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From Jamaica Archives, 5/60/1/2

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HEADINGS:  Child's name; Father's & Mother's names; Father's trade; Residence; When born; When baptized; By whom.

--- = blank in register
_________ = illegible, torn, or faded

Date format: Month/Day/Year

(1) In this Register of Baptisms, the entries started with the given name of the child (not the surname) followed by the full names of the parents. This order has been followed here, except when the surname of the child was evident from the Register.  In that case, the child's surname is listed first.
(2) The pages of the Register from 1899 to 1902 were often torn on the sides, and displayed possible water damage.  The entries have been transcribed as far as possible.
(3) Baptisms numbered #1274 to #1313 were identified in the Register as being at Coke Chapel, as well as a few that are noted here as being at the "Coke Society" in the Coke Chapel Circuit according to the Register.



Keating , Ethel Maud, daughter of Andrew and Ellen Keating, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 1/11/1887, baptized 4/17/1887 by William Priestnal, #1147

Kelly, _____eline, child of William Kelly and Esther his wife, Carpenter, residence 48 Duke St, born 4/23/188?, baptized 1900, Coke Society #3164

Kelly, Charles Benjamin, son of Francis and Amelia Kelly, store man, residence Slipe Pen Road Kingston, born 10/14/1894, baptized 12/2/1894, #1944

Kelly, Lewis Matthew, son of Robert and Catherine Kelly, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 8/26/1893, baptized 10/1/1893, #1814

Kerr, Lilian Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Kerr and Isadora Chambers, bricklayer, residence 51 Luke Lane Kingston, born 5/12/1893, baptized 9/1/1893, #1804

Kerr, Miriam Eliza, daughter of Joseph Kerr and Isadore his wife, bricklayer, residence St. Andrews, born 10/29/1899, baptized 12/3/1899 by Charles C. Wallace, #3141

Kerr, Murdina? Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Kerr and his wife Elizabeth, bricklayer, residence 57 Luke Lane Kingston, born 7/29/1895, baptized 9/1/1895, #2031

Ketura Adina, daughter of Samuel Brian and Olivia Barnett, labourer, residence 166 Orange St, born 5/11/1897, baptized 12/30/1897, #2278

Keturah Euphemia, daughter of Isaac Leopold Lopez and Maria Louisa, cigar maker, residence 46 Tent? Lane Kingston, born 4/9/1893, baptized 8/4/1893, #1794

Knuby, Amy Isilda, daughter of Charles A. Knewby and Rebecca, residence Oxford Street Kingston, born 4/9/1892, baptized 6/5/1892, #1674


Lachland, Eugenia Louisa, daughter of Charles M. and Mary Ann Lachland, Prison Officer, residence Kingston, born 11/1/1892, baptized 12/4/1892, #1721

Laforest, Varville Eustace, son of Boyer Laforest and Lydia Imogene, clerk, residence 73 George's Lane, born 1/2/1902, baptized 1/28/1902

Laird, ___ Icilla, daughter of Thomas A. Laird and Lucilla his wife, blacksmith, residence 1 Banna? Street, Passmore Town, born 2/8/1898, baptized 3/6/1898, #2307

Laird, Kethurah Cassandra, daughter of Thomas A. and Lucillia T Laird, blacksmith, residence Passmore Town, born 10/1/1894, baptized 12/2/1894, #1942

Lamb, Ivy Merle, daughter of George J. Lamb and his wife, Wesleyan minister, residence Beeston Street, baptized 8/7/1898, #2199

Lambert, Stella Emilie, daughter of Achilles and Nathalie Lambert, Wesleyan minister, residence Coke House, born 2/14/1897, baptized 3/17/1897, #2210

Lamont, Leslie Arthur, son of Leopold Lamont by his wife Laura Amanda, merchant clerk, residence 181 Princess St, Kingston, born 6/8/1893, baptized 8/3/1893, #1795

Lamos, Alfred Augustus, son of Alfred A. Lamos and his wife Alice C., grocer, residence Rae Town, born 1/7/1894, baptized 3/11/1894, #1859

Lamos, Amabel Gwendoline, daughter of Alfred Augustus Lamos and his wife Alice Catherine, residence Kingston, born 10/19/1892, baptized 11/13/1892, #1718

Lamos, Esme Florence, daughter of Alfred Lamos and Alice his wife, ship contractor, residence Magret Street B. T., born 10/21/1899, baptized December 1899, #3142

Lamos, George Hamilton, son of Alfred Lamos and Alice his wife, Green grocer, residence 19 Marguerite St RT [Rae Town?], born 5/14/1895, baptized 7/14/1895, #2019

Lamos, Harold Leopold, son of Alfred Lamos and Catherine his wife, Green grocer, residence Marguerite Street RT, born 11/9/1896, baptized 12/13/1896, #2178

Lamos, Henied Haizel, child of Alfred and Alice Lamos, greengrocer, residence 19 Margaret St Rae Town, born April 1898, baptized 6/12/1898, #2186

Landron, Adriana Cecelia, daughter of Thomas Landron and Georgiana Brodie, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/20/1888, baptized 2/24/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1213

Lasley, Cordelia Maria, daughter of William and Maria Lasley, labourer, residence 8 New Lane Kingston, born 2/26/1890, baptized 4/4/1890, #1431

Laud, James Theophilus, son of Thomas Augustus Laud and his wife Lucellia F., residence Passmore Town Kingston, born 6/18/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1693

Laudman, Lillan?, child of Lewis Charles Harris Laudman by his wife Leonora, commercial clerk, residence 40 Harbour St Kingston, born 4/8/1892, baptized 1/18/1894, #1846

Launcelot Lorenzo, son of Louis Jackson and Edith Maud Howell, clerk, residence Kingston, born 6/16/1891, baptized 8/2/1891

Laurence, Matheral Tinson, son of Alfred Laurence and Selena Gordon, Baker, residence 37 Foster Lane Kingston, born 3/28/1892, baptized 6/17/1892, #1682

Lauter, William McKenzie, adult, clerk, baptized 1/3/1897, #2184

Lawrence, Everil Noeline, child of Michal Henry Lawrence and his wife Caroline, accountant clerk, residence The Deanery, St. Andrew, born 12/6/1891, baptized 3/6/1892, #1647

Lawrence, Hilda, daughter of R. S. Lawrence and Margarett his wife, Constable, residence 16 Church St, born 8/16/1898, baptized 10/2/1898, #3016

Lawrence, Lindsay Harrington, child of Richard Henry Lawrence and Caroline Maria his wife, clerk, residence St. Andrew, born 8/26/1888, baptized 11/11/18 88 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1284

Lawton, Ernest Cleveland, son of Alexander and Clara Beatrice Lawton, clerk, residence 11 Parade, Kingston, baptized 8/5/18--, #1806

Leanora Augustine, daughter of Alexander Garel and Rebecca Boscoa, Carpenter, residence Linstead, born 1/4/1881, baptized 2/13/1890, #1423

Leanora Urselina, daughter of Ben Sherwood and Elisabeth Robinson, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 10/27/1887, baptized 12/30/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1195

Leanora, daughter of James Davis and Eliza Simmons, planter, residence St. Catherine, about 12 years of age, baptized 6/5/1891.

Lederar, Linda Altime Louise, daughter of Ellis Alexander Lederar and his wife Mary Altime, merchant, residence Arlington Lodge St. Andrew, born 4/10/1889, baptized 8/22/1818 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1331

Lee, Eugenie Agatha, daughter of Francis Lee by his wife Mary, brick layer, residence Kingston, born 5/7/1889, baptized 8/8/1889 by Thomas M. Davis, #1350

Lee, Samuel, son of William Evans and Elizabeth Lee, labourer, residence Kingston, born 4/29/1891, baptized 5/29/1891

Lefranc, Beatrice Lucille, daughter of John Lefranc by his wife Mary Emily, accountant, residence Kingston, born 7/19/1889, baptized 8/21/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1354

Legree, Bell Helene, daughter of Peter Alex.  Legree and Lillian Elizabeth his wife, Carpenter, residence 5 Church St., born 7/26/1900, baptized 11/15/1900 by A. W. Geddes, #3235

Leila Isilda, daughter of William Albury and Margaret Jones Norman, compositor, residence 58 1/2 Luke Lane Kingston, born 10/17/1889, baptized 12/1/1889, #1394

Leila Maud, daughter of A. Bogle and Ruth Brown, merchant, residence 18 Maiden Lane, born 2/28/1899, baptized 3/28/1899, #3053

Leland Constantine, presented by Dora E. Tyrell, residence 22 Sutton St, born 10/16/1900, baptized 11/30/1900, #3236

Lemard, Gwaneth Maud, daughter of Alexander Lemard and Alexandrina his wife, Tailor, residence 2 West Street, born May 6, baptized 1900, #3200

Lemard, Willell Mina, daughter of Alexander Lemard and his wife A.  Lemard, shopkeeper, residence 102 West St, born 7/30/1898, baptized 9/4/1898, #3006

Lena Oliva, daughter of John William and Margaret Reid, residence 139 Barry St Kingston, born 2/14/1889, baptized 4/7/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1317

Lennan, _____ Chandos, son of Edward Lennan by his wife Zipporah, machinist, residence Kingston, born 10/25/1893, baptized 12/17/1893, #1837

Lennan, Alfred Herman, son of ------ Lennan by his wife, machinist, residence Kingston, born 6/1/1891, baptized 7/7/1891.

Lennan, Asnol Nevell, son of Edward Lennan and his wife Zipporah Grey, Superintendent Sailors Home, residence 42 Church St, born 9/10/1895, baptized 10/9/1895, #2048

Lennan, Stanhope Ludlow, son of Edmund Lennan by his wife Zipporah, machinist, residence Kingston, born 6/1/1891, baptized 7/7/1891.

Leodora Agatha, daughter of John Tibby and Margaret Williams, Butcher, residence 62 Easton St. Kingston, born 7/4/1889, baptized 9/26/1889, #1372

Leon, Ethel Louise, daughter of Augustus and Rebecca Leon, residence Spanish Town, born 12/28/1892, baptized 5/7/1893, #1760

Leonard Caleb, son of Peter Anderson and Annie Hinds, residence 120 Princess St, born 3/5/1898, baptized 9/30/1898, #3015

Leonora Jarrett, daughter of Charles Francis and Ann Hart, Constable, residence Kingston, born 12/22/1875, baptized 6/14/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1157

Lesilva, Cassella Ugenia, daughter of R. Lesilva and Mary LeSilva, Carpenter, residence 42 Wildman St, born 6/1/1895, baptized 7/7/1895, #2013

Lesley, Joby? Constantine, child of James T. Lesley and Rebecca his wife, stevedore, residence North Street, born 5/21/1899, baptized 7/2/1899, #3087

Leslie Devereux, child of Albert E. DeMarcado and Alice C. Barrett, mechanic engineer, residence 70 Johns Lane Kingston, born 4/22/1894, baptized 5/4/1894, #1874

Letitia Adora, daughter of John Campbell and Mary Jane Johnson, residence Kingston, born 1/3/1888, baptized 2/14/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1211

Leveridge, Louis Blake, son of Philip Leveridge and Margarett Reid, Constable, residence 93 Matthews Lane, born 1/11/1896, baptized 2/28/1896, #2089

Levi Leopold, son of Albert Thomas and Elizabeth Miller, bus driver, residence 77 Luke Lane, born 10/15/1896, baptized 12/24/1896, #2180

Levy, Estella Keturah, daughter of Robert Ernest Levy by his wife Margarett, painter, residence Kingston, born 1/29/1887, baptized 4/10/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1145

Levy, Irene Orinthia and Miriam Cordelia, twin children of Robert and Margaret Levy, residence Kingston, born 9/20/1889, baptized 11/10/1889, #1384

Levy, Julia Catherine, daughter of Alfred Alexander and Julie Catherine Levy, builder, residence Swallowfield St. Andrew, born 2/21/1887, baptized 3/8/1887 by William Priestnal, #1136

Lewin, ____ Robertus, son of Robertus E. Lewin and Rosetta his wife, Doctor of medicine, residence 6 1/2 Love Lane, born 1/10/1901, baptized tools/14/1901, #3247

Lewis, ___ __onald, child of Charles Lewis and Lydia his wife, residence 3 Hart St, born 5/10/1899, baptized 6/27/1899, #3080

Lewis, __mentina Isabel, daughter of William A. and Ann Eliza Lewis, labourer, residence St. Elizabeth, born March 1888, baptized 4/28/1899, #3059

Lewis, DeMontmorency, child of Charles and Lydia Lewis, Mason, residence Kingston, born 3/7/1888, baptized 4/26/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1234

Lewis, Lena Maud, daughter of Charles and Lydia Lewis, brick layer, born 10/17/1895, baptized 11/10/1895, #2055

Lewis, Lillian Beatrice, daughter of Charles and Lydia Lewis, brick layer residence in Kingston, born 3/2/1890, baptized 7/10/1890, #1472

Lewis, Mina Josephine, daughter of Alfred Lewis and Rebecca Lewis, Tailor, residence 78? Rum Lane, born 4/26/1901, #3275

Lewis, Simeon Lucien, son of Charles and Lydia Lewis, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 9/30/1892, baptized 11/18/1892, #1719

Lillian Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Walker and Mary Ann McAnnuff, Tide waiter, residence Kingston, born 11/4/1889, baptized 6/10/1890, #1463

Lillian Isabell Beatrice, daughter of Zaccheus Quest and Mary Thompson, Constable, residence Kingston, born 4/26/1890, baptized 6/15/1890, #1464

Lillian Lovice?, daughter of Samuel Dixon and Gertrude L. Smith, Carpenter, residence 33 James St, born 12/5/1896, baptized 2/5/1897, #2192

Lillian Mabel, daughter of Lucas Comerie and Alice McPherson, Constable, residence 29 1/2 Beeston Street, born 8/9/1899, baptized 11/3/1899, #3128

Linda Louise, daughter of Simeon J. Mattison and Eudora Sawyers, Carpenter, residence Victoria Street, Smith Village, born 8/7/1899, baptized 9/1/1899, #3105

Linderson, Rachel Josephine, daughter of David Linderson and Ann Sterling, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 8/16/1890, baptized 10/21/1890.

Lindsay, Charles Lunian? Isaih, son of John Wolmer Lindsay and Mary Ann his wife, bricklayer, residence 22 Bond St, born 12/24/1898, baptized 3/11/1899 , #3050

Lindsay, Lillian Maude, daughter of John W. Lindsay and Mary Ann his wife, bricklayer, residence 13?  E. Queen St., born 9/20/1900, baptized 3/10/1901, #3251

Lionel Henry, son of Frederick Webster and Caroline Miller, shipwright, residence 15 Rose Lane, born 3/18/1899, baptized 6/2/1899, #3071

Lionel Theoles?, parents unknown, a foundling in charge of Mrs. J. Campbell, residence 105 Church St., baptized 12/3/1897, #2279

Lorraine, Christopher, son of George Augustus and Annabella Lorraine, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 12/7/1886, baptized 1/5/1887 by William Priestnal, #1124

Louis Alexander, son of Louis Lindo and Cordelia Muir, storekeeper, residence 66 Oxford St, born 2/6/1884, baptized 1/1/1897, #2182

Louis Gilford, son of Walter George Patrick and Mary Jane Dunker, bricklayer, residence 9 Bread Lane, born 10/12/1896, baptized 10/30/1896, #2163

Louisa Emily, daughter of George Galloway and Ann Phillips, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/28/1886, baptized 8/31/1886 by William Priestnal, #1091

Lowe, Abraham [? torn] John, son of Joseph John Lowe and Leanora his wife, tinsmith, residence 22 1/2 Rum Lane, born 12/4/1898, baptized 1/24/1899, #3040

Lowe, Anna May, daughter of Thomas Lowe and his wife Alice, residence 12 Rum Lane Kingston, born 5/19/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1689

Lowe, Ella Maude, daughter of Joseph John Lowe and Leanora his wife, tinsmith, residence 22 1/2 Rum Lane, born 1/7/1897, baptized 3/9/1897, #2206

Lowe, George Emanuel, son of Joseph John and Leonora Lowe, residence Rum Lane Kingston, born 3/8/1890, baptized 5/4/1890, #1449

Lowe, John Myers, son of Joseph John and Leonora Lowe, tinsmith, residence Kingston, born 1/15/1893, baptized 4/2/1893, #1749

Lowe, Julianna Lettice, daughter of Joseph John Lowe and Leonora his wife, tinsmith, residence 22 1/2 Rum Lane Kingston, born 6/20/1895, baptized 8/4/1895, #2025

Lowe, Westlake Kingate, son of Thomas Lowe and Alice his wife, Shoemaker, residence 12 Rum Lane Kingston, born 1/18/1895, baptized 10/6/1895, #2046

Lucilda Adina, daughter of Obadiah Parker and Sophia Little, Carpenter, residence 24 James St Kingston, born 11/20/1899, baptized 3/2/1900, Coke Society #3160

Luther George Augustus, son of Enos Charles Jones and Edith Georgiana Gayle, planter, residence Browns Town Kingston, born 2/11/1894, baptized 5/25/1894, #1884

Luther Rodricus, son of Luther Emanuel and Retenella Ambrosina Forth, residence Spanish Town Road Kingston, born 4/5/1889, baptized 8/4/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1348

Luther Samuel, son of Augustus Burns and Jane Smith, Tailor, residence 38 Matthew, born 11/5/1896, baptized 2/26/1897, #2202


M____ Cassandra, daughter of David Alexander Aikin and Maria Louise Lewis, blacksmith, residence Rae Town, born 3/13/1898, baptized 6/3/1898, #2182

Mabel Adella, daughter of Louis Lay and Frances Manahan, clerk, residence Kingston, born 8/21/89, baptized 10/6/1889, #1374

Mabel Beatrice, daughter of Charles Wilson and Zilla Ramsay, cutter, residence 2 Chestnut Lane, born 11/27/1896, baptized 2/5/1897, #2191

Mabel Elfreda, daughter of Alfred Alexander Bradshaw and Estella Greensword, butcher, residence Kingston, born 10/8/1892, baptized 12/30/1892, #1731

Mabel Lillian, daughter of Joseph Cowan and Constance Elizabeth Johnson, penkeeper, residence St. Elizabeth, born 7/26/1888, baptized 10/7/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1274

Mabel Veronica, daughter of Alexander Goldson and Agatha Smith, Shoemaker, residence 12 Spanish Town Road, Kingston, born 7/16/1893, baptized 10/12/1893, #1815

MacPherson, Lachlan Eccles, son of Colin Campbell and Margaret Ann MacPherson, moulder, residence 43 King St, born 1/12/1896, baptized 5/1/1896, #2101

Madden, ____ ___ter, child of Joseph Madden and his wife Jane, tinsmith, residence _52 Charles St, born 8/16/189_, baptized October 1899, #3118

Madden, Alice Elizabeth, daughter of Albert Charles Madden and Sarah his wife, residence Hannahs Town Kingston, born 6/11/1890, baptized 8/3/1890, #1475

Madden, Ethel Maud, daughter of Joseph Madden by his wife Jane, residence 133 West St Kingston born 3/3/1892, baptized 4/17/1892, #1666

Madden, Hezekiah Leopold, son of Albert Charles and Sarah Madden, residence 13 Drummond St Kingston, born 5/30/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1691

Madden, Joseph Daniel, son of Joseph W. Madden and Jane Madden, tinsmith, residence 133 West St, born 3/31/1894, baptized 6/3/1894, #1888

Madden, Louisa Isabell, daughter of Joseph Madden and Jane his wife, tinsmith, residence 133 West St Kingston , born 10/2/1895, baptized 12/18/1895, #2065

Madden, Luther George, son of Joseph Madden and Jane his wife, tinsmith, residence 133 West St, born 11?/10/1897, baptized 12/5/1897, #2281

Maloney, Thomas Wilfred, son of William Edward Maloney and his wife Susan, clerk, residence 7 Steph St Allman Town, born 2/16/1896, baptized 4/12/1896, #2095

Manby, Daisy Belle, daughter of John Mortimer and Alice M. Manby, cigar maker, residence E. Queen St., born 7/25/1897, baptized 9/30/1897 by Caleb Reynolds , #2264

Marchell, Charles Altona, son of Charles and Esther Marchell, labourer, residence Kingston, born 8/26/1893, baptized 10/1/1893, #1812

Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Sewel and Elicia Gardiner, her guardian is Rebecca Martin of Coke, planter, Guardian's residence West Street, age about eight years, baptized 6/9/1899, #3074

Margarett Thomazine, daughter of David Young and Martha Ricketts, Carpenter, residence 18 Kingston Lane, born 6/22/1898, baptized 9/30/1898, #3013

Margarett, daughter of John Davis and Margarett, planter, residence St. Ann's, born 1891, baptized 11/29/1895, #2061

Maria Louise, daughter of Charles Connell and Elizabeth Parker, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/11/1888, baptized 6/12/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1245

Mariana, daughter of Robert Forbes and Elizabeth Fenton, shipwright, residence Kingston, born 7/6/1889, baptized 9/18/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1370

Marie Isabelle Mat___, the child of Emily Meirs, student, residence Kingston, born 5/7/1888, baptized 6/22/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1249

Marie Louise, daughter of Welburn James and Mary Ann Smith, residence Kingston, born November 1890, baptized 2/1/1891.

Markens?, Daphne Evadne, daughter of Arthur J. Markens? and his wife Sarah Rebecca, bricklayer, residence _3 1/2 Maiden Lane Kingston, born 3/5/1895, baptized 5/12/1895, #1995

Marks, Henry Nathaniel, son of Edward Marks and Elizabeth Moulton, labourer, residence Kingston, born 1/15/1894, baptized 3/20/1894, #1866

Marshal, John Wesley, son of John A. and Rosa Marshal, residence Kingston, born 11/13/1889, baptized 9/2/1890, #1422

Marshall, ____ld Constantine, Child of Charles Marshall and Esther Marshall, labourer, residence 14 Pink Lane, born 12/29/1899, baptized 2/2/1900 by Ernest G. Cooke, #3151, page 181

Marshall, Bertha Eugenia, daughter of John Marshall and Louisa his wife, bookseller, residence 14 Luke Lane Kingston, born 10/11/1891, baptized 12/14/1891, #1630

Marshall, Frances Ann, daughter of John A. Marshall and his wife Rosa, clerk, residence 53 Pink Lane Kingston, born 5/4/1894, baptized 6/21/1894, #1897

Marshall, Rosa Dixon, daughter of John A. Marshall by his wife Rosa, watchman, residence Kingston, born 3/1/1892, baptized 4/1/1892, #1660

Marshall, Sarah Matilda, daughter of J. A. Marshall and Rosa his wife, trader, residence 53 Pink Lane, born 3/6/1897, baptized 4/18/1897, #2227

Marshall, Victor Hugo, son of John Adam Marshall by Rosa his wife, labourer, residence Kingston, born 7/5/1887, baptized 8/23/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1174

Martha Louise, daughter of Thomas Brodbing and Isabel Ann Thornley, clerk, residence 141 Princes St Kingston, born 4/23/1890, baptized 6/8/1890, #1457

Martin, Adrian Stanhope, son of Edward Martin and Anita Young, labourer, residence 123 Princess St, born 11/22/1896, baptized 3/2/1898, #2304

Martin, Bechom? Alphonzo, Child of Alexander Ogle Martin by his wife Roselle, Constable, residence 20 Wildman St Kingston, born 12/11/1893, baptized 5/4/1894, #1872

Martin, Cypril Percival, son of Alexander and Roseta Martin, Constable, residence 28 Sligo St, Kingston, born March 8, baptized 1900, #3196

Martin, Gertrude Myribel, daughter of Alexander and Rosaline Martin, Constable, residence Browns town, born 3/8/1896, baptized 7/12/1896, #2126

Martin, Ida Maud, daughter of Joseph and Ellen Martin, residence Clifton, St. Andrew, born 1/5/1890, baptized 3/2/1890, #1426

Martin, Rosalie (named Morris) and adult, born 3/22/1872, baptized 10/6/1895, #2047
Martin, Selvyn, son of ___ Martin and Mary his wife, labourer, residence Rose Lane, Kingston, born June 7, baptized 1900, #3198

Martin, Theobald, son of Alexander O. Martin and his wife Roslyn, Coach painter, residence 5 W? Road, born 4/17[or 19]/1898, baptized 10/9/1898, #3019

Mary Ann, daughter of George Graham and Nancy Thompson, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 10/11/1888, baptized 11/16/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1286

Mary Jane Elizabeth, daughter of ---- Ballin and Elizabeth Lewis, labourer, residence 36 Church St, born 11/6/1890, baptized 8/11/1896, #2136

Mary Matilda and Cathaham Llewellyn, the twin children of Alfred A. Levy by Eliza Fitch, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 10/2/1888, baptized 10/17/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1275 and #1276

Mary Penelpy, baptized by Archibald Taylor, #1201

Maryan Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Mayhew and Isabella Graham, labourer, residence 52 1/2 Water Lane, born 4/4/1883, baptized 11/12/1897, #2275

Mason, Alexander, son of Samuel and Felicia Mason, residence Kingston, born 3/13/1888, baptized 6/3/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1238

Mason, Harold Vauld, son of Joseph B. and Princess Elizabeth Mason, Hackney carriage driver, residence 95 Luke Lane Kingston, born 6/30/1894, baptized 8/12/1894, #1912

Matilda Georgianna, daughter of James B. Bryan and Cecelia Gabbin, residence Kingston, born 8/8/1889, baptized 9/3/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1359

Matilda, daughter of Henry Gentle and Rebecca Henry, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 10/4/1890, baptized 1/31/1891.

Matteson, Gabriel, child of William Matteson by his wife Frances, labourer, residence 21 Pink Lane Kingston, born 3/28/1894, baptized 7/13/1894, #1903

Matteson, Nathaniel Augustus, son of William and Frances Matteson, stevedore, residence Kingston, born 1/31/1889, baptized 5/31/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1335

Matthews, Sarah Jane, daughter of William and Ann Matthews, labourer, residence 9 Bread Lane, born 8/22/1889, baptized 3/31/1890, #1430

Matthews, Standford Eugene, son of Arthur J. Matthews by his wife Sarah, brick layer, residence 13 1/2 Maiden Lane, born 9/17/1896, baptized 10/20/1896, #2154

Matthews, Vibert? Leopold, son of Arthur J. Matthews and Sarah his wife, bricklayer, residence 13 1/2 Maiden Lane, born 10/9/1898, baptized 12/11/1898, #3037

Mattison, Alexander and George, twin sons of William and Frances Mattison, sailor, residence Kingston, born 10/17/1886, baptized 2/4/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1129 and 1130

Maud Adina, daughter of Jacob Ingram and Elizabeth German, Baker, residence Rose, born 2/22/1897, baptized 3/30/1897 by A. Lambert, #2215

Maud Mercella, daughter of Joseph Archer and Maud Price, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/22/1892, baptized 12/9/1892, #1724

May Viviana, daughter of James Llewellyn and Catherine Samms, car motor man, residence Passmore Town, born 5/13/1899, baptized 8/13/1899, #3104

McCarthy, Inasio Francisco, son of David McCarthy and Ethel his wife, Carpenter, residence 72 North St, born 12/17/1896, baptized 2/7/1897, #2198

McCoy, Ida May, daughter of Samuel and Susan Elizabeth McCoy, store man, residence Kingston, born 2/26/1893, baptized 4/26/1893, #1756

McCoy, Randolph Augustus and Rennie Phillip, twin sons of Stephen James McCoy and Elizabeth his wife, labourer, residence 61 West St, born 7/24/1898, baptized 11/6/1898, #3024 and #3025

McDermott, Constantine Augustus, son of Walter McDermott and his wife Sarah, residence 5 Oxford St, born/28/1892, baptized 8/14/1892, #1698

McDermott, Edith Elizabeth, daughter of Thaddeus Alexander McDermott and Jane his wife, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 12/17/1890, baptized 1/9/1891.

McDermott, Leopold Theophilus, son of Walter McDermott and his wife Sarah Ann, bricklayer, residence Hannah's Town, born 9/7/1893, baptized 10/18/1893, #1821

McDonald, William Nathaniel, son of William McDonald and Josephine his wife, stevedore, residence Kingston, born 11/13/1888, baptized 12/2/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1289

McDowell, James, son of James Alexander and Isadora Wilson, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/10/1893, baptized 10/1/1893, #1813

McIntyre, Edward P., son of Philip McIntyre by his wife Abigail, residence Kingston, born 8/17/1887, baptized 1/8/1888 by Archibald Taylor, #1197

McKay, Geraldine Amanda, daughter of Stephen William McKay by his wife Elizabeth, labourer, residence Kingston, born 8/13/1892, baptized 9/26/1892, #1708

McKay, Rupert Randolph, son of ____st McKay and Eugenia his wife, residence Rose Lane, Kingston, born June 18, baptized 1900, #3199

McKee, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen James McKee and Elizabeth his wife, labourer, residence Kingston, born 1/12/1894, baptized 3/5/1894, #1857

McKenzie, Elverine Lysilla, daughter of Edward Lynch McKenzie and Elizabeth his wife, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 1/12/1893, baptized 3/5/1893, #1741

McLachlin, Charles Alexander, son of Charles and Mary McLachlin, trader, residence 21 Smith's Lane Kingston, born 11/11/1894, baptized 12/18/1894, #1947

McLean, Cecil Arthur Vivian, son of Charles McLean by his wife Mary, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 7/24/1891, baptized 9/13/1891

McLean, Edna Louise, daughter of Charles McLean and Sarah Whittaker, planter, residence 37 Peter's Lane Kingston, born 10/30/1894, baptized 12/24/1894, #1946

McQuin, Horace Egerton, son of Emanuel Horatio McQuin and Margaret Emanuel his wife, manager of Brickyard, residence Kingston, born 11/12/1889, baptized 12/3/1889, #1396

McQuin, Ivanhoe Innocence?, son of Charles Nathaniel McQuin by his wife Albertina, clerk, residence Kingston, born 7/30/1890, baptized 8/15/1890, #1484

Medora Ianthe, daughter of Nathaniel Cephas and Mary Black, seller of dry goods, residence 2 Oxford Street, born 12/11/1896, baptized 3/5/1897, #2203

Melephant, Jestina, daughter of Charles Melephant and Rebecca Brown, Butcher, residence Kingston, born 4/12/1886, baptized 7/14/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1083

Melrella?, child of Joseph Garlan and Henrietta Smith, Carpenter, residence 29 Love Lane Kingston, born 1/29/1894, baptized 3/11/1894, #1858

Mena, Willoughby George, son of John and Sarah Mena, clerk, residence Grey Town, born 8/3/1889, baptized 1/23/1891.

Mendes, Edley Norman, son of Ebenezer W. Mendes and his wife Emily Ambrozene, storekeeper, residence 10 Wildman St Kingston, born 8/17/1894, baptized 10/7/1894, #1923

Mendes, Elethia Ione, daughter of Ebenezer Worthington Mendes by his wife Emily Imogene, clerk, residence Kingston, born 8/26/1887, baptized 10/9/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1185

Mexil, Hermann Alphonso, son of Peter Joseph Mexil and Ellen Agatha Drysdale, Tailor, residence Allman Town, born 2/13/1893, baptized 6/2/1893, #1774

Mighty, Imogine, daughter of Thomas and Louisa Mighty, residence Kingston, born 6/10/1891, baptized 8/9/1891

Mildred May Louisa, daughter of Ralph Henry Bentori and Margaret Deuramaeder?, Carpenter, residence 12 Gold St Kingston, born 4/28/1894, baptized 6/13/1894, #1896

Miles, Madrian Mabel, daughter of Thomas and Ellen Miles, planter, residence 147 Princess St, born 6/29/1896, baptized 8/27/1896, #2140

Miles, O__lsudo? Elijah, son of Thomas and Ellen Miles, planter, residence St. Thomas, born 3/18/1898, baptized 8/19/1898, #3002

Miller, Alice Beatrice, daughter of James and Charlotte Miller, residence 49 Maiden Lane Kingston, born 2/28/1889, baptized 7/2/1889, #1340

Miller, Ernest Albert, son of James and Virginia Miller, residence Kingston, born 6/14/1888, baptized 8/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1259

Miller, Gladdis May, daughter of Obadiah Miller and his wife Eugene, labourer, residence 4 Rose Lane Kingston, born 6/24/1895, baptized 8/4/1895, #2028

Miller, Harold, son of Obadiah and Emma Miller, Carpenter, residence Rose Lane Kingston, born 4/17/1893, baptized 9/10/1893, #1809

Miller, Rosannah, an adult, baptized 3/4/18 88 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1214

Mills, Alexander Elijah, son of Albert Mills and Ellen his wife, planter, residence Morant Bay, born 3/11/1898, baptized 10/2/1898, #3017

Mills, Gertrude Theodosia, daughter of Thomas Mills and his wife Henrietta, residence Kingston, born 4/18/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1688

Mills, Iran Orasia, child of Thomas and Ellen Mills, planter, residence Kingston, born 4/25/1894, baptized 8/5/1894, #1908

Mills, Mabel Walberga, daughter of William and Catherine Mills, Mason, residence Kingston, born December 1886, baptized 3/23/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1141

Mills, Rathelena, daughter of Obadiah Mills and Emma and his wife, labourer, residence 4 Rose Lane, born 12/28/1899 [sic], baptized 5/8/1898 by Charles C. Wallace, #2319 (numbered 2179)

Minna Louise, daughter of Wilford Walker and Eugenie Taylor, Carpenter, residence 14 Sutton St, born 10/17/1898, baptized 12/2/1898 by Caleb Reynolds, #3031

Minto, Alice Maud, daughter of Joseph Minto and Roanah his wife, Baker, residence 12 West St Kingston, born 8/1/1895, baptized 9/8/1895 by A. Lambert, #2036

Mirabella Constantia, daughter of Hubert Bennett and Elizabeth Walters, blacksmith, residence 20 Pink Lane Kingston, born 3/14/1892, baptized 8/12/1892, #1695

Miriam Adassa, daughter of George Agustus Belcher and Ellen Elizabeth Davis, office messenger, residence Kingston, born 2/19/1889, baptized 4/23/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1323

Miriam Constantia Passley, daughter of Charles Lepeire and Virginia Francis Knight, Tailor, residence Colon, born say in 1884, baptized 4/20/1893, #1755

Miriam Elfreda, daughter of Philip Wallace and Blanche Johnson, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 2/26/188?, baptized 4/10/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1225

Miriam Felicita, daughter of Caleb Foster and Catura Francis, Baker, residence 5 1/2 W. Queen St, born 7/13/1896, baptized 10/29/1896, #2157

Miriam Louise, daughter of Joseph Clemenston and Christina Grant, Carpenter, residence 24 Chancery Lane, born 7/13/1896, baptized 11/8/1896, #2166

Miriam Lucinda, daughter of Edward Waters and Ella Church, labourer, residence Kingston, born 4/4/1887, baptized 9/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1177

Miriam Maud, daughter of James Gillings and Eugenia Lemard, painter, residence Kingston, born 3/27/1891, baptized 6/12/1891

Mitchel, Alexander, son of John Mitchel and Grace Ann his wife, letter carrier, residence Slipe Pen Road, born 9/21/1896, baptized 12/6/1896, #2170

Mitchel, Ethel Maud, daughter of Levi Mitchel and -----, residence Kingston, born 9/22/1889, baptized 12/25/1889, #1406

Mitchell, Owen Stanley, son of Charles and Ida Mitchell, residence Kingston, born 10/12/1892, baptized 11/13/1892, #1717

Mitchell, Philip Norman and Martha Adina, twin children of W. Mitchell and his wife Elizabeth, residence Kingston, born 5/1/1894, baptized 9/9/1894, #1917 and #1918

Mollah, Viola Naomi, daughter of Zachariah and Drusilla Mollah, residence Kingston, born 3/7/1893, baptized 5/14/1893, #1768

Montgomery, Blanche Saporia, daughter of Daniel Montgomery and Sarah his wife, painter, residence 18 Kingston Lane, born 3/1/1896, baptized 7/8/1896, #2124

Montgomery, Guen Lyon, child of Daniel? and Sarah Montgomery, painter, residence Kitchens' Lane, born 6/27/1898, baptized 9/9/1898, #3008

Montgomery, John Philip, son of Daniel Montgomery and Sarah his wife, residence Kingston, born 11/22/1889, baptized 12/18/1889, #1405

Montgomery, Ruth Eliza, daughter of Daniel W. Montgomery and his wife Sarah W. Montgomery, painter, residence 18 Kingston Lane, Kitchens Land, born 12/2/1893, baptized 1/17/1894, #1845

Moodie, Archibald Thomas Augustus, son of Leopold Augustus Moodie and Elizabeth A. Palmer, coachman, residence 13 Humber? Lane, born 4/4/1898, baptized 11/3/1898, #3023

Morgan, _____ Washington, child of William Morgan and Emily Morgan, labourer, residence James Street, born 4/11/1899, baptized 8/4/1899, #3095

Morgan, Amey Witmore, daughter of James Benjamin Morgan and Caroline his wife, Tailor, residence Church Street Kingston, born 3/24/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, # 1976

Morgan, Aubrey Emanuel, son of David Morgan and his wife Adelaide, Carpenter, residence 9 Pink Lane, born 3/4/1895, baptized 6/2/1895, #2003

Morgan, Cecil Theophilus, son of David and Adelaide Morgan, Carpenter, residence 19 Upper Regent St, born 1/20/1899, baptized 5/7/1899, #3061

Morgan, Eustace Wilberforce, son of David E. Morgan and Adelaide his wife, Carpenter, residence 9 Pink Lane, born 1/2/1897, baptized 4/4/1897, #2220

Morgan, Evelyn Maud, daughter of David Emanuel and Adelaide Victoria Morgan, residence Kingston, born 3/4/1893, baptized 5/7/1893, #1761

Morgan, Lilla Catella, daughter of William Morgan and his wife Sarah, Carpenter, residence 21 Beeston St, born 7/11/1898, baptized 11/13/1898, #3028

Morgan, Michael Charles, son of William and Sarah Morgan, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/5/1893, baptized 11/5/1893, #1823

Morgan, Miriam Llewelyn, daughter of James Morgan and Caroline his wife, Tailor, residence 145 Orange St, born 5/31/1897, baptized 8/1/1897, #2252

Morgan, Rosannah, daughter of William and Sarah Ann Morgan, residence 9 E. Queen St, Kingston, born 11/3/1891, baptized 1/10/1892, #1635

Morgan, William, son of William Morgan and Sarah his wife, Groom, residence 11 Harbour St, born 2/17/1896, baptized 6/14/1896, page 162.

Morrell, Gladys Ianthe, daughter of Cecil Izzet Morell by his wife Margarett Adela, coach builder, residence Allman Town, born 5/15/1894, baptized 7/27/1894, #1905

Morrell, Rosalinde Inez, daughter of Cecil Izette Morrell and Margaret Adella his wife, Coach builder, residence 10 Arnold Road, born 8/25/1895, baptized 11/7/1895, #2054

Morris, Wellington Ottniel, son of James and Jane Morris, store man, residence 4 Love Lane, born 2/3/1899, baptized 4/2/1899, #3054

Morrisad, Princess, an adult, residence Kingston, baptized 3/30/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1219

Moulton, Joseph Rodger, son of Charles R. Moulton by his wife Rose Ann, Shoemaker, residence 104 Oxford St, born 11/3/1896, baptized 11/22/1896, #2168

Moulton, Luther George, son of Charles R. Moulton and his wife Rosannah A. Moulton, Shoemaker, residence 104 Oxford St,  born 9/3/1893, baptized 1/16/1894, #1844

Mowatt, ___ Lurline, daughter of H. C. Mowatt and Hannah his wife, Baker, residence _28 Rum Lane, born 4/23/1899, baptized 8/6/1899, #3100

Mowatt, Ethel Maud, daughter of Henry and Hannah Mowatt, residence Kingston, born 11/14/1890, baptized 2/8/1891.

Mowatt, Florence Cuff, daughter of Henry C. Mowatt by his wife Hannah, Baker, residence 28 Rum Lane, born 9/29/1897, baptized 12/22/1897, #2284

Mowatt, Hannah Eulalie, daughter of Henry Theophilus Mowatt and Hannah Matilda his wife, residence 28 Rum Lane Kingston, born 10/3/1889, baptized 12/8/1889, #1401

Mowatt, Henry Oswald, son of Henry and Hannah Mowatt, Baker, residence Kingston, born 1/29/1893, baptized 4/9/1893, #1752

Mowatt, Ina Louise, daughter of Henry and Hannah Mowatt, Baker, residence 28 Rum Lane Kingston, born 11/16/[1894?], baptized 1/13/1895, #1950

Mowatt, Sewel Bancroff, son of Henry Mowatt and Hannah his wife, Baker, residence 28 Rum Lane, born 4/18/1896, baptized 8/2/1896, #2131

Muir, Henry Gladstone, son of Henry Muir and Ellen his wife, seaman, residence 4 West Street, born 4/14/1899, baptized 5/26/1899, #3070

Mullins, Hannah, father unknown, mother Mary Ross, Margaret Welch guardian, residence Kingston, born 5/8/1885, baptized 4/15/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1146

Munro, Cecil Phillip, son of Philip Emanuel Munro by his wife Rachel, druggist, residence Kingston, born 7/2/1886?, baptized 11/3/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1113

Munroe, Elma Louisa, daughter of Jane Ann Garrick and George Munroe, printer, residence Kingston, born 12/15/1887, baptized 2/5/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1303

Munroe, Gladys Fitz-Maud, daughter of Andrew and Maryann Munroe, residence 155 Princes St Kingston, born 9/9/1891, baptized 12/1/1891, #1626

Munroe, Nehemiah Elisha, son of William Munroe and Ellen his wife, labourer, residence Clarence Ville, born 5/6/1899, baptized 7/11/1899, #3090

Muriel Blanche, daughter of Samuel Augustus Moore and Leonora Cathcart, clerk, residence 4 D. Fleet Street Kingston, born 6/11/1894, baptized 11/9/1894, #1936

Myers, Edith Kethura, daughter of Charles Christopher and Marian Elizabeth Myers, residence Kingston, born 2/26/1893, baptized 4/2/1893, #1748

Myra, daughter of William Dennis and Caroline, residence Kingston, born April 1883, baptized 4/12/1891.


Naomi Albertina, daughter of Alfred Reed and Ann Cadien, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/1/1892, baptized 4/22/1892, #1669

Naomi Aquila, daughter of Daniel Barclay and Aneta Henry, bricklayer, residence Slipe Road, born 1/11/1899, baptized 8/4/1899, #3096

Naomi Constantia, daughter of Phillip Bryan and Alice Harley, fisherman, residence 27 Bread Lane Kingston, born 8/17/1894, baptized 11/30/1894, #1939

Naomi Keturah, daughter of James Johnston and Esther Gordon, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 10/4/1893, baptized 12/6/1893, #1831

Nash, ____ Walter, son of Percival Nash and Frances Staple, labourer, residence Mrs. L. E. Cox's house Brentford Road, born 7/21/1899 baptized 11/28/1899 #3136

Nathan, Elvira Amanda, daughter of Nicholas Baron Nathan and Rebecca his wife, Walter Police, residence 8 Princess St Kingston, born 2/7/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1979

Nathaniel, Wilhelmina Albertha, daughter of Adonijah Nathaniel and Matilda at his wife, labourer, residence 13 Luke Lane, born 11/10/1900, baptized 3/10/1901, #3249

Nathaniel, son of Charles Newman and Maria Williams, residence Kingston, born 3/18/1888, baptized 11/6/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1285

Nation, Arthur Abraham, son of Charles Nation and his wife Sarah, horse dealer, residence Allman Town, born 12/17/1896, baptized 1/18/1897, #2185

Nation, Edward? Charles, son of Charles Nation and his wife Sarah, cabman, residence Kingston, born 6/11/1892, baptized 8/14/1892, #1697

Nation, Gertrude Leolina, daughter of Henry and Sarah Nation, horse dealer, residence Allman Town, born 1/25/1894, baptized 4/3/1894, #1855

Nation, Hubert James, son of Charles Agustus Nation and Sarah his wife, dealer in horses, residence Kingston, born 11/20/1890, baptized 12/4/1890.

Newby, Alethea Alicia, daughter of Robert A. and Ella Newby, residence Kingston, born 8/8/1889, baptized 12/1/1889, #1395

Newell, David Uriah, son of David Uriah Newell by his wife Elizabeth, residence Kingston, born 7/11/1888, baptized 8/28/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1263

Newland, Arthur George, son of George Newland and Rosannah his wife, Carpenter, residence 24 Matthews Lane Kingston, born 3/8/1894, baptized 4/1/1894, #1870

Newland, child [name torn off] of George Newland and Rose his wife, Carpenter, residence 124 Matthews Lane, born 7/17/1899, baptized 11/18/1899, #3135

Newland, Doris Lillias, daughter of George Newland and his wife Rosanah, Carpenter, residence 124 Matthews Lane Kingston, born 5/15/1895, baptized 8/4/1895, #2027

Newland, Edith Evangeline, daughter of Frederic and Esther Newland, labourer, residence Rum Lane, born 3/4/1896, baptized 5/28/1896, #2108

Newland, Frederick Leonard, son of Frederick Newland and Lesther his wife, labourer, residence 51 Beeston St., born 4/16/1897, baptized 6/13/1897, #2235

Newland, Gladdis Mae, daughter of Frederick Newland and Esther his wife, labourer, residence 6?7 Beeston Street, born 9/13/1898, baptized 10/9/1898, #3018

Newland, Ida Maud, daughter of Dyer and Alice Newland, shop man, residence 124 Matthews Lane, born 2/24/1895, baptized 4/5/1895, #1966

Newland, Naomi Adasa, daughter of Fredrick Newland and Esther his wife, labourer, residence Rose Lane Kingston, born 1/12/1895, baptized 4/14/1895, #1981

Newly, Agatha Matilda, daughter of Robert Newly by his wife Ella, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/30/1891, baptized 9/11/1891

Newman, Vere Egerton Efrala, son of Mordecai and Dora Newman, cigar maker, residence Hamburg Lane Kingston, born 2/25/1895, baptized 5/10/1895, #1993

Newness, Ruth Henrietta, daughter of William and Henrietta Nunes, Carpenter, residence 16 Elletson Rd, born 5/26/1898, baptized 8/12/1898, #3000

Norman, Charles Nathaniel, son of William and Isabella Norman, residence Kingston, born 5/4/1888, baptized 8/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1255

Norman, Clifton Albury, son of William A. Norman by his wife Margaret Jones, painter, residence Kingston, born 6/20/1887, baptized 7/28/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1169

Nunes, Albert Power, son of William and Harriett Nunes, residence Kingston, born 9/27/1887, baptized 2/14/1888 by Thomas Geddes, #1210

Nunes, Alfred Banton, son of Thomas J. Nunes and Susan his wife, labourer, residence Kingston, born 6/7/1898, baptized 8/5/1898, #2197

Nunes, Alice Marina, daughter of Jose Ramon and Alice Alethea Nunes, photographer, residence Kingston, born 4/18/1891, baptized 5/20/1891.

Nunes, Alice Maud, daughter of William and Harriet Nunes, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/11/1891, baptized 5/15/1891.

Nunes, Heloise Rosina Angela, daughter of Jose Ramon Nunes by his wife Alice Alethia, photographer, residence Kingston, born 8/2/1887, baptized 9/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1175

Nunes, Naomi Beatrice, daughter of William and Harriett Nunes, Carpenter, residence 16 Upper Elletson Road, born 4/15/1895, baptized 7/8/1895, #2016

Nunes, Olivia Isabell, daughter of Isaac Nunes and Mary Ann his wife, labourer, residence Kingston, born 5/11/1890, baptized 7/10/1890, #1474

Nunes, Oswald Ramon son of Jose Ramon and Alice Alethia Nunes, residence 28 Duke St Kingston, born 9/1/1889 [or 9/10] , baptized 10/24/1889, #1381

Nunes, Samuel Hopton, son of William Nunes and Harriet his wife, Carpenter, residence 16 Elletson Rd, born 5/7/1899, baptized 8/10/1899, #3097

Nunes, William Rennie?, son of William and Harriett Nunes, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 5/13/1893, baptized 10/30/1893, #1822


Octavius Constantine, son of Evelyn Hall and Mary Guest, Carpenter, residence 45 Rose Lane Kingston, born 4/15/1895, baptized 7/5/1895, #2011

Oliphant, Hubert Alexander, son of Alexander Oliphant by his lawful wife Nancy, Carpenter, residence Kingston, baptized 9/23/1890.

Oliver Alexander, son of Alexander McCook and Roseta Wynter, upholsterer, residence Kingston, born 1/31/1888, baptized 4/13/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1228

Omega Pancets?, child of John McLean and Eliza Butler, fitter, born 4/30/1898, baptized 9/2/1898, #3004

Oscar Rudolf, son of William Campbell and Eugenia Davis, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 6/9/1887, baptized 8/23/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1173

Osman Augustus, son of Wilford Thompson and Alice Elizabeth Walker, labourer, residence Kingston, born 12/25/1891, baptized 3/17/1892, #1654

Osmond Augustus, son of Robert Beecham [or Bucham?] and Alice Louise Reid, father's trade unknown, residence 68 Laws St, born 8/15/1898, baptized 9/30/1898, #3012

Oughton, Marie Jessica, residence 61 West St, adult, born 1/30/1877, baptized 8/28/1896, #2138


Palmer, Henry, son of Henry and Ann Elizabeth Palmer, planter, residence Kingston, born 11/22/1887?, baptized 9/10/1893, #1810

Panton, Hubert, son of Edward Panton and Clementina Mitchell, bus driver, residence 10 Kingston Lane Kitchens Land, born 4/18/1894, baptized 7/31/1894, #1906

Panton, Linnette Louisa, daughter of George Bryan and Adelaide Euphemia Panton, clerk, residence 34 Orange St, born 9/1/1896, baptized 11/8/1896, #2165

Parker, ---- Alberta, daughter of Charles Parker and Cecelia Bradley, planter, residence Bread Lane, guardians Rebecca Chaves, Elizabeth Bradley, and George Rickett, born 11/23/1998, baptized 1/30/1899, #3041

Parker, William Alfred, son of Alexander and Naomi Parker, Shoemaker, residence 59 Charles St Kingston, born 8/8/1893, baptized 11/5/1893, #1824

Parkinson, Constance Redby, daughter of Randolph Parkinson and Martha his wife, accountant, residence 139 East St, born 3/17/1900, baptized 5/22/1900, #3185

Parkinson, Gertrude Evadne, daughter of Emanuel George Parkinson by his wife Christiana Rebecca, mariner, residence Kingston, born 12/13/1887, baptized 1/18/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1204

Parkinson, Lucy Fanai?, daughter of Randolph Parkinson and his wife Marina, born 11/11/1895, baptized 1/5/1896, #2076

Parkinson, Millicent Randolph, Child of Randolph A. C.  Parkinson and Martha Llewellyn his wife, accountant, residence 9 Geffrard Place, born 8/16/1898, baptized 10/12/1898, #3020

Parks, Harriet Maud, daughter of Daniel Parks and Isabella Blanch, labourer, residence New Green, Manchester, an orphan about 13 years old, baptized 5/29/1891.

Pascal, Zillah Eugenie Constantia, daughter of John Pascal by his wife Amanda, mariner, residence Kingston, born 3/7/1894, baptized 3/21/1894, #1867

Patrick, Hilda Maud, daughter of Walter George Patrick and Mary Jane Danks, bricklayer, residence 5 Wellington Street Smith Village, born 1/18/1895, baptized 6/14/1895, #2008

Patterson, Angus Lenryl Vernel, son of Alexander and Ella Patterson, residence Kingston, born 2/21/1893, baptized 5/14/1893, #1769

Patterson, Esmie Mercades, daughter of Herbert Patterson and his wife Ella, brick layer, residence 28 Chestnut Lane Kingston, born 12/23/1894, baptized 3/3/1895, #1960

Pearce, Alda Mildorah, daughter of Isaac Augustus and Matilda Pearce, residence Allman town, born 8/10/1890, baptized 9/7/1890.

Pearson, Vernon Clive, son of Enos Alexander Pearson and Elma his wife, coach builder, residence Rum Lane Kingston, born 12/9/1894, baptized 2/3/1895, #1955

Pearson, Vincent, son of Enos Alexander Pearson by his wife ___Louisa [entry faded], coach builder, residence 13 Rum Lane Kingston, born 9/20/1893, baptized 12/15/1893, #1839

Peat, Cecil Randolph, son of Frederick and Venus Peat, residence Allman Town, born 10/15/1890, baptized 1/4/1891.

Peat, Lilly Viola, daughter of Frederick Nathaniel and Venus Elizabeth Peat, residence Prince Albert Street Allman Town, born 3/14/1889, baptized 8/4/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1349

Peat, Mary Helen Casandra, daughter of Frederick N. and Venus Elizabeth Peat, upholsterer, residence 44 Harbour St Kingston, born 7/1/1894, baptized 9/2/1894, #1913

Penso, Vivian Estelle, daughter of Henry Penso by his wife Charlotte, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 9/3/1886, baptized 9/29/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1104

Percival William Augustine, son of Ira Oughton Clarke and Rosa A. Rose, clerk, residence 7 Wildman Street, born 10/23/1895, baptized 12/14/1895, #2070

Pernal Elwood, son of Alexander Brown and Rhoda McKoy, Constable, residence 52 1/2 Waters Lane Kingston, born 9/7/1895, baptized 11/29/1895, #2060

Peters, Maria Elizabeth, daughter of William and Ann Peters, labourer, residence Old Harbour, aged 7 years, baptized 4/20/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1231

Philemon Leslie, son of Alexander McKenzie and Caroline Bunting, planter, residence Oxford Street, born 11/3/1892, baptized 8/4/1893, #1793

Phillips, Ivanho Dunheath?, son of Mortimer Phillips and Alice Walker, Carpenter, residence 14 Sutton St Kingston, born 1/5/1895, baptized 4/5/1895, #1969

Phillips, James Emanuel, son of Benjamin Reid Phillips and Louisa Ann his wife, residence Kingston, born 1/8/1882, baptized 6/3/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1240

Phillips, James, son of Alfred and Louisa Phillips, tailor, residence Kingston, baptized 6/3/1888, #1243

Phillips, James, son of Alfred and Louisa Phillips, Tailor, residence Kingston, baptized by Thomas M. Geddes, #1296

Phoebe Ann, daughter of Emanuel Brooks and Elizabeth Hunt, planter, residence Swallowfield, born 8/2/1885, baptized 3/4/1894, #1854

Pitt, Miriam Elizabeth, daughter of George and Jane Emily Pitt, residence Kingston, born 8/12/1891, baptized 10/4/1891

Pointer, ___ussilla Amanda, daughter of Jonathan Pointer and Leonora, shop keeper, residence _ 8 West St, born 6/14/1899, baptized 8/13/1899, #3103

Pointer, James Mattis, son of Jonathan and Leanora Pointer, residence 178 Tower St Kingston, born 6/3/1889, baptized 6/19/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1339

Polson, Aston Stephen Whitfield, son of John Miller Polson by his wife Louisa Rowden, accountant, residence Kingston, born 6/16/1890, baptized 7/10/1890, #1473

Polson, Lyskeen Ehlers [or Elileos], son of John Miller Polson by his wife Louise Rowden, accountant, residence Kingston, born 11/5/1888, baptized 1/2/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1294

Polson, Rose Isabella, daughter of John Miller Polson by his wife Louise Rowden, accountant, residence Kingston, born 11/30/1886, baptized 1/22/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1128

Pomelia Estora, daughter of Henry Thompson and Maria Louisa Philpotts, Cabinet maker, residence 26 James St Kingston, born 4/8/1895, baptized 5/31/1895, #1999

Portero, Claud Andrew, son of Thomas Prince Portero and Ambrosine Portero, journalist, residence 42 East St Kingston, born 3/31/1895, baptized 7/7/1895, #2014

Powel, Estelda Aquilla, daughter of Henry and Angelina Powel, born 7/31/1889, baptized 10/13/1889, #1378

Powell, Cyril Aston, son of Henry Powell and Angelina his wife, Carpenter, residence 3 Rosemary Lane, born 6/29/1896, baptized 8/9/1896, #2134

Powell, Olanza Rudolph, son of Henry Powell and Angelina Powell, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/24/1888, baptized 4/3/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1222

Poynter, Jonathan, son of Joseph Jonathan and Ursula Poynter, shopkeeper, residence 80 West St, born 9/9/1896, baptized 9/17/1896, #2147

Price, Adeline Eudosia, daughter of Albert Price and Ruth his wife, brick layer, residence 8. Wellington Street, born 8/18/1895, baptized 10/11/1896, #2153

Price, Bernard Milton, son of A. E. Price and his wife Ruth, bricklayer, residence H. Wellington Street B. T., born 8/26/1899, baptized 10/8/1899 by Ernest G. Cooke, #3124

Price, Cyril Norman, son of Joseph Benjamin Price and his wife Jane Elizabeth, accountant, residence Kingston, born 11/28/1889, baptized 12/25/1889, #1407

Price, Esmeralda Euphemia, daughter of Albert Ernest and Ruth Adeline Price, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 9/21/1890, baptized 11/9/1890.

Price, Malcome Emanuel, son of Alfred Price by his wife Jane, shipwright, residence Kingston, born 7/16/1887, baptized 9/11/1887 by M. Barker, #1180

Prince, Rudolph Henry , son of Robert Henry Prince and Janet Albertha, residence Kitchen Town, born 10/24/1899, baptized 2/2/1900, #3147

Pusey, Ina Lila, daughter of Edward Pusey and Catherine his wife, bricklayer, residence 112 Barry St, born 5/25/1896, baptized 8/9/1896, #2133

Pusey, Isaac Emanuel, son of Edward and Catherine Pusey, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 4/5/1891, baptized 6/14/1891


Quarrell, Naphtheli Alexander, son of William Dawes Quarrell by his wife Rosabelle Emilly, residence Kingston, born 6/26/1888, baptized 8/11/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1264

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