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T = "Torn" in place of a number.  
---- = left blank in Almanac
___ = unable to read

The first part of some names were torn.  The parts that have been reconstructed from the 1815 and 1818 Almanacs are enclosed in [].


Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

[First part of "A" missing, torn off]
Anderson, John, Barbary Hill, 9/3
Anderson, Ann, Lucea, 5
Anglin, William, heirs of, Paradise, 130/52
Archer, Sarah, Sion, 53/6
Atkins, Mary, Lucea, 8
Baird, James, estate of, 10
Baldie, Elizabeth, 18/10
Bayne, William, Wyvas, 17/3
Beckford, Horace, Eaton, 271/165
Begbie, Rebecca, Content, 15/1
Be__, John, estate of, 25
Be__, John, Industry Wharf, 6
Be[sl] Besley, George, Lucea, 4/1
Be[sl] Besley, Mary S., Lucea, 6
Binns, Sarah H., 14/T
Blagrove, John, Maggotty, 281/T
...Same, Orange Bay, T
Blyth, John, Tweedside, T
Boteler, Ann, Lucea, T
Bowen, Joseph Robert, Orchard, T
...Same, Hopewell, T
Boyd, Mary, T
Brands, Mary, estate of, T
Brebner, William,  Green Island, T
[Brem] Bremner, Patrick, Rockingham, T
...Same, Dispensary, T
[Bris] Brissett, Joseph, heirs of, Content, T
[Bro] Brown, Hon. William, Kew, T
...Same, Aurora, T
[Bro] Brown, James, Clifton, T
[Buc] Buchanan, James, Tullochewen, T
[Buc] Buchanan, Archibald, Boggy Hill, T
[Buc] Buchanan, James W., Lucea, 5/T
[Buc] Buchanan, Jane, Lucea, 5/T
[Buc] Bucknor, John Mowatt, Friendship Grove, 105/T
[Buc] Bucknor, Thomas G., Stonefield, 5/T
[Buc] Bucknor, George William, 11/T
[But] Butter, David, Lucea, 8/T
[Cam] Cameron, Donald, Bounty Hall, 64/T
Campbell, Peter, Fish River, 291/T
Campbell, Dugald, Salt Spring, 343/T
Campbell, William, New Milns, 306/T
Campbell, Alexander, Copse, 426/T
...Same, Thorn Hill, 11/T
...Same, Graham Hall, 18/T
Campbell, Archibald, Dunalva, 44/T
Campbell, Martin & Co., Lucea, 12/T
Campbell, James, 9/T
Campbell, Neil, Knapdale, 42
Campbell, Deborah, 13
Caseley, Rachael, Industry, 6
Chalmers, William, 4
Chambers, Isabella,  14
Chambers, Jacob E., Cottage, 28
Chambers, William Thomas, 13/4
Chambers, Alexander, Lucea, 22
Chambers, John, 19/8
Chambers, Richard, Lucea, 8/3
Chisholm, Robert, Rose Hill, 70/33
Christie, J. heirs of, Greenwich, 216/48
Christie, Robert, Rutherglen, 50/116
Clare, Katharine, Lucea, 5
Clarke, Sir Simon H., Baronet, Woodchurch, 186/167
...Same, Fat Hog Quarter, 251/162
...Same, Cacoon Castle, 130/1052
[Clarke, W. and Charles] J., heirs of, Industry, 271/189
[3 names torn off]
[Cochran], Robert, estate of, Shooter's Hill, T
[Cooke, Wil]liam, Chester Castle, T
[Coleman, C] Cornelius, Castle Hyde, T
[Cooper, Mar] Mary, Lucea, 14
[Cooper, Mar] Mary James, Lucea, 1
[name torn off]
___. ___, Hopewell, 118
[name torn off]
___, ___, Good Hope, 7
Crooks, Jane, Ginger Hill, 7/T
Crooks, Susanna, Ginger Hill, 6/T
[Crook] Crooks, Maudlin, heirs of, Boggy Hill, 10/T
[Daly], Thomas, estate of, Woodville, 38/T
____es, James William, Rock Spring, 178/T
[Daw] Dawes, John Napier, Lucea, 6/T
[Daw] Dawson, Mary, Lucea, 8/T
[Dean] Deans, James, 7
____, Sarah, 11/T
[Deh] Dehany, Mary Salter, Point, 381/T
...Same, Barbican, 239/T
Devoy, William, New Flamstead, 37/T
Dickson, Sarah, Lucea, 3/T
Dickson, Ann, Lucea, 8/T
Dickson, William A., Lucea, 2/T
Dickson, Richard, Cousins Cove, 186/T
...Same, Davis Cove, 38/T
Dickson & Co., Lucea, 9/T
Donaldson, Robert, 50/10
Douce, Teresa Reynolds, Glenorchay, 30
Douglas, James Sholto, Grange, 257/145
Edie, Robert, Esher, 219/126
E___r, Mary, 8
E___r, Joseph, 5/1
[Edw] Edward, David, 29/2
[Ellar] Ellard, John Randall, Cottage, 8
[Ellis], Charles Rose, Shuttlewoood Pen, 163/647
[Engl] England, William, Shepherd's Hall, 21/12
E___s, John William, Morven, 27/6
[Evan] Evans, Charlotte, Lucea, 19
E___s, Mrs. John, 3
[Ferg] Fergusson, Robert, 10
[Finu] Finucane, William, 16/1
[Fons] Fonseca, Esther H., 4
[Forr] Forrester, Nathaniel, 12
[Fras] Fraser, Alexander, 5
[Free] Freebairn, John, Patrick, 15/3
[Gaba] Gabay, Joseph A., 7
[Gardi] Gardiner, Edmund, Flint River, 216/198
[Garris] Garrison, Alice, Mount Pleasant, 14/9
[Gibbs], William, Race Course, 6
[Gilling], Judith, 24
[Gilpin], Robert, Cascade Pen, 96/46
[Gilpin], William, Springfield, 119/109
[Godfr] Godfrey, William, Pontefract, 34/14
[Gord] Gordon, John, Campbelton, 224/227
[Gord] Gordon, William, heirs of, Success, 115/71
[Gra] Grant & McCallum, Greenland, 109/8
[Gra] Grant, David, Bower Hill, 9/3
[Gra] Grant, Elizabeth, 6
[Gra] Grant, William, Green Island, 10/2
[Gr] Gray, Angus, Provence, 41/1
[Gra] Gray, Sarah, Friendship, 282/163
Gray, Nathaniel, estate of, 14
Hall, Thomas, Round Hill, 256/229
Harris, Ann, 4
Hemmeus, Joseph, 12/3
Henry, George, 26/4
Hibbert, Robert, junior, Georgia, 324/259
Hibbert, Robert, Great Valley, 472/314
Hill, John, Hillsbrook, 48/30
Hill, Mary, 14
...Same, 10/1
Hill, Lydia Clarke, Lucea, 6
Hine, William, Brae, 22/30
Hine, Agnes H., 7
Hogg, John, 5
Homfray, Thomas, 9/1
Howden, Peter, East Barnes, 11
Howison, James, 3
Hudson, William, heirs of, Golden Grove, 259/T
...Same, Silver Grove, 247/T
...Ramble Pen, 131/T
...Beans, 80/T
Hull, Sarah, Lucea, 3
Innes, David, Mount Grace, 51/T
Isaacs, Jacob, Lucea, 4
Jackson, Henry, Mount Pleasant, 176/T
Jackson, Samuel, Sod Hall, 210/T
James, William Rhodes, Haughton Tower, 261/T
James, John Haughton, Haughton Hall, 231/T
...Same, Burnt Ground, 152/T
James, Elizabeth, 8/T
James, Rachael M., 7/T
James, Mary, 10/T
Jenkins, William, estate of, Clifton, 15/T
Johnson, George, Cave Valley, 37/T
Johnson, William, William's Hope, 18/T
Keys, James, Lucea, 8/T
Kirkaldy, William, Cottage, 32/T
Knubeley, Simon, Friendship, 71/T
Laird, Margaret, 11/T
Lawrence, Mary, Endeavour, 186/T
Leadbeater, Frances, 6/T
Lee, John & McCallum, Lucea, 6/T
Leigh, Charles S., Lucea, 2/T
Leigh, Lydia Ann, Belvidere, 8/T
Leslie, Thomas, 17/T
Leslie, William, Dolphin Pen, 36/T
Levy, Jacob, Lucea, 26/T
Levy, Moses, Lucea, 7/T
Lyon, Jacob, Richmond Hill, 33/T
Mackenzie, Duncan, Coventry, 101/92?
...Same, Lebanon, 8/10
Malcolm, Donald, Alexandria, 220/127?
...Same, Montpelier, 50/40
Malcolm, John, Argyle, 255/204
Malcolm, Neil, Retrieve (o.w.) 249/151
...Same, Retrieve (n.w.) 258/240
...Same, Pell River, 294/163
...Same, Blenheim, 267/169
...Same, New Paradise, 326/155
...Same, Knockalva, 185/931
...Same, Retirement, 36/62
Martin, James, Bachelor's Hill, 9/6
McArthur, Johanna, 7
Masters, Rachael, Lucea, 36
Maxwell, John, Woodlands, 69/13
McClymont, Euphemia, Woodcot, 17/4
McCraw, Mary, Provence, 25
McGee, James, 10
Ments, Frances, 4
Miller, Allan, River Side, 23/6
Miller, Thomas, senior, Amsterdam, 23/4
Miller, Catherine, Lucea, 4
Miller, Mary, 30
Miller, Mary Ann, 2
Miles, Philip John, Richmond, 201/125
...Same, Bachelor's Hall, 174/81
...Same, Prosper, 134/76
...Same, Richmond Pen, 68/158
Minto, Frances Ann, Cragie, 35
McIntosh, Alexander, 47/2
McIntyre, Duncan, 3/1
McKenzie, Lilly, Lucea, 6
McLeod, Dorothy, Lucea, 7
McMahon, John, estate of, Cacoon, 22/65
McNicoll, John, 3
Monteath, Jessy, Lucea, 4
Morrice, James, estate of, 7/4
Morris, John, 20
Morris, George R., 24/2
Morrison, Catherine, 11
Munro, Hugh, York Hill, 68/3
Mure & Co., assignees of, Saxham, 192/104
...Same, Caldwell, 171/97
Murray, Margaret, Lucea, 4
Murray, Walter, Dundee, 264/172
Nasmyth, Thomas, heirs of , Rhodes Hall, 161/98
Owens, John, 5
Parnther, John, Content, 31
Parr, Ann, 10
Paterson, J. heirs of, et al, Baulk, 161/119
Patrick, Ann Sarah, estate of, Look Out, 13
Potts, Cuthbert, Middlesex Pen, 72/177
Prince, William, 10
Purrier, John Vincent, Welcome, 290/182
...Same, Haddington, 199/156
Quarrell, Richard, Phoenix, 203/167
Randall, Sophia, et al., Colebrook, 8
Reddie, Andrew, 5/1
Reid, Thomas, heirs of, Belvidere, 394/309
Reid, Mary, Waterloo, 5
Reid, Sarah Thomas, War Castle, 7
Reid, Theodora, 6
Riley, Samuel, Riley's, 127/170
Riley, Sarah, Mount Lebanon, 6/5
Rose (a black woman), Saxham, 10
Samuells, Benjamin, Chester Hill, 13/2
Samuells, William Henry, Lucea, 5
Samuells, William, Mountain Spring, 11/4
Samuels, James, estate of, 12
Sawyers, John, Caledonia, 68/32
Senior, Robert Keith, Mosquito Cove, 128/66
Sharpe, Alexander, 39/4
Shippey, Charles, estate of, 25
Sims, John, estate of, 10
Smith, Mary, 10
Spence, George, Bower Hall, 52/13
Spence, Patrick, 30/20
Spence, Samuel, Betsey Mount, 21/8
Spence, William, Axe & Adze, 17/14
Spring Annuitants, Spring, 122/94
Stevenson, Hon. William James, Beverly, 172/159
Stewart, Elizabeth, Industry, 4/5
Stewart, Joan, Lucea, 6
Stewart, Peter John, Hill Side, 45/6
Stone, John D., estate of, 10
Stone, Robert, Lucea, 10
Street, Gertrude Moore, Friendshup, 24/11
Taylor, Elizabeth, 7
Taylor, Robert, Williamsfield, 120/130  
Taylor, Sir Simon R. B., Baronet, Haughton Court, 373/126
...Same, Haughton Grove, 113/317
Tharp, Eliza Mary, Blue Hole, 143/91
Thelwell, John, Merry Land, 31/6
Thelwell, Thomas J., 25/20
Thomson, James, Lucea, 2
...Same, Spital, 99/2
Towton, George, Lucea, 10
Vassall, Robert Oliver, Abingdon, 178/86
Vassall, Spencer, et al, New Found River, 108/168
Vassall, William, Green River, 256/165
Walker, Robert, Rejoin, 26/17
Walker, William Carr, Bamboo, 279/101
Walker, Margaret, Lucea, 3
Walker, Rachael, 3
Wallace, Robert, Glasgow, 162/42
Waller, Rebecca, 16
Watson, Abigail, 3
[____, __]hn, estate of, T
[Worrell], Mary, T
[Wright], Janet, Lucea, T
[Younge] Younger, Mary J., Lucea, 21/T
[Yule], William, Torw. and Cedar Hall, 31/T
TOTAL 22,187/ 7,68T
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 7T
TOTAL 23,187 Slaves/ 7,7TT Stock


Acres of Land 140,806

Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

[And] Anderson, John, Flower Hill, 243/18T
[And] Anderson, Robert,  Lethe, 265/23T
[And] Andrews, Frederick, 32/2
[Ang] Angus, William, heirs of, Miranda Hill, 38/1
[App] Appleton, William, Appleton Hall, 40/2
[Arm] Armstrong, John, Summer Hill, 54/1TT
[Atki] Atkinson, Michael, heirs of, Bogue, 165/1TT
[Ather] Atherton, Edward, Spring Vale, 183/4TT
[Baill] Baillie, John, Roehampton, 298/2TT
[Bald] Baldie, William, 4
[Ball], William, 5
[Baptis] Baptiste, John, 4
[Barret] Barrett, Samuel, Spring, 337/19T
[Barret] Barrett, Samuel M., Cornwall, 200/9T
...Same, Cinnamon Hill, 224/2TT
[Barret] Barrett, Samuel W., Spot Valley, 271/1TT
[Barret] Barrett, Richard, Barrett Hall, 1/1TT
...Same, 10/T
[Barry], Nathaniel, Home Castle, 13/T
[Belling] Bellinger, William, 10/T
[Bernard], Charles E., Childermas, 167/T
[Bernard], C. and heirs of D., Eden, 218/T
[Bernard], Frances, 10
[Bernard], Charles, Bonavista, 64/T
[Bernard], Milbro', Content, 46/T
[____________], 2
[____________], 15/T
[____________], Leogan, 179/T
[____________], _____ Spring, T
[name torn off]
[_____],  Jeremiah and Thomas, 10/T
[_____], Robert D., heirs of, 10/T
[_____], Thomas, 16/T
[Bu] Butchart, David, deceased, Newmarket, 6/T
Caldwell & McKinley, Twyford, 81/T
Calvert, Edward, 6/T
Campbell, Alexander, Schaw Castle, 89/T
Campbell, Donald, 14/T
Campbell, John, 6/T
[Ca] Carnaby, George, 4/T
Christie, James, Cottage, 48/T
Christie, John, Montrose, 11/T
Clarke, Elizabeth, 18/T
Clarke, Sir Simon H., Baronet, Retirement, 386/T
Clarke, William, Bellmont,  9/T
Clayton, Nicholas, 7/T
Cleugh, George, 1/T
Coates, John, Paradise, 76/T
...Same, 28/T
Colgan, John, heirs of, Prospect, 22/T
Combauld, Richard, 14/T
Cooper, David, St. James's Park, 42/T
Cope, Deborah, 8/T
Corinaldi, Jacob P, 14/T
Cotter, Charlotte, 1/T
Cotter, Rosa, 3/T
Coveny, Elizabeth, 9/T
Coveny, Margaret A., 8/T
Craing, Mrs., 3
Cramsey, Mrs., 4/1
Crawford, John Innes, Bellfield, 257/T
Cremen, Judith D., 34/T
Cuming, Alexander, 10/T
Cunningham, Hon. James, Bellfield, 277/T
...Same, Retrieve, 220/T
...Same, & George, Harmony Hill and Greenside, 39/T
Davidson, Alexander, 4/T
Davis, Daniel, 12/T
Dawes, Nicholas, heirs of, 4T/T
Dawes, Joseph, 1T/T
Delap, Francis, Orange, 1TT/T
Dewar, Robert, T
Dodd, Humphrey, Belle Vue, T
Dodd, John, Wales, T
...Same, Content, T
D[o] Downer, Robert Thomas, Camrose, T
[Dun] Dunbar, Patrick, 6
[Dunn], Thomas, heirs of, Lilliput, 93/141
[Ellid] Ellidge, Margaret W., 3/1
[___]ott, Daniel, 13/2
[Ellis], Charles Rose, Montpelier (n.w.), 319/247
...Same, Montpelier (o.w.), 449/272
[___], John, 10
[Ersk] Erskine, Alexander, Lima, 310/295
[Evan] Evans, Edward, 10/5
[Ewa] Ewart, William, 28/4
[Fair] Fairclough, & Hedley, Catadupa, 156/158
[Farq] Farquharson, William, 10/4
[Ferg] Ferguson, James, 5/4
[Fern] Fernandes, Benjamin Dias, 2
[Feurt]Feurtado, Jacob O., 7/T
[Finc] Finchett, Ann, 11
[____]ett, John, 6
[Find] Findlater, Alexander J., heirs of, Friendship, 146/T
[Find] Findlater, Sarah A., Rose Mount & Brandon Hill, 36/T
[Find] Findlater, Mary Jane, 33/T
[______], Mary, T
[Floo] Flood, Mary, T
[Floy] Floyd, John, T
[Fort] Fortune, William, heirs of, T
[Fowl] Fowle, William, Wiltshire, T
[Fowl] Fowler, William, T
[Fowl] Fowler, Rachael C., Kensington,  T
[Fras] Fraser, John, T
[Fray], John, Nairn, T
[Fulle] Fullerton, Hester, T
[Gallo] Galloway, James, Unity Hall, T
[Gede] Gedelia, Moses, T
[Gibb] Gibbes, Francis B., heirs of, Millenium Hall, T
[Gibb] Gibbes, H. T., heirs of, Crawle, T
[Giles], Andrew, T
[Glass], John, T
[Gord] Gordon, Sir John, Baronet, Carlton, 14T/T
[Gord] Gordon, John, Glasgow, 2TT/T
...Same, Moor Park, T
[Gord] Gordon, R. & T. L., St. Andrew's Hill, T
[Gord] Gordon, William, trustees of, Windsor Lodge, T
...Same, Paisley, T
[______] & Griffiths, T
[Graham],  Elizabeth & Eleanor, T
[Graham], Frances, T
Graham, Jacob, Fustic Grove, 16/T,
...Same, Lapland, 135/T
Graham, J. J. and J. & Mary Heward, 16/T
Grant, Elizabeth, 4/T
Grant, Eliza, 8/T
Grant, Isaac, 8/T
Grant, Jane, 4
Gray, Charles G., Virgin Valley, 195/T
Gray, John, heirs of, Industry, 130/T
Gray, Thomas Joseph, Easthams, 125/T
Gray, Adam, 10
Gray, Eleanor, 10
Gray, Mary, 6
Green, Edmund F., Sunderland, 210/T
[Gre] Green, Patrick, 6/T
[Greg] Gregory, Cassandra, 3/T
[Grego] Gregory, Ann, 6/T
[___]s, John, heirs of, 1/T
[Grizell], Jane, 9
[Guthrie], James,  8/T
[Guthrie], Patrick, 5/T
[Hall, Tho] Thomas, Williamsfield, 298/T
[Hall, Thom] Thomas K., Irwin, 279/T
...Same, Kirkpatrick Hall, 175/T
...Same, Stapleton, 40/T
...Same, Tryall, 279/T
[Hall, Willia] William, heirs of, Kempshot, 44/T
...Same, Worcester, 231/T
[___________]beth, 12/T
[___________], heirs of, 3/T
[___________]ewar, 2/T
[___________], heirs of,  Success, 88/T
[___________], Pitfour, 48/T
[Hayward, S] Samuel, Broughton, 13/T
[Heath, Richa] Richard, Spring Mount, 175/T
[Hickey, Mar] Margaret, heirs of, 3/T
[Hilpia, Eliz] Elizabeth, 38/T
[Hilton, Joh] John, Comfort Hall, 9/T
[Hind, Jos] Joseph, 22/T
[Hine, Cha] Charles, Woodlands, 21/T
[Hine, Dan] Daniel, Comfort Hall, 9/T
[Hine, Grac] Grace, Retirement, 25/T
[Holmes, R] Robert, 10/T
[Holt, Willi] William Fowle, 17/T
[Home & M] McFarlane, 30/T
[Home, Will] William, 10/T
[Horsfield, Joh] John, Carpenter's Hall, 11/T
[Hughes], Edward F., 44/6
[Hundse] Hundsen, Sarah, 5
[Hunt], Mary, 8
[Hunter], Andrew, 2
[Hurloc] Hurlock, Elizabeth, 6
[Hurloc] Hurlock, Samuel, Potosi, 240/129
[Hynd], John, Rock Pleasant, 17/4
[Hyslop], Andrew, 4/3
[Ingram], Mrs., 20/2
[Innes], David, heirs of, Somerton, 138/118
[Irving], James, heirs of, Ironshore, 261/219
...Same, Hartfield, 147/143
[Irving], James M., 6
[Irving], Margaret, 6
[Isaacs], Henry I., 8/6
[Ismay], Mary, 24/2
[Jacks] Jackson, Robert, heirs of, Hampton, 147/84
[Jacks] Jackson, James & Joseph, Brother's Retreat, 36/4
[Jacks] Jackson, Samuel, Catherine Hall, 119/154
[Jacob] Jacobs, Jacob, 8
[James] & Howard, 6
[Jarret] Jarrett, John, heirs of, Amity Hall, 115/72
...Same, Guilsbro', 194/108
[Jeffs], Thomas, Concordia, 8/5
[Johns] Johnston, John, Prospect, 4/1
[Jones], John, 20/10
[Kathr] Kathrens, George, 12
[Kemp], William C., 6/4
[Keny] Kenyon, Hannah, 6
[Kerr], David, Spring Garden, 235/130
[Kerr], Samuel, New Battle, 101/19
[Kidd], James, 33/6
[Lawre] Lawrence, G. W., Running Gut, 163/111
[Lawr] Lawrence, J. T., Hazelymph, 322/269
[Lawr]ence, Richard James, Fairfield, 218/180
[Lawr] Lawrence, Sarah, 28/T
[Laws] Lawson, George, heirs of, Porto Bello Hill, 21
[Laws] Lawson, George M., Porto Bello, 48/52
[Liber] Libert, Sarah, 32
[Linds] Lindsay, Catherine, 7
[_____], Thomas, 2/2
[Long] Longmore, George, Rock Pleasant, Kerby Hall, & Strathbog 25/13
[___]en, John, 7/10
[Mand] Manderson, John, 9/4
[Mark] Marks, Ellen Ann, 9
[Mark] Marks, Solomon, 4/2
[Maso] Mason, Benjamin, Carthagena, & Abingdon, 69/50
Matheson, Gilbert, Castle Weymss, 242/T
McClelland, John, Good Intent, 10/T
McFarlane, Duncan, Smallfield, 15/T
McGale, James, 20/T
McGhie, Jane, 3/T
McGhie, Patrick, 20/T
Miller, William, 50/T
Milne, Robert, 5/T
Milne, Alexander, Chatham, 38/T
...Same, Chesterfield, 40/T
McIntosh, John, Orange River, 32/T
McIntosh, William, heirs of, Belfont, 79/T
McIntyre, John, 25/T
McIntyre, Christopher, 1/T
McLean, Ann, 10/T
McLean, Constantine, 10/T
McLenan, George, Springfield, 36/T
Moffatt, Peter, heirs of, 37/T
Moran, Samuel, heirs of, Retirement, 20/T
Morgan, Lucy, 4/T
Morgridge, Varno I., 10/T
Morle, Richard, 5/T
Morris, Ann, 10/T
Morris, Catherine, 20/T
Morris, P. A., 7/T
Mountague, Ralph, Bandon, 83/T
Mowat, John, heirs of, Dumfries, 221/T
Mowat, William B., 14/T
McPherson, H. G., Helmsdale, 18/T
Mudie, Alexander, Mount Pleasant, 28/T
Murray, Hon. William, Latium, 493/T
...Same, Purling Stream, 78/T
...Same, Garland Grove, 30/T
Myers, Sarah, 6/T
Ogle, George William, 7/T
Palmer, John, heirs of, Palmyra, 108/T
...Same, Rose Hall, 161/T
Palmer, Phoebe, heirs of, 4/T
Parnther, John, Belle Vue, 24/T
Parry, Henry, Leyden, 462/T
...Same, 11/T
Payne, John Edward, Woodlands, 66/T
Pearson, William, Beverly Park, 8/T
Pedlar, Thomas, 11/T
Perry, Sarah, Orchard, 43/T
Perry, William, 4/T
Peterkin, Alexander, 28/T
Peterkin, James, Chatham, 148/T
Petgrave, Dorothy A., 25/11
Petgrave, S. L.,  Richmond Hill, 43/21
Pew, Alexander L., Hillowton, 5/8
Pinder, Elizabeth, 4
Pine, Judith, 2
Plummer, H. W., Anchovy Bottom, 225/260
...Same, Richmond Hill, 87/48
Plummer, William, 27/3
Rae, Alexander, 12/10
Reaburn, Thomas, 3
Reid, Harry, 6/2
Reid, William, 4
Reynolds, William, Catherine Mount, 157/125
Richmond, Jane, 6
Ricketts, George C., 9/5
Ricketts, G. W., New Canaan, 251/174
Ritchie, John, Farm & Retirement, 77/30
[Robso] Robson, Nicholas, heirs of, 40/36
Roper, William, 29/25
Rusea, John, heirs of, John's Hall, 109/102
Rusea, John, Felicity, 1
Saunders, Frances, 7
Scarlett, Philip Anglin, Cambridge, 139/189
...Same, Cambridge, 94/12
Scarlett, Hon. Robert, Duckett's Spring, 273/185
Scott, Charles, 4
Scott, Walter, Reading and Plumb, 188/100
Scott, Nancy Fanny, 1
Scrymgeour, Catherine, 8
Scurlock, Benjamin, 7
Sharpe, Eliza D., Cooper's Hill, 10
Sharpe, Mary, 4
Sharpe, John, 3/2
Sharpe, Samuel, 70/12
Sharpe & Rae, 10/10
Shaw, John, T
Shergold, Henry, T
Shergold & Guthrie, T
Shirrell, Catherine, T
Sill, Ann, Providence, T
Simon, Isaac, 1
Sinclair, Duncan, 4
Sinclair, Jane, 6
[Solomon], Jacob, 13/2
[Spalding], Alexander, 13/2
[Spence], James, 2
[Spence], William Morris, 7/6
[Stennett], Thomas, 4/2
Stennett, Elizabeth, heirs of, 22/1
Stevens, John, heirs of, Stevenage, 106/72
Stirling, Archibald, and heirs of Robert, Hampden, 332/524
Stirling, John, Content, 333/298
Stothart, Ann M., 8
Stothart, James, 48/4
Stothart, John, 10
Taylor, Mary, heirs of, 3
Taylor, Rosa, 7
Tharp, William, heirs of, Windsor Castle, 132/157
Tharpe, Eliza M., Green Pond, 113/128
Thomas, William, 8
Trought, Ann, 7
Trought, Grace, 4/T
Trought, Stephen, 7
Tulloch, John, 26/T
Tulloch, Roderick, 6/T
Urquhart, Dehinnin, 8/T
Vaughan, Samuel, heirs of, Flamstead, 3353/214
...Same, Vaughansfield, 154/248
Vernon, William, heirs of, Mount Vernon, 91/9
Waite, John S., 31/3
Waite, Raynes B., Blue Hole, 283/200
Waite, Raynes, 36/8
Waite, Charles, 1/3
Waite, Rebecca, 10/1
Walton, Mrs. M., 10
Watson, Mary, 5
Watson, Ruth, 9/2
Watson, Eliza, 10
Watt, Alexander, 20/10
Watt, Robert, Luss, 19?/7
Wetzlar, N. D., T
White, Alexander, T
Whittingham, John, Sterling, T
Wiggan, William, Try See, T
Wilder, Ann W., T
Williams, Ann, T
Williams, Catherine, 4
Williams, Eleanor, junior, 14
Williams, Eleanor, senior, 6
Williams, Elizabeth, 6
Williams, Martin, Seven Rivers, 586/T
Williams, Sarah, Cold Spring, 10/18
...Same, 8/T
Willis, John, Newman Hall, 145/T
Wilson, Frances, 3/T
Wilson, William, 10/T
Wil[ton], R. R.,  16
Win[n], Isaac L., heirs of, Adelphi, 268/210
Yat[ma] Yatman, Frances, 8
Yat[ma] Yarman, Thomas, 13
You[ng?] Young?, Andrew, 10/10
Total 23,907/17,698
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 51
TOTAL 23,907 Slaves/ 17,749 Stock

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