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MARRIAGES 1839-1869

R - S


[by X]= signed by X

dtr= daughter

[E]= written in English

F= written in French

legit= legitimate

m = married

[S]= written in Spanish

[sig]= signature

wit= witnesses


Key to ministers performing marriages:

AS= A. Simond

BF= Benito Fernandez

BP= B. Picardo

CT= Chr. Trottman

FH= Frederick Hathaway

FS= Francis Saure

GA= George Auvaro

GLD.= G. L. Duquesnay (Marie Arthur Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay)

JD= J. Dupont (whose spelling was very weak)

JED= James Eustachius Dupeyron

JH = Joseph Howell

JJ= J. Jones

JJC= J. J. Cotauillay ?

JMB= Joseph M. Bertolio

SW = Sidney Woollett (or J. Sidney Woollett)

WC= William Cotham

Date format: Month/day/year

NOTE: (1) when the entries were written in French, the minister would have used the French spelling of a name, even when the person used the English spelling: eg. Henri for Henry, Marie for Mary. The same applies to Spanish.

(2) A ____ represents a word or part of a word that was illegible in the original due to spots, blots, bleed-through, etc.

(3) After October 1st 1845 (p. 115) all records were in English unless otherwise noted.


Raffleur, Jean Feliz m 6/1843 Marie Elisa Jumecourt [both by X]. Wit: Marie Adelaide Richemond [sig] and Emilie Sims [by X]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 38

Rafter, William m 11/6/1855 Marie Harbeau. Wit: Joseph Maillet, John Henry Furtado [Feurtado?], Joseph Furtado, Mary Catherine Reynold. Min: JD. p. 181

Rai, Michel [or Rae or Wray?], son of Charles Rai and Elizabeth Laurence m 4/10/1850 Emilia Benito Brown dtr of John Brown and Sarah Brown. Wit: Robert Marseille and John Harley. Min: JD. p. 122

Raimond, William M. m 2/2/1865 Elizabeth Ellena Lanevoix. Wit: William Brown, Marie Soulette, Ursula Charrier, Mary Matthews. Min: JD. p. 241

Raleigh, John, native of County Limerick, Ireland, m 5/16/1865 Elizabeth Jane Bell, native of Spanish Town. Wit: Catherine Clare, Dorothy Hollar, J. Isaacs. Min: AS. p. 243

Ramond, William Louis m 5/7/1853 Mary Ann Berthier. Wit: Mary Louise Berthier, William Berthier. Min: JD. p. 161

Ramono, Francisco, native of Galina in Spain m 1/16/1844 Maria Lian, native of Kingston. The couple declared that they have a daughter and 3 sons: Manuela Francisca, Juan, Francisco, Jose whom they eclare legitimate. Wit: Gabriel Howerty?, Pedro N. Casis [sigs]. Min: BF. [S] p. 44

Rampie, Edward m 11/2/1863 Mary Ann Bull. Children born before marriage are Rebena, James Edward, Frederick Augustus, William Alexander, Ludovica, Charles Daniel, Louisa Wilhelmina and David Gilbert. Wit: A. G. Robertson, Elizabeth Kubla, Theodore Kubla, Julius Hoffman, Mary Crushley, Robert Hamilton. Min: JD. p. 233

Rasteau, Charles Desire Florimont m 1/1851 Marie I. G. Duverneuil. Wit: Pedro Nolasco Casis, Charles Mathon, Simon Emanuel Pietersz, M. Pietersz, Rose Escoffery, John Escoffery, J.? Henriques, Gaspard Jouy, J.? Rousseau, Charles Aug. Preston, Roch Verna [all sigs] Min: BD. p. 138

Ray, Simon m 10/29/1852 Athalie Vendryes. Wit: Mary Clare Frederick, Louis Mathon. Min: WC. p. 157

Redondo, Juan Baptista, a native of Santa Marta, m 4/25/1865 Charlotte Williams, native of Jamaica, both resident at Norbrook Mountain. Wit: Thomas Lovemore, Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JED. p. 241

Reja, Peter Reggio and African m 1/14/1850 Victorina Meneia. Wit: Peter Lewis Guillaume Lewis Compues? and Mary Marthe. Min: JD. p. 119

Renford, George m 9/14/1858 Charlotte McClaren. Wit: John Gordon, Jose Valencia, Rose Valencia, Mary Gordon. Min: JD. p. 200

Renns, Henry, native of England, m 1/8/1867 Eliza Jane Thurlow, native of Jamaica. Wit: Charles Dillon, Sergeant, and Sarah Dillon [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 260

Reynolds, George m 5/13/1851 Mary Catherine Louise Duff. Wit: John Nicolson, Vincent Thomas, Mary Magdalen Volsey. Min: JD. p. 142

Reynolds, Lawrence William, Lieutenant of the 97th Regiment, m 11/22/1849 Catharine Adelaide Shannon native of Jamaica, dtr of the late Thomas Shannon of the county of Clare in Ireland. Wit: Honorable Dowell O'Reilly, Messrs. Shannon Colonel, Farquharson. Min: BF. p. 117

Ribero, Francisco m 5/13/1863 Andrea Campo, both natives of Africa. Wit: Lorenza Renfijo, Mary Elizabeth Clarke. Min: JMB. p. 230

Richard, Edward m 7/26/1848 Mary Magdalene Joseph both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Francis Vincent, Mary Vincent. Min: G. Auvaro [E]. p. 95

Richard, Valentine son of George Richard and Margaret Richard m 9/9/1847 Rose Elizabeth Charles dtr of John Charles and Celestine Augustin [both by X]. Wit: Antoine Joseph Lemercier Duquesnay, Rose Elizabeth Trumback [sigs]. Min: JD [F]p. p. 83

Richards, James m 6/17/1868 Mary Ann Williams. Wit: William Roberts, Ellen Dubeda, Rosalina D'Aquin. Min: JD. p. 279

Richemond, Peter m 12/10/1856 Aglee Marthe Morris. Wit: H. M. Mattos, Louisa Coupland, Charles Richemond, Edward Ellis, John B. Morris, Esther Mattos [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 189

Riel, Francisco [by X], native of Cadiz in Spain m 7/1/1844 Petrona Coba [by X], native of Cartagena, who declared that they have a daughter and a son: Petrona Riel and Jose Jesus Riel whom they declare legitimate. Wit: Martin Pedro [by X] and J. Francisco Martin [sig]. Min: BF. [S] p. 48

Rigth or Wright, Georges son of Jean Rigth and Marguerite Rigth m 6/7?/1847 Marie Anne Stivin dtr of George Stivin and Anne Stivin. Wit: Beaufil Pierre, Susanne Florine. Min: JD. [F] p. 74

Right, William son of George Noelon and Henriette Breuy m 4/20/1849 Anne Moore Thomas dtr of Thomas and Sanit Guitillot?. Wit: Eugenie Marie Charles, Anne __. Min: JF [F]. p. 107

Ritchie, Alexander m 12/25/1862 Celestina Paula, a native of Curacao. Wit: William Dunbar, Maria McGregor. Min: JMB. p. 228

Ritrieck, Ebenezer mm at Harbour Head 12/26/1866 Mary Ann Gordon. Wit: George Gordon, Maria Duquesnay. Min: JMB. p. 259

Robert, Henry, son of Prosper Robert and Josephine Robert m 8/28/1847 Catherine Louise Henriette Duverger, dtr of Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger and Rosalie Grevillier. Wit: Joseph Uter, Pierre Berthoud, Salomon Cordoza, Gaspard Jouy, Jacques Pratt, Bernard Ripoll, Jean Jacques Morin, Catherine Joseph Jouy, Charles William Bridenburgh [all sigs] and Rosalie Grevillier. Min: JD [F]. p. 82

Robert, Joseph m 3/2/1851 Juliana Boisson. Wit: Bernard Ripoll, Josephine Martineau, Louis Dugeol. Min: AS. p. 139

Robert, Peter m 7/31/1851 Mary Hilaire. Wit: Peter Hilaire, Helen Roberts, Jane Joseph. Min: JD. p. 145

Roberts, Alcid, native of Port au Prince m 5/17/1847 Mercelina Hernandez [by X] widow of Jacob Durand. Wit: Alexandre Polony, Peter L. Bell [sigs], Wilhelmina Martin [by X]. Min: BF. p. 67

Roberts, Walter, lawful son of Brigadier General Wo__law Roberts m 7/6/1867 Julia Mary Delamere dtr of Captain Peter Herbert Delamere and Ellen ___ his late wife. Wit: Mary J. Douglas, Susan Delamere, P. H. Delamere captain 3rd W. I. Regiment [all sigs]. Min: JJ. p. 267

Roberts, William m 7/16/1868 Mary Louise Levy. Wit: Mary Ann Glasford, James Brown, Charles Rowley. Min: JD. p. 277

Roberts, William m 9/16/1868 Rosy D'Aquin. Wit: William Cushnie, Victoria Cushnie, Elizabeth Clark, Sarah D'Aquin, Mrs. Dubeda. Min: JD. p. 280

Robertson, Alexander Gilbert, native of Scotland, m 1/20/1863 m Charlotte Wilhelmina Hoffman, native of Germany. Wit: Theodore Kuhl, Julius Hoffman, Conrad Mohr, Elizabeth Mary Kuhl. Min: JD. p. 228

Robertson, James m 10/9/1856 Marguerite Delande. Wit: Henriette Lepinay, Eulalie Gourgues. Min: JD. p. 189

Robinson, Charles A. [sig], native of Kingston son of William Robinson and Maria Nunez all natives of Kingston, m 2/12/1844 Elizabeth Justina Adelaide Montefiore dtr of Louise Adele Herard and M. Montefiore, native of Kingston. Wit: Louise Adele Herard, C. Mathon, F. LaBiche, L. Figuieres, Leopold Doyen, A. H. Cathcart, C?. G. Mathon, Isaac D. Fevrandes [? bleed through], L. Abrahams, M. Montefiore, B. Benjamin, L. Vendryes, F. J. Bron? [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F] p. 45

Robinson, Henry of the parish of St. Thomas in the Vale m 11/7/1860 Ellen Matilda Hull of Kingston. Min: JD. p. 214

Robinson, James m 10/15/1852 Rosa Thomas. Wit: Eliza Marly. Min: JD. p. 157

Rocca, Basilio m 7/22/1866 Rosa Palma. Wit: Pedro Palma, Martina Palma. Min: JD. p. 254

Roche, John [sig] m 2/5/1843 Joanna Goulding [by X]. Wit: Elizabeth O'Brian [by X] and J. Arrigunaga [sig]. Min: WC. [E] p. 35

Rodrigues, John m 4/12/1866 Theodosa Demenes, both natives of Madeira. Wit: Matilda Demenes, Antonio Rodriques, Maria Rodriques, John Oliver, Jose Peres. Min: JD. p. 252

Rodrigues, Michel m 4/10/1869 Dolores Rodrigues, but inhabitants of St. Thomas in the Vale. Wit: Mary Palmer. Min: JD. p. 288

Romero, Joaquin m 2/27/1854 Juliana Campbell, both Africans residing in the parish of St. Andrew. Wit: Hermanegildo Carillo and Robert Marcel. Min: JED. p. 169

Romero, Juan m 7/14/1857 Elizabeth Twedee both of Jamaica. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Marie Therese Golden. Min: JMB. p. 194

Romero, Martin m 7/18/1847 Maria Jesus Delgado natives of Africa. Wit: Antonio Palacios and Presario la Llade. Min: BF p. 77

Roper, James Patrick [sig], of Kingston, m 12/29/1864 Mary Rose George, a native of Haiti and inhabitant of Kingston. Wit: Florence George, J. H. McFarlane, Marguerite Devines, Poline Morin, George Campbell, Lewis Ross [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 240

Roper, John Bell son of Henri Roper and Anne Bell m 3/18/1849 Elizabeth Jacob dtr of Richard Jacob and Marianne Louis. Wit: Thomas Rule, Marie Jacob. Min: JD [F]. p. 105

Rose, William m 6/17/1862 Elizabeth Treppier. The children born before marriage are Henriette Ambletois? Rose, William Rose, James Augustus Rose, Henry Hinkton Rose, Hortense Louise Rose. Wit: Elizabeth Clifford Williams, Florent Treppier, Hortense Treppier, Alexis Treppier, Nathaniel Williams. Min: JD. p. 225

Rosenfeld, Charles native of Strasbourg in le Bas Rhin in France, son of Antoine Arnaud Rosenfeld and his wife [name illegible due to bleed through] m 3/1840 Maria Elizabeth Coston, dtr of ___ [name illegible due to bleed through] Coston and Antoinette Obediente. Wit: E. H. Journee, Edmund Caliston?, Alexander Pinedo. [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F] p. 3

Ross, Joseph [sig] a native of Jamaica m 7/3/1847 Marie Athalie Jolicour [by X] a native of St. Domingue, and declared legitimate their children born previously: Lewis born 1834, Joseph about 7 years old. Wit: John Etienne, Marie Victoire, Christopher Bechstet. Min: BF. p. 76

Ross, Joseph m 1/31/1861 Sarah Petimon. Wit: Lewis Ross, Marie Magdeleine Ross. Min: JD. p. 215

Ross, Lewis m 3/29/1860 Marie Magdeleine Cora Josin. Wit: F. Berrett, Joseph Beauregard, Marie Francoise Madron, Marie Augustine Uranie Pain? [all sigs except the bride]. Min: JD. p. 210

Rotia, Antonio m 11/27/1851 Maria Josepha Renjifo, both Africans. Wit: Gil Bertrand. Min: JMB. p. 149

Rousseau, Jean, son of Jean Rousseau and Marie Magdeleine Maranda, native of Haiti resident in Kingston, m 7/22/1849 Marie Louise Lacour dtr of Jean Baptiste Lacour and Catherine Balistrier, native of and resident in Kingston. Wit: Marie Gonzalez, Catherine Ballestre__, Vincent Thomas [all sigs]. Min: JD [F]. p. 112

Rousseau, Joseph Lancelie [or Lancelin], lawful son of Jean Rousseau and Jeanne Marie Rousseau, native of New Orleans, m 6/10/1849 Emily Archambau dtr of Thomas Nicolas Archambau and Louise Archambau, native of and resident in Kingston. Wit: Jean Escoffery, Jean Rousseau, Rose Escoffery, T. Ve. [widow] Archambau, Louise Archambau [all sigs], and Jean Arrigunaga, Emmanuel Martin Journey, Marie Magdeleine Journey, Louise Delrosse, Rose Adelaide Escoffery, Rose Elizabeth Arrigunaga, Celina Archambau. Min: JD [F]. p. 109

Rouz, William J. m 12/13/1848 Julia DaCosta both natives of Jamaica. Wit: A. R. DaCosta, John Verley, M. Hendriks, Francis Chandeu?, Maria Pedrac, William Gibbs [all sigs]. Min: WC [E]. p. 103

Rowe, Joseph m 4/16/1850 Mary Lucy. Wit: Winy Bell and Mary Bell. Min: GA. p. 122

Rowley, Joseph Manuel m 5/20/1847 Elizabeth Hunter, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Mr. & Mrs. Malliet, Mr. T. Murray, Mrs. Bourke. Min: WC. p. 68

Rowley, Lewis m 2/17/1852 Eliza Taylor. Wit: Robert Marseille and his wife Henriette Marseille. Min: JMB. p. 151

Rowly, Charles Henry m 10/27/1850 Jane Niclause. Wit: William Rowly, James Carroll. Min: JMB. p. 127

Russell, John m 12/21/1861 Anna Pluma. Wit: Juan Moya, Elizabeth Clarke, Anna Pluma.. Min: JD. p. 222

Ryan, James, native of Jamaica, m 2/5/1866 Louisa Espeut, native of Jamaica [both sigs]. Wit: William Ryan [sig], and Isabella Sterling, Marie Louise Reid. Min: JD. p. 250


Sabrenne or Sabreux, Charles m 3/25/1853 Mary Antony (coolies). Wit: Lewis Cadenet, Lorenzo Rengifo. Min: JD. p. 159

Sadler, William m 1/11/1854 Cecilia Ann Espeut. Wit: Adele D'Aquin, Ann Labiche. Min: JD. p. 168

Sajo, Florentino m 11/13/1868 Jacoba Sede. Wit: Joseph Narcisse, Marie Catherine Narcisse. Min: JD. p. 281

Samuel, Jacques, son of Joseph Samuel and Elizabeth Samuel m 2/11/1848 Sophie Darson dtr of George Darson and Sophie Darson. Children born before the marriage were: Jane, Samuel, Thomas Benoit, Richard, Heiriso, Catherine and Elizabeth. Wit: Catharine Francis, Jeanne Samuel. Min: JD [F]. p. 89

Sanaw, Francois native of Italy m 10/28/1841 Marie Jeanne Seronville native of St. Marc in St. Domingue [both X]. Wit: H. L. Duquesnay, George Edw. Lecesne, J. S. Maillard, Nicholas Vileure jnr.[sigs] and Francoise Brown [by X]. Min: BF. [F] p. 21

Sanon, Francis m 12/27/1853 Ann Ellis. Wit: George Edward Lecesne, Marguerite Lecesne, Elizabeth Davison. Min: JD. p. 167

Santallo, Bernardo m 8/22/1851 Gabriela Martine, both Africans living in Jamaica. Wit: Austin Agueto, Lorenza Renjife, Catalino Gallago. Min: JMB. p. 145

Sarton, Peter, a native of Paris in France, m 5/30/1866 Ursulina Letitia Germain, a native of Jamaica. Wit: Joseph Fernandez, L. Desnoues, Armand Duperly [all sigs]. Min: JMB. p. 253

Sayo, Joseph m 3/13/1861 Elizabeth Latibaudiere. Wit: Henry Latibaudiere, Ellina Latibaudiere, Richard Terrelonge. Min: JD. p. 216

Sayo, May m 12/25/1851 Trinida Sayo. Wit: Marcellina and Augusta Pedomos. Min: AS. p. 150

Scholle, John Joseph m 1/16/1861 Jane Peters. Children born before marriage are: Charles Frederick aged 6 years, Joseph Albert aged 10 months. Wit: Charles M. Deleon, Jane Ryan, Mary Ann Joseph, Justine Vileure. Min: JD. p. 214

Selgado, Joseph m 3/13/1859 Rosehannoz Cain. Wit: Mary Martha Lafitte. Min: AS. p. 204

Senay, Augustus [sig] son of George Senay and Felicienne m 1/3/1850 Louisa Carroll [by X] dtr of John Carroll and Catherine Carroll. Wit: _- William Roux, Elizabeth Roux, M. Elizabeth Louise Roux, Mary Louise Roux [all sigs], and Cecilia Edwards and Alexander Carroll [both by X]. Min: JD. p. 118

Seronville, H. C. m 11/7/1850 Louisa Quenz. Wit: Revd. G. Avaro and Mary Joseph Barrany. Min: AS. p. 128

Seronville, Henry, of Kingston, m 10/29/1867 Henrietta Jane Smith. Wit: Felix Gadpaille, Charles M. de Richemond, Euphemia DaCosta, Ellen M. Pitkin, Helen M. Mattos, Maria J. Vendryes, Charles L. Vendryes, Geo. Scotland, Henry Vendryes [all sigs]. Min: JJ. p. 270

Setton, Louis Charles, native of Kingston, m 2/5/1846 Rachel King [her X], native of Maryland USA. Wit: Joseph Charles, Leonora Caliste, George Montagnac [sigs]. Min: WC. p. 58

Sewelle, Augustus Robert, a native of Carlisle Cumberland England, m 1/6/1845 Sarah Saunders Brown a native of Kingston [both sigs]. Wit: Christian Glaatz [sig] and Sarah Elizabeth Glaatz [by X]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 51

Shaphard, Jacques son of Jacques Shaphard and Elizabeth Maddon m 7/5/1848 Marie Penok dtr of Jacques Penok and Charlotte William. Wit: Pierre Terrelonge, Alexandre Ennis. Min: JD [F]. p. 94

Shaw, John Charles son of Jean Caroli Shaw and Cecilia Barna m 2/22/1849 Marguerite Charles dtr of Joseph Charles and Maria Charles. Wit: Pierre Constantine, Maria Elena Durant, Maria Charles. Min: JD [F]. p. 105

Siere, John m 12/29/1861 Catherine Medus. The children born before marriage are Mary Ann, James and Eliza. Wit: James Clark, Mary Ann Clark. Min: JD. p. 223

Simon, Edmund m 11/13/1850 Emily Hayman. They acknowledge and wish to legitimize their children Eliza, Camilla, Charles Elgin and Conrad Simon. Wit: Edgar and Walter Simon. [husband and witnesses signed on p. 130 1/2]. Min: WC. p. 130

Simon, James m 7/20/1855 Margaret Lawrence. Wit: Edward Bryan, Marguerite Laselve. Min: JD. p. 180

Simpson, James Montague m 3/9/1869 Emily Laselve, both of Kingston [both sigs]. Wit: Robert Simpson, Joseph Laselve [sigs], and Charlotte Lidia Simpson, Georgiana Gauntlett. Min: JD. p. 286

Simpson, Robert m 6/14/1852 Ann Simpson, Wit: Elizabeth Fox, Mary Antoinette Salmon. Min: JD. p. 154

Simpson, Robert m 3/22/1853 Mary Ann Chavanne. Wit: Charles Fox, Elizabeth Fox. Min: JD. p. 159

Sinclair, Joseph m 12/21/1845 Maria Joseph, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Juan Arrigunaga [sig], Maria Charles. Min: JED. p. 57

Singleton, Frederick m 11/18/1867 Rosa Josefa Barnvay. Min: JJ. p. 271

Siquiera, Alexis Henry m 3/22/1866 Elizabeth Donan. Wit: Alex. Sequiera, Mary Ann Louis. Min: JD. p. 251

Slatery, Edward John m 12/13/1856 Charlestine D'aquin. Wit: John West, Mary Montcrif, Charles Daquin. Min: JD. p. 190

Slip, William a native of Aruba m 7/16/1847 Margaret LaCruz a native of Curacao [both by X]. Wit: John Pieterz, Lorenza. Min: WC. p. 77

Slipps, William m 10/21/1841 Francoise Placide Nalbaris. Wit: Thomas Navarro and Annette Uter. Min: WC. [F] p. 20

Smith, Edward Grendley m 9/5/1859 Innes White. Wit: Alexis Elliot, Rose White, Elizabeth Edward. Min: JF. p. 205

Smith, George Lockahrt son of Philippe Smith and Marie Smith m 6/28/1848 Elizabeth Fitzherbert Batty dtr of Fitzherbert Batty and Marie Anne Baly. Wit: Agathe Cesar, Marie Anne Baly, Fitzherbert Batty. Min: JD [F] p. 94

Smith, Henry John m 2/26/1852 Mary Ellen St. Ours both natives of Jamaica. Wit: John Douglas, S. Smith, W. Brodhurst, Henry Trumbach [all sigs]. Min: WC. p. 151

Smith, John m 10/17/1857 L. Maria Smith. Wit: John Berrett. p. 195

Smith, John William m 12/20/1855 Henriette White. Wit: Henry Berrett, Elizabeth White, Louise Marseille. Min: JD. p. 182

Smith, Joseph m 6/18/1866 Rosannah Gardner. Wit: John Pierre. Eliza Smith, Henry Barns, Louise Moore, Jane Smith. Min: JD. p. 254

Smith, Samuel m 3/29/1860 Josepha Feurtado. Wit: Alexander Goldson [sig], Francois Courjean, Mary Ann Goldson [sig]. Min: JD. p. 211

Smith, Samuel son of Samuel Quarey and __ [illegible blot] Smith, m 11/7/1848 Sarah Piterson [Peterson?] dtr of Jean Piterson and Charlotte Smith. Wit: Augustine Emile Villegrain, Eugene Branday, Rebecca Augustine Villegrain. Min: JD [F] p. 100

Smith, Samuel Oscar, a native of Jamaica, m 1/10/1846 Marie Anne Sophie Guichard, native of Philadelphia USA. Wit: A. L. Carr, Almarde Deheregeny, Elizabeth Caccris. Min: WC. p. 57

Smith, Thomas m 6/8/1850 Mary Ann Gordon. Wit: Robert Marcel Popotte D___ and Eliza Hunt. Min: WC. p. 123

Smith, Thomas m 11/19/1850 Margaret Marchal. Wit: John Auvray, John Donat Coste. Min: JD. p. 132

Smith, Thomas m 3/15/1855 Mary Jane Campbell. Wit: Edward Simon, George Labiche, Mary Martinez. Min: JD. p. 177

Smith, Thomas, native of Hong Kong, m 5/19/1869 Charlotte McLeod, native of Jamaica [both by X]. Wit: Ann Sheridan Roberts [sig], and C. J. Burger, Robert Jackson, Lucy Price, Louisa Lunan, James Hill. Min: JD. p. 288

Smyth, Augustus Henry, lawful son of the late John and Maria Smyth, formerly of the parish of St. Ann, m Rosa Malabre, lawful dtr of the late Charles Malabre and Eleonore (Chevolleau) Malabre of Kingston. Wit: Arnold L. Malabre, L. Branday, William Bancroft Espeut, William Malabre, J. W. Brennan, Maria Elizabeth Malabre, Corinnes? Chevolleau, William Alexander Titley, [all sigs]. Min: JED. pp. 212-213

Smyth, Augustus Henry m 4/7/1863 Emma Ann Nosworthy. Wit: John Fig___, Augusta [or Augustus] Nosworthy, James Marshall, E. Nosworthy, Arnold Malabre [all sigs]. Min: JD and JMB. p. 229

Solomon, Benjamin, native of Fullah in Africa m 5/20/1847 Marie Magdeleine, native of Les Cayes in St. Domingue. Wit: Mrs. Durant and Lorenza Renfiga. Min: WC. p. 68

Somers, Nicholas m 6/9/1868 Jane Robertson, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Alexander Struan Robertson, Elizabeth Kuhla, Theodore Kuhla, Rosine Kuhla. Min: JD. p. 279

Soper, William Verner, Color Sergeant 6th Regiment, m Mary Healy a native of Ireland. Wit: William Drew, Sergeant 6th Regiment, and Christiana Gibson. Min: JJ. p. 254

Sorapure, Eugene Boileau Linval, by license from the Governor, m 4/13/1869 Maria Josephine Coll. Wit: H. Pouyat, J. B. Sorapure, A. Mattos, Francis Pouyat, Y. Duperly, Emanuel Leon, Emilie Coll, Eularia Duperly, Norman Purcell [all sigs]. Min: JMB. p. 287

Sorapure, Victor Boileau, lawful son of John Boileau Sorapure and Frances Theresa Sorapure, both of the city fo Kin___, m 6/17/1869 Emma Elizabeth Malabre, lawful dtr o the late Charles Malabre and Eleonore Malabre. Wit: John S. Codner, Charles Gadpaille, Arnold Malabre, J. B. Sorapure, Charles Duquesnay, Charles Malabre [all sigs]. p. 290

Sorez, Charles m 4/8/1869 Esther Williams, both of Kingston. Wit: Julia Potman, Paulina Escoffery. Min: FH. p. 287

Spencer, Henry m 11/18/1850 Mary Nicholas. Wit: Edm. Bourke, Marie Rose. Min: WC. p. 132

Spencer, John m 4/3/1855 Elizabeth Wilkinson Constantine. Wit: John Bernard, Isabel Lyes, Robert Minot. Min: JD. p. 177

Spens, Thomas son of Thomas Spens and Judith Spens m 8/4/1847 Marie Innocente Menard dtr of Baptiste Menard and Marie Louise Gex. Wit: Louise Gex and Jacques Silver. Min: JD [F] p. 80

Speshal, James m 6/10/1857 Mary Ann Ballantine. Wit: Lucille Bedouet, Mary Miller. Min: JMB. p. 193

Stamp, John Robert m 2/21/1859 Helen Lamotte. Wit: Lewis Campbell, Louisa Campbell. Min: JD. p. 203

Steal [Steele?], John m 3/29/1854 Mary Graam [Graham]. Wit: Juana Hill, Martes Spencer, Paulina Francis, Georgina Davis, Maria Davis. Min: JD. p. 169

Sterling, Charles Hilaire m 4/17/1853 Maria Lucila Joseph. Wit: Mary Roberts, Mary Frances Hilaire, Joseph Edward. Min: JD. p. 161

Sterling, Matthew m 9/27/1863 Frances Mitchell. Wit: Elizabeth Robertson. Min: JD. p. 232

Stewart, Alexander m 12/16/1868 Felicia Garcia, both of the parish of St. Andrew. Wit: Ramon Garcia, Harriet Stewart, Alexandrine Petion. Min: JD. p. 282

Stiebel, James Philip lawful son of the late Bernard Stiebel and his wife Elizabeth Stiebel m 1/7/1851 Mary Elizabeth Roux lawful dtr of the late William Stephen Roux and his wife Elizabeth Roux. Wit: the Honourable Edward Chitty, Louis Antoine Marie Roux, Elizabeth Blondel de Neron Roux, Charles Gadpaille, M. E. Gourgues, M. L. Roux, Eliza Stiebel, M. B. Roux, Vendryes, Henry Vendryes, Henry Vendryes junr., Henry Gourgues, Thomas Morton, Henry Bicknell, J. B. G. Duverger, J. Dupont [all sigs]. Min: JED. p. 137

Still [Steele?], Thomas Geofroi [Geoffrey?] Daman son of Jean Gefroi Still and Louisa Thomas m 11/22/1848 Serah Right [Sarah Wright?] dtr of Robert Right and Elizabeth Right. Wit: Louis Ross, Joseph Ross, Mary Ross, Thomas Bidion. Min: JD [F]. p. 101

Stines, Charles, lawful son of Barnet Stines and Amelia Stines, m 2/17/1864 Roseta Artegas, dtr of Artigas and Antoinette Bolsy. Wit: Barnet Stines, Jon. Edmonson, Enos Nuttall, Barnet Stines junior, Drucilla Bernini [wir. by sig.] and Matilda Stines and Mary Ann Stines. Min: JD. p. 236

Stuart, Charles m 3/2/1856 Eliza Corey, both natives of Africa. Wit: Bonifacio Suarez and his wife Marta Belen Rubio. Min: JMB. p. 184

Stuart, John [sig] m 6/8/1842 Maria K. D'Aguilar. They having borne children named John, Mary, Colin and Robert Stuart. Wit: Marguerite Guyguies [Guygues] and Martin Pedro [by X]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 25

Stuart, Robert m 4/15/1858 Isabela Harris, both natives of Africa. Wit: Bonifacio and his wife Maria Belen Soares. Min: JMB. p. 198

St. Ours, Eugene m 4/30/1857 Mary Lilavine Delinois. Wit: John Morinelle?, Jane Hogg, Sarah A. Spalding, P. Eynaud, A. Dumont, Morin, Jane Oliver, Maria Catherine Sannon. [all sigs]. Min: JH. p. 193

St. Ours, Pierre Marc Cheri, son of the late Maturin Chevalier de St. Ours and the late Marguerite Dupre, native of St. Thomas d'Auquin and resident in Kingston, m 5/20/1847 Coline Demannee, dtr of the late Jean Pierre Demannee and Rose Demannee, native of St., Nicolas resident in Kingston. Wit: Joseph Silvain de St. Ours and Adelaide Oriano. Min: JD. [F] p. 67

Suarez, Bonifacio m 12/5/1850 Maria Belen Rubio. Child born before marriage is Charles. Wit: Onesime Villers.Min: JMB. p. 134

Sues, Juan m 7/15/1855 Vieres Mercellina, both natives of Funchal Madeira. Wit: Paulina Francis. Min: JD. p. 179

Sullivan, John m at Silver Hill 1/10/1859 Amelia Minot. Wit: Jacob Baptist, Antoinette Baptist. Min: JD. p. 201

Swirs, Thomas m 12/17/1850 Matilda Smith. Wit: Henry O'Neil, Mary Thomas, Mary McCarthy. Min: JD. p. 135

Syms, William Augustus m 8/28/1867 Mary Ann Walker. Wit: Elvira Chandler, Emily Thompson, Alexander Thompson. Min: JD. p. 267

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