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MARRIAGES 1839-1869



[by X]= signed by X

dtr= daughter

[E]= written in English

F= written in French

legit= legitimate

m = married

[S]= written in Spanish

[sig]= signature

wit= witnesses


Key to ministers performing marriages:

AS= A. Simond

BF= Benito Fernandez

BP= B. Picardo

CT= Chr. Trottman

FH= Frederick Hathaway

FS= Francis Saure

GA= George Auvaro

GLD.= G. L. Duquesnay (Marie Arthur Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay)

JD= J. Dupont (whose spelling was very weak)

JED= James Eustachius Dupeyron

JH = Joseph Howell

JJ= J. Jones

JJC= J. J. Cotauillay ?

JMB= Joseph M. Bertolio

SW = Sidney Woollett (or J. Sidney Woollett)

WC= William Cotham

Date format: Month/day/year

NOTE: (1) when the entries were written in French, the minister would have used the French spelling of a name, even when the person used the English spelling: eg. Henri for Henry, Marie for Mary. The same applies to Spanish.

(2) A ____ represents a word or part of a word that was illegible in the original due to spots, blots, bleed-through, etc.

(3) After October 1st 1845 (p. 115) all records were in English unless otherwise noted.

Dacien [Darien?], Georges son of George Alexandre Dacien and Francoise Baufile [Bofil?] m 3/21/1848 Rosalie Maurisseau dtr of x Maurisseau and Rosalie Maurisseau. Wit: Joseph Maximilien d'Ours [?], Marie Martines, Marie Conception. Min: JD [F] p. 90

Dacosta, Abraham Rodrigues m 3/21/1859 Aliza Delfosse. Wit: Henry Pouyat, Charles Lewis Delfosse, Henriette Clegy, Amantine Duquesnay. Min: JD. p. 204

Dacosta, Frederic m 9/15/1852 Clementine Pinto. Wit: Louis Constantine, Catherine Constantine. Min: GD. p. 156

Dacosta, George m 11/3/1850 Magdalene Hippolyte. Wit: Margaret Desdunes, Elvice Desdunes. Min: JD. p. 128

DaCosta, Jacob Rodriques m 6/18/1846 Selina Jane Roberts, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Henry Roberts, Bernard Ripoli. [all sigs]. Min: WC. p. 61

Dacosta, Manuel m 9/28/1861 Mary Ann Gomes. Wit: Edward Belian. Min: JD. p. 221

Dacosta, Moses of Kingston m 10/30/1866 Mary Rose Leonard of Kingston. Wit: C?. H. Nicol, Louis John Desporte, James P. Stibel, James D. Lara, Joseph Leonard, Mary Johns [all sigs]. Min: JJ. p. 256

Dallas, Louis Francois m 7/27/1852 Ann Murray both of Kingston. Wit: Rafael Recinda. Min: JED. p. 156

Damasio, Domingo m 4/3/1851 Maria Runa. Child born before marriage is Maria Angelina. Wit: Austin Aghiar, Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JMB. p. 140

Daniel, John Vicent m 9/23/1851 Ellen White, both of Kingston. Wit: John Edward Roland, Mary Clemenson. Min: JMB. p. 147

Dansel, William m 12/3/1850 Mary Catherine Harris. Wit: Clarisse Duquesnay, Mary Bucher. Min: JD. p. 134

Daquin [D'aquin], Charles m 8/27/1852 Charlotte Cole. Wit: Henry Glaudin, Mary Jane Glaudin. Min: JD. p. 156

D'Aquin, Francois, son of Francois Daquin and Francoise Daquin m 2/28/1848 Marianne Garret dtr of Joseph Garret and Rose Makoral. Wit: Pierre Terrelonge, Louis Dinosse, Jean Frederic Berrett, Jean Jacques Chambion and Francois Daquin. Min: JD [F]. p. 89

Darcy, Michael [sig] a native of South Ireland m 7/9/1847 Maria Margridge [by X] a native of Jamaica. Wit: John Fallen, Jane White. Min: WC. p. 77

Darin, Louis m 9/30/1841 Marie Eugenie. Wit: Pierre Louis Guillaume. [F] p. 20

Daron, Louis son of George Daron and Rosette Marcks and Emilia Elizabeth Alvarenga, dtr of Jacob Alvarenga and Marguerite Henry. Wit: Louis Madr___, Lucila Bedonet. Min: JD. p. 122

Daron, William Lewis m 8/26/1863 Adeline Elizabeth Paul. Wit: Isabel Wademan, Jane Kiny. Min: JD. p. 232

Dauphin, Louis m 7/9/1842 Susanne Young [both by X]. Wit: A. J. Duquesnay, J. B. L. Duquesnay, P. Constantine, J. Salmon, M. A. Salmon [sigs]. Min: GLD. [FG] p. 27

Dauphine, James m 11/17/1850 Elizabeth Lunan Vermeil. Wit: Mary Guillaume. Min: AS. p. 133

Daure, Luis 10/27/1846 Percerlor? Bravo, both natives of Kingston. Wit: George Israel, A. Barned, Mary White. [all sigs]. Min: BF p. 63

Davidson, Alexander m 12/21/1855 Marguerite Williams. Wit: Mary Frances Dumont, Mary Louise Dumont, Elizabeth Marchant. Min: JD. p. 182

Davis, Alexander a native of Jamaica m 7/19/1847 Luciana Marta a native of Curacao [both by X]. Min: WC. p. 78

Davis, Alfred son of Laviolette Davis and Agathe Delcour m 9/8/1848 Dorothe Edwards dtr of William Edwards and Marie Edwards. Wit: Plaide Magloire, Alside Cajois and Popote Dumanoir. Min: JD [F] p. 98

Davis, Henry m 3/19/1853 Mary Magdalen Gardener. Wit: Thomas Gardener, Henry Caly, Jane Gardener. Min: JD. p. 159

Davis, Henry m 4/11/1865 Elizabeth Garrel. Wit: Lorenza Renfijo, Marie Francoise Hilaire, Marie M. Garrel. Min: JD. p. 243

Davis, James m 4/10/1854 Elizabeth Richard. Wit: Peter Terrelonge, John Berrett, Magdalen Terrelonge, Virginia Berrett. Min: JD. p. 169

Davis, James m 6/22/1864 Elizabeth Wess. Wit: Alexander Wess. Min: JD. p. 239

Davis, James (African) m 7/10/1867 Sally Mary Derbesher [Derbyshire?]. Wit: James Wilson. Min: JD. p. 264

Davis, James William native of England m 11/6/1841 Maria de las Mercedes Eugenia Vera native of Kingston. Wit: John Auvray, A. Flotte, S. Schloss, Pedro N. G___. [sigs]. Min: BF. [E] p. 21

Davis, Joseph m 12/6/1850 Margaret Mars. Child born before marriage is Maria. Wit: Susann Temper, Thomas Mars, Richard Mars. Min: JD. p. 135

Davis, Kato Joseph m 12/31/1853 Louisa Williams. Wit: Celina Philipps. Min: JD. p. 167

Davis, Lovemore m 11/8/1850 Sarah Francis. Wit: Helen Francis, Rebecca Depass, Susanna Davis, Elizabeth Distance. Min: JD. p. 129

Davis, Richard m 2/26/1868 Mary Smith. Wit: Joseph Narcisse, Annah Russell. Min: JD. p. 275

Davis, Robert m 4/9/1861 Elizabeth Meaux. Wit: Lewis Edward, Rose Prieur, Peter Eddy. Min: JMB. p. 217

Death, Edward [sig] m 8/24/1846 Margaret Connolly [by X], both natives of Ireland. Wit: Michael J. Quinan, John Holmes, Mary Quinan. Min: WC. p. 62

DuBalen, Louis Edouard, native of New Orleans, Louisiana USA, m 4/26/1866 Josephine Eliza Riviere widow of Florentin Boequet, native of Paris. Wit: Andre Alfred Vau Severen, and Garaudet. [all sigs]. [F] Min: JD. p. 253

Debarres, Andrew m 2/27/1861 Eliza Timpale. Wit: Bernardo Santorio, Marie Gabriela Santorio. Min: JD. p. 216

Debary, Louis m 10/20/1851 Belle Mont Brun. Wit: Joseph Maille, Joseph Ulisse Debary. Min: AS. p. 148

Debrosse, John m 4/5/1853 Elizabeth Catherine Burdoc. Wit: Alexy Simonet. Min: JD. p. 160

De Castillo, Sylverio m 1/23/1864 Telesfora Mesa. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Matilda Cutburt, Michaela Mesa, Lorenza Renfijo, Marguerite Howell. Min: JD. p. 241

deCordova, Joseph Isidoro, legitimate son of Raphael DeCordova and Mrs. Maria Conception Perez de Cordova, of New Granada m 5/22/1851 Anna Rosaline Aitchison, legitimate daughter of Robert Leslie Aitchison and Amelia Frott Aitchison, inhabitants of this city. Wit: Amelia Aitchison, Vicente G. Quijano, Jose Maria Alorea, Enrique Parida, Francisco Alabedra, Jose A. Figueroa, Ellen Richol, Robert R. Rixley, A. E. Singleton, F. T. Vick, William Singleton [all sigs]. Min: BF. p. 143

Decrasto, Alfred m 1/14/1867 Mary Husband Hoy. Their children born before marriage are Joseph, William, Mary Ann, Louisa Jane. Wit: Louisa Hamilton, Evelina Moses Francis Moses, Dorothy Barnett. Min: JMB. p. 261

De la Fe, Eulojio, native of Lacuma in Africa, m 9/10/1855 Tomaja Calderon, native of Ganga in Africa. Wit: Augustine La___ and his wife Martina Calderon. Min: JMB. p. 180

De Lafitte, Pierre Louis son of Louis De Lafitte and Felicite Carpin m 11/23/1848 Henriette Jeanne Frasa [Fraser?] dtr of George Frasa and Marie Lefeva [Lefevre?] Three children were born before the marriage. Wit: Marie Lefava, Elizabeth Delafitte. Min: JD [F]. p. 101

Delan, Francisco m 11/2/1855 Francisca Rodriguez, both natives of Congo (Africa). Wit: Anastasio Ordona, Jacoba Solit. Min: JMB. p. 181

Delayai [Delahaye?], Peter Noma son of Antony Delayai and Adeline Auguste Delayai m 4/29/1850 Emilie Simons dtr of Edward Simons and Elizabeth Lucesne. The girl born before marriage is Marie Louise Therese. Wit: John Charles Beck___, Marc Peter St. Ours, Mary Magdaline Bekett, Virginia Simon. Min: JD. p. 123

Delande, James m 12/22/1858 Marguerite Clement. Wit: J. Frederic Berret, Marie Therese Bouilly, Esther Madero. Min: JD. p. 201

Delande, Louis, son of John Alexandre Delande and Eugenie Delande, m 7/12/1843 Melina Marguerite Olivier, dtr of Francois Olivier and Marie Olivier. Wit: Louise widow of Raymond, P. A. Richemond, A. O. Richemond [all sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 39

Delaney, Rodney [sig], native of Ireland m 1/19/1847 Harriet Pope, widow of Thomas Kelly, a native of Ireland [by X]. Wit: James Burke [sig] and Ellen Burke [by X]. Min: JED. p. 65

de la Torre, Gregorio, an African, m 11/21/1851 Mary, native of Jamaica. Wit: Ciriaco Arano, Isabel del Castillo. Min: JMB. p. 148

Deleon, Carlo Martisnative of Curacao, son of William Deleon and Maria Bensta Rafael, m 3/4/1850 Germina Ferguson native of Kingston[both sigs]. Wit: John Francis Rodrigues, Charlotte Frances Rodrigues. Min: GA. p. 121

Delfosse, Charles Louis m 4/16/1853 Anita Toledano. Wit: Ramon Toledano, Andria Toledano, Christopher Toledano, Eliza Delfosse, Edward Delfosse [all sigs]. The children born before marriage are: Louis, Henriette Petronille, and Emily Celestine. Min: JD. p. 161

Delfosse, Edward captada m 8/10/1865 Adelaide Nicholson. Wit: Rebecca Nicholson, Jules Louis Desnoues, Henry Seronville, John B. Nicholson, Elizabeth Desnoues, Eugene St. Ours, Adolphe Duperly, Eliza Nicholson, Thomas H. Phillips, Mary Ann Clarkson [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 246

DeMontagnac, Jean Paul Edouard, after dispensing with the reading of the banns and impediment of the second degree of consanguinity, m 2/5/1848 Nanine Victorine DeMontagnac, who presented 6 children to be recognized as legitimate: Victor, Alexandre, Gustave, Philipe, Antoine, Marie Angelique DeMontagnac. Wit: Alexandre Ferdinand Montagnac, George Jean Charles Montagnac, John Antonio Arrigunaga [all sigs]. Min: BF [F]. p. 88

Deniquoi, ___ son of Arnaud Deniquoi m 8/15/1838 [mixed with 1842 marriages] Marie Francoise Cheveau dtr of Jean Joseph amd Marie Rose Cheveau. [ink bled through, partly illegible]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 29

Denton, Henry a native of Liverpool m 8/5/1847 Josefa Hernandez a native of Jamaica. I declare legitimate their daughter Marcellina Denton aged 14 months. Wit: Thomas Hernandez, Joseph White. Min: WC. p. 80

de Orta, Celestino, native of Havana, m 2/26/1862 Mary Ann Lee of Jamaica. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Felicia Herrera, Juan Romero, Eveline Logan. Min: JMB. p. 224

Derby, Samuel, Corporal, m 11/26/1862 Mary Jane Raymond. Wit: Henry Hart, Rosanna Williams. Min: JD. p. 228

Derette, Jose Vicente m 1/20/1863 Elizabeth Toker. Wit: Celestine Domingo. Min: JD. p. 228

de Richemond, Charles Meschinet m 10/10/1863 Eliza Ann Burcell. Wit: Charles Mathon, Henry Seronville, John Hill. Min: JMB. p. 232

Derise, Louis m 11/1/1850 Marie Louise. Wit: Robert Marseille, Edward Louis. Min: JMB. p. 127

deRoux, Augustus Blondel m 11/21/1866 Clemence Clement, both of Kingston. Wit: Andrew Dunn, M.D., Henriette Desnoes, A. deRoux, Marie Coll, P. B. Desnoes, M. L. Duquesnay, Henry F. Pouyat, Celeste Pouyat Clegg, E. de Roux, James P. Stiebel, Johannes Codner [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 259

Desdunes, Louis Virgile, m 1849 [date torn] Margaret Polymnie Henderson, both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Surenne Desdunes [all sigs], and Louisa Elvia Desdunes. Min: JED [E]. p. 108

Desgouttes, Paul , 12/14/1859 Cecilia Ansbey . Wit: John Joseph Jackson, Mary Gardner. Min: JD. p. 208

Desgouttes, Charles m 10/17/1853 Ann Isabella McWilliams. Wit: Eliza McWilliams, Louis Branday, Louis Desgoutes. Min: JD. p. 165

Desgouttes, Louis Peter m 7/20/1857 Cora Angelina Casseres. Wit: William Edward Montagnac, Catherine Casseres. Min: JMB p. 194

Deslandes, Louis [sig] m 8/2/1844 Ann Peinquier [by X]. Wit: J. Escoffery senior, Rose A. Escoffery, Rose Escoffery [sigs]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 49

DeSouza, Joao [or Joas], m 10/11/1856 Maria Vieyra, both natives of Madeira. Wit: Antonio Gonzales, Maria Jesus. Min: JMB. p. 189

Desruissaun [or Derruissaur] Jean August Louis Souverain son of Jean Louis Michel Desruissaun and Josephine Anne Guillot m 9/25/1848 Marie Michel Williamson dtr of James Williamson and Eulalie Francoise Digogere. Wit: Louis Stanilas Herard, Pierre Marie Borjon, Marie Therese Laulani. Min: JD [F]. p. 98

Dias, Julio m 8/5/1852 Anna Strada. Wit: Robert Marseille. Min: GA. p. 156

Diaz, Anacleto m 5/17/1860 Juana Upura, both Africans. Wit: Francisco Valdez, Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JMB. p. 212

Diaz, Manuel Feo m 1/10/1860 Henriqueta Antonia Jesus Nunez, both natives of Madeira. Wit: Manuel Alves, Maria Luisa de Oliveira. Min: JMB. p. 209

Dillon, Charles, Sergeant Ordnance, native of Ireland, m 4/19/1860 Sarah Oliver, native of Worcester, England. Wit: John Gardener, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Gardener, John Adams. Min: JMB. p. 211

Diman, James m 8/2/1865 Elizabeth Seraford. Wit: Theodore Kuhla, Elizabeth Kuhla, Conrad Mohrman, Thomas Earl. Min: JD. p. 245

Dinot, Jean Joseph, son of Jean Dinot and Susanne Dinot, m 11/26/1847 Marie Josephte [Josephe?] Antoine, dtr of Charles Antoine and Henriette Antoine, both natives and inhabitants of Jamaica. Wit: Jeanne Eulalie Salmon and Louise Latibodiere. Min: JD [F]. p. 85

Dogherty, George m 3/30/1864 Catherine Augustine Dujiol. Wit: Helenus White junior, Eulalie Dujiol, Louis Dujiol, Elizabeth Dujiol [sigs], and Louise Dujiol. Min: JD. p. 237

Domingo, Damaso m 1/4/1865 Fanny Davis, both Africans. Wit: F. Jackson, Rosanna Davis. Min: JMB. p. 241

Domingo, Joseph m 7/28/1852 Elizabeth Smith both of Kingston. Wit: Victoria Domingo and George Nethersole. Min: JED. p. 156

Dominguez, Celestino m 1/14/1848 Martina Ochoa, natives of Africa and emancipated slaves from Havana. Wit: Antonio Palacios, Rosaria Palacios, Martin Romero, Martin Orrely Teribio Guevara. Min: BP [S]. p. 87

Donaldson, Thomas m 8/15/1868 Elizabeth Cummings. Wit: Peter Wilson Taylor, Mary Taylor. Min: JMB. p. 280

D'Orcajon, Alcene m 11/20/1842 Marie Magdalen [both by X]. Wit: M. Berrett [sig], Onesime Vileur, Victoire Antoin [by X]. Min: BF. [E] p. 33

Dott, George m 11/16/1864 Amely [Emily] Lemorde [or Lemarde]. Children born before marriage are Joanna and Joseph. Wit: Edward Fox. Min: JD. p. 240

Double, Francis Peter m 2/7/1854 Elisabeth Margaret. Wit: Robert Marsal, Lucile Bedonet. Min: BP. p. 168

Douglas, John, son of John Douglas officer in the British Navy and of Emilie Pamela native of Jeremy in St. Domingue, m 2/4/1843 Elizabeth St. Ours, legit dtr of J. B. R. St. Ours and Rose Adelaide St. Ours. Wit: M. R. St. Ours, Mark St. Ours, Alexander Grant, Joseph St. Ours, George Montagnac, Mathew Mattos, John White [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F] p. 34 [incomplete] and p. 35 [complete].

Dowell, David m 3/20/1851 Mary Louise Antoinette Poulin. Wit: Lewis Compius, Rose Emma Lajeune, Maria Joanna Placide. Min: JD. p. 139

Dowell, John m 11/10/1850 Eleonora Brown. The child before the marriage is Henrietta. Wit: Charles Hilaire, Mary Hilarie. Min: JMB. p. 132

Dowell, John Francis m 11/24/1850 Evelina Browfile. Wit: Lewis Compues, Peter Hilaire. Min: JD. p. 133

Downer, Walter Daly of the parish of St. Andrew m 3/25/1851 Agnes Mary Hines a native of England. Wit: G. P. M. Downer Esq., M.D. and the Honourable Edward Chitty. Min: JED. p. 140

Doyen, Gaston Frederick m 9/21/1843 Susan Garsia. Wit: Alex Doyen, A. Garsia [all sigs]. Min: William Cottam. [E] p. 41

Doyen, Theophilus Evelin, native of Kingston m 10/6/1867 Mary Sarah Padmore, native of Vere. Wit: Lino Chavannes, Mary Ann Lunan, Josephine Florelline Doyen [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 270

Drew, William, a native of Ireland, Sergeant of the 6th Regiment, 2d Battalion, m 3/2/1867 Christiana Forester Gibson, a native of Jamaica. Wit: Edward Dowde, Corporal of Regiment, Marguerite Isabela Gibson, Juliana Johnson, Maria Campusano. Min: JD. p. 262

Drisdel, Jacques son of Henri Drisdel and Rosianna Thomas m 4/1/1849 Theresina Joseph Lasley dtr of Joseph Lasley and Marie Joseph Lasley. Wit: Jean ___ Robert, Violette Joseph Lasley, Jeanne Joseph Lasley. Min: JD [F]. p. 107

Droman [Drummond?], John Baptist m 9/9/1853 Mary Marguerite McKenzie. Children born before the marriage are Mary Louise Helene and Joseph. Wit: Lucile Bedonet, Sophia Martin. Min: JD. p. 164

Drummond, Jean Baptiste David, native of Kingston, m 6/6/1844 Mary Moore, native of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Maximilien, Edward Hall, Mariana Hall [all by X]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 48

Dubeda, Antoine, son of Jacques Dubeda and Ursule Dubeda m 11/23/1847 Richardi Morgan dtr of --- Morgan and Elizabeth Chambers?, both resident at Boverok [Above Rocks]. I declared legitimate 4 children born before marriage: Jacques Dubeda, Marguerite, Louise and Jeannette Dubeda. Wit: Louis Gaillard, Joseph Narcisse?, Marguerite Dubeda. Min: JD [F]. p. 85

Dubeda, Charles m 12/19/1852 Elina Thomas. Wit: Grace Louis, Elina Francis, Marceline Glaudin. Min: JD. p. 158

Dubeda, Jacques Louis son of Jacques Dubeda and Helene Francis m 10/11/1848 Marie Francoise Smith dtr of Hector Smith and Marguerite Smith. Wit: Jacques Delatour, Marie Francoise Dumo__. Min: JD [F]. p. 99

Ducasse, James m 11/7/1855 Susann Currell. Wit: Louis Dumont, Louise Fry, John Clark, Andrew Ross. Min: JD. p. 181

Ducasse, Louis, son of George [?] Ducasse and Marie Claude ___ m 8/15/1838 [among 1842 marriages] in St. Thomas in the Vale, Elizabeth Glaudin dtr of Jacques Glaudin and Marie Magdelaine ___. Wit: G. Montagnac, G. Gaillard. Min: GLD. [ink has bled through, partly illegible] [F] p. 28

Duff, Joseph m 10/15/1850 Mary Francis Brown Soulette. Wit: Lewis J. Vendryes, Mary Elizabeth Roux. Min: JD. p. 131

Dufif, Peter m 5/15/1851 Catherine Carr. Wit: Mary Ann Antoinette Uter, Mary Michel Desruisseau, Cladius Lhora, Philip Githy, Simon Fit. Min: JD. p. 142

Duhange, Edward m 6/4/1865 Mary Ann Lagourgue. Wit: Conrad Mhorman, Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JD. p. 244

Dumanoir, Pierre [sig] m 7/2/1840 Marie Lawrence [by X]. Wit: Marie Jeanne Foussatt, Stephen Benjamin, M. Bennett [sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 6

DuMetz, Charles Nicholas m 5/1/1867 Georgiana Desouza. Wit: John Bradley, Charles H. Audrouin, John Phillips, Eliza Aria. Min: JMB. p. 263

Dumont, Achile L. [sig] m 10/30/1861 Evelina Cushnie . Wit: Louis John Desporte, Edward S. Cushnie, George Cushnie [sigs], Matilda Cushnie, Marie Dumont, Mary Ann Cushnie, Rose Elizabeth Cushnie, Mary Frances Dumont. Min: JD. p. 221

Dumont, Giles m 2/19/1859 Catherine Hawes. Wit: William Chisholm, Mary Ross. Min: JH. p. 203

Dumont, Henry Lewis m 1/31/1866 Elizabeth Treppier. Wit: Thomas Lewis Treppier, Mary Ann Morgan, Caroline Dumont, Charlotte Loban, Victorine Dumont, George Paker [Packer? Parker?]. Min: JD. p. 249

Dumont, Lewis m 11/27/1850 Rebecca Maria Jarrett. Wit: Achilles Dumont, Mary Stephen. Min: GA. p. 134

Dumont, Lucien Philippe m 1/10/1854 Isabelle Ducasse. Wit: Mary Louise Dumont, Francis Gordon, Lewis Ducasse, Lewis Dumont. Min: JD. p. 168

Dumound, Francis son of John Bgrt. Dumound and Rosa Began Dumound, a native of St. Domingue m 6/12/1848 Loisa Ladouceur dtr of Ladouceur and Veronica Lousane. Wit: Margaret Zanoi. Min: G. Auvaro. [E] p. 93

Duncombe, Jean son of Jean Duncombe and Louisa Duncombe, protestant, m 9/26/1848 Josephine Darak dtr of Jean Darak and Jeanne Belin, catholic. Wit: Marie Magdeleine Bivin, Mary Antoinette Harper. Min: JD [F]. p. 98

Dunn, Thomas of Dublin in Ireland m 2/18/1854 Elizabeth Badley native of Kingston. Wit: Pedro N. Casis, Thomas Badley, L. S. Sayres?, J. C. Peynado, P. Cliff [all sigs]. Min: BF. p. 169

Duperly, Adolphe m 7/18/1866 Mary Eleanor Gully. Wit: J. Desnoues, J. Desnoues jnr. [all sigs]. Min: JB. p. 254

Duperly, Henry Louis, lawful son of the late Adolphe Duperly and Louise Duperly, m 4/4/1866 Eularia Henriette Coll, lawful dtr of the late Pedro Coll and Emily Coll. Wit: Henry F. Pouyat, H. Pouyat, Charles Gadpaille, C. Celeste Clegg, Alexander Mattos, Maria Coll, Sophia Delgado, John Clegg, Emilie Duquesnay, Mary L. Duquesnay, Luce Delgado [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 251

Duquesnay, Anthony Joseph m 5/30/1847 Rosanna Taylor, widow. Wit: Mr. __ Duquesnay and Rev. Auvaro. Min: WC. p. 71

Duquesnay, Jacques Urbain Lemercier, legit son of the late Philippe Lemercier Duquesnay and the late Marie Louise Felicite de la Haye wife of Duquesnay m 5/7/1842 Marie Eugenie Letellier legit dtr of the late Joseph Letellier and the late Marie Louise Nicole Bourdet wife of Letellier. Wit: P. L. Duquesnay, __ Pouyat, H. Pouyat, C. Malabre, J. B. Bouilly, J. F. Pouyat, __ Chevolleau, Charles L. Duquesnay, P. R. Prudhomme, J. P. Prudhomme. [all sigs. page faded]. Min: G. L. Duquesnay. [F] pp. 24-25

Duquesnay, Lewis m 12/16/1859 Theresia Dyce. Wit: George Colliers, Victoria Colliers. Min: JD. p. 209

Duquesnay, Louis m 7/26/1840 Louisa Mith [both by X]. Wit: Marie Jeanne Toussatt, Stephen Benjamin [sigs]. Min: L. Duquesnay. [F] p. 6

Duquesnay, Theodore Joseph Lemercier, lawful son of Anthony Joseph Lemercier Duquesnay and Charlotte Duquesnay m 1/29/1868 Eveline Louisa D'Aquin, lawful dtr of Henry Philip D'Aquin and Louise Adele D'Aquin. Wit: H. P. D'Aquin, H. Pouyat, J. U. L. Duquesnay, John C. Branday, __ L. Duquesnay, Charles Vendryes [all sigs]. Min: JED. pp. 272-273

Durant, Antonio Abath m 11/20/1852 Caterene Cocks. Wit: Peter Eynaud, Simon Eml. Pietersz, Jean Marie B. Escala [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 157

Durant, Jean Baptiste son of Simon Pierre Durant and Helene Stephanie C__atesano m 12/5/1848 Julienne Maria Decostas [Dacosta] dtr of Aime Decosta and Dorothee Aris. Wit: Simon Pierre Durant, Raimond Soledano, Marie Eleonore Durant. Min: JD [F]. p. 102

Durrant, Jacob a native of Curacao m 5/4/1843 Marcellina Hernando a native of Kingston [both by X]. “According to the laws of the Catholic Church I declare lawful Alberto Durrant 4 years old a son of the aforesaid parties”. Wit: John Alexander Berrett [sig] and John Hernando [by X]. Min: JED. [E] p. 37

Duval, John Joseph m 3/23/1862 Margaret Lemasney. Wit: Thomas Turpin, Mary Lamasney. Min: SW. p. 224

Duvall, John m 4/19/1844 Georgine, both natives of Kingston. Wit: Eugenie Duvall and Mrs. Magui. Min: BF. [F] p. 46

Dyass, Jacob Thomas m 1/6/1855 Catherine Chisholm. Wit: Elizabeth Roux, Henrietta Isabel Dyas. Min: JD. p. 175

Dyce, John Wray m 1/14/1861 Mary Gardner. Wit: Cecilia Gesgoutes. Min: JD. p. 214

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