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Note 1:  The Members of the Legislative Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General, are Justices for every Parish.  All Justices of the Peace take Probates of Deeds.
Note 2: The *prefixed to a name denotes off the Island; the † that the person resides out of the Parish; and those marked #  are Stipendiary Magistrates.



Custos Rotulorum, etc:  Hon. John Salmon, Lilliput P.O.
William Finlason
Alexander Thomson
Isaac Isaacs
John Cuff
†#John Daughtrey
*Hon. Charles Miller Farquharson
Raynes Waite Smith
†Allan Kennedy
†Michael Muirhead
*John Benson Barrow
*#Sir Carlo Arthur Henry Rumbold, Baronet
Hon. John Joseph Arthur Shakspear
John Myers Cooper
William Harriot Coke
Thomas Patrick Mahon
*Thomas Mason
John William Leyden
†Lionel Edmund Isaacs
Michael Myers
Robert Smith
Francis Maxwell, sen.
Dennis Sullivan
†John Sawers
Arthur Beswick
†William Nelson Farquharson
†Peter McLaren
Andrew McCubbin
J. Calder
Henry Lawrence
†William Brydson
†#Henry Laidlaw
William Lewis
William Brice Salmon
Theodore Stone
W. Simpson
Thomas Doran
Michael Easton Muirhead
Stephen C. Peynado
John Hudson
Francis Maxwell, jun.
John W. Earle
Charles Earle Isaacs
Samuel Griffith Graves
James M. Farquharson
Charles Hall
William Ward
John Edward Kerr
Samuel John Manley
John Manderson
Wentworth Stone Wheatle
Alexander George McCatty

Clerk of the Peace: John J. Vidal
Clerk to the Magistrates:  George Graham Stone
Churchwardens: Thomas Doran, James Miller Farquharson
  Frederick Hendricks
  Charles Braine
  John W. Wiggan
  Isaac R. Da Costa
  Joseph R. Da Costa
  Abraham John Hendricks
  Charles Plummer
  Frederick Alberga
  Nicholas Tomlinson
  Louis Farmer
  Richard G. Tomlinson

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues:   William Brice Salmon
Coroner:  John Cuff
Solicitor for the Parish: Charles Braine
Physician to the Poor: William Simpson
Collector of Petty Debts:  Joseph M. Sailman,  Henry Robert Hyam

  at Middle Quarters: Sarah Monteith
  at Goshen: Robert Muschett
  at Alverstoke: Joseph M. Sailman
  at Black River: Catherine Allen

Clerk of the Parish Church: Thomas Wallace
Organist of the Parish Church: Alexander Woolly
Sexton: Nath. Stephens
Harbour Master: William G. K. Boxer
Health Officer, William Simpson
Medical Practitioners: Alexander Thompson, William Simpson, Alexander G. McCatty
Parochial Schoolmaster: John Allen
Keeper of the Town Clock: William Weller
Crier of the Circuit Court: Henry Robert Hyam
Keeper of the Town Clock: Mrs. Laura Wiggan

Petty Sessions are held at Black River, Cheltenham, Lacovia, Bogue, Industry Park, and  Rosebury


Custos Rotulorum, etc.: Hon. Benjamin Vickers, Grange Hill P.O.
Hon. Hugh Anthony Whitelocke
Thomas Jelly
*James W. Fraser
*Anthony Morris Storer
Edward Hudson Clarke
†John Haughton James
*#Daniel Winder Kelly
John McCreath
William Walcott
†Charles William Masters
Samuel Cleland Gray
William Hylton Cooke
Daniel Sinclair
†Joseph Whittingham
Samuel Morris Bernard
†Henry George Groves
Stephen Touzalin
John Deleon
Andrew McFarlane
David King
Robert Francis Thomas
Jacob Segre
Richard Spence Harvey
Richard Burgess
Christopher Millward Gifford
Thomas Anglin Tate
William Anglin Tate
†Adolphe Philipson
*Henry Turner
William Vickers
Henry Sloly
Tomlin Campbell
Henry Coote
Zebulon Mennell
William Neilson Farquharson
Joseph Adolphus
David Francis Thomas
James Lawson Williams
Alexander Rerrie
James Fenton
John William Leyden
Daniel Isaacs
William Nicol
Winslow Young Garcia
Octavus C. Harvey
E. J. Sadler
Zackery Jones
Joseph S. Segre
John Addison
James Dougall
John C. Stone
William V. Walcott

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates: Edmd. Alcock
Churchwardens: John Addison, Joseph Segre
  Rev. Henry Clarke
  Benjamin Jenkinson
  Zach. Jones
  Edward John Sadler
  William Nicoll
  John C. Stone
  Rev. D. R. W. Fidler
  Rev. Charles M. Magnan
  E. W. Cooke
  Homer Blair

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues:   William Ewen
Coroner: John Deleon
Medical Attendant on Poor House and out-door Poor: Joseph Adolphus, Zebulon Mennell
Matron to Poor House: Mrs. Smith
Almoner: James C. Young

Collectors of Petty Debts:
   Sav-la-Mar and St. Peter's Districts: John Thomas King Falconer
   St. Paul's and Trinity districts: John Pearce
   St. Thomas's and St. John's Districts:  James Hayle

  at Bloomingdale:  James Joseph Peynado
  at St. Paul's District and Little London: Stephen Touzalin

Clerk of the Parish Church: Joseph Wallace
Organist of the Parish Church: Ann Deleon
Clerks of other Chapels:
  St. John's: William Reid
  St. Peter's: William Prince
  Trinity: Samuel James Goodin
  St. Paul's: George Harris
Organist of Trinity Chapel: Mrs. Falconer

Harbour Master: J. J. Peynado
Health Officer: Richard S. Harvey
Medical Practitioners: Thomas Jelly, Richard Spence Harvey, Joseph Adolphus, Zebulon Mennell, Octav. Harvey

Crier of the Circuit Court: John Campbell

Petty Sessions are held in Sav-la-Mar, Trinity, St. Paul's, St. John's, St. Peter's, and St. Thomas's.


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Hon. Hugh Anthony Whitelocke, Grange Hill P.O.
George Johnson
*Hon. Henry Brockett
†William Hylton Cooke
J. McDonald
William Hutton
†Daniel Sinclair
†Edward Hudson Clarke
†#Richard Chamberlaine
Jacob Lyon
William Brebner
James Davidson
*Alexander McBean
†Henry George Groves
William Whitmore
*George Robert Ruthven
†Andrew McCubbin
William Browne
Richard Hind
Edward Sharp
Adolphe Philipson
Robert Nunes
Joseph Whittingham
John D. Potts
Henry Phillips
James Lawson Williams
James Alexander Hoskin
John Edwards
Thomas Muirthwaite
Hugh George Henry
Francis Dodd
William Bennett
George H. Burt
D. B. S. Heaven

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates: James Stewart Trench
Churchwardens: Edward Sharp, Hugh George Henry

  William Clare
  Richard J. Dickson
  Simon Emanuel
  Murdoch Munro
  James Stewart Trench
  Edward James
  J. K. Collymore
  James G. Spence
  John N. Daws

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues:   Robert William Allwood
Coroner: David A. Feurtado
Solicitor for the Parish: James Allwood

Physicians to the Poor:
  Central District: William Brebner
  Windward District: James Davidson
  Leeward District:  James Innis Mason
Surgeon to District Prison:  William Brebner
Superintendent of the District Prison:  William Atterbury
Surgeon to the Poor House: John Donaldson Potts

Collectors of Petty Debts:
   Central District: John R. Davis
   Leeward District:  George Thompson
   Windward District: Edward  James Young

Keeper of the Fire Engines:  T. B. Walton
Surveyor:  John Duglas  

   at Lucea:  William T. Chambers
   at Green Island: Joanna C. Watson
   at Ramble: H. J. Isaacs
   at Sandy Bay: James Brown

Clerk of the Parish Church: William T. Chambers
Organist of the Parish Church: Mrs. Alice G. Gailbraith
Beadle of the Parish Church: Alexander Fearon
Sexton: John Barrett
Clerk at Trinity Chapel: John Dickson
Beadle and Sexton at Trinity Chapel: Richard Dawes
Clerk at Chichester Chapel: Joseph Barnes, jun.
Beadle and Sexton at Chichester Chapel: Joseph Barnes, sen.

Harbour Master, Lucea and Green Island: James H. Caseley
   Deputy at Green Island: Murdoch Munro

Health Officers:
   at Lucea: John Donaldson Potts
   at Green Island:  James Innis Mason
Medical Practitioners:
   John Donaldson Potts
   William Brebner
   James Davidson
   James Innis Mason
   Frederick C. Gray

Almoner: James Wilson
Crier of the Circuit Court: William Levy
Keeper of Weights & Measures: James S. Trench

Petty Sessions are held at Lucea, Miles Town, and Green Island


Custos Rotulorum: Hon. George Lyon Phillips, Montego Bay P.O.
Hon. George McFarquhar Lawson
Samuel Cleland Gray
James Fowler
Rodolphus W. Buchanan
*Barnett Isaacs
†#Henry Laidlaw
Findlater Roper
Cecil Lewis Isaacs
Henry George Groves
Charles William Masters
*Charles Nathaniel Phillips
Samah Gedelia Corinaldi
Alexander Grant
#Richard Chamberlaine
Edward Rhodes Chambers
John William Parkin
*John Manderson
†Richard Hind
Henry Fray
†James Fletcher
George R. Phillips
Richard Turnbull
†William Kerr
Benjamin Nunes
*Abraham Hart
John Wilson, M.D.
*James L. Williams
Neill Malcolm

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates: Thomas Brown
Churchwardens: Neil Malcolm, Robert Fowler

   Raphael Rodrigues
   Alexander Levy
   William Gregory
   S. J. Vaughan
   John H. Wilson
   P. J. Kelly, M.D.
   Isaac Rodrigues
   Simon Magnus
   William Fowler
   Alexander G. Clerk

Clerk of the Vestry: James Gray
Collector of Dues: Samah Gedelia Corinaldi
Coroner: Edward Evans
Surgeon to Asylum for the Poor, and Surgeon to the Gaol: Dr. John Wilson
Surgeons to out-door Poor:
  District No. 1: Dr. P. J. Kelly
  District No. 2: Dr. Close
  District No. 3: Dr. John Deleon
Almoner: Cecil L. Isaacs
Surgeon to Female Penitentiary: Patrick Joseph Kelly, M.D.
Surgeon to General and Marine Hospital: Dr. Patrick Joseph Kelly
Treasurer to General and Marine Hospital: Cecil Lewis Isaacs
Matron to General and Marine Hospital: Judith Ball
Matron to the Poor House: Catherine Brown
Surgeon to Police: Dr. P. J. Kelly
Superintendent of the Female District Prison:  Alexander Watt
Clerk of the Market:  Daniel Levy
Inspector of Weights & Measures: Cecil Lewis Isaacs
Collector of Petty Debts: Theodore Nunes
Keeper and Cleaner of the Court House: Ann Mayrie
Pound-keepers:  Miss Caroline Rebecca Watkins

Clerk of the Parish Church: Patrick Spence
Organist of the Parish Church: Mrs. Mary E. Parkinson
Keeper of the Town Clock: John C. Cooper
Harbour Master:  James Bates

Health Officer: John Wilson
Medical Practitioners:
   Drs. John Wilson
   George W. Close
   Patrick Joseph Kelly
   John Deleon

Crier of the Circuit Court: J. R. Crooks


Custos Rotulorum, etc.: Hon. G. Cunningham, Falmouth P.O.
*Herbert Newton Jarrett
Thomas Robert Vermont
Thomas Patrick Kidd
*Charles Edward Fry
†#Daniel Winder Kelly
*Samuel Goodin Barrett
Samuel Thompson Scharschmidt
William Sewell
Stuart Edwards
*Phineas Abraham
John Richard Kitchen
*Frederick Levy Castle
*Richard Wilson
*Daniel Noel Wetxlar
†Charles William Masters
*Abraham Hammond Solomon
James Stewart
Michael Angelo Nunes
J. Wauchope Fisher
Frederick Robert Coy
*David Kerr
*William Kerr
†James Austin Fowles
John Peryer
Charles White Atkins
Henry Benaim
James Bliss
Simon Thompson
†George Lyons
Montague Salmon
†James Miller Farquharson
Abraham Lindo
Thomas Murthwaite
John Lennox McKie
Daniel Abraham
†#Richard Chamberlaine
Robert Nunes
James Lawson Williams
George Bowman
James Fletcher
George Delisser, sen.
Henry M. Purchas
John Delisser
Thomas Powell

Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the Magistrates: Wellesley Bourke
Churchwardens: John Richard Kitchen, James Wilson

   James Adam Vine
   Augustus Devereux Preston
   John F. Lion
   Fred. Lindo
   J. O. Clerk
   John Cameron
   E. Brooks
   David Galloway
   William Foss
   Samuel H. Delisser
Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: John Richard Kitchen  
Coroner: Thomas Evitt
Harbour Master: John Richard Kitchen  
Health Officer:  George McCartney
Almoner: John E. Muir
Surgeon to the Poor House: William Scott, M.D.
Superintendent to the Poor House: William G. Rotchford
Surgeon to the District Prison:  William Scott, M.D.
Superintendent of the District Prison:  Thomas Patrick Kidd
Visiting Justices of Prison: John R. Kitchen, Robert Nunes
Keeper of the Gaol: James Armstrong
Commissioners of the Marine Hospital: The Custos, John R. Kitchen, Robert Nunes
Surgeon of the Marine Hospital: Dr. George McCartney
Superintendent of the Marine Hospital: John Maclachlan
Collector of the Marine Hospital Tax: Sub-collector of Customs
Clerk of the Markets and Collector of Fees:  Robert Robey
Collector of Petty Debts: Elias S. Magnus

  at Falmouth: Mrs. E. Isaacs
  at Duncans: Henry Benaim
  at Stewart Town: W. S. Evelyn

Clerk of the Parish Church & Schoolmaster: Thomas Powell
Organist of the Parish Church: R. W. Swan
Sexton of Falmouth Church: Francis Gregory

Keeper of the Court House: Mrs. Mary Gilbourne

Medical Practitioners:
   George McCartney
   William Scott
   William Lemonius
   John Stothert Gerard
   Dr. G. W. Close
   David Hume
Crier of the Circuit Court:  Henry S. Gilbourne

Petty Sessions are held in Falmouth, and for the Stewart Town District at the Hampshire Old Works.

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