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Acres of Land 180,767

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T = "Torn" in place of a number.  
---- = left blank in Almanac
___ = unable to read

The first part of some names were torn.  The parts that have been reconstructed from the 1815 and 1818 Almanacs are enclosed in [].

Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

Arnold, Solomon, 5/2
Atherton, Edward, Green Park, 533/262
Atterbury, Samuel, 12/1
Barclay, Peter, Cedar Hill, 10/2
Bar[net] Barnett, William, Arcadia, 371/269
Bar[ret] Barrett, Samuel, Schawfield, 286/165
Bar[ret] Barrett, Edward M., Cambridge, 333/287
...Same, Oxford, 277/194
Barton, Samuel, 5/T
Bell, Robert, deceased, Woodstock, 72/T
Bell, William, 49/T
Benjamin, Henry, 6/T
Bennett, Samuel, 2/T
Birmingham, W. H., 7/1
Blackwin, Joseph, Liberty Hall, 9
Blagrove, John, Pembroke, 247/197
Black, John, Elderslie Hedge, 10/T
Bodden, John, heirs of, 4/T
Bonney, M., heirs of, 12/T
Broadber, Fortescue, 11/T
Bro[wn] Brown, John S., Sportsman's Hall, 146/T
Bro[wn] Brown, Charlotte, heirs of, T
Bro[wn] Brown, Susanna, T
Br[own] Brown, Jonathan, T
...Same, Stoney Hill, T
Bub[b] Bubb, Catherine, T
Bul[loc] Bullock, William H., Mount Carfax, T
Burk[e] Burke, Robert, Phoenix, T
Cad[ien] Cadien, William, T
Cam[pbell Campbell & Young], Content, T
Campbell, Charles, Florence Hall, 24T/208
Campbell, John, Gibraltar, 16T/123
Campbell, Elizabeth, Amity Hall, 13
Campbell, Mary, Gretna Green, 2T/3
Campbell, John, senior, 1T/2
Case, Rebecca, Lebanon, 45/5
Challis, Benjamin, 7
Chatham, Rebecca, 10
Christie, Margaret, 36/1
Christie, John, heirs of, Nightingale Grove, 26T/135
Christie, John, 3/4
Clarke, Sir Simon H., Baronet, Berkshire & Mahogany Hall, 16T/612
...Same, Long Pond, 36T/213
...Same, Hampshire, 33T/232
Clarke, Edward, Hyde, 313/332
Clarke, Ann Treat, Clermont, 11/10
Clarke, George H., Swanswick, 291/220
Clarke, Mildred, 2
Clarke, John H., 2
Clayton, Ann, 2
Codling, Robert, Rock Spring, 23/2
Coles, Richard, 7
Collins, Frances, 5
Colville, A. W., Southfield, 127/152
...Same, Duan Vale & Fontabelle, 348/160
Coveny, Thomas, Content, 15
Cowan, John, 5/4
Cowper, Basil, heirs of, Mount Pleasant & Baron Hill, 67/122
Craig, David Fogo, Glasgow, 1/2
Crew, Benjamin, Richmond Hill, 9/4
Crooks, Sarah, 6
Crosbie, William, 2/6
Crow, Johanna, 7
Cuming, Robert, Industry Grove, T
Cunningham, Hon. J. G., Maxfield & The Corner, T
...Same, Greenside, T
...Same, Biddeford, T
...Same, Hopewell, 223/234
[________], Marked Cave, 228/175
[Cunningh] Cunningham, Samuel, Mason Gang, 45/11
...Same, Roslin Castle, 191/177
[Dalmahoy], James, 17/4
[Davis, Roge] Roger, 3/1
[________]m, 10/6
[Doman, Nichol] Nicholas, Belmont, T
[Pages torn out, Dow- to Jam- missing]

[Jarrett?], ...Same, Golden Grove, T
...Same, Kent, T
[Johnso] Johnson, Samuel John, T
[Kirk] Kirkpatrick, Robert, T
[Know] Knowles, Edward, deceased, Spring, T
[Laing], John, Forres, T
[Lai] Laing, Robert, Elgin, T
[Lam] Lamont, & heirs of Easson, Lysworney, T
[Law] Lawson, James, Steelfield, T
[Leon], John, T
[Leve] Levermore, Richard, T
[Li] Linton, Jane Brown, T
[Lin] Linton, Joseph, heirs of, Linton Park, T
L[i] Littlejohn, William, Aberdeen, T
[Lle] Llewellyn, Rachael, T
[Long] Longmore, John, 17/T
____, Isaac, T
[Love], Johanna, 10/T
[Lugg], Margaret, Prospect, 9/T
[Lyon], David, Barnstaple, 189/T
...Same, Holland, 190/T
...Same, Williamsfield, 4T/T
[Magu] Maguire, M. C., T
[Manb] Manby, William, T
[Marlow], B., estate of, Connecticut, T
[Mayler], Richard, heirs of, Garredu, T
[McBean], Alexander, Retreat, T
[McCarthy], Alexander, T
[McConnell], Mrs. heirs of, Recess, T
_______, James, T
[McDonald], James, Coffee Hall, T
_________, Greenfield, T
Menzies, Stewart O., 1/3
[one line torn]
[McF] McFarquhar, Jane, T
[one line torn]
McGhie, Robert, heirs of, T
...Same, T
[Mi] Michael, John,T
[Mil] Miller, George, T
[Mille] Miller & Cowper, T
[Mill] Miller, James, T
[Mill] Miller, Alexander, T
[Mil] Milne, David, T
[Mil] Milne, Elizabeth, T
[Minto], Walter, T
...Same, T
...Same, Dry Valley, T
____________, Florida & Hobson's Choice, 9T/T
[Mitchell, Will] William, George's Valley, 252/T
[McLachlan, Su] Susan, 6/T
[McLachlan, Ja] James, Rock Hall, 10/T
[McLaughlan], James, 6
[McNish, Da] David, Cairnsmuir, 37/T
Monta[gue] Montague, Ann, 14
Moody, [Jul] Julian, 5
Morgan, estate of, & Kelly, 11/T
Morris, Samuel, heirs of, Good Intent, 40/T
Morris, Philip A., Cottage, 36/T
Morrison, John, Shady Grove, 13/T
[Morrison], James, Top Hill, 9/T
[Mott, Jo] John, Retirement, 49/T
[Moulto] Moulton, Robert, Windsor Castle, 46/T
...Same, Retirement, 73/T
[McPher] McPherson, Hugh, 9/T
[Muir], John, Oatlands, 6/T
[Muirhe] Muihead, Alexander, 3/T
[Munro], James, 12/T
[Munro], George, 4/T
[Mussen] Mussenden, S. A., 15/T
[Nathan], J. P., 2/T
[Nelson], Thomas, Prospect, 5/T
[Nott, Wil] William, Caen Wood, 69/T
[O'Connor], Richard, Carrick-Foyle, 99/T
Ogilvy, George, T
Oldham, William, heirs of, T.
Palmer, John, Acton, T
Parris, Judith, Amity Hall, T
Paterson, Thomas, Downe Castle, T
[start fragment with names only]
Patterson, Mark
Pattullo, James
Pettit, John C., heirs
Rattray, William, heirs of
Reid, George, senior
Reid, George, junior
[Reid], John,
[Reid], George
[Reid], George
[one line illegible]
Reid, John, heirs of
Reid, William
Reynolds, Charles, heirs of
Richards, David
Ringrose, W. I.,
Roby, Francis
R[___] Charles & Co.
[end fragment with names only]
[The rest of this parish is missing]

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