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-->NOTE: The Members of the Council, Speaker of Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and Attorney General, are Justices in every parish. All the Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Island take probates of deeds.)

Throughout the following Lists, those marked * are Members of the Council, and those marked with this mark @ are Members of Assembly.


Containing the Parishes of
St. Catherine, St. Thomas in the Vale, St. Dorothy and St. John.

Custos, Honourable William Patrick Browne, Esq. *

Sir Charles Price, Baronet @
Hon. R. H. May *
Matthew Halstead
Hon. Thomas Iredell *
Thomas Brooks @
Charles Palmer
James Lewis
Henry Browne @
Joseph Woodhouse @
John Brownrigg
Hon. John Grant @
William Mitchell @
Hon.Richard Batty@
James Jones, Esquires
are Justices of the Quorum

Hon. William Jackson @
Thomas Bourke @
Henry Rennalls @
John Henderson
Edmund F. Bourke
John Mead
Thomas Craskell
John Brodbelt
William Thompson
Thomas Mure
Robert Brereton
John Henckell
Robert James
William Hepburn
George Clarke
Alexander Cumming
Francis Mackay
John Jackson
James Sutherland
Edmund Jackson @
David Douglas
Peeke Fuller
John Rodon
Robert Shawe, Esquires
Rev. James Steele and
Major W. Splain


Clerk of the Peace, G. French, Esq.
Clerk of Vestry, T. Cullum Esq.
Coroner, William Parker, Esq.



President, William Mitchell, Esq.
Treasurer, James Jones, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. James Lee
Clerk, Thomas Cullum Esq.
Supervisor, Mr. Fred. Verner
Overseer, Mr. George Cook

NOTE--> Throughout the following Lists those to whose name this mark + is affixed, are Magistrates only; the others are Assistant Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, and Justices of the Quorum


Custos, and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon Wh. Fearon Esq.

Rowland Smith
Williams Smith
George McKenzie @
Theodore Foulkes
Thomas Goldwin
John Read of Belleplain +
Rev. Thomas Pool
Thomas Howell +
George C. Ricketts @
William Mitchell @
Hon. J. Wildman *+
Thomas Beech +
J. P. Bryan +
Jonathan Ludford +
Thomas Anderson +
George Brown +
Samuel Virgin +
G. Gascoyne +, Esquires


Coroner, Thomas Howell Esq.
Clerk of the Peace and Court, Mr. James Smith


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. Richard Batty, Esq.

John McDonald
Henry Parker
Archibald Sympson @
Tristam Ratcliffe
Peter McKenzie
George Rodon
Thomas John Parker
Pusey Manning
Adam Smith
Thomas Anderson
Charles Hutcheson
Richard Bulkeley, Esquires


Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Donald Fraser.
Poundkeeper, Robert Richard Huggins, Esq.


Custos, Honourable Alexander Fullerton, Esq. @

Chief Justice of Common Pleas, Honourable J. Risby Whitehorne, Esq.

Francis McDermot
Henry Tucker
John Hiatt
John Scrogie
Charles McDermot
William Parke
Thomas Riley
William Grier, Esquires
are Assistant Judges of Common Pleas and of the Quorum

Duncan Campbell
James Henry
Stephen Breary
Henry Marshall
Jacob Thomas Cole
David Douglas, Esquires
are Assistant Judges only


Alexander Johnston
Charles Stirling
Jonathan Mallard
Adam Anderson, Esquires


Clerk of the Peace and Court, William Voce Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, John Ridley Esq.
Pound Keeper, Mr. Joseph Clark


Custos and Chief Judge, Honourable Francis Dennis Esq. @

Thomas Murphy @
Donald Campbell @
Peter Davidson
Robert Mason
George Barriffe
Robert Richards @
John Hiatt
Robert Hibbert
P. P. Livingston @
Lucius Tucker
John Farrel +
William Clarke
William Ross of Roslin
Thomas Bourke @
Charles Grant
Philip Cox
John Hodgson
Zachary B. Edwards @
Patrick Lynch +
George Gairden
James Wright
Philip Redwood @
H. McLean +, Esquires


Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Thomas White Esq.
Clerk of the Peace, Richard Bennett Esq.
Coroner, W. Craigie Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. James Forsyth
Pound Keeper, Mr. G. Perry


President, William Ross, Esq.
Supervisor, Mr. James Forsyth
Treasurer, Richard Bennett, Esq.
Surgeon, Dr. McEwen



All the Judges of the Supreme Court, with:

Robert Brereton
James Robertson
Thomas Stoakes Harris
Andrew Johnstone
Robert Donaldson
John Jaques
David Duncomb



Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Honourable P. Phipps, Esq. @

Robert Brereton
William Elphinston @
P. P. Livingston @
Edward Bowes
James Robertson
David Duncomb
John Jaques
Robert Donaldson
Algernoon Warren
Andrew Cathcart
William Peete @
Thomas Stoakes Harris +
George Parker +
Archibald Thomson +
William Collard +
James Sutherland +
William Savage +
William Dillworth +
Andrew Johnstone +


Clerk of the Peace, Paul Phipps, jun. Esq.
his Deputy, Walter Brett, Esq.
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, William Smith, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, John Greenhill Yonge, Esq.
Coroner, William Marshall, Esq.
Assay-Master, John Sanderson, Esq.



Established in Kingston, 21st May, 1729

Teacher of Greek and Latin languages, Rev. Alex. Cumine, D.D.
Writing Master and Accountant, Mr. Walter Gibbes
Teacher of French and Spanish Languages, Mr. Philip Francis Brown



President, John Jaques, Esq.
Physician, Thomas Langley, M.D.
Surgeons, Doctors Drysdale and McGlashan
Assistant Surgeon and Supervisor, Doctor William Coakley


President, ------
Vice President, Will Savage, Esq.

Samuel Yates
George Munro
Richard Brodhurst
John Rutherford
James Stewart
Stewart Bruce
Robert Bogle
Charles Fuhr

14 Fire Engines in complete order, with a Captain and certain number of Assistants appointed to each, under the direction of the Fire-Wardens, are stationed as follows, viz: One in the Church, one at the Free-School, two at the Work-House, one at Mr. Francis Allwood's in Harbour Street, one at Mr. Richard Saunders's in King Street, and the rest at the Court House.

--> Fire Wardens are to be appointed by the Vestry held next after every 1st day of June.


Instituted July 28, 1783

Captain, Robert Bartlet, Esq.

Lieutenants, John Miskelly and Joseph Hardy, Gents.

2 Sergeants, 2 Corporals, and 44 Privates


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. William Jackson, Esq. @

Rev. John Scott
Robert Wood
John Henderson
Hamilton Lythgow
John Penny
Thomas Brooks @
Joseph Woodhouse @
Robert Wetherell
Charles Ramsay +
William Gray @+
Benjamin Allen @+
Jeremiah Barton +
Robert Ogilvy +
Thomas Denniss
Th. Nepean +


Coroner, Thomas Denniss Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Charles Nicholson
Deputy Clerk of the Peace and Court, Mr. Edmund W. Cullenan


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. Ch. Hall Esq.

Hon. P. Phipps @
George Hobart
James Cockburn
Algernoon Warren
James Dickson
Hinton East @
David Grant
Hon. J. Wildman *
Thomas Bond
Henry Browne @
Zachary B. Edwards @
John Macdonald
Samuel Gregory
Simon McKenzie
William Peete @
William Shackerly
Hon. Simon Taylor @
Archibald Galbraith
Archibald Thompson
Andrew Johnstone


Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, John Stephen Roberts Esq.

Coroner, Andrew Brown, Esq.
John Stephen Roberts, Esq., Clerk of the Peace
Mr. Wickes Skurray, Clerk of the Court and Vestry
Pound-Keeper, Mr. Thomas Wilcocks




Hon. Charles Hall, Esq., Custos of St. Andrew
Hon. Paul Phipps, Esq @, Custos of Kingston
Thomas Cockburn @, & Z. B. Edwards @,      Esquires.


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. William Wright, Esq.

George Minot
John Harris
James Williams
Charles Bryan, junior
Hon. Charles Hall
John King
Philip P. Livingston @+
Henry Browne @+
Thomas Prince +
T. T. Tyrell +

Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, Mr. Richard Holden


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. F. Dwarris, Esq.

Peter Ingram
Donald Campbell @
John Lowe
William Gray @
William Elphinstone @
John Mead
Henry Shirley
William Ross
John Elmslie
Robert Hibbert
William Clarke +
Robert Farquharson +
William Ross, jun. +
John Sanderson +
Peter Robertson +


Clerk of the Peace and Court, William Kelly, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, John Sanderson, Esq.
Coroner, D. Sheriff Esq.


Custos, and Chief Judge, Hon. Simon Taylor, Esq. @

Charles Irvine
Nathaniel Philips +
Thomas Hercy Barrett +
Benjamin Allen @
James Pinnock +
Robert Richards @
Henry Browne @+
Lewis Cuthbert +
Joseph Orr
Thomas Cussans +
Edward Marriott +
Hon. N. Beckford *
Thomas S. Harris +
Philip Philip Livingston @+
Hon. John Grant @+
James Blaw +
Daniel Crockatt +
William O'Brien +
John Hanson +
John King
Sir Thomas Champneys, Baronet
Henry Shirley +
Andrew Deans +
William Harris +
Philip Pinnock +
William Kerr +
Samuel C. Baillie
John Reeder +
John McQueen @
Charles Bryan junior +
Thomas W. Milner +
Robert McDermeit +
Robert Paterson
James Murray
James Donaldson +
William Patterson +
Thomas Cargill
William Innes
John Bryan +
Francis King +


Coroner, Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, Thomas Harris, Esq.

Clerk of the Court, and Deputy Clerk of the Peace, John Blake, Esq

Pound Keeper at Morant Bay, Mr. Thomas Cuthburd




All the Judges of the Supreme Court, with

Hon. John Tharpe
Ephraim Dunn
George Scott @
Benjamin Williams Blake
Robert Dunst. Woollery
John Lewis
Clem. COoke Clarke
Thomas Reid, junior
Charles Bernard, junior
Robert Jackson @



Custos, and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. John Cope, Esq.

William Bosley
Jeremiah Meyler
Hon. Samuel Williams Haughton @
William Antrobus
William Blake
Hon. John Campbell *
Hon. W. Lewis *
George Murray @
Benjamin Williams Blake
James Williams +
John Somerville
George Scott @+
Thomas Thistlewood +
Thomas Boyd +
William Foot +
James Robert Tomlinson +
Charles Fogo +
Layton Smith +
George Bedward +
George Leslie +
R. Kennyon +

The following are Magistrates and Assistant Judges

John Lewis
John Wedderburn
G. C. Ricketts @
R. Dunst. Woollery
William Beckford
William Hylton
Clement C. Clarke


Coroner, Nicholas Allen Blake, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace and Court, John Cope, Esq.
Mr. James Robertson, junior, his Deputy
Clerk of the Vestry, and Pound Keeper, Thomas Barker, Esq.


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. Joseph J. Swaby, Esq.

Thomas Chambers
Rev. Thomas Warren
Thomas Stokes Salmon
John White
James Murray, and
H. Colquhoun, Esquires
are Assistant Judges and Justices of the Quorum

William Dunlop
John Anderson
George Scott @
George Murray @
Thomas Dunkley
John Brooks
James Rowe
Alexander Rankin
Sam. War. Foster
John Vanheelen
William Blair, Esquires
are Justices of the Quorum

Peter Campbell
Robert Wilson
William Salmon
Henry Laird
Hugh Wallace, Esquires


Clerk of the Peace and Court, Edward Badnedge, Esq.
Coroner, William Salmon, Esq.
Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. John McFarlane
Pound Keeper, Mr. Robert Thompson


Custos and Chief Judge of the Common Pleas, Hon. G. Spence, Esq.

John Grizell, junior
Thomas James, senior
Peter Campbell
William Anglin
George Brissett, senior
George Scott @
William D. Quarrell
George Binham
Sir J. Richardson, Baronet
Hon. Samuel Williams Haughton @
Willia Mure
James Lewis
William Brown, senior
John Jackson
Robert Kerr
Joseph Brissett
Donald Malcolm
Thomas Monteath
Duncan Campbell
G. Brissett, junior, Esquires


Coroner, John Philip Boteler, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace, Court and Vestry, Mr. J. Wills
Pound Keeper at Green Island, Mr. James Baird


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. John Palmer,* Esq.

Charles Bernard
Lemon L. Lawrence
Robert Jackson @
William Rhodes Bernard
John Mowat
John Anderson
Robert Scarlett
Thomas D. Bernard
William Vincent
Francis Grant
Donald Campbell
Thomas Reid
Ezekiel Petgrave
John Cunningham +
John Lawrence Bowen +
George McFarquhar +
James Wedderburn +
James Peterkin +
George Barrett +
John Perry +
James Cleland +
Stephen Baker Bowen +
G. Machlachlan + Esquires


Coroner, Edward Pitt, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace, James Palmer, Esq.
Clerk of Court and Vestry, T. D. Bernard, Esq.
Pound Keeper, Mr. John Stevens
Supervisor of the Workhouse, Mr. Charles Wankworth


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. J. Tharpe Esq.

Richard Brissett
Thomas Reid
Rev. Joseph Stoney
John Jarrett
Alexander Campbell
James Irving @
John Stogdon
George Reid
Jarvis Gallimore
Benoni Smith
Robert McGhie
Joel Savell
William Tate
George Hyde Clarke
Thomas Wheatle
Cossley Hall
Charles Gordon, junior +
James Brown +
Edmund Jackson @
Thomas Reid, junior +
Adrian Reid
J. Wedderburn +
Francis Grant+
John Blagrove +
William Rh. James, junior +
George Barrett +
David Lyon +
John Whittaker +
Basil Cowper +
James Stewart +. Esquires


Coroner, Henry Wisdom Gallimore Esq.+
Clerk of the Vestry, William Ackersall, Esq.+
Clerk of the Peace and Court, Mr. Adam Blackburn +
Supervisor of the Workhouse, Mr. Peter Brown

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