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Taken from Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions of Kirkcudbright, edited by Alison Mitchell, published by the Scottish Genealogy Society, Edinburgh, extracted by Barbara Horbury and contributed to this site.

Explanation of abbreviations

imo = In memory of

TS = table stone

FS = flat stone

Fa = father

mo = mother

ss = sons

da /dau = daughter

gs = grandson , same with other "grands"




yst, yt=youngest

The bracketing system: any entry immediately following "(" means those people whose names occur after that and before ")" are the family of the person preceding the "(." These brackets are also used when figures in dates are unclear, and indicate the alternatives.

Deaths in the West Indies, noted on stones in Kirkcudbrightshire.



Plot 91

by JANE MARTIN, Here lies George MARTIN d 9.9.1801, 73, s. George d Barbados (7).10.1805 commander of the ship Byam of Liverpool. Int here John MARTIN, writer, his son d Langholm 7.3.1828 29. John Martin, Preston, da. Cath d Rosemount Terrace Maxwelltown 1.4.1882, 78, da Mary Rae d Rosemount 1.9.1896, 84.

Plot 115

Large, railed. John RAE d Park House Troqueer 26.3.1847, w Jane MARTIN d there 10.2.1853, ss Jas d Jamaica, John d Dumfries, David d Maxwellfield Kirkbean, Wm d Park House, by da Jane d Park House 28.9.1874.

Plot 138

Rev. Edward NEILSON min, Kirkbean, imo 2s Archibald Little NEILSON d 23.12.1859, 79 (2s Robert Riddle NEILSON d Calcutta, w Cath BLACKLOCK d Carsethorn 20.10.1866, 78.)

Plot 220

Table Stone. Rev Edward NEILSON Min. Kirkbean 26.1.1824, 67yr & 3[4[th of Ministry, by w Jane MARTIN.

(The editor points to stone 138, and Fasti Ecclesiaie 11 278, 261-2, 289; his 1st.w Mary, (fa Jas LITTLE Min Colvend) chn Helen (h Wm CRIRIE mert. Dumfries) & Isabella d 1815, 27 (md.. 1813 Gilbert SINCLAIR, M.D. Jamaica) (Rev Edward) md 1822 2w Jane MARTIN (above on 220) d 31.3.1846. See Wallace, The Life and Works of Burns)

Plot 226

TS John JOHNSTON schoolmaster, Preston Mill d 29.1.1828 w Jane AIKEN d 8.2.1835 1s John, mert. d Barking Lodge Estate, Jamaica 13.2.1817. Remaining ch Jas ship carpenter d Preston Mill 5.7.1838.

Plot 265

by Jas BLAIR in Carsethorn d Dumfries 7.12.1866 a 75, i.m.o. 2 inf. ch also ygst s Robert C. capt of the ship MOULTAN d Manzanilla Island of Cuba 5.8.1860 28, w Agnes COWAN d Carsthorn 13.3.1866 72.


Plot 79

FS. John KISSOCK d Ingleston 11.6.1798 a 66 w. Jannet CHLACHERTY d 27.12.1810 78, da Jane 10.12.1792 16, da Margt 12.5.1797 29, ss James & Robert d Jamaica, both in 1800, da Ann 4.3.1834 74, 1s Alex d Maryfield 10.1.1839 80.

Plot 159

John BIGGAR late farmer Hallhill d 6.9.1825 80th yr, w Jean WALKER d Hallhill 18.11.1830 76, s John d Jamaica 13.7.1829 42. (Editor says see Archer p 125 for M.I. in Kingston Jamaica naming James, John and their uncle James, WALKER, buried together)

Stone 158 has BIGGAR burials.

Plot 160

Pillar stone. John BIGGAR mert. Kingston Jamaica d 13.7.1829 42. Thos BIGGAR of Crochmore d Cresswell 29.10.1850 59.

Plot 161

TS John BIGGAR in Fourmerkland, s Wm 1.5.1790 6yrs, Verse. da Mary d 1.9.1797 1st yr. Below this stone lyes the corpse of AGNES BIGGAR d Hallhill 24.4.1818, 26, also on N side lyes Jean BIGGAR d Hallhill d 5.10.1810, 22. At the west end lyes his gda Janet DICKSON d Hallhill 1.9.1818 7, also imo s Jas d Jamaica 26.6.1804 25.

Plot 228

FS Here lyes Thos MORRIN late farmer in Scar d 23.8.1763 29, s John d Dumfries 26.2.1846, 84 (w Janet PORTER d Dumfries 20.2.1836 77, s Samuel d St. Vincent West Indies 2.5.1843 42)

Plot 272

Obelisk. Rev Jas FINNAN, ord. min. Colvend 1760, translated to Irongray 1776 d 2.11.1796 72. Eulogy. (The Editor includes a very long extract from Fasti Ecclesiae ii 289, iii 30, which names Dr. Alex M’Kie, Jamaica, wid Lucia MAXWELL of Hazelfield d 16.8.1790, 79 etc.)


Plot 19.

Antony DOCHERTY d Maryport 19.7.1839 66, w Mary COPLAND d Newabbey 13.1.1867, s Wm d of yellow fever when homeward bound from Demerara 23.4.1844, 24. R.I.P

Plot 231

imo Wm CARNOCHAN d Loshes, Troqueer 5.11.1848 90 w Margt THOMSON 6.5.1817, 70, da Agnes McCLAUCHLAN d 10.11.1853 72. John CORSON d Jamaica 1814 27. Stewart McCLAUGHLAN d Millhill 23.3.1864 50.

Plot 261

(Railed with 262) Rev Wm WRIGHT d 9.12.1819, in 51st. yr of his ministry

(Ed says he m. ca 1753, ch. Jas b. 1754, Robt b. 1757, d West Indies, Jean b. 1760 d 1823 (h John RICHARDSON distiller, Annan) & Cecilia Ann).

Plot 323

Denis DOCHERTY master mariner d Liverpool 18.3.1866 46 imo w Nicholas HAIR d Newabbey 24.9.1848 30. mother Mary O’NEIL d Dumfries 6.7.1841 43, s John d Havana W. Indies 23.7.1870 23.

Plot 385

John BROWN late grocer Newabbey d 6.2.1830 51, s John, mariner d Island of St. Thomas West Indies 29.9.184[1or4] age 25.

Plot 458

John THOMSON bleacher, Glen Mill d 25.6.1802 58 w Margt DAVIDSON 21.6.1820 60, s Walter d 15.12.1823 31, (Typical verse here), da Mary d Annan 27.2.1833 52 (h James HENDERSON), sd Walter THOMSON, son Charles Walter d Demerara 23.1.1838 15.

Plot 483

mural with Arms. William STEWART of Shambelly 12.1.1750 19.1.1844 wid Mrs Jessie HOWAT 25.6.1863 65.

William Stewart Esq of Shambelly, w Ann MURRAY 25.10.1805 56, chn: John 10.7.1788 age 4y; Cath. 10.9.1796,1(6), David /.11.1795 8yrs, James, late captain and paymaster of the - -shire Fencible Infantry d Londonderry 15.3.1796, 26, Wm d of Yellow Fever, Kingston Jamaica 10.6.1799 21, Mary Ann /.12.180(2) 20, Capt Chas.ygr of Shambelly d 15.2.1807 36, Euphemia 16.1.1818 21, Wm, Walter, Lillias Ann, and Ann, d inf.

William STEWART Esq.of Shambelly, w Bethia DONALDSON d Shambelly 21.8.1825 34, 1dau. Bethia d 16.10.1810 2mo. 13 days, 1s. James 11.5.1825 1yr 6mo., Henry 8.5.1826 inf.


Plot 207

This flat stone appears to be related to stone 206, which has McKENZIEs, Barnhill. First 2 lines not helpful.

3rd line shows......s Geo [died on his] passage from Jamaica 1808 age 33, s Samuel d 28.3.1811, 33, s William d Barnhill /.3.1832, 48 (w Mary PHILLIPS 11.9.1850 64, da Mary 4.10.1837 15, da Elizabeth d Demerara /.2.1852 32 (h Robert T BRAND) da Sarah 14.11.1877 61 (wid of Alex BROWN, Rothsay (Ed says he was b Ingliston Irongray 14.3.1807 fa Jas, farmer, mo. Janet McMONIES, ordained. Antigua, admitted Rothsay 1843, d 10.10.1869 md. 25.4.1842 Sara, d 14.12.1877 61 (fa Wm MACKENZIE farmer, mo Mary PHILLIPS) without chn) See Troqueer 43........




Plot 43

Jas McROBERT teacher in Dumfries d 24.6.1865 87th yr, w Jessie 3.8.1806 19 (fa Wm McKENZIE in Barnhill) only s Henry d inf.(related to Terregles 207, ed.)

Plot 77.

large. John SYME of Ryedale d 24.11.1831 76, w Jane MILLAR 8.3.1809 44, 1da Agnes 10.1.1799 11, 2da Mary d inf, 1s John d Nurzingpore Bengal 16.4.1820 27, 3s Richard d Kingston Jamaica 20.10.1822, 25.

Wm Ireland SYME & Lilian Staig BABINGTON, chn John 15.7.1825 d 29.7.1825, Harriet 18.8.1831 d 6.3.1833, Dorothea 12.6.1835 d 30.11.1836, da Jessie 6.1.1849 16.

Plot 93

FS Jas KEN gardner (sic) late in Troqueer Gate d 11.6.1800 52, (ed says see Dumfries testaments) w Margt DOUGLAS d Maxwelltown 11.6.1832 85, s Thomas gardener in Troqueer Gate (da Mary 20.4.1809 1y 9m, Margt 8.12.1817 14y 6m, & Jannet 23.12.1817 12y 8m, s Alex d Island of Jamaica 30.3.1845, 28)

Plot 96

Jas McADAM late innkeeper Old Bridge Inn d 11.1.1854 52, w Janet HARRIS 1.1.1860 66, Jas LAW late innkeeper Globe Inn d 23.12.1859 39, s Jas d Havannah 19.7.1866 22, s John d Naples 11.7.1874 24. John FORTEATH d Maxwelltown 31.8.1879 45.

Plot 153

George McKUNE in Bridgend (in 1794).d 16.4.1807 64, imo w Margret BLACKLOCK 12.5.1794 44, w Mary NEWALL 26.12.1807 66.

(west side) Geo McKUNE imo s Robert 19.8.1783 1y 3m. Also John McKUNE d on board the Queen from Liverpool bound to Demerary 1801 24.

Plot 176

obelisk (north side) Philip FORSYTH now of Nithside, imo w Eliz md. 1795 d Jamaica 11.3.1801 27, 1s Joseph, MD b 17.12.1795 d Hackney London 14.11.1815. Both much regretted.

(east side) Philip FORSYTH of Nithside 10.4.1837 80, s Philip of Nithside (w Catherine 24.5.1828 25, da Jessie Comrie d inf, da Elizabeth 17.3.1827 d 8.4.1852).

(south side) Philip FORSYTH of Nithside 4.3.1800 d 28.2.1873, Philip FORSYTH of Nithside, s Philip 4.5.1864 d 12.4.1868.

Plot 352

John McGEORGE ironmonger Dumfries d 27.10.1832 (ed. says during the cholera epidemic) chn John A. d Demerara 25.2.1828, Jas Mason d St. Kitts 16.10.1830, Mary d Dumfries 21.7.1831 & Wm d St. Kitts 12.7.1833, w Janet MASON d 22.1.1863 89.

Plot 416

John FOSTER mason Bridgend (in 1794) d 28.12.1819 50, imo chn John 22.3.1792 5m, Janet 14.4.1794 13m, Jean 27.3.1795 7y, Janet 5.7.1795 6m., w Agnes HANNAH 21.11.1802 38, s Wm d Demerara 29.1.1810 20.

DUMFRIES, from personal research


In St.Michael’s graveyard, against the wall on the left as you go in, and beyond the Church. Enclosed by railings, it includes the following information on the lowest panel.

"Also of Wellwood Hyslop their sixth son who was for forty years a merchant in Kingston Jamaica and died there on 16th. February 1845 aged 64 years. And Helen Stewart Hyslop their second daughter and last surviving child who died on 18th. January 1852 aged 75 years.

The Old Parish Register index shows that Helen was baptised on 20 July 1777 and Wellwood on 3 Dec.1780. (Two of the 14 children of William Hyslop of Lochend and Jane Maxwell, whose name is given on the stone).

From the "Wigtown Free Press", 17.4.1845.

We have to record the death of Wellwood Hyslop Esq. Merchant, in Kingston, Jamaica, and many years member of the Assembly for the parish of Port Royal. He expired suddenly on the afternoon of 16th. of February last. Mr. Hyslop was a native of Dumfries. Many years ago he went abroad, and for the last 40 years had been a merchant in Kingston. His integrity of character was universally admired, and his sudden death will be severely felt, not only by his afflicted widow but a large circle of friends and acquaintances. The London Times of the 26th. ult. in noticing the bereavement, says "Mr. Hyslop’s name is associated with that of Simon Bolivar, the Liberator of Columbia. He escaped death in Carthagena in 1815, to which bloody General Morilla had condemned him for his financial services to Bolivar, but was spared to exert himself for long in advancing the interests of Jamaica, where his death is much and deservedly regretted."

Barbara Horbury



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