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[For the Parish of St. Thomas in the Vale, see below]


Acres of Land, 36,100

In the following list e stands for estate, c.p. for coffee plantation, p for pen.

Proprietors, &c., Properties, &c., Slaves, Stock

[If there is only one number it is the number of Slaves]

Armstrong, Lydia, 4
Ashley, George, Ashley Hall, 4
Bayley, Alexander, Wood Hall, e, 181/156
Beckford, William, Bodle's, p, 138/429
Bernal, Ralph, Cherry Garden, e, 240/126
Bonner, Charles Butler, Lloyd's Tavern, 11/6
..ditto, for estate of Catherine Rush, 5
Bonner, Robert Butler, Industry, 7
Bravo, Moses, Marley Mount, p, 44/212
Brown, Catherine, 4
Butler, Robert, estate of, Labour, p., 4
Campbell, Frances, Content, 5
Chippett, Penelope, Newell's Lodge, 4
Craddock, Grace Ann, 3
Craddock, Jane, 15
Craddock, Mary, Cottage, p, 52/17
Davison, George, 4/2
Deffell, John Henry, Hay's, p, 32/82
Douglas, Eliza, 3
Ellson, Thomas, estate of, Pleasant Hill, c.p, 8
Ferrara, Francis, Milton, c.p, 21/4
Fitzherbert, Sir Henry, Baronet, St. Helen's, p, 84/180
Flannigan, Timothy, 4/2
Forbes, Duncan, Strathspey, p, 4/2
Foulks, Arthur, Lodge, e, 336/162
Fraser, Donald, Cocoa Ridge, 56
Glendenning, Eleanor, Retirement, p, 6
Good, Eleanor, Good Hope, p, 16
Greene, William S. estate of, Green Hill, p, 4
Harewood, Earl of, Nightingale, e, 108/100
Harris, Mary, 12/3
Harrison, Peter, 2
Harvey, Susanna, 11/3
Holcombe, Susanna M., Content, p, 29
Horant, Priscilla, 3
Irving, William, Ythanside, p, 27/18
Jackson, William, Ann's Castle, p, 13/12
..ditto, Bannister, p, 70/60
..ditto, Blue Hole c.p, 203/12
..ditto, Industry and New Ground, c.p, 20
Jackson, William estate of, Master's, e, 214/60
..ditto, Whim, e, 300/149
Jennings, Norris, 2
King, William James, Stamford Hill, c.p, 45/5
King, Joseph N., Friendship Hall, p., 17/7
King, Martha, 18
Leith, Isabella, Belfield, 24
Long, E. B. & al., Longville Park, p, 52/272
Lumsden, Alexander, Clear mount, p, 55/2
Mark, Robert, estate of, Try See, p, 3
Melville, Francis, 24/1
Mendes, Samuel P., Retreat, p, 29/112
McIntosh, James, Aberfoil, p, 13/1
Mitchell, John, Bushy Park, e, 700/216
McLarty, James, Gold Mine, 20/4
McLarty, Mary, estate of, Hyde Park, c.p, 10
McLeod, John, estate of, Colbeck's, e, 231/375
Morant, Ann, 8/6
McTier, Ann, Folly, p, 13
Murdoch, Margaret, 4
Mytin, Sarah L., Top Hill, c.p, 29
Mytin, Sarah L. guardian, 18/4
..ditto, 27/2
Neish, Alexander, 1/2
Newell, Elizabeth B., Pear Tree Bottom, 2
Newell, Elizabeth M., Pear Tree Bottom, 2
Newell, George, Pear Tree Bottom, 5
Newell, Mary Ann M., Pear Tree Bottom, 5
Pallmer, Charles N., Palmyra, p, 85/99
Parker, Mrs., Bourkefield Wharf, 14/14
Peace, Charlotte, Mytin's Valley, 3
Pourie, Basil, Castle Sods, p, 5/2
Price, Sir Rose, Baronet, Spring Garden, p, 84/255
Quest, Sarah, 4
Raymond, Frances, 4
Rose, Mary Ann, Somerset Hall, 4
Sanderson, Fred. junior, estate of, 6
Saunders, Michael D., Rodon's, p, 16/90
Sligo, Marquis of, Cocoa Walk, e, 171
..ditto, Kelly's, e, 56/117
Smith, Samuel, Cottage, p, 35/4
Snaith, Mrs., estate of, New Forest, 27
Stainsby, Rev. John, Somerset Hall, 16
Strout, Richard, 6/2
Summers, Philip, estate of, Milford Lodge, p, 18/2
Timperon, Joseph, Amity Hall, e, 317/183
Townshend, John, Resource, p, 3/2
Tubman, William, 3
Walker, Roger, 14/1
Wallis, Gilbert F., Folly, p, 39/30
Willis, John, estate, Thetford Hall, p, 87/255
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 13
              TOTAL 4688 / 3875


Acres of Land, 78,015

Those marked thus †are assessed.

Proprietors, &c., Sroperties, &c., Slaves, Stock

[If there is only one number it is the number of Slaves]

†Abrahams, William, Happy Retreat, 17/5
Anderson, John, 2/5
†Ashburn, Sarah, 10
Bagnold, Thomas, Hertford, 24/6
Baines, Richard, estate of, Retreat, 17/8
Barnett, Edward, Retreat, 15/2
Barriffe, George, Pleasant Farm, 74
Bayley, Alexander, Prospect, 112/268
†Beattie, George, 2
Bell, James, 17/3
Bennett, R. G., 2
Bennett, Sarah, 8
Bennett, William J., Friendship Hall, 5/1
Betty, James, Charlemount, 55/150
Bicknell, James, Mount Matthews, 75/6
†Biggar, John, 32
Blackburn, John, New Works, 303/250
..ditto, Wallen's, 304/200
Blake, George, 10
Bourdieu, James, Hog Hole, 189/118
Brabbins, William, Jamesbury, 32/10
†Brammer, Elizabeth, Russell Pen, 20
†Breary, James A., Ben Lomond, 16/20
Brice, John Rider, Grantham, 13/2
Brooks, Francis Virgo, Pimento Mount, 44/3
Brown, Frances M., Boosey Ridge, 43/12
†Brown, Jonathan, 2
Brown, Philip, Mount Exchange, 6/1
Burke, James, Welcome Hall, 3/2
Burnett, Peter & Louisa, Louisiana, 131/36
Byfield, Charles, Cove Mount, 6
†Byfield, Susanna, 4
Campbell, John, Barmaddy, 51
..ditto, for estate of T. Macon, 12
Campbell, Major John, Belgar, 92/24
..ditto, Lucky Hill, 126/9
Carr, Samuel, Thomas Hall, 25/3
Chambion, John, 3
Cheese, Sarah, 31
†Cheveau, E., Mount industry, 16
Cheveau, Mary Madeline, 4
Clarke, William, Amity Hall, 3
Clayton, Simon, estate of, 11/3
Clouston, Edward, 3/5
Clunie, R. D. and John Gray, Belle Vue, 8
Coombs, George, 11/2
Crary, James, junior, 1/1
Crary, Sarah, Sandy River, 10/1
Crary, Susannah, Mosquito Point, 7/1
†Crawford, Hugh, 2/6
Crossley, Luke Thomas, Kendall, 41/119
Cummings, Margaret, Grange Hill, 3
D'Aquin, Charles, Highgate, 20/4
Darlow, John, Pleasant Hill, 7/1
Daud, John, Byndloss, 154/129
Davidson, Elizabeth, 2
Davis, Ann, estate of, Lucky Valley, 25/3
DaSilva, S. M., Dover Castle, 143/110
Dawkins, James, Treadway's, 249/166
†Deland, John, 8/6
De la Torre and Troncoso, New Grenada, 32/6
D'Enecoix, Arnold, Liberty Hall, 17
Deport, Joseph, 7
Douet, Jaques Philip, 36
Douglass, Mary R., Vauxhall, 21
Dubedat, James, Peter's Retreat, 12/4
DuCasse, James, Harmony Hall, 4
Eccles, Edward M. deceased, 22
Edwards, Bryan, Dove Hall, 198/128
Edwards, Hugh, Top Hill, 94/44
Edwards, Mary, Retirement, 71
Elin, John B., Charlton, 207/124
Ewart, John, 3/6
Falconer, William, Berry Hill, 55/65
Finlay, Mary, 16
Fraser, Duncan, 1
French, Peter, French Park, 9/4
Fuller, John, Knollis, 204/129
Garrigues, Peter F., Bonnett, 55/48
Gilzean, Alexander, Dunvegan, 47
Godfrey, Samuel, Spring Farm, 63/8
†Gordon, John, estate of, Seven Mile Walk, 84/200
Gordon, Sir John, Baronet, Golden River, 118/12
Grandison, Adeline, Dunkeld, 19/11
Grant, James, Neeseberry Garden, 80/10
Grant, Sir Alexander, Baronet, Berwick, 193/155
..ditto, Rio Magno, 159/446
Greenwood, N. P., 1/1
Gunson, John, 2
Gutteres, Judith, estate of, Palm, 218/150
Guy, M. F., Hayfield, 27/30
Gyles, Nicholas, Mango Grove, 38/35
..ditto, Recess, 39
†Halliard, Grace, 16
Hall, John, estate of, Westwood Hill, 36/4
Hamilton, George W., 10/5
Hamman, Samuel, 12/4
Harewood, Earl of, Williamsfield, 314/267
Harris, Robert William, Hopewell, 186/40
Harrison, Thomas, 12
Hayman, John, Berkshire Hall, 169/111
†Henderson, John P., Clearmount, 28/548
Henderson, Robert, 2/1
Hervey, Bennett W., Rodney Hall, 2
Hervey, Thomas, Enfield, 111/119
Hewer, Jeremiah, 4
†Hinde, George, 4
Howell, Sarah I., 16
Hunt, Mary M., Caledonia, 16
Hunter, Gertrude, 7
Hyde and Pallmer, Retirement and Clifton, 65/88
Hyde, Samuel, 17/4
Hyde, Samuel, Content, 21
†Innes, Robert, estate of, 32/4
Jackson, Thomas, 1
James, Christiana, Pimento Grove, 19/1
Johnson, Elizabeth, 30/6
Johnson, Isabella G., London Ridge, 32
†Kein, Catherine, 16
Kein, Mary, 1
Kenyon, Margaret, Mount Pleasant, 8
Kingston, Lucy, 7/2
Kinkead, Richard, Stirling Castle, 148/124
Landell, Margaret, Coldingham, 59
Lane, James Seton, Cool Shade, 134/28
..ditto, receiver, Mount Concorde, 123/4
†Latouche, Lewis, Mon Plaisir, 20/4
Laurence, B. I., 16
Lee, Richard, & al., Rosehall, 225/163
Lewis, James, 9
Lewis, John, Springfield, 81/12
Lord, William, River Head, 206/82
Lorrain, Catherine L., 12
Lorrain, Henry, Rest, 10
Lyon, George Redwood, 6/2
Marshall, Catherine, 27
Marshall, George, Golden Grove, 82/2
Marshall, Jane, White Plains, 40/3
Martin, Benjamin, 1/1
Martin, Henry, 9/1
Martin, John, Vale Park, 7/2
Martin, Maria Tharp, 6
Martin, Richard P., Mount Sion, 56 /16
Matthee, Charlotte, 8
Matthee, Elizabeth, 22
McCatty, Sarah, 5
McDermott, Charles, and H. Clements, Cotswold, 130
..ditto, trustees of Elizabeth McKenzie, Orangefield, 64/23
McGaw, Andrew, estate of, Fine View, 9
McInnes, Alexander, Raza Mount, 143/11
McIntosh, Alexander, estate of, Mount Pleasant, 50/9
McIntosh, Donald and James, Muse, 50/5
Mitchell, John, New Hall, 207/135
McKay, Hector, estate of, Airy Mount, 164/70
..ditto, Hampshire, 104/130
McKay, Hugh D., Springfield, 58/12
McKenzie, John, Rose Hill, 5
Moore, Olive, 3
McPherson, John, Richmond Hill, 90 /2
Munro, George Gun, Tulloch, 407/217
Nagles, Frances and Jane, Retirement, 19/8
Needham, William, Mount Olive, 229/151
Neilson, James H., 9
Neilson, Margaret B., Dunkeld, 18
O'Meally, Ann, 21/5
O'Meally, George, Newport, 52/9
Page, Robert, Ginger Hall, 71/33
..ditto, Ranger's Lodge, 40/4
Palmer, Eleanor, 5/1
Palmer, Henry, Carew Castle, 109/10
Palmer, Henry B., Tryall, 4/1
Palmer, William, 10
Parker, Richard R., Ragville Park, 64/46
Peacan, Simon, 4
Poulton, Ann E., Palm Mount, 12
Poulton, Frances, 2
Poulton, Sarah H., 1
Price, Sir Rose, Baronet, Mickleton, 76/139
Rainford, Robert, deceased, Cassava River, 50/3
Rennalls, Jane, Retirement, 22
Rennalls, J. P., estate of, Glengoff, 136/10
Rennalls, Mary Ann, heirs of, 4
Rennalls, Thomas, Mount Florence, 11/3
Roberts, John, Lucky Valley, 18/2
Robertson, Alexander, Mills' Hall, 8/1
Rollins, James, estate of, Logan Castle, 13
†Rodon, John Smith, 16/8
Rogers, Samuel, Grateful Hill, 4/1
†Rose, Johanna, Mount Pleasant, 54/24
Ross, Robert, estate of, Bybrook, 346/274
Rossiter, Thomas, Retreat, 70/4
Scholar, Alexander, Scholar's Cot, 7/1
Sharpe, Richard H., Mount Industry, 68/13
Sharpe, Robert, 3
Simpson, James, Falkland, 19
Simpson, James, estate of, 6
†Simson, Colin G., estate of, 12
Smith, Daniel, Mount Recovery, 20/3
Smith, John, Mount Industry, 16/1
Smith, John, Rentcomb, 89/3
Smith, Mary, Content, 37/7
†Spyers, S. M., 8
Steel, Adam, Harmony Hall, 108/14
Stevens, James F. estate of, Harker's Hall, 264/162
Stewart, Eleanor, Moreland, 2
Stewart, Jane, Bog Walk, 6/6
Stewart, Joseph, 2
Strudwick, Henry, Pleasant Retreat, 12/1
Strudwick, Theodosia, Ashley's, 4
Summers, Jane, 5
Surgeon, Susanna, Retirement, 7
Sutherland, Sarah F., 5
†Tardif, J. P. attorney of P. Dessources, 40
† Taylor, E. S., Look Out, 8
Thomas, Henry, Content, 8/2
Thompson, Elizabeth, Friendship, 38
Townshend, William & al., Llangibby, 74/24
Treloggan, William, Beggar's Bush, 14/4
†Tucker, William, Roselle, 14
†Vidal, J. G., Shenton, 195/164
Welch, Richard, estate of, Hill Side, 145/9
Welch, Richard, Hyde, 158/99
Williams, Benjamin, Murray's Retreat, 4
Williams, Jane, 2
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 29
              TOTAL  13,017 / 6946

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