, Golden Spring
Reeves, W., Manchioneal
Reynolds, D. J., Port Antonio
Russell, T. P., Duncans
Smith, A. M., Bath
Smyth, Samuel, Kingston
Spratt, Edward, Kingston
Sutton, S., Gordon Town
Taylor, A., Ocho Rios


Ashley, James, Old Harbour
Bennett, J. G., Dry Harbour
Brown, William, Nassau
Burke, Windsor, Lucea
Campbell, D. B., Golden Spring
Campbell, D. G., Claremont
Clarke, John, Rodney Hall
Clark, John, Brown's Town
Dalling, R., Chapelton
Dendy, Walter, Montego .Bay
Ducket, Angus, Clarendon
East, D. J., Kingston
Elliot, James, Four Paths
Fray, Ellis, Duncans
Gilling, W. A., Buff Bay
Gordon, Joseph, Moneague
Griffiths, T., Saint Ann's Bay
Gummer, J. E., Porus
Harris, H. B., Manchioneal..
Henderson, John E., Montego Bay
Henderson, George R., Falmouth
Hewett, Edward, Montego Bay
Humphrey, H. F., Blue Mountain Valley
Hutchins, ---, Montego Bay
Johnson, Thomas S., Spanish Town
Jones, Samuel, Annotto Bay
Jones, E., Annotto Bay
Kingdon, John, Falmouth
Lea, Thomas, Spanish Town
Maxwell, James, Alexandria
Milliner, George, Clarke's Town
Moodie, George, Chapelton
Morris, S. C., Grange Hill
O'Meally, Patrick, Clarke's Town
Palmer, Edwin, Kingston
Phillippo, James M., Spanish Town
Randall, C. E., Savanna-la-Mar
Rees, T. L., Lilliput
Reid, James, Montego Bay
Roberts, J. S., Kingston
Service, J. B., Port Antonio
Sibley, Charles, Port Maria
Smith, Thomas, Black River
Steele, John J., Rio Bueno
Teall, William, Blue Mountain Valley
Watson, A. P., Morant Bay
Webb, W. M., Stewart Town
Williams, Phillip, Mandeville


Jones, Frederick, Chapelton


Douse, Daniel B., Golden Spring
Griffiths, William, Kingston
Roberts, James, Gordon Town
Rogers, Thomas, Claremont
Sanguinetti, George, Richmond
Winn, Charles A., Chapelton


Alloway, William, Mandeville
Bailey, George, Shooter's Hill
Clarke, Thomas H., Porus
Eastwood, Alexander, Four Paths
Harty, William, Stewart Town
Joyce, Alfred, Chapelton
Thomas, A. P., Chapelton


Thompson, John, Kingston
Venning, C. B., Kingston
Wilson, S. B., Kingston


Austin, Thomas, Kingston
Dick, David, Golden spring
Maillett, D., Kingston
Oliphant, Herbert, Richmond
Willoughby, T. N., Kingston


Campbell, R., Lilliput
Franze, P. E., Lacovia
Gale, R., Porus
Hannah, G. H., Newmarket
Hauber, H. W., Watson Hill
Ilgner, F. J. T., Malvern
Larsen, P., Newmarket
Lind, A. B., Newmarket
Pulkrabeck, J. P., Mile Gully
Reinke, E. E.*, May Hill
Seiler, T. T. †, Newport
Thomas, J., Montego Bay
Walder, H., Shooter's Hill
Ward, J., Newmarket
Winckler, Theo., Mile Gully
Wurreschke, L. B.‡, May Hill
Zorn, J. T.@, Newport

*  "Superintendent"or Chairman of the Mission.
†  "Warden" or Treasurer of the Mission
‡ Director of the Fairfield Normal School
@ Director of the Bethbara Female Training School

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