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T = "Torn" in place of a number.  
---- = left blank in Almanac
___ = unable to read

The first part of some names were torn.  The parts that have been reconstructed from the 1815 and 1818 Almanacs are enclosed in [].


Acres of Land 1,777

Slaves 6,406
Stock 505
"We have not inserted the Roll for this Parish on account of its extreme length; and in consequence of the great proportion of slaves that are neglected to be given in, it is generally believed that when the Returns shall be made under the new Slave Population Act, the amount will far exceed double the present number."


Acres of Land 25,789


Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

Aird, David, Ross's Valley, 42/3
Ambler, Peter, Salt Spring, 7
Austin, Charles, Stratford Hall, 81/1
Barnett, the Hon. S. W., heirs of, Mount Hybla
Biggar, John, Mavis Bank, 106/10
Boyden, Joseph, Windsor Lodge, 61/11
Brice, John Ryder, Essex, 27/3
Brooks, Richard, Bull Bay, 5
Brown, James, Bryan's Hill, 64/7
Brydon, James, Galloway House, 56/3
Bywater, John, Something, 26/2
Berrington?, John, Union, 42/2
Clark, Francis, Hopewell, 102/4
Delisser, ----, Craig's Hill, 3
Drummond, William, Drummond Castle, 34/6
Duffus, Peter, Industry, 62/8
Ewing, Humphrey, Dallas Castle, 238/69
Fraser, William, Chatsworth, 90/26
Gibson, Robert, Union Lodge, 84/4
Gilroy, John, Tweedside, 28/4
Gilroy, Ralph, Berwick, 79/11
Haase, William, Mount Felix, 28
Haase, Catherine, Mount Felix, 32
Haase, Henry, Haase's Industry, 17/1
Hall, Richard, Mount Faraway, 105/4
Harris, James T., receiver, Cool Shade, 67/2
Harris, James T. & Co., Friendship Brook, 12
Hunt, James, Mocho, 114/21
...Same, Tower Hill, T
Hurst, Thomas, Hopewell, T
Jackson, Hon. Robert, Mahogany Vale, T
...Same, Round Hill, T
Jackson, John Rawleigh, Trafalgar, T
Jackson, J. R., receiver, Hall's Delight, T
Jones, John, Mount Henry, T
Kellerman, Thomas P., Bloxburgh, T
Kerr, James, Castle Fort, T
Kerr, William, Tunbridge, T
Kinkead, Richard, Somerset Vale, T
Lemon, James, Berkshire Hill, T
Lindo, A. A., Pleasant Hill, T
Mais, John, Halberstadt, T
McDermot, Peter, Washington & Mt. Vernon, T
McGowan, James, Galloway Hill, T
Miller & Herdman, Staveley Park, T
MacLarty, Alexander, Clydesdale, T
MacLarty, Colin, Chester Vale, T
Parke, William, Westphalia, T
Pedoux, George, Mount George, T
Petinaud, Marshal, Mount Elizabeth, T
Petinaud, Marshall,  Rosanna Mount, T
Phillips, Abraham, Phillips' Valley, 69/T
...Same, Mount Pelier, 22/T
Pownall, Mary, Violet Bank & Carnagan, 55/T
Rae, William, Petersfield, 135/T
Regnier du Timat, C. L., Flamstead, 53/T
Riches, George, executor of Henry Archer, deceased, Dublin Castle, 168/T
Ringrose, -----, Jolly Hall, 10/T
Rodriques, Daniel, James's Valley, 14/T
Ross, Hercules, Curlew, 12/T
Shand, Hon. John, receiver, Lucky Valley, 276/T
Shand, Hon. John & Robert Smart, attornies, Resource & St. Helen's, 31T/T
Smart, Robert, Pen Hill, 83/T
Staines, R. T. heirs of, Green Vale & Sheerhampton, 17/T
Steel, John, Strawberry Hill, 90/T
Stewart, James L., Green Valley, 189/T
Stewart, Robert, Robertsfield, 144/T
Strupar, F. M., Belle Vue, 63/T
Silburn, Thomas, Fall Hill, 25/T
Tait, Robert W., Mount Charles, 114/T
Talbot, Thomas, Bryan's Vale, 3/3
Taylors & Simpson, Lucky-Valley, 107/50
Thompson [torn], John, Salt Hill, 49/15
Walker [torn] & Biggar,  Mavis Bank, 107/12
Walker [torn], William, estate of, Governor's Hill, 5
Watson [torn], John, Hope, 37/5
Willasey [torn], James, Orchard, 329/16
Wilson [torn], John, (trustee in possession) Good Hope, 254/14
TOTAL 5,784/791
GRAND TOTAL 6,306/791


Acres of Land 83,212


Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

[Names starting with A and B, and others, are torn.  Some names are suggested from 1818 Almanac, marked []. ]
[Aikman], Alexander, Prospect Pen, 18/13
[Aikman], Alexander, junior, Friendship Park Pen, 16/25
[Albert], Pierre, Hope Tavern, 21/18
[Arman], ___, Pen, 12/4
[Arms] Armstrong, Thomas, Industry Grove, 2
[Ask] Askwith, John, Tamarind Grove Pen, 40/12
[Bayl] Bayley, Richard, Shamrock Hall Pen, 13/20
[Bean], John, Grove Pen, 10/5
[Bell], Alma Elizabeth, Retreat Pen, 12
[Binni] Binnie, Francis, estate of, Golbourn's Pen, 13/22
[Bla] Blagrove, Mrs., Cashew Grove Pan, 12/6
[Blackh] Blackham, Benjamin, Dudley Castle, 3/1
[Blechyn] Blechynden, Richard James, Pen, 15/6
[Bond], Thomas & William, heirs of, Mona Estate, 190/111
[Bravo], David, Bravo's Pleasure, 8/2
[Brett], Walter, Pomono Grove Pen, 20/12
[Bridg] Bridges, Daniel, Bridge Pen, 18/1
[Brodh] Brodhurst, John, Oxford Pen, 10/3
[Brodie], Juliana Sarah, Well Side Pen, 22/16
[Browne], James Walker, Cocoa Nut Grove, 8/1
[Buckin] Buckingham, Marquis of, Hope Estate, 376/126
[Bundy], William, Content Pen, 6/4
[Bushm] Bushman, Mary, Pleasant View Pen, 62
Calder, George, Welcome Hall Pen, 3/T
Cammack, R. S., Andrew's Pen, 8/T
Campbell, Ann, Harmony Farm Pen, 17/1
Campbell, Dugald, Hunt's Bay Pen, 97/T
Campbell, Catherine, Content Pen, 11/T
Campbell, Ann, Harmony Farm Pen, 10/T
Christian, Jane R., Pen 12/T
Clark, Francis, Douglas Park, 12/T
Clarke, James, Montpelier, 17/T
Clarke, Jane Frances, Hampstead Park Pen, 41/69?
Cleland, E. M., Halcot Farm Pen and Mountain, 25/16
Cockburn, Charles S., Charlemont Pen, 82/21
Cockburn, James, Farm Pen, 2/5
Cockburn, Thomas, Twickenham Pen, 33/4
Coutts, Peter, estate of, Greenwich & Springfield Pens, 15/3
DaCosta, Abraham Pereira, Tower Hill Pen, 41/45
Dance, Sarah, Cavalier's Pen, 12/47
David, Jane, Waterhouse Pen, 30/8
Dawson, Mrs., Richmond Pen, 12/12
Deans, Andrew, estate of, Deans' Pen, 4/30
Delisser, Samuel, Seaward's Pen, 12/12
Dickson, James, Swallowfield Estate, 125/42
...Same, Green Glebe Estate, 133/39
Dickson, James, Swallowfield Pen, 20/89
Drummond, Clementina, The Ferry, 77
Dudley, Long North, Norbrook Estate, 98/69
Elen, J. B., Pen, 6/2
Farmer, Thomas, Little Delacre Pen, 5/2
Ford, Elizabeth, Kew Pen, 4
Fowles, John, Macksfield Park Pen, 15/16
Gibson, David, Ireland Pen, 15/2
Glynn, Frances, Turkey Hall Pen, 9/3
Gordon, Dr. John, Barbican Estate, Somerset, and Camperdown, 181/119
Grant, Alexander, Prospect pen, 19/10
Green, Sarah, Spring Garden Pen, 12/6
Gyles, William, estate of, Goods Air Pen, 12/6
Hall, William James, Whitechurch Pen, 1
Hall, Mrs., Pen, 8/2
Hamilton, Robert, estate of, Vineyard Pen, 54/106
Hamilton, Robert et al, Hamilton's Estate, 87/40
Harman, J. & E., Cherry Garden Estate, 157/85
Harper, John P., Content Pen, 3/3
Harris, John Thomas G., Webster's Pen, 4/2
Harris, John T., Content Pen, 10/2
Harris, James Turner, estate of, Up Park Villa, 20/24
[Hero] Heron, Andrew, Hut Pen, 8/4
Hunt, James, Swymmer's Pen, 18/18
[Hunt] Hunter, Robert, Whitfield Pen, 31/29
[Hym] Hyman, Levy, Hyman's Delight, 20/16
[Jac] Jackson, Robert, Argyle Pen, 3/4
[Jack] Jackson, Joseph, Lewisham Pen, 6/2
[Jam] James, William John, Boucher's Pen, 20/20
[Je] Jefferyes, Richard, 0/3
Johnson, John, Hunt's Bay, 10
Johnson, Mary, Free Town Bay, 20/4
Jones, Antonio, Pen 18/2
Kaylet, Thomas, heirs of, Maverly Estate, 218/78
Kemble, Sampson G., Pen, 10/8
Kerr, James, May Pen, 6/22
King, William Brooks, Studley Park, 9/2
Kirby, William C., Grumble Hall Pen, 12/6
Lamothe, Paul C., 2
Leigh, Thomas, deceased, Dallas Castle Pen, 13/7
Levy, Emanuel, Charlton Pen, 12/3
Lewis, John, Crosby Pen, 14/17
Liddell, William, Moore Park, 39/7
Lindo, Abraham Alexander, Constant Spring Estate, 354/118
...Same, Greenwich Park Pen, 115/167
Logie, William, Unity Pen, 16/5
Longlands, Alexander F., 2/2
Lucas, Frederick, Mount Patience, 16
Lunan, Andrew, Pen, 5/2
Lynch, John, Prater's Mount, 4/6
Maddix, Christopher, Content Pen, 10/8
Mazell, Lewis, Arnoll's Pen, 4/6
McCulloch, Robert, Hermitage Pen, 12/6
Merchant, Milborough, Ascot Pen, 16/5
McFarlane, M., Nightingale Grove Pen, 17/21
Minot, James, Humphrey's Pen, 12/10
Munds, James, Peckham Pen, 1
Murray, Robert, Union Pen, 63/23
Newland, John & Elizabeth, Newland's Pen, 19/22
Onffroy, Achilles, Newington Pen, 29/8
Pacifico, Isaac, Twickenham Pen, 8/43
Palmer, Sarah, Cottage Pen, 10/1
Patey, Benjamin C., Bogmiln Pen, 12/6
Pennock, Elizabeth, Richmond Park Pen, 8/4
Pereira, Samuel M., estate of, Retreat Pen, 25/2
Perkins, Benjamin Marriott, Trafalgar Pen, 53/38
Pinnock, Hon. George, Whitehall Estate, 184/42
...Same, Molynes Estate, 186/64
Praed, William, Waterhouse Estate, 149/86
Quarrie, -----, Boucher's Pen, 6/4
Regnier du Timat, C. L.,  Delacree Pen, 15/21
Ripley, Elizabeth Freeman, The Hermitage Pen, 126/21


The rest of the Lowland District is torn out and missing.
The Eastern District is torn out and missing.


Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

A- to De- of the Western District is torn out and missing.
Dickson, James, Cedar Valley & New River, 40
...Same, Golden Hill, 24
Dujardin L. Golborn's Mountain, 23/1
Duston, Alexander, Garden Hill, 9/2
Fisher, Sarah, Good Hope, 37/2
French, William, estate of, Mount James, 90/24
Garaud, Jaques, Stoney Hill Pen, 30/65
Grant, Patrick, Mountain Spring, 38/3
Gutzmer, Anthony, Happy Grove, 51/17
Higson, Thomas, Montpelier, 50/4
Hughes, William, Rose Mount, 99/4
Jackson, Elizabeth, Rosey Mount, 3/3
Jopp, Keith, New Garden & Joppa, 380/90
Lamothe, Paul C., Rosehill, 24/10
Lechmere, Nicholas, deceased, Mount Atlas, 152/22
Leslie, Jane, Mount Industry & Pen, 40/2
Lindo, Jacob, Mount Ogle & King's Weston, 48/5
Littlejohn, Caleb M., Belmont, 97/24
Lubin, Louis, Bellair, 149/15
Mackglashan, Charles, Mount Prospect and Rest Pen, 97/17
Mackie, John, estate of, Hill Top, 16/4
Mahoney, Charles, Good Hope, 6/2
Mais, John, Montpelier and Mount Ossa, 77/12
...Same, Hall Green, 100/3
Markland & Wynter, Mount Cheerful, 85/7
Marsh, John M., Burnside's Mountain, 2/12
Marston, Nathaniel, Peter's Retreat, T/2
Matthews, Peter, Glasgow Mountain, 25/2
McLean, Richard, Retreat Mountain, 5/2
McLean, Robert, Content Mountain, 8/2
Munds, Mary, Mount Horeb, 18
Murdoch, Archibald, Dawn Castle, 24/3
Nelson, James, Rock Castle Pen, 39/14
Phipps, Charles, Mount Charles, 42/4
Pitt, William, Mount Olive, 51/23
Pranch, Elizabeth, Wheiler Valley, 6
Renoux, M. C., Pleasant Spring, 20/6
Riebards, J. C. estate of, Burntfoot, 24/5
Ritty, James, Mount Content, 3
Ryan, Stephen, Mount Olive, 34/2
Satchell, Charles, Swainspring, 52/17
Saunders, Richard, Andover, 61/11
Shand, Hon. John, Prospect Hill, 6
Shepheard, Robert, Catherine Green, 48/1
Shepherd, James, Waterloo, 8/2
Shreyer, William, Mount Perseverance, 8/2
Shuttler, A. M., Gethsemane, 5
Silvera, Benjamin, Sailor's Retreat, T/T
Silvera, Isaac, Mount Sinai, 22/4
Silvera, Judith, Brandon Hill, 39/2
Smith, Edward, estate of, Mount Sion, 68/7
Smith, John, Salisbury Plain, 80/53
Smith, Robert, Fair Hill, 82/15
State, William, deceased, Content Mountain, 40/8
Stewart, John, deceased, Happy Green, 7/2
Stirling, John, Fellowship Hall, 15
Ward, George, Shooter's Hill, 24/6
Watt, David, Cooper's Hill, 100/8
Wyssert, William, Pigeon Valley, 22
Wyssert, Andrew, deceased, Langton Hill, 52/2
TOTAL 14,559/4,553


Acres of Land 46,393

Proprietors etc./Properties etc./Slaves/Stock

[Alco] Alcock, Samuel, Seamore's Garden, 31/T
[Ande] Anderson, James, Hermitage, 68/5
[Balla] Ballantine, William, Carrick Hill, 4/1
[Barcl] Barclay, John, Woburn Lawn, 30/8
[Bens] Benson, John White, Middleton, 14/1
[Betty], Eleanor, Pleasant Vale, 14
[Bosw] Boswell, John, heirs of, Abbey Green, 168/116
[Brow] Brown, George, Brown's Hall, 41/8
[Brow] Brown, James, heirs of, Mount Tiviot, 33
[Bryd] Brydon, James, Loudon Hill, 50/16
[Buch] Buchanan, Archibald, deceased, Healthy Valley, 29
[Bull], John, Sheldon, 175/18
[Burg] Burger, Henry, Manheim, 41/3
[Cald] Caldwell, John, Relief, 8
[Cam] Campbell, John, Llandewey, 190/71
...Same, Thistleborough, 47/7
[Cass] Cassup, John, heirs of, Somerset Mount & Cottage, 32
[Cass] Cassup, Mary, 11
[Cher] Cherrington, John, Mount Pleasant & Wellington, 60/8
[Clar] Clark, Francis, Old England, 96/7
[Croa] Croasdaile, Edward, Prospect House & Grove, 46/6
[Croas] Croasdaile, Mrs. E. D., Friendship Retreat, 65/5
[Cros] Cross, Thomas, Fellowship Hall, 6/2
[Cum] Cuming, Thomas, deceased, Sherwood Forest, 87/9
[Dav] Davies, David B., New Battle, 70/6
[Daw] Dawson, John, heirs of, Windsor Forest and New Ramble, 105/117
[Del] Delpratt, Edward, Brandon Hill, 7/9
[Del] Delpratt, Samuel & Joseph, Coldstream, 100/111
...Same, Lloyd's, 176/69
...Same, Mount Sinai, 190/162
[Dic] Dick, Archibald, Bransbury, 67/16
[Dick], John and Richard, Orange Park, 125/18
[Dun] Duncomb, Benjamin, Penlyne Castle, 99/7
[Flig] Fligny, Joseph, Friendship Hall and Mount Pleasant, 22/37
[Geo] Geoghegan, Francis, Pomfret, 28
[Gib] Gibson & Brackenridge, Ayton, 38
[Gra] Grant, James, heirs of, Mount Clear, 32
[Gul] Gully, Daniel, Sheffield, 70/10
[Hal] Halsted, James,  Belle Vue, 8/5
[Hat] Hately, Mary, Harmony Hall, 7/6
[Hen] Henderson, Deborah, estate of, 4/6
[Hen] Henderson, Susanna, 5
[Henry], Samuel, Little Hope, T
[Hibber] Hibbert, Robert, Albion, 481/T
[Hick] Hickstall, William, Dry Sugar Work, 14/T
Hoffman & Milne, Hampstead, 32/T
...Same, Phillipsfield, 50/T
Hunter, S. B., Cherry Garden, 16/T
Hunter, Thomas, Cherry Garden, 11/T
Jacob, John, Hopewell, 6/T
Kenneth, Jane, Clifton, 10/T
Lane, Patrick, Cottage, 16/T
Lamont, David, Birness and Bothwell, 62/T
Lancaster, Thomas F., Eccleston, 79/T
Law, Robert, Clyde Side and Highgate, 48/T
Lee, John, 15/T
Leigh, Thomas, deceased, Whitfield Hall, 94/T
McDermot, Peter, Hibernia, 46/T
McFarlane, Peter, Mavis Bank, 20/T
Millward, Thomas, Brook Lodge, 56/T
...Same, River Head, 157/T
McIntosh, Alexander, Moy Hall, 92/T
Moodie, James, Mount George, 10/T
Moore, Meredith, Palmyra, 21/T
Morgan, Robert, Radnor, 380/T
Muir, James, Chesterfield, 144/T
Ouchterlony, James, Ultimatum, 39/T
...Same, Sun Vale & Cocoa Walk, 179/T
Parker, George, Lyme, 9/T
Paterson, William, heirs of, Aeolus Valley, 239/T
Phillips, Joseph, 4/T
Porter, Robert, Cambridge Hall, 34/T
Rae, William, Arntully, 61/T
Ramsay, Francis, Birse, 2/T
Renny, James, heirs of, Swamps, 217/T
...Same, Norris's, 268/T
Richards, Fitzherbert, heirs of, Creighton Hall, 300/T
Sands, George, Mount Eolus, 24/T
Satchell, John, Bloomfield, 26/T
Savage, William, Epping Farm, 100/T
Scott, Walter, Minto, 60/T
Shand, Hon. John & R. Smart, Richmond Vale, 98/T
Silvester, Robert, Pimento Grove, 28/T
Smith, Edward, heirs of, Bull Park, 70/T
Smith, John, deceased, Smithfield Pen, 51/T
Stanley, Henry, Farm Hill, 196/T
Stiles, Sarah, Heart's Ease, assessed, 24/T
Stratton, Thomas, heirs of, Windsor Castle, 186/T
Sutherland, William, Greenwall, 200/T
Tarbut, George, Prospect, 115/T
Telfair, Edmond,  14/T
Telfer, John, deceased, trustees of, Cedar Valley, 139/T
Tyrie, John, Fair Prospect, 52/T
Walker, James, Bell Clare, 44/T
Warren, John, Somerset, 30/T
Watson, John Gordon, Williamsfield, 3/3
Weir, William, estate of, Hill Side, 77/1TT
White, Mary Ann (assessed), 20/T
Wilson, Ann, Retreat, assessed, 13/T
TOTAL 7,356 Slaves / 3,9TT Stock

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