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August 26, 1823 to January 10, 1843

Ri - Z

Key to Abbreviations:

bur= buried

d= died

dtr = daughter

[E]= record written in English

[F]= record written in French

illegit = illegitimate

RCC = Roman Catholic cemetery

[S] = record written in Spanish

Wit: = witnesses


Key to ministers conducting funerals:

AGD = Marie Arthur Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay

BF = Benito Fernandez

JED = James. E. Dupeyron

JRA = Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues de Araujo

WC = William Cotham


A note in the Register: “New Cemetary [sic] 16 May 1836”

Date format: Month/Day/Year

____ indicates a word that cannot be read due to tight binding, spots,


Rial, Patrick [written Patric], native of Ireland, d in the Hospital 8/23/1841 aged 17 years, bu 8/24/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 123

Ricardo, Bartolome, native of Barcelona in the province of Caracas, married to Mariana Novaria, bu 3/3/1830. BF [F], p. 55

Richard, John, d 1/11/1836 aged 8 months, bu 1/12/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 93

Richard, Jean Charles Frederic, proprietor, native of Nantua in the department of Ain, formerly domiciled in Paris at rue St. Martin number 285, former Captain of the cavalry in the service of the King of France, knight of the Royal Order of St. Louis and of the Legion of Honour, d 7/24/1829 aged 54 years, bu 7/25/1829 in RCC. BF [F], p. 51

Richards, Eliza, native of Kingston, d 8/12/1836 aged 37 years, bu 8/13/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 99

Richemond, Mary Rosine, d 8/10/1834 aged 20 years, native of Kingston, bu 8/11/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 80

Richoe, Seraphine, native of St. Domingue, d 4/13/1832, bu 4/14/1832 in RCC. BF [F], p. 70

Riely [Riley? Reilly?], Patrick, native of Ireland, d 6/29/1827 aged 22 years, bu 6/30/1827. BF [F], p. 35

Risso, Miguel, native of the city of Ocana in the Spanish Main, d 5/4/1826 aged about 31 years, bu 5/5/1826 in RCC. BF [S], p. 24

Rivierre, Virginie, native of St. Marc in St. Domingue, d 8/20/1836 aged 42 years, bu 8/21/1836 in RCC. BF [F], p. 100

Roberts, Marie Seraphine, native of New Orleans, d 2/26/1832 aged 54 years, bu 2/27/1832 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 69

Robinet. Marie Francoise nee Lefevre, widow of Louis Robinet, native of the parish of St. Marc in St. Domingue, aged 72 years, bu 12/26/1828 in RCC. BF [F], p. 48

Robinet, Marie Marguerite, native of Kingston, d 8/15/1838 aged 6 years 8 months, bu 8/16/1838 in RCC. BF [F], p. 110

Rochfort, James Robert, aged 30 years, d 7/11/1825 in the parish of St. Andrew, bu 7/12/1825 in RCC. BF [F], p. 15

Rodrigues, Francoise, native of Kingston, illegit. dtr of Manuel Rodrigues and Lauret Bouchier, aged 6 years 11 months, d 9/7/1823 at 6:00 p.m., bu 9/8/1823 p.m. in RCC. JRA [F], p. 1

Rodrigues, Thereze, widow of the late Francois Rodrigues, native of Leogane in St. Domingue, in her 50th year, d Kingston 10/22/1823, bu 10/23/1823 in RCC. JRA [F], p. 2

Roland, Simon Begare, native of les Cayes, d 7/10/1834 aged 45 years, bu 7/11/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 79

Romero, ___, d 7/5/1840 aged 5 years, bu 7/6/1840 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 118

Romero, Juan Simon, d 11/16/1839 aged 2 years 9 months, bu 11/17/1839 in RCC. BF [S], p. 115

Romero. Maria Josefa Martinez Guerra, aged 29 years, native of the town of Mon Pas [Mompox?] in the Spanish Main, married to Nicolas Garcia Romero, d 9/15/1826 at 5 a.m., bu 9/15/1826 in RCC. BF [S], p. 27

Rosai, Emilie Rose, d 2/10/1840 aged 28 years, bu 2/11/1840 in RCC. BF [F], p. 116

Rosalie, d 6/20/1842 aged 1 year 9 months, bu 6/21/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 130

Rosalie, d 7/18/1842 aged 21 months, bu 7/19/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 130

Rosario, Francisco, native of Curacao, d 10/21/1831 aged 34 years, married to Richar Francisca, bu 10/22/1831 in RCC. BF [S], p. 66

Rose Adelaide, native of Kingston, d 3/31/1841 aged 4 years, bu 4/1/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 120

Rose, Ann, d 10/27/1840 aged 60 years, bu 10/28/1840. BF [F], p. 119

Rose?, Jeanne, free Negro, native of the parish of St. Anne in St. Domingue, d 5/15/1833 aged 38 years, bu 5/16/1833 in RCC. BF [F], p. 76

Rose, Marguerite, native of St. Domingue, d 11/4/1836 aged 60 years, bu 11/5/1836 in RCC. BF [F], p. 102

Rose, Maria, native of Curacao, d 2/23/1836 aged 50 years, bu 2/24/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 94

Rose, Maria, native of Kingston d 3/20/1836 aged 21 years, bu 3/21/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 95

Rose, Marie, d 11/16/1836 aged 70 years, bu 11/17/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 102

Rose, Marie, native of Kingston, d 4/29/1842 aged 6 months, bu 4/30/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 129

Rosina, d 4/17/1836 aged 26 years, bu 4/18/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 96

Rosina, Hannah, native of Curacao, d 8/12/1835 aged 54 years, bu 8/13/1835 in RCC. BF [F], p. 90

Rossencourt, Pierre Marie Elisee, native of the parish of Fouds Ferriers in the west of St. Domingue, d 7/4/1826 aged 35 years, bu 7/5/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 26

Roubion, Elizabeth, d 11/19/1840 aged 14 months, bu 11/20/1840 in RCC. BF [F], p. 119

Rouen, Marie Magdelene, native of Kingston, d 8/22/1842 aged 32 years, bu 8/23/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 130

Rouseau [Rousseau], Jean Francois, aged 49 years, married to Francoise Rousseau, d 1/4/1826, bu 1/5/1826. BF [F], p. 21

Rousseau. Marie Rose Terrien, widow of the late Jean Baptiste Louis Augustin Rousseau former inhabitant of Port Margot in north St. Domingue, lawful dtr of the late Francois Pierre Terrien and the late Marie Rose La croix Fulneaux, d 6/28/1832 aged about 62 years, bu 6/29/1832 in RCC. Signed to verify and validate rights. BF [F], p. 72

Roux, Emilia, d 10/7/1836 aged 7 years, bu 10/8/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 101

Roux, Marie Guillaume Urbin, native of New Orleans, d 11/14/1835 aged 13 years, bu 11/15/1835 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 91

Roz, Juan Guillelmo, native of Curacao, single man aged 52 years, d 11/25/1824, bu 11/26/1824 in the Kingston cemetery. BF [S], p. 11

Rueman, Charles, native of Kingston, d 6/25/1841 aged 46 years, bu 6/26/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 122

Ruis, Antonio, native of Puerto Real in the province of Andalucia in Spain, married to Lorenza Pino Bello in Cartagena de Indias, d 9/14/1825 at 6 p.m., bu 9/15/1825 in RCC. BF [S], p. 17

Ruis, Miguel, native of Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain, married in Cartagena de Indias, d 4/22/1838, bu 4/23/1838 in the churchyard. BF [S], p. 109

Rusell [Russell?], Marguerite, born in Gramonde, aged 58 years, bu 1/27/1829 in RCC. BF [F], p. 49

Rux [Roux?], Simon, native of Kingston, d 11/27/1841 aged 19 years 10 months, bu 11/28/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 126


Sagaria, Maria, native of Kingston, d 9/7/1836 aged 11 years, bu 9/8/1836 in RCC. BF [F], p. 100

St. Agathe, d 12/12/1841 aged 60 years, bu 12/13/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 126

St. Ours, and African, d 6/6/1842 aged 60 years, bu 6/7/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 129

Ste. Marie, Joseph? Etienne, native of Tonnay-Boutonne in France, d in Kingston 11/16/1829 aged about 64 years, bu 11/17/1829 in RCC. BF [F], p. 53

Sal, Marie Baptiste, native of Jacmel, d Kingston 10/14/1827 aged 30 years, bu 10/15/1827 in RCC. BF [F], p. 39

Salas, Guillaume, native of Kingston, d 11/6/1841 aged 28 years 6 months, bu 11/7/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 125

Salcedo, Anne Martina, d 9/30/1840 aged 4 years 5 months, bu 9/31/1840 [sic]. BF [F], p. 118

Salentin, Louis Layce, native of Paris, d 5/16/1839 aged 60 years, bu 5/17/1839 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 113

Salmon, Francois, doctor of medicine and surgery, native of Varaise in Saintange, department of Charente, d 3/18/1829 at 11 p.m. aged 53 years, bu 3/19/1829 in RCC. BF [F], p. 50

Salzeda y Bustamante, Cipriano, native of Barcena de Toranzo mountain and bishopric of Santander in Spain, resident and merchant of Monpos [Mompox?], d 2/4/1827 at 11 p.m., bu 2/5/1827. BF [S], p. 30

Sanchez, Lucas Francisco, native of Curacao, son of Juan Francisco Sanchez and Francisca Chalat, d 5/9/1829 aged 17 years, bu 5/10/1829. BF [S], pp. 50-51

Sanson, Annette, native of St. Domingue, d 3/-/1828, bu 3/-/1828 in RCC. BF [F], p. 43

Santa Maria, Benito, native of the province of Antioquia in the new kingdom of Granada, 1/4/1830 at 3 p.m. aged about 22 years, bu 1/5/1830 in the churchyard. BF [S], p. 54

Sanuda, Manuel, native of Medellin in the province of Antioquia in the new kingdom of Granada, d 1/6/1831 at suddenly at 3 a.m., and his body was received from the magistrates and bu 1/6/1831 in the churchyard. BF [S], p. 60

Sanudo, Elizabeth, d 6/30/1831 aged about 9 months, bu 7/1/1831 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 62

Sarah, d 5/24/1836 aged 18 months, bu 5/25/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 97

Sargent, Betsy, native of Kingston, d 1/13/1828 aged 22 years, bu 1/1828. BF [E], p. 42

Saturne, Louise, d 12/14/1831 aged 24 years, bu 12/15/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 68

Saturnino, Manuel, d 12/26/1841 aged 14 months, bu 12/27/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 127

Saunders, Richard, d 10/30/1839, bu 10/31/1839 in the RCC in Orange Street. BF [E], p. 114

Sauran, Josephine, aged 21 years, dtr of Pauline, d 6/12/1825 a.m., bu 6/13/1825 in RCC. BF [F], p. 15

Savari, Magdalaine Amenaide, aged 40 years, d 4/25/1826, bu 4/26/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 23

Savary, Alexandre, d 3/9/1834 aged 25 [? last digit not clear] years, bu 3/10/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 78

Scotland, Emilie, native of St. Domingue, married to Mr. Scotland, d 10/23/1831 aged 43 years, bu 10/24/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 66

Scott, Francis William, native of Kingston, d 12/13/1840 aged 8 months, bu 12/12/1840 in RCC. BF [F], p. 119

Sebastiana, Pauline, d 3/20/1840 aged 7 months, bu 3/21/1840 in RCC. BF [F], p. 117

Second, Catherine, d 10/13/1841 aged 26 years, native of Kingston, bu 10/14/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 124

Seraphine, child aged 2 years 6 months, d 2/8/1835, bu 2/9/1835 in RCC. BF [F], p. 85

Seronville, Antoine Colin, native of Bourbonne les Bains in the province of Champagne in France, __ of the king in St. Domingue where he exercised his profession with distinction, aged 70 years, d 10/23/1834, bu 10/24/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 81

Sevilla, Hana, native of Curacao, d 4/11/1836 aged 40 years, bu 4/12/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 96

Seymo__, Louis Joseph, aged 15 years, d 8/19/1826, bu 8/20/1826 in RCC. [This entry was recorded between April and May 1826]. BF [F], p. 24

Silva, John, native of Kingston, d 2/10/1841 aged 27 years, bu 2/11/1841 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 120

Shannon, Isabella Jane, born in Kingston 9/10/1835, d 5/6/1836, bu 5/6/1836 in the churchyard. BF [E], p. 97

Shannon, William Thaddeus, inhabitant and printer of Kingston, native of Ireland, d 7/26/1834 aged 36 years, bu 7/27/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 79

Shannon, William T., native of Kingston aged 10 months, d 1/31/1835, bu 2/1/1835 in the chapel yard. BF [E], p. 84

Shee, Jean [John], native of Ireland, d 12/1/1827, bu 12/2/1827 in ground consecrated in the Protestant churchyard. BF [F], p. 40

Silba [or Silva], Bernardo Castillo, aged 50 years, native of Canarias [Canary Islands], d 8/29/1825 at 3 p.m., bu 8/30/1825 in RCC. BF [S], p. 16

Simmon, Charles, d 12/28/1836 aged 1 years, bu 12/29/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 103

Simmons, William, d 21/20/1841 aged 5 months, bu 12/21/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 127

Simon, Antoinette Elizabeth, native of Kingston, d 9/9/1831 aged 34 years, bu 9/10/1831 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 65

Simon, Apoline Eliza, lawful dtr of Louis Etienne Edmond Simon and Antoinette Elisabeth de Labiche, aged 5 years, d 12/29/1827, bu 12/30/1827 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 41

Simon, Jean Edmond, native of Kingston, d 12/18/1830 aged 17 months, bu 12/19/1830 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 59

Simon, John C. M., native of Kingston, d 5/-/1838 aged 30 years, bu 5/-/1838 the day after in RCC. BF [F], p. 109

Simon, Joseph Felix, aged about 6 years, d 8/13/1827, bu 8/14/1827 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 36

Smith. Adelaide Clotilde Boudeau, widow of the late Thomas Smith former resident proprietor in St. Domingue, lawful dtr of the late Etienne Boudeau and of Marianne Boudeau, d 10/17/1834 aged about 59 years, bu 10/17/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 80

Smith, Anne Julie, aged 21 years, d 7/12/1827 in Kingston, bu 7/13/1827. BF [F], p. 35

Smith, Charles, native of St. Domingue, d 6/2/1828 aged 20 years, bu 6/3/1828 in RCC. BF [F], p. 45

Smith, Francis, an African aged 60 years, d 6/13/1842, bu 6/14/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 130

Smith, Madame, native of St. Domingue, d 3/5/1837 aged about 60 years, bu 3/6/1837 in RCC. BF [F], p. 105

Solignac, Fortune, d 2/28/1842 a.m. aged 67 years, bu 2/28/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 129

Sophie, d 10/17/1837, bu 10/18/1837 in RCC. BF [F], p. 107

Sorapure, Amanda Felicite, d 1/11/1842 aged 1 year 10 months, bu 1/12/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 127

Soribon, Maria Narcisa, aged 50 years, native of Mompox in the Spanish Main, 6/5/1825, bu 6/6/1825 in RCC. BF [S], p. 15

Soulet, Marie Marthe, native of the parish of St. Joseph de Torbeck in the south of St. Domingue, lawful dtr of the late Jean Soulet and the late Marie Anne Saboutin widow by first childless marriage of the late Benoit Marc former resident proprietor of the district of Cavaillon jurisdiction of St. Louis in St. Domingue and by second marriage with the late Pierre Jean Elie Benech de Lepinay former resident proprietor in the said parish of Torbeck district du Fonds de lisle araches in St. Domingue, d 5/3/1827 aged about 57 years, bu 5/4/1827 in RCC. BF [F], p. 33

Soulette, John Leopold, d 7/23/1836 aged 9 months 8 days, bu 7/24/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 99

Sousane, free Negro, d 2/23/1826 aged 24 years, bu 2/24/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 22

Spencer, Anthony, native of Kingston, d 5/13/1836 aged 19 years, bu 5/14/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 97

Spratt, Marie Martina, d 7/24/1841 aged 23 years, bu 7/25/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 122

Stabat, John Carlow, native of Curacao, d 7/3/1836 aged 45 years, bu 7/4/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 98

Stephen, John, native of Kingston, d 2/27/1839 aged 39 years, bu 2/28/1839 in RCC. BF [F], p. 112

Sterling, Rose Elizabeth, d 11/19/1841 aged 4 years 6 months, bu 11/19/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 125

Stewart, Charles, native of Kingston, d 12/15/1842 aged 21 months, bu 12/15/1842 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 132

Steward, Lalite, native of Africa, d 1/2/1843 aged about 60 years, bu 1/2/1843 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 132

Stirling, Joseph Chery, native of Santo Domingo, d 12/3/1841 aged 56 years, bu 12/4/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 126

Struber, Francoise Charlotte, aged 24 years, illegit dtr of Mr. Struber and Marie Louise Parmentier, d 2/17/1826 a.m., bu 2/17/1826. BF [F], p. 22

Stuart, Mrs. John. M. K. D'Aguilar, wife of John Stuart, d 6/8/1842 aged 25 years, bu 6/9/1842 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 129

Sueiro, Juan, aged 6 years, native of Cartagena de Indias, son of Juan Sueiro and Simona Cardenas, d Kingston 2/22/1824, bu 2/23/1824 in RCC. JRA [S], p. 7

Supriaca, native of Kingston, d 12/3/1834 aged 4 months, bu 12/4/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 82

Susane, a free Negro, aged 24 years, d 2/23/1826, bu 2/24/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 22

Susannah, native of Kingston, d 1/14/1835 aged 16 years, bu 1/15/1835 in RCC. BF [F], p. 84

Swenay [Sweeny?], Morgan, native of Ireland, d 11/6/1827 aged 14 years, bu 11/7/1827 in RCC. BF [F], p. 39

Sylva, Francisco, a Portuguese, d suddenly 2/27/1840 aged 38 years, bu 2/28/1840 in RCC. BF [S], p. 117


Tamplet, Miss, d 8/24/1838, bu 8/25/1838 in RCC. BF [F], p. 110

Templet, Pierre, native of the parish of Marsay in the department of Charente in France, proprietor in Kingston, d 7/12/1834 p.m. aged about 76 years, bu 7/13/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 79

Teneste, Marie Jeanne, d 9/14/1837 aged 94 years, bu 9/15/1837 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 107

Teresa, d 1/13/1842 aged 14 years, bu 1/14/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 127

Terrelonge, Louis Marbeau. We the undersigned inhabitants of the Parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica, certify that we were present today 8/22/1831 at the funeral of the late Louis Marbeau Terrelonge inhabitant of the said parish and former colonist of St. Domingue, a refugee in Jamaica, died yesterday 8/21/1831 on his property known as Pleasant Spring and his body was buried in our presence near the main house on the said property, to attest which we have signed this certificate to validate what rights there are. Signed at Pleasant Spring 8/22/1831: Louis Desgouttes, Cath. M. Littlejohn, T. Dauvagne, Gatien Malvace, A. De Montagnac. BF [F], p. 66

Terryer, Marie Louise, aged 103 years, native of Martinique, d 10/25/1826, bu 10/26/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 28

Theresa, native of Cartagena, d 4/8/1836 aged about 40 years, bu 4/9/1836 in RCC. BF [F], p. 96

Thevenard, Jean, native of Jeremie in St. Domingue, d 9/8/1830 aged 31 years, bu 9/9/1830 in the churchyard. BF [F], pp. 57-58

Thomas, Joseph, an African, d 11/21/1841 aged 52 years, bu 7/22/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 122

Thomas, Peter, native of Kingston, d 9/2/1837 aged 48 years, bu 9/3/1837 in RCC. BF [F], p. 107

Tibo [Tibau?], Elizabeth, aged 2 years, dtr of Jean Tibo and Marie Charlotte Bello, bu 5/20/1824. BF [F], p. 8

Tociro, Juan Francisco, a free Negro aged 62 years, native of Curacao, married to Catalina Francisco a native of St. Domingue, d 5/3/1825 after making a will, bu 5/4/1825 in a designated and consecrated place in the patio of his house. BF [S], p. 14

Toinette, Marie Francoise, d 9/1/1836 aged 17 months, bu 9/2/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 100

Toledano, Elizabeth, d 10/17/1840 aged 5 years 7 months, bu 10/18/1840 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 119

Tolensphem, native of Kingston, d 3/19/1841 aged 40 years, bu 3/20/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 120

Tomase, Marie Thereze, aged 60 years, native of St. Domingue, d 4/10/1824, bu 4/11/1824 in RCC. JRA [F], p. 8

Toridor, Juan, native of To__ in the principality of Cataluna, d 11/30/1831 at 9 p.m., bu 12/1/1831 in RCC. BF [S], p. 67

Torralbas, Jose, native of the town of Sitges in Cataluna in Spain, d 12/7/1830 at 2 p.m. aged 24 years, after making a will which he could not sign but he authorized me to write in the presence of witnesses, bu 12/8/1830 in the churchyard. BF [S], p. 59

Torton, Antoine Henri, aged 26 months, native of Kingston, illegit son of Henry Torton and Anne Castello, d 1/15/1824 at noon, bu 1/16/1824 in RCC. JRA [F], p. 4

Touchemolin, Louis Philippe, native of Kingston, lawful son of Pierre Louis Edouard Touchemolin and Marie Adelaide Touchemolin, d 1/20/1838 aged 15 years 7 months 5 days, bu 1/21/1838 in RCC. BF [F], p. 108

Touchemolin. Marie Adelaide Duverger, wife of Touchemolin, bu 4/19/1837. BF [F], p. 105

Touchemolin, Pierre Louis Edouard, aged about 34 years, native of the city and parish of St. Marc in St. Domingue, lawful adult son of the late Charles Guillaume Touchemolin former resident proprietor of St. Domingue and of Marie Magdelaine Rosalie Morisseau, died in Kingston 11/3/1825 at 2 a.m., bu 11/3/1825 in RCC. BF [F], p. 19

Touslin, Anthony, d 10/23/1841 a.m. aged 18 years, bu 10/23/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 124

Toussat, Joseph, d 2/12/1841, bu 2/13/1841 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 120

Trappier, Marie Francoise, native of St. Domingue, d 1/23/1841 aged 80 years, bu 1/24/1841 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 120

Trigand, Agathe, aged 80 years, born in Guadeloupe, d suddenly 5/12/1825 at 4 a.m., bu 5/12/1825 in RCC. BF [F], p. 14

Troncoso, Maria Clara del Carmen Martinez, aged 4 years 1 month, d 9/22/1825 at 1 p.m., bu 9/23/1825 in the church atrium. BF [F], p. 17

Tursau, Marie Louise Laroque or Laroch, , aged about 85 years, native of the parish of St. Nicolas du Tapion dependency of Les Cayes in St. Domingue, former proprietor and inhabitant of the place called les Cancalles in the area of Tiburon, d Kingston 6/11/1824, bu 6/12/1824 in RCC. BF [F], p. 9


[Unnamed], d 11/11/1838 in the Hospital aged 40 years, bu 11/12/1838 in RCC. BF [F], p. 111

[Unnamed], Mrs, native of Kingston, d 11/5/1839 aged 46 years, bu 11/6/1839 in RCC. BF [F], p. 115

Uter, Francois, aged 29 years, married to Marie Archambeau, d 10/1/1825 afternoon, bu 10/2/1825 in RCC. BF [F], p. 18

Uter, Louis, native of Kingston, married to Marie Therese Lajeune, d 4/4/1825 aged 24 years, bu 4/5/1825 in RCC. BF [F], p. 13

Uter, Marie, d 1/17/1842 aged 36 years, bu 1/18/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 127

Uter, Rosalie, native of Kingston, d 3/1/1836 aged 49 years, bu 3/2/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 95

Uter, Rose, native of Kingston, d 11/11/1830 aged 14 years 2 months, bu 11/12/1830 in RCC. BF [F], p. 59


Valencia. Margarita Leon, married to __ Martin Valencia, d 11/2/1832 aged 26 years, bu 11/3/1832 in the churchyard. BF [S], pp. 73-74

Valentina, Maria, native of Curacao, d 1/12/1830 aged 53 years, bu 1/13/1830 in RCC. BF [F], p. 54

Valeure, Pierre, native of Kingston, d 8/15/1831 aged 14 years, bu 8/16/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 64

Vallo, Sophy, native of Molle, d 4/9/1838 aged 50 years, bu 4/10/1838. BF [F], p. 109

Vandem, Marie Claire, d 4/25/1833 aged about 50 years, bu 4/26/1833 in RCC. BF [F], p. 75

Varin. Marie Sabine Sophie Dangulon, widow of Varin, native of St. Pierre in Martinique, d 12/2/1839 aged 100 years, bu 12/3/1839 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 115

Vendryes, ___, d 6/11/1831, bu 67/12/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 62

Vendryes, ___, lawful dtr of Henry Vendryes and Marie Maximia Vendryes, d 10/9/1825 aged 4 years, bu 10/10/1825 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 18

Vendryes, Eulalie Lodoiska, lawful dtr of Henry Vendryes and Marie Maximia Vendryes, d 10/5/1825 at 4 a.m. aged 5 years 9 months, bu 10/5/1825 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 18

Vendryes, Luce Maximia, d 8/26/1830 aged 4 years 8 months, bu 8/27/1830 in RCC. BF [F], p. 57

Vendryes, Marie Antoinette, widow of the late Louis Vendryes former inhabitant of St. Domingue, bu 2/22/1830 in RCC. BF [F], p. 55

Vera, Jose Maria, native of Maracaibo, merchant in Kingston for many years, d 7/10/1837 aged 58 years, bu 7/11/1837 in the churchyard. BF [F], p. 106

Veronique, native of __, d 10/23/1835, bu 10/24/1835 in RCC. BF [F], p. 91

Verra, Marie Josephe, d 10/30/1831 at 11 p.m. aged 17 years, bu 10/31/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 67

Verri or Verry, Jean, native of Kingston, bu 2/3/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 21

Viccer?, Emanuel E. Ceratin?, native of Lisbon in Portugal aged 57 years, d 10/23/1829, bu 10/24/1829. BF [F], p. 52

Viccute, Jacques, native of Kingston, d 11/19/1841 aged 18 years, bu 11/20/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 125

Victoria, Geronimo, native of the province of Popayane, married to Maria Dolores Victoria, d 4/22/1826 aged 37 years after making a will, bu 4/23/1826 in RCC. BF [S], p. 23

Victoria, Manuel Antonio Francisco, son of Miguel Geronimo Victoria and Maria Delores Victoria, aged 13 months, d 8/3/1824, bu 8/4/1824 in RCC. BF [S], p. 10

Viguier, Joaquin, native of Nantes, surgeon, d 10/27/1823 in Kingston at 3 a.m., aged about 29 years, bu 10/27/1823 in RCC. JRA [F], p. 2

Villegas, Jose Encarnacion, native of the city of Rio Hacha, d 12/13/1826 aged 20 years, bu 12/14/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 29

Villegrain, Guillaume, native of Normandy, d 9/6/1826 aged 50 years, bu 9/7/1826 in the Protestant cemetery by the English priest. BF [F], p. 27

Villeure [Vileure], Marie Francoise, native of Kingston, lawful dtr of Nicolas Villeure and Marie Francoise Desombrages natives of St. Domingue, d 3/29/1824 in Kingston at 2 p.m., aged 6 years 6 months, bu 3/30/1824 in RCC. JRA [F], p. 8

Villeure [listed as Billeure], Marie Francoise, native of Jeremie, d 6/7/1826 aged 29 years, bu 6/8/1826 in RCC. BF [F], p. 25

Virginie, a Negro, d 10/30/1834 aged 18 years, bu 10/31/1834 in RCC. BF [F], p. 81

Virginie, Francoise, born in Kingston, aged 42 years, bu 12/2/1830 in RCC. BF [F], p. 59

Visente [Vicente?], Jose, native of Santo Domingo, d 7/17/1842 aged 60 years, bu 7/18/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 130

Voinchet. Marie Anne Dupont, widow of Voinchet, born in Torbec in St. Domingue, d in Kingston 1/26/1831 at 3 p.m. aged 64 years, bu 1/27/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 60

Voyard, Silvie, born at le Cap, d 3/11/1825 aged 36 years, bu 3/12/1825. BF [F], p. 12

Vrigneaux, John, native of France, d 9/20/1835 aged 76 years, bu 9/21/1835 in RCC. BF [F], p. 90


Walker, John R., native of Kingston, d 6/29/1842 aged 40 years, bu 6/30/1842 in RCC. BF [F], p. 130

Walter, Maria Zeferina, lawful dtr of Carlos Walter and Juana Walter, d 2/20/1824 in Kingston aged 2 years, bu 2/21/1824 in RCC. JRA [F], p. 6

White, Euphrasie Lollote, native of le Cap in Port au Prince in St. Domingue, d 2/23/1831 aged 52 years, bu 2/24/1831 in RCC. BF [F], p. 60

Williams, Charles, d 11/6/1836 aged 18 years, bu 11/7/1836 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 102

Williams, George, native of Kingston, d 6/3/1841 aged 6 years, bu 6/4/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 121

Williams, George, native of Kingston, d 10/13/1841 aged 12 years, bu 10/14/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 124

Withfield [Whitfield?], Sophy Mary, illegit dtr of Mr. Withfield and Hermine Buchey, aged 3 years 1 month 10 days, bu 5/18/1826 . BF [F], p. 26


Xavier, Francisco, native of Mompox, d 1/27/1838 aged 43 years, bu 1/28/1838 . BF [S], p. 108

Xavier, Francisco, native of Mompox, d 1/15/1838 aged about 36 years, bu 1/6/1838 in RCC. BF [S], p. 108


Yantil, Ana Christina , native of Curacao, single woman aged 91 years, d 10/5/1827, bu 10/6/1827 in RCC. BF [S], p. 37

Ynfano, Francisco Gonzales, native of Corrales valle de Buelna in Spain, d 2/23/1840 after making a will, bu 2/24/1840. BF [S], p. 117

Ysenio, Maria Dorotea, d 12/20/1833 aged over 40 years, bu 12/21/1833. BF [S], p. 77


Zappoli, ___, born in Naples in Italy, she died in Kingston 4/20/1841 aged 24 years, bu 4/21/1841 in RCC. BF [F], p. 121

Zappoli, Benedetto, native of Naples, d 4/30/1841 aged about 58 years, bu 5/1/1841 in RCC. AGD [F], p. 121

Zappoli, Maria, wife of Benedetto Zappoli, born in Naples in Italy, d 4/17/1841 a.m. aged 56 years, bu 4/17/1841 in RCC. JED [F], p. 121

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