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From Jamaica Archives, 5/60/1/2

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HEADINGS:  Child's name; Father's & Mother's names; Father's trade; Residence; When born; When baptized; By whom.

--- = blank in register
_________ = illegible, torn, or faded

Date format: Month/Day/Year

(1) In this Register of Baptisms, the entries started with the given name of the child (not the surname) followed by the full names of the parents. This order has been followed here, except when the surname of the child was evident from the Register.  In that case, the child's surname is listed first.
(2) The pages of the Register from 1899 to 1902 were often torn on the sides, and displayed possible water damage.  The entries have been transcribed as far as possible.
(3) Baptisms numbered #1274 to #1313 were identified in the Register as being at Coke Chapel, as well as a few that are noted here as being at the "Coke Society" in the Coke Chapel Circuit according to the Register.



DaCosta, [name torn], child of Samuel A. Dacosta and his wife Maria, Shoemaker, residence 3 West Race Course, born 3/2/1900, baptized 4/1/1900, Coke Society #3167

DaCosta, Algernon Middleton, son of Samuel Albert DaCosta and Maria Ann his wife, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 4/4/1887, baptized 5/8/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1152

DaCosta, Percival Albert, son of Samuel DaCosta and his wife Maria, Shoemaker, residence 3 West Race Course Kingston, born 8/26/1895, baptized 10/13/1895, #2050

DaCosta, Robert Ranulph, son of Samuel A. DaCosta and Maria his wife, Shoemaker, residence 3 West Race Course, born/28/1897, baptized 6/13/1897, #2235

DaCosta, Samuel Valentine, son of Samuel Albert and Maria Ann DaCosta, residence Kingston, born 4/29/1889, baptized 6/9/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1338

Dahll, Buelah Iris, daughter of Daniel Briton Dahll and his wife Alice Leanora, Wheelwright, residence 28 King St, born 1/8/1898, baptized 2/13/1898, #2303

Daily, Ruth Ann, daughter of James Emanuel and Abigail Constantia Daily, engineer, residence Kingston, born 6/15/1888, baptized 7/8/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1253

Daisy Alethea, daughter of __uis Samuel Wilson and Lily R. McLean, blacksmith, residence 4 East Queen Street, Kingston, born 12/16/18__. Baptized April 1900, Coke Society #3171

Daley, Francina Cleopatra, daughter of James Daley and his wife Abigale, planter, residence Pink Lane, born 8/11/1898, baptized 9/4/1898, #3007

Daley, Wilfred Cecil, son of James and Abigail Daley, engine driver, residence 45 Chestnut Lane Kingston, born 10/8/1894, baptized 11/8/1894, #1935

Dalhouse, Sylvia Blanch Louise, daughter of Arthur Dalhouse by his wife Isabella Ammita?, residence Allman Town, born 3/3/1888, baptized 5/6/1888 by Thomas  Geddes, #1235

Daly, Geraldine Amanda, daughter of James and Abigail Daly, residence 40 Chestnut Lane, Kingston, born 7/16/1891, baptized 8/9/1891

Darby, Florence Maud Victoria, daughter of Charles Darby by his wife Catherine, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/25/1887, baptized 10/9/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1186

Davis, _____  [torn] Constantine, Child of Samuel Davis and Elizabeth his wife, painter, residence 5 John Street Allman Town, born 9/25/1897, baptized 1/2/1898, #2287

Davis, Ada Olfreda, daughter of Lionel L. and Esther E. Davis, Saddler, residence 12 Bircan?,  born 10/20/1896, baptized 3/16/1897 by A. Lambert, #2209

Davis, Charles Alexander, son of Charles and Lydia Davis, coachman, residence Kingston, born 7/23/1890, baptized 9/23/1890.

Davis, Gladys Eulalie, daughter of Lionel L. and Esther E. Davis, Saddler, residence _ 3/4 Regent Street, born 4/28/1899, baptized 6/6/1899, #3073

Davis, William Wilfred, son of Samuel Davis and Elizabeth his wife, house painter, residence 14 John's Street, Allman town, born 10/23/1899, baptized 1900, #3195

Dennison, Alice Edwina, daughter of Richard Dennison and Jane Johnson, labourer, residence Kingston, about seven years old (fatherless), baptized 3/17/1892, #1652

Dennison, Ivy Hermontrude, daughter of Napthali Jones Dennison and his wife Ada, jeweller, residence 18 Oxford St Kingston, born 4/28/1894, baptized 6/13/1894, #1895

Derby, Ivanhoe Samuel, son of Isaiah Derby and Florence Chavez, Shoemaker, residence 26 Luke Lane Kingston, born 10/18/1893, baptized 12/11/1893, #1834

Desdunes, Eunice Emanuelita, daughter of Lionel Lewis Desdunes and his wife Imogene Desdunes, metal turner, residence Allman Town, born 9/16/1891, baptized 11/8/1891 #1624

DeSilva, child [name torn off] of Robert DeSilva and his wife Margarete, Carpenter, residence _ 30 James Street, born 7/27/1899, baptized 10/1/1899, #3120

DeSilver, Ethel Ramilda, daughter of Robert DeSilver and Margaret his wife, Carpenter, residence 42 Wildman St, born 11/7/1897, baptized 12/15/1897, #2282

Dickson, Hazel Esmeralda, daughter of Thomas Dixon and Rachel Brown, Tinsmith, residence 55 Oxford St Kingston, born 5/30/1895, baptized 7/12/1895, #2018

Dixo [sic], Christiana, an adult, residence Kingston, baptized 1/12/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1202

Dixon, Angelina, daughter of Alexander and Rosannah Dixon, Grocer, residence Kingston, born 4/4/1889, baptized 5/29/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1334

Dixon, John Ralph, son of William Henry Dixon by his wife Elizabeth, residence Kingston, born 4/18/1888, baptized 8/28/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1262

Dixon, William, son of Alexander and Rosannah Dixon, Grocer, residence Kingston, born 5/8/1887, baptized 6/4/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1161

Dolls, Leopold, son of Joseph and Angelina Dolls, gas fitter, residence Kingston, born 9/13/1888, baptized 11/9/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1281

Dora Henrieta, daughter of Thomas Henry and Susan Pottenger, residence St. Ann, born August 1884, baptized 3/1/1891.

Dorman, Ivy Myrtle, daughter of Hezekiah and Cath. Dorman, shipwright, residence Windward Road, born 1/26/1899, baptized 4/2/1899, #3057

Dorris May, daughter of James Richard and Mary Jane Ferguson, Constable, residence 7 3/4 Mark Lane, born 2/29/1899, baptized 5/9/1899, #3064

Doubair, Wilbert Alexander, son of Louis Doubair and his wife Rebecca, residence 34 Orange St Kingston, born 4/10/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1687

Drees? H__man? Geoffrey, child of Stephen John Hardware Drees? And Henrietta Paula Rita his wife, clerk, residence Rachel's Farm, St. Andrews, born 9/18/1897, baptized 11/4/1897, #2271

Ducasse, Ivor Eugene, son of James Ducasse and Costensia his wife, Carpenter, residence 27 Mark Lane, born 10/24/1896, baptized 12/13/1896, #2176

Ducasse, Rupert Alvah, son of James Lewis Ducasse and Constantia Leanora Ducasse, Carpenter, residence 21 Beckford St Kingston, born 10/31/1891, baptized 12/14/1891, #1629

Ducasse, Vernon Oswald, son of James and Constantia Ducasse, Carpenter, residence 21 Beckford St Kingston, born 8/17/1894, baptized 10/14/1894, #1926

Duckett, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Charles E. and Charlotte Elizabeth Duckett, Shoemaker, residence 44 3/4 Spanish Town Road, born 2/17/1896, baptized 6/11/1896, page 162.

Duff, Leonard Silvester?, son of Wallis Duff and Rachel his wife, Carpenter, residence 30 James St, born 4/14/1897, baptized 7/11/1897, #2243

Duffus, child [name torn off] of Wallis Duffus and Rachel his wife, residence _45 Pink Lane, born 6/16/1899, baptized 10/1/1899, #3121

Duhaney, _____ Marion, daughter of Stephen Midman Duhaney and Edith his wife, residence Bond Street, born 5/25/1899, baptized 6/27/1899, #3079

Duhaney, Cyril Bancroft, son of Stephen L. Duhaney and his wife Editha Constance, tram car conductor, residence 30 Bond St Kingston, born 4/19/1894, baptized 5/24/1894, #1883

Duhaney, Ivy Mercedes, daughter of Stephen and Editha Duhaney, car conductor, residence 30 Bond St, born 12/27/1895, baptized 2/17/1896, #2081

Duhaney, Viola May, daughter of Stephen and Edith Duhaney, Saddler, residence 30 Bond St Kingston, Born 1/2/1890, baptized 2/20/1890, #1424

Duhany, Margarita Isabel, daughter of Stephen and Editha Duhany, car conductor, residence 30 Bond St, born 8/29/1897, baptized 9/30/1897, #2265

Dumont, Allan Percival, son of Leopold and Laura Dumont, produce dealer, residence 29 North St, born 2/6/1899, baptized 3/23/1899, #3052

Dumont, Eve Dennison, daughter of George and Mary Dumont, Railway clerk, residence 37 Tower St Kingston, born 2/28/1894, baptized 5/22/1894, #1885

Dumont, George Eustace, son of George Eustace Dumont by his wife Mary Rose, residence Clarendon, born 6/14/1888, baptized 7/6/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1254

Dumont, Ivy May, daughter of Leopold and Laura Dumont, clerk, residence 181 Princess St Kingston, born 4/18/1895, baptized 5/24/1895, #1998

Dumont, Stanley Leopold, son of Leopold J. M. Dumont and Laura A. his wife, clerk, residence 181 Princess St, born 10/23/1896, baptized 12/10/1896, #2173

Duncan, Edith, daughter of Charles Duncan and Elizabeth, Shoemaker, residence Blount St., born 2/15/1898, baptized 7/10/1898, #2192

Dunckley, Felix Joseph, son of John Christopher Dunckley by his wife Elizabeth, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 8/22/1890, baptized 11/11/1890.

Dusairs, Aubrey Lewis, son of Lewis and Rebecca Dusairs, Baker, residence Kingston, born 6/6/1894, baptized 6/22/1894, #1899


Eastwood Clive, son of Henry William and Frances Elizabeth Byfield, Carpenter, residence St. Andrews, born 10/18/1888, baptized 2/3/1889 by W. Baillie, #1298

Eaves, Eustace Emanuel, son of Standford G. Eaves and Lucy his wife, painter, residence West Street, born 5/7/1899, baptized 7/2/1899, #3088

Eccleston, Arthur Westmore, son of James E. Eccleston and Clara his wife, Carpenter, residence 21 Kingston Lane, born 8/20/1897, baptized 10/10/1897, #2269

Eccleston, Martin Whitfield, son of James E. Eccleston and Clara Godden, Carpenter, residence at 152 Princess St Kingston, born 7/18/1895, baptized 9/27/1895 by David D. Parnther, #2037

Eclesleston [Eccleston], __inda May, daughter of James E. Eclesleston [Eccleston] and Clara, Carpenter, residence 32 Love Lane, born 6/24/1899, baptized 8/13/1899, #3102

Edgar Adolphus, son of George Augustus and Ida Isabell Brown, residence Kingston, born 8/5/1888, baptized 9/2/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1266

Edgar Henry, son of Frederick Henry and Sarah Ann Hewitt, clerk, residence Kingston, born 11/12/1888, baptized 2/3/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1299

Edgar, son of William Cuff and Josephine Breakspear, Baker, residence Kingston, born 9/8/1895, baptized 12/4/1895, #2063

Edith Adina, daughter of Sarah J. Boucher and Zachariah Taylor, cab driver, residence Kingston, born 3/17/1891, baptized 6/5/1891.

Edith Eliza, daughter of Samuel Montague and Elizabeth, residence Warmiston St. Ann, born January 1889, baptized 7/10/1892, #1685

Edith Matilda Eliza, daughter of Robert Douglas and Eliza Bell, trader, residence Kingston, born 4/16/1886, baptized 9/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1100

Edith Maud, daughter of Charles A. Ferriland and Jane Ann Rose, Carpenter, residence 41 Luke Lane, born 6/10/1897, baptized 9/3/1897, #2257

Edith Morgiana, daughter of Joseph Thompson and Angelina Jones, labourer, residence 5 Regent St, born 4/14/1896, baptized 5/1/1896, #2100

Edna Bruce, daughter of David Akin by Clariana Reynolds, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/17/1892, baptized 11/4/1892, #1714

Edward Clinton, son of Alfred Jolly and Estella Small, cutter, residence 56 Oxford, born 2/10/1897, baptized 3/15/1897 by A. Lambert, #2208

Edward Hugh Cecil, son of George E. A. Jeffrey and Grace Powell, Custom's Officer, residence Kingston, born 1/1/1892, baptized 3/9/1892, #1648

Edwin Charles, son of Lionel Charles and Elizabeth Cann, coach builder, residence Kingston, born 1/27/1887, baptized 3/9/1887 by William Priestnal, #1137

Egbert Reed, son of Charles A. Brown and Rosita Neil, Carpenter, residence 178 Tower St., born 1/25/1896, baptized 7/3/1896, #2123

Egerton Bele__d, son of Charles Smith and Frances McIntosh, residence Kingston, baptized 12/9/1892, #1723

Egerton Milton, son of James Callender and Amanda Barnes, residence Kingston, born 8/15/1887, baptized September 1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1184

Eldrawds, Evallyn Lydia, Child of Ellen Eldrawds [sic], residence Kingston, born 6/9 61888, baptized 7/3/1888 by William Baillie, #1252

Ella Louise Beatrice daughter of Joseph Baily and Sarah Johnson, Butcher, residence Kingston, born 9/13/1885, baptized 4/6/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1070

Ellen Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Hall and Eliza Emmaus, planter, residence St. Catherine, born 1882, baptized 10/4/1895, #2042

Ellen Eve, daughter of Henry Bailey and Eliza Campbell, labourer, residence 8 Charles St, born 4/26/1894, baptized 2/3/1899, #3042

Ellen, daughter of Edward Robinson and M. A. Richards, residence Kingston, born 10/2/1887, baptized 1/31/1888 by S. Spratt, #1206

Ellis, Eva Maud, daughter of George and Elizabeth Ellis, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/17/1886, baptized 7/21/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1085

Ellis, Joanna Wilhelmina, daughter of Hezekiah A. Ellis and his wife Theresa Emily, labourer, residence 62 Oxford St Kingston, born 2/8/1894, baptized 5/6/1894, #1878

Ellwood, Richard Blake, son of Richard and Marie Isabella Ellwood, residence Kingston, born 2/26/1891, baptized 5/10/1891.

Emanuel, Rachel, daughter of Francis Emanuel and Rosey Ann Palmer, labourer, residence St. Andrew, born 8/20/1892, baptized 12/9/1892, #1726

Emanuel, son of Comila and Lolli (East Indians), labourer, residence Waule Pen St. Andrews, about 16 years of age, baptized 8/30/1895, #2030

Emeline Adella, daughter of Frederick Newland and Esther Brown, labourer, residence Kingston, born 9/28/1890, baptized 11/26/1890.

Emily Adassa, daughter of Charles Joseph Wildman and C_____ White, labourer, born 4/27/1892, baptized 7/22/1892, #1686

Emma Eugenie, daughter of George Chambers and Mary Ann Findlay, blacksmith, residence Ordnance Kingston, born 9/30/1889, baptized 1/24/1890, #1415

Enos Alexander, son of Josiah Cole and Agatha Adam Kildare, Cooper, residence Kingston, born 6/2/1889, baptized 8/16/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1352

Enos Emanuell, son of Thomas Audinette and Lavinia Amanda Fortune, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 11/10/1886, baptized 2/13/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1133

Enos Gwendlock, son of George Augustus Brown by Ruth Ann Wignall, Cabinet maker, residence Kingston, born 9/27/1892, baptized 10/17/1892, #1712

Enos Samuel son of Solomon John and Matilda Rodriques, residence Kingston, born 1/20/1893, baptized 4/2/1893, #1750

Ernest Cecil, son of William Morgan and Sarah Bailey, Porter, residence Kingston, born 10/27/1889, baptized 12/17/1889, #1404

Ernest Chase Augustus, son of Thomas and Emma, Carpenter, residence W. Queen St, born 3/8/1899, baptized 5/7/1899, #3062

Ernest Victor, son of Aaron Wilson and Florence Grant, labourer, residence 6 Sutton St, born 3/7/1896, baptized 10/30/1896, #2161

Escoffery, Gladys A., daughter of Mortimer Escoffery and Rachel Hibbert, Tailor, residence 43 Rose Lane Kingston, born 12/3/1894, baptized 4/5/1895, #1970

Esme Hyacinth, daughter of Thomas Small and Matilda McKenzie, Baker, 21? Luke Lane, City, born 11/8/1899, baptized January 1900, #3143

Espeut, Cecil Harison, son of Handersyde Espeut and Louisa his wife, bookkeeper, residence 31 Gold St, born 3/19/1897, baptized 4/18/1897, #2226

Espeut, David Cameron, son of Arthur O'Connor Espeut by his wife Louisa Matilda, accountant, residence Kingston, born 1/25/1894, baptized 3/19/1894, #1865

Estella Eluria, daughter of Adam Brady and Mercelena Morrison, engineer, residence Kingston, born 6/28/1889, baptized 9/18/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1369

Esther Lucinda, daughter of Andrew Wright and Christiana Willis, Constable, residence Kingston, born 12/30/1888, baptized 3/8/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes , #1308

Eston Sigismond, son of James Agusto and Mary Allen, Carpenter, residence 112 Church St, born 12/22/1898, baptized 2/5/1899, #3044

Ethel Adina, daughter of Thomas Daly Douglas and Evelina his wife, coach maker, residence Kingston, born 2/24/1887, baptized 3/14/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1144

Ethel Adina, daughter of Thomas McDonald and Mary Ann Batiest, printer, residence Kingston, born 6/13/1891, baptized 5/24/1892, #1672

Ethel Alvira, daughter of Jonathan English and Adelaide O'Brien, coach builder, residence Kingston, born 7/8/1886, baptized 9/4/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1092

Ethel Constentia, daughter of Samuel Greensole and Roxane, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/6/1888, baptized 4/20/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1232

Ethel Emeline, daughter of Robert Augustus Rose and Sarah Ann Lezrarrd?, Carpenter, residence Port Royal, born 11/2/1886, baptized 12/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1118

Ethel Emeline, daughter of Septimus Solomon and Ada Emeline Reynolds, born 11/14/1894, baptized 11/30/1894, #1941

Ethel Iantha, daughter of Thomas Harry and Urcelina Hay, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/30/1888, baptized 2/8/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1304

Ethel Louise, daughter of Samuel Evans and Cordelia Boyden, fisherman, residence Kingston, born 3/16/1892, baptized 7/1/1892, #1683

Ethel Maud, daughter of Charles Henry and Margaret Williams, servant, residence Kingston, born 7/13/1887, baptized 9/29/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1182

Ethel Maud, daughter of Henry James Taylor and Sarah J. Campbell, boatman, residence 51 Luke Lane, born 7/24/1896, baptized 10/30/1896, #2160

Ethel Maud, daughter of John Amos and Mary Ann Reach, coachman, residence 66 Church St, born 9/10/1896, baptized 10/29/1896, #2158

Ethel Maud, daughter of Joseph Ellis and Hagar Wilson, Constable, residence 47 Foster, born 3/5/1897, baptized 3/29/1897, #2214

Etheline Maud, daughter of Augustus Berthe and Mary Dalling, shopkeeper, residence 101 West St Kingston, born 8/10/1890, baptized 11/7/1820.

Eugene Reginald, son of Enos Sullivan and Ellen Robinson, Carpenter, residence Heywood St., born 8/14/1846, baptized 2/5/1897, #2194

Eugene, child of William Sisment and Rebecca Brown, Carpenter, residence 22 Chancery Lane, born 10/2/1889, baptized 11/12/1889, #1390

Eugenia Constantia, daughter of Stephen Priestley and Frances Manhan, cigar maker, residence Kingston, born 7/11/1891, baptized 9/11/1891

Eugenie Rebecca, daughter of Richard Williams and Leonora Morris, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 2/1/1889, baptized 4/21/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1322

Eugenie Wilhelmina, daughter of James Collingwood and Rosa Browne, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/2/1889, baptized 2/13/1889 by W. Baillie, #1305

Euphemia? Euperta, daughter of Charles Edwards and Ellen Johnson, Carpenter, residence Luke Lane, born 7/18/1899, baptized 8/4/1899, #3093

Eustace Emanuel, son of Augustus Coverly and Matilda Aarons, residence Kingston, born 7/5/1886, baptized 9/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1101

Euston, Susan, daughter of James Euston and Ann Euston, residence Kingston, born September 1879, baptized 8/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1256

Eva Eugenia, daughter of Edward Morris and Lutella Hansby, labourer, residence 7 Spanish Town Road, born 5/15/1896, baptized 7/3/1896, #2130

Eva May, daughter of Thomas Haddon and Elizabeth Bryan, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 10/3/1893, baptized 12/12/1893, #1835

Evadne Adora, daughter of James Young and Ann Eliza Barratt, butcher, residence 9 Upper West Street Kingston, born 4/10/1894, baptized 7/13/1894, #1902

Evalyne Janet, daughter of James King and Agnes Colefield, engineer, residence Kingston, born 5/12/1891, baptized 6/7/1891.

Evans, Esau Nathaniel, son of George and Angelina Evans, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 9/24/1787, baptized 1/26/1888 by S. Spratt, #1205

Eve Estella, daughter of William Stephenson and Emma Newton, clerk, residence Half Way Tree, born 2/20/1898, baptized 7/1/1898, #2189

Evelyn Maud, daughter of Diana Sinclair, copying clerk, residence Spanish Town, born October 1886, baptized 8/10/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1171

Evelyn, Ruth Louise, daughter of Webber Evelyn and Florence Drew, bookkeeper, residence Slipe Pen Road, Kingston, born 3/3/1895, baptized 7/11/1895, #2023

Everard Alexander, son of Richard Hamlet? and Clementine Lewis, engineer, residence 26 Rum Lane, born 12/23/1895, baptized April 1896, #2092

Everard Erasmus, son of Henry Penso and Johanna Urselina Groshen, painter, residence Melrose Cottage, Arnold Road, born 1/29/1890, baptized 3/2/1890, #1427

Everlen?, Beverly , child of Ernest Everlen? and Angelina Heis, planter, resident of Kingston, born 6/11/1886, baptized 12/17/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1119


Facey, ------ Berril, child of Malcolm Facey by his wife __llen, brick maker, residence 16 Oxford St, born 9/24/1898, baptized 10/24/1898, #3022

Facey, Arthur George, son of Bosnell Finlayson Facey and his wife Ann Maria, accountant, residence St. Andrews, born 3/3/1892, baptized 4/12/1892, #1665

Facey, Daniel, son of Boswell and Maria Facey, accountant, residence Half Way Tree St. Andrew, born 4/18/1895, baptized 4/21/1895, #1987

Facey, Marie Lucille, daughter of Bosuell Findlayson Facey by his wife Maria, accountant, residence Kingston, born 3/28/1886, baptized 4/29/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1074

Faring, Theophilus Alexander, son of Robert Augustus and Jestina Faring, labourer, residence Browns Town Kingston, Born 9/5/1890, baptized 11/2/1890.

Farland, child of Samuel Smiley and Irene Allen, Carpenter, _5 Oxford Street, born 3/12/1898, baptized by/6/1898, #2316 (numbered 2716)

Ferdinand, son of Stephen and Ann his wife, residence Kingston, born 7/29/1899, baptized 11/18/1899, #3134

Ferguson, Henry, son of James Richard Ferguson and Mary Jane his wife, Constable, residence 186 Chancery Lane, born January 19__, baptized April 1901, #3254

Ferron, Edward Nathaniel, son of John Ferron and Eliza his wife, fisherman, born 5/2/1896, baptized 8/9/1896, #2135

Ferron, Ruby Constantia, daughter of John Ferron and Elizabeth his wife, fisherman, residence 41 Tower St Kingston, born 3/8/1894, baptized 5/13/1894, #1880

Figuero, Adina Corelia?, daughter of James Figuero and Rachel Richa_____, mariner, residence Kingston, born 12/15/1886, baptized 12/21/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1121

Finley, Imogene Lorenza, daughter of William and Ellen Findlay, residence Kingston, born 3/28/1893, baptized 5/14/1893, #1767

Fitzgerald Fonseca, Child of David Richard and Georgianna Dennis, Carpenter, residence 76 Oxford St Kingston, born 1/11/1890, baptized 4/6/1890, #1435

Fletcher, Hilda Agatha, daughter of Edmund M. Fletcher and his wife Ann Elizabeth, Constable, residence 51 Georges Lane Kingston, born 12/17/1893, baptized 1/18/1894, #1847

Florence Annie, daughter of Jeremiah Honeywell and Susan Wright, Tailor, residence Cross Roads St. Andrew, born 3/10/1899, baptized 5/15/1899, #3065

Floretta Helena, daughter of Charles Delisser and Julia Walker, dispenser, residence Kingston, born 9/11/1888, baptized 3/7/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1307

Forbes, Brewster Alexander, son of Francis Alexander Forbes by his wife Louisa, Shoemaker, residence Allman Town, born 7/26/1887, baptized 9/10/1887, #1179

Forrest, Alfred, son of Joseph Forrest and Eugenia McFarlane, Coachman, resident 53 Johns Lane Kingston, born 8/5/1894, baptized 11/16/1894, #1937

Forrest, Hilda Rosita, daughter of Richard and Esmeralda Forrest, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/10/1888, baptized 4/17/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1230

Forrestina Ianthe, daughter of Henry Gordon and Isabella McDonald, labourer, residence 5 Oxford St Kingston, born 3/25/1892, baptized 6/17/1892, #1679

Forsythe, Maralda, daughter of Charles Forsythe and Betsy his wife, Cooper, residence 12 Regent St, born 9/20/1898, baptized 11/13/1898, #3029

Forte, Alexander Horatio, son of William and Henrietta Forte, residence Kingston, born 5/10/1889, baptized 9/8/1889, #1363

Forte, Eugenie Agatha, daughter of William Hector Forte and his wife Henrietta, Carpenter, residence 26 Bond St Kingston, born 8/5/1894, baptized 10/7/1894, #1922

Forte, Josephine Amanda, daughter of William Forte by his wife Henrietta, residence Kingston, born 11/28/1887, baptized 3/11/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1217

Francis Montague, son of Henry Parker and Elizabeth Richards, fitter, residence Kingston, born 12/25/1894, baptized 6/7/1895, #2006

Francis, Esther, daughter of Charles Francis and Isabella Thomas, labourer, residence Kingston, born 1884, baptized 12/30/1892, #1732

Francis, Eugene Armand, son of Joseph Francis and Viola Charlton, labourer, residence _9 Wildman St, born 2/24/1900, baptized 5/11/1900, #3184

Francis, Eustace, son of Uriah and Rachel Francis, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/7/1886, baptized 8/18/1886 by William Priestnal, #1089

Francis, Harold Sidney, son of Uriah and Rachel Francis, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/26/1893, baptized 12/17/1893, #1836

Francis, Herbert Hemsley, son of Uriah and Rachael Francis, residence 2 Smith Lane, Kingston, born 6/3/1891, baptized 8/9/1891

Francis, Maud Adina, daughter of William and Mary Francis, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/27/1888, baptized 6/8/1888 by William Baillie, #1242

Francis, Ruth Constantia, daughter of Isaac Francis and Maria Gidd__, butcher, residence Wildman Street, born 3/1/1893, baptized 8/11/1893, #1800

Francis, Vincent Leslie, son of Jonathan Francis and Georgiana his wife, stonemason, residence Regent Street, born 9/12/1899, baptized 11/5/1899 #3131

Franklyn Ferdinand, son of Edgar Desurget and Lena Auvray, residence Kingston, born 9/26/1892, baptized 12/2/1892, #1720

Fraser, Laura Ethelind, daughter of William Fraser and Ann his wife, bricklayer, residence 5 Barry St Kingston, born 4/6/1895, baptized 11/5/1895, #2053

Frater, Francis Augustus, parents dead and particulars of them unknown.  Mr. and Mrs. Francis D'Souza guardians.  Born 12/18/1891, baptized 2/4/1892, #1638

Frederick Augustus, son of Alexander Aikman and Esther Matthews, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 3/13/1888, baptized 6/22/1888 by W. Baillie, #1247

Frederick Ellis, son of Robert and Ella Newly, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/24/1888, baptized 5/11/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1236

Freeman, Frances, child of William Freeman and Jestina J. James, fisherman, born 12/24/1894, baptized 10/4/1895, #2041

Fuller, Jane Ann, daughter of Alexander Fuller and his wife Eliza, residence 110 Matthews Lane Kingston, born September 1884, baptized 11/3/1895.


Gale, Alexander, son of Alexander and Ellen Gale, residence Charles Street Kingston, aged two months, baptized 8/2/1891

Gale, Rematha Clementina, an adult, residence Kingston, aged 16 years, baptized 4/17/1887 by William Priestnal, #1148

Gallimore, Daniel Theophilus, son of John and Esther Gallimore, residence Kingston, born 26 ___ber 1890, baptized 1/4/1891.

Garig, Ambrozine, daughter of Agustus and Sarah Elizabeth Garig, born 4/2/1890, baptized 6/8/1890, #1458

Gayle, ______ Coralee Francesca, daughter of Archibald and Ellen Ann Gayle, bricklayer, residence 11 Percy St Kingston, born 6/19/1893, baptized 9/8/1893, #1807

Gaynor, Alice, an adult, baptized 1/5/1896, #2074, page 160.

Geddes, Alice May, daughter of Alexander William Geddes by his wife Alice Elizabeth, Wesleyan minister, residence Panama, U. S. Colea_lies?, born 5/3/1890, baptized 6/20/1890, #1465

Geddes, Charles Alexander Wallace, son of Alexander William Geddes by his wife Alice Elizabeth, Wesleyan minister, residence Panama, U. S. Collestion??, board 3/28/1892, baptized 4/1/1892, #1662

Geddes, Margarett Grace, daughter of Alexander William Geddes by his wife Alice Elizabeth, Wesleyan minister, residence Bath, born 10/24/1887, baptized 1/2/18 88 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1196

George Alexander, son of Duncan Patterson and Celestine M. Siddon, Cabinet maker, residence 76 Harbour St Kingston, born 9/12/1889, baptized 10/22/1889, #1380

George Samuel, son of Edward Drysdale and Ella Maxwell, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 12/8/1890, baptized 3/6/1891.

Gerald, son of John Sampson and Catherine Clarke, planter, residence Kingston, born 4/5/1889, baptized 5/3/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1325

Geraldine Amanda, daughter of John Douglas and Leante Ibbott, seaman, born 3/14/1890, baptized 4/22/1890, #1441

Geraldine Eulallie Elvira, daughter of George Lettman and Alice Pointer, shopkeeper, residence 98 West St Kingston, born 10/29/1890, baptized 11/7/1890.

Geraldine Euphemia, daughter of Theophilus Hadden and Elizabeth Bryan, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 5/4/1890, baptized 8/28/1890.

Gertrude Emilly, daughter of James Pope and Clarrissa Innis, Carpenter, residence 9 West St Kingston, born 5/2/1892, baptized 8/12/1892, #1694

Gertrude Ianthe, daughter of Tedimus Eadie and Catherine Williams, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 7/10/1889, baptized 11/26/1889, #1392

Gertrude May, daughter of Stephen Young and Cleopatra Button, butcher, residence 11 Barnes Gully, born 3/4/1896, baptized 6/5/1896, #2110

Gertrude Retinella, daughter of George Durant and Evelyn Solomon, fisherman, residence Kingston, born 10/3/1890, baptized 12/4/1890.

Gibson, Allan Houden, son of Andrew Houden Gibson and Lucy Ann his wife, blacksmith and farrier, residence Friendship Pen Cross Roads, born 3/19/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1973

Gillaspie, Keturah James, child of James Thomas Gillaspie and Mary A. Gillaspie his wife, labourer, residence Hanover near Lucea, about 8 years old, baptized 4/4/1890, #1432

Gillaspie, Siburnia Abolka, child of James Thomas Gillaspie and Mary A. Gillaspie his wife, labourer, residence Hanover near Lucea, about 10 years old, baptized 4/4/1890, #1432

Gilmour, Christopher Constantine, son of John Gilmour and Letitia his wife, residence Kingston, born 9/1/1888, baptized 11/11/1888, by Thomas M. Geddes, #1283

Gladdis Lillith, daughter of Frederick Parish and Zilla Kildare, blacksmith, residence 24 Bryden St, Browns Town, born 5/28/1895, baptized 8/30/1895, #2029

Gladinna Francisca, daughter of Samuel Bowers and his wife Emeline, residence Kingston, born 7/8/1892, baptized 9/11/1892, #1705

Gladys Anita, daughter of Ebenezer Worthington and Emily Ambrozine Mendes, residence 33 King St, Kingston, born 7/13/1891, baptized 8/9/1891

Gladys Hyacinth, daughter of Thomas Bennett and Maurice Ann Natherson?, Carpenter, residence 47 Rosemary Lane Kingston, born 6/17/1895, baptized 11/29/1895, #2059

Gladys May, daughter of Daniel [or David?] Thomas and Celestine Hudson, coach builder, residence 34 Maiden Street, born 7/8/1897, baptized 9/30/1897, #2255

Gladys Muriel, daughter of Alexander Davis and Rose Brooks, Carpenter, residence _ 26 1/2 Mark Lane, born 5/23/1899, baptized 11/3/1899, #3129

Glanbone?. Albert Clarence, son of Alfred M. Glanbone? and Malissa his wife, Carpenter, residence 8 Luke Lane, born 7/7/1896, baptized 2/4/1898, #2291

Godney Ezekiel, son of Joseph Ezekiel and Leocannah Manuella Simmons, residence Allman Town, born 4/21/1891, baptized 6/7/1891.

Goldson, E__in Randolph, son of Timothy and Emily Goldson, Tailor, residence Regent Street Kingston, born 7/14/1898, baptized 8/14/1898, #3001

Goldson, Violet Gwendoline, daughter of Timothy and Emily Goldson, tailor, residence 3 Regent St Kingston, born 5/13/1894, baptized 6/10/1894, #1891

Gordon, Alda Atulia?, child of Joseph Gordon and Elsie Lumpkin, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/19/1890, baptized 1/9/1891.

Gordon, Edith Alvenia, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Gordon, labourer, residence 41 Bond St Kingston, born 12/2/1889, baptized 2/23/1890, #1425

Gordon, Elinor Beatrice, daughter of Joseph and Rosaline Rosetta Gordon, Carpenter, residence Oxford Street Kingston, born 6/16/1894, baptized 9/2/1894, #1915

Gordon, Gwendoline Dorrice, daughter of Joseph Hankle Gordon and his wife Rosaline Rosetta, Carpenter, residence 10 Oxford St Kingston, born 5/29/1892, baptized 9/4/1892, #1704

Gordon, Lilly, Child of Phri_____y Gordon and Emilly, Tailor, residence 3 Regent St, born 4/3/1896, baptized 5/10/1896, #2104

Gordon, Ruthina Constantia, daughter of William and Isabella Gordon, labourer, residence 5 Oxford St, born 3/31/1895, baptized 7/5/1895, #2009

Gore, Constantia Ursella, daughter of William and Rebecca Gore, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 11/6/1893, baptized 3/11/1894, #1862

Gore, Gustavus Adolphus, son of William Gore by his wife Urcelena, blacksmith, residence 5 Maiden Lane Kingston, born 9/22/1891, baptized 6/17/1892, #1678

Gore, Theophilus Augustus, son of William and Urcelena Gore, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/27/1889, baptized 9/4/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1360

Gore, William Francis, son of William and Urcelena Gore, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 10/22/1886, baptized 1/4/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1123

Goubault, Allan Ludovic, son of George Alexander Goubault and Lillian his wife, commercial clerk, residence 45 E. Queen St., born 6/17/1896, baptized 9/6/1896, #2143

Goubault, Ethelyn Maud, daughter of George Alexander Goubault and his wife Lillian Maud, clerk, residence 45 E. Queen St Kingston, born 11/13/1894, baptized 12/2/1894, #1943

Goulbourne, Dorcas Beatrice, daughter of Thomas F. and Sylvia Goulbourne, labourer, residence Kingston, born 3/25/1890, baptized 12/18/1890.

Goulbourne, Simeon Uriah, son of Thomas F. and Sylvia Goulbourne, labourer, residence Kingston, born 2/9/1889, baptized 12/18/1890.

Gowie, Virginia Viola, daughter of Joseph R. Gowie by his wife Betsey Ann, Carpenter, residence Annotto Bay, born 3/24/1888, baptized 5/29/1890, #1453

Grace Havergal, daughter of H. Gillies and Sarah Catherine Clerk, clergyman, residence 180 Princess Street Kingston, born 12/10/1889, baptized 2/2/1890, #1417

Gracey Ann, daughter of Arthur Daly and Elizabeth Johnson, labourer, residence Kingston, born 6/27/1888, baptized 9/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1268

Graham, Cyril Nathaniel, son of Matthew and Elizabeth Graham, residence Kingston, born 5/10/1891, baptized 7/5/1891.

Grant, Cecil Fitzroye, son of Philip FitzOwen Grant and Priscilla Grant his wife, residence Kingston, born 3/10/1891, baptized 3/23/1891.

Grant, Etheline Louisa, daughter of Joseph Agustus and his wife Louisa Grant, Carpenter, residence 30 James St Kingston, born 12/1/1894, baptized 6/9/1895, #2007

Grant, Hilda Maud, daughter of Theodore and Sarah Grant, clerk, residence 26 High Holburn St, born 7/4/1897, baptized 9/16/1897, #2263

Grant, Ira Leonard, son of Philip F. and Priscilla Grant, housepainter, residence Hart Street Campbell Town, born 4/6/1899, baptized 5/23/1899 by Ernest G. Cooke, #3068

Grant, Mabel Maud Adella, daughter of Alexander Grant and his wife Maria, residence Barry Street Kingston, born 4/28/1892, baptized 6/5/1892, # 1673

Grant, Percy Norman, son of Philip F. and Priscilla Grant, residence Kingston, born 4/14/1888, baptized 6/3/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1239

Grant, Phillip Nathaniel, son of Arthur Charles Grant by his wife Martha, drayman, residence 4 Heywood St. Kingston, born 5/6/1893, baptized 2/2/1894, #1849

Grant, Sarah Estrano?, daughter of Alexander and Maria Grant, residence Kingston, born 5/16/1890, baptized 6/26/1890, #1468

Grant, Whilemina, daughter of Alexander Grant and Maria his wife, engine, residence 24 West St Kingston, born 8/15/1895, baptized 10/15/1895, #2049

Grant, Vashta, child of Thomas Grant and Georgiana White, labourer, residence Prince George Village, born 7/4/1897, baptized 7/18/1897, #2248

Gray, Marie Inez Ba__il, daughter of John Gray and Marie his wife, soldier, residence Arnold Road, born 4/20/18__, baptized June 1900, #3189

Green, Byril [Cyril?] Joni, child of Samuel and Emily Green, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/23/1893, baptized 6/14/1893, #1779

Green, Edna Iris Matilda, daughter of Samuel and Emilly Green, labourer, residence Kingston, born 8/10/1887, baptized 9/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1176

Green, Thomas Washington, son of Stephen J. Green and Henrietta his wife, Clerk, residence 28 Race Course, born 11/17/1895, baptized 12/8/1895, #2068

Gregory, ___dys Maude, daughter of Joseph Gregory and Rosa his wife, printer, residence Johns Street, Allman Town, born 6/25/1900, baptized 8/5/1900, #3211

Gregory, Josephine and Louise, daughter of Joseph and Rosa Gregory, printer, residence Allman town, born 3/22/1898, baptized 5/6/1898, #2317 (numbered 2177)

Gregory, Mary Cronnell, daughter of Joseph Gregory and Rosa Ann his wife, compositor, residence Cross Roads, born 10/1/1895, baptized 12/8/1895, #2064

Gregory, Zillah Ianthe, daughter of Joseph and Rosa Ann Gregory, printer, residence Cross Roads, born 7/13/1894, baptized 9/9/1894, #1921

Grey, Frederick George, son of John and Lovinia Gray, labourer, residence 107 Duke St Kingston, born 1/18/1894, baptized 3/11/1894, #1860

Grey, Lillian, daughter of Prudence Allen, residence 42 Mark Lane, born October 1881, baptized 9/27/1895, #2039

Grey, Thama Elizabeth, daughter of John Grey and Anne Grey, labourer, residence Kingston, born 3/16/1890, baptized 6/10/1890, #1462

Gwendoline Adina, daughter of Archibald Gale and Albertina Manford, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 8/25/1887, baptized 11/4/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1189

Gwendoline Isilda, daughter of Daniel Dahll and Alice Blake, wheelwright, residence 23 Orange St, born 11/14/1895, baptized 12/11/1895, #2069

Gwendolyn Louise, daughter of John Barker and Margareth Knight, labourer, #2195


Hall, ____Leopold, son of Samuel Ebenezer Hall and Esther his wife, clerk, residence 67 Wildman St, born 12/8/1899, baptized 4/1/1900, Coke Society #3166

Hall, Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Hall and Jane Brodie, bricklayer, residence Spanish Town Road, born 4/2/1895, baptized 7/12/1895, #2017

Hall, Constantia E., daughter of Emanuel and Louise Hall, residence 6 James St, born 1/16/1898, baptized 4/3/1898, #2308

Hall, Eustace Emanuel, son of Emanuel Hall and Louise his wife, Goldsmith, residence Slipe Road, born 11/2/1899, baptized January 1900, #3146

Hardle?, Lillian, daughter of Edward and Rebecca Hardle?, Potter, residence Browns Town Kingston, born 9/16/1893, baptized 12/15/1893, #1838

Hardware, Viola, daughter of William and Julia Hardware, coach man, residence Mocho Clarendon, born 7/6/1895, baptized 10/13/1895, #2051

Hardy, Joshua Lee, son of Edward Lee Hardy and Rebecca Hardy his wife, residence Browns Town Kingston, born 4/20/1890, baptized 8/3/1890, #1477

Harold James, son of Colin Campbell and Charlotte Wright, Constable, residence 43 East St, born 10/19/1895, baptized 5/1/1896, #2099

Harris, ___ Maud, daughter of James and Ancella Harris, planter, residence John's Town, St. Thomas, born February 1899, baptized 5/4/1900, Coke Society #3178, page 182

Harris, Cyril James, son of Richard and Lucelia Harris, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/27/1891, baptized 6/7/1891.

Harris, Edward Ralph, an adult Hebrew by birth and training having embraced the Christian faith by means of influence brought to bear on him at Panama in connection with our mission there, was publicly baptized in Coke Chapel, Sunday morning 3/17/1889 by me A. W. Geddes Wesleyan missionary Panama, #1314

Harris, Julia Cynthia, daughter of Edward Ralph Harris by his wife Agnes Gertrude, Telegraphist, residence Kingston, born 5/23/1882, baptized 3/29/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1311

Harris, Louise Muchester, daughter of Edward Ralph Harris by his wife Agnes Gertrude, Telegraphist, residence Kingston, born 3/22/1884, baptized 3/29/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1312

Harris, Violet May, daughter of Edward Ralph Harris by his wife Agnes Gertrude, Telegraphist, residence Kingston, born 5/1/1886, baptized 3/29/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1311

Harvey, Constanchue [Constantia?] Alberta, daughter of Morby and Margaret Harvey, residence Kingston, born 10/9/1890, baptized 2/1/1891.

Harvey, Mowbray, son of Mowbray and Margaret Harvey, engine driver, residence Kingston, born 5/19/1886, baptized 7/11/1886 by William Priestnal, #1082

Hassa, Rosa Alice Agatha, daughter of James and Mary Ann Hassa, planter, residence Kingston, aged 10 years, baptized 4/9/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1318

Haughton, Joseph, adult, residence 115 Mark Lane, born 7/13/1871, baptized 7/30/1896, #2128

Hazel Isola, daughter of Ebenezer Wathington and Emily Ambrozene Mendes, merchant, residence Kingston, born 1/24/1893, baptized 3/12/1893, #1747

Hector, Alice Maud, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Hector, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 6/15/1886, baptized 9/9/1886 by William Priestnal, #1095

Hedley Ledguettre?, son of James Mack and Rebecca Goldson, machinist, residence Kingston, born 3/5/1887, baptized 4/20/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1149

Hendrick, Alanzo Uriah, son of Herbert Uriah Hendrick and Delemina his wife, mariner, residence 25 Oxford St, born 1/25/1899, baptized 3/5/1899, #3048

Hendricks, Elishama Angelia, daughter of Albert Uriah Hendricks and his wife Delmira, fisherman, residence 5 Oxford St Kingston, born 3/3/1895, baptized 4/19/1895, #1984

Henrietta Alberta, daughter of Richard Webster Ann Barrett, Carpenter, residence Kingston, baptized 11/11/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1114

Henriques, ___ Charles, son of Charles Henriques and Winifred his wife, Tailor, residence 29 Georges Lane, born 10/5/1900, baptized 12/4/1900, #3239

Henriques, Adolph Alexander, son of Charles and Winifred Eugenia Henriques, residence Kingston, born 4/2/1893, baptized 5/7/1893, #1759

Henriques, Elena Rose, daughter of Albert Henriques and his wife Delanica??, sailor, residence 25 Oxford St, born 3/10/1897, baptized 7/11/1897, #2245

Henriques, Stanley Pigott, son of Charles Henriques and Eugenia his wife, Tailor, residence 9 Smith Lane Kingston, born 4/25/1885, baptized 6/2/1895, #2001

Henriques, Vincent Carl, son of Charles Henriques and Winnifred Eugene his wife, Tailor, residence 84 Barry St, born 11/17/1897, baptized 1/2/1898, #2288

Henry Forbes, son of Joseph John and Leanora Lowe, residence Kingston, born 6/6/1891, baptized 8/2/1891.

Henry Munro?, son of John Williams and Mary Nelson, residence Kingston, born 4/29/1893, baptized 5/19/1893, #1772

Henry Norman, son of Henry Spencer and Frances Predee, labourer, residence Kingston, born 4/24/1891, baptized 6/5/1891.

Henry, ______ Adolfus, son of Lattis? Henry and Imogene his wife, coach man, residence 38 James St, born 3/7/1898, baptized 6/5/1898, #2183

Henry, Arnold Chevallier, son of Arnold J. Henry and Sarah Ann his wife, clerk, residence Myrtle Bank, born 10/21/1896, baptized 12/11/1896, #2174

Henry, Constantine Agustus, son of Samuel Henry and Sarah his wife, labourer, residence Kingston, born 3/1/1887, baptized 6/12/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1159

Henry, Ida Louisa, daughter of Samuel Augustus Henry by his wife Sarah Elizabeth, Mason, residence Kingston, born 7/1/1887, baptized 9/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1178

Henry, Luther? [torn] Fernando, son of Arnold James Henry and Sarah Ann Henry, clerk, residence 44 Harbour St., born 9/7/1898, baptized 10/21/1898, #3021

Henry, son of Henry Stephen and Rosannah Graham, residence Kingston, born 10/4/1887, baptized 2/14/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1209

Herbert Emanuel, son of Horatio Simms and Sarah Francis, cigar maker, residence Kingston, born 3/27/1893, baptized 4/28/1893, #1757

Herbert Fitzgerald, son of David Augustus Hudson and Elizabeth Adora, residence 3 Hanover St Kingston, born 10/16/1889, baptized 12/8/1889, #1400

Hewett, Gardina Zilma, daughter of David Hewett by his wife Catherine, fisherman, residence Port Royal, born 6/16/1894, baptized 7/13/1894, #1904

Hewett, Harold James, son of Frederick Henry Hewett and Sarah his wife, clerk, residence Kingston, born 2/23/1891, baptized 5/3/1891.

Hilda Beatrice, daughter of William Davies and Isabella Durrant, printer, residence Kingston, born 12/30/1888, baptized 5/29/1889 by Thomas M. Davis, #1333

Hilda Blanch, daughter of Thomas Johnson and Emma V. Letts, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/8/1887, baptized 4/26/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1151

Hilda Gwendoline, daughter of Clifford Beau and Amanda Reid, planter, residence 27 East St Kingston, born 6/1/1894, baptized 11/2/1894, #1927

Hilda Ianthe, daughter of Arthur Glasse and Amanda Parry, Tailor, residence 1 Barry St, born 10/17/1896, baptized 11/21/1896, #2167

Hilda Louise, daughter of James Saunders and Letetia Richards, Tailor, residence Kingston, baptized 12/2/1898, #3033

Hilda Lucille, daughter of Charles Hall and Maud Cole, Tailor, residence 56 Rum Lane, born 9/7/1896, baptized 10/30/1896, #2162

Hilda Maud, daughter of Henry Segree and Louisa Aikin, dispenser, residence 51 John's Lane Kingston, born 1/6/1894, baptized 5/4/1894, #1873

Hilda May, daughter of John Earl and Amelia Jones, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 1/28/1891, baptized by/29/1891.

Hilda Rupertia, daughter of James Pitkin and Louisa Tindal, Carpenter, residence 23 ___ St., Kingston, born 8/15/1891, baptized 9/18/1891

Hollar, Cecil Ethelbert, son of George and Ellen Hollar, Joyner, residence 110 1/2 West Street Kingston, born 7/20/1894, baptized 9/9/1894, #1920

Holler, ____ Bolison, son of George Bolison Holler and Ellen his wife, Carpenter, residence 110 1/2 West Street, born 6/11/1900, baptized 8/3/1900, #3210

Hollor, Lloyd Fitzherbert, son of George Hollor and Ellen his wife, Carpenter, residence 110 West St, born 6/5/1897, baptized 8/1/1897, #2251

Horetta Constantia Maud, daughter of James Peusey and Arabella M. Irons?, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 12/2/1887, baptized 6/10/1890, #1460

Hortense Germain, daughter of Philip Fritz Owen and Priscilla Grant, residence 7 1/2 W. Queen St Kingston, born 8/5/1889, baptized 10/6/1889, #1377

Hubert Alexander, son of Ernest Lamard by Catherine DaCosta, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/23/1893, baptized 11/24/1893, #1828

Hubert Astor, son of Timothy Gregory and Emma Wilson, Shoemaker, residence _6 Wildman St, born 11/6/18__, baptized January 1900, #3144

Hubert Finni?, son of John A. Napier and Jestina Lee, fisherman, residence Great Prospect, St. Thomas, born 12/23/1888, baptized 9/2/1898, #3005

Hudson, Colin Hoster Flavourhouse, son of David Augustus Hudson and Elizabeth Adora his wife, officer H. M. Customs, residence 57 Water Lane Kingston, born 10/14/1894, baptized 12/13/1894, #1945

Huggins, Beatrice Maud Victoria, daughter of William H. Huggins and his wife Leah E., planter, residence 41 Charles St Kingston, born 4/11/1893, baptized 8/6/1893, #1796

Huggins, Ivanhoe Branford, son of Jervis Huggins and Ada Elizabeth his wife, Carpenter, residence 14 Mitchell St, born 5/14/1895, baptized 9/8/1895 by A. Lambert, #2035

Huggins, Sylvia Theodora, daughter of W. H. Huggins and Leah his wife, painter, residence Kingston, born 7/28/1886, baptized 10/12/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1106

Hugh Alfred, son of Alfred Earnest and Eliza Cover Langley, clerk ( Civil Services), residence Kingston, born 3/10/1892, baptized/1/1892, #1661

Hull, Samuel Mortimer, son of Henry Hull and Medorah Hull his wife, Saddler, residence 63 Georges Lane Kingston, born 12/18/1894, baptized 2/3/1895, #1951

Hunter, Enos Adolphus, son of Peter and Letitia Hunter, coachman, residence 20 E. Queen St Kingston, born 5/5/1893, baptized 5/19/1893, #1773

Hunter, Ethel Albertha, daughter of Peter Hunter and Felitice his wife, coachman, residence 101 Orange St, born 10/31/1898, baptized 1/1/1899, #3039

Hunter, Hellen, daughter of Paul and Elizabeth Hunter, labourer, born 9/23/1878, baptized 4/22/1890, #1442

Hunter, Zilla Luciene, daughter of Peter Hunter and Leteca his wife, coachman, residence 21 Barry? Street, born 11/13/1896, baptized 12/13/1896, #2179

Hyatt, Felix, son of William Hyatt and his wife Beatrice, officer Lunatic Asylum, residence 28 Bryden Street Kingston, born 11/29/1894, baptized 3/10/1895, #1961

Hyde, Hubert Stanigar, son of Samuel Hyde and Johanna Simmons, Baker, residence 5 1/2 W. Green St, born 9/15/1895, baptized 1/3/1896, #2073


Ianthe Roseta, daughter of James Beverly and Mary Ann Thompson, Plumber, residence Charles Street, born 12/27/1897, baptized 4/29/1898, #2312

Ibildo? Lutind?, child of Alexander Jones and Elizabeth Marquis?, residence Kingston, born 4/17/1893, baptized 5/19/1893, #1771

Icelin Maud Victoria, daughter of Lewis N. Dixon and D. Ferguson, labourer, residence 134 Princess St, born 12/12/1899, baptized 5/22/1900, #3186

Imogine Adella, daughter of Samuel Albert and Maria Ann DaCosta, residence Kingston, born 8/15/1891, baptized 9/13/1891

Innis, Francis Julia (now Taylor), adult, daughter of George Innis and his wife Elizabeth Innis, residence 7 Wellington Street S. V., born 4/1/1863, baptized 3/29/1895, #1964

Iris May, daughter of Colles Osa sia [or Gasia?] and Amanda Wilson, servant, residence Browns Town, born 3/7/1898, baptized 4/8/1898, #2311

Isaac James, son of Isaac James Francis and Urcella Richards, fisherman, residence 67 Matthews Lane Kingston, born 4/14/1818, baptized 5/21/1889, #1330

Isaac, Adolphus, son of Frederick Isaac and his wife Christina, labourer, residence 64 John's Lane, born 12/26/1895, baptized 2/28/1895, #2088

Isaac, son of Isaac Grahame and Caroline Green, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 2/10/1892, baptized 9/2/1892, #1702

Isaacs, Hubert Dacres, son of Samuel Isaacs and his wife Rhoda, residence 38 Pink Lane Kingston, born 3/1/1892, baptized 6/12/1892, #1676

Isaiah Alexander, son of Alexander Garcia and Florence Chaves, tobacconist, residence Kingston, born 6/21/1886, baptized 8/31/1886 by William Priestnal, #1090

Ishmael Lorenzo, son of Thomas Henry Mall and Mary Ann Davis, Baker, residence Kingston, born 12/7/1887 [sic], baptized 2/10/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1131

Ivanhoe Augustus, son of Andrew Johnson and Elizabeth Lawrence, Carpenter, residence 134 King St Kingston, baptized 10/18/1893, #1820

Iver Valencia, Child of Philip Hawes and Georgiana Davis, labourer, residence 9 Beckford St, born 11/15/1896, baptized 10/1/1897, #2267

Ivireta? Constantine, Child of Richard Hutchinson and Christiana Willis, labourer, residence Kingston, born 7/25/1886, baptized 10/27/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1112

Ivy Iris, daughter of Uriah McCarthy and Mabel Matcham, shopkeeper, residence Foster Lane, born 3/17/1898, baptized 5/6/1898, #2315 [numbered 2715]

Ivy May, daughter of John Gordon and Julia Hogg, residence Kingston, born 11/19/1890, baptized 12/14/1890.


J_donia, child of Charles Christopher and A__a Barnett, residence Kingston, born 2/23/1888, baptized 9/2/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1265

Jack, Enos Louis, daughter of James L. Jack and his wife Roslyn, clerk, residence 30 Princess St, born 2/22/1892, baptized 5/1/1898, #2314

Jack, Inez Eudora, daughter of James Louis Jack and his wife Roslyn Ann Victoria, clerk, residence Princess Street Kingston, born 5/28/1894, baptized 7/8/1894, #1900

Jack, James Leonard, son of J. L. Jack and Roslyn his wife, clerk, residence 61 1/2 Duke Street, born 10/16/1900, baptized 12/4/1900, #3238

Jack, Oswald Lawrence, son of James Louis and Roslyn Jack, clerk, residence 30 Princes St, born 8/11/1896, baptized 9/22/1896, #2148

Jackem, Edith Adasa, daughter of Robert Jackem and Rebecca at his wife, soldier, residence Camp, born 4/23/1896, baptized 6/14/1896, #2121

Jackson, Eliza, daughter of --- Jackson, born 12/9/1882, baptized 6/5/1892, #1675

Jacob Alexander, son of Jacob Alexander and Albertina Bogle, clerk, residence Kingston, born 7/22/1889, baptized 9/22/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1371

Jacob Francis Nathaniel, son of David Hines and Kate Garvey, labourer, residence Kingston, born 4/17/1891, baptized 8/7/1891

Jacobs, Algecia, child of Francis and Elizabeth Jacobs, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 7/22/1890, baptized 10/14/1890.

Jacobs, Egbert Nathaniel, son of Francis and Elizabeth Jacobs, residence Kingston, born 4/1/1893, baptized 5/7/1893, #1763

Jacobs, Johnathan Agustos, son of Samuel Jacobs and Rhoda his wife, Baker, residence 30 Rose Lane Kingston, born 3/4/1894, baptized 6/3/1894, #1890

Jacobs, Nancy Ann Eugena, daughter of Francis Jacobs by his wife Elizabeth, residence Kingston, born 2/19/1888, baptized 4/8/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1224

Jacobs, Percival Wilfred, son of Francis and Elizabeth Jacobs, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 8/28/1886, baptized 2/13/1887 by William Priestnal, #1132

Jacobs, Stanley Alexander, son of Francis and Elizabeth Jacobs, Shoemaker, residence Smith Lane?, born 4/8/1896, baptized 6/5/1896, #2111

James Dorman, son of Isaiah Derly and Florence Chavis, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 3/25/1891, baptized 4/17/1891.

James Francisco, son of Robert Wright and Helena Drysdale, Carpenter, residence 3 Rose Lane, born 12/12/1896, baptized 4/2/1897, #2218

James Henry, son of Thomas Muir and Susanna Taylor, labourer, residence Kingston, born 9/5/1889, baptized 1/3/1890, #1408

James Horatio, son of William Alexander Hunter by Maria Eliza Anthony, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 7/22/1892, baptized 11/4/1892, #1715

James Timothy, son of Theophilus Thompson and Rebecca Drysdale, Tailor, born 11/29/1887, baptized 3/7/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1216

James, Amy Lustina, daughter of Walter and Imogene James, dispenser, residence Kingston, born 6/9/1887, baptized July 1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1168

James, son of James Gilpin and Elizabeth Thomas, labourer, residence Kingston, born 5/21/1891, baptized 8/7/1891

James, Susan Urceline, daughter of Thomas and Catherine James, planter, residence Kingston, aged 16 years, baptized 4/9/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1319

Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Altman Goldson and Sarah Williams, residence Kingston, born 11/9/1890, baptized 4/17/1891.

Jasper Bartholomew, son of Matthew Hardin and Susan Kennedy, Carpenter, residence electing Orange Street Kingston, born 8/24/1894, baptized 11/2/1894, #1928

Jenkins, Evaraud Reginal, son of Henry Jenkins and Susan his wife, residence 113 Wool, born 1/8/1896, baptized 2/2/1896, #2079

Jenkins, Henry Alexander, son of Henry and Susan Jenkins, residence Kingston, born 6/10/1889, baptized 9/8/1889, #1362

Jenkins, Oscar Vincent, son of Henry and Susan Jenkins, residence Princess Street, born 4/25/1898, baptized 6/12/1898, #2187

Jerrold, Aubrey Henstine, son of Edward Lewis Jerrold by his wife Vara Augusta, Carpenter, residence 22 Chancery Lane, born 10/27/1891, baptized 12/18/1891, #1632

Joel Lenmard, son of John Meynah and Sarah Ann Sutherland, clerk, residence Kingston, born 5/7/1887, baptized 6/1/1887 by Thomas M. Davis, #1154

John Arthur Livingston, son of John Gordon and Emily Turscon, residence 52 Charles St Kingston, born 12/4/1894 baptized 5/3/1895, #1988

John Augustus, son of ----- and Jane Cohoon, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/15/1889, baptized 12/3/1889, #1396

John Cameron, son of E. Ralph and ---------- Harris, clerk, residence Kingston, born 5/3/1889, baptized 9/8/1889, #1364

John Zarabel, son of Isaac James and Ursella Francis, labourer, residence 33 Temple Lane Kingston, born 9/14/1894, baptized 11/4/1894, #1932

Johnson, Claudius Augustus, son of Maria and Henry Samuel Johnson, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/23/1886, baptized 4/11/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1072

Johnson, Constance Blanch, daughter of Simeon Allen Johnson by his wife Constantia, shipwright, residence Kingston, born 12/25/1891, baptized 2/4/1892, #1637

Johnson, Evelyn Viola, daughter of Thomas Johnson and Emma Johnson, carpenter, residence 25 Luke Lane Kingston, born 5/3/1893, baptized 8/4/1893, #1791

Johnson, Geraldine Georgina, daughter of Josef [Joseph?] Johnson and Mary Johnson, fitter, residence Kingston, born 7/17/1886, baptized 9/12/1886 by M. Barker, #1097

Johnson, Haddassah Viola, daughter of John Johnson and Maryan his wife, Carpenter, residence 150 King St, born 4/29/1897, baptized 6/15/1897, #2234

Johnson, Herbert Erasmus, son of ___on A. Johnson by his wife Constantia, shipwright, residence Kingston, born 11/24/1888, baptized 1/23/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1297

Johnson, John Robert, son of John Robert Johnson and Mary Ann Elizabeth Johnson, Carpenter, residence 38 Pink Lane Kingston, born 12/23/1892, baptized 2/12/1893, #1739

Johnson, Joseph Albert, son of Josiah and Rebecca E. Johnson, schoolmaster, residence Kingston, born 9/24/1890, baptized 12/19/1890.

Johnson, Marie Louise, daughter of Shadrack Johnson and Louise his wife, Tailor, residence 54 Mark Lane, born 8/1/1898, baptized 11/6/1898, #3027

Johnson, Miriam Mable, daughter of John Johnson by his wife Mary Elizabeth, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/16/1887, baptized 6/1/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1155

Johnson, Oscar Orlando, son of Simeon Allen Johnson by his wife Constantia, shipwright, residence Kingston, born 10/9/1893, baptized 11/29/1893, #1829

Johnson, Ruby Jones, daughter of Simeon A. Johnson by Constantia his wife, shipwright, residence 52 1/2 Water Lane, born 9/5/1897, baptized 11/12/1897, #2274

Johnson, Samuel Constantine, son of Thomas Johnson and Emma his wife, Carpenter, residence 25 W. Queen St, born 3/21/1896, baptized 4/12/1896, #2096

Johnstone, Priscilla Agatha, daughter of James Johnstone by his wife Cecelia, residence Allman town, born 3/10/1887, baptized 3/11/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1218

Jonathan Nathaniel, son of George Edwards and Amy Angelina Darmy?, Cab Man, residence Kingston, born 10/24/1889, baptized 11/26/1889, #1391

Jones, Stephen Henry, son of James and Maria Jones, labourer, residence Smith Village, born 2/5/1890, baptized 4/20/1890, #1443

Jordon, [name totally faded], child of Joseph H. Jordon and Roslin Jordon his wife, Carpenter, residence W. Queen St, born 4/19/1899, baptized 7/7/1899, #3083

Joseph Benjamin, son of James Hay and Cecelia Harrison, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 9/23/1887, baptized 11/4/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1190

Joseph Emanuel, son of David Lambert and Jessie Wilson (both dead), residence Kingston, Child is probably four years old, baptized 5/19/1893, #1770

Joseph Massiah, son of Charles Alexander Trusty and Sarah McKenzie, soldier, residence 22 Johns Lane Kingston, born 1/17/1895, baptized 3/1/1895, #1959

Joseph Percival, son of Emanuel Roberts and Eva Hendricks, seaman, residence 106 Water Lane, born 3/9/1897, baptized 6/4/1897, #2233

Joseph Samuel, son of Joseph Samuel Brown and Caroline Allen, Carpenter, residence 47 Foster Lane, born 11/13/1894, baptized 11/15/1894, #1938

Josephine Constantia Louise, father unknown, mother Naomi Kelly, residence Prince George Village, born 5/24/1893, baptized 7/30/1897, #2249

Josephine, daughter of James Rodney and Beatrice James, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 11/17/1887, baptized 12/23/1887 by S. Spratt, #1194

Joshua Horatio, son of Joshua MacDonald and Hese.? Reid, shopkeeper, residence West Street, born 4/22/1899, baptized 8/4/1899, #3092

Jourd___, Iris Mildred, daughter of Joseph H. Jourd____ and his wife Roslin, Carpenter, residence 24 W. Queen St, born 7/9/1897, baptized 9/5/1897, #2259

Judah, Carmen Violet, daughter of Frederick Augustus Judah and his wife Zeneki, speculator, residence 173 Tower St., born 11/18/1895, baptized 1/24/1896, #2078

Julia May, daughter of Henry Davis and Johanna Morgan, solicitor, residence Kingston, 7 months old, baptized 8/12/1892, #1696

June Vera, daughter of William Elunthy and Sarah Ann Lowe, Clark, residence Kingston, born 5/17/1891, baptized 7/14/1891.

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