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Note 1:  The Members of the Legislative Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General, are Justices for every Parish.  All Justices of the Peace take Probates of Deeds.
Note 2: The *prefixed to a name denotes off the Island; the † that the person resides out of the Parish; and those marked #  are Stipendiary Magistrates.



Comprising the Parishes of St. Catherine, St. Dorothy and St. John

Custos Rotulorum:  (deceased)
Hon. Samuel Rennalls
James Derbyshire
†Hon. Alexander Bravo
Hon. Richard Hill
Thomas Ludford
William Thomas March
Hon. Charles McL. Morales
Peter Harrison
#Thomas Witter Jackson
†Adam William Thorburn
James Heighington
John Clinton McAnuff
Adam William Thorburn, jun.
Joseph Reid
†Daniel Power Trench
Hon. Maximilian Augustus Baron Von Ketelhodt
Robert Russell (Registrar in Chancery)
Hon. Alexander Heslop
George Fraser
†Edward Vickers
John Davy
William Berry
Robert Osborn
William Kemble
Moses Bravo
Andrew Henry Lewis
Isaac Levy
Alexander Nairne
†Peter Alexander Espeut
James Philip Clarke
Francis Henry Moxsy
Richard Cowan
John Bristowe
James Harvey
Stephen Weise Mais
Edmund Leahy
Alexander John Dempster
John Vincent Leach
James Cecil Phillippo
Hon. Louis Fullerton Mackinnon
George Rose
John Coates Land
Samuel Sharpe Wortley
Hiam Barrow
Lewis E. Sinclair
Charles Grant Bruce
Thomas Manners
William George McFarlane
Bryan Edwards
Lewis Verley
John Fisher Lawrence
Augustus H. Smythe
William M. Anderson
Thomas Heath
Isaac Dolphy

Clerk of the Peace:  Francis Robertson Lynch


Churchwardens: John Clinton McAnuff, Charles Hamilton Jackson
Francis Robertson Lynch
George Frederick Henriques
Alexander Alexander
Augustus Constantine Sinclair
William Queenborough Bell
William Leithman Young
Charles Walter Tait
Earnest Augustus Henriques
James Grant
Solomon Rodriques

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: William Neil Greensword
Clerk to the Magistrates: Francis Robertson Lynch
Coroner: John Clinton McAnuff
Solicitor: Alexander Wells Aikman
Physician to the Middlesex County Gaol: James C. Phillippo M.D.
Gaoler of the Middlesex County Gaol: Samuel William James
Under Gaoler: Francis Jackson
Matron of the Middlesex County Gaol: Rebecca Lindsay
Surgeon to District Prison: James C. Phillippo M.D.
Superintendent of District Prison: David P. Mendes
Matron of District Prison: Jane Bonner
Surgeon to Police Force: John Coates Land, M. D.
Surgeon to the Poor: John Coates Land, M. D.
Lessee of the Market: Henry James
Clerk of the Market: Robert Jackson
Collector of Petty Debts: Thomas James Bernall
Clerk of the Parish Church: Horatio Vaz
Organist of the Parish Church: Elizabeth McGlashan
Organ Regulator: F. B. Sturridge
Beadles of the Parish Church: Henry B. Shirley, Robert Massias
Sexton: Edward McRobie
Clerk of Trinity Chapel: William McCulloch
Organist of Trinity Chapel: Abzier Dubuisson
Beadle of Trinity Chapel: Thomas Fuller
Clerk and Organist of Highgate Chapel: John Martin
Beadle of Highgate Chapel: T. Rennalls
Keeper of the Town Clock: James McPherson
Board of Firewardens:
   Justices: Isaac Levy, James C. Phillippo
   Inhabitants: James Malcolm Facey, William Leishman Young, Solomon Rodriques, Earnest Augustus Henriques, Charles W. Tate
Crier of Supreme and Circuit Court: Horatio Vaz


Churchwardens: Francis R. Lynch, John D. Clarke
John Harrison
A. R. Kemble
T. F. Warner
John Carnow
Joseph Colesworth
Joseph H. Bailey
Francis Milne
Hugh Flanigan
Edmund Watts McCulloch
Michael Collman

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: Thomas Ludford
Coroner: Dr. Thomas Manners
Solicitor: Francis R. Lynch
Surgeon to the Poor: Dr. Thomas Manners
Clerk and Lessee of the Market: Roger Walker
Health Officer: Dr. T. Manners
Harbour Master: Moses Bravo
Keeper of the Court House: Sarah Fearon
Pound Keepers:
    Old Harbour Market: Isaac Dolphy
    Mountain: Henry Douglas
Collector of Petty Debts: Henry Wolfe Benjamin
Clerk of the Parish Church and Schoolmaster:  Robert Hutton
Organist of the Parish Church: Mrs. Caroline Shea
Beadle and Sexton of the Parish Church: John Thomas
Clerk of St. Philip's Chapel and Schoolmaster: J. Walker
Organist of St. Philip's Chapel: Catherine Harrison
Beadle and Sexton of St. Philip's Chapel: Archibald Robinson
Clerk of St. George's Chapel: James Mendes
Beadle and Sexton of St. George's Chapel: William Campbell


Churchwardens: Francis R. Lynch, Henry Wallace Prince
Ed. Pantry Brown
John Matthew Gregory
D. McIntosh
Robert Bryan
Henry Graham
James Prince
William Prince
John Masterman
Arthur Fuller
T. W. Anderson

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: R. Raneford Jackson
Clerk to the Magistrates: Francis Robertson Lynch
Coroner: Dr. James Craig
Solicitor: Francis R. Lynch
Surgeons to the Poor: James Craig, Adam W. Thorburn
Collector of Petty Debts: James Campbell Bell
    Upper District: John Price Nash
    Lower District: Robert McCulloch

Clerk of the Parish Church: Robert McCulloch
Beadle and Sexton of the Parish Church: Richard Bennett
Clerk of Lluidas Vale Chapel: William Thompson
Beadle and Sexton of Lluidas Vale Chapel: Robert Bryan
Parochial Schoolmaster: William Thompson
Lay Reader of Point Hill: Henry Graham


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Hon. S. Rennalls, Rodney Hall P.O.
Hon. Richard Hill
Peter Francis Garrigues
*Hugh Donald McKay
Richard Mansfield White
† # Thomas Witter Jackson
James Heighington
Bryan Edwards Mackie
†Colin Chisholm
†Aaron Salom
Edward Kinkead
Hiam Barrow
John McPhail
William Carr
†William Lord Garrigues
†William James Edgill Hall
†George McGrath
†George Henry Chevannes
Francis Gordon
Albert Delgado
George Henderson
†Alexander McLeod
John Masterman
Walter G. Liddell

Clerk of the Peace: E. C. Smith
Clerk to the Magistrates: John Herman Hall
Churchwardens: Hon. S. Rennalls, John H. Hall
    Hon. Ireland Davis
    James Willasey
    Rich. McLeod
    Hyman Magnus
    James C. Duncan
    Francis Morrison
    Archibald Mossman
    Samuel Rogers
    John Love
    James H. Jones

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: James Heighington
Coroner: Peter Francis Garrigues
Solicitor of Parish: †Edward C. Smith
Surgeons to the Hospital and Outdoor Poor: Jasper Cargill, Charles Brackenridge
Surgeon to District Prison: Jasper Cargill
Superintendent of District Prison: Richard M. White
Matron of the District Prison: Mrs. White
Matron of the Hospital: Miss Martin
Turnkey: John R. Gaynor
Contractor for Medicines: Wolfe Stanigar
Pound Keepers:
    at Rodney Hall: Mrs. J. Davis
    at Hampshire: William McGaw
Collector of Petty Debts: Thomas Jackson Howell
Clerk of the Parish Church: William D. Landells
Organist of the Parish Church: Mrs. Garrigues
Sexton of the Parish Church: Robert Cox
Clerk at St. Faith's:  Robert P. Clarke
Organist at St. Faith's: Mrs. Arthur
Sexton at St. Faith's: Richard Cross
Clerk at Harewood: Michael Gonzales
Organist at Harewood: Joseph Gonzales
Sexton at Harewood: R. Mundell
Organ Regulator: E. B. Sturridge
Mistress of Branch National School: Mrs. Garrigues
Medical Practitioners: Jasper Cargill, Charles Brackenridge
Surgeon to Police: Jasper Cargill
Crier of the Circuit Court: Alexander Ingram
Keeper of the Court House: Mrs. M. Davis

Petty Sessions are held at Rodney Hall, Above Rocks, and Rio Magno,


Custos Rotulorum:  Hon. Francis Lowe, Chapelton P.O.
†Gilbert Shaw
James Lawrence
Hon. Louis Fullerton Mackinnon
†Henry Bridgwater Shaw
†Francis Henry Moxsy
Alexander Rose
†Thomas Heath
Manly Abrahams
John Broomby Staines
†Crawford Smith
†Solomon Rodriques
Robert Oates
†William Rose
George Ashby
Hugh Croskery
George Taylor Farquharson
George Turland
John Girvan
†Henry Cook
Charles N. E. Bourke
Jacob B. Farquharson
Alexander James Melville
Robert Dundas Clunie
John Strong Codner

Clerk of the Peace, and Clerk to the Magistrates: Matthew Smith Farquharson
Churchwardens: Robert Sutherland, Hugh Croskery
  Glaister Bell
  Henry Lyon
  William Taylor
  Richard Radlein
  John D. Palmer
  John Thompson
  Lawrence Smith
  James McMorris
  William Pinnock
  Henry Rubie

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: Edward Ewbank
Coroner: Edward Ewbank
Solicitors for the Parish: Hill,  Airey & Fitzgerald
Physicians to the Poor: Robert Oates, Hugh Croskery
Clerks of the Market: Stephen Huey of Chapelton,  and Thomas McGlashen of Four Paths
Collector of Petty Debts: William Walters Williams
  at Chapelton: John W. Whittle
  at Lime Savanna: Sarah McMahon
Clerk of the Parish Church: George Mudahy
Clerk at Lime Savanna: Alexander Killingbeck
Clerk at Arthur's Seat: Henry Price
Beadle of the Chapelton Church: James Francis
Beadle at Lime Savanna Chapel: W. C. Bunn
Beadle at Arthur's Seat Chapel: George Shand
Organist at Chapelton: Hannah Livingston
Harbour Master: Moses Bravo
Medical Practitioners: Robert Oates, Hugh Croskery
Keeper of the Court House: Margaret Ann green
Crier of the Circuit Court:  Edward Taylor Muir

Petty Sessions are held on alternate Saturdays at Chapelton and Four Paths


Custos Rotulorum: Hon. Louis Fullerton Mackinnon, Four Paths P.O.
Henry Lord Garrigues
Daniel Callaghan
James Mitchell Gibb
John James Ronaldson
†William Rose
†Alexander Goldie Kerr
†James Larchin Miller
*James Henry Mitchell
†George Ashby
†James Harvey
Thomas Pierce Williams
†Robert Fras. Graham Page
Thomas Haffenden
John Dingwall
Thomas William Smith
Solomon Rodrigues
Robert Oates
Rowland Israell
Alexander McLean
George Turland
Richard Grant
Bartholomew Watson Davies
Robert Russel
Reginald Henry Elliot

Clerk of the Peace, and Clerk to the Magistrates: Gilbert Shaw
Churchwardens: Henry Lord Garrigues, James Mitchell Gibb
   Benjamin Reid
   John Silverwood
   George A. Aitcheson
   Robert Grant
   Theophilus D. Souza
   B. S. Skinner
   C. H. McCormack
   Thomas H. Canby
   Robert Russel
   A. Ainslie

Clerk of the Vestry: Gilbert Shaw
Collector of Dues: John H. Ronaldson
Coroner: Robert George Bruce
Physicians to the Poor: Oates, Davies, and Bruce
Physician to Milk River Bath: Dr. Robert Oates
Clerk to Milk River Bath: John James Ronaldson
Matron to Milk River Bath: Eliza Swaby
Clerk of the Market: William Livingston Reid
Pound Keeper: Isabella MacLean
Harbour Master: Moses Bravo
Keeper of the Court House: Mary White
Collector of Petty Debts: William Murray, jun.
Clerk of the Parish Church: Horatio Canton
Organist: Jessie Gibb
Sexton of the Parish Church: Francis Foster
Clerk to Kemp's Hill Chapel: Thomas Atkinson
Clerk to Portland Chapel: John W. Hooper
Medical Practitioners: Robert George Bruce, Robert Oates, Bartholomew Watson Davies
Crier of the Circuit Court: William Livingston Reid

Petty Sessions are held at the Alley every Saturday


Custos Rotulorum, etc: Hon. John Reed Hollingsworth, Mandeville P.O.
John Robert Tomlinson
Michael Muirhead
Hon. Alexander Cochrane Logan
*Alexander Woodburn Heron
Robert Pearson
Forbes McBean Chevers
*Thomas Haffenden
John Sawers
Horatio Swaby
Allan Kennedy
Peart Robinson
#Henry Laidlaw
Simon Bonitto
William Roy
*Alexander Napier
Lionel Isaacs
*Francis Palmer Parker
George D. Miles
Stephen Glave
William Rose
*Francis R. Charnock
Michael Easton Muirhead
Charles Edward Chevers
Crawford Smith
Thomas Smith Powell
John Powel Clark
Charles Hall
John Davy
George Sturridge

Clerk of the Peace: Charles Hamilton Jackson
Clerk to the Magistrates: John Swaby Harrison
Churchwardens: Hon. John Reed Hollingsworth, Joseph Stewart
  Robert White
  Alexander Fraser
  Julius Lewis
  Charles Sanford
  Alexander Fraser [sic]
  William Hungerford
  Daniel V. Sutherland
  Uriah Delapenha
  Lewis Mickle
  John Swaby Harrison
  Manly R. Hall

Clerk of the Vestry: Simon Bonitto
Collector of Dues:   Robert Pearson
Almoner: Simon Bonitto
Coroner, Forbes McB. Chevers
Solicitor: C. Hamilton Jackson
Surgeon of the District Prison:  Forbes McBean Chevers
Superintendent of the District Prison:  James Bonthrone
Physicians to the Poor: Forbes McBean Chevers, Crawford Smith, Charles Edward Chevers
Clerk of the Markets: Adam Copeland
Lessee of the Markets:
  Mandeville and Porus: Adam Copeland
  Newport: Julius Lewis
Collectors of Petty Debts: Edward Isaac Alexander, John Saunders, James Scott
at Mandeville: E. I. Alexander
at Plowden: George Durant
at Downs:  Ralph Segre
at Mile Gully:  Dennis Dwyer
at Porus:  Mrs. Maria Nation
Clerks of the Churches:
  Mandeville Parish Church: Caleb Powell
  St. George's, Mile Gully: Sam Nelson
  St. Paul's, Mile Gully: William Freckleton
  Snowden: Thomas Hannah
  Providence:  Adolphus Valentine
   Mandeville Parish Church: Mrs. James Nash
   St. George's, Mile Gully:  Miss Wood
Health Officer: Forbes McBean Chevers
Medical Practitioners:
Forbes McBean Chevers, Crawford Smith, Charles Edward Chevers, Thomas McLaren
Crier of the Circuit Court: Alfred Brown

Petty Sessions are held at Mandeville, Wigton, Mile Gully, Lincoln, and Porus


Custos Rotulorum, etc.: Hon. Alexander Joseph Lindo, Port Maria P.O.
†Richard Harrison
Henry Rigg
Patrick Morgan
†George McGrath
†Edward Bond
†#Robert Emery
†#Henry Laidlaw
†#Alexander Gordon Fyfe
John M. Jeffrey
John Fairweather
Robert Clemetson
*George Devereux Baggett
†William Gray
*Charles Draeseke
†Wellwood Maxwell Anderson
John Philpotts
†James Stewart
†Henry Bridgwater Shaw
*James Campbell
Hon. Alexander Heslop
*Thomas McCulloch
†Hon. Henry Westmorland
*Thomas Henry Dakins
Alexander Currie
†Augustus Hire
†Emanuel Lyons
George Silvera
†Hon. William Hosack
Richmond Braham, jun.
George James Armstrong
*George John Kemp
John Bromley Staines
†Alexander Branker
William Gray, junior
†Henry Prendergast
John Marsh
William Maitland
William Lumbie Smith
Henry Saunders
Thomas Heath
James Russell
Alexander Fairweather
Alexander Joseph Lindo, junior
John Beecham Goffe
Gilbert Allan McLean
John George Drake
Thomas Henry Sharp
George H. Burt

Clerk of the Peace: *Solomon Da Silva Lindo
Clerk to the Magistrates: Theodore Augustus Geoghegan
Churchwarden: Theodore Augustus Geoghegan
  William M. Kelly
  Rev. Thomas Smith
  Charles Fyfe
  Alexander M. Lake
  Edward Welsh
  Fred C. Jones
  J. Small
  Zachariah Rankin
  Frederick Stanford
  Elias Lopez

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues: William Gray, jun.
Coroner: Robert Clemetson
Solicitor for the Parish: Alexander M. Lake
Surgeon to the Asylum: James Maxwell Ferguson
Almoner: W. Lawes Thompson
Matron: Eleanor Knibbs
Clerk of the Markets at Manning's Town: William F. Mayne
Collector of Petty Debts:  William Silvera
  at Mount Bethel: Wilhelmina McCrae
  at Manning's Town: Ann Clarke
  at Somerset Cottage: James Mogg
  at Retreat: Henry Rigg
  at Wallingford: Johanna Armstrong

Clerks of Churches:
  Parish Church: David Walker
  at Retreat: Charles D. Edwards
  Highgate: Edward Hudson
  Guy's Hill: Charles Kein

Harbour Master: Robert Clemetson
Health Officer: James Maxwell Ferguson
Medical Practitioners: James Maxwell Ferguson, Arthur J. Beaumont
Crier of the Circuit Court: Donald Matheson

Petty Sessions are held at Manning's Town, Retreat, Lucky Hill, and Petersfield Cottage.


Custos Rotulorum, etc: Hon. Charles Royes, St. Ann's Bay P.O.
Samuel Whitehorne Rose
Richard Henry Zough Heming
Utten Thomas Todd
James Lowe
John Strachan
†#Henry Laidlaw
*Samuel Boyd Barnett
George Robinson
†# Robert Emery
†John Kelly
†Frederick John Fleming
†Henry Bridgwater Shaw
Hon. Peter Moncrieffe
Richmond Braham
William Gray
Thomas Beacher Scott
Samuel Horlock
Charles Fletcher
†Joseph Bravo
Solomon Da Silva Lindo
David Collie
Hon. Charles Clement Bravo
†Judah Moses
†Donald McIntosh
George Halsall
†William M. Corkell
†John S. Codner
*George Robert Ruthven
Robert Robinson
Robert Beverland
James Higgin
Thomas Brown
Joseph Harris
Richard Carter
Frederick Lamont Todd
John R. Powell
Henry Martyn Purchas
Charles Isaacs

Clerk of the Peace: James Allwood
Clerk to the Magistrates: Michael Solomon

Churchwardens: Valentine Gray, David Collie
  John Wilson Davis
  William Bromley Rose
  Henry Davis
  Michael Solomon
  Thomas Raffington
  Thomas Dobson
  J. W. Gaynor
  William Q. Wright
  Alfred Carter
  Henry C. Tapper

Clerk of the Vestry and Collector of Dues:  Rowland Parkinson
Coroner: Samuel Whitehorne Rose
Solicitor for the Parish: James Allwood
Surgeon of Parochial Hospital: Dr. Alfred Carter
Matron of Parochial Hospital: Sarah Girvan
Surgeon of Brown's Town Hospital: Dr. T. Raffington
Matron of Brown's Town Hospital: Ann Falden
Surgeon of the District Prison: Alfred Carter
Clerk of the Market: William B. Harris
Clerk of the Ocho Rios Market:  William Wilmot
Collector of Petty Debts: Isaac Morris
Almoner: George Robinson

  at St. Ann's Bay: David Morris
  at Dry Harbour: J. Ellis
  at Brown's Town: George Whiston Jones
  at Moneague:  John F. H. Purscell
  at Ocho Rios:  William Wilmot
  at Charlton: Alice Morris

Clerk of the Parish Church: Adrian Tulloh
Organist of the Parish Church: Mrs. Rodgers
Organ Regulator: Mrs. Rodgers
Sexton: Chester D. Traylor

Health Officers:
  St. Ann's Bay: Alfred Carter
  Dry Harbour: Thomas Raffington
Medical Practitioners:
  Henry Thornhill, Claremont P.O.
  William Bromley Rose, Dry Harbour P.O.
  Alfred Carter, St. Ann's Bay P.O.
  Thomas Raffington, Brown's Town
  W. Clark, Brown's Town

Crier of the Circuit Court: William Israel
Master of the Parish School:  Adrian Tulloh
Master of the Brown's Town School:  Obadiah Cumming
Clerk of Guy's Hill Chapel: Charles Kein
Sexton of Guy's Hill Chapel: John Anderson
Beadle of Guy's Hill Chapel: Michael Gilbert
Clerk of Claremont Chapel: William B. Foreman
Organist of Claremont Chapel: Mrs. Hall
Beadle of Claremont Chapel: Elizabeth Smith
Clerk of Ocho Rios Chapel: William H. Hind
Organist of Ocho Rios Chapel: Harriett Hickling
Beadle of Ocho Rios Chapel: Edward Taylor
Clerk of Brown's Town Chapel: Obadiah Cumming
Beadle of Brown's Town Chapel: Thomas Morris
Clerk of Aboukir Chapel: Henry Foster
Beadle of Aboukir Chapel: Charles M Donald

Petty Sessions are held at St. Ann's Bay, Brown's Town, Moneague, and Ocho Rios

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