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1804 - 1810


bu= burial

dtr.= daughter

illeg. or illegit. = illegitimate

Person conducting funeral:

BSL= Basilio Suarez de Lema

RA= J. J. Rodriguez de Araujo

The records, including the French names, were written in Spanish.

de ?Almeda [probably Almeida], Juan , native of the Province and City of Oporto, Kingdom of Portugal, free, aged about 28 years. Date of burial 11 July 1805. BSL p. 132

Ana Manuela Paula, infant aged 5 months and 16 days, illeg. dtr. of Pablo Hernandez of Oro Nuevo who was born in La Palma, Canary Islands, and of Maria Daniela Eliseo, French national. Burial 4 July 1806. BSL p. 147

Ana Maria, illegit. Child of Pedro Martinez and Carolina C?atoffier , aged 14 months, buried 1 Mar 1805. BSL. p. 124

[Illegible]. . ..Andre ?. . ..born in the Island of Curacao, and married in same place, aged 60 or 70 years, he left no will. [No date. Between Nov. 16-26, 1808.] RA p. 162

Andres Manuel, free Negro, aged 20 years, native of Curacao, where he married the Negro named Catalina. Date of burial 17 August 1805. BSL p. 134

Antoinette Louise, Negro slave belonging to Mr. Lavergne a French citizen. Date of burial: 24 May 1804. BSL. p. 103

Antonio, son of [left blank] and of [left blank], native of the Province and City of de Oporto, Kingdom of Portugal, aged about 30 years. He died without receiving the Sacraments. . .. . .? Date of burial 10 July 1805. By profession he was a sailor. BSL p. 131

Ballesteros, Francisco Rafael , native of the Province of Nicaragua, and resident of the town of Leon, Archdiocese of Guatemala, aged about 26 years. Date of burial 27 July 1805. He did not make a will. BSL p. 132

Basques [or Vasquez?], Jose Perez, mariner off a ?sunken/anchored ship in this port, born in ?Hogarca, and married in this same country, aged 44 years. He left no will. Burial 24 [month is torn]1808. RA p. 161

Belemina Genefere (Wilhelmina Jennifer), aged about 40 years, born in the Canary Islands and resident of this town, free person, but with two natural sons, made no will. Date of burial 24 Feb 1806. BSL p. 139

Beltran, Pedro , illegitimate infant son of Juan Pedro, a free man, and of Ana Maria, a slave belonging to Monsieur P. . .er.?. Date of burial 27 Mar 1806. BSL p. 141

Bouram or Bourcon, Charles Joseph, [written Carlos Jose Bourcon], former resident of St. Domingue and resident of Kingston, free person, aged about 60 years. Date of burial 11 November 1804. BSL. p. 119

Bravo, Pablo son of ___ Bravo and nephew of Marcos Bravo, born in the Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, aged about 18 years.; he was a prisoner of war of this place and left no will. He received sacraments the day before he died. Date of burial 10 Mar 1806. BSL p. 140

Brondeau, Elizabeth [written 'Elisavet Bronde'], child and legitimate daughter of Mr. Jean Brondeau knight from the town of Ville Nouveau D'agin and Madame Marie Marthe wife of de Brondeau proprietor from the district of Marmelade in St. Domingue, who died at 9.30 p.m., yesterday. Date of burial: 3 June 1804. BSL. p. 106

Camoin. Rose Bravet, born in Provence, France, and resident in Kingston, widow of the late Noel Camoin, who was born in Marseille. Witnessed by L. Beaumont. Date of burial 12 September 1804. BSL. p. 116

Carlos [Charles], Negro slave belonging to Monsieur [left blank], . . .. . .[illegible]. Date of Burial 24 April 1805. BSL. p. 126

Carlos Juan Baptista Ely, infant and illeg. son of Pedro Calsada, and of Mlle. Himee (?Aimee) Smirt, buried after hymns were sung to organ music, and other solemn ceremonies that are officiated on these occasions. Burial ?22 July 1806. BSL p. 150

Casany, Pablo , native of the Villa of ?. . .. . ..., married, he left no will and was a prisoner of war. Date of burial 14 August 1805. BSL p. 133

Charlotte Susane, Negro slave of Madame Bisonton D'Aquin. Date of burial 18 June 1804. BSL. p. 109

Collette, Guillaume, native of the town of Liege, married to Adelaide de Lynte [de Linte or de Leonthe?], and having one daughter named Victoire Adele Collette [who was born in 1802]. Date of burial: 13 June 1804. He died aged 50 years and left no will. Witness: J.. P. Tardit?. BSL. p. 108

Colombo, Guillermo Carlos, mulatto, free, no family, son of [blank] and of [blank], born in Curacao; he left no will. Burial 27 Nov. 1806. BSL p. 152

da Silva, Joao, mariner, born in ?Genoa, aged about 32 years, married in San Joas near the town of Porto, to the daughter of Jose Seares; he left no will. Burial 8 Nov. 1808. RA p. 160

de Leonardy, Fortunata , child and legitimate daughter of Master of Arms Carlos Jose [Charles Joseph] de Leonardy, esquire and former Captain of the Royal Regiment, in the service of the Kings of France and Great Britain, and Marie Francoise Adelaide Cuvert Duboisblanc, wife of Leonardy, parents; born at the Bay of Honduras the 8th of June 1801 who died in this town June 3. Date of burial: 4 June 1804. BSL. p. 106

de Praille, Maria Carlota Lalotte, daughter of the Jamia Selest, was buried in cemetery of Kingston; funeral services were held in the French chapel with consent of R. P. G. Lecun, because mine (chapel) was too small to accommodate the mourners. She left two illegitimate children, minors; she made a will and named her executors. Burial 12 Feb. 1807. BSL p. 155

de Ramos, Leon, son of Rosendo, born in Madrid, aged 68 years, he had a place (was a member?) in the Flag of Alvazete in the Comp. of the Sacred Battalion of the Navy on the 18th of March 1771, was promoted to Second Sergeant of his camp, on the 1st Oct. 1790, until the 17th of Nov. of the current year; he died a prisoner of war in this town, . . .. . .. . ., he left a will. He named as his executor and appraiser the priest Basilio Suarez de Lema, . . ..[difficult to read.] Burial 18 Nov. 1806. BSL pp. 151b - c.

Do, Maria, dtr. of Jose de Lara and Janet Do, native of London and resident in Kingston, aged 5 years., 4 months. Date of burial 8 October 1804. BSL. p. 118

Douillet, Juana Atanacia, aged 13 years, illegitimate daughter of Catalina Petronila del Bua, French national, free. Burial 16 Mar. 1807. BSL p. 157

Druilhet, Jean Baptiste, aged 6 years, lawful son of Mr. Jean Druilhet and Henriette Perroneau [his wife, married in St. Domingue in 1797], died June 3, 1804. Date of burial: 4 June 1804. Witnessed by La Biche, senior, his uncle, and Le carpentier, junior, his cousin. BSL. p. 107

Duval, Francisco Alexos, born in the Island of Santo Domingo [Saint Domingue], and resident of this town, aged about 20 years, son of Mrs. Duval, widow of Mr. Duval; he was a bachelor. Burial 6 April 1807. BSL p. 158

Duverger, Maria [Marie] Elisabeth, child, aged about 4 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duverger, French nationals. Burial 13 Dec 1804. BSL. p. 120

Edumon Marcelo, son of the Negro slave Nina owned by Madame Coletta, aged 4 years. and 2 mos. Date of burial 16 Jan 1806. BSL p. 137

Escobar, Maria, zamba [mixture of negro and indian], born in Curacao, free, aged 21 years. Date of burial 28 Feb 1805. BSL. p. 124

Ferreyra, Jose, infant son of Juan Ferreyra and Mrs. Isavel (Isabel) Ferreyra aged 1 yr. and 3 mos. Date of burial 9 Feb 1806. BSL p. 138

Ferreyra, Vicente, born in the Sierra of the Star, Province of Coymbra, in the kingdom of Portugal, aged about 38 years, married in Santiago, Cuba, to . . .. . .. . .. . .[no name given] from which marriage there is issue. Date of burial 21 June 1806, in the Roman Catholic burial ground. BSL p. 146

Figueroa, Jose, born in the Kingdom of Galicia and resident of Rio de Acha, married to Da. Maria Josefa Montier from which marriage there was no issue, but there was an illegitimate son born during the time when lived . . .[words crossed out]. . named Juan de Dios Figuerado, residents all [illegible]. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . Burial 14 Dec 1804. BSL. p. 121

Fortier, Luis, illegitimate infant son of Monsier Fortier and of Maria Catalina, aged 26 days approximately. Date of burial 15 April 1806. BSL p. 141

Fortin, Maria Teresa, dtr. of Ana Adeley Millet, aged 5 years and 6 months. Date of burial 22 July 1804 BSL. p. 112

Francisca, negro slave belonging to Madame ?Puely [Quely or Guely?]. Burial 23 May 1807. BSL p. 158

Francisco, son of [left blank], born in [can't read]. Date of burial ?10 of June 1805. BSL p. 130

Frene, Gabriel, [was this Frenaye?], inhabitant of the Island of St. Domingue, of the barracks in Port au Prince, refugee in Kingston, and native of the city of Gannat, department of Allier in France, legit son of Annett Frenaye Descassiere, Chancellor of the King, election lieutenant in the said city of Gannat and of Gilberte des Platas his wife, aged 55 years, married, with two sons and one dtr. from the marriage, without making a will. Date of burial 22 June 1804. BSL. p. 110

Frobat, Marie Lafy, French national, native of the Island of St. Domingue and resident of this place, free person having one dtr., [age left blank]. Date of burial 31 August 1804. BSL. p. 115

Gaiardo, Josef [or Garando], born in Italy, aged about 50 years, married to Madame Saly Gaiardo, native of Lebrepal where he resided. There were no children of the marriage. He left a will, and the clauses of his will are as follows: First his funeral expenses are to be paid, as well as the 3 masses for his soul, the doctor and medicines, and secondly that the slave Rosa is to be set free, and whatever monies are left over are to be paid to his heiress, his wife Saly Gaiardo; names as his executors Mr. Juan ?Caruso, an Italian national, resident of this other town, Father Basilio Suarez de Lema, and Antonio Juan, a slave, also native of Italy and resident of this place; two Italians are named as witnesses and one ?Maltese. Burial 25 Feb. 1807. BSL p. 156

Galvarret, Juan, native of the city of Andaya, Province of Navarra Baja, aged about 40 years, names of his deceased parents unknown; he leaves one sister, whose name is also unknown; he left no will. Burial 8 Oct. 1806. BSL p. 151

Gonzales, Jose . . .. . ...second private pilot [assistant pilot?] and Capt. of the galley Seberiana (?Severiana) and who was a prisoner of war in this Port , date of burial ? July 1805, aged 28 years. , born in [difficult to read]. BSL p. 130

Gut, Jacobo, son of Anastina Gut, both natives of Curacao, aged about 28 years, married to [blank] from [blank]. Burial 29 Dec. 1806. BSL p. 153

Henraique, Francisco Christoval, born in la Palma, Canary Islands, son of Mr. Francisco of the same surnames, free, aged about 28 years. He died on the 8th of June at 10 am, Date of burial 9 June 1805. . . ...[illegible], and in the same. . .. . ...testament naming as his executors, in first place as he was present, Lorenzo Miranda, resident of the Partido (Parish?) of . . .. . .on the Island of Havana [Cuba], and left in a clause of his will that out of his goods and chattels three hundred pesos are to be set apart to be used for prayers and Masses and the rest for payment of expenses of his illness and burial, and the rest to be divided amongst his siblings and father but first giving two hundred pesos to his eldest sister and to the others . . ... pesos each and the rest to his father. Witnesses of the other provisions of the will, Juan Baptista Taury, Thomas Medero and Jose Garcia. To this end, I sign . . ...etc. BSL pp. 127-128

Hernandez, Pablo, who died Feb 18, 1806, having received holy sacraments, made a will naming as first executor Manuel Herrera, and . . .. . ...the Catholic curate of this town, and secondly, named Francisco Carrera, of this town. His wishes expressed in the will are as follows: after settling expenses for illness, funeral and masses to be said for his soul, of the remaining assets/monies 250 pesos to be given to his illegitimate daughter when she reaches the age of 22 years, and in the event of her death, half of her share and the other half plus interest, and the remainder firstly to her two younger sisters Paula and Candelaria 50 pesos each, and the rest to be given to their mother Lorenza; and in the event of her death, to be distributed equally among the brothers and sisters. He also declared as free and aged 3 years. . .. . .. . ...[illegible name], a legitimate son of Lorenza ?Nareyra, born in the Island of La Palma, Canary Islands. Date of burial 19 Feb 1806. BSL pp. 138-139

Infant [no name], illegitimate son of Monsier F. N. M. Poirrier, French national prisoner of war in this place. Date of burial 10 June 1806. BSL p. 143

Infant, unnamed, son of Mr. [blank] and of mulatto quadroon [sic], [left blank], French national. Burial 27 Nov. 1806. BSL p. 152

Jacomelo, Mariana Hanil, widow of Peroni Asuzanta de Jacomelo [Giacomelo in Italian?] a resident of this place. Widow, aged 48 years., one dtr. Date of burial 4 June 1804. BSL. p. 110

Jagnas [or Iagnis?], Joaquim, pilot of merchant shipping, who died aboard the galley [Golata] four colors,?. . .., . . .. . .. . ...under Captain Manuel Seares, the deceased was born in the village of ?Mujia in the Kingdom of Galicia, and was married in Cadis; he left no will, nor received sacraments due to sudden death. Burial 16 Nov. 1808. RA p. 162

Joanna Zeferina, resident of this place, born in Curacao, free, aged about 33 years, who was only able to confess. Burial 14 Dec. 1808. RA p. 163

Joao [or Juan?] Luis, master shoemaker, resident of this town, free, born in the Island of Curacao, aged 31 years; he left no will. Burial 14 Nov. 1808. RA p. 160

John Pas?, illegitimate son of Miss Alzine Morisseau, who died on 5 June, at 4.30 pm, aged 8 years. Date of burial: 6 June 1804. BSL. p. 107

Josef child and illegitimate son of [ blank] and [ blank], whose godparents were Ramon ?Ares and Julian Lopez , buried 10 April 1805. BSL. p. 127

Josephe, [written Josefa in Spanish], child, aged 3 years and 6 months, born in St. Domingue. Her parents were prisoners of war in this place. Date of burial 9 October 1804. BSL. p. 118

Juan. . .. . ..., native of . . .. . ...in the Kingdom of Portugal. . .. . ...[can't read]. . .he died without receiving the Holy Sacraments. . .Date of burial July 1805. BSL p. 131

Juan?. . .. . ., illegitimate son of Mr. Miguel. . ... Date of burial 28 Nov 1805. BSL, p. 136

Juan Antonio. Antonio Correa Vetancur [probably Betancur or Betancourt], ¿born on the Island of ........,belonging to Portugal, informed me on the 7th day of May of the natural death of Juan Antonio, native of the Villa of ?. . ..., who died at Port Maria situated on this Island [Jamaica], and that Capt. . . ..his ship . . ...and that they could not return to land to make a statement [the rest is difficult to read and I see no other names mentioned]. Date of burial 10 May 1805. BSL pp. 128-129

Juan Oliva, born in Genoa, died a sudden death, aged about 31 years, free, left no will. Burial 28 June 1810. RA p. 165

Juliana, Negro slave of Miss Gimel. Date of burial 23 July 1804. BSL. P. 112

Juliana, illegitimate daughter of Monsieur Begnino and Adelayd, aged fourteen months. Date of burial 17 April 1806 BSL p. 142

Leandro. I, 'priest for the British Government of the Roman church of this town' buried 27 Feb 1805 Antonio Casadeyro, legitimate son of Mr. Gregorio Leandro of same and Mrs. Baltasana Baleno, all born in the Dept. of Ferrol in the Kingdom of Galicia, crew member (he was learning to be a sailor) of the corvette S.M.C. [in the service of His Most Christian Majesty] La Bastidora, aged 14 years. & prisoner of war in this Town. BSL. p. 123

Luca, Rosina legitimate daughter of Mr. Juan Batista [Jean Baptiste] Luca and Rosina Decan of Amien, France and prisoners of war in this place, age 4 years. Date of burial: 27 May 1804. BSL. p. 104

Lucia Vitoria, infant, illegitimate child of sambo Juana Maduro, slave belonging to Mr. Bonche Maduro of the Jewish nation, aged 9 months and 10 days. Burial 27 Mar. 1807. BSL p. 157

McCormak, Matten? born and married in Ireland, aged about 60 years, who died in the Hospital of this place on the 22nd of May. Date of burial: 23 May 1804. BSL. p. 103

Maddax, Antonio [Anthony], captain of a frigate of the British com., he was born & married in Ireland; aged 45 years.; he received all holy sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. It is not known if he left a will. Date of burial 12 September 1804. BSL. p. 116-117

Maduro, Ana ?Anguela, free mulatto, born in Curazao, dau. of Isaq (?Isaac) Maduro, aged about 23 years. . ..and leaves her clothes to her heirs a nephew and male godchild who was in her company (living with her). Burial 10 Jan. 1807. BSL p. 155

Margarita, mulatto slave belonging to Madame V., aged about 30 years, ....... free person, received sacraments. Date of burial May 1806. BSL p. 143

Maria. . ...[illegible]. . ..left no will. . .. . .Date of burial November 1805. BSL, p. 136

Maria Bernardina, slave of Juan Acosta, illegit. dtr. of the Negro slave Catalina Mauricia, also slave of Juan Acosta. [No age given]. Date of burial 18 July 1804. BSL. p. 111

Maria Catalina ?.., free, born in Curacao. Burial 22 [month illegible] 1808. RA p. 163

Maria Clara [Marie Claire], native of France, . . .[can't read], without making a will. Date of burial 13 August 1805. BSL p. 133

Maria del Rosario, Negro slave belonging to Mr. Peroten, aged about 28 years, has one sister. Burial 1 Jan. 1807. BSL p. 154

Maria Madalena, free Negro, married to a Negro Jose Andres native of Curazao, had no issue; the deceased is from the coast of Africa; she left a will. Burial 2 August 1806. BSL p. 150

Maria Rosa, freed Negro who leaves one son, a slave, received holy sacraments, aged about 30 years. Date of burial ?17 Dec 1805. BSL p. 136

Mariana Roset, Negro, French national, aged about 40 years, spinster, leaving one illeg. dtr. named Mariana. She left no will. Burial 1st of July 1806. BSL p. 147

Marie Clare, slave belonging to Miss Fany Dachan [D'Aquin?], French national. Date of burial 20 June 1804. BSL. p. 109

Marie Francoise, free Negro woman, aged over 29 years, native of French Barico. Date of burial 14 August 1804. BSL. p. 115

Martinez, Jose Maria, born in the Island of San Andres; married in same place, aged about 30 years, he left no will. Burial 20 May 1810. RA p. 164

..., Medina, assigned to the corvette La Batidora, S.M.C. [in the service of His Most Christian Majesty], prisoner of war in this place, free, aged about 25 years. Date of burial 15 Mar 1805. BSL. pp. 125-126

Moreno, Miguel. I declare that on the 19th day of Nov, Mr. Carlos ?Esteyro presented himself at Church in order that I finish (sanctify?) the burial of Miguel Moreno, born in Malaga, resident of the 'Calle de la Puente' (Street of the Bridge), son of Maria Josefa Garcia; he died off the coast of Vera Cruz on 30 Sept 1804 and was buried at sea the following day. His natural death was witnessed under sworn oath by Capt. Migel Serpes, the pilot Mr. Pedro Furto (?Furteau) and officer in charge of cargo, Mr. Jose Naveyra. . ...etc. etc. Dated 18 Dec 1804. BSL. p. 122

Negro child aged 3 years., dtr. of Negro unnamed slave, both belonging to Madame Levy. Date of burial 24 July 1804. BSL. p. 113

Negro, born in Curazao, aged about 34 years, free, with one illeg. son who is a slave belonging to Mlle. Antoinette. Burial 31 Dec. 1806. BSL p. 154

Negro, female slave belonging to Madame [left blank], French national, aged about 38 years. Burial 24 Nov. 1806. BSL p. 151c

Negro slave belonging to Mr. Nicolas Uter, resident of this place. Burial 12 Jan 1805. BSL. p. 123

Neron Mr., a carpenter by profession, native of St. Domingue, married, [age left blank]. Date of burial 23 July 1804. BSL. p. 114

Nive/Niue, Chalmari, inhabitant of St. Domingue and resident in this place, French national, free person, aged 60 years. Date of burial 1 July 1804. BSL. p. 111

O'Brien, William, [written Guillermo Obren], pilot of the frigate 'Devinis', free person, aged 22 years, born in Waterford [written as 'Guater Fort'], in Ireland; living mother and 6 siblings, relationship to be confirmed. Date of burial 3 October 1804. BSL. p. 117

Odenerty?, Carlos [Charles], officer of the Royal Navy, S.M.C. [in the service of His Most Christian Majesty] assigned to the corvette La Batidora, prisoner of war in this place, free and legitimate son of Mr. [left blank] and Mrs. [left blank] born in Ireland, aged about 25 years. Died without writing a will. Date of burial 2 Mar 1805. BSL. p. 125

Pedro Negro slave, belonging to Mlle. Luisa Adelaide, French national; aged about 30 years. Bu. 7 Nov. 1806. BSL p. 151b

Pedro a man born in Portugal, free, aged about 30 years, he did not receive sacraments due to sudden death. Burial 26 Nov. 1808. RA p. 162

Pereyra, Jose, born in Caracas in the Spanish Main and resident of this place, a fisherman by profession; he left 2 illegit. children, one son named Jose Francisco and one daughter named Francisca. He made no will. Burial 14 Sept. 1806. BSL p. 151

Perez, Jaquin [Joaquin?], native of the Kingdom of Galicia, aged about 26 years. Date of burial: 15 June 1804; this is all I have been able to discover about him. BSL. pp. 108-109.

Pinheiro, Pedro Paulo, born in Lisbon, Portugal, a resident of this place for 6 months, aged about 23 years, he left no will. Burial 18 June 1810. RA p. 165

Plonket, Maria [Mary Plunket?] Buried in a new cemetery which was blessed for the occasion in the Garden of the Sugar Plantation named 'Temple Hall' belonging to Mr. Abraham Alexander Lindo, Parish of St. Andrews. Maria Plunket died at this Plantation on the 23rd day of November at 2 pm, having receiving the Holy Sacraments, she was married to Mr. Edward Plunket, both of Dublin, Ireland and residents of this Island. Aged about 40 years. Burial 23 Nov 1804. BSL. pp. 119-120

Pouillat? [_ouillat], Catalina, infant, daughter of Mr. P?ouillat and Madame Blondine, French resident in this city. Buried 21 May 1804. BSL. p. 102

Reyes, Juan , native of the town of [can't read], he left no will. Date of burial ?20 August 1805. BSL p. 134

Ricardo, infant aged 14 months and 3 weeks, mulatto son of Nicolas Alveres Brogman, and Maria Orielles. Date of burial 23 May 1806. BSL p. 142

Rio, Jose. Burial 30 Jan. 18? [1810?]. . . in the town of Port Royal, near [torn], was tried Jose Rio, native of and [torn] in the Parish of St. Pedro in the town of Barcelona, capital of the Kingdom of Cataluna, aged about 36 years, legitimate son of Jose Rio Captain of the Spanish Guards in the service of his Catholic Majesty. He was condemned to death by the Court of the Vice-Admiralty of this town of Kingston, for the crimes of piracy and ....(can't read) some enemies having falsely accused him. He made his confession and received the sacraments [of the Roman Catholic Church]. He died with all the sentiments of a true Christian, proclaiming his innocence of the deeds of which he was falsely accused, up till the last moments of his life, and asking God for the forgiveness of his enemies. RA p. 164

Rosalia, slave of Lucia Petrona Riche, said Negro leaving one child, a slave of the same owner. Date of burial ?16 Jan 1806 BSL p. 137

Roset, mulatto ex slave of Mlle. Emily Billan, free and aged about 38 years., buried 26 Nov 1804. BSL. p. 120

Roux, Cecile Ramond, infant aged one month 4 days, died 11 October, legit. dtr. of Antoine Ramond Roux and Marie Helene Ogier. Date of burial 11 October 1804. BSL. p. 118

Saisy, Maria Elizabeth Eugenia , lawful daughter of Mr. Francisco Saisy, [age left blank], and Barbara, free. Date of burial: 8 of June 1804. Witnessed by L. Simon. BSL. pp. 107-108.

?Sandoval, ___, born in the city of Lisbon, kingdom of Portugal, son of [left blank] and aged 25 years., free person, he died a horrible death [? desoraciada], and without sacraments. Date of burial 16 Mar 1806 in the Roman Catholic cemetery. BSL p. 140

Sebrero, Andres, pilot of commercial vessels, native of the Kingdom of Andalucia, bachelor, aged 33 years, without making a will. Date of burial 5 August 1804. BSL. p. 114

Senty mulatto, free (female), no family. Burial 7 Nov. 1806. BSL p. 151b

Silveira, Caetano, born in Portugal, on the Island of Terceira, aged about 45 years, free; he left a will and named as executor Joao Ferreira, born in the Islands. Burial 7 Nov. 1808. RA p. 159

Silvera, Jose, son of Jose Silvera, and Tinteria de Jesus, and born in the Isle of San Miguel, Province of Lisbon, in the Kingdom of Portugal, aged about 20 years, married in New York to Mrs. [blank]; he left 3 children from a previous marriage; he made no will. Burial 27 Dec. 1806. BSL p. 153

Simon, Emilie, [written as Hemilia, in Spanish], child aged 1 year, dtr. of Louis Simon and Marguerite Francoise Apoline Savy Simon. Date of burial 20 September 1804. BSL. p. 117

Sgt. Smit of the 18th British Regiment, born in Ireland, married to Mrs. Smit, without a family, aged 30. Date of burial 5 November 1805. BSL p. 135

Timoteo [Timothy] [this entry very dark, ] born in . . .. . .. . .?.and ?resident of Ireland, officer of ?. . .. . ., son of [left blank] and [left blank] aged about 27 years. Date of burial Oct. - Nov. 1805. BSL p. 135

Tondet, Mr., official of the French Republic and prisoner of war in this place. [Date of burial not mentioned. Probably July 23-24, 1804]. BSL. p. 113

Trementin, Negro slave belonging to Monsieur Nicolas Uter, free and aged about. 40 years. Date of burial 26 June 1806. BSL p. 146

Triton, Estevan, born in the city of Gi__peser in Asturias, bachelor, he left no will.

[This is the first burial record signed by J. Rodriguez de Araujo who writes partly in Spanish and part in Portuguese]. Burial 10 Sept. 1808. RA p. 159

Uget, Elisabeth, age 34 years, spinster, of France and resident of this city. Date of burial: 30 May 1804. BSL. p. 105

Unnamed infant, illegitimate child of the mulatto Luis and of the Negro Juana, slave belonging to [left blank], aged about 22 days. Burial 30 Mar. 1807. BSL p. 157

Valet, Maria Juana [Marie Jeanne], French national, aged 50 years., one daughter and an illegitimate son, died without making a will. Burial 17 Dec 1804. BSL. p. 121

Varado, Andres , date of burial ?. . ...of June 1805, born in the Province of ........., free, aged about 20 years., a sailor by profession [can't read]. BSL p. 129

Velon [or Belon], Francisco [Francis], son of Mr. Velon [Belon] and Maria Luysa [Marie Louise] Preonan?, of French nationality and residents of this place, age 2 years. Date of burial: 29 May 1804. BSL. p. 105

Virgina, child, daughter of Negro Lucia Elila, both slaves of Madame Coleta, aged about 2 years. Date of burial 20 Mar 1805. BSL. p. 126

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