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MARRIAGES 1839-1869



[by X]= signed by X

dtr= daughter

[E]= written in English

F= written in French

legit= legitimate

m = married

[S]= written in Spanish

[sig]= signature

wit= witnesses


Key to ministers performing marriages:

AS= A. Simond

BF= Benito Fernandez

BP= B. Picardo

CT= Chr. Trottman

FH= Frederick Hathaway

FS= Francis Saure

GA= George Auvaro

GLD.= G. L. Duquesnay (Marie Arthur Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay)

JD= J. Dupont (whose spelling was very weak)

JED= James Eustachius Dupeyron

JH = Joseph Howell

JJ= J. Jones

JJC= J. J. Cotauillay ?

JMB= Joseph M. Bertolio

SW = Sidney Woollett (or J. Sidney Woollett)

WC= William Cotham

Date format: Month/day/year

NOTE: (1) when the entries were written in French, the minister would have used the French spelling of a name, even when the person used the English spelling: eg. Henri for Henry, Marie for Mary. The same applies to Spanish.

(2) A ____ represents a word or part of a word that was illegible in the original due to spots, blots, bleed-through, etc.

(3) After October 1st 1845 (p. 115) all records were in English unless otherwise noted.

Labiche, Frederick Arnold, son of the late Frederick Chevalier de Labiche and Geld [?] Gentillote, m 5/17/1864 Louisa Goldson, dtr of Samuel Goldson and Sarah Masse. Wit: William Aaron, Jane Aaron. Min: JD. p. 238

Lacasse, Valentin m 7/23/1861 Anna Henry. Wit: Linorio Latorre. Min: JD. p. 219

Lacoste, John [sig] m 2/23/1846 Mary Joseph [by X], natives of Jamaica, who acknowledge as their children and wish by this act to legitimize: Louis Lacoste born in Kingston 9/27/1831 and John Lacoste born 8/17/1834. Wit: John Escoffery, Charles Perneau, T. N. Archambau. Min: BF. p. 58

Lacoste, John m 2/9/1850 Marie Rose Pedrac. Wit: Charles Perneau, Louis Lacoste, John Lacoste jnr., Mary Ann Hamilton, Mary Ann Alvarenga, Louis Madure, J. Escoffery, Arthur Abrahams, John Berthaud, Mary Berthaud [all sigs]. Min: BF. p. 120

Lafitte, Alfred, a native of France, m 6/20/1851 Marie Marthe Labarre de Brondeau, a native of Jamaica [both sigs]. Wit: Revd. Wm. Cotham, Harriet Marcel. Min: JMB. p. 144

Lafitte, Jean Baptiste m 10/29/1842 Cecilia Batisse. Wit: Desire Meynar and Marie Jeanna Meynar [all by X]. Min: GLD. p. 32

Laforet, Jean Baptiste Boyer, a native of Port au Prince in Haiti, m 1/13/1869 Marie Sherlock a native of Jamaica. Wit: Alexander Fiddy. Min: JMB. p. 284

Laiton, Henry m 6/1/1852 Susanne Mary Linsy [Lindsay?]. Wit: Peter Guillaume, Charles Hilaire. Min: JD. p. 154

Lake, Augustus Walter m 10/11/1863 Marguerite Jane Eglan. Wit: Joan Bar, Elizabeth Amitie. Min: JD. p. 232

Lambert, Lewis m 12/31/1855 Maria (Thomas) Jones a widow, both of Kingston. Wit: Charles M. Deleon, Ann Archdeckne. Min: JED. p. 183

Lambkin, Thomas m 11/26/1851 Mary Gordon. Wit: Bernard and Ann Angelo. Min: GA. p. 148

Lamitie, Joseph Lucesne son of Joseph Lamitie and Vierge Lucesne m 1/28/1849 Marie Grifiet. Wit: Charles Lagourgue and Anne Lagourgue. Min: JD [F]. p. 104

Lamotte, Felix an African m 4/19/1850 Mary Rose Laly Lafontan dtr of Peter Lafontan and Mary Therese. Wit: Mary Therese Loriston, Margaret Carlo and Mary Louise Matcham. Min: JD. p. 122

Lamoutte, Louis Jacques m 5/23/1863. By virtue of the authorization of M. the abbot Pascal, Vicar General of Haiti, and by virtue of the power given to me by the Revd. father Dupeyron, Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica, to dispense in the present case of affinity in the first degree, resulting from legitimate marriage, a power granted to the vicar apostolic by His Holiness Pius IX, dated January 7, 1858, I joined in legitimate marriage Louis Jacques Lamoutte [signed as junior], inhabitant of Jacmel in Haiti of the first part, and Maria Desiree Nelia Levy [signed as Nelia Ley], sister [written "sour" ?] of his late wife, also resident at Jacmel in Haiti, of the second part. Wit: Henry Okill, Joseph Beauregard, Marie Augustine Ogin, F. Thebaud, Coquierre Beauregard [all sigs]. [F] Min: JD. p. 230

Lander, Matthew m 10/10/1842 Margaret McCormac, natives of the county of Limerick in Ireland. Wit: Catherine Widmore and Martin Pedro. Min: WC. [E] p. 31

Lane, John, Sergeant in 36th Regiment, m 11/22/1855 Catherine Connors. Wit: Michel Brough, Brigitte O'Bryan. Min: JD. p. 181

Langbridge, Ebenezer Nathaniel m 12/8/1863 Claire Morin. Wit: Poline Morin, James Patrick Roper, James Henry, Idalie Isabel Nethersole, Marie Jeanne George, Clare Briggs [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 233

Laremon, John m 9/17/1854 Eliza Davis, Africans. Wit: Peter Dowe__, Lucie Dedonet. Min: JD. p. 172

Larose, Joseph son of Joseph Larose and Elizabeth Finny m 7/26/1848 Cecilia Dowill dtr of William Dowill and Li__ Dowell. Min: JD [F] p. 95

Larrey, Joseph m 5/5/2847 Joanna Daniel. Min JED. p. 66

Lartigue, John Hypolite m 2/2/1864 Mary Robertson. Wit: Eulalie Gourgues. Min: JD. p. 236

Laselve, Achille m 12/4/1850 Caroline Kildare. Wit: Antoinette Laselve, Alexander Sauley. Min: JED. p. 134

Latibaudiere, Charles m 3/12/1860 Marguerite Edward. Wit: Henry Lindo, Jane Lindo, Joseph Steven Latibaudiere. Min: JD. p. 210

Latibaudiere, Henry m 3/1/1863 Mary Ann Batty. Wit: James Latibaudiere, Elizabeth Davis, Richard Terrelonge. Min: JD. p. 228

Latibaudiere, John Thomas m 6/29/1852 Louisa Forester. Wit: Rodrick Forester, Margaret Carroll. Min: JD. p. 155

Latimenda, Isidoro m 3/18/1859 Isabel Baieja. Wit: Ciriaco Ferete, Maria Laurence Renfijo. Min: AS. p, 204

Laude, Eugene m 11/17/1850 Adelaide Gumina. Wit: Matthew Mattos, Letitia Capleas, Thomas Porpen. Min: JD. p. 130

Laude, Eugene m 11/13/1850 Adelaide Mendes. The children born before the marriage are Eugenie Adeline and Corinne Anita. Wit: Matthew Mattos, Frederic Smith. Min: JD. p. 132

Laurent, Degazon native of Jeremy m 8/22/1841 Sophia Martin born in Curacao [both by X]. Wit: William Howard [sig], Agathe Langevin [by X]. Min: BF. [F] p. 19

Lawrence, Daniel m 5/5/1863 Sarah Maria Hart. Wit: Conrad Morman, Alexander Ashborn. Min: JD. p. 230

Lawrence, Henry James m 3/13/1856 Ann Adelaide Bradshaw. Wit: Benjamin Abraham, Mapletoft Waldron, Helen Wal__. Min: JD. p. 184

Laws, Henry Darby m 4/21/1869 Marie Louise Flotte, both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Mathon, Joanna Gutzmer, Isabel Gutzmer [all sigs], and Victoria Willoughby, Rebecca Gutzmer. Min: JD. p. 287

Lazarus, Charles Philip m 2.14.1859 Mary Catherine Rio. Wit: Elina Nethersole, Joseph Harris, Joseph Wilson. Min: JD. p. 203

Leacock, Samuel Richard m 3/30/1864 Anna Sophia Deborah Holwell [both sigs.]. Wit: Richard Holwell [sig], and Louisa Jane Holwell, William Antribus Holwell, Charles James Ward, Jane Holwell. Min: JD. p. 237

Lefort, Peter m 7/26/1859 Clotilde Jean Baptiste Fiva. Wit: C. Deleon. Min: JD. p. 205

Lefranc, Mathew [sig] m 7/1/1853 Mary Holt [by X]. Wit: Adele Montagnac, Alexander Ferdinand Montagnac, Philippe Young, Marguerite Young, Clementine Menard [all sigs]. The children born before the marriage are: John Lefranc, Annette Lefranc, Joseph, Frances Josephine Michel, Francis and Matthew. Min: JD. p. 162

Legendre, Louis Joseph son of Joseph Legendre and Emilie Laschelle m 8/21/1849 Marthe Antoinette Victor dtr of Joseph Victor and Painette Loudon, both natives of Haiti and resident in Kingston as emigrants. Wit: Pierre Constantine Dupont and Anne Bernardine Chegaray. Min: JD [F]. p. 113

Leloin, Jean Francois, son of the living Leloin and Blandine Attis, m 5/24/1847 Marie Louise Bely, dtr of the late Jean Bely and the late Emelie Bely. Wit: Jean Baptiste Richard and Marguerite Jasmin. Min: JD. [F] p. 69

Lemily, Charles, soldier, m 2/16/1858 Mary Sunnall. Min: JD. p. 197

Lennan, Michael a native of Ireland m 7/1/1852 Elizabeth Crosman of Germany. Wit: Martin William, Elizabeth Crosman. Min: GA. p. 154

Lenox, Daniel O'Hara [sig], (dispensation being given for mixed marriage) m Caroline Adelaide McDonald [by X]. Wit: Hugh Donald Minot, Susan Napier Minot [sigs]. Min: JJ. p. 264

Leon, Emmanuel m 3/16/1865 Syvida Romero. Wit: __ Barbueno. Min: JD. p. 242

Leon, Emanuel Crispin, legit son of Thomas deLeon and Pauline Leon m 11/10/1840 Adele Victoire Kunt, legit dtr of Francois Carl Kunt and Elisabeth Kunt nee Magnan. Wit: Alexander Grant, M. Valencia, John Burger, John Joseph Duval, L. W. Brain, D. Casseres, F. X. Kunt, Jose M. Figueroa. Min: BF. [F] p. 10

Leon, John m 5/16/1864 Rebecca Roberts. Wit: Simeon Leon, Prudence Leon, Ebenezer Morrison, Ann Benjamin. Min: JMB. p. 238

Leon, Joseph m 12/16/1867 Mary Ann Frazer. Wit: L. Rutherford, Lewis Peter. Min: JD p. 271

Leon, Joseph or Juan m 9/1/1852 Maria Francisca, African. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Lorenza Renfijo, Jose Gallago. Min: BF. p. 156

Leon, Simeon [by X], legit son of Joseph Marie Leon and Josephine Canavar , native of Cartagena m 4/23/1843 Sophia Evans [by X], dtr of Jean Evans and Julian Rick. Wit: George Montagnac, M. Berrett, R. Montagnac, J. Arrigunaga [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F] p. 36

Leon, Simeon, son of Jose Maria Leon and Mary Joseph Carrava, m 7/26/1849 Elizabeth Escoffery an African. Wit: Rosalie Escoffery, John Escoffery, Peter Thomas Bold. Min: JD [E]. p. 112

Leon, Simeon m 8/12/1863 Prudence McKen. Wit: Maria Joseph Leon, Theophilus McKen, Ann Benjamin, Rosanna Brown, Rebena Roberts, Joanna Evans. Min: JD. p. 231

Leon, Simeon Joseph, native of Cartagena in New Grenada, m 5/22/1863 Mary Ann Ingleton of Jamaica. Wit: Thomas Hope, Charles Sullivan, Julian Maria Leon. Min: JMB. p. 231

Leonard, Albert native of Kingston, adult son of Antoine Leonard native of St. Domingue and Marie Anne Leonard, m 6/25/1840 Eulalie Magdalene Desporte native of Kingston, dtr of Joseph Desporte and Adelaide Lebrun. Wit: Louis John Desporte, Francis J. Desporte, Catherine Combauld, James L. Las__a, Joseph Leonard [all sigs], and Mary An Leonard [by X]. Min: BF. [F] p. 5

Leonard, Joseph Desportes m 9/28/1868 Mary Virginia Harrison, both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Gray, Lydia Alexander, J. D. Lara, Charles Morin. Min: JD. p. 280

Leopold, Christopher, native of Germany, Corporal of the 64th Regiment [sig] m 3/28/1840 Catherine Heally native of Jamaica [by X]. Wit: Santiago Penillos, Louis Donnadez, Peter Gunthier [sigs]. Min: L. Duquesnay pastor of the troops. [E] [Certificate attached for marriage permission 12/26/1839 by J. D. Thompson Lieut. 64th Regt, Up Park Camp]. Min: BF. p. 4

Lesly, Joseph son of Pierre Joseph Lesly and Lucie Lesly m 7/27/1847 Marie Catherine Lajeune an African. Children born before the marriage are: Rose Alma, Eugenie Josephte. Marie Josephte, Louise Josephte, Jean Joseph, Joseph and Elizabeth. Wit: Joannes Peter, Anne Florentine Antoine, Rose Alma Lajeune. Min: JD. [F] p. 78

Leslie, Thomas m 6/17/1869 Mary Fuller, both of Kingston [both by X]. Wit: John Moody, Lewis Peters, Marie Louise Vendryes [all sigs]. Min: FH. p. 290

Leveille, Jean Jacques, born in Jeremie in St. Domingue, m 6/1/1844 Elizabeth Gabaroche, born in Port au Prince in St. Domingue [both by X]. Wit: M. D. Richemond, Adele Laing, Elyida Lladi [sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 47

Lewen, Samuel Joseph m 12/19/1867 Eliza Jackson. Wit: William Smith [sig], and Jane Moyht [by X]. Min: JMB. pp. 271, 271 1/2.

Lewis, Alexander m 4/3/1845 Elizabeth Aikin. Wit: James Aikin, Maria L. Pierre [all by X] and Stephen Benjamin [sig]. Min: BF. p. 53

Lewis, Edward m 12/11/1850 Rose Stevens. Wit: Joseph Lecesne and Mary McCarthy. Min: JED. p. 135

Lewis, Joseph, a Chinese, m 3/19/1866 Mary Henrietta Audrouin, native of Kingston. Wit: James Gordon, Louis Lunan. Min: JD. p. 251

Lewis, Peter, native of Kingston, m 2/25/1866 Micaela Bravo, native of Havana. Wit: Alfredefonso Bonett, Thomas Domingo. Min: JMB. p. 250

Lewis, Thomas m 6/21/1865 Elizabeth Gardner, both of the parish of St. George. Wit: Edward Chamberlain, Mary Dyce. Min: JD. p. 245

Lhoste, Charles, son of the late Michel Charles Lhoste and Marie Louise Lefort Latour widow of Hoste, m 11/11/1843 Marie Alphonsine Gourgues, dtr of Henri Gourgues and Louise Antoinette Laville Gourgues. Wit: Henry Gourgues, La tour widow Lhoste, Louise Antoinette Gourgues, widow Gourgues, W. Malabre, A. Voinchet, A. Duperly, Fred. Doyen, P. A. Richemond, C. Malabre, Dubois [all sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 43

Lindo, Henry m 9/19/1851 Jane McWilliam, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: John Jarvis, Kitty Sadler. Min: GA. p. 147

Lindo, Jacob m 11/10/1850 Emily Carta. Wit: Emanuel Perera, Elizabeth Desglander. Min: GA. p. 131

Lindo, Joseph m 1/29/1852 Mary Frances. Wit: Jean Baptiste Garrell, Elizabeth Jacob. Min: JD. p. 151

Lindop, Edward, Private, m 10/16/1854 at Newcastle to Jane Mitchell. Wit: Rocher Rarrdon, James Matthews. Min: JD. p. 173

Lindsay, Philip m 10/30/1858 Elizabeth Louisa Parsley. Wit: Hector McCrae [McCrea?], Eliza McCrae, Marguerite McCrae. Min: JD. p. 200

Linzy [Lindsay?], Francis m 5/11/1856 Marguerite Connely, Wit: George Randall, Ellen Croe. Min: JD. p. 185

Little, James W. [sig], native of England, m by license from the Governor 12/6/1865 Mary Ann Barklay native of Jamaica. Wit: Charles McClarty, William Harrison [sigs]. Min: JD. p. 248

Llado, John Anthony m 11/19/1855 Sarah Sullivan, Wit: Henry Villamil, John Francis Morin. Min: JMB. p. 181

Lobe, Donato a native of Africa m Julita Marina a native of Havana.. Wit: Toribio Lobe, Suzanna Arana. Min: A. B. Mette?. p. 193

Loinard, William m 8/7/1853 Matilda Franklin. Wit: Thomas May, Christian Brown. Min: JD. p. 163

Lolung, Eltivius Montrose m 7/25/1867 Isabel Stevenson. Wit: Samuel D___. Min: JD. p. 267

Lombard, James m 11/25/1841 Ann Petronilla widow of the late Mr. J. W. Clarke. Wit: Edmund Causle, Julius Marchand, J. Arrigunaga, J. Mazutet [all sigs]. Min: WC. [F] p. 23

Lopez, Alexander [sig] m 5/9/1848 Louisa Charles [by X] both natives of Jamaica. Wit: David Charles, Mrs. Robertson, Henrietta Martina, Pedro Montagnac. Min: WC [E] p. 91

Lorenzio, Jose m 3/20/1867 Lorentia Pinnock. Wit: Camillo Desnete, Marrina Anaelita Desnete. Min: JD. p. 262

Lorio, Thomas m 4/11/1852 Isabella Innis Turner. Wit: S. Matty, Andrew Scott, William Gibby, Frederick LaBiche [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 152

Loro, Dores m 8/29/1855 Dorothy Sachet. Wit: Constantine Boyer, Rose Pitt, Mary Prevost. Min: JD. p. 180

Loss, Charles, son of Alexis Loss and Clemence Lafitte m 6/7/1848 Marie Magdeleine Duval dtr of Jean Jacques and of Marie Jeanne Duval (the name of the father is not known). Wit: Desire Mainard, Marie Jeanne Mainard, Louise Morein, Marie Jeanne Charlot. Min: JD [F] p. 93

Loubert, Lewis m 1/29/1868 Maria Escalante. Wit: Vicente Herrera, William Cassel, Maria Phillips, Louisa Castel. Min: JMB. p. 273

Louis, Adolphe Son of -- Louis and Mary Rose m 8/7/1850 Mary Magdaline Martine dtr of John Martine and Frances F___. Wit: Elizabeth Night, Mary Antoinette. Min: JD. p. 126

Louis, Charles, m 11/29/1850 Susanna Partley. Wit: Richard Partley, Letitia Champigne. Min: JMB. p. 134

Louis, Henry m 7/13/1851 Elizabeth DaCosta both resident in Kingston?. Wit: Alfred Lafitte, William Augustus Smith. Min: JMB. p. 144

Louis, Pierre m 8/19/1845 Victoire [or Antoine?] Francaise. Min: BF. [F] p. 56

Louis, Pierre m 5/25/1858 Ellen Grant. Wit: Amelia Barrera, Judith Navarro. Min: JMB. p. 198

Louis, Steven m 3/11/1861 Sarah Wray. Wit: Frances Ixon, Antoinette Baptist. Min: JD. p. 216

Louis, Thomas m 5/11/1856 Jane Malabre both Africans. Wit: Eleonore Malabre, Antoinette Chevolleau, Rose Rose Malabre. Min: JD. p. 185

Lovemore, Thomas m 6/10/1865 Marthe Daker. Wit: Mary Ann Latibaudiere, John Bendly. Min: JD. p. 245

Lovett, William a native of England m 7/11/1854 Louisa D'Azevedo of Jamaica. Wit: John Wilson. Min: JMB. p. 171

Loza, Jean Baptiste Maximilian m 10/21/1868 Marie Howell, both of Kingston. Wit: Marie Antoinette Salmon, Marie Louise Denis. Min: JD. p. 281

Lozan, Jean Baptiste m 7/1/1843 Marie Francoise Guerman [both by X]. Wit: Marie Louise, Rose Montagnac, John Francis [sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 38

Luban, William, son of Abigail Luban and George Luban, m 4/13/1864 Charlotte Lewis Treppier, dtr of John Lewis Treppier and Cecilia Lewis Treppier. Wit: Caroline Brown, Robert Gray, Ann Luban, James Coryeton, William Coryeton. Min: JD. p. 238

Lubin, John Robert son of John Lubin and Lug___ m 10/26/1849 Rose Pomelia. Wit: Charles Lagourgue, Anne Lagourgue. Min: JD. p. 116

Lubin, Pierre Joseph Amitie Vil, native of Haiti, lawful son of Jean P. Vil Lubin and Helene? Amitie Vil-Lubin, m 12/26/1861 Genevieve Olive Faustin, native of Haiti, lawful dtr of Emperion Faustin and Anne Justine Faustin. Wit: Alexandre Bravo, Charles Grant, widow Lubin, Amitie Lubin, widow of Louis Lubin, Elizabeth Grant, James Male, Jean Baptiste Vil Lubin, George Clermont, A. M. Lhoste, Felicite Faustin, Ameisima Amitie, Elina Mainvaille, L. Bedonet, Elizabeth Bourke, Caroline Crosswell [all sigs]. Min: JD. [F] pp. 222-223

Lubin, Peter m 12/4/1861 Eliza Cargill. Wit: John Desportes, Susannah Davis. Min: JD. p. 222

Lucas, James, Corporal 3rd West India Regiment m 4/21/1857 Mary Ann Reid a native of Kingston. Wit: Robert Dowe, Jane Dowe. Min: JED. p. 192

Lucas, Michael m 4/28/1863 Catalina Feliciana Burdenwine. Wit: Athalie Burdenwine, Anita Hart, Theophilus Figueroa [all sigs except the bride], and Joanna Esser, Catherine Durant. Min: JD. p. 229

Ly, Peter m 4/12/1853 Isabel Ly. Wit: Charles Lagourgues, Ann Lagourgues, Emile Jean. Min: JD. p. 160

Lynch, Denis, Sergeant 2nd West India Regiment, m 5/17/1860 Mary Ann Murray. Wit: E. Verdon, M. Verdon. Min: JH. p. 212

Lynch, Martin, Lieutenant in the 2nd West India Regiment, native of Ireland, m 11/9/1859 Virginia Kidd, native of Jamaica. Wit: Captain Willcocks, Charles Gregg, William Joseph Kidd, Julia Henderson, G. M. Kidd, Lydia Hall [all sigs]. p. 207

Lyon, Horatio m 5/19/1852 Feliciana Richards both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Eliza Robinson, Ann Labiche. Min: WC. p. 153

Lyon, John [sig] m 10/8/1840 Ann Ireton [by X] both natives of Ireland. Wit: P. McGovern, Mary Trebler, P. Ferdinando Lusard [sigs]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 8

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