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T = "Torn" in place of a number.  
---- = left blank in Almanac
___ = unable to read

The first part of some names were torn.  The parts that have been reconstructed from the 1815 and 1818 Almanacs are enclosed in [].

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Acres of Land 276,918

Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

[Ad] Adamson & Campbell, Robin's Hall, 40/12
Adlam, William, Upper Warminster, 177
...Same, Lower Warminster, 44/136
Alexander, Mary, and Augustus F. Robinson, Essex Valley, T
Allen, Isaac, Breadnut Valley, T
Anderson, Ruth, New Hall, T
Anderson, Thomas, Fort Anderson, T
Armstrong, L., Woodside, T
Ashman, Richard, Balbie, T
Austin, Daniel, Lucky Valley, T
Baker, John Pool, Grove Plac_, T
Balcarres, Earl of, Marshall Pen, T
Ball, Thomas, Mammee Hill, T
Ballentine, William, T
[Bann] Bannister, Elizabeth, Richmond, T
Banton, Mary, T
Banton, Timothy, Lodge, T
Barham, Joseph Foster, The Island, T
...Same, Windsor, T
Barrett, Peter, T
Baylis, Susanna, Yardly Chase, 71/T
Bennett, Joseph, Spring Garden, 28/T
Bennett, Thomas, Spring Garden, 21/T
Bennett, Montague, Spice Grove, 19/T
Bennett, Frances Ann, Montrose, 44/T
Bent, Stephen, Mango Hill, 3/T
Bent, John Benjamin, Cotton Tree Hill, 8/2T
Bent, Nicholas, Tryall, 13
Bent, Henry, Cherry Moia, 6/15
Black, William, Springfield, 40/79
Blake, John James, Fairfield, 6/T
Blake, William, Content, 16
Blake, William, Mole Hill, 38/14
Blake, Joseph, 7/2
Blake, F. E., 6
Boora, Jon. Kent, Gibraltar, 12/6
Boucher, Hon. Richard, Wilton, 4/T
Bowra, John, Longwood, 10/T
Bradford, Susan, 28/T
Bramwell, Luke, Richcmond Hill, 80/T
Brooks, George, Retreat, 21/T
Brooks, Martha, 15/T
Brooks, Joseph, Little Park, 15/T
Brooks, Edward, Cottage, 12/T
Brooks, Priscilla, Exeter, 14/T
Brooks, Amelia, 6/T
Broomfield, Mary, Southfield, 66/T
Broomfield, John F., 5/T
Bruce, John & Alexander, 12/T
Burchall & Wilson, 6/T
Burton, Matthew, 6/T
Burton, Zachariah, Lucky Valley, 25/T
Burton, Elizabeth, Content, 70/T
Burton, John, junior, 4/1
Burton, Francis, 16/30
[Burton, Francis B.] Trahen, 12
[3 entries torn]

[Cameron,] Donald, Donegal, 23/219
[Campbell,] Peter, Holland, 591/119
[Campbell,] Rebecca, Content, 21
[Campbell,] Myra D., 3
[Campbell,] Sarah, 3
[Carter or Cawley,] William, Leeds, 61
[Cawley,] William, Paradise, Upland, Cromieck and Hope River, 56/49
[Cerf,] Henry, Berlin, 380
...Same, Potsdam, 240/19
...Same, Mount Zion, 125
...Same, Nile, 40
...Same, Malvern Well, 40/250
[Chambers], Jacob, Clever Mount, 20/10
[Chambers], John, Northampton, 127/397
...Same, Cabbage Valley, 136/177
[Chambers], Joseph, 7
[Chambers], Margaret, 3
[Clachen], John, 9/3
[Clarke], George, Brownberry, 46/78
[Cohen], Abraham Sasseda, 3/2
[Cohen], David, 15/10
[Coke], Edward Francis, Paynstown, 80/200
[Coles], Catherine, 12/5
[Coles], James, Stoney Hill, 21/18
[Coley], John, John's Hall, 50/8
[Colh] Colhoun, Andrew, St. John's Town, 15
[Col] Collins, John, Southampton, 26/143
Connor, Bryan, Hibernia, 86/96
[Co] Copland, Adam, Gilknock Hall, 97/160
[Co] Cowan, Jannett, 10/10
Daly, James, Derry, 70/180
Daly, Bernard & Co., 7/5
Davies, John, Woolwich, 80/10
Davies, Philip, Wilton upon Wye, 18/14
Davy, James, Wear, 85/323
Davy, Thomas & Rebecca, Topsham, 39/9
Deer, James, Retirement, 21
Delano, Sarah, 14
Delap, Andrew Breden, Halifax, 49/42
Delaroche, John, Carisbrook, 94/240
Dennis, Edward, 20/8
Denton, Stephen, Green Vale, T00, 149
Dickenson, Caleb, Magotty, T/314
...Same, Grossmonde, T/58
Dickenson & Herman, Appleton, T/157
...Same, Pepper and Bonavista, T/827
...Same, Barton Isles, T/150
Dickenson, Vickris, Barton, T/166
Dickenson, John, Middlesex, T/176
Dobbie, William, Glenhead, T
Doig, David, T
Drummond, Thomas, senior, 5/5
Drummond, Thomas, junior, 11/36
Drummond, William, 4/2
Duncan, Ruth, 11/5
Duncan, Isabella, 7/8
Dunkley, Thomas Johnson, Retirement, 19/21
Dunkley, Edward, Good Hope, 28/30
Dunkley, Joseph, T
Dwyer, Dennis, Green Mount, T
Dwyer, Valentine, T
Dyer, Thomas, New Market, 30/T
Ebankes, William, estate of, T
Ebankes, John, estate of, T
Ebankes, John, junior, 15/T
Ebankes, John, 10/T
Ebankes, Anthony, senior,  21/T
Ebanks, Ann, 10/T
Ebanks, Caleb, 25/T
Ebdell, William, Corby Castle, 3T/T
Edwards, John, T
Edwards, Margaret, T
Ellison, Henry, T
Esson, Andrew,  Pond Side, T
Evans, Abe, Red Bank, T
Farquharson, Charles, Spring Vale, T
Fisher, John, Luana, T
...Same, Union, T
Fleming, Mar__,  Spring Hill, T
Forbes, Charles, Stanmore Hill, T
...Same,  Ridge and Fort ____, T
[Forbes,] George, Thatchfield, T
[Forb] Forbes, William, T
[Forr] Forrest, Arthur, heirs of, Vineyard, T
[Fos?] Foster, Mary, Cottage, T
[Fost] Foster, Mary, Fairfield, T
[Foster], Thomas, Elim, 368/324
...Same, Medina, T
[Foster], Fred., William & John, Bogue, T
[Foster], Charles, Lancaster, T
[Foster], John, Two Mile Wood, T
[Foster], Misses, Emmaus, T
[Foster], Henry. Lancewood, 42/T
[Fost] Foster, Rebecca, Content, 15/T
[Frit] Frith, Thomas, Maidstone, 64/T
...Same, Chatham, 29/T
[Fry], John, Elderslea, T
[Gau] Gauntlett, Susan, Prospect, 30/T
[Gau] Gautier, John, Hassington, 11/T
[Gen] Gentle, William, Kinnoul, 15/T
[Gird] Girdwood, Alexander, 4/T
[Glan] Glanville & Abell,  Devon and Eden Mount, 52/T
[Gla] Glasgow, Robert, 18/T
[Gol] Goldring, Sarah, 6/T
[Gor] Gordon, John, Port Royal, 29/17
[Gra] Grant, Jane Mister, Delve, 25
[Gra] Grant, John, 37/20
[Gre] Greaves, Samuel, Islington, 35/12
[Gre] Greaves, John, Woodlands, 18/17
[Gre] Grey, John, 6
[Grif] Griffith, John, 37/20
[Han] Hanson, Philemon, 9
[Har] Harriott, George, Epping Forest, 28/9
[Har] Harriott, George David, Hopeton, 30/30
[Har] Harriott, William, Mexico, 194/34
...Same, Santa Cruz Park, 141/130
[Har?] Harriott, Mary, 11
[Har] Hart, Nathan, 5/10
[Has] Hasswell, James, estate of, Pisgah, 38/T
[Heath, William,] Peru, T
[one entire name torn off]
[_______, ____,] Success, T
[_______, ____,] Success, T
[_______, ____,] Cashoo, T
[_______, ____,] Content, T
[_______, ____,] Fellowship, T
[_______, ____,] Nightingale Grove, T
[_______, ____,] Greenfield, T
[_______, ____,], estate of, T
[_______, ____,], estate of, 7/T
[_______, ____,], 2/T
[_______, ____,], Providence, 21/T
[Hopwood, Ja] James, Malvern Chase, 28/T
[Hutcheson, H] Hugh, Enfield, 8/T
[Hutcheson, J] John, estate of, Unity, 72/T
[Hutcheson &] Wilson, 7/T
[Hutchings,] Henry, 10/T
[Hyams &], Hendricks, Mons, 80/T
...Same, 10/T
[______], Michael, 10/T
[Hyams], Matthew A., 1/T
[Hyman], Lazarus, Mount Prosper, 64/T
[James, Jo] John, senior, Lignumvitae Pond, Watchwell, Forfar, Spotts, and Newell, 215/T
[James], John, junior, 30/T
[Jam] James, Jonathan, deceased, 30/T
[Jam] James, William Rhodes, 9/T
[Ja] James, Ann, Bass Cedar Grove, 22/T
[Ja] James, Montague, 10/T
James, R. B., 8/T
Johnson, Samuel, 3/T
Jones, Joseph, Heathfield, 92/T
Jones, William, estate of, Highworth, 52/T
Jones, William Samuels, Mount Harling, 18/T
Jones, James, 7/T
Keen, Thomas, 10/T
Keen, Jane, estate of, 20/T
Keen, Ann, 8/T
Kilburn, Catherine, 8/T
Kilburn, Grace, senior, Burton Pen, 21/T
Kilburn, Grace, junior, 12/T
Kilburn, Susan, 5
King, William, Retreat, 17/T
Laing, William, 2/T
Laird, Harry, estate of, Prospect, 103/T
L[a?] Lalor, Patrick, Arnon's Vale, 15/T
Levens, George, T
Lamb, Rosanna, T
Levy, Benjamin, T
Linton, Thomas L., estate of, C[ambridge],  T
Longlands, Messrs., Ro[seberry], T
...Same, Hermi[tage], T
Lynch, Benjamin, T
Lynch, John, T
...Same,  Berwick, T
Maitland, Francis, Giddy Hall, T
...Same, Mitcham, T
Malcolm, Peter, T
Malcolm, James, T
Malcolm. Eleanor, Burnt Savanna, T
Malcolm & McIntosh, Whitehall, T
Marchant, Robert, Maiden Bradley, T
Marksman, George, T
Martin, Geffry, Galway, T
Maxwell, Andrew, T
McFarlane & Co., T
Middleton, Charles, T
Miller, Jasper, 7/T
Miller, Andrew, 40/T
Miller, James, Malvern Hill, 176/T
Milson, R., 7/T
McIntosh. James, estate of, Phantillands, 84/T
Mitchell, Robert, Benlomond, 19/T
Mitchell & Hinde, Vauxhall, 119/T
Mitchell, Thomas Joseph, 8/T
Mitchell, David, 12/T
McKnight, Charles, Alscott, 60/T
McLeod, William, 4/T
Mois, James, estate of, Hermitage, 62/T
Montague, Matthew, Chelsea, 46/T
Monteath, Nancy, 23/T
Moore, Alexander, 3/T
Morgan, Martin, 16/T
Morgan, Elizabeth, 8/T
M[o] Morrison, James, estate of, Tombuctoo, 33/T
M[o] Morrice, David, 6/T
M[o] Morse, John, heirs of, YS, 360/T
...Same, Ipswich, 168/T
Mullings, John Gabriel, Cabbage Valley, 41/10
Mullings, Margaret, Stoney Hill, 16/1
Mullings, Thomas, Mount Sinai, 46/4
Mullings, Edward, Brown's Hill, 33/22
[Mullings], [John], [Mt. Plea]sant and [Hope]well, 98/83
[2 names torn off]
[Muschett], ______, Bybrook, 22/20
[ name torn off]
_______, ____, Farm, 54/T
[ name torn off]
__________, ___, Bloomsbury, 30/T
[ name torn off]
______, ____, Inglewood Grove, 65/T
______, ____, Nile, 72/T
[Nembhard, Hon. Ballard] B., Hounslow, 92/T
[ name torn off]
______, ____, Corsham, 104/T
...Same, Melksham, 19/T
[ name torn off]
[Owen], [Edw] Edward, Kingsland, 40/T
___, Thomas, 17
[Parker], Thomas John, Chudleigh, 116/T
_____, James, 15/T
____, John, 5/T
[Patmor] Patmore, Levi, Hatfield, 31/T
[Patrick], James, Kyle, 50/20
[Peart], John, Newark, 86/11
[Penny] Pennycook, Charles, Stormont, 22/3
...Same, Nottingham, 48/363
___tt_, Thomas, Wilderness, 62/18
____, Lewis Jones, 11
[Potter], James, Dalintober, 40/14
[Powell], Caleb, estate of, 84/T
[Powel] Powell, Thomas, Ballymure, 140/T
....Same, 39/T
[Pow] Powell, Sarah, Buckingham, 33/T
[___]ell, Frances, 10/T
[___]ell, Elizabeth, 7/T
[Pow] Powell, James, 10/T
[Pran] Prance, Priscilla, 2/T
[____]y, Ann T., 12/T
[Quigl] Quigley, Owen Seymour, 3/T
_______, Christopher L., 30/T
_____, Mrs., 10/T
[Renton, G] George, Retreat, 24/T
[Reynolds,] Benjamin, Friendship, 16/T
______, _______, Hanover, 47/T
[name torn off]
[Ricketts, Thomas Bur] Burke, Crawford Pen, 29/170
[Robertson, Duncan, senior], Friendship, 133/160
[Robertson, Duncan, junior], 2/10
[Robertson, John,] Bellemont, 124/20
[Robertson, William,] Strowan, 19/15
____, ____, estate of, Spicy Grove, 46
...Same, Lincoln's Inn, T
___, ___, French Park, 29
[1 cut off]
[Rose, Alexander], Mount Lebanon, 54/85
[Rowe, Hon. William], Belle Vue, 192
...Same, Torrington, 227/62
...Same, Fuller's Wood Park, 34/103
___, Bernard, 17/5
____, Richard, 10
[Salkeld], William, estate of, Park Head, 20/T
[Salmon], John, New Savanna, 75/31T
[Salmon], Elizabeth, 5
___, _rice Vassal, T
[Scott, Ma] Mary, Hart's Hall, T
[Seaton], Martin, Doncaster, T
[Senior], James Gale,  Salt Spring, T
[Shakes] Shakespear, David, Hodge's, 14T/T
[Sharman], Judith, T
[Shaw], William, estate of, Paisely, 42/T
[Sim], David Smith, 17/T
[Simpson], Thomas, 13/T
[Sinclair], Alexander, Prospect, 68
[Smith], Thomas, Font Hill, 278/T
...Same, Hampstead, 326/T
[Smith], John, Mount Charles, 29/7
[Smith], James Lawrence, Hazle Grove, 36/12
[Smith], Esther, 41/T
[Smith], Elizabeth, 16/T
Smith & Patrick, Haughton, 71/T
Smyth, Francis G., Goshen and Long Hill, 380/T
Solomons, Moses, 5/T
[Sou] South, William, estate of, Chevely, 46/T
___att, Robert, 7/T
___hens, Duncan, 6
Stephenson, Thomas, Wallingford, 45/T
Stephenson, John, 20/T
[Stewart], Walter, Mount Millick, 29/T
[Stone], George G., Mount Pleasant, T/T
____, John, Retreat, T
Swaby, Joseph James, Montpelier, Lodge, and New River, T
Swaby, Thomas, Hope Vale, T
Tait, Rebecca, estate of, T
Tavares, Isaac, T
Tavares, Jane, T
Tayler, Thomas Weir, Auchenbeddie, T
Taylor, David, T
Taylor, Edward, Pleasant Hill, T
Taylor, John, T
Taylor, Mary, T
Telfer, Alexander, T
Thelwell, Jane, T
Thelwell, Thomas, T
Thomson, Archibald, Hill Head, T
Thompson, Mary, Dettingen, T
Vassal, Elizabeth, Content, T
Vassal, Elizabeth, T
Vassal, Mary, T
Vaz, Isaac N., T
Wade, Miss, T
[1 line torn]
[Wallace], Messrs., Biscany, T
[Wallace], Elizabeth, Orange Grove, T
[Wallace], Jane, Mount Unity, 17/T
[Walsh], Eleanor, Mount Pleasant, 36/T
____, Isaac, 8/T
[Water] Waterige & Angel, 67/T
[Watkin] Watkins, Samuel, 4/T
_____, John Allen, 20/T
[Watt], Robert, Lacovia, 358/T
...Same and William, Friendship, 82/T
Weatherby, John, 7/T
Webb, John Racker, Shirehampton, 49/T
...Same, Keynsham, 96/T
...Same, 120/T
West, Jane, 11
Wheatley, Thomas, 8/T
Wherven, John Von, 3/T
White, Hon. John, Whitehall, 130/T
White, James, Green Hill, 81/T
...Same, Green Vale, 16/T
[Whi] White, Andrew, Oxford, 276/T
[Whi] White & Cathcart, Petersfield, 75/T
___te, John, attorney, Lower Works, 33/T
[Will] Williams, Rachel, Leana, 38/T
[Williams], Lewis, Brompton, 31/T
[Williams, ___as] James, Mount Olivet, 92/T
Williams, Joseph, Pleasant Hill, 60/16
Williams, William, 6/2
Williams & Ramson, 5
Wilson, John, estate of, Sally Hall, 49/60
Wint, Mary, Caen Wood, 44/10
Witter, Dorothy, Carlisle, 30
Witter, James, Rose Hall, 52/4
Wollen, John Lewis, Carmel, 32/139
Wright, John, Meribah, 72/25
----, ----, Grass River Barquadier, 4
----, ----, Rowes' Crane, 10
----, ----, Shrewsbury Pen, 40/50
TOTAL 22,926/25,358


Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

[First section missing, A-Br.]

Bruce, Frances, 3
Bruce, Jeremiah, Retirement, 26
Buchanan, Amelia,5
Buddle, Mary, 5/2
Campbell, John Graham, New Hope, 202/173
...Same, Albany, 97/127
...Same, Bog, 305/396
...Same, Ackendown, 125/323
Campbell, J. G. and J. Moore, Bluefields, 61/126
Campbell, Archibald, Culloden, 21/15T
Campbell, Peter, Petersville, 165/478
Campbell, John, Breadalbane, 18/2
Campbell, Neil, 8/2
Campbell, Daniel, Orange Hill, 10/4
Campbell, Mary & family, Endeavour, 10/T
Campbell, Mary, Haldane Castle & Content, 6
Campbell, Eleanor, 3
Campbell L. and Mary Rolph, 7/2
Capon, Benjamin, Grove, 25
Carnagie, Charlotte, 2
Carpenter, Daniel, Providence, 96/100
[the bottom half of this page is torn off.  Cas- to Dru- missing]
Dunn, Ann, Cottage, 49
Edkins, Charles, Gazebo and Rock Hill, 16/4
Ellison, William, Grange Settlement, 21
Evans, Daniel, 37/8
Fairclough, William, Dean's Valley, 223/222
Falconer, Elizabeth, 8
Falconer, John, Grange Hill, 52/35
Fergusson, Alexander, Longside, 4
Fergusson, James, Cliefden, 88/78
Finlayson, David, Belle Air, 21/8
Fleming, William, Jacob's Hope, 36/1
Foot, Mary, Wakefield, 12
...Same, 4
Foot, Elizabeth, 7
Foot, John, 3/2
Foot, Sarah, 2
Forbes, William, Smithfield and Lundie, 151/50
Ford, Thomas, 10/3
Forest, Arthur, heirs of, Masemure, 188/175
...Same, Robin's River, 62/346
Forrester, Mary, T
Foster, John, T
Fraser, A., T
Fraser, H., T
[the bottom half of this page is torn off, Fyf- to Ham- missing]
Hardin, Thomas William, Chantilly, 42/10
Harper, Thomas, Cross Path, 14
Hay, George, Lessie Side 24/4
Hay, Mary, Nonsuch, 15/5
Hayle, George Tharp, Cedar Grove, 27/4
Hayward, Elizabeth, heirs of, 12/1
Heath, William, Springfield, 18
Hemmings, Richard, Golden Spring, 23/8
Henderson, William, 43/5
Hering, Oliver, Paul Island and Mount Cromwell, 284/297
Hewitt, Ann Virgo, 3
Hill, John, Kilmarnock, 4/2
Hill, Thomas, Amity and Hopes, 190/198
Hilton, John, Mountain Spring, 27
Hogarth, Robert, heirs of, Southfield, 17
Hogg, John, Logwoods, Strathmore, and Smithfield, 84/76
Holland, Right Hon. Lord, Friendship & Greenwich, 374/303
...Same, Sweet River, 69/382
[the bottom half of this page is torn off, Hoo- to Lea- missing]
Lesslie, Jane, 2/2
Letellier, Ann, Cove, 13/2
Lewis, Hon. John, Edinburgh Castle House, 20/9
Lewis, Mary, Wales, 39
Lewis, Matthew G., Cornwall, 299/249
Loch, Robert, Lochiel, 18/1
Love, Mary, 5/2
Lumley, Purchas, Industry, 51/T
Luttman, Mesdames, Fustic Grove, T
Mackintosh, Helen, Goodin's Pen, T
Madgett, Mary, Brook Vale, T
Mair, Helen, & daughters, T
Mair, William & brothers, Mair Hall, T
Malcolm, John, Argyle Pen, T
Mann, Elizabeth, T
Marcy, George, Geneva, T
Marshal, John, Barnyside, 84/T
Martell, Jane, T
Martin, Jane, T
Martin, Margaret, 8
Mason, David, Villa, 21/T
McCail, Angus, Prospect, 28/T
McCallum, Neil, Walbro', 29/T
McCreath, John, Highgate, 20/T
McDonald, John, Content, 9/T
McDonald, Hugh, 1/T
McDougall, Lachlan, 4/T
Meyler, Richard, Meylersfield, 492/T
...Same, Beeston Spring, 21/T
McGregor, Alexander, 22/T
McIntyre, Duncan, 12/T
Mitchell, George Hanbury, Camp Savanna, 180/T
McKenzie, Murdock, Chateau, 28/T
McNish, Charles, 2/T
Moore, John, King's 130/T
Morrison, Benjamin, Bogney, 40/T
Murray, David, Bath, 201/T
Myrie, Elizabeth, 27
Myrie, Frances, 6
Myrie, Henrietta, 9
Nisbett, Richard, Main Top, 8/T
Noble, John, 9/T
Parkinson, Matthew, heirs of, White Hall, 137/T
...Same, Mount Tirzah, 80/T
Patrickson, John, 9/T
Payne, Charles, Haddo, 211/T
Pennycooke, Robert, Flower Hill, 46/T
Perrin, Mary, and family, Congress Hall, 13/2
Pessoa, Abraham, Abington and Berlin, 13/6
Pessoa, Jacob, 1
Philip, James, Carron Lodge, 2
Pinnock, Philip, Shaftston Pen, 107/289
Plumpton, Sarah, 13/3
Porter, Elizabeth Violetta, Retirement, 45/33
[Porter, Jane] and family, Mount Pleasant, 12
[Porter,] Peregrine, Rosehall, 16/1
____, ____T, Crosby, 45/21
____, ____T, Kilmarnock, 30
[three torn off]
[Purrier,] John Vincent, Fernbrooke, 72/69
[Quarrell,] Richard, Q Cottage, 85/132
[___], Catherine, estate of, Rose Mount, 17
[Rankine], James, Content, 33
[Recko] Reckord, William, Westlands, 49/47
[Reid], George, Nonpareil, 132/217
[Reid], Dennis, Barossa, 1
[___]lex & estate of J. Reid, 10
[Reynol] Reynolds, Barnard, 3
[Rerrie,] Anthony, 29/6
[Ricketts], Edward J. and heirs ___ H. Jervis, Canaan, 214/108
[Ricket] Ricketts, James, Ridgland, 124/T
[Ricket] Ricketts, John, Woodlands, 24/T
[Ricket] Ricketts, John, heirs of, Prospect, 249/16T
[Rick] Ricketts, R  ____T., Mount Ricketts, 61/5
Riddock, George, Strawberry Hill, 20
[Ritc] Ritchie, Thomas, 4/16
[Rob] Robb, William, Duthieson, 49/101
[Ro] Robe, Elizabeth, 4
[Ro] RObertson, Walter, Mount Ararat, 12/1
[Rud] Ruddick, Deborah Heath, Jacob's Hope and New Savan, 39
[Rud] Rudling, Elizabeth, 1
[Ru] Russell, Mary, 9
[Rus] Russell, William Perrin, Success, 4
[Sa] Samuels, Paul Stephen, Negrill Spotts, 100/113
[Say], Mary Ann, 14
[Sco] Scotland, Henry, Alloa, 7/10
[Sco] Scott, Hutchison, Lenox, 205/245
...Same, Hopeton, 95/208
[Sharp] Sharpe, Janet, Rose Bank, 15
[Shaw], Alexander, Little Caledonia, 2
Singleton, Sarah, 3
Spence, Patrick, Dunbar's 26/6
Spence, Patrick, junior, Bronte, 30/32
Spence, Samuel, Hopewell and Ramble, 32/27
Spence, William Morris, Woodstock, 24/90
Spence, George, heirs of, Richmond Lodge, 7
Stanhope, Richard Cremar, Prospect, 4
Stevenson, Hon. William James, Midhurst, 33/39
Stewart, Catherine, 6/1
Stone, Theodore, 98/92
...Same, Long Pond Wharf, 29
Storer, Anthony Gilbert, Belleisle, 240/170
...Same, Froome, 186/T
...Same, Fontabelle, T
Tait, John, Farm, T
Tarlington, Isabel__, estate of, T
Taylor, Port____, T
Taylor, John, T
[the bottom half of this page is torn off, Tho- to Web- missing]
Wedderburn, James, Endeavour, 9
Wedderburn, John, Moreland, 220/210?
...Same, Paradise, 149/520
...Same, Endeavour, 9
...Same, Mount Edgcombe, 247/287
Wedderburn, John,
Wedderburn, Sir David, Blue Castle, 299/345
White, Margaret, Whitefield, 1/29
White, Sarah, 10
Whitehead, Eleanor, 12
Whittingham, John, Cow Park, 62/170
Wiggan, John, Lamb's River, 77/34
Williams, Martin, Old Hope, 203/581
Williams, Joseph Stone, Carawina, 263/353
...Same, Anglesea, 37/61
...Same, Petherton, 85
[the bottom half of this page is torn off, Williams to end and totals]

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Slaves and slavery in Jamaica

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