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SURRY ASSIZES: All the Judges of the Supreme Court, with James Stewart and William Holgate, Esqrs.



Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge, Hon. John Jaques, Esq.

+David Duncomb
Robert Donaldson
William Savage
+Hon. A. Johnstone, Esquires
Are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum

+John McLean
George Kinghorn
*James Clark
+A. Shawe
Richard Lake
Are Assistant Judges and Magistrates

William Holgate
James Amoss
*Robert Hibbert, junior
James Stewart
James Laing
*John Hinde
Nicholas Lechmere
Matthew Atkinson
Aaron Holt
*John Hart
William Taylor
William Cowgill
David Innes
8Edward Corbett
James Inglis, Esqrs.

Commissioners of Supreme Court, Edward Bowes, William Dance, Alexander Duffus, William Savage, James Claypoole, and Herman Galbraith, Esquires.
Clerk of the Peace, B. B. Nembhard, Esq.  
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, T. Dennis, Esq.
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, J. J. Vidal, Esq.
Deputy Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, James McLehote, Esq.
Coroner, James Claypoole, Esq.
Harbour Master, Capt. Peter Cochran
Inspectors of New Negroes, John Stone, Richard Chamberlayne, Christopher Sayle, Thomas Greenhill, and Digby Denniss


Mayor, the Hon. John Jaques, Esq.

Seniority by Aldermen of Lot

George Kinghorn
William Savage
James Amoss
James Stewart
John Gutzmer
William Ross
Daniel Moore
George Kinkead
Aaron Holt
David Innes
Stewart Bruce
William Holgate

Classes of Aldermen by lot

1st Class, One Year: James Stewart, James Amoss, William Ross and William Savage
2nd Class, 2 Years: Stewart Bruce, John Gutzmer, George Kinghorn and William Holgate
3rd Class, 3 Years: Daniel Moore, George Kinkead, Aaron Hole, and David Innes

Classes of Common Councilmen by Lot

1st Class, One Year: Robert Hamilton, William Parke, John Campbell and James Muir.
2nd Class, 2 Years: Robert Smith, Joseph Barnes, John Garnett, and William Mitchelson.
3rd Class, 3 Years: Edward Evans, A. B. Young, John Burke, and Robert Gibb.
First of each Class to continue only one Year in Office unless re-elected, and four Freeholders to be chosen in their stead.

Recorder, Jasper Farmer Esquire, £1000
Church Warden and Treasurer, Robert Henry, Esq.
Church Warden, William Taylor, Esq.
City Clerk, Thomas Dennis, Esq. £700
Clerk of Common Council, Joseph Harrison, Esq. £700
Chief Constable and Police Officer, William Cowgill, Esq. £1000
Collecting Constable west of King Street, Mr. Alexander Duffus, £125
Collecting Constable east of King Street, Mr. David Ross, £125
Parish Clerk, B. O. Williams £70
Sexton, William Gardner $70
Beadle, John Dugal, £85
Organist, Mrs. Jane Byrne £130
Keeper of Court House, Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, £40
Clerk of the Markets, Mr. Robert McMicken, £300
Printer to the Corporation, J. T. W. Bennett
Inspector and Collector of the Duties on Spirituous Liqours for Kingston, St. Andrew and Port Royal, and Collector of Transient Tax, J. Morris
Surveyor, P. H. Keeffe



President, James Amoss, Esq.
Vice-President, John Taylor, Esq.
James Marsden
Alexander McBean
Thomas Cliffon (or Clisson)
James Keene
William Hoseason (or Hofeafon)
John Fowles
Alexander Swanson
Peter Lefevre

Inspector of Fire-Engines, William Pendleton
Messenger, Walter Roberts, £40 per annum



Treasurer, George Kinghorn, Esq.
Trustees, Common Council of the City of Kingston
Master, J. P. Nugent £420
Ushers, John Paul £300, W. G. Warren £300
Number of Boys now under Tuition, 54
Number of Girls instructed in Reading, Writing and Accounts, 41



Surgeon, Dr. E. Aldred £220
Matron, Mrs. Lee £70
Tutoress, Mrs. El. Curry £50
Steward, Mr. W. Stevenson, £120



Physician, James Skene, M. D., £200
Surgeons, McGlashan, McLarty and Roe, £150
Assistant Surgeon, David Gray £100
Matron, Mrs. Martha Wall, £100



Surgeon, Dr. E. Aldred £70
Supervisor and Steward, Mr. J. Barr, £50



Surgeon, William Johnston
Supervisor, Mr. James Barr £150
Overseers, C. Brown £120, and James Harris £100
Clerk, D. P. Gay



Lieutenants, Benjamin Stribling, £160, Walter Brind, £160
2 Serjeants £105 each
2 Corporals £90 each
44 Privates £80 each


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge, Hon. Robert Jackson, Esq.

+Robert Wetherell
+Thomas Dennis
+William Mitchell
John Brailsford
+William Dance
Samuel W. Barnet
+W. S. Forbes
Alexander Grant
D. Salt
*R. W. Tait
John Robertson
+Alexander Duffus
John Ramsay
*Ed. Stehelin
Anthony Duart
+James McLehofe (or McLehose)
Edward Burton
+Edward Bowes
James Stewart
+Fairlie Christie
+G. E. Taylor
A. N. Yates
Digby Dennis
+James Claypoole, senior
Henry Broughton
C. N. Cookton
+Duncan McDonald
+J. F. Stevens
Francis Clarke
J. R. Jackson
+George Brooks
+Daniel Steele
J. J. Clarke
Richard Lake
R. Harris
John Thompson
John J. Barry
James Lumsden, Esquires
Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum
John Munro, Esq. Magistrate

Clerk of the Peace, Thomas Dennis, Esq.,
Deputy, Digby Dennis, Esq.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace for the Town, Henry Pinkcombe, Esqs.
Coroner and Clerk of the Vestry, Benjamin Whittaker, Esq.
Collecting Constable, Benjamin Stribling
Boarder of Vessels, Elliott Campbell

Churchwardens: Anthony Duart and Henry Broughton Esqrs.
Vestrymen: Richard Jermy, N. Coverley, E. C. Harvey, James Clark, George Pitblade, W. R. Wade, James Vicars, Daniel Steele, John Taylor, and Charles Austin, Esqrs.


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. T. Berry, Esq.

*James Dickson
Hon. Simon Taylor
Robert Wetherell
*Richard Latimer
Alexander Ector
T. S. Kuckahn
Thomas Kaylett
Rev. J. Campbell
Rev. Edward Marshall
Thomas Leigh
James Stewart
*John Hinde
Rev. T. Simcockes
*Hugh Fraser
Isaac Fox
John Mais
C. J. Sims
George Cuthbert
J. Concanon
D. R. Campbell
Richard Hall, Esqrs.
Are Judges of the Quorum and Assistant Judges of Common Pleas

Clerk of the Vestry, C. W. Hall, Esq.
Coroner, Clerk of the Peace and Court, J. T. Harris, Esq.
Pound Keepers, Christopher Sayle and John Morrison
Collecting Constable, James Nelson and George Pidoux

Churchwardens:  Isaac Fox, and William Parke, Esqrs.
Vestrymen:  John Morrison, William Shand, Edward Smith, William French, S. W. Carpenter, J. O'Brien, James Wiles, Joseph Donnell, James Waddell, and Thomas Wilcocks, Esqrs.



President, Hon. Thomas Berry, Esq.
Supervisor, James Nelson
Overseer, James Dalton
Surgeons, Mackglashan and MacLarty



Surviving Governors
Hon. Thomas Berry, Esq., Custos of St. Andrew
Hon. John Jaques, Esq., Mayor of Kingston


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge, Hon. Charles Bryan, Esquire

Thomas Oakley
Samuel Orr
Charles Douglas
George Fuller
*E. M. Paplay
William Galloway
J. S. Minot
J. C. Colthirst
*William Bryan
William Downer
R. Mein
William Burke
J. D. Andrews, Esqs.
Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

J. C. White
Thomas King
Hugh Speed
A. Lindsay

Clerk of the peace, Court and Vestry, William Sherwood, Esq
Coroner and Collecting Constable, William Burke, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Samuel Smith  Esq.
Pilots, J. Woodberry and H. Staples
Harbour Master at Port Antonio, William Sherwood
Health-Officers, A. Lindsay and H. McWhinnie
Commissioners of Supreme Court, William Anderson Orgill,  James C. White, Thomas Oakley, senior; Thomas Oakley, and A. Lindsay, Esquires
Pound Keeper, John Crowley



President, William Galloway, Esq.
Treasurer, Thomas King, Esq.
Surgeon, A. Lindsay
Supervisor, Nicholas Sparnicht

N.B.  In this parish are 33 Sugar Works, 57 other Settlements, 7822 Slaves, and 3293 Cattle.


Master, and Clerk to Trustees, Isaac Grant, A.M.


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge, Hon. David Sheriff, Esquire

William Cumming
Philip Ellis
George Buchanan
+Rev. T. Simcocks
Henry Russell
W. A. Orgill
Richard Jones
Hector Ross
Robert Gray
*E. Fitzgerald
D. Henderson
Jacob Stamp, Esquires
Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, George Buchanan, and --- McDonald, Esqrs.
Clerk of the Court, Peace, and Vestry, Mr. John King, junior.
Coroner, William Duncan, Esq.
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties and Collecting Constable, Mr. Dominick Walsh

N. B. In this parish are 22 Sugar Works, 85 Coffee Settlements, 11,300 Slaves, 5200 Stock.


Custos Rotulorum, and Chief Judge, Hon. Simon Taylor, Esquire

Hon. John Scott
*Hon. Henry Shirley
Thomas Cargill
*William Innes
*K. Osborn
Fairlie Christie
Hon. C. Bryan
Eliphalet Fitch
*Samuel Delpratt
Peter Robertson
*Robert Logan
*William K. Lawrie
William Vick
William Bryan
Robert Telfer
Thomas Leigh
*John Reid Baillie
John Kelly
+William Holgate
*John Johnstone
Thomas Harris
N. A. Grant
+Caleb Tonge
William Kerr
Robert Ferguson
James Codrington
Thomas McKenzie
James Ouchterlony
*William Milner
John Stewart
John Carlisle
Thomas Thomson
Samuel Thomson, Esquires
Are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Thomas Harris, *J. Reid Baillie, *John Johnston, and James Ouchterlony,  Esqrs.
Coroner, Clerk of the Peace and Court, and Vestry,  Thomas Harris, Esq.
Poundkeeper Morant-Bay, T. O'Brien Warren
Poundkeeper St. Davids, James Henderson
Collecting Constable St. Thomas in the East, Thomas Thomson
Collecting Constable St. David's, J. Ouchterlony



President, Hon. John Scott, Esq.
Treasurer, Peter Robertson, Esq.
Supervisor, T. O'Brien Warren


In St. Thomas in the East, are 95 Sugar Estates, 115 Coffee and other Settlements, 25,548 Slaves, 12,651 Stock.
In St. David's are 16 Sugar Estates, 18 Coffee, and 50 other Settlements, 5939 Slaves, and 2344 stock.



Physician to the Bath, M. A. Jennings, M. D. £200
Overseer to the Bath, Hugh McLean



All the Judges of the Supreme Court with:
John R. James
Hon. W. D. Quarrel
Philip Pinnock
Lewis Williams, junior
William Loch
Hon. J. Stewart
Samuel Vaughan
W. J. Stevenson
William Murray

Deputy Clerk of the Cornwall Assizes, Henry Ruddick, Esq.




Custos Rotulorum, and Chief Magistrate, Hon. John Lewis, Esq.

J. R. Tomlinson
William Hylton
Samuel Jefferies
William Loch
Theodore Stone
Philip Pinnock
Rev. T. Stewart
F. E. King
James Brown
W. S. Woolery
Oliver Hering
James Mackintosh
James McGill
Walter Murray
Julines Hering
E. J. Ricketts
R. F. Hodges
David Finlayson
John Marshall
John Falconer
G. Woodbine
William Rodgers
Georke Wickay
Archibald Galbraith
Richard Meyler
Joseph S. Williams
James Wedderburn
Hutchinson Scott
William Hylton, junior, Esqrs.
Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum

James C. Grant, Justice of the Peace

Clerk of the Peace, Henry Ruddick, Esq.



Honourable John Lewis, Chief Judge

William Hylton
W. Loch
J. R. Tomlinson
William Hudson
Samuel Jefferies
Theodore Stone
Philip Pinnock
Rev. T. Stewart
F. E. King
James Brown
David Finlayson
Lewis Williams, junior
Oliver Hering
Walter Murray
Richard Meyler
Joseph S. Williams
J. Wedderburn, Esqre.


Clerk of the Court, Henry Ruddick, Esq.
Coroner, George Woodbine, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, Thomas Tomlinson, Esq.
Pound Keeper, John Edwards
Clerk of the Parish and Sexton, Mr. Daniel McGibbon
Organist, Mrs. C. Taylor
Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Henry Ruddick, Esq.
Harbour-Master, John Dobson, Esq.
Pilots, J. Moore, Robert Tait, and J. Shaw
Health-Officer, Dr. J. Ross
Clerk of the Market, George Woodbine, Esq.
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Henry Ruddick, George Woodbine, and Charles Lewis,  Esqs.
Commissioner of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, C. K. Vernon, Esq.
Notary Public, James Brown, Esq.
Inspectors of New Negroes, J. R. Tomlinson, and James Brown Esqrs.

Church Wardens: David Finlayson and Arch. Galbraith, Esqrs.
Vestrymen, George Woodbine, _as. McIntosh, John Marshall, John Sangster, John Dobson, William Blackie, William Rogers, J. C. Grant, and William Forbes, Esqrs.

N. B. There are in this Parish 65 Sugar Works, 87 Penns, Coffee, and Cotton Walks, 20,931 Slaves, and 19, 3_9 Stock.



The Custos, Representatives in Assembly, 3 Senior Magistrates, Rector, 5 Freeholders to be chosen annually--Those for the present year are G. Woodbine, F. E. King, James McIntosh, William Rodgers, and Archibald Galbraith.
Master, Richard Coumbauld.


Town Clerk of Savanna-la-Mar, H. Ruddick, Esq.



President of Workhouse , David Finlayson, Esq.
Commissioner, James Mackintosh, Esq.
Treasurer, Thomas Tomlinson, Esq.
Supervisor, Mordecai Pessoa
Surgeon, F. E. King


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Justice, Hon. Joseph James Swaby, Esq.

Rev. Thomas Warren
J. White
Hon. O. Murray
Thomas Dunkley
Alexander Rankin, Esquires
Are Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum

David Shakespeare
W. K. Hewitt
W. Rowe
J. Griffith
Duncan Robertson
*Andrew White
*Charles Forbes
*Richard Boucher
James Davy
Isaac Allan
*G. G. Stone
Alexander Rose
John Robertson
J. B. Vernon
A. Girdwood
P. White, Esquires
Justices of the Peace



Chief Judge, Hon. Joseph James Swaby, Esq.

Rev. Thomas Warren
John White
Thomas Dunkley
Alexander Rankin
David Shakespear
W. K. Hewitt, Esquires
Assistant Judges


Clerk of the Peace and Court, Philip Davies, Esq.
Clerk of Vestry, W. Pitter, Esq.
Coroner, Edward Denniss
and Pound-Keeper, Mr. William Copland
Pilot and Harbour-Master at Black-River, W. Bennett
Commissioners of the Supreme Court, P. Davies, G. G. Stone, Andrew Wright, and T. Taylor Esqrs.
Commissioner of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, P. Davies, Esq.
River Warden, C. Powell
Collecting Constable, J. Griffith, Esq.
Inspector of Rum Duties, Alexander McKenzie
Parish Clerk and Sexton, Francis Sandcroft
Distributor of Stamps, James Wade



President, David Shakespear, Esq.
Commissioners, Robert Allwood, Alexander Girdwood, and John Monteith, Esqrs.
Treasurer, J. Griffith, Esq.


Churchwardens, Alexander Rose, and James Miller, Esqrs.
Vestrymen: J. De Laroche, R. Allwood, S. Mainly, James Miller, J. R. Webb, G. Allan, J. Clarke, J. Monteath, H. Palmer, and Charles Rowe, Esqrs.

N.B. In this Parish are 32 Sugar Works, 310 other Settlements, 20,087 Slaves, 26,481 Stock, 291,395 Acres of Land given in.


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, G. Binham, Esq.

W. D. Quarrell
W. Brown
Joseph Brissett
William Hudson
Donald Malcolm
George Brissett
Patrick Spence
R. Haughton Reid
Robert Gilpin
Edmund Finucane
George Malcolm
John Perry
Patrick Gray
+Matthew Atkinson
Patrick Maxwell
Robert Kerr
Richard Dickson
George Spence
Philip Scarlett
Robert Scarlett
Patrick Bremner
John Crooks
J. C. Grant
Som. Forrester
W. J. Stevenson
Alexander Campbell, senior
Alexander Campbell, junior
Jacob Johnson
James Ferguson
Samuel Jackson
John Maxwell
William Allan
Thomas Reid
W. V. Clarke
A. Neilson, Esquires
Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, C. Younger, Patrick Spence, Henry Randall, P. Davies, Richard Dickson, George Brissett, Donald Malcolm and Alexander McCallum, Esqrs.
Clerk of the Vestry, Peace and Court, Charles Younger, Esq.
Collector of Transient Tax, C. Younger, Esq.
Sworn Measurer, James Spence
Land Surveyor, W. V. Clarke
Pound-Keeper at Lucea, Mrs. Hill
Pound-Keeper at Green Island, James Baird
Harbour-Master at Lucea, J. C. Dinham
Harbour-Master at Green Island, Mr. Hugh Munro
Pilot, A. Chambers



Master, Rev. David Duff



President, William Clarke, Esq.
Treasurer, Alexander Campbell, Esq.
Clerk and Supervisor, Mr. John Wright
Surgeons, George Binham and Son

N.B. In this Parish are 88 Sugar Estates, 155 other Settlements, 22,530 Slaves and 16,220 Stock.

Commissioners for the Hanover Parochial Buildings, the Custos, Representatives in Assembly, Rector and Churchwardens, with George Binham, George Malcolm John Perry, and Richard Dickson, Esquires.


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. John Mowat, Esq.

John R. James
Donald Campbell
John Cunningham
John Perry
Stephen B. Bowen
J. Aemilius Irving
Raynes B. Waite
Samuel Vaughan, junior
David Kerr
John Ingram
George McLenan
Richard Heath
Philip A. Scarlett
John B. Irving
Henry Waite
William Murray
Thomas J. Gray
H. T. Gibbes
J. L. Landsdown
Thomas Williams
A. J. Findlater
R. Moulton
R. Scarlett
J. Lawrence
George Lawrence
+T. Munro
P. Grant
+Robert Stirling
S. Jackson
J. Cuningham, junior
G. F. Coward
Are Assistant Judges of the Court of Common Pleas and Justices of the Quorum

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, John Cunningham, Stephen B. Bowen, James Murray, Alexander Davidson, P. Davies Esqrs.
Clerk of Peace, Samuel Jackson, Esq.
Clerk of the Court and Vestry and Collector of Transient Tax, Charles Evans, Esquire
Collector of the Transient Tax and Rum Duties, J. L. Landsdown, Esq.
Coroner, C. C. B. Stevens, Esq.
Collecting Constable, Stephen B. Bowen, Esq.
Pound Keeper at Montego Bay, Mr. Joseph Bromley
Harbour Master at Montego Bay, Mr. John Griffiths
Beadle of the Corporation, William Lyal

N. B. In this Parish are 141,000 acres, 81 Sugar Estates, 160 Penns and Plantations, 25,000 Slaves, and 15,000 Cattle



President, S. Vaughan, junior, Esq.
Hon. John Mowat
John Ingram
J. L. Winn
Colin Thomson
Donald Campbell
R. B. Waite
Alexander Davidson
Alexander Riddock
Joseph Ismay
J. Cunningham
Archibald Stirling
Thomas Williams
R. Hills, Esqrs.

Treasurer, T. J. Gray, Esq.
Secretary, Mr. Thomas Phillpots
Water Bailiff, John Griffiths



President, J. L. Landsdown, Esq.
Supervisor, Mr. James Matthews
Treasurer, S. B. Bowen, Esq.
Surgeon, Alexander Watt


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Honourable James Stewart, Esq.

John Tharp
Charles Gordon
Rev. Adrian Reid
John Blagrove
James Lyon
James Galloway
W. J. Stevenson
Alexander Hawthorn
Han. Edgar
Urquhart Gillespie
Patrick Smith
Edward Knowles
Thomas Munro
W. B. Utten
-James P. Utten
+Hon. William Mitchell
*Hon. Henry Shirley
John Mitchell
+R. F. Hodges
+Charles O'Conner
John Cunningham
+Thomas P. Tharp
Alexander Edgar
William Green
Robert Bell
Andrew Gardiner
J. Reid of Wakefield
James Lawson
William Fairclough
Charles Campbell
William Easson
John Baillie
D. Richards, Esqrs.
Are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum

Hugh Barnett Esq., Assistant Judge only

James K. Kelly
George Brissett
Thomas Read
Robert Moulton
Samuel Vaughan
J. R. Gallimore
Jacob Irving, Esqrs.


Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Abraham Mason, Patrick Smith, J. Gayner, J. Hardy, J. Watson, and P. Davis, Esquires.
Officer of Health, Dr. James Lawton
Coroner, J. K. Kelly, Esq.
Clerk of Vestry, James Blair, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace and Court, Adam Blackurn, Esq.
Collector and Inspector of Rum Duties and Collector Transient Tax, George Galley, Esq.
Collecting Constable, John Baillie, Esq.
Inspectors of new Negroes, James Blair, D. McConnell and G. Galley
Pound Keepers, Edward James, Leeward,--- Mrs. Watt, Windward
Supervisor of Workhouse, John Price
Pilots, Archibald Main, W. Troop, Edward Burwood and ---White
Harbour Master, Mr. A. Main



President, Hon. James Stewart, Esq.
James Galloway
John Mitchell
Edward Knowles
Charles Campbell
Thomas Munro
William Green
W. Fairclough
John Black
James Lawson
Jonathan Brown
A. Hawthorn
James Campbell, Esquires

Treasurer, C. Campbell
Secretary, James Blair
Collector, George Johnson



      From being a very inconsiderable village 20 years ago, may be now classed among the largest towns in the Island, where there is a great deal of business done, and much more might be done was it a port of entry.  The harbour, defended by a reef, is capacious and safe, and capable of much improvement, the channel leading into it running about N.E. and S.W. making it very secure against the strong Norths, which prevail in the winter months.  One hundred square rigged vessels and fifty-one schooners and sloops have anchored and sailed from this harbour, in the last 12 months.
      The Church is a handsome building, and cost £10,000; the site, consisting of four lots of land, is a present from the deceased Edward Barrett, Esq. the organ was presented by John Tharpe, Esq.
      Water being at an inconvenient distance, on the 11th day of January 1801, £20,000 was subscribed in one hour, for the purpose of bringing it down in pipes from Martha-Brae river, to a reservoir to be built; a Body Corporate under the firm of the Falmouth Water Company, is constituted under an Act of the Legislature to conduct this business, and are empowered to tax those who take the benefit of this laudable undertaking.  By means of an Hydraulic Ram and Iron Pipes, the Town is now fully supplied with good and wholesome Water; a large Reservoir is now built in the middle of Water Square, from whence proceed Pipes to another Reservoir, where the Ships' Boats may go alongside of it and fill their casks.
      The Port, from the increase of buildings, is almost in the middle of the town, and should be removed to the extremity of the Point, the most commanding situation against an external enemy.
      13,295 hogsheads, 1229 tierces of Sugar, 6400 puncheons of Rum, besides other produce are shipped at the wharfs of this harbour.  Martha-Brae is an in-land village, pleasantly situated, but unhealthy in the wet seasons.  The Rock is a thriving little village, where there are several wharfs.
      There are 100 Sugar Estates, 128 Penns and other Settlements in this parish.  Taxes are paid for 27,636 Negroes, 17,619 head of Stock, and 256 Carriage Wheels.


E. P. Lyon, Esq., Agent for the Island in Great Britain £2,100
Matthew Atkinson, Esq. Agent General
Philip Ellis, Superintendent of Charles Town
Alexander Forbes, junior, Esq., Superintendent of Accompong Town
Charles Douglas Esq., Superintendent of Moore Town
Thomas March, Esq., Superintendent of Scott's Hall Town, August 5, 1797
Matthew Atkinson, Esq., Notary Public--- Deputy, William Cathcart, Esq.
James Stewart Esq., Auditor General of the Revenue
John Clement, and R. Harris, Esqs., Commissioners of Stamp Duties
Thomas Denniss, Esq., Master of the Revels
J. Clement, Esq., Public Messenger
G. S. Sutherland, Esq., Clerk of Markets
Adam Dolmage, Esq., Island Storekeeper
M. A. Jennings, M.D., Physician to the Bath
James Lee, Physician to the Spanish Town Gaol
C. McGlashan M. D., Physician to the Kingston Gaol
Thomas Dancer M. D., Island Botanist
James Wiles, Superintendent of Botanic Gardens
Alexander Aikman, junior, King's Printer


Matthew Atkinson, Esq., Secretary of the Island


Kingston, William Cathcart, Esq
Savannah-la-Mar, James Brown Esq.
Port Antonio, John Crowley, Esq.
Montego Bay, D. Campbell Esq.
Lucea, William Brown, Esq.


William Mitchell, Esq., Receiver-General


Savannah-la-Mar, James Brown Esq.
Port Antonio, John Crowley, Esq.
Montego Bay, John Fray, Esq.
Lucea, William Brown, Esq.



All the Members of Assembly, with:
George Kinghorn, James Arnoss, William Savage, David Dick, Stewart Bruce, William Holgate, and Aaron Holt.
James Smith, Esquire, Secretary


David Innes, Esq., Naval Officer


Lucea, Donald Malcolm Esq.
Port Antonio, George Minot, Esq.
Savanna-la-Mar, J. Robertson, Esq.,
Montego Bay, D. P. Bernard, Esq.


Appointed to exercise ecclesiastical jurisdiction April 5, 1800.

Rev. John Campbell
Rev. Thomas Rees
Rev. Thomas Warren
Rev. Francis Rickard
Rev. R. S. Woodham.

Register, Edward Bullock, Esq. £100
Apparitor, Mr. Thomas Wills £40.



St. Catherine, R. S. Woodham per annum £420
Kingston, Thomas Rees £420
St. Andrew, John Campbell £420
St. Thomas in the East, J. West $420
St. Dorothy, G. Kirby $420
St. Thomas in the Vale, William Williamson $420
Vere, ---- Humphries $420
Clarendon, Alexander Campbell $420
Port Royal, T. Simcockes $420
St. John, James Scott $420
St. David, James Dymocke,  $420
St. George, G. Ldwich $420
St. Mary, Colin  Donaldson $420
St. Ann, D. W. Roux £420
St. James, Francis Rickard £420
Trelawny, Adrian Reid £420
Westmoreland, Thomas Stewart $420
St. Elizabeth, Thomas Warren $420
Hanover, David Duff $420
Portland, ----- ----- $420


John Smith, Esquire, Post-Master-General
 John Woodhall, Esquire, Secretary.



Spanish Town, Dr. Charles Stock
Old Harbour, Mr. B. Craddock
Clarendon, Mr. J. Dingwall
Chapelton, Robert Oliver
Vere, Mr. William Rose
Green Pond, Mr. Bygrave
May-Hill, Edw. Peart
Goshen , Mr. J. White
Lacovia, Reverend Thomas Warren
Black-River, Mr. Alexander Girdwood
Robin's River, Mr. George Wickey
Savannah-la-Mar, James Brown Esq.


SpanishTown, Dr. Charles Stock,
Bog Walk, Mr. J. Williamson
Bagnal's, Mr. J. Moncrieffe
Moneague, Mr. J. Moncrieffe
Salt Gut, Mr. J. H. Sharp
St. Ann's, Mr. John Banbury
Dry Harbour, Mr. W. Codner
Rio Bueno, Mr. D Mathison
Falmouth, Mr. D. McConnell
Little River, Mr. Samuel Hilton
Montego Bay, Mr. James Fannin
Flint River, Mr. Donald Malcolm
Lucea, Mr. John Dinham
Green Island, Mr. Robert Christie


Yallah's, Mr. J. Carlyle
Blue Mountain, Mr. William Sutherland
Morant Bay, Mr. A. Hamilton
Port Morant, Mr. Anthony Lynch
Bath, Mr. William Scholar
Amity Hall, Mr. John Bell
Manchioneal, Mr. J. Codrington


Buff Bay, Mr. R. Gibson
Hope Bay, Mr. N. Armstrong
Portland, Mr. Robert Mein
Annotto Bay, Mr. Charles Merrick
Highgate, Mr. John Mathee
Port-Maria, Messrs. Cook, Reynolds, and Co.
The Post sets out on Saturdays from Kingston to:
Windward, at 12 o'clock noon
North-side at 3 o'clock afternoon
South-Side at 4 o'clock afternoon.

A Post sets out from Kingston to Spanish-Town, every Morning at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted, and returns the same day.  Bagnals and Salt Gut are bye Posts, and depart with the North Side Post.  Vere and Chapelton are bye Posts, and depart with the South Side Post.




John Carthew, Esq., Collector
Edward Corbett, Esq., Comptroller
W. Munro, Esq., Solicitor
Gideon Kamble, Esq., Land and Tide Surveyor, and Inspector of the Tonnage of Ships
M. Parys, John Hance, H. Pinkcombe, H. Heatley, and Alexander Buchanan, Land Waiters and Searchers.


J. Andrews, Esq., Collector
Joseph Pitcairn, Comptroller
William Downer, Waiter, Searcher and Surveyor of Shipping


Thomas J. Gray, Esq., Collector
F. F. Binham, Esq., Comptroller
J. Johnston, Waiter, Searcher and Surveyor of Navigation
George Gally, Waiter and Searcher, Falmouth


Robert Gilpin, Esq., Collector
Andrew Reddie, Esq., Comptroller
Mr. John Hill, Waiter and Searcher


James Brown, Esq., Collector
Walter Murray, Esq., Comptroller
R. Stewart, Waiter & Searcher



Burt, Alexander
Burton, Edward
Barry, John
Campbell, William
Cheyne, Patrick
Cawley, Stephen
Cawley, William
Ferguson, James
Frater, William
Fullarton, John
Grant, Patrick
Graham, Robert
Garden, Alexander
Jamieson, James
Keeffe, P. H.
Leslie, Robert
Lomax, James
Munro, Thomas
Pearce, William
Rome, John
Ranken, Alexander
Robertson, James
Robson, Nicholas
Rome, John
Syms, James
Sutherland, John
Schaw, Edward
Speering, Charles
Turnbull, Archibald
Voce, W.

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