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From Jamaica Archives, 5/60/1/2

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HEADINGS:  Child's name; Father's & Mother's names; Father's trade; Residence; When born; When baptized; By whom.

--- = blank in register
_________ = illegible, torn, or faded

Date format: Month/Day/Year

(1) In this Register of Baptisms, the entries started with the given name of the child (not the surname) followed by the full names of the parents. This order has been followed here, except when the surname of the child was evident from the Register.  In that case, the child's surname is listed first.
(2) The pages of the Register from 1899 to 1902 were often torn on the sides, and displayed possible water damage.  The entries have been transcribed as far as possible.
(3) Baptisms numbered #1274 to #1313 were identified in the Register as being at Coke Chapel, as well as a few that are noted here as being at the "Coke Society" in the Coke Chapel Circuit according to the Register.



___ Matilda, daughter of Arthur Williams and Lucy Whitley, Carpenter, residence 182 Orange St, born 11/26/1899, baptized 5/4/1900, Coke Society #3177

____ [faded], child of John Hinds and Leanora Thompson, residence 91 Orange St, born 8/24/1889, baptized 10/16/1889, #1379

_____ Puritan, child of Zechariah James Johnson and Ellethia Barton, Shoemaker, residence Arnold Road Kingston, born 4/26/1899, baptized 6/9/1899, #3076

______, Sigismund, son of Lewis Phillips and Margarett Gibson, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 12/27/1893?, baptized 2/16/1894, #1854

_________ Nicholas, son of Samuel Dingwall and Clara Cotterell, dispenser, residence _15 King Street, born 11/23/1899, baptized 2/2/1900, #3150

_________ Raphaeleta, daughter of Robert Knight and Evelyn Drysdale, Carpenter, residence _3 Rose Lane, born 7/12/1899, baptized 9/29/1899, #3115

__________ta, child of Alexander Stevenson and Marcelena Newsel, store man, residence West Street, born 3/10/1899, baptized 7/7/1899, #3081

_____y Augustus, son of Alfred O. Campbell and Letitia Strachan, shopkeeper, residence Saddam King Street, born 4/26/1899, baptized 6/16/1899, #3078

____d Sigismund, son of Uriah Williams and Rebecca Walker, labourer, residence 128 North St Kingston, born 5/15/1899, baptized 9/1/1899, #3106

____ga Louise, daughter of A. F. Glasse and A. Cummings, Tailor, residence Windward Road, born 9/28/1899, baptized 12/1/1899, #3140

____ling Ammaud, child of Joseph Darling and Letitia Gillespie, painter, residence 73 Charles St, born 2/24/1899, baptized 5/19/1899, #3067

____oline Constantia, daughter of Enos Burton and Cecelia Coltman, her guardian is Jane Morris of Ebenezer, Carpenter, residence Wellington Street, born 2/10/1899, baptized 6/9/1899, #3075

___ita Ianthe, daughter of Henry? Willis and Maybelle Burton, butcher, residence 67 Oxford St, born 9/17/1899, baptized 12/18/1899, #3139

__bert Leslie, child of Edward Payne and Ruth Wignall, Tailor, residence 22 Maiden Lane, born 8/25/1898, baptized 12/2/1898, #3030, page 175


Abigail Veselda, daughter of Alfred George Williams and Rebecca Caroline Service, residence St. Andrew, born 2/20/1889, baptized 4/7/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1316

Abrahams, Alfred, son of Alfred George and Olivia Abrahams, clerk, residence Colon, born 10/8/1887, baptized 11/4/1887 by Samuel Spratt, #1188

Adams, Joseph William, son of Daniel William and Margaret Adams, labourer, residence Kingston, born 8/18/1886, baptized 12/21/1886 by William Priestnal, #1122

Adelaide Estella, daughter of George Durant and Evelyn Solomon, fisherman, residence Kingston, born 11/28/1886, baptized 1/19/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1126

Adelaide Malvinia (?) , twin daughter of Alexander Moore and Emilly Bennett, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 2/24/1890, baptized 4/22/1890, #1445

Admirall, Lena Rosabell, daughter of Enrico and Helen Adella Admirall, residence Kingston, born 8/15/1888, baptized 11/27/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1288

Adrian Adolph, son of Adolph Levy and Cecelia Woodgate, clerk, residence Kingston, born 7/4/1890, baptized 8/8/1890, #1480

Agnes Louisa, daughter of Andrew Scott and Urcelina Richards, clerk, residence 52 Church St Kingston, born 4/27/1894, baptized 6/1/1894, #1886

Aikman, ___ed Norman, Child of Tobias Binam and Ambrosine Aikman, Carpenter, residence 31 Kingston Lane, born 9/22/1899, baptized 1899, #3138

Aikman, Clifford Oliver, son of Tobias Aikman and Ambrozene his wife, Carpenter, residence 39 Smith Lane, born 2/27/1896, baptized 6/7/1896, page 162.

Aikman, Hepburn Tobias, son of Tobias Aikman and his wife Ambrozine, residence 32 Chancery Lane Kingston, born 12/9/1891, baptized 2/7/1892, #1641

Aikman, Orriel Tobias, son of Tobias and Ambrozene Aikman, Carpenter, residence Plymouth Cottage Slipe Pen Road, born 12/28/1894, baptized 3/4/1894, #1856

Aitchison, ___ Scorthin?, son of David O. Aitchison and Florence his wife, gentleman, residence 35 Hampton St., born 6/5/1900, baptized 7/25/1900, #3204

Albert Edward, son of George Clarke and Frances Hemmings, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 5/22/1887, baptized 4/10/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1226

Albert Hugh, son of James King and Agnes Colefield, residence Kingston, born 3/31/1893, baptized 5/7/1893, #1762

Aldridge, Ambrozene, daughter of Archibald Aldridge and Eva Bryan, Carpenter, residence of Kingston, born 7/31/1891, baptized 3/10/1892, #1650

Aldrige, ____, child of Esau and Ada Aldrige, residence Kingston, born 12/20/1889, baptized 7/6/1890, #1469

Alexander, Imogene Agatha, daughter of George and Adelaide Alexander, Saddler, residence 106 Oxford St Kingston, born 4/18/1894, baptized 8/5/1894, #1909

Alexander, June Elizabeth, daughter of Thaddeus Alexander and Mary Ann his wife, labourer, residence 19 Regent St, born 8/23/1895, baptized 10/11/1896, #2152

Alfred Augustus, son of William Lamour and Evelina Collins, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 5/19/1890, baptized 5/29/1891.

Alice Eliza, daughter of Robert Ibben? and Matilda Morris, residence Kingston, born 10/11/1891, baptized 3/31/1892, #1658

Alice Keturah, daughter of James Smith and Els_e Reid, residence Kingston, born 10/18/1889, baptized 1/17/1890, #1414

George Uriah, son of James Plummer and Maria Campbell, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 8/24/1890, baptized 5/29/1891.

Alice Maud, daughter of Hubert McGeachy and Rebecca Moulton, Carpenter, born 1/8/1893, baptized 3/16/1893, #1744

Alleila Alexandrina Louise, daughter of Henry Depass and Alice Frances, clerk, residence Kingston, born 6/5/1889, baptized 7/26/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1346

Allen, ____ Leopold, son of Leopold Emanuel Allen and Mabel Kathleen his wife, schoolmaster, residence 2 Maiden Street, Passmore Town, born 5/4/1899, baptized 9/26/1899, #3112

Allen, Brenda Eulalie, daughter of George Nathaniel Allen by his wife Matilda Elizabeth, shopkeeper, residence Kingston, born 4/5/1887, baptized 4/26/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1150

Allen, Cecil James Augustus, son of Robert Allen by his wife Mary, Constable, residence Kingston, born 2/15/1891, baptized 5/6/1891

Allen, Esther Cordelia, daughter of Robert and Mary Allen, Constable, 2 Eadie Lane, born 9/13/1896, baptized 10/21/1896, #2156

Allen, Everald Samuel, son of Prince Augustus Allen and Mary his wife, Carpenter, residence 80 1/2 Church Street, born 1/1/1901, baptized 3/10/1901, #3250

Allen, George Phillips Fanner, son of George Nathaniel Allen by his wife Matilda, trader, residence 24 Princess St Kingston, born 3/9/1895, baptized 4/4/1895, #1965

Allen, Marie Lucille, daughter of George Allen by his wife Matilda, shopkeeper, residence Kingston, born 3/29/1889, baptized 4/16/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1321

Allen, Orlando Alexis, son of George Nathaniel Allen by his wife Matilda Elizabeth, shopkeeper, residence Kingston, born 7/29/1891, baptized 8/11/1891

Alma Louise Stella, daughter of Charles E. Barriffe and Charlotte Straw, shopkeeper, residence Half Way Tree, born 4/21/1896, baptized 7/8/1896, #2125

Alma Violet, daughter of Uriah Henry and Leonora Francis, clerk, residence 95 Charles St Kingston, born 9/18/1893, baptized 10/18/1893, #1819

Almond Conrad, son of Peter Alexander Armstrong by Alice Maud Chandler, engineer fitter, residence Kingston, born 3/27/1890, baptized 6/10/1890, #1461

Altamont Woolsey, son of Thomas Burke and Georgiana Jane Sheckle, clerk, residence Kingston, born 6/10/1886, baptized 7/21/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1086

Amos, Femella Cordelia, daughter of Charles and Martha Amos, labourer, residence Allman Town, born 9/11/1893, baptized 11/5/1893, #1825

Amour, Cecil Augusta, son of Alexander Amour and Elizabeth his wife, Carpenter, residence 1_4 Tower Street, born 12/12/1896, baptized 2/7/1897, #2197

Amour, Lillian Agatha, daughter of Alexander and Emilia Amour, residence 1 Mark Lane, born 3/1/1900, baptized 5/6/1900, #3182

Amy Ione, daughter of Edward George and Christina Parkinson, residence 59 Beeston St Kingston, born 2/17/1890, baptized 3/9/1890, #1429

Anderson, Clayton? Alexander, son of James and Susan Anderson, labourer at Custom House, residence Kingston, born 4/5/1890, baptized 1/30/1891

Anderson, Daniel Augustus, son of Samuel and Susan Anderson, labourer, residence Kingston, born 11/8/1888, baptized 2/3/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1300

Anderson, Laura Jane, daughter of Timothy Anderson and Jane Barry, residence Kingston, born 10/16/1891, baptized 5/20/1892, #1671

Andrew Emanuel, son of Andrew Scott and Ellen McGann, clerk, residence 28 Law St Kingston, born 10/10/1892 [sic], baptized 1/15/1892, #1636

Angel, Andy Cecily, Child of Thomas and Josephine Angel, residence Kingston, born 1883, 7 years old, baptized 11/2/1890.

Ann Eliza, daughter of Joseph Hall and Eliza Emmaus, planter, residence St. Catherine, born 1884, baptized 10/4/1895, #2043

Ann Elizabeth Ferguson, daughter of Emanuel Arboin and Mary Henrietta Rod, residence Kingston, born 2/13/1889, baptized 7/14/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1344

Anzonetta Constantia, daughter of Richard Whittle and Maria Duffus, residence Kingston, born 10/16/1887, baptized 2/21/18 88 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1212

Archer, Erasmus Constantine, son of Amos Augustus Archer and Caroline Deliah his wife, cabdriver, residence 52 Charles St, born 3/25/1896, baptized 6/7/1896, #2112

Archer, Winifred Theodosia, daughter of Amos Augustus and Caroline Delilah Archer, Telegraph messenger, residence 87 West St Kingston, born 9/20/1894, baptized 11/4/1894, #1934

Armstrong, Simeon Fernando, son of Phillip Simeon Armstrong by his wife Fedelia, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/1/1892, baptized 9/23/1892, #1706

Arnold Augustus, son of John Fulton and Elizabeth Notice, planter, residence Cleveland, born 5/5/1895, baptized 7/5/1895, #2012

Arthur C. A., son of Thomas Vassell and Charlotte Barrett, residence Kingston, born 1/21/1893, baptized 3/10/1893, #1743

Arthur Hamilton, son of Thomas Bradshaw and Elizabeth Francis, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 11/17/1891, baptized 2/10/1892, #1644

Arthur John, son of John Francis and Mary Morris, labourer, residence Kingston, born 8/23/1893, baptized 2/2/1894, #1850

Arthur Thomas, son of Osmond McPherson and Mariam Salome, Tu___, residence Kingston, born 3/6/1886, baptized 9/22/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1103

Arthur Uriah, son of Solomon Robinson and Mary Grandison, painter, residence 76 from Lane, born 2/2/1896, baptized 4/3/1896, #2090

Arthur Vincent, son of Willoughby Donald and Margarett Ann James, Coxswain, residence Port Henderson, born 2/11/1893, baptized 6/6/1893, #1777

Arthur William, son of William Sherwood and Nancy Hay, labourer, residence 1A Barry St, about seven months old, baptized 11/3/1899, #3127

Asesy? Maud, daughter of James Wilberforce and Helen Matilda Garvin, residence 46 Wildman St Kingston, born 7/29/1890, baptized 9/14/1890.

Ashbourne, ____ James, son of Theodore Ashbourne and Eugenie, painter, residence _31 King St, born 8/27/1899, baptized 9/26/1899, #3113

Aston Anfanso, son of Jethro Woodley and Emily Grant, coachman, residence _8 Princess Street, born 4/14/1898, baptized 8/5/1898, #2196

Atherton, Adella, daughter of John W. and Angelina Atherton, residence Kingston, born 4/14/1888, baptized 8/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1258

Atherton, Herbert Ivanhoe, son of John W. Atherton by his wife Angelina, residence Rosemary Lane, born 1/2/1890, baptized 5/4/1890, #1447

Atholine  May, child of William Lundie and Louisa Sullivan, clerk, residence Kingston, born 8/14/1890, baptized 9/9/1890.

Atkin, ___ M__y, child of Lewis C. Atkin and Caroline Atkin, Shoemaker, residence 47 Georges Lane, born 3/7/1900, baptized 8/12/1900, #3212

Atkinson, - - - - -, [blank], child of Josiah Atkinson, Carpenter, residence Kingston, baptized 1/12/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1127

Atkinson, Allan Theophilus, son of George Josiah and Mary Ann Elizabeth Atkinson, builder, residence 160 Princess St, born 7/23/1894, baptized 10/14/1894, #1925

Atkinson, Apoline Matilda, daughter of George Josiah Atkinson and his wife Mary Ann Eliza, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 8/13/1892, baptized 10/9/1892, #1711

Atkinson, Rudolph George, son of George Josiah Atkinson and his wife Mary, Carpenter Builder, residence 160 Princess St, born 4/2/1896, baptized 6/7/1896, page 162.

Atkinson, Sephora Adella, daughter of George Josiah and Mary Ann Eliza Atkinson, Carpenter, born 4/5/1890, baptized 6/8/1890, #1459

Atkinson, Wilfred Francis, son of George Josiah Atkinson and Mary Ann Elizabeth his wife, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 11/19/1886, baptized 1/7/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1125

Augustus Emmanuel, son of Frederick McDermott and Rosie Dawkin, labourer, residence  79 Love Lane, born 5/23/1896, baptized 8/18/1896, #2137

Austin, Robert, born 6/23/1891, baptized 7/5/1891


Bailey, Corretta Rosetta, daughter of George and Evelina Bailey, Hatter, residence Kingston, baptized 10/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1109

Bailey, Vasslin Cleopatra, daughter of James and Abigail Bailey, labourer, residence Chestnut Lane, born 4/19/1897, baptized 5/2/1897, #2231

Baily, Louis Wellington, son of James H. Baily and Evelina his wife, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 2/17/1887, baptized 3/1/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1134

Baird, Ivy Erminie, daughter of Egbert S. Baird and Emily Bryan, printer, residence 3 Rosemary Lane, born 2/26/1895, baptized 3/21/1895, #1963

Banner, Violet Victor, Child of Thomas Banner and Celestina Banner, planter, residence St. Andrew, born 3/27/1895, baptized 7/7/1895, #2015

Banton, George W. P., son of Thomas Banton and Elizabeth his wife, store man, residence Arnold Road, born 12/7/1895, baptized 6/14/1896, page 162.

Banton, John Edward, son of Thomas Banton by his wife Elizabeth, store man, residence Allman Town, born 4/14/1887, baptized 8/14/1887 by Samuel Spratt, #1172

Banton, Percival George, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Banton, residence Camp Road, born 5/13/1890, baptized 9/14/1890.

Banton, Thomas Henry, son of Thomas Banton by his wife Elizabeth, store man, residence Arnold Road, born 4/7/1893, baptized 7/10/1893, #1789

Barclay, Clifford Hughes, son of Robert Dudley Barclay and Margaret his wife, officer at H. M. Customs, residence 61 West Race Course Kingston, born 1/27/1895, baptized 5/5/1895, #1990

Barclay, Ernest Leopold, son of Robert Dudley Barclay and his wife Margaret Elizabeth, Customs Officer, residence Allman Town, born 5/8/1892, baptized 7/3/1892, #1684

Barclay, Findlater Coke, son of Robert Dudley Barclay by his wife Margaret, Messenger Post Office, residence Kingston, born 7/31/1887, baptized 9/29/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1183

Barclay, Iris May, daughter of Robert D. Barclay and Margaret his wife, Customs officer, residence 1 West Race Course, born 6/17/1899, baptized 8/6/1899, #3098

Barclay, Margaret Victoria, daughter of Robert Dudley Barclay by his wife Margaret Elizabeth, post-office messenger, residence 182 Orange St Kingston, born 4/10/1889, baptized 5/10/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1326

Barclay, Richard Constantine, son of Robert D. Barclay and Margaret, clerk H. M. Customs, residence 1 West Race Course, born 6/14/1897, baptized 6/22/1897, #2237

Barclay, Ruby Ianthe, daughter of Percival and Georgiana Barclay, clerk, residence 140 Church St Kingston, born 3/30/1895, baptized 5/12/1895, #1997

Barclay, Vida Miller, daughter of Percival Barclay and his wife Georgina, clerk, residence 141 Princes St, born 12/3/1896, baptized 1/3/1897, #2183

Barnes, Cordelia, daughter of John Barnes and Kate Barnes, labourer, residence Allman town, aged 9 years, baptized 6/7/1896, page 162.

Barnett, Edgar, son of Charles and Ella Barnett, residence Kingston, born 6/24/1889, baptized 11/3/1889, #1382

Barnett, Margarett Eliza, daughter of Alexander and Mary Elizabeth Barnett, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/1/1892, baptized 2/12/1892, #1645

Barolert?, George Norman, son of Harold W. Barolert? and Adeline his wife, clerk, residence 2 Parade, born 4/4/1897, baptized 4/25/1897, #2228

Barriffe, ___ M__ed, child of Charles Bariffe and Charlotte Straw, grocer, residence 43 Charles St, born 9/16/1895, baptized 3/4/1858, #2305

Barton, Eugenie Beatrice, daughter of Frederick and Rhoda Barton, mechanic, residence 82 King St Kingston, born 1/15/1894, baptized 3/15/1894, #1864

Barton, Miram Agatha, daughter of Frederick and Rhoda Barton, residence Kingston, born 4/13/1891, baptized 7/5/1891.

Barton, Percival House, son of Frederick Barton and Rhoda his wife, Shoemaker, residence 20? Elleston Rd, born 8/28/1898, baptized 11/6/1898, #3026

Barton, Wilfred John and Ernest Rudolph, the twin sons of Samuel Barton by his lawful wife Betsey, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born/28/1887, baptized 7/22/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1165 and #1166

Bath, Mary Ann, 36 years old, born in Spanish Town, baptized 9/27/1895, #2038

Battieste, Theophilus Nehemiah, son of Thomas and Margarett Battieste, Carpenter, residence Allman Town, born 3/19/1893, baptized 7/9/1893, #1785

Baxter, Bernard Whitman, son of Bernard Baxter by his wife Maria, residence Kingston, born 8/6/1888, baptized 12/12/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1292

Baxter, Theresa Constantia, daughter of Bernard and Maria Baxter, residence Kingston, born 3/28/1890, baptized 6/1/1890, #1455

Baxter, Thrime? Louise, daughter of Bernard and Maria Baxter, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 4/6/1886, baptized 7/28/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1087

Baylis, George Noel, son of George Christopher Baylis by his wife Elizabeth Huggins, Clerk Dockyard, residence Port Royal, born 8/23/1887, baptized 10/19/1897 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1187

Baylis, John Alastre, son of George Christopher Baylis by his wife Elizabeth, clerk Dockyard, residence Kingston, born 11/23/1889, baptized 2/7/1890, #1418

Beatrice Adina, daughter of Peter Helmsley and Sarah Clarke, labourer, residence 23 Beeston St., born 8/1/1899, baptized 11/3/1899 by Ernest G. Cooke, #3126

Beatrice Amanda, daughter of Richard Murphy and Drusilla Gibson, Cab Man, residence Kingston, born 6/25/1889, baptized 7/12/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1342

Beatrice Eliza, daughter of Emanuel Newland and Eliza Smith, Saddler, residence 38 Bread Lane, born 12/17/1896, baptized 3/5/1897, #2204

Beatrice Eugenia, daughter of William Pierce and Ellen Collins, Baker, residence Kingston, born 5/27/1893, baptized 6/9/1893, #1778

Beatrice Louise, daughter of Alfred Lindo and Evelyn Charlton, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 11/28/1890, baptized 12/25/1890.

Beckford, Arthur Herbert, son of Zachariah and Queen Ann Beckford, residence 139 Orange St Kingston, born 11/2/1889, baptized 1/5/1890, #1411

Beckford, Charles Timothy, son of Amos Charles Beckford and Alice Henretta his wife, Carpenter, residence 7 Foster Lane Kingston, born 2/17/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1972

Beckford, Charles, son of Charles Alexander Beckford and Mary Ellen his wife, clerk, residence 31 Tulip Lane, born 10/31/1895, baptized 12/8/1895, #2066

Beckford, Ennis, son of Enos and Maryan Beckford, builder , residence 7 Foster Lane Kingston, born 10/10/1891, baptized 12/13/1891, #1628

Beckford, Gretel Caroline, daughter of Zachariah and Queen Ann Beckford, residence 139 Orange St Kingston, born 12/8/1887, baptized 1/5/1890, #1412

Beckford, Mary Gerthrude, daughter of Charles Alexander Beckford and Mary his wife, shopkeeper, residence 29 1/2 Tulip Lane, born 9/13/1897, baptized 11/14/1897, #2276

Beckford, Oliver, son of Enos Beckford and Maryan his wife, Carpenter, residence 7 Foster Lane Kingston, born 6/6/1895, baptized 8/4/1895, #2024

Bell, Charles Nathaniel, son of David and Mary Ann Bell, messenger, residence 53 Laws St Kingston, born 11/6/1891, baptized 12/13/1891, #1631

Bell, Gerald Constantine, son of David and Mary Ann Bell, shopkeeper, residence Kingston, born 7/6/1889, baptized 9/1/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1357

Bell, Marian Zepherina, daughter of John Bell and his wife Rachael, residence Kingston, born 5/6/1892, baptized 8/7/1892, #1690

Belmina August___, child of Samuel Muntch and Ida Hadman, bricklayer, residence 21 Foster Lane, born 10/4/1897, baptized 2/4/1898, #2293

Belxie May, daughter of Frederick Smith and Mathilda Murray, Carpenter, residence 4 Rose Lane, born 4/2/1896 baptized 7/31/1896, #2129

Benjamin and John Anthony, twin sons of Benjamin Clarke and Upherta Wilson, labourer, residence 5 Regent St, born 3/13/1896, baptized 5/1/1896, #2097 and #2098

Benjamin, an adult, age probably 20 years, baptized 1/6/1895, #1948

Benkley, Arthur George, son of James and Gertrude A. Benkley, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/30/1891, baptized 5/25/1891.

Bennett, Keturah Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Bennett and Alethia Reid, peddler, residence Kingston, born 12/10/1891, baptized 3/10/1892, #1649

Bennett, Luther Wilberforce, son of Albert J. Bennett and Florence his wife, clerk, residence _ 9 1/2 Luke Lane, born 5/14/1899, baptized 7/2/1899, #3089

Benton, Frederick Arthur, son of Frederick and Rhoda Benton, railway employee, residence Kingston, born 1/28/1888, baptized 4/10/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1227

Bernet Maud, daughter of Benjamin Kerr and Elizabeth Palmer, Baker, residence Kingston, born 8/16/1890, baptized 12/25/1890.

Bertram Allan, son of Isaac Nunes and Mary Ann Ross, labourer, residence 29 Foster Lane Kingston, born 10/12/1894, baptized 5/3/1895, #1989

Bertram Kenneth, son of James Louis and Roslyn Ann Victoria Jack, residence Kingston, born 11/19/1892, baptized 12/11/1892, #1727

Better, Paulina Louisa Leopoldine, daughter of George and Amanda Better, commercial traveler, residence Kingston, born 9/26/1887, baptized 2/1/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1207

Betty, John Percival, son of Robert Samuel Betty and Alvira Betty, turner, residence 124 Princess St Kingston, born 3/22/1889, baptized 4/25/1889, #1324

Binham, Moses Augustus, son of Thomas Binham and Catherine Hemming, shop keeper, residence 23 Foster Lane Kingston, baptized 3/7/1894, #1863

Bish, Seflin Maud, daughter of Nelson George Bish and Lydia his wife, Shoemaker, residence 59 Charles St, born 5/21/1900, baptized 5/29/1900, #3188

Black, Hena Ianthe, daughter of Alexander Black and his wife Matilda, trader, residence 70 Matthews Lane, born 5/22/1896, baptized 6/13/1896, #2236

Black, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of George and Catherine Black, planter, residence Kingston, about 16 years of age, baptized 2/4/1892, #1640

Black, Jemima Elflida, daughter of Daniel Black and Eva Cameron, Carpenter, residence New Town, Kingston, born 9/18/1899, baptized 2/2/1900, Coke Society #3152

Black, Laura Amy, daughter of Thomas H. Black by his wife Lydia, clerk, residence Kingston, born 7/6/1886, baptized 9/9/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1094

Blackburn, Ann, adult, residence Kingston, baptized 12/15/1890.

Blackburn, Frederick Nathaniel, son of John and Margarett Elizabeth Blackburn, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/25/1886, baptized 10/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1108

Blackburn, John Rudolph, son of John and Margarett Blackburn, Carpenter, residence Slipe Road, born 5/28/1896, baptized 10/30/1896, #2159

Blackburn, Mable Adina, daughter of John Blackburn by his wife Margarett, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 10/15/1887, baptized 3/30/18 88 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1220

Blackburn, Robert Archibald, son of John and Margaret Blackburn, residence Kingston, born 12/1/1892, baptized 2/5/1893, #1734

Blair, ____ez ____el, child of Ernest and Rebecca Blair his wife, coachman, residence Half Way Tree, born 5/8/1899, baptized 7/7/1899, #3085

Blair, Hegeter? Turner, son of Earnest Blair and his wife Rebecca, coach man, residence Half Way Tree, born 5/6/1897, baptized 7/11/1897, #2244

Blanch Geraldine, daughter of Charles Hall and Leanna Thomas, residence 133 Princess St Kingston, born 5/7/1890, baptized 7/1/1890, #1466

Blanche Elleaner, daughter of Henry Tulloch and Henrietta Agatha Johnson, fitter, residence 83 1/2 Oxford Street, born 10/24/1897, baptized 12/31/1897, #2285

Blanche Louise, daughter of Josiah Gordon by Lillian Sutton, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/6/1892, baptized 11/4/1892, #1713

Blanche Octavia, daughter of Joseph Preston and Rosa McBean, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 9/11/1889 [sic], baptized 7/14/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1345

Blisett, _. W., child of William Henry Blisett and Jane Blisett, driver, residence St. Andrew, born 7/31/1900, baptized 11/4/1900, # 3232.

Blissett, Claudius Valentine, son of William Henry and Jane Elizabeth Blissett, residence 18 Orange St Kingston, born 9/22/1889, baptized 11/10/1889, #1388

Blissett, Margaret Victoria, daughter of Henry and Jane Blissett, residence Kingston, born 10/29/1892, baptized 12/11/1892, #1728

Blissit, Zadok, son of William Henry Blissit and Jane his wife, coachman, residence 141 Luke Lane, born 6/21/1897, baptized 9/12/1897, #2262

Bodden, ____ Gladdes Kirkconnell, child of John and Evangeline Bodden, residence Bonacca, Spanish Honduras, born 2/8/1885, baptized 1/4/1890.

Bogle, Vivian Ivanhoe, child of Joseph and Alice Bogle, clerk, residence Kingston, born 5/1/1891, baptized 6/7/1891

Booth, Frances Lawson, daughter of Israel Walker Booth by his wife Margareth Isabella, storekeeper, residence Buff Bay, born 5/17/1898, baptized 7/20/1898, #2194

Bowen, Samuel Edward, son of Samuel Edward Bowen and his wife Selina, Dresser in Hospital, residence 11 1/2 Kew Lane, Kingston, born 12/5/1893, baptized 12/19/1893, #1840

Bowers, Osmond Samuel, son of Samuel Bowers and Emeline his wife, blacksmith, residence 2 Beeston Street, born 8/9/1897, baptized 10/10/1897 by Caleb Reynolds , #2270

Bradshaw, Joseph Benjamin, son of Alfred Bradshaw and Cordelia his wife, Butcher, residence 148 Church St, born 8/28/1899, baptized 11/5/1899, #3132

Bragg, Cecil Alexander, son of William Emanuel and Hannah Elizabeth Bragg, Constable, residence Kingston, born 2/5/1893, baptized 3/19/1893, #1745

Bragg, Hilda Maud, daughter of William Emanuel Bragg and Hannah his wife, Constable, residence Headquarters House, born 5/13/1895, baptized 7/14/1895, #2022

Bragg, Isolane Louisa, daughter of William Emanuel and Hannah Elizabeth Bragg, residence Kingston, born 7/4/1891, baptized 9/6/1891

Bragg, Percival Emanuel, son of William Guest Bragg and his wife Hannah, Constable, residence Headquarters House, born 9/10/1898, baptized 12/4/1898, #3035

Braham, Ida Evelyn, daughter of John Kissock and Teracitta Albertha Braham, Wesleyan minister, residence Coke House Kingston, born 8/22/1889, baptized 9/1/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1356

Braham, Louise Clare, daughter of John Kissock Braham by his wife Teracitta Albertha, Wesleyan minister, residence Belize Honduras, born 10/15/1892, baptized 12/9/1892, #1729

Briton, Harriet Agatha, daughter of Frederick and Eliza Briton shipwright, residence Kingston, born 12/12/1888, baptized 2/19/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1306

Broderick, Cleaver James Jasper Lesseps, son of Michael and Emma E. Broderick, father dead, residence Kingston, born 7/4/1883, baptized 6/4/1886 by William Priestnal, #1078

Brooks, Eugenie Beatrice, daughter of Daniel and Jane Ann Brooks, residence Kingston, born 12/29/1892, baptized 2/5/1893, #1737

Brown, ____ Ann, daughter of Stephen Brown and Susan Brown, Cabman, residence York Street, born 6/14?/1899, baptized 8/4/1899, #3094

Brown, _____t Gladstone, son of Alexander Brown and Maria Letitia his wife, painter, residence North Street, born 12/7/1898, baptized at 3/5/1899, #3049

Brown, Arthur Vickers, son of Robert Brown and Ellen his wife, coach man, residence 140 East St, born 8/29/1897, baptized 11/7/1897, #2273

Brown, Cecil James, son of Charles and Morgiana Brown, messenger, residence Kingston, born 8/3/1886, baptized 9/5/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1102

Brown, Clarista Evanley, daughter of Uriah and Isabel Brown, blacksmith, residence 5 York Street, born 3/24/1899, baptized 5/26/1899, #3069

Brown, Edith Maud, daughter of Uriah Brown and Eliza Isabelle his wife, blacksmith, residence 5 York St FT, born 1?/17/1895, baptized 10/6/1895, #2045

Brown, Elmira Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander McIntyre Brown and Catherine Hay, Constable, residence Kingston, born 1/22/1893, baptized 4/14/1893, #1753

Brown, Enos Augustus, son of Augustus Brown by his wife Ida, Cabinet maker, residence Kingston, born 4/10/1890, baptized 4/14/1890, #1439

Brown, Enos Charles, son of James Brown and Beatrice Brown, cart man, residence York Street, born 4/28/1899, baptized 6/2/1899, #3072

Brown, Esther Lestrandine, daughter of Stephen and Mary Brown, labourer, residence 13 Chestnut Lane, Kingston, born 7/11/1891, baptized 11/11/1891 #1625

Brown, Helen Louise Virginia, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Brown, residence Kingston, born 3/18/1891, baptized 6/14/1891.

Brown, Hubert Isaac, son of Robert Isaac Brown and his wife Margaret, labourer, residence 21 Temple Lane Kingston, born 1/31/1894, baptized 5/6/1894, #1876

Brown, Louise Alexandrina, daughter of John Grey and Louisa Brown, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 4/20/1890, baptized 7/1/1890, #1467

Brown, Robert, son of Joseph and Margaret Brown, labourer, residence Kingston, born 7/17/1886, baptized 11/19/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1117

Brown, Theodora Amanda, child of James C. Brown and his wife Rosa, residence Kingston, born 7/18/1887, baptized 11/13/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1192

Brown, Uriah, son of Joseph and Margaret Brown, residence Kingston, born 2/20/1888, baptized 8/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1257

Brown, Violet Amanda, daughter of Ezekiel Brown and Letitia Theresa Brown, Carpenter, residence 5 York St., Franklin Town, Kingston, born 3/22/1900, baptized 5/4/1900, #3181

Bruce Alexander, son of Robert Brash and ___ DeSouza, cigar maker, residence 41 East St, born 6/10/1898, baptized 7/1/1898, #2190

Bryan, Alfred A., son of Richard Bryan and Elizabeth his wife, residence Kingston, born 4/5/1888, baptized 12/2/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1290

Bryan, Alfred, son of Richard Bryan and Elizabeth Bryan, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/5/1888, baptized 11/16/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1287

Bryan, Charles A., son of Nathaniel Bryan and Ellen McDonald, Butcher, residence 136 Princes St, Kingston, born 9/26/1895, baptized 11/29/1895, #2058

Bryan, Daisy Roselda, daughter of Samuel A. Bryan by his wife Marian Bryan, Carpenter, residence 74 Oxford St, Kingston, born 3/5/1892, baptized 6/17/1892, #1681

Bryan, Edith Alberta, daughter of Lionel and Alethia Bryan, Cabinet maker, residence Kingston, born 3/19/1888, baptized 4/19/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1229

Bryan, Henrietta Evadne, daughter of Lionel Bryan and Alethia his wife, Cabinet maker, residence 109 Matthews Lane, born 8/5/1896, baptized 9/18/1896, #2145

Bryan, Ida Jane, daughter of Lionel and Alethia Bryan, Cabinet maker, residence Kingston, born 9/3/1889, baptized 9/11/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1367

Bryan, Johanna Isadora, daughter of Isaac and Susan Bryan, residence 130 Princess St, born 4/25/1890, baptized 7/6/1890, #1470

Bryan, John Wellesly, son of John J. Bryan and Christiana his wife, Master Pilot, residence 31 High Holburn St, born 3/22/1896, baptized 5/22/1896, #2107

Bryan, Lionel Parish, son of Lionel and Alethia Bryan, Cabinet maker, residence Kingston, born 9/3/1889, baptized 9/11/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1366

Bryan, Margarett, daughter of Phillip Bryan and Alice Hailey, fisherman, residence 14 Bread Lane, born 7/14/1898, baptized 9/30/1898, #3014

Bryan, Persian Augustos, son of Alexander Augustos Bryan and his wife Maria, Carpenter, residence 6 Campbell Town, born 1/7/1897, baptized 7/1/1897, #2247

Bryan, Samuel Augustus, son of Samuel Bryan and Mary Ann Bryan, residence Kingston, born 7/8/1890, baptized 8/10/1890, #1481

Buchanan, Virginia, 21 [or 2?] years old, baptized 10/12/1895, #2052

Buckley, Linton L., son of James Buckley by his wife Gertrude, Carpenter, residence 20 Maiden Lane Kingston, born 6/8/1893, baptized 7/2/1893, #1783

Bucknor, Dudley Leopold, son of David Enos Bucknor and his wife Sarah Jane, clerk, residence 22 Duke St Kingston, born 2/10/1892, baptized 4/17/1892, #1667

Bucknor, Edna May, daughter of David Enos Bucknor and Sarah his wife, clerk, residence Conrad Lane Kingston, born 3/9/1896, baptized 5/3/1896, #2103

Bucknor, Gwendoline Maud, daughter of D. E. and Sarah Jane Bucknor, clerk, residence 21 Rosemary Lane, born 12/16/1898, baptized 4/2/1899, #3056

Bucknor, Sydney Ivanhoe, son of David Enos Bucknor and his wife Sarah Jane, clerk, residence 14 Rosemary Lane Kingston, born 3/9/1894, baptized 5/6/1894, #1877

Bullock, John Elisha, son of Ebenezer Bullock and his wife Maryan, residence Kingston, born 10/15/1887, baptized 1/8/1888 by Archibald Taylor, #1198

Burke, Claresa Victoria, daughter of William and Sophia Burke, store man, residence 17 Kingston Lane Kingston, born 3/7/1894, baptized 8/10/1894, #1911

Burke, Cyril Edmondson, son of William Burke by his wife Sophia, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 10/3/1886, baptized 12/17/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1120

Burke, Lillian Elethea, daughter of William Burke by his wife Margaret, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 3/28/1888, baptized 6/13/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1246

Burke, Maud Leonora, daughter of James Nathaniel Burke by his wife Gertrude, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 4/27/1892, baptized 9/23/1892, #1707

Burke, Viola Louise, daughter of William and Sophia Burke, blacksmith, residence 17 Kingston Lane, born 9/20/1895, baptized 11/10/1895, #2056 page 159.

Burnett, Cecelia Dize, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Burnett, bricklayer, residence 26 Heywood St., 8 years old, baptized 2/17/1899, #3046

Burnett, Francella Josephine, daughter of Jacob Burnett and Elizabeth his wife, brick layer, residence 36 Heywood St., born 8/14/1897, baptized 12/12/1897, #2283

Burnett, Jacob Aaron, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Burnett, bricklayer, residence 36 Heywood St., born 12/19/1894, baptized 1/20/1897 (father present at baptism), #2189

Burnett, Joseph Ezra, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Burnett, bricklayer, residence 36 Heywood St., born February 1889, baptized 1/20/1897 (father present at baptism), #2188

Burnett, Mary Agatha, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Burnett, bricklayer, residence 36 Heywood St., born 1/14/1885, baptized 1/20/1897 (father present at baptism), #2186

Burnett, Robert Samuel, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Burnett, bricklayer, residence 36 Heywood St., born 1887, baptized 1/20/1897 (father present at baptism), #2187

Burnett, Wilbert James, son of Fitzherbert Burnett and Julia his wife, bricklayer, residence 111 East St Kingston, born 2/20/1889, baptized 4/7/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1315

Burton, Alexander, son of William Burton and Rebecca his wife, stevedore, residence Swaby Penn, St. Andrew, born 5/31/1899, baptized 8/6/1899, #3099

Burton, William Alexander, son of William and Rebecca Burton, seaman, residence 52 West St Kingston, born 7/1/1894, baptized 9/2/1894, #1914

Buscoyne, Henrietta, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Buscoyne, bricklayer, Kingston, born 9/17/1889, baptized 8/8/1890, #1479 [see Busquinn]

Busquinn, Venus Amanda, daughter of Joseph Busquinn by his wife Margaret, bricklayer, residence Kingston, born 1/21/1888, baptized 9/5/18 88 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1267

Byfield, Lilla May, daughter of Henry and Frances Byfield, Carpenter, residence Swallowfield St. Andrews, born 5/14/1892, baptized 8/19/1892, #1700

Byfield, Walter George, son of Henry W. and Frances E. Byfield, Carpenter, residence Hope Road St. Andrew, born 10/4/1894, baptized 11/4/1894, #1933

Byng, Beatrix Gwendoline, daughter of Samuel H. Byng by his wife Amanda, Customs Officer, residence Kingston, born 10/10/1887, baptized 11/10/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1191

Byng, Ethel Louise, daughter of Samuel H. Byng and his wife Amanda, Clerk H. M. Customs, residence 51 3/4 Kitchin Street Allman Town, born 11/30/1896, baptized 2/7/1897, #2199

Byng, Martha, daughter of Samuel H. Byng and his wife Amanda, outdoor Clerk H. M. Customs, residence Kingston, born 4/24/1893, baptized 6/4/1893, #1776


Cain, Alvin Cornelius, son of Partrick and Christiana Cain, residence Kingston, born 12/22/1892, baptized 2/5/1893, #1735

Cain, Clevelan Rufuss, son of Partrick Cain and Christina his wife, Dray man, residence Sarah Street Allman Town, born 2/5/1897, baptized 4/4/1897, #2222

Cain, Deborah Wilhelmina, daughter of Patrick Cain and Christiana his wife, dray man, residence Allman Town, born 2/12/1895, baptized 4/7/1895, #1980

Cain, Mabel Alberta, daughter of Alexander Cain and Eugenia Barrett, Baker, residence Kingston, born 12/7/1891, baptized 2/4/1892, #1639

Cain, Raphael Olincon, son of Patrick and Christian Cain, residence Allman Town, born 2/22/1891, baptized 4/12/1891.

Caleb Ferdinand, son of _____ Chandler and Miss Mgt. West, bricklayer, residence 14 Orange St, born 2/22/1900, baptized April 1900, Coke Society #3172

Caleb Thomas, son of Edward Latiboudare and Jane Irwin, labourer, residence 16 Hamburgh Lane, born 7/30/1896, baptized 10/2/1896, #2150

Campbell, Amy Ianthe, daughter of Edwin and Ursella Campbell, accountant, residence Kingston, born 3/3/1886, baptized 4/29/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1073

Campbell, Celestine Naomi, daughter of Alexander Campbell and Sarah Campbell, Brick layer, residence Kingston, born 5/28/1889, baptized 8/22/1889 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1355

Campbell, D____, child of Colin and Charlotte Campbell, Constable, residence Cross Roads, born 4/19/1898, baptized 9/30/1898, #3011

Campbell, George Wilmington, son of Joseph Augustus and Elizabeth Campbell, residence Allman Town, born 8/17/1890, baptized 12/7/1890.

Campbell, John William, son of John William Campbell by his wife Rhoon Rossetta, Cooper, residence Kingston, born 4/12/1886, baptized 5/1/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1075

Campbell, June Theresa, daughter of E. J. S. Campbell and C. Campbell his wife, Superintendent King's House gardens, born 7/26/1895, baptized 9/1/1895, #2032

Campbell, Nathaniel, son of Robert Campbell and Maria his wife, labourer, residence Water Pen St. Andrews, born 5/11/1895, baptized 9/1/1895, #2033

Campbell, Rosa Catharine, daughter of Henry and Sarah Campbell, Customs Officer, residence Kingston, born 2/17/1892, baptized 4/1/1892, #1659

Campbell, Vincent, son of E. J. Campbell and Cecelia his wife, curator of Botanical Garden, residence 117 Mark, born 3/26/1897, baptized 4/13/1897 by A. Lambert, #2225

Cann, Esther Ruth, daughter of Lionel Charles Cann and Elizabeth his wife, coach builder, residence Franklin Town, born 2/16/1889, baptized 3/21/1889 by W. Baillie, #1310

Canton, Helen Viola, daughter of Walter and Susan Canton, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 5/29/1887, baptized 7/10/1887, #1163

Cardozo, Frank Nunes, son of Frederick Nunes Cardozo and Margaret his wife, clerk, born 1/6/1900, baptized March 1900, Coke Society #3162

Carey, George Norman, son of John and Adelee Louisa Carey, residence 23 Water St Browns Town, born 8/15/1890, baptized 12/7/1890.
Carey, Ivy Gladys, daughter of Nathan Carey and Amelia his wife, Carpenter, residence 52 Johns Lane,  born 5/6/1895, baptized 1/12/1896, #2077

Cargill, Sidney Rigsby, son of Henry and Elizabeth Cargill, Constable, residence Kingston, born 1/15/1890, baptized 5/27/1890, #1452

Cassandra Desdemona, daughter of Frederick Ffrench and Leanora Hinds, Railway employee, residence Kingston, born 9/1/1890, baptized 12/12/1890.

Cathcart, Gladys May, daughter of William H. B. Cathcart and Mabel L. his wife, clerk Customs, residence in Port Antonio, born 3/11/1897, baptized 5/24/1897, #2232

Catherine Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Codling and Felicia Richards, sawyer, residence Kingston, born 1/4/1888, baptized 4/24/1880 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1233

Catherine M., daughter of William and Susan, clerk, residence 7 Stephen St, born 3/6/1899, baptized 5/7/1899, #3063

Cecelia Repuska?, daughter of Thaddeus Alexander and Caroline Higgins, residence Kingston, born 7/20/1891, baptized 9/4/1891

Cecil Anthony, son of John Newly and Henrietta Martin, Tailor, residence Kingston, born 1/4/1892, baptized 3/24/1892, #1657

Cecil Arthur, son of Edward Panton and Clementina Mitchell, cab driver, residence 10 Kingston Lane, born 11/19/1896, baptized 3/5/1897, #2205

Cecil Bancroft, son of Henry Ward and Arabella Williams, Saddler, residence 7 Beckford St, born 11/10/1896, baptized 4/2/1897, #2216

Cecil Bernard, son of Theo Smith and Letitia Pelinton, labourer, residence 11 Parade, born 2/20/1898, baptized 7/1/1898, #2188

Cecil Robert, son of George Henry and Mary Elizabeth James, residence 47 Oxford St Kingston, born 8/19/1889, baptized 11/10/1889, #1385

Cecil Rogers, son of Erskine L. Jeffries by Isabella Jackson, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 3/16/1890, baptized 5/29/1890, #1454

Cespedes, Vera Mathilda, residence 124 King, born 1889, baptized 3/22/1897 by A. Lambert, #2212

Chambers, Ethel Maud, daughter of Alonso Chambers and his wife Sarah, Butcher, residence 9 Mall Line Lane, born 12/17/1895, baptized 1/3/1896, #2072

Chambers, Manson Debertrans?, child of Alonzo and Ann E. Chambers, butcher, residence 9 Matthews Lane, born 8/30/1897, baptized 10/1/1897, #2268

Chambers, Phledoh Adina, daughter of Alfred Theo Chambers and his wife Celestine A. residence St. Andrew, born 6/16/1888, baptized 8/5/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1260

Chambliss, Henna Vinelle, daughter of Alfred Chambliss by his wife Celestine, blacksmith, residence Matildas Corner, St. Andrews, born 3/21/1890, baptized 5/25/1890, #1451

Charles Augustus, son of Charles Johnson and Emily James, residence 6 Spanish Town Road, born 10/8/1889, baptized 1/12/1890, #1413

Charles Nathaniel, twin son of Alexander Moore and Emilly Bennett, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 2/24/1890, baptized 4/22/1890, #1444

Chase, Ethel May, daughter of Lorenzo Chase and Emma his wife, Carpenter, residence Princess Street Kingston, born 11/10/1894, baptized 2/3/1895, #1954

Chase, Gertrude, daughter of Joseph Lorenso Chase and Emma Emily his wife, residence 7 W. Queen St Kingston, born 7/30/1889, baptized 12/8/1889, #1399

Chessie, Alan Alfred, son of Joseph Chessie by his wife Frances (deceased), Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 2/3/1892, baptized 3/17/1892, #1653

Child [name totally faded] of Alfred Tavares and Irene Newby, dispenser, residence Duke Street, born 3/1/1899, baptized 7/7/1899, #3084

Christiana Antoinette, daughter of Edward Reid and Susan Mightly, labourer, residence Kingston, born 2/28/1891, baptized 7/7/1891.

Christiana Rebecca, daughter of Henry Neil and Elizabeth Fowler, penkeeper, residence Water Lane Kingston, born 5/15/1878, baptized 1/6/1895, #1949

Christiana, daughter of Edward Thompson and Rebecca Moulton, Cooper, residence Kingston, born 8/16/1885, baptized 9/1/1892, #1701

Cicely Isabelle daughter of Alfred Campbell and Letetia Straw, shopkeeper, residence 12 Kings St, born 7/16/1896, baptized 9/4/1896, #2142

Clarena Waldman, daughter of Albert Jacob Sasso and Amalia Minot, clerk, residence 8 Eight King St, born 10/3/1895, baptized 12/27/1895, #2071

Clarence George, son of Robert McKay and Annie Johnson, servant, residence 69 Mark Lane, born 2/1/1896, baptized 4/3/1896, #2091

Clarence George, son of William Bright by Laura In_____, blacksmith, residence Kingston, born 1/17/1895, baptized 4/5/1895, #1968

Clarence Ledger, son of Philemon Altman and Louisa, Carpenter, residence Orange Street, born 3/25/1898, baptized 7/10/1898, #2193

Clarence Reginald, son of Timothy Gregory and Emma Wilson, Shoemaker, residence 33 Wildman St, born 11/2/1897, baptized 2/4/1898, #2295

Clark, Ebenezer Walter, son of Grant Thomas Clark and Robertha his wife, labourer, residence Camp Road, born 8/16/1896, baptized 12/13/1896, #2175

Clark, Lawrence Dudley Milbourne, son of Clifford Milbourne Clark and Minna Louise, Wesleyan minister, residence Highbury Morant Bay, born 4/13/1899, baptized 5/18/1899, #3066

Clarke, [name totally faded], child of Alfred Smith and Margaret Clarke his wife, blacksmith, residence King Street, born 5/23/1899, baptized 7/7/1899, #3082

Clarke, _______ Cormeleta, daughter of Edward Clarke and Ada Clarke, coachman, residence ___ner Pen St. Andrew, born 5/4/1899, baptized 6/16/1899, #3077

Clarke, Linda Blanche, daughter of Philip and Emily Clarke, dispenser, residence Kingston, born 9/18/1886, baptized 10/22/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1111

Clarke, Martha Isadora, daughter of Frederick Clarke, residence Kingston, born 8/6/1886, baptized 1/8/1888 by Archibald Taylor, #1200

Clarke, Thomas Augustus, son of Breton Clarke and Jane Marshall, soldier, residence Robert Street, born 12/10/1896, baptized 2/5/1897, #2193

Claudius Alexander, son of Frederick Thomas and Leonora Lindo, Carpenter, residence 29 Jacob St Kingston, born 1/28/1893, baptized 7/11/1893, #1787

Claudius Augustus, son of George Davis and Mary Burchell, Carpenter, residence 40 Regent St, born 9/1/1899, baptized 1899, #3137

Claudius Laurence, the child of Susan Jones, residence Kingston, born 2/7/1890, baptized 4/11/1890, #1436

Claudius Llewellyn, son of Joseph Goulbourne? and Marion Aldridge, Baker, residence 45 Charles St, born 10/26?/1897, baptized 2/7/1898, #2300

Clementina Beatrice, daughter of John Wolmer and Mary Ann Lindsay, McClare, residence 21 Love Lane, born 4/3/1896, baptized 7/12/1896, #2127

Clementina Roberta, daughter of Eduard Malade and Mary Jane Brown, labourer, residence 50 Matthews Lane Kingston, born 5/18/1895, baptized 10/4/1895, #2040

Clemmens, ____ Constantia, daughter of John and Diana Clemmens, residence Kingston, born 2/6/1891, baptized 3/8/1891.

Clemmings, Walter Theophilus, son of John and Diana Clemmings, residence Kingston, born 10/9/1888, baptized 12/7/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1291

Cleopatra Rebecca, daughter of James Orr and Eliza Ferars, Carpenter, residence 26 James St, born 12/1/1897, baptized 12/31/1897, #2286

Clifford Adolphus, son of Henry Taylor and Eva Davis, blacksmith, residence 14 North St Kingston, born 7/16/1889, baptized 11/28/1889, #1393

Clifford William, son of William George and Marie Louise, clerk, residence 16 Temple Lane, born 10/20/1889 [sic], baptized 10/2/1889, #1373

Clunes, Mortimer, son of Joseph and Frances Clunes, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 7/27/1886, baptized 3/23/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1140

Clunie, Sarah Emelene, daughter of Joseph Clunie and Frances E. Clunie his wife, residence Charles Street Kingston, born 4/11/1890, baptized 8/3/1890, #1476

Cocking, Gertrude Ellen Rose, daughter of Harold Cocking and his wife Gertrude Eliza, stationer, residence Chatsworth Kingston, born 9/12/1899, baptized 10/25/1899 by Thomas M. Geddes, #3125

Cohen, ______ilia Alberta, daughter of Felix Cohen and Evelyn his wife, planter, residence 20? Tulip Lane, born/13/1898, baptized 6/5/1898, #2184

Cohen, Martha Louise, daughter of F. Cohen and Evelyn Cohen his wife, labourer, residence 58 Pink Lane, born 2/7/1897, baptized 7/4/1897, #2239

Cohen, Emily Sophia, daughter of Felix and Evelin Cohen, soldier, residence 52 South Lane Kingston, born 2/20/1895, baptized 4/5/1895, #1967

Cohen, Evelyn Maud, daughter of F. Cohen and Evelyn Cohen his wife, labourer, residence 58 Pink Lane, born 2/7/1897, baptized 7/4/1897, #2238

Colefield, Henry James, son of James K. and Agnes Colefield, master mariner, residence 13 Beckford St Kingston, born 9/29/1889, baptized 11/3/1889, #1383

Colfield, Stephen, son of James Colfield and his wife Agnes, engineer, residence 84 West St Kingston, born 5/9/1895, baptized 6/2/1895, #2004

Collins, John Robert, son of Charles and Ellen Collins, Planter, residence Kingston, born 8/28/1889, baptized 1/3/1890, #1409

Comerie, Gladys Berryl, daughter of Lewis Nathaniel Comerie and Eugenie his wife, residence 65 Wildman St, born 2/7/1897, baptized 4/4/1897, #2221

Constantia Frederica, daughter of William James and Co___ Frederica Shearer, residence Kingston, born 1/3/1890, baptized 2/9/1890, #1421

Constantine Augustus, son of James Harvey and Caroline Robinson, Coach builder, residence 13 Love Lane Kingston, born 8/15/1899, baptized 2/2/1900, #3148

Constantine, Leila Lurline, daughter of Wilfred Emanuel Constantine and Imoge Beatrice his wife, cigar maker, residence Kingston, born 5/25/1891, baptized 7/12/1891.

Constantine, Osmond Emanuel, son of Wilfred Constantine by his wife Imogene, tobacconist, residence 12 1/2 Barry Street Kingston, born 11/27/1894, baptized 2/10/1895, #1957

Constantine, Vincent Rufus, son of Wilfred and Imogene Constantine, tobacconist, residence 52 Beeston St Kingston, born 7/28/1893, baptized 8/13/1893, #1802

Cook, Ethel Evelina, daughter of John D. Cook by his wife Maria, Shoemaker, residence Kingston, born 7/7/1888, baptized 8/10/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1261

Cook, John David, son of John David and Maria Cook, Shoemaker, residence 63 Pink Lane, Kingston, born 3/23/1890, baptized 4/22/1890, #1440

Coombs, Naomi Alberta and Elomina Elizabeth, twin daughters of Henry W. Coombs and his wife Indiana, residence Kingston, born 4/9/1893, baptized 5/14/1893, #1765 and #1766

Cooper, ___ncicha Louise, daughter of Charles and Susanna Cooper, residence Kingston, born 7/10/1888, baptized 9/9/1888 by William H. F. Bleby, #1269

Cooper, Edith Constantia, daughter of James T. Cooper and Louisa his wife, Carpenter, residence _23 Luke Lane, born 8/16/1899, baptized 11/5/1899, #3133

Cornwall, Augustus Constantine, son of David Augustus Cornwall and his wife Edith Matilda, Assistant Warder General Penitentiary, residence Allman Town, born 8/24/1893, baptized 10/8/1893, #1818

Cowan, Miriam Louise, daughter of David and Mary Cowan, residence 27 Mark Lane Kingston, born 5/23/1889, baptized 10/6/1889, #1375

Cowell, Kelurena Ann, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Cowell, Carpenter, residence Kingston, born 1/8/1894, baptized 3/11/1894, #1861

Cox, Arthur James, son of ____ Cox and Agnes Gertrude Cox his wife, clerk, residence Brentford Road, St. Andrew, baptized 1900, Coke Society #3165

Cox, Julia Hyacinth, son of James Hill Cox by his wife Agnes Gertrude, clerk Railway, residence 5 Laws St Kingston, born 4/12/1893, baptized 6/28/1893, #1781

Crew, Ruby Elaine, daughter of Mackiel Crew and Eva his wife, Carpenter, residence 23 Margarett St B. T., born 10/24/1900, baptized 12/2/1900, #3237

Crewe, Myrtle Eloise, daughter of Michael Crewe by his wife, Carpenter, residence 1 1/2 Water Street R. T., born 1/8/1898, baptized 2/13/1898, #2301

Cross, Rachel, daughter of Richard and Ellenor Cross, Mason, residence Kingston, probably 14 years of age, baptized 3/23/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1142

Cruickshank, Arthur George Emanuel, son of James and Julian Cruickshank, residence King Street Kingston, born 5/6/1890, baptized 9/7/1890.

Cruickshank, James Theophilus Adolphus, son of James Cruickshank and Julian his wife, prison warden, residence 63 West St, born 11/7/18__, baptized July 1900, #3201

Cruickshank, Lena Iren Emily, daughter of John Cruickshank and Julia his wife, labourer, residence 50 West St, born 7/4/1897, baptized 9/3/1897, #2258

Cummings, William Alfonso Hicks, son of George Aug. and Eliza Ann Cummings, Constable, residence Kingston, born 12/12/1889, baptized 2/9/1890, #1420

Cunha, Estelle Viola May, daughter of Clarence Louis Cunha and Maud Louisa his wife, accountant, residence Kingston, born 10/5/1886, baptized 11/11/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1115

Cunha, Gladys Enid Ermyntrude, daughter of Herbert Augustus Cunha and Charlotte Letitia his wife, accountant, residence 77 Duke Street Kingston, born 5/17/1889, baptized 7/14/1880 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1343

Cunha, Rigby Herbert Geddes, son of Herbert A. Cunha and Charlotte his wife, accountant, residence Kingston, born 3/14/1888, baptized 4/8/1888 by Thomas M. Geddes, #1223

Cyrena Adina, daughter of Alfred Simmonds and Constantia White, Shoemaker, residence 2 Mile St. Andrew, born 1/8/1895, baptized 5/3/1895, #2000

Cyril Burke, son of Jeremiah Honnibal? and Susan Wright, Tailor, residence 43 East St, born 9/12/1896, baptized 10/21/1896, #2155

Cyril Richmond Edward, son of Edward Asteroid and Matilda Brown, clerk, residence Kingston, born 6/19/1890, baptized 12/3/1890.

Cyril Uriah, son of John William and Christiana Jones, labourer, residence Kingston, born 7/22/1892, baptized 1/1/1893, #1733

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