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HEADINGS:  Child's name; Father's & Mother's names; Father's trade; Residence; When born; When baptized; By whom.

--- = blank in register
_________ = illegible, torn, or faded

Date format: Month/Day/Year

(1) In this Register of Baptisms, the entries started with the given name of the child (not the surname) followed by the full names of the parents. This order has been followed here, except when the surname of the child was evident from the Register.  In that case, the child's surname is listed first.
(2) The pages of the Register from 1899 to 1902 were often torn on the sides, and displayed possible water damage.  The entries have been transcribed as far as possible.
(3) Baptisms numbered #1274 to #1313 were identified in the Register as being at Coke Chapel, as well as a few that are noted here as being at the "Coke Society" in the Coke Chapel Circuit according to the Register.



Rachel Elizabeth, daughter of John Pitter and Julian Broomfield, child resident in Kingston but parents of Manchester, about 13 years of age, baptized 3/24/1892, #1656

Rachel Isabell, and Leah Orinthia, twin daughters of Jeshurun Luke and Martha Lawrence, soldier, residence Kingston, born 9/10/1890, baptized 10/19/1890.

Radcliffe, Caroline, daughter of Joseph Radcliffe and Amelia McDonald, labourer, residence Ewarton, 4 years old, baptized 11/19/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1116

Rainsford, Wesley Athelstan, son of Ernest Stephen Rainsford and his wife, Fire Brigade, residence 28 Upper Rose Lane, born 1/12/1900, baptized 2/19/1900, Coke Society #3157

Ramsey, Edna Herminia, daughter of Joseph Thompson Ramsey and Margarett his wife, waiter G. P. , residence Kingston, residence 79 Lowes Street, born 10/10/1898, baptized 12/4/1898, #3034

Raphael George, son of Charles DeCordova and Jane Allen, clerk, residence Kingston, born 12/14/1893, baptized 3/23/1894, #1868

Rattigan, Richard George, son of Isaac and Sarah Rattigan, residence Kingston, born 2/20/1889, baptized 4/14/1889 by A H. Aguilar, #1320

Reece, Doris Euphemia, daughter of Nicholas B. Reece and Julia his wife, painter, residence 49 High Holburn St, born 9/2/1898, baptized 12/4/1898, #3036

Reginald Augustus, son of Lewis Ley and Frances Manahan, Draper's clerk, residence Kingston, born 5/22/1887, baptized 7/26/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1167

Reginald Noel, son of Albert Alexander and Margaret Henriques, Saddler, residence 88 Matthews Lane Kingston, born 12/31/1888, baptized 8/2/1889, #1347

Reid, Austin Armsdale, son of Alexander and Mary Ann Reid, tinsmith, residence Kingston, born 4/17/1887, baptized 6/14/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1160

Reid, Casandra, daughter of Alexander and Mary Ann Reid, tinsmith, residence Kingston, born 7/8/1889, baptized 8/11/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1365

Reid, Edith Cassandra, daughter of John William Reid and his wife Margarett, solicitor, residence Kingston, born 4/2/1887, baptized 5/24/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1153

Reid, Efflaine Marietta, daughter of Zadok Kelly Reid and Georgiana his wife, clerk, residence 33 Matthews Lane, born 10/13/1894, baptized 11/4/1894, #1931

Reid, Emily Alexandrina Nicholas, daughter of Nicholas Bosquinn? Reid and Julia his wife, worker __ ____, born 1/7/1897, baptized 3/9/1897, #2207

Reid, Fletcher Edmondson, son of Zadock Kelly Reid and his wife Georgeinia, clerk, residence 35 Matthews Lane, born 11/21/1898, baptized 1/1/1899, #3038

Reid, Ivanhoe Harcourt, son of Jesse Ainsworth Reid and Louisa his wife, Joiner, residence Port Royal, born 1/20/1900, baptized 2/11/1900, Coke Society #3153

Reid, James Hubert, son of James Haily Reid by his wife Eleanor, coach builder, residence Kingston, born 6/9/1887, baptized 7/29/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1170

Reid, Robert Louis, son of Hezekiah Adrian Reid by his wife Constantia, Cabinet maker, residence Kingston, born 11/10/1893, baptized 12/8/1893, #1833

Reid, William Edmund, son of John William Reid and his wife Margaret, residence 139 Battery St Kingston, born 12/14/1891, baptized 2/7/1892, #1642

Retinella, daughter of George Shand and Sarah Bernard, painter, residence Kingston, born 4/27/1889, baptized 8/8/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1351

Retinella, daughter of William Vidal and Lydia Atkinson, cultivator, residence 11 Chestnut Lane, born October 1900, baptized 6/25/1901, #3276

Rice, Hyacinth Viola, daughter of __. E. and R. A. Rice, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 11/15/1893, baptized 2/14/1894, #1848

Richard Lewellyn, son of Prophet James Easton and Julia E. Cox, sugar boiler, residence Kingston, born 2/19/1895, baptized 7/5/1895, #2010

Richards, Herbert Wylie, son of Samuel Richards and his wife Henrietta, residence 158 Princess St Kingston, born 4/10/1892, baptized 6/12/1892, #1677

Richards, Vera Constance, daughter of Samuel A. and Henrietta Richards, residence 16 Rum Lane Kingston, born 8/25/1889, baptized 11/10/1889, #1387

Riley, David Samuel, son of Arthur Ernest and Francellor Riley, residence Kingston, born 8/21/1890, baptized 11/2/1890.

Riley, Edgar Moses, son of John and Ambrozene Riley, pedlar, residence Kingston, born 8/16/1893, baptized 11/12/1893, #1826

Riley, Hubert Robertson, son of Alfred A. Riley and his wife Ida, baggage master, residence Port Antonio, born 6/3/1900, baptized 7/8/1900, #3202

Robert Constantine, son of Robert Allen and Margarett Wright, residence Kingston, born 12/31/1888, baptized 2/27/1891.

Roberts, ___isa Agatha, daughter of Stephen and Irene Roberts, Carpenter, residence 7 Cath. St., born 3/10/1899, baptized 5/7/1899, #3060

Roberts, Eric Alan, son of William and Ella Roberts, planter, residence Unity Valley Portland, born 9/10/1892, baptized 12/22/1892, #1730

Roberts, Frederick E., son of Thomas and Susan Roberts, Cooper, residence 91 Orange St Kingston, born 1/11/189-, baptized 2/4/1894, #1851

Roberts, Vincent Astor, son of Thomas Roberts and Susan his wife, Cooper, residence 10 Sarah St A Town, born 3/18/1898, baptized 6/5/1898, #2185

Robinson, Beryl Violetta, daughter of Samuel and Frances Robinson, planter, residence Williamsfield, born 8/8/1896, baptized 2/11/1897, #2200

Robinson, Ernest Hercules, son of Charles and Clarissa Robinson, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 1/8/1892, baptized 3/16/1892, #1651

Robinson, Hercules Helicio, son of Thomas and Beatrice Robinson, cigar maker, residence 46 Pink Lane, born 2/19/1898, baptized 4/8/1898, #2309

Robinson, John Theophulas, son of Charles Enid Robinson and Kethura Robinson, residence Kingston, born 12/23/1891, baptized 2/14/1892, #1646

Robinson, Theresa, daughter of Robert James and Rosaline Louise Robinson, planter, residence Kingston, born 4/1/1889, baptized 12/13/1889. #1402

Robinson, child [name torn off] of Thomas Robinson and Beatrice his wife, tobacconist, residence Vincent Street Cen. T, born 5/11/1899, baptized 10/1/1899 by Ernest G. Cooke, #3122

Rodriques, Leopold, son of Solomon Rodriques and his wife Matilda, tinsmith, residence 20 Bond St Kingston, born 2/28/1895, baptized 7/14/1895, #2020

Rosannah, daughter of John Davis and Sarah Edwards, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 5/7/1884, baptized 9/4/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1361

Rose Selmoseta daughter of John Lewis and Edith Morgan, butcher, residence Princess Street, born 6/22/1899, baptized 8/4/1899, #3091

Rose, Ashley, daughter of Robert and Sarah Ann Rose, residence Kingston, born 12/14/1890, baptized 1/4/1891.

Rose, Hilda Matal, daughter of James and Maria Rose, labourer, residence Kingston, born 1/27/1892, baptized 5/3/1892, #1670

Rose, Robert Augustus, son of Robert Augustus Rose and his wife Sarah Ann, residence Kingston, born 9/22/1888, baptized 10/7/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1271

Rouse, Mabel Fremulla, daughter of Ernest Augustus and Jane Emily Rouse, residence Kingston, born 2/26/1890, baptized 5/4/1890, #1446

Roux [or Rouse?], Reginald Lucas, son of Ernest Augustus and Jane Emily Roux, residence 57 West St Kingston, born 8/3/1891, baptized 12/6/1891, #1627

Rudolph Constantine, son of Arthur Daly and Theodora Gale, wharf man, residence Kingston, born 9/13/1892, baptized 2/10/1893, #1738

Rufus Elisha, son of David Fry and Eliza Lloyd, labourer, residence Kingston, born 7/15/1891, baptized 9/4/1891

Rugless, Aleathia [?faded] Ann, daughter of Charles and Mary Maud Rugless, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 12/15/1893, baptized 1/7/1894, #1843

Rugless, Gladys May, daughter of Charles Rugless and Mary his wife, Shoemaker, residence Laidlaw Street, born 11/21/1897, baptized 2/6/1898, #2296

Rugless, Ionia Olivia, daughter of Charles and Mary Rugless, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 11/12/1889, baptized 1/3/1890, #1410

Rugless, Laila Maud, daughter of Charles and Mary Rugless, residence Kingston, born 9/19/1891, baptized 10/4/1891

Rumford, Enos Samuel, son of Enos Rumford by his wife Eliza, schoolmaster, residence Slipe Road, St. Andrews, born 3/19/1890, baptized 5/25/1890, #1450

Ruric Audley DaCosta, son of Eduard Rerece de Montagnac and Duchemin Adella DaCosta, clerk, residence Kingston, born 2/17/1893, baptized 3/21/1893, #1746

Russell, Alberta Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Russell and Jane Green, car driver, residence 155 1/2 Princess Street Kingston, born 7/17/1893, baptized 9/1/1893, #1803

Russell, Ethelbert Constantine, son of William Russell and Ellen his wife, Carpenter, residence 100 Princess St, born 4/1/1896, baptized 5/22/1896, #2105

Russell, Louise Alethia, daughter of Richard Russell and Ada Eliza Russell, coach___, residence _6 Rum Lane, born 6/30/18__, baptized January 1900, #3145

Russell, Sarah Maud Victoria, daughter of Richard O. E. Russell and Ada Eliza his wife, coachman, residence 3 North St Kingston, born 1/9/1894, baptized 2/4/1894, #1852


Salmon, Shadrach Bartholo, child of Walter Salmon and Susannah Dorment, labourer, residence Kingston, born 1/21/1890, baptized 4/4/1890, #1434

Samuel Agustus, son of John Israel Fox and Roseta Robinson, Carpenter, residence 20 Elletson Road Kingston, born 5/31/1893, baptized 7/14/1893, #1788

Samuel Theophilus, son of Samuel Forrest and Eliza Barton, Baker, resident Kingston, born 6/29/1890, baptized 9/23/1890.

Samuel, an East Indian adult, residence Kingston, baptized 12/1/1895, #2062

Samuel, son of Anthony Alberga and Rosaline Shaw, Carpenter, residence 77 Mark Lane, born 6/18/1896, baptized 9/4/1896, #2141

Samuels, Eugene Betalles?, son of William Samuels by his wife Christianna, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/1/1886, baptized 8/11/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1088

Sandford, [name torn], child of Charles H. Sandford and Sarah Sandford, cutter, residence 3 Chancery Lane, born 9/14/1900, baptized 11/4/1900, #3234.

Sandy Jasper, child of Charles Rugless and Ann Campbell, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 9/1/1888, baptized 10/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1270

Sanfall, Joscelyn Augustus, son of Joscelyn Sanfall and Rosita his wife, matchmaker, residence 11 Wellington St, born 1/22/1900, baptized 2/11/1900, Coke Society #3154

Sanford, Doris Rose, daughter of Charles Horatio Sanford and Sarah his wife, Butcher, residence Chancery Lane, born 8/27/1899, baptized 11/3/1899, #3130

Sarah, daughter of James Walters and Cecelia Lewis, residence Kingston, nine years old, baptized 9/13/1891

Saunders, Adella A_____, daughter of Henry and Christiana Saunders, shopkeeper, residence Oxford Street Kingston, born 7/6/1893, baptized 9/10/1893, #1808

Saunders, Gerald Adolphus, son of Richard Saunders and his wife Dorothy, residence 105 Love Lane, Kingston, born 10/18/1891, baptized 1/10/1892, #1634

Saunders, Sydney Bignall?, son of Henry Saunders and his wife Christiana, shopkeeper, residence _0 Oxford Street Kingston, born 3/4/1895, baptized 5/12/1895, #1994

Saunders, Vendelena Muchara, daughter of Henry Saunders and Christina his wife, shopkeeper, residence 90 Oxford St, born 9/25/1897, baptized 11/14/1897, #2277

Saunders, Walter Elias, son of William and Caroline Saunders, fisherman, residence St. Andrew, born 2/5/1894, baptized 7/8/1894, #1901

Scott, Ferdinand Eustace, son of Joseph and Emily Scott, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 2/15/1888, baptized 6/8/1888 by William Baillie, #1241

Scott, Ina Eulalee, daughter of John Moses Scott by his wife Annie Maud, engine driver, residence Kingston, born 10/20/1893, baptized 12/8/1893, #1832

Scott, Leicester Colville, son of John Moses Scott and his wife Anny Maud, residence Ewarton, born 8/23/1892, baptized 10/2/1892, #1710

Scott, Walter, son of Joseph and Emily Scott, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 4/24/1890, baptized 8/20/1890.

Seddon, Myrabel Alberta, daughter of Duncan Patterson by Celestine Maria Seddon, residence Kingston, born 5/17/1888, baptized 6/28/1888 by William Baillie, #1251

Semial Carpole, child of Alfred Dacosta and Agnes Benjamin, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 7/4/1894, baptized 8/3/1894, #1907

Senior, Adina Atilda, daughter of Joseph Senior and Atilda his wife, residence Spanish Town, born 5/1/1890, baptized 8/3/1890, #1478

Shand, Naomi Iona, daughter of George Edward Shand and Victoria his wife, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 3/13/1889, baptized 5/31/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1336

Sharp, Amy Marguerite, daughter of Alexander Sharp and his wife, painter, residence 117 Church St Kingston, born 6/4/1895, baptized 10/6/1895, #2044

Shaw, Rufus Oceleda?, son of Charles Shaw and Hannah E. Shaw, residence Kingston, born 5/12/1890, baptized 8/10/1890, #1483

Shaw, Veronica Adina, daughter of William Edward Shaw and Elecia his wife, residence Kingston, born 8/27/1888, baptized 11/4/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1279

Shearer, Beatrice, daughter of William and Corinne Shearer, residence Kingston, born 3/5/1891, baptized 3/18/1891.

Shearer, Eaustas Fitzgeral, son of William Shearer and Corine his wife, Tailor, residence 42 Duke St, born 2/15/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1975

Shearer, Geraldine Viola, daughter of William Augustus Shearer by his wife Carmine, residence Kingston, born 9/22/1892, baptized 11/13/1892, #1716

Sherlock, Wylie McLelland, son of Charles McClellan Sherlock by his wife Mary Ann, accountant, residence Kingston, born 5/1/1887, baptized 6/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1158

Sherwood, Oswald Lewis, son of Mortimore Sherwood and his wife, clerk, residence 6 Sarah St Allman Town, born 4/30/1894, baptized 6/3/1894, #1889

Sherwood, Randolph, son of Mortimer Sherwood and his wife Rosamond, clerk, residence 6 Sarah St Allman Town, born 5/10/1895, baptized 6/2/1895, #2005

Shurey?, Arthur Stewart, son of William Somes Stewart Shurey? by his lawful wife Agnes, Store Keeper Ordnance, residence Kingston, born 7/10/1887, baptized 9/16/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1181

Sidney Lorenzo, Child of Joseph Johnson and Amanda Walker, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 5/18/1886, baptized 9/30/1886 by William Priestnal, #1105

Sidney Luther, son of Robert Grant and Mary Allen, bus driver, residence 35 Regent St Kingston, born 2/7/1894, baptized 5/16/1894, #1882

Sime, Esther, daughter of Ernest Sime and Eliza McBean, clerk, residence Kingston, born 5/5/1886, baptized 7/14/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1084

Simmonds, Adolphus, son of Joseph Ezekiel Simmonds by his wife Lavinia, shipwright, residence Port Royal, born 1/21/1888, baptized 1/25/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1301

Simmons, child [name torn off], of Henry Simmons and his wife Typhemia, writer, residence Sarah Street, Allman Town, born 8/24/1899, baptized 10/1/1899, #3119

Simon Nathaniel, son of George Tyson and Eugenia DaCosta, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 9/7/1888, baptized 11/9/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1280

Simon, Horace Albert Leopold, son of Horace and Melvina Simon, clerk, residence 23 Me__ Street Allman Town, born 4/16/1889, baptized 7/7/1889, #1341

Simpson, Edith Rebecca, daughter of Joseph Simpson and Celestine his wife, planter, residence 40 Regent St, born 5/10/1897, baptized 9/3/1897, #2256

Sinclair, Rhoda Mary, daughter of Edward and Ann Sinclair, residence Kingston, born 5/11/1888, baptized 6/10/1888, #1244

Sislin Maud, daughter of Henry Richards and Mary Ann Brown, residence Kingston, born 8/4/1897, baptized 10/1/1897, #2266

Small, Eulalie Eugenie, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Small, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 9/20/1887, baptized 12/6/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1193

Small, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of John Small and ----, cart man, residence Kingston, born 3/10/1891, baptized 6/12/1891

Small, Mary Alethia, daughter of Joseph Small and Elizabeth his wife, brick layer, residence Kingston, born 3/24/1886, baptized 5/9/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1076

Smith, Adella, daughter of G. A. Smith and Rosella his wife, fitter, residence 75 North St, born 8/18/1896, baptized 12/6/1896, #2172

Smith, Alberta Agatha, daughter of John Songston Smith and Lonora his wife, soldier, residence Allman town, born 8/8/1897, #2253

Smith, Eloise Agatha, daughter of Nathan and Susan Smith, labourer, residence Kingston, born 12/26/1886, baptized 3/1/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1135

Smith, Ethelina Felicia, daughter of Nathan Smith and his wife Susan, labourer, residence _2 Bond Street Kingston, born 2/18/1895, baptized 4/19/1895, #1985

Smith, Ewan Llewellyn, son of Claudius A. Smith and his wife Ada Ann, Cutter V. Maker, residence 77 West St, Kingston, born 2/23/1895, baptized 3/10/1895, #1962

Smith, Francella Maria, daughter of Nathan Smith and Louisa Smith, labourer, residence Kingston, born 3/12/1889, baptized 5/29/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1332

Smith, Henry Samuel Victor, son of Thomas Henry and Mercelena Elizabeth Smith, store man, residence Kingston, born 12/11/1892, baptized 2/5/1893, #1736

Smith, Ivanhoe, son of John Smith and Rachel his wife, Baker, residence 3 Spanish Town Road, baptized 6/14/1896 by A. Lambert, #2122, p. 163

Smith, Ivanhoe, son of John Smith and Rachel his wife, Baker, residence 3 Spanish Town Road, born 3/31/1896, baptized 6/7/1896 by Thomas M. Geddes, #2113 page 162.

Smith, James R., son of John and Martha Smith, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 7/7/1886, baptized 9/1/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1093

Smith, John Albert, son of Thomas Henry Smith and Merselina his wife, Baker, residence 158 King St, born 12/13/1896, baptized 2/7/1897, #2196

Smith, Maud Louisa, daughter of John and Martha Smith, Bender, residence Kingston, born 12/21/1887, baptized 1/17/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1203

Smith, Reginald Uriah, son of Thomas Henry and Urselina Smith his wife, residence 62 King St, Kingston, born 8/14/1891, baptized 10/21/1891

Smith, Uriah, son of Nathan and Susan Smith, labourer, residence 32 Bond St Kingston, born 1/19/1894, baptized 4/4/1894, #1871

Smith, William Blake, son of Nathan and Susan Smith, residence Kingston, born 2/12/1891, baptized 5/3/1891.

Snape, Euscastan Alexander, son of William Snape and Emily Snape, residence Kingston, born 1/4/1890, baptized 2/9/1890, #1419

Snape, Martina, daughter of William Snape by his wife Emilly, residence 16 ___t lane Kingston, born 2/17/1892, baptized 4/10/1892, #1663

Solomon John, son of Solomon John and Matilda Henriques, residence Kingston, born 3/25/1891, baptized 6/7/1891.

Somerville, L_____ Augustus, son of Edward and Sarah Somerville, residence Kingston, born 9/14/1887, baptized 3/2/1890, #1428

Son [name torn off] of Edmund Keathing and Sarah Thomas, cigar maker, residence Chestnut Lane, born 6/7/1899, baptized 9/29/1899, #3114

South, Evelyn Clotilda, daughter of Luther Emanuel and Rittenella Ambrozine South, residence Kingston, born 4/18/1891, baptized 6/7/1891.

Spalding, Lilian Rupersia, daughter of Henry Spalding and his wife Cathrine, Carpenter, residence Wildman Street Kingston, born 3/14/1895, baptized 4/14/1895, #1982

Spraggs, Clothilda Edwina, daughter of Frederick Alexander Spraggs and Eugina and his wife, Carpenter, 6 Lopez St, Browns Town Kingston, born 11/29/1894, baptized 5/5/1895, #1992

Stamp, Floretta Emeline, daughter of Michal Stamp by his wife Letitia, residence Kingston, born 12/29/1887, baptized 3/30/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1221

Stanford, Jestina Alberta, daughter of George Stanford and Jeanett his wife, soldier, residence Robert Street Allman Town, born 1/2/1897, baptized 4/4/1896, #2223

Stanford, Zeta Clare?, daughter of Charles Norat Stanford and Sarah Jane his wife, Cutter, residence 3 Chancery Lane, born 1/28/1897, baptized 3/23/1897, #2213

Stanhope Anthony, son of Egbert Loban and Naomi Morais, Carpenter, residence 82 Charles St Kingston, born 12/10/1899, baptized 3/2/1900, Coke Society #3161

Stanhope, Christiana Repersia, daughter of Philip and Mary Stanhope, drayman, residence Kingston, born 3/10/1893, baptized 6/4/1893, #1775

Stanhope, Florence Keturah, daughter of Philip and Mary Stanhope, labourer, residence 135 Luke Lane Kingston, born 8/28/1894, baptized 11/4/1894, #1930

Stanhope, Loadora Aberta, daughter of Philip and Mary Stanhope, labourer, residence 54 King St, born 7/19/1898, baptized 9/17/1898, #3010

Stanley August, son of Robert Vernon and Christiana Smith, bed maker, residence Kingston, born 11/20/1890, baptized 12/25/1890.

Stanley Bancroft, son of William Augustus Hayman and Amanda Brown, shopkeeper, residence 17 Regent St, born 1/2/1898, baptized 2/4/1898, #2294

Stanley, Dudley Egerton, son of Audley Egerton Stanley by his wife Madeline, clerk, residence 8?7 Barry Street, born 12/24/1895, baptized 2/13/1898, #2302

Stanley, Una Lois, daughter of Audley Egerton Stanley by his wife Madeline Anderson, trader, residence 87 Barry St Kingston, born 2/20/1895, baptized 4/16/1895 #1983

Stanly, child of John Bramwell and Margarett Oglivie, pedlar, residence Kingston, born 9/3/1897, baptized 11/5/1897, #2272

Steel, Healener Constantia, Child of Esau Steel and his wife Mary, Carpenter, residence 90 Mark Lane, born 4/25/1897, baptized 7/11/1897, #2242

Steel, Hilda Eugenie, daughter of Esau Steel and Mary his wife, labourer, residence 90 Mark Lane, born 1/7/1896, baptized 4/5/1896, #2093

Steele, __ise Euphemia, daughter of Esau Steele and Mary Steele his wife, Carpenter, residence _90 Mark Lane, born 6/14/1899, baptized 9/15/1899, #3111

Steele, Joana Euphemia, daughter of Richard Steele and Margarett his wife, Gardener, residence 33 Matthews Lane Kingston, born 12/3/1894, baptized 2/3/1895, #1953

Steele, Myrtle May, daughter of Esau and Mary Steele, Carpenter, residence 90 Mark Lane Kingston, born 3/13/1894, baptized 6/10/1894, #1894

Steer, Dudley Winchester, son of Charles M. Steer and Clemora his wife, Cabinet maker, residence 15 New Town? Street, born 7/25/1896, baptized 11/8/1896, #2164

Stephen, Charlotte Maresoma, daughter of Richard Stephen by his wife Imogene, shopkeeper, residence Kingston, born 1/2/1888, baptized 3/6/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1215

Stephenson, Estella Floretta, daughter of Alfred A. Stevenson and Mercella, engineer, residence 30 Barry St, born 11/21/1897, baptized 2/6/1898, #2299

Steward, Ivanho Constantine, son of George Edward Steward by Victoria his wife, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 5/7/1887, baptized 7/19/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1164

Stewart, ___ _enton, child of Elias Stewart and Arabella Stewart, store man, residence 5 1/2 Percy Street Kingston, born 6/20/1900, baptized 8/3/1900, #3206, page 183

Stewart, ___n Elias, son of Elias and Arabella Stewart, store man, residence 44 Charles St, born 7/6/1898, baptized 8/19/1898, #3003

Stewart, Agnus W., child of Alexander Stewart and his wife, brick layer, residence 5 Oxford St Kingston, born 2/27/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1977

Stewart, Keturah Constantine, Child of Alexander Stewart and Mary his wife, bricklayer, residence St. Andrews, born 6/19/1897, baptized 7/4/1897 [appears to be marked 'Dead' ], #2240

Stoney, Wilhelmina Florentine, daughter of William and Ellen Stoney, Cooper, residence Kingston, born 6/10/1886, baptized 7/1/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1080

Strachan, Amy Elizabeth, daughter of James Daniel Strachan and his wife Ann Elizabeth, residence 21 Prince Albert St, Allman Town, born 11/26/1891, baptized 1/3/1892, #1633

Strachan, Cyril, parents unknown, taken and cared for by Miss Jane Strachan, residence Kingston, about three years old, baptized 3/17/1892, #1655

Stuart, _____y child of Ralph Stuart and Lily Stuart his wife, officer H. M. Customs, residence 113 Luke Lane, born 7/29/1899, baptized 9/7/1899, #3109

Stuart, Mary Ann Elizabeth, adult, labourer, residence Slipe Road, baptized 12/5/1897, #2280

Sullivan, Jemima Naomi, daughter of Christopher and Eugenia Sullivan, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/21/1886, baptized 9/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1099

Sullivan, Neomi Eugena, daughter of Enos Ephraim and Leonora Alberta Sullivan, residence 81 Love Lane Kingston, born 3/14/1890, baptized 5/4/1890, #1448

Sultana Isemena, daughter of George Schoter and Matilda Graham, residence Kingston, baptized 4/6/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1071

Surgeon, Hilda Matilda, daughter of Alexander Morton Surgeon by his wife Martha Eliza, druggist, residence Kingston, born 8/9/1888, baptized 10/10/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1273

Sutcliffe, Alice Maud, daughter of Augustus and Margaret Sutcliffe, janitor Wolmers, residence Kingston, born 7/3/1891, baptized 10/4/1891

Sutherland, Alexandrina Louise, daughter of Amos? E. Sutherland and Eliza his wife, Baker, residence 1 Pink Lane, born 2/12/1898, baptized 4/8/1898, #2310

Sybyl Mirah, daughter of William Thompson and Jane Taylor, Groom, residence Kingston, born 7/11/1889, baptized 9/18/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1368

Sylvie Ri_g, daughter of Joseph Williams and Alice M. Skimmer, Tailor, residence 14 John's Lane, born 1/15/1899, baptized 2/24/1899, #3047


Tait, Hilda May, daughter of James Tait and Letitia his wife, conductor, residence Slipe Pen Road, born 5/14/1895, baptized 7/14/1895, #2021

Tait, Newtin Alexander, son of James and Letitia Tait, car driver, residence Slipe Road, born 6/5/1898, baptized 9/17/1898, #3009

Taylor, Agnes Maud, residence 38 Matthews Lane, adult born 1886, baptized 8/28/1896, #2139

Taylor, Beatrice Louise Crossly, daughter of James and Susan Taylor, clerk, residence Kingston, born 8/26/1888, baptized 12/21/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1293

Taylor, Benjamin G., son of C. B. and Catherine Taylor, residence Kingston, born 12/8/1892, baptized 4/2/1893, #1751

Taylor, Boynton Power, son of Andrew M. Taylor by his wife Ellen Ann, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/21/1866, baptized 10/2/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1107

Taylor, Elizabeth Isabella, daughter of Albert and Priscilla Taylor, teacher, residence 14 Pink Lane, born 9/23/1896, baptized 3/17/1897, #2211, page 167

Taylor, Elsie Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Taylor and Elizabeth his wife, planter, residence 92 East St Kingston, age 7 years, baptized 6/2/1895, #2002

Taylor, Ernestine, daughter of Louis Nathaniel and Lertina Amanda Taylor, brick layer, residence Kingston, born 4/8/1893, baptized 5/4/1893, #1758

Taylor, George Ernest, son of Philip and Georgiana Taylor, residence Kingston, born 2/6/1891, baptized 3/29/1891.

Taylor, Marie Antoinette, daughter of Thomas Taylor and Elizabeth his wife, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/7/1887, baptized 6/22/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1250

Taylor, Samuel Darling, son of Albert and Priscilla Taylor, residence Kingston, born 6/15/1894, baptized 9/2/1894, #1916

Terry, Ethel, daughter of Robert Terry and Margarite Jones, residence 52 Charles St Kingston, born 9/7/1888, baptized 9/18/1895 by A. Lambert , #2034

Thedosia Alberta, father and mother unknown, Rebecca Walk__ in charge of the child, say 14 months old, baptized 10/22/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1110

Theodore Nunes, son of William Allwood and Wilsa Gordon, mariner, residence 6 Maiden Lane, born 12/16/1887, baptized 12/4/1896, #2169

Thomas Cleveland, son of Alfred Saint and Agatha Tyndall, painter, residence 69 Love Lane, born 8/17/1896, baptized 9/16/1896, #2146

Thomas Loveridge, son of Robert Dudley and Margaret Elizabeth Barclay, letter carrier, residence Kingston, born 1/19/1891, baptized 3/8/1891.

Thomas, ____ise, child of Isiah Thomas and Ellen his wife, brick layer [rest of line blank] #3123

Thomas, Daniel Elias, son of James and Angelina Thomas, residence Kingston, born 4/27/1891, baptized 7/5/1891

Thomas, Frederick Augustus, son of Isaiah Thomas and his wife Ellen, residence 23 James St Kingston, born 5/2/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1692

Thomas, George Gilbert, son of George Nathaniel and Rebecca Thomas, cart driver, residence Browns Town Kingston, born 12/13/1893, baptized 2/4/1894, #1853

Thomas, Gertrude May, daughter of Isaiah and Ellen Thomas, bricklayer, residence 23 James St Kingston, born 6/8/1894, baptized 11/4/1894, #1929

Thomas, Isaiah Theophilus, son of Isaiah Thomas and Ellen Thomas, residence Kingston, born 6/5/1890, baptized 8/11/1890, #1482

Thomas, Ivanho Levi, son of Richard Augustus Thomas and Felicia his wife, pedlar, residence _5 Princess St Kingston, born 12/16/1894, baptized 4/21/1895, #1986

Thomas, Joseph Emanuel, son of James Thomas and Angelina his wife, Cook, residence Byndloss Lane, born 10/15/1895, baptized 1/5/1896, #2075

Thomas, Mabel Zayda and Ethelin Maud, twin daughters of James Thomas and his wife Angelina, pastry cook, residence 3 Byndloss Lane Kingston, born 7/24/1893, baptized 10/8/1893, #1816 and #1817

Thomas, Samuel Agustos, son of William Thomas and Elizabeth his wife, labourer, residence Smith Village, born 2/25/1894, baptized 5/13/1894, #1879

Thomas, Wilfrece Ranalda, child of Isiah Thomas and Ellen his wife, bricklayer, residence 2 Vincent Street B.? Town, born 4/5/1897, baptized 8/1/1897, #2250

Thompson, [name torn off], side of Alfonso Edward Thompson and Clara Evelyn his wife, schoolmaster, residence Brand? School, born 9/8/1899, baptized October 1899, #3117

Thompson, ___nsfield, child of Samuel W. Thompson and Johannah, blacksmith, residence _50 Smith Lane, born 6/22/1899, baptized 9/3/1899, #3108

Thompson, Adella, daughter of Benjamin and Susan Thompson, Carpenter, residence 109 Matthews Lane Kingston, 5 years old, baptized 6/24/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1079

Thompson, Daisy Lowe, daughter of Robert Thompson and Ellen his wife, Cook, residence Blenfort? Road, born 5/20/1897, baptized 7/11/1897 by J. D. Mann, #2246

Thompson, Eugenie Adassa, daughter of Robert Thompson and Ellen his wife, Cooke H.M.S., residence 3 1/2 Garrick Lane, born 12/13/1898, baptized 3/11/1899, #3051

Thompson, Eustace Constantine, son of Robert Thompson and his wife Ellen, Cook, residence 3 West Race Course, born 2/11/1896, baptized 4/12/1896, #2094

Thompson, Gladdis Agatha, daughter of Robert Thompson and Ellen his wife, Cook, residence 18 Chancery Lane Kingston, born 12/26/1894, baptized 2/10/1895, #1958

Thompson, Helen Louise, daughter of Alphonso Edward Thompson and Clara Evylin his wife, schoolmaster, residence 61 Gold St Kingston, born 7/19/1894, baptized 8/5/1894, #1910

Thompson, Isabella, parents dead, guardian Elizabeth Simmons, baptized 5/11/1886 by William Priestnal, #1077

Thompson, Leonard, son of Samuel H. Thompson and his wife Johana, blacksmith, residence 50 Smith Lane, born 7/29/1897, baptized 9/5/1897, #2261

Thompson, Owen McMartin, child of John and Eudora Thompson, Railway clerk, residence Scotland, born 3/28/1897, baptized 7/16/1896, #2241

Thompson, Sylvester Constantine, son of Samuel Thompson and Johanna his wife, blacksmith, residence 50 Smith Lane, Kingston, born 2/28/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1974

Thurwood?, Mellon? George, son of Mortimor and Rosamond Constantia Thurwood?, clerk, residence Allman town, born 10/21/1892, baptized 12/4/1892, #1722

Tibby, David Ezekiel, son of John Augustus Tibby and his wife Ellen Eliza, Butcher, residence 79 C Beeston Street Kingston, born 6/29/1891, baptized 11/1/1891

Tibby, Lilian Amanda, daughter of Augustus Tibby by his wife Ellen, residence Kingston, born 2/23/1893, baptized 5/7/1893, #1764

Todd, Eugenie Euphemia, daughter of Leopold Todd and Catherine his wife, tinsmith, residence 69 1/2 Beeston St. Kingston, born 4/27/1894, baptized 5/13/1894, #1881

Todd, Violet May, daughter of Leopold Todd and Ann, tinsmith, residence 90 King St, born 3/28/1898, baptized 5/8/1898, #2180

Trusher, Eli Jonathan, son of Samuel and Ann Trusher, residence 7 Charles St, Kingston, born 3/11/1891, baptized 9/6/1891

Tulloch, Ethel Blanche, daughter of John Tulloch and Isabella his wife, residence Kingston, born 9/28/1888, baptized 11/11/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1282

Tulloch, Louis Constantine son of John and Isabella Tulloch, servant, residence Kingston, born 1/15/1887, baptized 3/13/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1138

Tulloch, Maria Elizabeth, daughter of George Tulloch, mother unknown and dead, labourer, born 4/12/1894, baptized 1/1/1897, #2181

Turner, [name torn], child of Joseph Turner and Lillian Sophia his wife, clerk Young and C., residence Ingleton, Windward Road, born 1/12/1901, baptized 2/21/1901, #3247

Turner, Joseph Kenneth, son of Joseph and Lillian Turner, clerk, residence Rockfort Road, born 12/15/1895, baptized 2/11/1896, #2080

Turner, Lillian Hazel, daughter of Joseph and Lillian Turner, merchant, residence Rockfort Road, born 6/23/1897, baptized 8/13/1897, #2254

Turner, Violet May, daughter of Joseph and Lillian Turner, merchant clerk, residence Kingston, born 9/26/1893, baptized 11/16/1893, #1827

Turner, William George Adrian, son of William Rolp Turner and Alice Louisa his wife, clerk, residence Kingston, born 10/29/1889, baptized 12/4/1889, #1398

Turner, William, son of Joseph and Lillian Sophia Turner, draper's assistant, residence Kingston, born 8/22/1892, baptized 10/5/1892, #1709

Turpin, Evelyn May, daughter of Samuel and Caroline Turpin, machinist, residence Kingston, born 11/12/1893, baptized 1/7/1894, #1842

Turpin, Ivan, son of Samuel Turpin and Caroline his wife, machinist, residence 14 Beeston St, born 1/29/1896, baptized 2/28/1896, #2082

Turpin, Lin_a Evadne, daughter of Samuel and Caroline Turpin, fitter, residence 14 Beeston St, born/3/1898, baptized 5/11/1898, #2181

Tyndall, Cyril Constantine, son of Robert Tyndall and Eugenia Lamard, bricklayer, residence 52 Chestnut Lane Kingston (mother), baptized 8/17/1893, #1801

Tyrell, Miriam Lucille, daughter of Joseph Tyrell and Frances his wife, seaman, residence 7 West St, born 4/22/1896, baptized 6/7/1896, page 162.

Tyrill, Hilton Ivanhoe, son of Joseph Tyrill and Frances his wife, Seaman, residence 7 West St Kingston, born 12/27/1894, baptized 5/5/1895, #1991

Tyrrel, Euphasia Atholine, daughter of Charles Augustus and Dora Tyrrel, fruit merchant, residence Kingston, born 9/9/1886, baptized 9/10/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, # 1098


Una Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Samuel and Margarett James, labourer, residence 47 Oxford St, say 10 years old, baptized 4/30/1897, #2229

Uraoh Leoniese, son of Samuel Albert DaCosta and Maria DaCosta, Shoemaker, residence 5 West Race Course, Kingston, born 12/16/1892, baptized 2/17/1893, #1740

Uriah Alexander, son of Charles Johnson and Ethelin Grant, fisherman, residence Kingston, born 7/9/1893, baptized 10/6/1893, #1811

Uskin Washington, son of Theophilus Young and Isabella Powell, butcher, residence Kingston, born 4/8/1886, baptized 6/4/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1156


Valerie Clarinda, daughter of Charles A. Burton and Eliza Hutchinson, clerk, residence 5 Sutton St Kingston, born 9/14/1894, baptized 11/30/1894, #1940

Vassal, ____ Berderia, daughter of Edward and Ann Vassal his wife, labourer, residence Barnes Gully, born 6/23/1899, baptized 9/20/1899, #3116

Vassal, Albert Charles, son of Alexander and Rosetta Vassal, fireman, residence Kingston, born 3/22/1893, baptized 4/14/1893, #1754

Vassal, Alice Amanda Maud, daughter of Charles Alexander and Rosetta Christiana Vassal, Carpenter, residence Beeston Street Kingston, born 9/3/1889, baptized 10/6/1889, #1376

Vassal, Amy Beatrice, daughter of Alexander Vassal and his wife Rosetta Vassal, firemen, residence Sutton Street Kingston, born 9/6/1891, baptized 11/1/1891

Vassel, Mildred Viola, daughter of Charles Vassel and Rosetta his wife, residence 31 Beeston St. Kingston, born 1/18/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1971

Venetia Isynthe Ennimia, daughter of Reginald Ware and Elizabeth Francis, Shoemaker, residence at 14 Elletson Rd Kingston, born 7/9/1894, baptized 10/12/1894, #1924

Vera Maud, daughter of Henry Levy and Charlotte Robinson, planter, residence Passmore Town, born 2/10/1898, baptized 4/29/1898, #2313

Vernal, Egbert George Constantine, son of George and Argarther Vernal, labourer, residence 18 Rose Lane, born 12/17/1898, baptized 2/5/1899, #3045

Verner, Bertha C. Devonia, daughter of Joseph Verner and Amanda his wife, farmer, residence Watker? Street Rae Town, born 8/30/1896, baptized 10/11/1896, #2151

Vernon Timothy, son of Joseph Timothy Ford by Rosa Ann Graham, painter, residence Kingston, born 9/16/1890, baptized 1/1/1891.

Victorine Elizabeth, daughter of Hilton Trotman and Leah Hill, teacher, residence 153 Water Lane, born 9/1/1898, baptized 12/2/1898, #3032

Vincent Alexander, son of Aaron Willock and Rosela Service, coachman, residence Kingston, Born 7/25/1892, baptized 9/2/1892, #1703

Vincent Reuben, son of Adolphus Jubison and Christiana James, musician, residence Haywood St. Kingston, born 12/22/1899, baptized 3/2/1900, Coke Society #3159

Violet Adel Itetia?, daughter of Charles Maxwell and Eliza Boyden, cigar maker, residence 51 Regent St Kingston, born 5/21/1892, baptized 6/17/1892, #1680

Vosper, Ruby Gertrude, daughter of Harry and Mary Vosper, engineer, residence Kingston, born 12/28/1892, baptized 3/6/1893, #1742


Wade, Archibald Edwin, son of Samuel Johnson Wade and Arabella his wife, Dockyard, residence 3 1/2 Wild Street, Kingston, born 4/15/1900, baptized 5/11/1900, #3183

Waite, Calmeta Eugenia, daughter of John Waite and Sarah at his wife, Carpenter, residence 95 Church St., born 9/28/1899, baptized 2/16/1900, Coke Society #3158

Waldron, Mabel Maud, daughter of Joseph and Frances Waldron, shipwright, residence 5 Oxford Street, born 5/14/1894, baptized 6/21/1894, #1898

Waldron, Malcolm Henry, son of Joseph and Frances B. Waldron, ship carpenter, residence 5 Oxford St, born 2/12/1897, baptized 4/10/1897, #2224

Waldron, Miriam Iona, daughter of Joseph and Frances Waldron, residence 5 Oxford St, born 10/8/1889, baptized 11/7/1889, #1389

Walker, Hepzibah, daughter of Thomas and Jane Walker, Mason, residence 45 Smith Lane Kingston, an adult, born 3/22/1856, baptized 6/5/1894, #1887

Wallen, Vincent Everard Edward, son of James M. and Susannah Wallen, planter, residence Mavis Bank in Port Royal mountains, born 4/13/1887, baptized 7/8/1887 by S. Spratt, #1162

Walter Augustus, son of John McFarlane and Caroline Gordon, brick layer, residence Kingston, born 4/10/1888, baptized 6/22/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1248

Walter George, son of George Balfour and Fanny Pringle, ship steward, residence 6 John's Lane, born 4/13/1896, baptized 4/30/1897, #2230

Walters, Frederick Benjamin, son of Joseph and Frances Hethburn Walters, residence Kingston, born 8/13/1889, baptized 11/10/1889, #1386

Walton, Thomas Purcell William Gerard, son of Thomas Purcell Walton and Eugenia Maria Walton his wife, Customs officer, 155 S. King St, Kingston, born 12/10/1899, baptized 2/12/1900, Coke Society #3156

Walwin Erasmus, son of Joseph Ezekiel and Leveannah Simmons, residence Port Royal, born 12/29/1889, baptized 2/2/1890, #1416

Ware, Louisa Venetia, daughter of ----- Ware (dead) and Margaret Ware, residence 37 Bond St, born January 1896, baptized 5/21/1896, #2106

Warner, Cyril John and Sylvia Hillaria, the twin children of William Branch Warner and Ellen Eliza his wife, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/6/1888, baptized 11/4/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1277 and #1278

Warren, Ethel Maud, daughter of Edward Warren and Ellen his wife, Joyner, residence 5 1/2 Nuttal Street, born 12/19/1896, baptized 2/7/1897, #2195

Watkis, ___el child of John Watkis and Maria Watkis his wife, labourer, residence _23 Beeston St, born 5/20/1899, baptized 9/15/1899, #3110

Watkis, Catherine Adina, daughter of John L. and Maria A. Watkis, pastry, residence Allman Town, born 5/3/1894, baptized 6/10/1894, #1893

Watkis, Francis Maud, daughter of John S. Watkis and Emelia his wife, pastry cook, residence 23 Beeston St., born 9/3/1896, baptized 12/6/1896, #2171

Watkis, Wesley Wellington, son of John L. and Maria A. Watkis, residence Kingston, born 4/20/1891, baptized 7/12/1891.

Watson, Gwendoline Rosetta, daughter of Samuel and Cleopatra Watson, Constable, residence 143 King St Kingston, born 5/6/1894, baptized 6/10/1894, #1892

Wauck??, Fulton Augustus, son of William Wauck? by his wife Eliza, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/2/1886, baptized 7/8/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1081

Weguelin? Thomas Olin, son of Thomas Weguelin? By his wife Theodosia, residence Kingston, born 10/28/1887, baptized 1/8/1888 by Archibald Taylor, #1199

Weir, Adolphus, son of Adam and Mary Anne Weir, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 5/31/1886, baptized 9/12/1886 by M. Barker, #1096

Weir, Linda Lilly Viola, daughter of Adam Weir and Mary Ann his wife, Baker, residence Barry Street, born 1/8/1901, baptized 3/10/1901, #3252

Welch, Samuel Victor, son of Smart Samuel Welch by his wife Ada Welch, residence Kingston, born 1/2/1888, baptized 2/12/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1208

Whightman, Adline May, daughter of William Whightman and Semamas? his wife, residence Kingston, born 11/15/1888, baptized 3/3/1889, #1309 [see Wightman]

White, ___ May, daughter of Wilfred Whiyte and Sarah A. White, bricklayer, residence 48 Charles St, born May 8, baptized November 1900, #3231.

White, Beatrice, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth White, residence 56 Oxford St, born 2/13/1890, baptized 4/14/1890, #1438

White, Catherine Ethelliel, daughter of Joseph Augustus White by his wife Catherine Elethia, Carpenter, residence Kingston, baptized 8/16/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1353

White, Charles Smeeton, son of Ebenezer White and his wife Cecelia, planter, residence Red Hills, St. Andrew, born 9/24/1891, baptized 4/17/1892, #1668

White, Cleveland Elias, son of Henry and Rebecca White, residence Kingston, born 6/16/1891, baptized 7/12/1891

White, Eltily Albertha, daughter of Wilfred White and his wife Saraline, bricklayer, residence W. Queen St Kingston, born 3/8/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1978

White, Gertrude Myrtle, daughter of Henry and Rebecca White, Carpenter, residence 70 John's Lane Kingston, born 5/23/1893, baptized 7/9/1893, #1786

White, Hugh George, son of John H. and Elizabeth White, labourer, residence 8 Wellington St, born 1/10/1899, baptized 4/2/1899, #3055

White, Murcott Aconald, son of Henry White and Rebecca his wife, residence _01 West Street, born 12/14/1897, baptized 2/6/1898, #2298

White, Samuel Emanuel, son of Samuel Bascomb White and his wife Ruth Augusta, residence Kingston, born 9/12/1888, baptized 10/7/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1272

White, Wilcox Augustus, son of Wilfred A. White and Sarah Ann White, bricklayer, residence 26 Johns Lane, born 3/11/1896, baptized 8/2/1896, #2132

Wightman, Minnie Evelyn, daughter of William and Semiramis Isabel Wightman, residence Friendship Pen Kingston, born 5/1/1890, baptized 7/6/1890, #1471

Wiles, John Gilbert, son of John Gilbert Wiles by his wife Henrietta, coachman, residence 108 Rum Lane, born 4/26/1896, baptized 6/5/1896, #2109

Wiles,_____ May, daughter of John G. Wiles and Henrietta his wife, coachman, residence Nugent Lane, born 1/27/1898, baptized 3/6/1898, #2306

Wilford Manasa, son of Frederick Tavares and Jane Williams, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 9/20/1890, baptized 11/21/1890.

Wilfred Wriston, son of John A. Patrick and Alice M. Zinck, blacksmith, residence 26 Oxford St, born 11/21/1897, baptized 2/4/1898, #2292

Wilfred, son of William Bunting and Charlotte Penso, residence Kingston, born 9/4/1890, baptized 9/23/1890.

Wilhelmina Letitia, daughter of John Bernard and Georgiana Robinson, labourer, residence 38 Rose Lane, born 4/21/1896, baptized 10/2/1896, #2149

Willacey, ___ice Maud Victoria, daughter of Henry A. and Frances Willacey, clerk at asylum, residence Potters Row RT, born 12/30/1898, baptized 4/21/1899, #3058

Williams, ____ Constantia, Child of Henry L. Williams and Charlotte his wife, Carpenter, residence _02 East Street, born 7/20/1899, baptized 9/3/1899, #3107

Williams, ____may, child of John Jay Williams and E. Williams, boot maker, residence 27 Gold St, born 8/15/1900, baptized 11/4/1900, # 3233.

Williams, ___mas Nathaniel, son of William Patrick Williams and Susan his wife, Gardiner, residence New Town, Kingston, born 2/22/1900, baptized 1900, Coke Society #3163

Williams, Adrian Lemuel, son of Alexander Augustus and Sarah E. Williams, shopkeeper, residence Spanish Town Road, born 9/25/1896, baptized 1/27/1897, #2190

Williams, Amy Maud, daughter of Alexander P. Williams and Beatrice his wife, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 2/16/1894, baptized 3/25/1894, #1869

Williams, Charles Anselmo, son of Alexander Agustas and Sarah Williams, residence Kingston, born 4/8/1891, baptized 7/5/1891.

Williams, Daisy Louise, daughter of Lucius and Christiana Williams, dispenser, residence Falmouth Trelawny, born 5/4/1900, baptized 5/24/1900, #3187

Williams, Emmanuel, son of Michael and Adelaide Williams, soldier, residence 132 King St, born 12/25/1896, baptized 2/25/1897, #2201

Williams, Eveline Elvira, daughter of John Isaac Williams by his wife Ethel, Shoemaker, residence 69? Smith Lane, born 11/23/1894, baptized 2/3/1895, #1956

Williams, Florence Blanche, daughter of Alexander Williams and Beatrice his wife, Carpenter, residence 27 Wildman St, born 3/30/1896, baptized 5/3/1896, #2102

Williams, Frank Leslie, son of Elisha Williams and Susan Williams, Butcher, residence 27 Luke Lane, born 2/18/1897, baptized 4/2/1897, #2217

Williams, Geraldine Maude, Mrs. Louisa Bennett guardian, labourer, residence _7 Johns Lane, 3 1/2 months old, baptized 5/6/1898, #2318 (numbered 2178)

Williams, Gladys Ann Maria, daughter of George and Caroline Williams, residence St. Andrew, born 4/27/1891, baptized 6/7/1891.

Williams, Henry Balfore, son of Henry L. Williams and Charlotte his wife, Carpenter, residence 102 East St Kingston, born 12/19/1894, baptized 2/3/1895, #1952

Williams, John O_____und, son of John Isaac Williams and Ethel his wife, boot maker, residence Gold Street born 3/31/1899, baptized 7/2/1899, #3086

Williams, Lena May, daughter of Henry Williams and Charlotte his wife, Carpenter, residence 102 East St, born 8/6/1896, baptized 9/6/1896, #2144

Williams, Leslie Bunting, child of John J. Williams and Ethel his wife, book maker, residence 19 Smith Lane, born 1/14/1897, baptized 4/4/1897, #2219

Williams, Lillian Maud, daughter of John Isaac Williams by his wife Ethel, Shoemaker, residence 26 James St Kingston, born 4/18/1893, baptized 7/2/1893, #1782

Williams, Madeline Blanche, daughter of Alexander Augustus and Sarah Emln. Williams, painter, residence 49 Chestnut Lane Kingston, born 3/17/1893, baptized 6/26/1893, #1780

Williams, Miriam Deborah, daughter of David Cammock Williams and Annie, labourer, residence _6 North St, born 12/5/1899, baptized 2/2/1900, #3149

Williams, Rosa Melfena, daughter of David Williams by Ella Olivia Williams, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 11/20/1890, baptized 1/30/1891.

Williams, Virginia, daughter of John and Mary Williams, Gardener, residence 35 Wellington Street Kingston, born 8/18/1892, baptized 5/6/1894, #1875

Willmut, Uriah Altamont, son of James and Rebecca Willmut, residence St. Andrew, born 1/21/1890, baptized 4/13/1890, #1437

Wilson, Amanda Isabelle, adult, residence Kingston, baptized 12/15/1890.

Wilson, Beatrice, daughter of Charles Wilson by his wife Penelopy [Penelope?], residence 15 Bread Lane Kingston, born 3/6/1892, baptized 4/10/1892, #1664

Wilson, Esolyn, child of David and Mary Wilson, residence Rock Cottage, St. Mary's Parish, born 8/10/1895, baptized 11/25/1895, #2057, page 160.

Wilson, Ethelind Maud, daughter of John and Henrietta Wilson, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 2/16/1888, baptized 5/25/1888 by William Baillie, #1237

Wilson, Harold Alexander, son of Charles Augustus Wilson by his wife Urselena, residence Beckford Street, Kingston, born 6/24/1891, baptized 8/4/1891.

Wilson, Joscelyn Edgar, son of Charles A. Wilson by his wife Urselina, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 9/8/1888, baptized 1/4/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1295

Wilson, Julian Francella, daughter of Gilbert Wilson and Dorley his wife, engine driver, residence Kingston, born 1/17/1889, baptized 6/10/1889, #1337

Wilson, Mabel Belinda, daughter of James and Celestine Wilson, compositor, residence Kingston, born 1/5/1887, baptized 3/13/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1139

Wilson, Percival, son of Joseph Wilson and Hagar his wife, blacksmith, residence 47 Foster Lane, born 10/31/1895, baptized 12/8/1895, #2067

Winnifred Ethelda, daughter of Nathaniel Wright and Mary Jane Lee, compositor, residence Kingston, born 2/16/1887, baptized 4/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1143

Woolfreys, Eric Olive?, son of Harold Woolfreys and Adeline Maud Bartlett, CGC? Customs, residence 11 Parade, Kingston, born 8/3/1893, baptized 9/3/1893, #1805

Wright, ___ira Byolda, daughter of William Wright and Rebecca his wife, labourer, residence Clarence Town, born 7/9/1899, baptized 8/6/1899, #3101

Wright, Id__? Agustine, child of William Wright and his wife Ann Wright, Carpenter, residence __2 Post? Lane, born 3/1/1895, baptized 5/12/1895, #1996

Wright, James Samuel, son of Lewis and Henrietta Wright, labourer, residence 84 1/2 North Street, born 12/26/1898 baptized 2/5/1899, #3043

Wright, Lustina Iomey, daughter of William Wright by his wife Ann Campbell, residence 41 Rum Lane, Kingston, born 4/18/1891, baptized 9/13/1891

Wright, Nathaniel Alexander, son of William and Ann Elizabeth Wright, Carpenter, residence Fish Lane Kingston, born 4/27/1893, baptized 7/9/1893, #1784


Xarepha Veronica, daughter of Nathaniel McQuin and Rosana Uter, clerk, residence Kingston, born 11/15/1892, baptized 12/9/1892, #1725


Young, __bert Bodolph, son of Henry A. Young and Elizabeth his wife, Tailor, residence 3 Wildman St, born 12/7/1897, baptized 2/6/1898, #2297

Young, Archibald, son of Henry Augustus Young and his wife Elizabeth, Tailor, residence _8 Upper West Street, born 1/18/1900, baptized 4/15/1900, Coke Society #3175

Young, Erminie Deborah, daughter of Henry Young and his wife Elizabeth, Tailor, residence Slipe Pen Road Kingston, born 6/24/1895, baptized 8/4/1895, #2026


Zachariah J______, son of Egerton Phillips and Imogene Iffla, speculator, residence 7 1/2 Tower Street born 12/27/1897, baptized 7/5/1898 by Caleb Reynolds, #2191

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