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A Census of the White & Brown inhabitants & other Persons of Free Condition of the Parish of Hanover distinguishing their Sexes, Colour, Ages and places of Residence 1823 (3)
Male Female Age Colour Residence
McDonald, Hugh   35 White Maggotty
  Samuells, Mary Ann 24 Mustee Maggotty
Gordon, Richard James   27 Mulatto Maggotty
Gordon, Richard Samuel   2 Mustee Maggotty
Cameron, Murdoch   40 White Malcolms Support
  Hill, Elly 25 Quadroon Malcolms Support
Thelwell, John   68 Quadroon Merryland
  Daly, Sarah 32 Quadroon Merryland
  Thelwell, Margaret 20 Quadroon Merryland
  Thelwell, Amelia 18 Quadroon Merryland
Thelwell, John Junr.   14 Quadroon Merryland
Thelwell, Henry   12 Quadroon Merryland
Thelwell, Stephen   10 Quadroon Merryland
  Thelwell, Eveline 5 Quadroon Merryland
  Daly, Frances 9 Quadroon Merryland
  Daly, Caroline 7 Quadroon Merryland
  Thelwell, Mary 45 Mulatto Merryland
Thelwell, Thomas   40 Quadroon Merryland
Daly, Patrick   30 Mustee Merryland
  Thelwell, Mrs. 30 Mustee Merryland
  Thelwell, . 8 Mustee Merryland
Payne, John E.   38 White Middlesex
  Stuphart, Elizabeth 22 Mustee Middlesex
Innes, Colin   41 Mulatto Mount Grace
  Innes, Margaret 43 Mulatto Mount Grace
  Hughes, Ann 17 Mulatto Mount Grace
Innes, George   8 Mulatto Mount Grace
Mason, John   7 Quadroon Mount Grace
Mason, James   5 Quadroon Mount Grace
  Fawcett, Jane 9 Quadroon Mount Grace
Fawcett, John   7 Quadroon Mount Grace
Innes, John P.   23 Mulatto Mount Grace
  Innes, Rose 53 Negro Mount Grace
  Gibbs, Mary Ann 28 Sambo Mount Grace
Innes, James Y.   20 Sambo Mount Grace
Mitchell, Richard   21 Quadroon Mount Lairy
Mitchell, George   22 Quadroon Mount Lairy
Gordon, Walter   49 White Mount Pleasant
Farquharson, John   44 White Mount Pleasant
Reynolds, Thomas   26 White Mount Pleasant
Potts, Cuthbert   70 White Mount Pleasant
Burt, William   40 Mulatto Mount Pleasant
  Donaldson, Frances 30 Mulatto Mount Pleasant
  Innes, Elizabeth 19 Quadroon Mount Pleasant
  Sinclair, Maria 16 Quadroon Mount Pleasant
  Reid, Frances C. 14 Quadroon Mount Pleasant
Walcott, Henry Edward   24 White Mount Sion
  Archer, Sarah 73 White Mount Sion
  McLachlan, Frances J. 21 White Mount Sion
  Morris, Sarah A. 17 White Mount Sion
Lawrence, William G.   12 White Mount Sion
  Samuells, Margaret 42 Quadroon Mountain Spring
  Crooks, Sarah 51 Quadroon Mountain Spring
Connell, David   26 Quadroon Mountain Spring
Mackessy, Luke   - White Musquitto Cove
Anderson, Andrew   38 White Myers Hall
Rusea, Isaac T.   33 White New Albion
  Mitchell, Mary 23 Mulatto New Albion
  Rusea, Georgiana 3 Quadroon New Albion
Rusea, Henry   1 Quadroon New Albion
Campbell, John   40 White New Grove
Gunn, John   30 White New Milns
Cameron, John   17 White New Milns
McNeill, John   20 White New Milns
Moore, Henry   28 White New Milns
  Coveny, Ellenor 45 Negro New Milns
Owen, William John   26 White New Paradise
Howden, Peter   25 White New Paradise
Falconer, Thomas   26 White New Paradise
Latham, William H.   30 White Newfound River
Nicol, John   35 White Newfound River
Samuells, John   18 White Newfound River
McEachan, Angus   30 White Orange Bay
Miller, Thomas   28 White Orange Bay
Donaldson, William   39 White Orange Bay
  Ellis, Bridget 31 White Orange Bay
  Smith, Mary 18 Mulatto Orange Bay
  McEachan, Catherine 1 Quadroon Orange Bay
  Thomson, Eleanor 43 Mulatto Orange Bay
Ellis, William   28 Quadroon Orange Bay
Ellis, William Junr.   9 Quadroon Orange Bay
Campbell, Archibald   23 Mulatto Orange Bay
Coultman, John   40 White Orange Bay Wharf
Donaldson, William   48 White Orange Bay Wharf
Donaldson, Robert   34 White Orange Bay Wharf
Donaldson, James   32 White Orange Bay Wharf
Donaldson, Shaw   28 White Orange Bay Wharf
  Johnson, Susan 30 Mulatto Orange Bay Wharf
  Coultman, Ann 17 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
  Coultman, Frances 15 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
  Coultman, Mary 10 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
Coultman, John   4 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
Coultman, William   2 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
  Allan, Margaret 30 Mulatto Orange Bay Wharf
  Donaldson, Ann M. 15 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
Sawers, John A.   8 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
  Donaldson, Jane 7 Quadroon Orange Bay Wharf
Lewis, John   40 Negro Orange Bay Wharf
Gordon, William   35 White Orange Cove
McGrigor, William   25 White Orange Cove
Perkins, Frederick   17 White Orange Cove
Ridgeway, Wm. Thomas   30 White Orchard
Chambers, William R.   23 White Orchard
Follit, Thomas J.   25 White Orchard
Lewis, Samuel M.   23 White Orchard
Myrie, John   55 White Orchard
Colquhoun, William   35 White Pell River
McTaggart, Malcolm   25 White Pell River
McKay, William   22 White Pell River
Watt, James   30 White Pell River
  Neilson, Alice 49 Quadroon Pleasant Hall
  Samuells, Elizabeth 26 Mustee Pleasant Hall
  Samuells, Sarah Jane 19 Mustee Pleasant Hall
  Samuells, Edith W. 18 Mustee Pleasant Hall
Samuells, Charles   22 Mustee Pleasant Hall
Samuells, James   14 Mustee Pleasant Hall
Samuells, John M.   11 Mustee Pleasant Hall
  Gordon, Sarah Ann 20 Mulatto Pleasant Hall
Samuells, William Henry   33 Mulatto Pleasant Hall
Samuells, Alexr. Gordon   3 Quadroon Pleasant Hall
  Smith, Lucy C. 1 Quadroon Pleasant Hall
Stephenson, William   27 White Point & Paradise
Minto, John   35 White Point & Paradise
Chambers, Alex   20 White Point & Paradise
Foster, John   19 White Point & Paradise
Smith, John   30 White Point & Paradise
Atkin, Peter   28 White Point & Paradise
Hutchin, Thomas   23 White Point & Paradise
McDonald, John   30 White Prospect
Harris, Forbes   25 White Prospect
Henderson, Alexander   22 White Prospect
Fraser, D.R.   19 White Prospect
Temple, John   25 White Prospect
Couch, Philip   40 Quadroon Prospect
  Couch, Margaret 22 Mulatto Prospect
  Rae, Elizabeth 24 Mulatto Prospect
Lewin, Edward   2 Quadroon Prospect
Howison, James   1 Mulatto Prospect
  Innes, Mary 39 Negro Prospect
Russell, Alexander   34 White Prosper
Mirrlees, Charles   25 White Prosper
Russell, William   32 White Prosper Pen
Williams, Thomas   32 Quadroon Providence
Gillet, Daniel   58 White Race Course
Knubley, Simon   55 White Race Course
Gibbs, William   62 Mulatto Race Course
Oates, Charles   23 Mulatto Race Course
Oates, Thomas   19 Mulatto Race Course
McGhee, William   12 Quadroon Race Course
  Gibbs, Rachael 30 Quadroon Race Course
  Croll, Hannah 35 Mulatto Ramble
  Croll, Amelia 27 Mulatto Ramble
Streete, William   3 Quadroon Ramble
Leslie, James   14 Quadroon Ramble
Leslie, Jonathan William   7 Quadroon Ramble
  Leslie, Margaret 12 Quadroon Ramble
  Leslie, Ann 10 Quadroon Ramble
  Leslie, Sarah 1 Quadroon Ramble
  Smith, Mary 55 White Retirement
McIntyre, Duncan   25 White Retirement Pen
Allan, John   35 White Retrieve New Works
McKellar, Neill   23 White Retrieve New Works
McLean, Donald   20 White Retrieve New Works
Ruthven, James V.   22 White Retrieve Old Works
Bellin, James M.   25 White Retrieve Old Works
Watt, William   25 White Retrieve Old Works
Little, William   20 White Retrieve Old Works
Wentle, George Joseph   28 White Rhodes Hall
Boxhamer, Charles   44 White Rhodes Hall
Hogg, Walter   26 White Richmond
Lewis, Horatio   22 White Richmond
Bartrum, George   22 White Richmond
Lyon, Jacob   49 White Richmond Hill
  Weatherston, Rebecca 43 Mulatto Richmond Hill
  Lyon, Judith 25 Quadroon Richmond Hill
  Lyon, Mary J. 23 Quadroon Richmond Hill
  Lyon, Sarah A. 21 Quadroon Richmond Hill
  Lyon, Frances J. 12 Quadroon Richmond Hill
Lyon, George   7 Quadroon Richmond Hill
Lyon, Richard   5 Quadroon Richmond Hill
Lyon, John   1 Quadroon Richmond Hill
Graham, George   45 White Richmond Pen
Camplin, Charles J.   28 White Rileys
Fairbridge, John   31 White Rileys
Dinham, John   25 Quadroon Road Ridge
  Dinham, Sarah 21 Quadroon Road Ridge
  Dinham, Ann 1 Quadroon Road Ridge
Campbell, John   - White Rockspring
  Campbell, E.R - White Rockspring
Campbell, James   - White Rockspring
  Campbell, Mary - White Rockspring
Campbell, Alexander   - White Rockspring
Chisholm, Robert   65 White Rose Hill
Lindsay, Alexander   39 White Round Hill
Powells, Michael   29 White Round Hill
Remeal, John   27 White Round Hill
Perry, James   25 White Saltspring
Anglin, John   19 White Saltspring
Campbell, Archibald   20 White Saltspring
Thomson, Peter   45 White Saltspring
  Nimmo, Rosy 35 Quadroon Saltspring
Smith, James   12 Mustee Saltspring
Smith, John   8 Mustee Saltspring
  Affleck, Mary 70 Mulatto Saltspring
  Spink, Mary 35 Quadroon Saltspring
Rayson, George   8 Mustee Saltspring
Miller, James   8 Mulatto Saltspring
  Brown, Elizabeth 13 Mustee Saltspring
Rayson, William   1 Mustee Saltspring
  Reid, Isabella 18 Mulatto Saltspring
  Reid, Kitty 30 Sambo Saltspring
Reid, John   28 Sambo Saltspring
Campbell, William   60 Negro Saltspring
  Spence, Hannah 32 Mulatto Sandy Bay
  Gobble, Jane 7 Quadroon Sandy Bay
  Spence, Mary 45 Sambo Sandy Bay
Johnson, Joseph   54 Negro Sandy Bay
  Bucknor, Sarah 40 Negro Sandy Bay
Mirrlees, James   30 White Saxham
Walker, J.   25 White Saxham
Munro, William   40 White Saxham
McIntosh, William M.   40 White Scotia
  McIntosh, Ann 28 Quadroon Scotia
  McIntosh, Maria 9 Mustee Scotia
McIntosh, Andrew   5 Mustee Scotia
McIntosh, Malcolm   3 Mustee Scotia
Brodie, James   50 White Seafield
  Brodie, Gertrude Ann 29 White Seafield
Brodie, James W.   8 White Seafield
  Brodie, Mary 7 White Seafield
Brodie, George G.   5 White Seafield
Brodie, William   3 White Seafield
Brodie, John   1 White Seafield
  Shrieves, Grace 18 Quadroon Seafield
  Leslie, Margaret 12 Quadroon Seafield
England, William   26 Mulatto Shepherds Hall
  England, Jane 27 Mulatto Shepherds Hall
Petgrave, Thomas   19 Quadroon Shepherds Hall
  Petgrave, Jane 20 Quadroon Shepherds Hall
Thomson, James   46 White Spital
  Sharp, Kitty M. 36 Mulatto Spital
  Thomson, Jessy 17 Quadroon Spital
  Thomson, Ann 15 Quadroon Spital
Thomson, James   9 Quadroon Spital
Thomson, George   7 Quadroon Spital
  Thomson, Jane 5 Quadroon Spital
  Thomson, Catherine 3 Quadroon Spital
Salkeld, Joseph   18 White Spring
Gosling, John W.   40 White Spring
Millar, Allan   66 White Springfield
Crool, Richard James   29 Mulatto Springfield
Crool, John   37 Mulatto Springfield
Crool, William   30 Mulatto Springfield
  Stewart, Elizabeth 52 Quadroon Springfield
  Russell, Ann 49 Quadroon Springfield
  Brown, Susannah 22 Quadroon Springfield
Brown, William   15 Quadroon Springfield
Brown, James   14 Quadroon Springfield
Brown, Edward B.   17 Quadroon Springfield
Crooks, John A.   19 Quadroon Springfield
Wright, Samuel   35 Negro Springfield
  Roe, Diana 50 Sambo Springfield
  Anderson, Elenn 37 Mulatto Step Over
  Gordon, Amelia 17 Mulatto Step Over
Gordon, George   12 Mulatto Step Over
Gordon, John   50 Mulatto Step Over
  Gordon, Abigail 17 Mulatto Step Over
  Gordon, Sarah A. 13 Mulatto Step Over
  Scott, Margaret 54 Mulatto Stevenage
  Kelly, Maria 27 Quadroon Stevenage
  Stephens, Mary 15 Mustee Stevenage
Stephens, Alexander   9 mustee Stevenage
  Stephens, Ellen 5 Mustee Stevenage
Bucknor, Thomas   50 White Stonefield
Clarke, John   33 White Stonefield
Clarke, William V.   22 White Stonefield
  Clarke, Mrs. A.P. 52 White Stonefield
  Clarke, Mrs. W.V. 22 White Stonefield
  Clarke, Ann P. 27 White Stonefield
  Bucknor, Maria 14 Mulatto Stonefield
Bucknor, George   11 Mulatto Stonefield
Bucknor, William M.   8 Mulatto Stonefield
Bucknor, Joseph   2 Mulatto Stonefield
Buchanan, James   36 Mustee Tillochewen
  Buchanan, Frances A. 21 Quadroon Tillochewen
  Briggs, Ann 48 Mulatto Tobolski
  Graham, Margaret 23 Quadroon Tobolski
Leslie, Thomas   40 White Topp Hill
Leslie, Patrick   22 Mulatto Topp Hill
  Watson, Eleanor M. 37 Mulatto Topp Hill
Buchanan, William   35 Negro Topp Hill
Webster, Richard   23 White Torwood
Thoms, Robert   32 White Torwood
  Winter, Sarah 52 Quadroon Torwood
Gillam, John   30 White Tryall
Lawrence, Charles   32 Mulatto Tryall
  James, Abigail 40 Sambo Tryall
  Crooks, Amelia 17 Sambo Tryall
Wilson, Robert   16 Sambo Tryall
  Wilson, Amer 15 Sambo Tryall
Wilson, John   9 Sambo Tryall
Wilson, James   7 Sambo Tryall
Miller, William   47 White Tweedside
Sharpe, Charles   25 White Tweedside
  Gibson, Polly 26 Mulatto Tweedside
  Gibson, Annie 24 Mulatto Tweedside
Gibson, Robert   20 Mulatto Tweedside
Gibson, William   13 Mulatto Tweedside
Gibson, James   11 Mulatto Tweedside
  Guthrie, Susan 9 Quadroon Tweedside
  Guthrie, Mary 6 Quadroon Tweedside
  Rose, Isabella 6 Quadroon Tweedside
  Gibson, Mary 48 Negro Tweedside
Gibson, John   16 Sambo Tweedside
  Guthrie, Mary Ann 50 Negro Tweedside
Goodin, Edward H.   34 White Warwick
  Laird, Amelia S. 30 Mustee Warwick
Goodwin, Henry   9 Mustifina Warwick
Goodwin, John   5 Mustifina Warwick
Huggins, William   48 White Wass
Jackson, James   49 White Wass
Kinross, William   35 White Water Valley
  Croll, Maria 23 Mulatto Water Valley
Cay, Thomas   20 White Welcome
Graham, Andrew   27 White Welcome
Fruchard, George   19 White Welcome
Shrieves, William   46 White Welcome Wharf
Shrieves, William W.   4 White Welcome Wharf
  Shrieves, Sarah 29 White Welcome Wharf
  Shrieves, Elizabeth A. 1 White Welcome Wharf
Tyndall, Charles   42 White Welcome Wharf
Topp, Adam   36 White Whymes
  Morrison, Nancy 45 Mulatto Whymes
Johnson, William   62 Mulatto Williams Hope
  Johnson, Jane 45 Quadroon Williams Hope
  Johnson, Mary S. 14 Quadroon Williams Hope
  Johnson, Elenor E. 12 Quadroon Williams Hope
Johnson, William R.   10 Quadroon Williams Hope
McDonnell, Donald   26 White Williamsfield
Miller, John   38 White Williamsfield
  Miller, Mary 14 Quadroon Witley
Miller, John   50 Quadroon Witley
Skirving, William   26 White Woodlands
  Skirving, Elizabeth 26 White Woodlands
  Skirving, Mary 4 White Woodlands
Skirving, Edward   2.5 White Woodlands
  Skirving, Ann 1 White Woodlands
  Millourne, Polly 40 Mulatto Woodlands
McInnes, Donald   30 White York
Brebner, William     White York Hill
  Gilzean, Margaret - Quadroon York Hill
  Gilzean, Mary - Quadroon York Hill
Brebner, William   - Mustee York Hill
Brebner, Arthur   - Mustee York Hill
White Inhabitants Males 380    
  Females   122 502
Brown Ditto Males 355    
  Females   453 808
Sambo & Black Ditto Males 51    
  Females   77 128
  Total 786 652 1438
The Slave population in the Parish of Hanover taken from the Triennial Returns Recorded in the Clerk of the Vestry's Office on the 28th day of June 1823 amounts to Twenty Two Thousand Nine Hundred and fifty four Slaves
Whilst the census is dated 1823, counting began in late 1822 and ages returned at that time will therefore appear to be 1 year in advance if 1823 is taken as a datum.
Names are spelled as in the original document. There may be variants, e.g McFarlane also appears as McFarlen; some names may also be spelled differently today. Doubtful letters or words are shown in italics.

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