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Captain-General, Governor, &c.
His Excellency Major General John Dalling

Lieutenant-Governor, &c.
His Honor Brigadier-General Archibald Campbell
Secretary, [blank]
Deputy Secretary, John Clement, Esquire
Domestic Chaplain, the Rev. Thomas Warren



President, Honourable Thomas Iredell, Esq.

Hon. Francis Cooke
Hon. Rose Herring May
Hon. William Patrick Browne
Hon. John Palmer
Hon. Samuel Alpress
Hon. Thomas Hercey Barrett
Hon. Thomas Wallen
Hon. James Wildman
Hon. Nathaniel Beckford
Hon. William Lewis, Esquires

Chaplain, the Rev. David Fullerton, A.M.
Clerk, Thomas Mure, Esq.
Usher of the Black Rod, and Messenger, George Cuthbert, Esq.
Printer, Mr. Alexander Aikman



Speaker, Honourable Samuel Williams Haughton, Esq.

       St. Catherine
James Lewis
James Trower
William Mitchell, Esquires

Hon. Thomas French
Paul Phipps
Thomas Gray, Esquires

       Port Royal
Matthew Wallen
William Gray
Hugh Lewis, Esquires

       St. David
Robert Richards
Benjamin Allen, Esquires

       St. Andrew
Daniel Moore
Thomas Cockburn, Esquires

       St. Dorothy
Hon. W. Jackson
John Grant, Esquires

       St. John
Thomas Brooks
Joseph Woodhouse, Esquires

       St. Thomas in the Vale
Sir Charles Price, Baronet
James Ridge, Esq.

James Chisholme
Thomas Bourke, Esquires

Hon. S. W. Haughton
George Scott, Esquires

William Pusey
Archibald Sympson, Esquires

       St. Elizabeth
William Harvie
L. B. Martin, Esquires

Hon. John Cope
G. C. Ricketts, Esquires

       St. James
Walter Murray
Robert Jackson, Esquires

James Irving
Edmund Jackson, Esquires

       St. Ann
J. R. Whitehorne
Hon. A. Fullerton, Esquires

       St. Thomas in the East
Nathaniel Phillips
James Pinnock, Esquires

Henry Browne
P. P. Livingston, Esquires

       St. George
William Elphinstone
Henry Shirley, Esquires

       St. Mary
Thomas Murphy
Hon. Fr. Dennis, Esquires

Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Warren
Clerk, Samuel Howell, Esq.
Messenger, William Alexander Esq.
Printer, Mr. Alexander Aikman

Agent for the Island in Great Britain, Stephen Fuller, Esq.



Chancellor, His Honor Archibald Campbell, Esq.

Masters in Ordinary

Daniel Brodbelt
Samuel Howell
John Woolfrys
John M. Dwyer
Edward Bowes
George Murray
Richard Batty
Thomas Barker
John Hardwar
Edward Marriott
Algernon Warren
James Nisbett
John Pritchard
William Kynnier
George French
Thomas Cullum
Lewis Knight
Thomas Paxton
Alexander James Dallas, Esquires

Masters Extraordinary

       St. Thomas in the Vale
Anthony Yeates, Esq.

       St. Thomas in the East
Joseph Orr, Esq.

       St. Elizabeth
John Watson
Robert Brown, senior
Alexander Walker, Esquires

       St. James
William Plummer
James Stothert
Daniel Bernard
Alexander Innes, Esquires

James Lewis, Esq.
Sir J. Richardson, Baronet
James Millar, Esq.

J. Somerville
W. Antrobus, Esquires

       St. Mary
George Seaton, Esq.

       St. Ann
W. Edwards, Esq.

Col. Campbell, Esq.

Register and Clerk of the Patents, John E. Shackleford, Esq.
Sergeant at Arms, and Mace-bearer, George Cuthbert, Esq.


Days for Motions in Chancery

The Thursday preceding every Grand Court

Days for Hearings

The Tuesday preceding every Surry Assize



Sole Judge, the Honourable Edward Long, Esq.
Judge Surrogate, and Commissary, Hon. J. Brownrigg, Esq.
King's Advocate, Hon. Thomas Harrison, Esq.
Principal Register, Owsley Rowley, Esq.
Deputy Register, Charles Edward Lewis, Esq.
Marshal, H. Polson, Esq.
Interpreter for French and Spanish Languages, Mr. J. F. Grosicard
Interpreter for the Dutch, Mr. H. A. Francken



Chief Justice, the Hon. Thomas French, Esq.

Assistant Judges

James Trower
Lewis B. Martin
Walter Murray
John Grant
William Jackson
John Cope
James Lewis
Joseph Woodhouse
William Elphinstone
William Blake
George Murray
Eliphalet Fitch
Edward Ledwich
Thomas Gray
John Rodon, Vere
John Campbell, of Hope
George Ellis, Esquires
Attorney General, Robert Sewell, Esq.
King's Counsel, John Sharpe, Esq.
Solicitor for the Crown, George French, Esq.
Clerk of the Crown, William Singer, Esq.
Clerk of the Court, William Mitchell, Esq.

Commissioners for taking Affidavits out of the Supreme Court

Algernon Warren
James Dunn
John Hardwar, Esqs.

William Antrobus
Thomas Barker, Esqs.

       St. Andrew
Algernon Warren, Esq.

       St. Elizabeth
Alexander Walker
R. Brown, senior
Andrew Burnside, Esqs.

James Borton
Thomas Richards, Esqs.

       St. Thomas in the East
Charles Irvine, Esq.

William Kynnier, Esq.

       St. James
Robert Scarlett, Esq.

       St. Catherine
G. Cruickshank, Esq.

William Hewitt, Esq.

       St. George
W. Carmichael
John Farrill, Esqs.

       St. Mary
William Ross
John Farrill, Esqs.

       Trelawny & St. James & St. Ann
William Atherton, Esq.


PROVOST-MARSHAL, George Cuthbert, Esq.

His Deputies:

Kingston and Port Royal:  Mr. John Sleater
Spanish Town precinct:  Mr. William Burrowes
St. Andrew, St. David and St. Thomas in the East:  Mr. William Thomson
Clarendon and Vere:  Mr. John Burd
St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland and Hanover:  Mr. David Finlayson
St. James and Trelawny:  Mr. W. Balfour
Portland and St. George:  Mr. J. N. Baker
St. Ann and St. Mary:  Mr. Thomas Sleater

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