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and Confraternity Members

April 1870 to April 1881
and Inserts for 1909-1911

[Note at front of Register:  Before April 10, 1870, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths were registered at Presbytery, Kingston.]


May River and other places mentioned are reached by a road leading south, starting just east of Iter Boreale, and curving towards the border with Portland.  
The "Cocoa" in Cocoa Wood was written by the minister as Cookoo, Cocoa,  Cockoo, or Cocoa.  The spelling has been corrected.
"Latibaudiere" was written by one minister as "Lateaubidere".  The spelling was corrected.

Abbreviations used:
b = born
bap = baptism
m = married
Sigs = Signatures
Wit = Witnesses

Ministers performing Marriages and Burials:
AB = A. Butler
JD = Joseph Dupont
JM = Joseph Meyer
JS = James F. Splaine
PM = Patrick F. X. Mulry (1909-1911)

Date format: Month/Day/Year



Aikman, Thomas, m Sarah Duncan 2/2/1876.  Wit: Samuel Guscot & Elizabeth his wife.  AB mp. 13

Albert, Edward, m Eliza Espeut 8/4/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell.  AB mp. 6

Armstrong, Richard, m Augusta Elizabeth Scaaffe 6/4/1879.  Wit: John & Margaret McClery.  JM mp. 15


Bourke, Henry, m Margaret Pennygrass 10/22/1878.  Wit: John Sullivan & Nancy Thompson.  JM mp. 14

Boyd, Phillippo [Phillip?], b 8/5/1880, in heretical error, bap immediately before marriage 3/27/1910 to Carlotta [Charlotte] Forrester at Cold Harbour near Port Antonio, Portland. [in Latin] P. F. X. Mulry. Inserted in May River baptisms, p. 49

Brown, James, m Caroline Murray 8/26/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell. AB mp. 8

Buchanan, Richard, m Elizabeth Parke 9/8/1874.  Wit: George Harris, Louisa Latibaudiere & Samuel Giscome. AB mp. 10


Carpenter, Matthew, a heretic baptized,  7/21/1909, born April 1880 on unknown day, son of Thomas Carpenter and Anna Carpenter nee Davis, m 7/21/1909 Alicia Summers at Annotto River, St. Mary, [in Latin] by Patrick F. X. Mulry.  Note clipped to p. 10 May River baptisms.

Codricton, Daniel, m Mary Carpenter 7/1/1879, both of St. Mary.  Wit:  Louisa Ryan, J. Forrester, John Sullivan, John Carpenter.  JD mp. 15

Colburn, James, m Mary Lewis 8/26/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell.  AB mp. 8


Edwards, John & Catherine Barnes, m 8/4/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell.  AB mp. 7

Espeut, James, m Mary Anne Sims 8/4/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell. AB mp. 7


Fife, James, m Eliza Horsfall 9/19/1872.  Wit: Francis Gray & Dolly Gray.  AB mp. 2

Forrester, Joseph. m Maria Harris 7/29/1874.  Wit: George Harris & Sarah Harris.  AB mp. 9

Forrester, Lewis Alexander, m Anne Ashmeade 2/2/1876.  Wit: Theophilus Joseph & Mary Jane Magdalen Forrester.  AB mp. 13

Forsight, Edward George, m Elizabeth Kelly, both of May River, St. Mary,  12/29/1879.  Wit: Alexander Lee & Elizabeth Lee.  JD mp. 16

Francis, Thomas, m Henrietta Davis 10/21/1878.  Wit: Joseph & Nancy Hassock.  JM mp. 14

Francis, William, m Rebecca Frazer, 8/16/1876.  Wit: Philip Kirkland & Eliza Frazer.  AB mp. 14

Frazer, John, African, m Rose Ann Reed 11/27/1871.  Wit: John Sullivan & Annie Maxwell.  JS mp. 1


Gilmore, Daniel, m Ann Macarini 5/11/1881.  Wit: Lewis Forrester & Eliza Schaaffe.  JM mp. 17

Gray, Joseph, m Susan Taaffe 4/15/1872.  Wit: Philip Francis Gray & Jane Elizabeth Gray.  JS mp. 1

Gray, Smart Joseph, m Christi, Jane,  both of May River district, 11/11/1879.  Wit: Samuel Gusket, Sarah McKinzie, John Sullivan.  The children born before marriage are David, Henry, Maria & ___ [written over, illegible].  JD mp. 15

Gray, Thomas, m Susan McCle__ 2/10/1881. Wit: Thomas Stewart Gray & Elizabeth Gray.  JM mp. 17

Grove, Richard Emsom, m Sophia Somers 2/2/1876.  Wit: John Carpenter & Catherine Somers. AB mp. 12


Hamilton, Samuel, m Mary Anne Gray 1/3/1876.  Wit: John Carpenter & Louisa Latibaudiere.  AB mp. 12

Hossack, Frederick, m Jane Davis, both of May River district, 11/12/1879. Wit: Patrick Thompson, Nancy Thompson, John Sullivan.  JD.  mp. 16

Hossack, Joseph, m Nancy Anne Haynes 6/2/1875.  Wit: John Frazer, George Mason & Mary Anne Espeut.  AB mp. 11

Howard, John, m Jerusa Maxwell 10/19/1874.  Wit: William Maxwell & Mary Anne Espeut.  AB mp. 10

Hunter, William, m Emilia Jones 8/26/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell.  AB mp. 8

Hynes, Alexander, m Margaret Aikman 8/17/1874.  Wit:  John Sullivan & George Lee.  AB mp. 9


Jackson, Alexander, m 10/17/1880 Maria Bridget.  Wit: John Sullivan & Eliza Schaaffe.  JM mp. 16

Joseph, Thomas Theophilus, m Ellen Wint 4/26/1873.  Wit: Francis Stamp & Caroline Somers.  Sigs: Thomas Joseph, Ellen Joseph, Francis Stamp, Caroline Somers.  AB mp5


Lee, Samuel, m Diana Gray 10/22/1878.  Wit: George Lee & Nancy Thompson.  JM mpp. 14-15

Lester, Thomas, m Rosy Osborn 2/5/1876. Wit:  Alexander Aikman & his wife Anne.  AB mp. 13


McClery, John, m Lydia Knight 1/20/1909.  PM inserted at p. 85 baptisms

McLoud, Norman, aged about 35 years, bap immediately before marriage to Fanny Wilson 7/20/1909, Cf. Reg. V., pg. 76a, # 126. [in Latin] by Patrick F. X. Mulry.

Miller, Richard Benjamin, m Margaret Carroll 1/8/1873.  Wit: Charles Grant, Richard Pollock, Edward Lewis Constantine.  Sigs: Margaret Millwood, Richard Miller, Edward L. Constantine, C. E. Grant, Ellen Wint.  AB mp. 3


Perry, Dublin Josia, a Wesleyan heretic, b January 1869 on unknown day, son of George Perry and Eliza Perry (formerly White), m Eugenia Agatha Jacobs 6/15/1909 after special dispensation and promises by the wife concerning religion and education. [in Latin] by  Patrick F. X. Mulry.  Attached to page 28, May River baptisms.


Rickman, Alexander, m Anne Williams 5/26/1873.  Wit: Lewis Considine & Edward Lewis Considine.  AB mp. 5


Scaaffe, James Richard, m Eliza Forrester 2/2/1876.  Wit: Edward Kirkland & Ella Henrietta Somers. AB mp. 13

Schaaffe, John Ormond, m Sophia Wint 7/13/1875.  Wit: Henry Schaaffe & Eliza Forrester.  AB mp. 11

Strong, William m Harriet Watson 5/28/1873.  Wit: George Buchanan, Anne Buchanan, Frederick Waters.  AB p. 6


Taylor, Francis, aged about 31 years born Buff Bay, son of William Taylor & Maria Ann Taylor (formerly Pinto), bap 7/18/1911 at Mount Joseph (Reg. VI, p. 19 #48),  m Susan Elizabeth Taylor, 8/23/1911 in the Church of the Resurrection at May River.  PM inserted at p. 28 Baptisms.

Taylor, Richard, m Sally Fuller 6/25/1874.  Wit: John Sullivan, Annie Maxwell & Mary Lester.  AB mp. 9

Thompson, Patrick, m Elizabeth Thompson 8/5/1873.  Wit: Patrick Thompson of May Hill & his wife.  AB mp. 8


Walker, Thomas Edward, m Angelina Kelly 1/10/1876.  Wit: Edward Kirkland & Margaret Forrester.  AB mp. 12

Waters, Frederick m Elizabeth Buchanan 7/11/1873.  Wit: William Thong, Mrs. Buchanan & George Buchanan. AB mp. 6

Wilson, George William, m Eliza Bellwood 8/17/1874.  Wit: John Sullivan & Mary Anne Espeut.  AB mp. 9

Wilson, John, m Eliza Gordon 8/4/1873.  Wit: John Sullivan & Anne Maxwell.  AB mp. 7


Hossack, Rose, aged 1 year, buried 6/13/1880.  JM p. 149

Leicester, Bertha, aged 2 years, buried at May River, Palm Sunday 4/7/1873.  AB p. 149

Thompson, Ann, aged about 50 years, buried 9/21/1881. JM p. 149


INVESTED 1st March 1874

Maria Harris
Amelia Lateaubidere (Latibaudiere)
Rosy Frazer
Cecilia Gray
Dolly Gray
Elizabeth Burgess
Jane Buchanan
Anne Kirkland
Maria Minot
Phoebea Johnstone

INVESTED 26th April 1874

Isabella Espeut
Jane Bisert (?)
Philip Gray
Elizabeth Davis
John Wilson
Eliza Wilson
Elizabeth Lee
Margaret Milwood
Louisa Phillips
Margaret Nairns
Lewis Taaffe
James Espeut


William Wilson, invested 4/26/1874
Doretta Harris, invested 4/26/1874
Alice Robertson, invested 12/8/1874

Invested 8/15/1875

James Hunter
Annie Maxwell
Francis Stamp
Theophilus Joseph
Richard Buchanan
Sarah Harris
Joseph Forrester
Louisa Thompson
Mary McDonald
Anne Aikman
George Mason
Jane Somers
Eliza Fyfe
Rebecca Fraser
Caroline Somers

Invested 4/19/1876

Louis Constantine
Alexander B. Nairne
James Maccarine
Maria Maccarine


List of those Confirmed August 2, 1873 by Very Revd. J. S. Woollett.

Stephen Latibaudiere Come See Stephen Fr. Butler
George Lee Belmont Francis John Forrester
Francis Gray Hope Hill Lawrence Ed. Kirkland
Mary McDonald May River Anne Sophia Wint
Sarah Harris Back River Mary Elizabeth Kirkland
Richard Milwood W. Fort Stewart Augustine J. Latibaudiere
Louis Constantine May Hill Jerome Alexander Somers
Edward Albert Edenvale James John SUllivan
Emilia Latibaudiere Some See Elizabeth Anne Philip
Francis H. Newman Castle Daly, St. Ann Joseph Fr. Butler
Alexander B. Nairnes Come See Paul Edward Kirkland
Emanuel Frazer Cocoa Wood James John Sullivan
James Fyfe Hope Hill Silvester Philip Kirkland
Jane Buchanan Back River Anne Elizabeth Kirkland
Cecilia Brown Back River Cicily Catherine Somers
Sarah Thompson Hope Hill Anne Penny Davis
Richard Grove Back River Gabriel Edward Kirkland
Thomas Gray Hope Hill Barnabee John Sullivan
Maria Minott Some See Mary Elizabeth Guscut
[Caro?]line Somers Come See Magdalene Sophia Wint
____ Frazer Cocoa Wood Ambrose Julia Dias
____ Frazer Cocoa Wood Francis Edward Kirkland
____ Wilson Cocoa Wood Paul Edward Kirkland
____ Maxwell Evendale Mary Margaret FOrrester
____ Allerman May Hill Annie Margaret Forrester
___ anne Frazer Cocoa Wood Cicily Anne Maxwell
__cy Thompson Hope Hill Elizabeth Sophia Wint
___ip Fyfe Hope Hill Maria Julia Taylor
Sarah Sullivan [blank] Vincente Anne Maxwell
Susan Gray Hope Hill Eliza Marianne Gray
Louis Taaffe Hope Hill Luke Fr. Butler
Elizabeth Davis Enfield Mary Marie Strachan
Elizabeth Burger May Hill Elizabeth Catherine Somers
Margaret Milwood W. Ft. Stewart Mary Sophia Wint
Jane Somers Come See Cosmia? Elizabeth Kirkland
Rebecca Frazer Cocoa Wood Raphael Anne Maxwell
Doroty Harris Back River Magdalene Elizabeth Kirkland
Anne Kirkland Come See Mary Catherine Somers
James Forrester Belmont Peter Philip Kirkland
Maria Espeut Edenvale Jerome Anne Maxwell
James Espeut Edenvale Gregory John Sullivan
William Strachan [blank] Michael John SUllivan
Jane Forrester Belmont Mary Magdalene Catherine Dias
Marianne Smith Belmont Mary Margaret Forrester
Signed: A. Butler SJ ___ ___ Total 44

Entered by A. Butler.  Total confirmed - 44. Between pages 43 and 44.

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