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MARRIAGES 1839-1869

A - Bou


[by X]= signed by X

dtr= daughter

[E]= written in English

F= written in French

legit= legitimate

m = married

[S]= written in Spanish

[sig]= signature

wit= witnesses


Key to ministers performing marriages:

AS= A. Simond

BF= Benito Fernandez

BP= B. Picardo

CT= Chr. Trottman

FH= Frederick Hathaway

FS= Francis Saure

GA= George Auvaro

GLD.= G. L. Duquesnay (Marie Arthur Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay)

JD= J. Dupont (whose spelling was very weak)

JED= James Eustachius Dupeyron

JH = Joseph Howell

JJ= J. Jones

JJC= J. J. Cotauillay ?

JMB= Joseph M. Bertolio

SW = Sidney Woollett (or J. Sidney Woollett)

WC= William Cotham

Date format: Month/day/year

NOTE: (1) when the entries were written in French, the minister would have used the French spelling of a name, even when the person used the English spelling: eg. Henri for Henry, Marie for Mary. The same applies to Spanish.

(2) A ____ represents a word or part of a word that was illegible in the original due to spots, blots, bleed-through, etc.

(3) After October 1st 1845 (p. 115) all records were in English unless otherwise noted.


Abrahams, Arthur m 9/2/1857 Adeline Anastasia Perin Madure. Wit: Marguerite Albert. Min: AS. p. 195

Abrahams, Elijah m 10/19/1864. After having given dispensation of the impediment of affinity and having produced their license from the Governor of Jamaica, I joined in holy wedlock Elijah Abrahams of Kingston and Roseline Nunes Cardozo of Kingston. Wit: Augustus Nunes Cardozo, Margaret Victoria Nunes Cardozo [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 240

Abrahams, John Theodore, son of H. L. Abrahams and Louisa Dubuisson m 12/31/1843 Sarah Manuel, dtr of John Manuel and Eleanor Latimer. Wit: Louis Henry Abrahams and Juan Arigunaga, Marie Susanne Abrahams [all sigs]. Min: BF. [E] p. 44

Abrahams, Elijah [JD wrote Elayah Abram] son of Abraham Abrahams and Sarah Abrahams m 9/12/1849 Marine Nunes Cardozo dtr of Solomon Nunes Cardozo and Elizabeth Cardozo. Wit: John Arrigunaga, Roch Verna, Solomon Nunes Cardozo, Elizabeth Cardozo, Joseph Nunes Cardozo, Mary Rose Montagnac, Marie Anne Jolly [all sigs]. Min: JD [E]. p. 114

Abrahams, Isaac m 7/2/1859 Adelaide Purbey. Wit: William Berthoud, Mary Carter. Min: JH. p. 205

Abram, Richard Gilpin, native of Kingston son of William Abram and Sarah Abram m 4/30/1844 Elizabeth Lhoste, native of Kingston dtr of Michael Charles Lhoste and Marie Louise Lefort Latour widow of Lhoste. Wit: Latour widow of Lhoste, Egan, B. Prieur, F. LaBiche, Charles ___, Thomas ___, William Abram, Sarah Abram, Elvia G. Abram, Elizabeth Lungren [all sigs]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 46

Abrol, Francis, a native of India m with the license of the Governor 5/24/1865 Mary Ann Davison, native of Kingston. Wit: Alice Laing, Edward DVillacy, Mary E. Laing, M. P. DVillacy, H. LEpinay [all sigs]. Attachment: “I Francis Abrol and Mary Ann Davison do solemnly declare that if we get any children after our marriage they will follow the Roman Catholic faith, and no other. Signed: F. Abrol, M. A. Davison.” Min: JD. p. 243

Acosta, Agustin m 4/1848 Mary Bonifacia Ramirez. Wit: Jean Duverger. Min: BF [E] [large dark spot and bleedthrough]. p. 91

Adam, Henry m 5/13/1855 Louisa Atkinson. Wit: Eugene Solivan [Sullivan?], Joseph Lecesne, Mary Antoinette Salmon. Min: JD. p. 178

Addison, James, a native of Philadelphia USA, m at Harbour Head 12/22/1857 Marie Francoise, native of St. Domingue. Wit: Francis Elliott, Marie Francoise Hilaire. Min: JMB. p. 196

Addison, John, son of John Addison and Elizabeth Jones m 4/23/1843 Maria Joseph, dtr of of Francisco Antonio and Barbara Martina. Wit: George Barnett and Robert Tiff [all by X]. Min: JED. [E] p. 36

Aikman, Alexander m 8/21/1865 Louisa Daken. Wit: James Forester, Marguerite Forester. Min: JD. p. 246

Aikman, John m 10/21/1866 Mary Aikman. Wit: Alexander Aikman, Louisa Aikman. Min: JD. p. 255

Alafitte, George and African m 6/27/1848 Marie Magdeleine and African. Wit: Hilaire Lebrun and Marie Francoise Lebrun. Min: JD [F] p. 95

Alberga, Henry m 5/22/1851 Mary Antoinette Leonard. Wit: Joseph Leonard, Daniel Brown, Richard Allen, Louise Fetado, Emilia Leonard, Mary Antoinette Leonard. Min: JD. p. 143

Albert, John m 1/18/1850 Frances Augustine. Wit: Peter Lewis Gelsomin? and Joanna Florentina Antoine. Min: GA. p. 119

Albert, Pierre, native of Nantes in the diocese of Nantes in France, department of la Vande, legitimate son of Pierre Albert and Jeanne Marie Amiand his wife both native of the same parish of Cugent m 7/9/1839 Marie Marguerite Trillarde native of Kingston legit dtr of Aime Trillarde and Marie Magdalaine Robinette his wife both natives of the French part of St. Domingue. Wit: William John Moleny, Juan Arrigunaga, Francois Hamard. Also Eulalie Feres. [F. Note: this entry is very pale and some names are barely legible.] Min: BF. [F] p. 1

Albert, Samuel, a pagan, m 8/14/1868 according to the rites for mixed marriages, Mary Jane, both Hindu residents of Kingston. Wit: Andrew Jackson, Mary Ann Jackson. Min: JJ. p. 280

Albert, Samuel John, native of Madras in India, m 3/10/1869 Jessy Bell, a native of Montego Bay. Wit: Samuel Albert, Mary Jane Albert, John Jerome. Min: JD. p. 286

Alcantara, Teodoro m 8/6/1852 Maria Eugenia Cacate, both Africans. Wit: Barbara Lacorra. Min: GA. p. 156

Aldre, Edouard, son of the late Michel Aldre and the late Marie Aldre m 5/21/1847 Anne Maidamon dtr of Georges Maidamon and Olive Maidamon (living). Wit: Olive Maidamon and Marie Louise Brown. Min: JD. [F] p. 69

Aldred, Edward m 5/5/1851 Adelaide St. Ours. Wit: Francois Clairmont Valet, Mary Bonitto. Min: AS. p. 141

Aldridge, Edward a native of Kingston m 12/24/1846 Hannah Quhene [both by X]. Wit: Joseph Ariano, Jose Valencia, Antonio Valencia, Abraham Barnes [all sigs]. Min: BF. [E] p. 64

Alexander, James m 10/14/1849 Jane Josephine. Wit: Rose Ann Alexander, Mary Antoinette Salmon, Jane Eulalie Salmon. Min: JD [E]. p. 115

Alexander, James m 1/24/1859 Ann Edwards. Wit: Marie Therese Lauriston, Marie Pouyat. Min: JD. p. 202

Alexander, John m 7/16/1856 Sarah Edward. Wit: Mary Louise Latour. Min: JD. p. 188

Alexander, Rubin [Reuben?] m 1/22/1851 Margaret Sanguinety [Sanguinetti?]. Wit: Robert Brown, Rubin Alexander, Maria Lord, Lidy Alexander.

Alexis, Lewis David m 1/4/1859 Isabel Dumont nee Ducasse. Wit: Elizabeth Ducasse, Charles Daquin, Eugenie Elizabeth Ducasse. Min: JD. p. 201

Alfonso, Joseph Mark m 4/18/1847 Mary Rosa Roche. Wit: Edward Denorez?. Min: BF. [E] p. 66

Aliberton [Haliburton?], Robert m 6/28/1845 Elizabeth Catherine Florigon. Wit: Louise Henriette Chevolleau and Eloise Cadet. Min: GLD.[E] p. 54

Allport, Frederick, Armoured Sergeant 2nd West India Regiment, a native of Warwick, England, m 5/19/1858 Julia Burke, dtr of James Burke deceased and Helena Burke, natives of Ireland. Wit: Helena Burke, Mary Robertson, Henry Greenwood. Min: JED. p. 197

Alteja, Timotheus m 8/13/1850 Monica Alcantara both Africans. Wit: Ulises Catalino Galli__, Candelaria Sanchez. Min: JMB. p. 126

Alvarenga, Alexander [sig] son of William Alvarenga and Elizabeth Alvarenga m 10/10/1849 Frances Clark [by X] dtr of Alexander Clark and Eliza Slater. Wit: John Alexander Delande, John Arrigunaga, Mary Ann Alvarenga, William Alvarenga, Mary Ann Hamilton [all sigs], Elizabeth Alvarenga, Eliza Slater [both by X]. Min: JD [E]. p. 115

Alvarenga, Alexander m 7/27/1869 Frances Jones, both of Kingston. Children born before marriage are Mary Ann Alvarenga, Henry Alvarenga, Alice Alvarenga, Rosamun Alvarenga. Wit: Mary Ann Treves, Alfred Mosley, Moses Wolfe, Mary Ann Alvarenga, Caroline Barrow. [all sigs] Min: JD. p. 291

Alvarenga, Frederic m 9/21/1856 Elizabeth Reynolds. Wit: Catherine Reynold, Mary Ann Reynold. Min: JD. p. 189

Alvaro, Jose Rosario m 7/23/1851 Benita Arriba, both Africans now living in Jamaica. Wit: Desideria Acosta. Min: JMB. p. 145

Alves, Benjamin Lopez m 10/9/1859 Elizabeth Mary Ann Scotlang. The child born before marriage is named Joseph Alexander Alves. Wit: Alexander Bean, Marie Esperance Emilie Chavannes. Min: JD. p. 207

Alves, Daniel Lopes m 1/22/1841 Reine Ramier. Wit: John Boyd Lalon Foussar. Min: BF. [F] p. 14

Alvez, Cola Do m 1/4/1858 Teodora Tejeira, both natives of Madeira. Wit: Manoel Do Alvez, Francisco Veira, Manoel De Souza. Min: JMB. p. 196

Alvez, Manoel m 1/4/1858 Joaquina Vieyra [Veira?], both natives of Madeira. Wit: Manuel Do Alvez, Francisco Vieyra, Manoel de Souza. Min: JMB. p. 196

Anderson, Alexander m 10/11/1858 Sarah Francis of St. Andrew's. Wit: Henry Lindo, Rosa Phipps. Min: JMB. p. 200

Anderson, Evan Joseph an African m 2/11/1850 Juana Henry dtr of John Henry and Matrone Batry?. Wit: John Carroll, Peter Terrelonge, Elina Terrelonge. Min: JD. p. 120

Andrews, Alfred m 12/30/1861 Christina Justice. Wit: Edward Andrews, Maria Andrews, Marie Louise Gland. Min: JD. p. 223

Andrews, Edward m 3/17/1866 Maria McFarlane [both sigs]. Wit: Emely Andrews, James McFarlane, Jane Wright, Eliza McFarlane, Alfred Andrews all sigs]. Min: JD. pp. 250-251

Anthoniez, Manuel Epinio m 8/29/1867 Matilda Tucker. Wit: Marie Catherine Narcisse, Joseph Narcisse, Fernando Anthoniez. Min: JD. p. 267

Antoine, George Henri son of Dr. George Antoine and Marie Louisa Dumand m 5/18/1848 Elizabeth Green dtr of Joseph Green and Elizabeth Green. Wit: Ambroise Casanabas. Min: JD [F]. p. 92

Antoine, Henry m at Harbour Head 3/19/1859 Edie Estie. Wit: Marie Francoise Hilaire, Francoise Emma Lajeune. Min: JED. p. 204

Antonio, Manuel m 2/19/1867 Antonia Desouza. Wit: John Fretes, __Viera, Maria Gray. Min: JD. p. 261

Aparicio, Jose Ambrosio m 6/27/1857 Maria de Jesus Lopez, both natives of Havana. Wit: Anacleto Nunez and his wife Casimira. Min: JMB. p. 194

Arana, Claudio, a native of Africa, m 8/5/1858 Catherine Lamotte. Wit: Francisco Morales, Maria Colata Serna. Min: JMB. p. 199

Arana, Siriaco m 1/12/1850 Elizabeth De Cartiglia both natives of Africa Wit: Robert ___, and ___ Lorenza Benejo. Min: GA. p. 119

Arbaux, Peter Gustave m 10/18/1850 Catherine Burell Smith. The children born before marriage are Alfred Benito, Augustus, Caroline, Peter Henry and Clara. Wit: Stephen Benjamin, Mary Rose Benjamin, Thomas Walker and Catherine Mia. Min: JD. p. 127

Archer, Joseph, a native of Barbados, m 2/28/1865 Jane Benoit, native of Jamaica. Wit: Lorenza Renfijo, Mary Ann Clark, Amelia Robinson. Min: JD. p. 241

Aria, Peter m 3/28/1867 Eliza Robinson, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Martin Valencia, Drucilla Bernini, David Feurtado, Emanuel Leon, Herman Prince, William Morais, Philip Barbuena, Maurice Abisdid, Thomas Sutton Taylor Ibbott, Domingo Pichon [all sigs]. Min: JD. pp. 262-163.

Armstrong, Alexander m 2/28/1855 Mary Catherine Bigot. Wit: Victoire Hammon, William Armstrong. Min: JD. p. 175

Arnaboldi, James m 11/5/1850 Amelia Petzhorn. Children born before marriage are Rosalia Amelia Marguerita and Angelina Rosalia Amelia. Wit: James Sen__, James Seymour. Min: JMB. p. 128

Arrigunaga, John Anthony a native of Kingston, son of John Baptist de Arrigunaga and Ann Castel m 1/10/1848 Rose Elizabeth Escoffery a native of Kingston, lawful dtr of John Escoffery and Rose Adelaide Escoffery. Wit: Juan del Castillo, John Escoffery senior, John Escoffery junr., Rose A. Escoffery, Rose Escoffery, John Douglas, Joseph Ariano, George Montagnac, Marie Rose Ariano, N. Vileure jnr., V. Montagnac, A. F. Montagnac, A. Montagnac, C. L. Laulanie, Matthew Mattos. Min: BF [E]. p. 86

Ashborn, John m 12/16/1852 Amelia Martin. Wit: Sarah Plout__, Janet Clark. Min: JD. p. 158

Ashburn, George Theodore m 9/28/1859 Mary Anne Rennals. Wit: Thomas Hardly Ashburn, Charlotte Martin, James Harris, Mrs. Ashburn. Min: JD. p. 207

Ashir, Astrey m 6/29/1853 Elizabeth Sannon. Min: AS. p. 162

Aspatia, Eusebio m 7/1/1851 Marie Rose, both Africans. Wit: Joseph Kingland, Mary Louisa Valler. Min: JMB. p. 144

Asped, Dennis m 12/6/1850 Sarah Reese. Wit: Frederic Berrett and Mr. La Gourde. Min: JMB. p. 135

Aubretan, Jean, son of Philippe Aubretan and Marie Motsham m 1/7/1848 Marie Catherine William, dtr of Andre William and Marie Forgin. Wit: Pierre Benjamin and Marie Laurence Renfijo. Min: JD [F]. p. 86

Austin, William m 1118/1851 Rebecca Leon. Wit: Mary Bouilly. Min: JMB. p. 148

Audain [or Andain?], Jean Joseph, native of Haiti resident in Jamaica, m 12/12/1863 Marie Rose Josephine Joachine Joachim, native of Haiti resident in Jamaica. Wit: General Joseph Lamotte, Joseph Amitie Lubin, Genevieve Faustin Lubin, Anne Justine Faustin [all sigs] [F]. Min: JD. p. 234

Audrouin, Charles Daniel, a native of Jamaica, m 4/4/1866 Maria Evelina Valencia, a native of Kingston [both sigs]. Wit: Thomas Sutton Ibbott, Elaya Robinez, Eliza Wilson, Elizabeth Kitchener, David Feurtado, F. Morais [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 252

Augustus, William Henry m 11/26/1863 Mary Solite Nicholas. Wit: Alexander Ashburn, Mary Ann Clark. Min: JD. p. 233

Auteloney, John son of John Auteloney and Jane Auteloney m 12/16/1849 Maria Albino dtr of Elena. Wit: Elizabeth __, Ann Charles, Mary Francis Vileur. Min: JD. p. 118

Auvray, Peter Elicio, lawful son of the late John Auvray and Adeline Auvray, m 2/3/1864 Mary Christina Nunes, lawful dtr of George and Judith Nunes, both natives of Kingston. Wit: Charles Grant, George Nunes, Charles Mathon, H. Dacosta, Charles Nunes, H. J. Burger, Matthew Mattos [all sigs except bride]. Min: JED. p. 235

Ayala, Justo , native of Cadiz in Spain, in danger of death, m 7/7/1851 Antonia Frequier native of Ca__va in Spain, widow of Domingo Frequier. Wit: Elizabeth Beven. [S]. Min: BF. p. 144


Bailey, Edward native of Kingston [sig] m 2/27/1843 Antoinette Prospere [by X]. Wit: M. Berrett, J. Arrigunaga [sigs] and John Badson [by X]. Min: BF. [F] p. 36

Balbuena, Philippe m 11/8/1850 Charlotte Allen. Min: BF. p. 130

Balde, Gregory m 7/18/1855 Eulalia San both natives of Africa. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Mary Lorenza Renijo. Min: BP. p. 179

Baley [Bailey?], George Mary son of George Baley and Jeanne Rokiber [? blot] m 11/19/1848 Louise Catherine Thomas dtr of Jacques Thomas and Susanne Strouper. Wit: Louise Elizabeth Pasley, Simon Leon, Hilarie Laurence Renfrie?. Min: JD [F]. p. 101

Balfour, Robert m 11/8/1850 Mary Frances Duval. Wit: Mary Louisa Bontemps, Elsie Balfour. Min: JD. p. 128

Baltas, William, son of the living Charles Baltas and the late Cerene? Baltas m 6/3/1847 Marie Therese Toussaint dtr of Edouard Toussaint and Cecile Toussaint. Wit: Jean Etienne, Jean Petersz. Min: JD [F] p. 73

Baly, George m 5/25/1844 Mary Rose. Wit: Marie, Jean Jacques, John Baly [all by X]. Min: GLD. [E] p. 47

Banks, Richard White m 6/3/1863 Mary Rose Benjamin. Children born before marriage are Mary Eugenia White Banks aged 6 years, and Joseph Augustus Banks aged 2 years. Wit: Mary Frances Traves. Min: JD. p. 231

Baptiste, Richard [by X] m 5/1/1851 Mary Frances Hilaire [sig]. Wit: Marie Rose Montagnac, George Montagnac, John Arrigunaga [sigs] and Mary Frances Etienne and Elizabeth Hilaire [by X]. Min: JD. p. 141

Barnes, Edward m 11/18/1863 Mary Ann Stuart. Wit: Mary Claire Constantine, Mary George. Min: JMB. p. 232

Barnet, Francis Edward m 4/20/1853 Mary Joseph Gabriel. Wit: Lewis Cadenet, Edmond Bourk, Helen Nelson, Celine Wilkins. Min: JD. p. 161

Barond, James, an African, m 9/26/1866 Priscilla Brown. Wit: Mary El. Burke, Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JMB. p. 255

Barrera, Jose Siro m 3/15/1851 Maria de los Angeles Cajetano Rodriguez. Wit: Robert Marseilles, Lorenzo Renfigo. Min: JMB. p. 139

Barry, Thomas Benoit m 10/23/1863 Elizabeth Clark. Wit: Louise Coupland, Eliza Jane McCrae, Mary Ann McCrae. Min: JD. p. 232

Barthelemy, Philippe son of Jerome Barthelemy and Felicite Barthelemy m 8/2/1847 Marie Francoise Makmila dtr of Makmila and Lucille Scott. Wit: Jean Baptiste Auvray and Marie Adeline Auvray [who both signed]. Min: JD. [F] p. 79

Batson, Samuel m 3/5/1867 Marie Louise Olivier Placide. Wit: Lorenza Renfijo, Celeste Elizabeth Chevalier. Min: JD. p. 262

Batty, Richard m 4/25/1855 Mary (African). Wit: Pedro Martes, Mary Theresa Gautier, Victoria Fernandez. Min: JD. p. 177

Bayne, William m 8/3/1842 Marie Catherine. Wit Desire Menard, and __ Bennett. Min: BF. [F] p. 24

Beaujet, Charles Jerome, a native of Haiti, m 7/23/1868 Lucy Ann Braham of Jamaica. Wit: Henry Spencer, Celiciana Preston. Min: JMB. p. 279

Beauregard, Aristide native of St. Domingue m 6/19/1852 Augustine Coquierre native of Port au Prince. Wit: E. Coquierre, Ch? Fery, Simon Eml. Pietersz, Dupont, widow Madiou, A. V. Coquierre [all sigs]. Min: BF. [F]. p. 154

Beaux, Louis m 12/7/1850 Mary Antoinette. Wit: Alexander Clermont, Peter Bold, Philippe Montagnac. Min: JMB. p. 135

Bedovet, Edward m 8/31/1851 --- Fletcher. Wit: Emanuel Perera, Elizabeth Desglandes. Min: GA. p. 146

Bela, Joseph m 7/15/1850 Rosalia, both navies of Africa. Wit: Joseph Francis Pere and Pereira Amy. Min: GA. p. 124

Bell, George m 5/9/1852 Julia Bell. Wit: Robert Marseille, Edward John Lewis. Min: JD. p. 153

Bell, Peter m 11/13/1850 Mary Joseph DeLongry. The child born before the marriage is Mary. Wit: Ann Mary Martinez, Samuel Smith, A. Robert. Min: JD. p. 131

Belley, John m 11/2/1851 Mary Ann Athens. Wit: James and Mary Shepherd. Min: AS. p. 149

Bellile, Dominique and African m 7/27/1867 Marie Elizabeth an African. Wit: Joannes Peter and Pierre Louis Guyon. Min: JD. [F] p. 78

Belly, Thomas m 6/10/1850 Aby Maria Night. Wit: John Miller and Catherine Miller. Min: GA. p. 123

Belone, Peter m 10/31/1853 Louisa Belone. Wit: Caroline Barran, Miss Lecesne, Mary Ann Saviour. Min: JD. p. 165

Beltrand, Gil m 4/7/1851 Maria Carmen Alun. Wit: Maria Carmen Armorojan. Min: JMB. p. 140

Bendly, John m 6/10/1865 Mary Ann Daker. Wit: Mary Ann Latibaudiere, Marthe Lovemore, Thomas Lovemore. Min: JD. p. 245

Benit, Francois Pouyat, son of Alexandre Pouyat Benit and Lonquy, m 6/20/1849 Matilda Sterling dtr of Guillaume Sterling and Susanne Sterling. Wit: Louis DeLafitte, Jean Louis DeLafitte, Jeanne Candeau. Min: JD [F]. p. 110

Benite, Francis Pouyat m 7/15/1852 Eleonora Richard. Wit: Lorenza Renfijo, Benjamin Davis. Min: JD. p. 155

Benjamin, Alexander born in Kingston m 1/19/1840 Eley Brown born in Kingston [both signed by X]. Wit: Ramond Roux, Guillaume Etienne Roux and Antoine Roux [sigs]. Minister: GLD. [F] p. 2

Benjamin, Alexandre, son of the late Jacques Benjamin and Grace Benjamin m 5/27/1847 Elizabeth Gou, dtr of the living Jean Gou and of Marie Marguerite Maure. Wit: Alexandre Polonais and Marguerite Polonais. Min: JD [F] p. 70

Benjamin, Peter m 11/29/1852 Mary Dacosta both natives of Kingston. Wit: Mary Magdalen Ribine, Mary Rose Benjamin. Min: JED. p. 157

Benjamin, Stephen [sig] a native of Haiti m 6/28/1848 Mary Cunning [by X] a native of Jamaica. Wit: John Douglas [sig], Sylvanie Thibeau, P. W. Benjamin, Antoinette Albert, Florine Thibeau. Min: WC [E]. p. 94

Benjamin, William m 1/16/1852 Louisa Emile. Wit: Mary Lasene, Louise Corinne Chevolleau. Min: JMB. p. 150

Benoit, Isaac m 7/1/1857 Jane Joseph. Wit: Elizabeth Moury, Jane Jakes. Min: JD. p. 194

Bernard, John m 3/22/1866 Martha Costa. Wit: Mary Nicholas, Mary Ann Hughes. Min: JD. p. 251

Bernard, John m 1/18/1868 Louisa Prince. Wit: Thomas Smith, Elizabeth Prince, William Prince, Anaelita Padia. Min: JD. p. 273

Bernard, Nicolas m 10/30/1850 Charlotte Williams. Wit: Mary McLean. Min: JD. p. 127

Bernardo, Roman m 10/3/1854 Feliciana Navarro both natives of Africa. Wit: Gil Beltran, Maria Carmen Alun. Min: JMB. p. 172

Berrett, John Frederic son of Frederic Marshall m 6/24/1850 Virginia Terrelonge dtr of Peter Terrelonge and Magdeline Richard. Wit: Peter Terrelonge, John Baptist Terrelonge, Ann Ximenes, Jane Balley. Min: JD. p. 124

Berthoud, Jean Antoine m 3/1/1859 Matilda Louisa Smith. Wit: Henry John Smith, Douglas Campbell, William Andrews, John Ware, Henrietta Smith, Emily Berthoud [sigs] and Soline Berthoud. Min: JD. p. 203

Berthoud, Peter native of Lyons in France m 11/16/1841 Mary Jolin native of Jamaica. Wit: Clara Burger, John Burger, J. Arrigunaga, William Cotham. [all sigs]. Min: L. Duquesnay. Declaration by bride and groom: on 11/5/1823 we married and had 6 children namely: Francis Alfred Berthoud b 8/8/1824, John Anthony Berthoud b 2/7/1827, Mary Rose b 2/5/1830, Peter born 4/12/1832 died 11/7/1834, George Charles b 11/26/1835, Mary Josefa b 4/24/1838. Min: BF. [E] p. 22

Betancourt, Frederick, native of Africa, m Susan Yack. Wit: John Hardy, Ellen Melvin, Eliza Gregor. Min: JMB. p. 228

Betouset, Jacques Jean Mathieu Andrin son of Pierre Andrin Betouset and Genevieve Faucher, m 6/14/1847 Anne Marie an African. Wit: Joseph Jacques Andrin Betouset and Marie Louise L___. Min: JD. [F] p. 75

Beuns, Peter Malvin, native of Haiti, m 1/23/1847 Michaela Gallart widow of Andrew Greaven, a native of St. Marthe in New Granada. Wit: A. Henriques, Sylvanie Beuns, Georgina Esgard, Camion Canalise, Buenvenido Hernandez, Craig Thomson, S. Bonitto, Alluga, M. Beuns jnr., J. Gallant, Gaspard Jouy, Nate Boyle, J. M. Figueroa, A. Peyeneres?. P. Ochoa son, P. N. Massimo Casis [all sigs]. Min: BF. [E] p. 65

Bexter, John Charles native of Kingston m 4/24/1841 Marie Magdeleine St. Ours of Kingston, legit dtr of M. R. St. Ours and Rose Adelaide St. Ours. Wit: John Douglas, Charles Jolly, Mark St. Ours, M. R. St. Ours, Joseph St. Ours, G. Montagnac. Min: BF. [F] p. 18

Beyte, Cristobal m 4/14/1856 Josefa Susan, both natives of Africa. Wit: Domingo Darnaso, Maria Runa. Min: JMB. p. 185

Bidia, Jacques Philippe son of Francisque Bidia and Francoise Bidia m 5/14/1848 Marie Emilie Jackson [noth by X] dtr of Robert Jackson and Princesse Jona. Wit: Jean Arrigunaga, Johannes Pietersz [sigs] and Marie Chavanne [by X]. Min: JD [F] p. 92

Bird, Richard m 1/4/1849 Mary Smith both natives of Jamaica [both by X]. Wit: David Drummond, Mary Drummond. Min: WC [E]. p. 103

Bishop, Edward m 2/11/1864 Maria Drew [or Dun?]. Wit: Charles M. Deleon, Yldefon Bonett, Joseph B. Fernandez [wit. by sig], and Mercelina Roberts, Clementina Hernandez, and Thomasina Robertson. Min: JD. p. 236

Blache, Pierre Constant m 8/6/1844 Marie Feres widow of Dumoutier [both sigs]. Wit: P. Eynaud [sig] and Martin Pedro [by X]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 49

Black, William m 7/10/1848 Amelia Hindes both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Johannes Pietersz, Marie Louise, Miss Gabrielle, Popotte Dumanoir. Min: WC [E]. p. 95

Black, William m 2/26/1868 Sarah Phipps. Wit: Alexander Farquharson, Amelia Farquharson, Marguerite Latibaudiere, William Phipps. Min: JD. p. 275

Blair, James a native of the parish of Trelawny m 7/24/1848 Anne Stephanie Devey of Kingston. Wit: Martin Peterz, Susanne Gregorio. Min: JED [E]. p. 95

Bofil, John a native of Jamaica m 6/2/1847 Francoise Francois a native of St. Domingue [both by X]. Wit: Peter Barras, Emilie Grant, Ursule Charrier [sigs]. Min: WC. [E] p. 72

Bogle, Henry m 2/5/1867 Maria Thomasa Angelo. Wit: Julio Collar, Maria Josepha Pluma, Ilario Pluma, Anna Pluma, Fanny Thomas. Min: JD. p. 261

Bogle, James [sig] m 10/5/1842 Marie Catherine Terrelonge [by X]. Wit: Martial A. Petinaud [S] and Angelick Terrelonge [by X]. Min: GLD. [F] p. 31

Boland, Michael [sig] m 1/26/1845 Eleanor Lucas [by X], both natives of Ireland. Wit: Timothy Cummings and Margaret McDonald [both X]. Min: WC. [E] p. 51

Bold, Peter Thomas [sig] son of Peter Bold and Anne Elene Dumi m 12/9/1849 Amelia Gardner [by X] dtr of Thomas Gardner and Victoire Meynard. Children born before marriage were Emilie Celestine Bold and Caroline Amanda Bold. Wit: John Arrigunaga, Joseph Dubuisson, Jules Desnoues, Nicholas Vileure jnr., Charles Louis Laulanie, Francis Chandrie [all sigs]. Min: JD. p. 117

Bonete, Frederick, a native of Africa m 7/7/1864 Maria Lorenza Nunez, a native of Havana. Wit: Louise Eynaud, Mary Jane Candolive, Maria Lorenza Renfijo. Min: JMB. p. 239

Booth, F., Drum Major 3rd West India Regiment m 4/7/1857 Margaret Meehan. Wit: Mary Ann Meehan. Min: JH. p. 192

Bouchet, Francois Paul, son of the late Francois Bouchet and the late Francoise Bouchet, born at Loudeno in St. Domingue resident in Kingston, m 5/1847 Anne Agnes Toussaint dtr of the late Pierre Toussaint and Josephte Goton, born at Artibonite in St. Domingue resident in Kingston. Wit: Georges Ouvaro and Baptiste Richard. Min: JD. [F] p. 66

Bourjolly, Pierre Rosenay son of Bourjolly and ___ ___ Bourjolly m 7/26/1850 Rose Raimond dtr of Raimond and Marie Rose, both natives of Haiti currently living in Jamaica. Wit: A. Simond, De Jean, Frederic Berrett, Pierre ___ and ___ Lagourgues. Min: JD. p. 125

Bourke, Francis Alexander m 6/4/1855 Mary Anne Bourgles. Wit: Thomas S__ and Mary Magdaleine. Min: BP. p. 179

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