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MARRIAGES 1839-1869

T - Z


[by X]= signed by X

dtr= daughter

[E]= written in English

F= written in French

legit= legitimate

m = married

[S]= written in Spanish

[sig]= signature

wit= witnesses


Key to ministers performing marriages:

AS= A. Simond

BF= Benito Fernandez

BP= B. Picardo

CT= Chr. Trottman

FH= Frederick Hathaway

FS= Francis Saure

GA= George Auvaro

GLD.= G. L. Duquesnay (Marie Arthur Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay)

JD= J. Dupont (whose spelling was very weak)

JED= James Eustachius Dupeyron

JH = Joseph Howell

JJ= J. Jones

JJC= J. J. Cotauillay ?

JMB= Joseph M. Bertolio

SW = Sidney Woollett (or J. Sidney Woollett)

WC= William Cotham

Date format: Month/day/year

NOTE: (1) when the entries were written in French, the minister would have used the French spelling of a name, even when the person used the English spelling: eg. Henri for Henry, Marie for Mary. The same applies to Spanish.

(2) A ____ represents a word or part of a word that was illegible in the original due to spots, blots, bleed-through, etc.

(3) After October 1st 1845 (p. 115) all records were in English unless otherwise noted.


Tadde, Henry m 7/30/1867 Mary Landres. Wit: Ellen Landres. Min: JD. p. 265

Tailor [Taylor?], Simon m 1/3/1855 Matilda Davis. Wit: Robert Marseille, James Miller, Mary Ann Miller, Maria Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JD. p. 175

Talbot, Caprice, native of Guadeloupe, m 7/20/1846 Maria Marta, native of Curacao. Wit: Jasmin Picard and Mrs. Antoine. Min: BF. [F] p. 61

Taponas, Justinian son of Simon Alexander Taponas and Marie Charlotte Thomas m 8/10/1848 Marie Jeanne Thibeau dtr of Jean Thibeau and Elizabeth Daniel, both natives of Haiti and presently resident in Kingston. The child born before marriage is Joseph Taponas. Wit: Jacques Marie Torracinta, Pierre Lefort, Joseph Taponas. Min: JD [F] p. 96

Tate, Alexandre, son of the late Alexandre Tate and of Marie Therese Aimee Plaingne m 3/11/1865 Marie Alexandrine Amelie Coquierre, lawful dtr of Jean Pierre Edmond Coquierre and Marie Claire Alexandrine Hersilia Petion Coquierre, both natives of Jaiti. Wit: Benjamin Charles Carvalho, Napoleon V. Carvalho, Petion Boyer Coquierre, Aristide Beauregard, Joseph L. Rousseau, Marie Antoinette Madion, Marie Magdaleine Nathalie Coquierre, Leocade Tate, Augustine Beauregard [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 242

Tavares, David m 3/8/1868 Elizabeth Graham. Wit: James Tailor, Elizabeth Johnson, Abraham Jonas. Min: JD. p. 275

Tavares, Henry m 8/6/1862 Elizabeth Marcum. Wit: Thomas Davis. Min: JD. p. 226

Taylor, Thomas, native of Roscommon in Ireland, m 11/16/1841 Mrs. Elizabeth Baird, native of Ayrshire in Scotland, widow of the late William Cunningham. Wit: W. Martin, Albert Campbell, Gustave Montagnac [all sigs]. Min: WC. [E] p. 22

Terrelonge, Adolphus Clark m 1/12/1864 Adelaide Lafitte. Wit: John Berrett, William Henry Terrelonge, Alexander Terrelonge, Eliza Lafitte. Min: JD. p. 235

Terrelonge, Alexander m 5/15/1861 Isabela Sadler. Wit: Peter Terrelonge, Angelina Terrelonge. Min: JD. p. 218

Terrelonge, Thomas Henry m 12/12/1867 Marie Louise Treppier. Wit: Florent Treppier, Alexander Terrelonge, Antoinette Treppier, Edward Withall. Min: JD. p. 271

Maden [Madden?], Alexander Terrelonge m 7/23/1865 Elizabeth Small. Wit: Samuel Small, Colin Small. Min: JD. p. 245

Terrelonge, Peter m 10/15/1853 Magdeleine Richards. Wit: John Frederic Berrett, Henri Terrelonge, William Terrelonge. Min: JD. p. 165

Terrelonge, William Henry son of Pierre Terrelonge and Eliza Akenson m 7/5/1848 Isabelle Ison Hyns [Hines?] dtr of Henri Hyns and Jesse Hyns. Wit: Pierre Terrelonge and Antoinette Ennis. Min: JD [F] p. 94

Terrelonge, William Lewis son of Peter M. Terrelonge and Susanna Williams m 10/16/1850 Susanna Cliff dtr of Thomas Cliff and Jane Turner. Wit: Peter M. Terrelonge, John F. Berrett, Henry Terrelonge. Min: JD. p. 127

Thibeau, John m 11/3/1861 Maria Arscott. Wit: Amelia Vendryes, Uranie Marthe Vendryes, Florine Thibeau, Rose Lazarus, Isabela Welderman. Min: JD. p. 221

Thomas, George m 11/13/1867 Annah Thomas. Wit: Elizabeth Taffe, Sylvania Thomas. Min: JD. p. 270

Thomas, George William m 4/1/1854 Eliza Wilson. Wit: Vicento Herrera, Felicia Herrera. Min: JD. p. 169

Thomas, John, a Chinese, m 12/28/1864 Mary Jackson, a Coolie, both inhabitants of Kingston. Wit: John Vilain, Pierre Vilain, John Esser. Min: JD. p. 240

Thomas, William, a Chinese, m 5/17/1865 Catherine Labiche, native of Kingston. Wit: George Mau, Jane Mau, Filis Perceval. Min: JD. p. 243

Thomas, William, a Chinese, m 5/20/1865 Catherine Labiche, native of Jamaica. Wit: George Mau, James Mau, Felix Percival. Min: JD. p. 244

Todd, Henry m 6/7/1847 Mary Ann Joseph both residents of Jamaica [both by X]. Wit: Louise Dugiol and Marie Rose. Min: WC. p. 73

Togwell, John m 10/6/1854 Catherine Murphy. Wit: John Henry Furtado [Feurtado?], Hoseph Furtado. Min: JD. p. 173

Toledano, Christopher m 6/24/1863 Zerifa Louisa Sequeira. Wit: John Sequeira, Anita Delfosse. Min: JD. p. 231

Tomkins, George, Sergeant 4th Regiment, m 1/27/1858 Mary Pendridge. Wit: Sergeant Major Path, Julia Burke. Min: JH. p. 197

Torre, Pedro m 7/17/1861 Juana Pereira, both Africans. Wit: Firmin Garcia, Maria Garcia. Min: JMB. p. 219

Touchemoulin, Edouard m 2/27/1842 Marie Louise Antoinette [both by X]. Wit: Peter Constantine, M. L. Laeoun, A. Voinchet, J. Arrigunaga, B. Bouilly, L. Bouilly, F. DeLaBiche [all sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 23

Trepier, Pierre, son of Jean Trepier and Jeannette Dufour m 1/8/1848 Magdeleine Etienne, dtr of Jean Etienne and Henriette Etienne. Ulysses Trepier and Par__mariane are declared legitimate. Jean Louis Ulysse William, Henriette Anne Elizabeth, Hortense Florian and Jeannette are not uterine siblings of the above-named children. Wit: Charles Lagourde, Anne Lagourde. Min: JD [F] p. 87

Treppier, Floran, son of Pierre Treppier and Gertrude Bernard, m 5/2/1848 Marianne Baoly dtr of William Baoly and Sera Francois. Children legitimized by marriage were: Charles Lanare?. Marie Marthe, Rosalie, Marianne, Antoinette. Wit: Marie Louise De Latour, Jeannette Treppier, Jean Frederic Berrett, Joseph Narcisse. Min: JD [F] p. 91

Treppier, Lewis m 5/11/1851 Sarah Brown. Wit: John Mathon, Edward Touchemoulin, John Salmon. Min: JD. p. 142

Treppier, Thomas Louis m 6/17/1868 Louisa Loban, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Charlotte Loban, Louis Dixon, James Richard, Edward Cushnie, Joseph Loban. Min: JD. p. 279

Troutman, George, m 10/5/1854 Isabela Morley. Wit: Mortimer Ball, Eliza Morley. Min: JD. p. 172

Troutman, John Edward m 9/12/1850 Jane Distant. Wit: Mary Jany, Suzanne Davy. Min: AS. p. 131

Trowers, George native of Jamaica m 11/30/1848 Jane Wren a native of Africa [both by X]. Wit: Catherine Bougenet, Marie Louise. Min: WC [E]. p. 102

Tucker, Henry Read m 12/26/1866 Isabel Stephania Toledano. Wit: Christopher Toledano, Joseph Toledano. Min. JD. p. 259

Turnbull, John M., native of Glasgow, Scotland, m 11/22/1866 Elizabeth Knox. Wit: John Lockhart, Thomas Burke, William B. Ross, G. Knox. Min: JMB. p. 258

Turner, Alexander m 7/6/1857 Ann Malveau. Wit: Alexander Malveau. Min: JMB. p. 194

Tyrell, James m 5/26/1869 Virginia Narcisse, both of St. Thomas in the Vale. Wit: Joseph Narcisse, Marguerite Ducasse, Mary Ann Mayou. Min: JD. p. 288


Ugbon, Samuel m 12/4/1851 --- Paul. Wit: Elizabeth Hilaire, Antoinette Hilaire, Ann Charles, Richard Hart. Min: JD. p. 149

Uredenburg or Wredenburg [or Vredenburg], Charles William son of William Uredenburg and Ermine? Amelia m 6/18/1847 Anastasie Chevernard legit dtr of Jean Chevernard and Marie Anne Chevernard. Wit: Elizabeth Duval, Josephine Durevery, Marie Anne Chaverard, Mrs. Gaspard Jouiy and Henri Robert. Min: JD [F] p. 73

Uter, Lewis m 12/2/1863 Jane Richard Chamberlaine. Wit: Elizabeth Jones. Min: JD. p. 233


Valdez, Francisco, native of Africa, m 5/17/1860 Eliza Hart of Jamaica. Wit: Anacleto Diaz, Juana Upura, Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JMB. p. 212

Valdez, George m 9/28/1864 Evelina Logan. Wit: Mary Ann Alter, Victorino Lafuentes, Vicente Herrera, Jaul Logan, Maria Johnson, Grace Louis. Min: JD. p. 239

Valdez, Lucas m 8/14/1866 Francisca Pereira, both Africans. Wit: Maria Transito Garcia, Luisa Martina. Min: JMB. p. 255

Valencia, Joseph, a native of Curacao, m Mary Jane Escoffery. Wit: J. Escoffery, J. Escoffery jnr., Rose Escoffery, M. B. Escala, T. N. Archambau, G. Israel, Simon Emanuel Pietersz [all sigs]. Min: BF. p, 147

Valer, Felix m 3/31/1851 Mary Rose Mordiki [Mordecai?]. Wit: Mrs. Bonito, Mrs. Moreno, Laurence Reufigo. Min: JD. p. 140

Vallon, Felix, a native of Malta [by X], m 12/30/1846 Catharine Carroll a native of Ireland [sig]. Wit: Charles Banfield and William McGuire [sigs]. Min JED. p. 64

Valmont, William Martin, son of the late William Martin and the living Cecile Henriques, m 5/29/1847 Martine Brons, dtr of the late Lambert Brons and the living Jeanne Clementine Brons. Wit: Jean Etienne and Joannes Peter. Min: JD [F] p. 70

Vanden Menden, Francisco, native of Curacao, m 6/21/1849 Dorotea Vanden Menden native of the city. Wit: Luis Maduro, Martina Pinedo, John LaCosta. Min: BF [E]. p. 110

Vasquez, Ylario, a native of Cartagena in New Granada m Jane Amelia Will___. Wit: Gregorio Toledano, Galatia Dujiol. Min: JMB. p. 262

Vendryes, Charles m 2/24/1846 Amelia Thibeaud, both natives of Kingston. Wit: Nicholas T. Philibert, J.B.G. Philibert, J. Rousseau, John Thibeaud, Henry Vendryes junr. Min: BF. p. 59

Vendryes, John Lewis m 11/5/1850 Mary Melun. Wit: Nicolas Christophe Philibert, Mary Rose Philibert, Mary Marthe Vendryes. Min: JD. p. 128

Vendryes, Louis Ivanhoe, lawful son of Henri Vendryes and Marie Maximia Vendryes nee Teychoires, m 6/4/1856 Marie Louise de Roux, lawful dtr of the late Guillaume Etienne Louis De Roux and Elizabeth Blondel de Neron. Wit: Charles Gadpaille, Henry Vendryes senior, Henry Vendryes jnr., William Abram, Antoine De Roux, James Philip Stiebel, William De Roux, James W. Brennan, Pierre E. Vendryes, Augustus Blondel De Roux, L. Lilia Gadpaille, Antoinette Stiebel, Circe Vendryes, Lucile De Roux, Elizabeth B. de Neron Roux, Marie Josephine D. Vendryes [all sigs]. Min: JH. [F] pp. 185-186

Vendryes, Peter Ernest, lawful son of Henry Vendryes and Marie Maximia Vendryes, m 11/6/1866 Elizabeth Burger, lawful dtr of John Burger and Clara Jane Burger, both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Gadpaille, Henry Vendryes, H. J. Burger, Clara Jane Burger, Amanda Burger, H. Charles Burger, C. Burger, George H. Sym?, Alexander Burke [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 257

Vendryes, Pierre Maximilien Henri [signed as P. M. Henri Vendryes son], legit adult son of Pierre Charles Marie Henri Vendryes and Marie Maximia Teychoires Vendryes, m 10/30/1843 Marie Josephine Duverger, legit dtr of Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger and the late Marie Uranie Lemercier Duquesnay Duverger. Wit: J. B. G. Duverger, Henry Vendryes, M. T. Vendryes, J. S. Maillard, George H. Chavannes, C. L. Lapointe, L. Mathon, Charles L. Duquesnay, A. Duquesnay, M. Duquesnay, H. L. Duquesnay, A. Duquesnay, M. Hall, A. P. D'Aquin, N. Touchemolin, L. Vendryes, C. Marchand, Wm. Cotham, J. Gleeson, C. Martin, A. Henriques, M. Elizabeth Corch__, Charlotte L. Duquesnay, Pedro N. Casis [all sigs]. Min: G. L. Duquesnay. [F] p. 42

Ventemore, Celestino m 8/20/1861 Joanna Ceney. Wit: James Elting, Jose Crescentio Cararo. Min: JD. p. 220

Verley, John [by X] son of John Verley and Mary Jane De Raimond m 9/11/1849 Martha Forbes [by X] dtr of William Forbes and Eliza Forbes. Wit: Peter August. Richemond [sig], Joseph Antoine, Esau? Forbes, William Forbes, Mary Ross [by X]. Min: JD [E]. p. 114

Verna, Roch m 11/7/1850 Louise Angelique Chandrino. Wit: Bernard Ripoll, Joseph Maillet, Charles Pernaud, Philippe Paret, Mary Louise Rousseau, Vincent Thomas. Min: JD. p. 129

Victor, John m 11/22/1855 Marguerite Airmon. Wit: James Reynold, Mary Catherine Reynold, Victorina Catherine. Min: JD. p. 182

Victor, Juan m 2/6/1845 Maria Martina Mathias, both natives of Curacao. Wit: Carlo Estevano and Andrea Martina Rodriguez [all by X]. Min: BF. [S] p. 52

Vieyra, Francisco m 2/1/1862 Antonia Alves, both natives of the island of Madeira. Wit: Manoel Vieyra, Jose Freitas, Maria Joaquima. Min: JMB. p. 223

Vieyras, Manoel m 1/23/1864 Maria Alves, both natives of Madeira. Wit: Francisca Vieyra, Joas de Freyte. Min: JED. p. 235

Vilain, Peter, a native of Trinidad, m 2/21/1869 Sarah Lindo. Wit: Jean Vilain, Pauline A. Leon. Min: JMB. p. 285

Vileure, Nicolas [signed as N. Vileure son], native of Kingston legit son of Nicolas Vileure and Aglee Vileure m 8/15/1844 Marie Justine Hermine Uter, native of Kingston, legit dtr of Jean Uter and Rose Fanny Uter. Wit: Pedro N. Casis, R. F. Uter, J. S. Maillard, N. Vileure, L. P. Desporte, John Douglas, Joseph Uter, M. Haney?, J. Escoffery senior, George Montagnac [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F] p. 50

Villegrain, Auguste Emile son of Guillaume Villegrain and Elizabeth Monard m 7/3/1848 Rebecca Huie Phillips dtr of [blank] Philipps and [blank] Grant. Wit: George Montagnac, George Espeut, Louis Brandy, Elizabeth Villegrain, Rose Montagnac, Elizabeth Alipo__. Min: JD [F]. p. 95

Viller, Marc, son of Jean Baptiste Viller and Elizabeth Christiana m 8/17/1847 Isabella Ficher, dtr of Edouard Ficher and Marguerite Macfal__. Wit: Alexandre Montayo, Thomas Smith. Min: JD [F] p. 80

Villeur, Onesime [sig], m 10/9/1842 Victoire Antoine [by X]. Wit: Victoire Antoine, Thomas Walker, Jean Etienne, Marie Fran___ , Jean Francois Brinon [all by X]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 31

Vincent, Francois m 7/22/1843 Marie Charles Hall [both sigs]. Wit: George Montague, J. Arrigunaga [sigs] and Marie Louise Garel and Jean Garel [by X]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 40

Vos, John m 2/6/1854 Mary Anna Howard. Wit: Louis Vos, Adriana Elisabeth Corsar, Peter Loretto Vos. Min: BP. p. 168


Waddle, George [sig] m 2/16/1848 Mary Jones [by X] both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Constantine, and S. Murray [sigs]. Min: WC. [E] p. 89

Wado, Charles m 11/4/1850 Elizabeth Francis. Wit: Josephine Banes, Emile Delaija. Min: JD. p. 128

Waka [Walker?], Richard m 3/27/1851 Mary Joseph. Wit: Jane Eulalie Salmon, Ann Gabriel, Joseph Lefevre. Min: JD. p. 140

Waker, Alexander m 4/13/1852 Caroline Williams. Wit: Gaspard Waker, Abigail Waker. Min: JD. p. 152

Wales, John m 11/4/1850 Louise Algat. Wit: Mary Elizabeth Chadaine. Min: GA. p. 128

Walker, Anthony native of Kingston [signed as Thomas Anthony Walker by X] m 8/12/1841 Caroline Martin dtr of Martin and of Yves Francois. Wit: Eugene Vendryes, Stephen Benjamin, Clorine ___, John G--nt. Min: BF. [F] p. 19

Walter, John m 12/8/1850 Isabella Gird both natives of Kingston. Wit: Robert Marcel, Matilda Hunt. Min: JED. p. 135

Walters, James A. m 12/9/1863 Elizabeth Benoit. Wit: Abram and Elizabeth Walters. Min: JMB. p. 234

Walters, Joseph m 12/20/1852 Susan Brown. Wit: James Robert Ramsay, Charles Walters, Francis Gordon, Jane Walters, Charlotte Walters. Min: JD. p. 158

Walters, Peter m 2/1/1869 Elizabeth Giscom. Wit: Henriette Dubol, Catherine Pope, Elvina Audrouin. Min: JD. p. 284

Walters, Robert m 5/25/1847 Genevieve Lebrun, both natives of Kingston. Wit: Desire Merian and Heloise Villar. Min: JED. p. 68

Walton, John m 11/23/1859 Helen Cooke Marshall, both of St. Thomas in the East. Wit: Bowen and Stona. Min: JH. p. 208

Ware, William junior m by license 4/29/1868 Rosalyn Amanda Ripoll, both of Kingston. Wit: John Ware, Bernard Ripoll, Charles L. Ripoll [all sigs]. Min: JJ. p. 276

Waters, Samuel m 10/22/1854 Ann Barbara Brown of the parish of St. George. Wit: Nicolas Mathasson, Jacob Baptist, Robert Murray. Min: JD. p. 173

Watson, William m 2/27/1856 Maria Sophia Boom. Wit: Josephine Mollar, Louisa Chavannes, Helina Castillo, Helena Madson, Thomas Gypson [Gibson?]. Min: JD. p. 184

Wehrle, Valentine m 9/14/1865 Amelia Ferguson. Wit: John Flack, Ellen Frack. Min: JD. p. 247

Wesle, Alexander John m 1/25/1852 Elizabeth Etienne. Wit: Nicolas Joseph, Emilia Joseph. Min: JMB. p. 151

West, John of Kingston m 4/28/1853 Mary Elizabeth (Chambion) McKenzie of Above Rocks (St. Thomas in the Vale). Wit: George Cushnie, Marie Louise Latour. Min: JED. p. 161

West, Thomas m 1/15/1853 Jane Kalbron. Wit: John, and Mary Miller. Min: GA. p. 158

Wetherman, William m 5/17/1852 Marie Claire Duval both natives of Jamaica. Wit: D. Thompson, Alexander Mc__. Min: WC. p. 153

White, Charles M. m 1/9/1849 Mary Sarah Williams both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Mary Magdalen Bechstatt, Mary Theresa Bousset. Min: GA [E]. p. 103

White, Edward m 8/23/1850 Adelaide Nicholas both natives of and resident in Kingston. Min: JED. p. 126

White, Emmanuel m 4/10/1854 Mary Ann Latibaudiere. Wit: Elizabeth Carter, Charles Latibaudiere. Min: JD. p. 169

White, John m at Above Rocks 3/26/1868 Olivia Sawyer. both natives of Jamaica. Wit: George Barrett, Francis Reid, Joanna Sawyer. Min: JD. p. 276

Whitewell, William a native of Boston m 7/10/1842 Elizabeth Matilda Garvin a native of St. Augustine. [both sigs]. Wit: William Garvin, Honora M. Clarke [sigs], Felicia Garvin [by X]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 27

Whitiker [Whittaker?], Robert m 4/7/1864 Virginia Burns. Wit: Lewis Escoffery, Lorida Polony. Min: JD. p. 237

William, born in Africa m 10/18/1840 Marie Therese Richonne native of Kingston [both X]. Wit: Etainen Benjamin [sig] and Marie Pierre and Marie Louise [both X]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 10

Williams, Bartholomew Robert m 10/19/1843 Adele Euphrosine Leonide Verdier Duffy. Wit: J. Arregunaga, A. Duquesnay [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F] p. 42

Williams, Charles Bailey m 6/27/1861 Margaret Armstrong. Wit: Florent Treppier, Mary Marthe Treppier, Jane Mau. Min: JD. p. 219

Williams, Cornelius m 3/24/1845 Anna Helena Peter [both X]. Wit: Maria Conception [by X] and Evelina Lipman [sig]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 52

Williams, Joseph m 7/24/1861 Maria Isberta Leone. Wit: John Berrett. Min: JD. p. 219

Williams, Joseph m 5/31/1865 Mary Elizabeth McLean. Wit: Clara J. Burger, Angelina Burger, Elizabeth Burger, Matilda Johnson. Min: JD. p. 244

Williams, Thomas (Chinese) m 1/20/1869 Mary Bouilly of Kingston. The children born before marriage are Joseph Williams and Emmanuel Williams. Wit: Ellen Cardozo, Indiana Scott, Alexander Wilson. Min: JD. p. 283

Williamson, Joseph [by X], native of Jamaica and residing in the parish of St. David m 1/6/1848 Jane Emily Delahaye [sig], native of and resident in Kingston. Wit: Philip Lemercier Duquesnay, Anthony Joseph Lemercier Duquesnay, Rose E. Trumbach, Dotemard Martinian, Henry Trumbach [all sigs]. Min: JED [E]. p. 86

Wilscher, Joseph Davis, son of William Wilscher and Cassandre Wilscher, m 8/18/1847 Marie Marguerite an African. They have a child named Jean. Wit: Marguerite Montagnac, Adele Clarice Montagnac and Alexandre Ferdinand Montagnac. Min: JD [F]. p. 81

Wilson, Alexandre son of Jacques Wilson and Elizabeth Diana m 11/14/1848 Marie Michel Mila [Miller?] dtr of Mila and Labelle. Wit: Jacques Falquarson [Farquharson?], Pierre Terrelonge, Jacques Edwards, Elizabeth Falquarson [Farquharson?]. Min: JD [F] p. 100

Wilson, James (African) m 7/10/1867 Marie Louise Williams. Wit: Camillo Assenti. Min: JD. p. 264

Wilson, James Paremont m 12/3/1868 Frances LeFranc. Wit: Louise Eynaud, Pierre Eynaud, Elie Timothy Blache, Josephine Lieufranc, Hannah Walker, Matthew Lefranc [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 282

Wilson, Thomas m 8/28/1853 Mary Baptiste. Wit: John Baptiste, Cecilia Baptiste. Min: JD. p. 163

Winters, William [sig], a native of Ireland, m 2/4/1846 Mary Jane Warren [by X], native of Jamaica. Wit: Jacob Jascowit; Charles Jascowit. [sigs]. Min: WC. p. 58

Wise, Charles son of Bernard Wise and Catherine Wise m 11/3/1848 Marie Rebecca Welsh dtr of Alexander Welsh and Francoise Welsh. Wit: Augustine Emile Villegrain, Maria Woodford, Isabella Geby. Min: JD [F] p. 101

Wise, Charles son of Charles Wise and Elizabeth Wise m 2/5/1849 Isabelle Gale Makey [?Mackey] dtr of Thomas Makey and Marianne Makey. Wit: Auguste Emile Villegrain, Rebecca Augustine Villegrain, Marie Bernardine Branday. Min: JD [F]. p. 104

Wray, Denis m 2/21/1859 Amelia Paul. Wit: John Sulllivan, Cecila Ormsby, Sophia Paul. Min: JD. p. 203

Wright, Arthur Julius m 3/24/1845 Fanny A. Laing. Wit: William Laing, Marie Anne McCrea, A. Laing, Elzida Llado, Marie Louise Llado, E. Livingston [all sigs]. Min: BF. p. 52

Wright, Arthur Julius m 3/30/1853 Mary Ann Sophia Alvarenga. Wit: Dr. John McTernan, William Alvarenga, Mary Ann Hamilton, Adelaide Alvarenga, John Lacoste senior [Revd. Dupont wrote “signa”], Alfred Alvarenga, Charles R. Wright, Louis Lacoste [all sigs], and James Harrison, John Lacoste junior. Min: JD. p. 159

Wright, David Joseph, native of Nassau, New Providence, m 5/28/1863 Ellen Rowley of Jamaica. Wit: Lorenza Renfijo, Alexander Ashburnt. Min: JMB. p. 231

Write, Alexander, a native of Jamaica (in danger of death), m 3/13/1866 Elizabeth Pitt, native of Jamaica. Wit: Catharine Llado, Henrietta Ripoll. Min: JJ. p. 250

Wynhall, William m 7/14/1845 Frances Reno a native of Caracas. Wit: J. P. Mayou, Martin Pedro. Min: WC. p. 55


Ximenes, Alexander son of Antonio Joseph Ximenes and Marguerite Antoinette m 6/26/1850 Eline Terrelonge dtr of Peter Terrelonge and Magdelaine Richard. Wit: Peter Terrelonge, John Baptiste Terrelonge, Ann Ximenes, and Jane Balley. Min: JD. p. 124

Ximenes, Charles son of Antonio Emines [Ximenes] and Marinetti m 9/9/1849 Ann Mary Wilson dtr of George Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson. Wit: Benoit Latibodiere, Peter Terrelonge, George Wilson, John F. Berrett. Min: JD [E]. p. 113

Ximenes, Henry m 2/11/1853 Josephine Virginie Wilkins. Wit: Jane Rosine Baley, Antoinette Salmon, Caroline Salmon. Min: JD. p. 159


Yardley, James Wilkinson m 3/20/1851 Honorina Virginia Montagnac. Wit: Edward de Montagnac, William Edward Montagnac, A. F. Montagnac, Victor J. Montagnac, Marie Rose Montagnac, Louise Josephine Montagnac, Adele Montagnac, Mary Rose Escoffery [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 142

Yates, Peter, m 7/28/1856 Frances Wilson. Wit: Peter Terrelonge, Elizabeth Wilson, Charles Hem___, Ann Ximenez. Min: JD. p. 188

Young, Frederick m 1/1/1867 Eliza Carr. Wit: Aimable Narcisse, Edward Crafford, Charlotte Walters. Min: JD. p. 260

Young, Henry m 1/18/1861 Catherine Waker [Walker?]. Wit: Louise Marseille, Charlotte Harris. Min: JD. p. 215

Young, Philippe, a native of Louisiana U.S.A. m 3/5/1846 Adele Peberty [signed as Marguerite] a native of Kingston. Wit: A. F. Montagnac, John Auvray, G. Israel, George Montagnac, Adel Montagnac, Louisa A. Perroton, Louisa B. Auvray [all sigs]. Min: BF. p. 59

Young, Richard m 2/11/1852 Mary Relise. Wit: Robert Marseille, Henriette Marseille. Min: JD. p. 151

Young, William [sig] m 11/12/1850 Jane Ann [by X] both born in Jamaica. Wit: Alexander Philips, Caroline Belinfante, Isabella Hendis. Min: WC. p. 130

Young, William m 8/31/1864 Isabella McDermott. Wit: Zinnia G. Osborne, Thomas Willicent, A. Ballin, Nancy Mesa, Olive McDermott. Min: JMB. p. 239

Yours, Francis m 10/1/1868 Rosina Behridge. The children born before marriage are Eliza Yours and Henry Yours. Wit: Charity Elizabeth Tyrell, Maria Smith. Min: JD. p. 281

Yung [Young?], Charles m 9/13/1859 Elizabeth Lafitte. Wit: Robert Burgess, Eliza Lafitte. Min: JD. p. 206


Zamor, Mary Joseph m 12/20/1852 Louise Casimire Isidore. Wit: Peter Bailly, Francis Gordon, Hector Campbell, Elizabeth Gramore. Min: JD. p. 158

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